New AirPower Clone Unboxing! Actually Great


  1. Ange Alexiel

    Ange Alexiel16 minutes ago

    hi can u telle us which seller sold you this one ? cos i can find neraly the same as this one on ebay but they come with a thunderbolt cable and yours doesn't , the cable is integrated to the air power mat ... thanks a lot if u dont want to tell it here, please send a dm , thx again for this tip

  2. vikmarquez

    vikmarquez11 hours ago

    How can this be out by China and the real one by apple cant seem to come out.???

  3. SolidSonicTH

    SolidSonicTH2 days ago

    The AirPower is probably dead.

  4. Kamen Danish

    Kamen Danish7 days ago

    The Best Alternatives To Apple's AirPower Wireless Charger click here :

  5. TheGoldenMinecart // JCTGM

    TheGoldenMinecart // JCTGM10 days ago

    Samsung + Apple Devices = THE BEST

  6. Kritin Gangwar

    Kritin Gangwar15 days ago

    What happened to his voice

  7. Molalign Meagher

    Molalign Meagher16 days ago

    6:00, he said 35 min later even though it was only 25 min


    LEVEQUE DAUTRUCHE18 days ago

    Give me a like

  9. Valdy Tech discussions & tutorials

    Valdy Tech discussions & tutorials21 day ago

    O god i need that song name in the intro real bad

  10. Josue Garcia

    Josue Garcia23 days ago

    U had airplane mode in

  11. Stefan Loyen

    Stefan Loyen24 days ago

    yesterday i got mine from china and it don't work properly batery is discharging en the iPhone X turn on charging en then of charging and i use a 5V 2A dc usb charger brand new any one help

  12. Cody Lau

    Cody LauMonth ago

    I think it’s a product from China

  13. Tyler Mahaney

    Tyler MahaneyMonth ago

    Why do the battery’s show up on iPhone lock screen

  14. szymon czarnuch

    szymon czarnuchMonth ago

    can u link case for AirPods :DDDDD ?

  15. BlackBlizz259

    BlackBlizz259Month ago

    software update ona wireless charging pad lol xd

  16. Ryan Barragan

    Ryan BarraganMonth ago

    How does the fake air power mat work over night?

  17. JDTheGuru

    JDTheGuruMonth ago

    Just Reviewed the Airpower myself, the Mini AirPower Charging Mat, it's impressive!

  18. Daivd Wang

    Daivd WangMonth ago

    for god sake, plz plz do change an unboxing knife, this thing looks so clumsy and dumb

  19. FortniteEmpire

    FortniteEmpireMonth ago

    Trying to reach 100 subs🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  20. MauricioPonce

    MauricioPonceMonth ago

    Send the link to buy it

  21. KT Super 31

    KT Super 31Month ago

    Apple will make its clone.#Applestartscopying.

  22. MobileDecay

    MobileDecayMonth ago

    Oh boy! A giant wireless charger! What an innovation! 🤔

  23. ReNeGaDe.G

    ReNeGaDe.G2 months ago

    why not post a link to buy it...

  24. SimpleMan.45

    SimpleMan.452 months ago

    Apples version is going to be like $200.

  25. Axel Arzuaga

    Axel Arzuaga2 months ago

    What is that watch band? I like it! Can someone tell me?

  26. Vinod  Varma

    Vinod Varma2 months ago

    How do i but this. Whats the company or brand that sells this item

  27. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith2 months ago

    Anyone know if it works with s1 watch so I know if to buy it or not?

  28. Koi NaCl

    Koi NaCl2 months ago

    What type of Samsung wireless charger is that?

  29. Iggv Iggviilanueva

    Iggv Iggviilanueva2 months ago

    Heavy: DOCTOR! CHARGE ME Medic: throws apple airpower Heavy: wtf

  30. William Alvarenga

    William Alvarenga2 months ago

    wireless charging has been here long long time ago

  31. ALele14Baller

    ALele14Baller2 months ago

    Would this work on the apple watch series 2??

  32. Lois Jones

    Lois Jones2 months ago

    Please provide where to purchase link. Thanks.

  33. Oscar_FML -

    Oscar_FML -2 months ago

    Bruh imma buy the air power and it’s gonna make me want to buy some new air pods and a fucking apple watch 😂

  34. Perry Decosmo

    Perry Decosmo2 months ago

    Are you still using this today?

