New AirPower Clone Unboxing! Actually Great


  1. Justin F

    Justin F16 hours ago

    How did you get your Apple devices charge status to be your lock screen? Was that just widgets, or is it an iPhone X option? I was wondering if this was something I could put on my 7. Thanks!

  2. 2 bros

    2 bros2 days ago

    Not a hater but he said 200$ then 199$ what’s the difference imagine u go tu buy the AirPower you expect it’s 199 then it’s 200$ u don’t but xd

  3. S7 Studio

    S7 Studio6 days ago

    Fuck it, i cant wait no more, i'm ordering one on ebay. Philip, any issues with this so far?

  4. The amazing Selim

    The amazing Selim7 days ago

    On the iPhone X it was a photo

  5. Supercars Of Wilmington UK

    Supercars Of Wilmington UK8 days ago

    how do you get it to show your devices that are charging on the home screen??

  6. Jamy Goedhart

    Jamy Goedhart10 days ago

    it was a picture on your phone of the things that were on the charger whahaha. I'm laughing so hard ( this is not hatred )

  7. Big B- Reacts

    Big B- Reacts10 days ago

    You got it for 30$ I got it got 70$

  8. william webster

    william webster13 days ago

    What type of knife is that

  9. RBJ

    RBJ14 days ago

    I want your knife

  10. BarakRandom

    BarakRandom16 days ago

    Your OTF deploys really slow. Is that just the camera?

  11. xXJxke_PlayzXx

    xXJxke_PlayzXx19 days ago

    ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

  12. Aarav Jasani

    Aarav Jasani21 day ago

    Can I please have a iPhone X please please please

  13. Kevin Leong

    Kevin Leong22 days ago

    Where did you get the mod?

  14. Taliyah Star

    Taliyah Star25 days ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. Gengar Xtipe

    Gengar Xtipe27 days ago

    Freak you

  16. Gengar Xtipe

    Gengar Xtipe27 days ago

    👎 you idiot

  17. Angelo De Simone

    Angelo De Simone27 days ago

    Anyone have the link to this product ?

  18. Roblox_ Lover

    Roblox_ LoverMonth ago

    0:17 OHHHHH it isnt wireless its got a cable!!!!!!!!

  19. Fresh City Ventures

    Fresh City VenturesMonth ago

    @EverythingApplePro - Although talking about the official  software not being available through this third-party mat your iPhoneX seems to work, listing all your charging devices on its lock screen with their battery status🤔 @5:18 it looks like it may just be a screenshot picture open in your photo browser?

  20. rjbing23

    rjbing23Month ago

    apple sheep/ zombies ...

  21. jordan rausch

    jordan rauschMonth ago

    @0:29 where is this thing at?

  22. Dhruv Chavan

    Dhruv ChavanMonth ago

    The airpod case at the very start of video. Where can i get that?

  23. Jacob West

    Jacob WestMonth ago

    How the heck do you get the battery percentages of the AirPods and Apple Watch to show on the main lock screen

  24. Jakie

    JakieMonth ago

    That intro just as retarded as saying plug in your phone wow it starts to charge.

  25. Art Jb

    Art JbMonth ago

    Can. Have 1 of your iphone X?

  26. Pyrotech442

    Pyrotech442Month ago

    🔥🔥 let's just hope it doesn't burn your house down while you're sleeping 🔥🔥

  27. Minecraft and more -minecraft

    Minecraft and more -minecraftMonth ago


  28. That Call of Duty Gamer

    That Call of Duty GamerMonth ago

    Can we buy this?

  29. Buono Gentile

    Buono GentileMonth ago

    capture protest murder oxygen decision patch associate short network no.

  30. Catherine Monsell

    Catherine MonsellMonth ago

    Wishing Fillip would read the comments section and give us links to products he buys, in case we want to buy them! I bought the items needed to do the AirPods wireless charging mod. Looking forward to trying that, but if we wanted to buy any non-OEM Apple inspired products he tries, for ourselves!

  31. Milana Isakulova

    Milana IsakulovaMonth ago

    thx yu always help with me and you inspired me to work at apple

  32. Harjap Aulakh

    Harjap AulakhMonth ago

    I see a cord!!!

  33. franziskum

    franziskumMonth ago

    Hello applepro nice video. One question where did you get this bluish wallpaer with the black dots on your iphone x i like it

  34. Dante Young

    Dante YoungMonth ago

    Can u do a one week challenge with the worst iPhone X clone... PLS

  35. Rich Skits

    Rich SkitsMonth ago

    Wondering if it’s this one

  36. LocoTobbe

    LocoTobbeMonth ago

    How to get charging status on lockscreen?

  37. Daud Shoukat

    Daud ShoukatMonth ago

    You have a lot of iPhone 10 please give me one of them I can’t afford 😭✌🏻

  38. ChloeWade

    ChloeWadeMonth ago

    Ew iPhone 8

  39. Marc Bobik

    Marc BobikMonth ago

    thank for the info very informative, question were did you get that really cool knife from thank you Marc

  40. Michele Platts

    Michele PlattsMonth ago

    Can you leave a link please? 😎

  41. TitanElectrons

    TitanElectronsMonth ago

    _I got a Samsung advertisement before this._

  42. Dirtyb1rd

    Dirtyb1rdMonth ago

    From where to buy it?

  43. Samuel Seath

    Samuel SeathMonth ago

    Hi I am sam

  44. Mohammad Amer

    Mohammad AmerMonth ago

    I'd like to ask you some questions about wireless charging and it would be nice if you give some info. How dangerous is it to use wireless charging for iPhone 8 or X? Would it destroy battery life? Would it ruin the battery on the long run , like after 2-3 years? I also heard that the phone/battery might explode if you keep using wireless charging? Thanks in advance!

  45. Adam Machin

    Adam MachinMonth ago

    again, the charging was nothing alike - and also it charges differently when getting full i.e. slower. i'm truly amazed how much money you've made out of such factually incorrect videos. All the time. meh.

  46. Noah Pedersen

    Noah PedersenMonth ago

    How do you have a red iPhone X?

  47. Tiago Proença

    Tiago ProençaMonth ago

    I bought exactly the same charger. When my apple watch is charging, sometimes I hear a beep from the watch, the same beep that you hear when you leave the watch in the pad to charge. I had to put the watch in silence, because it was very annoying. Does that happen to you?

  48. Rohit Bejawar

    Rohit BejawarMonth ago

    Link to the watch strap you're using?



    Hello it is a nice vedio I am watching from India

  50. Isaac W

    Isaac WMonth ago

    Samsung wireless one is better

  51. Whoda Kat

    Whoda KatMonth ago

    Definitely not worth my house burning down, or worse. I’ll stick to Apple (or at least FCC!) approved.

  52. Piscean 45

    Piscean 45Month ago

    Apple leaked their own wireless charging pad on keynote and wireless charging ear buds case lol

  53. Pietro Di Meglio

    Pietro Di MeglioMonth ago

    It’s basically the IKEA one

  54. Mariano López del Río

    Mariano López del RíoMonth ago

    This is fake pause minute 5:17

  55. Frisbee

    Frisbee16 days ago


  56. Adrian Suarez

    Adrian SuarezMonth ago

    What Apple Watch band are you wearing? Can you link it please?

  57. Joshthekiwi 1

    Joshthekiwi 1Month ago

    Dude this is sick, ive got an iphone x, apple watch series 1 and a pair of airpods (without wireless case) and this could be really good, thanks for posting this dude keep it up!

  58. Lakhbir Dhillon

    Lakhbir DhillonMonth ago

    link to buy this?

  59. Christian Zgheib

    Christian ZgheibMonth ago

    I thought there was a new dude at first until i heard your voice

  60. Peanut Peanut

    Peanut PeanutMonth ago

    Does it charge A iPhone 8plus with apple leather cover

  61. krazygreekguy

    krazygreekguyMonth ago

    What’s the brand and where can we get it?

  62. vicky._.memes

    vicky._.memesMonth ago

    Who else wants to die cause u wanna have an iPhone X and ur friend got one and u just even wanna die more

  63. Sorcha Bright

    Sorcha BrightMonth ago

    What phones can u use to charge it

  64. iPingWine

    iPingWineMonth ago

    Watching from AirPower

  65. Exta Sea

    Exta SeaMonth ago

    does it charge apple watch 2?

  66. Preston Ferry

    Preston FerryMonth ago

    6:00 he said 35 minutes, it's actually 25 minutes.

  67. Rajat sahu

    Rajat sahuMonth ago

    I cloud activation lock bypass please. Make a video

  68. SavagER GAMING

    SavagER GAMINGMonth ago

    Stupid person who is poor

  69. Swizz Ronny

    Swizz RonnyMonth ago

    bro could you gift me an iphone x.i really would like to have an iphone.Thank you.You are the best

  70. Hans Zimmer

    Hans ZimmerMonth ago

    Where to get it. Link please

  71. Kevin Vieira

    Kevin VieiraMonth ago

    Principle absence through swim pack restriction cup apart acceptance print my.