  35. McMaster_VLOGS

    McMaster_VLOGS2 months ago

    What switch blade is that also is it a bench made infidel otf

  36. Justin F

    Justin F2 months ago

    How did you get your Apple devices charge status to be your lock screen? Was that just widgets, or is it an iPhone X option? I was wondering if this was something I could put on my 7. Thanks!

  37. 2 bros

    2 bros2 months ago

    Not a hater but he said 200$ then 199$ what’s the difference imagine u go tu buy the AirPower you expect it’s 199 then it’s 200$ u don’t but xd

  38. S7 Studio

    S7 Studio3 months ago

    Fuck it, i cant wait no more, i'm ordering one on ebay. Philip, any issues with this so far?

  39. The amazing Selim

    The amazing Selim3 months ago

    On the iPhone X it was a photo

  40. Supercars Of Wilmington UK

    Supercars Of Wilmington UK3 months ago

    how do you get it to show your devices that are charging on the home screen??

  41. Jamy Goedhart

    Jamy Goedhart3 months ago

    it was a picture on your phone of the things that were on the charger whahaha. I'm laughing so hard ( this is not hatred )

  42. Big B- Reacts

    Big B- Reacts3 months ago

    You got it for 30$ I got it got 70$

  43. william webster

    william webster3 months ago

    What type of knife is that

  44. RBJ

    RBJ3 months ago

    I want your knife

  45. BarakRandom

    BarakRandom3 months ago

    Your OTF deploys really slow. Is that just the camera?

  46. xXOmqHyperJxkeXx

    xXOmqHyperJxkeXx3 months ago

    ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

  47. Aarav Jasani

    Aarav Jasani3 months ago

    Can I please have a iPhone X please please please

  48. Kevin Leong

    Kevin Leong3 months ago

    Where did you get the mod?

  49. Tåłīÿåh Står

    Tåłīÿåh Står3 months ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  50. Gengar Xtipe

    Gengar Xtipe3 months ago

    Freak you

  51. Gengar Xtipe

    Gengar Xtipe3 months ago

    👎 you idiot

  52. Angelo De Simone

    Angelo De Simone3 months ago

    Anyone have the link to this product ?

  53. Unicorn_ Roblox

    Unicorn_ Roblox3 months ago

    0:17 OHHHHH it isnt wireless its got a cable!!!!!!!!

  54. Fresh City Ventures

    Fresh City Ventures3 months ago

    @EverythingApplePro - Although talking about the official  software not being available through this third-party mat your iPhoneX seems to work, listing all your charging devices on its lock screen with their battery status🤔 @5:18 it looks like it may just be a screenshot picture open in your photo browser?

  55. rjbing23

    rjbing233 months ago

    apple sheep/ zombies ...

  56. jordan rausch

    jordan rausch4 months ago

    @0:29 where is this thing at?

  57. Dhruv Chavan

    Dhruv Chavan4 months ago

    The airpod case at the very start of video. Where can i get that?

  58. Jacob West

    Jacob West4 months ago

    How the heck do you get the battery percentages of the AirPods and Apple Watch to show on the main lock screen

  59. Jonathan

    Jonathan4 months ago

    That intro just as retarded as saying plug in your phone wow it starts to charge.

  60. Art Jb

    Art Jb4 months ago

    Can. Have 1 of your iphone X?

  61. Pyrotech442

    Pyrotech4424 months ago

    🔥🔥 let's just hope it doesn't burn your house down while you're sleeping 🔥🔥

  62. Minecraft and more -minecraft

    Minecraft and more -minecraft4 months ago


  63. That Call of Duty Gamer

    That Call of Duty Gamer4 months ago

    Can we buy this?

  64. Buono Gentile

    Buono Gentile4 months ago

    capture protest murder oxygen decision patch associate short network no.

  65. Catherine Monsell

    Catherine Monsell4 months ago

    Wishing Fillip would read the comments section and give us links to products he buys, in case we want to buy them! I bought the items needed to do the AirPods wireless charging mod. Looking forward to trying that, but if we wanted to buy any non-OEM Apple inspired products he tries, for ourselves!

  66. Milana Isakulova

    Milana Isakulova4 months ago

    thx yu always help with me and you inspired me to work at apple

  67. Harjap Aulakh

    Harjap Aulakh4 months ago

    I see a cord!!!

  68. franziskum

    franziskum4 months ago

    Hello applepro nice video. One question where did you get this bluish wallpaer with the black dots on your iphone x i like it

  69. Dante Young

    Dante Young4 months ago

    Can u do a one week challenge with the worst iPhone X clone... PLS

  70. Rich Skits

    Rich Skits4 months ago

    Wondering if it’s this one

  71. LocoTobbe

    LocoTobbe4 months ago

    How to get charging status on lockscreen?

  72. Daud Shoukat

    Daud Shoukat4 months ago

    You have a lot of iPhone 10 please give me one of them I can’t afford 😭✌🏻

  73. ChloeWade

    ChloeWade4 months ago

    Ew iPhone 8

  74. Marc Bobik

    Marc Bobik4 months ago

    thank for the info very informative, question were did you get that really cool knife from thank you Marc

  75. Michele Platts

    Michele Platts4 months ago

    Can you leave a link please? 😎

  76. TitanElectrons

    TitanElectrons4 months ago

    _I got a Samsung advertisement before this._

  77. Dirtyb1rd

    Dirtyb1rd4 months ago

    From where to buy it?

  78. Samuel Seathv1

    Samuel Seathv14 months ago

    Hi I am sam

  79. dipak talukdar

    dipak talukdar4 months ago

  80. Mohammad Amer

    Mohammad Amer4 months ago

    I'd like to ask you some questions about wireless charging and it would be nice if you give some info. How dangerous is it to use wireless charging for iPhone 8 or X? Would it destroy battery life? Would it ruin the battery on the long run , like after 2-3 years? I also heard that the phone/battery might explode if you keep using wireless charging? Thanks in advance!

  81. Adam Machin

    Adam Machin4 months ago

    again, the charging was nothing alike - and also it charges differently when getting full i.e. slower. i'm truly amazed how much money you've made out of such factually incorrect videos. All the time. meh.

  82. Noah Pedersen

    Noah Pedersen4 months ago

    How do you have a red iPhone X?

  83. Tiago Proença

    Tiago Proença4 months ago

    I bought exactly the same charger. When my apple watch is charging, sometimes I hear a beep from the watch, the same beep that you hear when you leave the watch in the pad to charge. I had to put the watch in silence, because it was very annoying. Does that happen to you?

  84. Rohit Bejawar

    Rohit Bejawar4 months ago

    Link to the watch strap you're using?


    NINAD DESHPANDE4 months ago

    Hello it is a nice vedio I am watching from India

  86. I'm am The one

    I'm am The one4 months ago

    Samsung wireless one is better

  87. Whoda Kat

    Whoda Kat4 months ago

    Definitely not worth my house burning down, or worse. I’ll stick to Apple (or at least FCC!) approved.

  88. Piscean 45

    Piscean 454 months ago

    Apple leaked their own wireless charging pad on keynote and wireless charging ear buds case lol

  89. Pietro Di Meglio

    Pietro Di Meglio4 months ago

    It’s basically the IKEA one

  90. Mariano López del Río

    Mariano López del Río4 months ago

    This is fake pause minute 5:17

  91. Mog

    Mog3 months ago


  92. Adrian Suarez

    Adrian Suarez4 months ago

    What Apple Watch band are you wearing? Can you link it please?

  93. Joshthekiwi 1

    Joshthekiwi 14 months ago

    Dude this is sick, ive got an iphone x, apple watch series 1 and a pair of airpods (without wireless case) and this could be really good, thanks for posting this dude keep it up!

  94. Lakhbir Dhillon

    Lakhbir Dhillon4 months ago

    link to buy this?

  95. Christian Zgheib

    Christian Zgheib4 months ago

    I thought there was a new dude at first until i heard your voice

  96. Peanut Peanut

    Peanut Peanut4 months ago

    Does it charge A iPhone 8plus with apple leather cover

  97. krazygreekguy

    krazygreekguy4 months ago

    What’s the brand and where can we get it?

  98. vicky._.memes

    vicky._.memes4 months ago

    Who else wants to die cause u wanna have an iPhone X and ur friend got one and u just even wanna die more

  99. Sorcha Bright

    Sorcha Bright4 months ago

    What phones can u use to charge it

  100. iPingWine

    iPingWine4 months ago

    Watching from AirPower

  101. Exta Sea

    Exta Sea4 months ago

    does it charge apple watch 2?