  72. GoldAssasinGamer // GoldNinjaGamer

    GoldAssasinGamer // GoldNinjaGamerMonth ago

    Wow this Airpower clone is really nice, and only $30

  73. John Pua

    John PuaMonth ago

    Maybe clones intended those flaws to prevent patent overlap so they won't get sued.

  74. james42519

    james42519Month ago

    stuff like this has been around for years. Duracell has mygrid and powermat. energizer a few and there are other brands. this is nothing special but as soon as apple says they are making something it is something new for some reason. what is the big deal my iphone 3gs even had a powermat case to charge it. they made cases for other phones too. a lot of phones have wireless charging built in and if you got a compatible mat it would work. at this point all wireless charges should be i compatible. even cheap ones like the $5 ones i seen in store will work. this is old now and apple is just repackaging it and going to charge a lot of money just because it has there name on it.

  75. MinecraftTips

    MinecraftTipsMonth ago


  76. mohammed 24M

    mohammed 24MMonth ago

    Realy you replace your samsong with this shet??? Ok then give me you samsong one

  77. Aj Wayman

    Aj WaymanMonth ago

    Autocorrect could have came in handy there😯

  78. Ant Smith

    Ant SmithMonth ago

    I feel I am missing something here with wireless charging. What’s the point? You still have to have the charger plugged into a wall. If you want to use your phone you can’t whilst it’s charging which seems pointless.

  79. senduren vlogs

    senduren vlogsMonth ago

    Your name is Sam

  80. Rusydi Didi channel

    Rusydi Didi channelMonth ago

    Oh man is not real airpower

  81. Edward Budiman

    Edward BudimanMonth ago

    Can you try charging the Original Apple Watch with it? Maybe the circular hole means it has the regular Apple Watch charging?

  82. Diego Laurent

    Diego LaurentMonth ago

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  83. Camcam_SMH

    Camcam_SMHMonth ago

    Funny that Apple announces a product then waits half a year without releasing it

  84. DoniStunts

    DoniStuntsMonth ago

    I wish Samsung did something like this but it still wouldn't work because I use better bluetooth earbuds than what Samsung offers and my gear 2 is basically useless, need that Gear S3.

  85. M I C H

    M I C HMonth ago

    Haha $200 dollars. Fuck Apple.

  86. Solo Dolo

    Solo DoloMonth ago

    @EVERYTHINGAPPLEPRO how you get all those battery notifications on your lock screen???

  87. Brendan Hoose

    Brendan HooseMonth ago

    Isn't fast charge only used between 1 and 80 percent power?

  88. Pia Wurtzbach

    Pia WurtzbachMonth ago

    Did he just have 2 of them phones???

  89. spiddyman007

    spiddyman007Month ago

    6:07 how tf does sprint have better coverage than Verizon. And btw the phone has to use more power for that 2 bar verizion connection so you should have put them both on airplane mode

  90. The PS4 Player

    The PS4 PlayerMonth ago

    i m Just live in Vienna i have been sea some air charger

  91. EddyGraphic

    EddyGraphicMonth ago

    And yet Apple will charge you 5 times more just because it has their logo and I can pretty much guarantee that the charging speed will be almost the same since the iPhone does not support Fast Wireless Charging like Galaxys do.

  92. LeanPlayzYTRB

    LeanPlayzYTRBMonth ago

    Yo this vid is fake cuz he showed a picture of the percentages of his Apple devices

  93. Adam Machin

    Adam MachinMonth ago

    yep he did at 5:17 - haha - a lot of what he says is factually incorrect also! (not even to mention his misunderstanding of trickle charging).

  94. Seth Gordon

    Seth GordonMonth ago

    What’s his iPhones blue wallpaper I need that

  95. The One Love (ALS)

    The One Love (ALS)Month ago

    Wayyyyy too late on this device

  96. Ice Shadow

    Ice ShadowMonth ago

    Every one who has an IPhone X is so lucky. I wish I had one

  97. Mirza Uwais

    Mirza UwaisMonth ago

    I have a doubt on iPhone 📱 how to change entire iPhone 📱 data with all apps...! is the screen may have option to scan another iPhone 📱 keeping screen together then transfer all documents, data and all apps ! On Nokia people used infrared or Bluetooth, same I’m thinking 🤔

  98. Ibraheim Zuberi

    Ibraheim ZuberiMonth ago

    Will this thing charge my apple watch series 1

  99. Rudy

    RudyMonth ago

    It's not really a clone if Apple's doesn't exist yet.

  100. Apple User

    Apple UserMonth ago

    4 and 12% in 35 minutes? And people still complain about the 5W adaptor.

  101. Mega Hawks

    Mega HawksMonth ago

    Lit! 🔥🔥