New AirPower Clone Unboxing! Actually Great


  1. jeremiah e

    jeremiah eDay ago

    Honestly... since AirPower ain’t come out yet... This will do 👀

  2. Unibrain 4444

    Unibrain 44445 days ago


  3. Hjalle :/

    Hjalle :/9 days ago

    Wireless charger... Needs a wire to plug it in to the wall

  4. Don't visit my channel

    Don't visit my channel10 days ago

    So your name is sam After 10 years I gotta know what's your name...

  5. Parker's Brick Box

    Parker's Brick Box3 days ago

    His name is Filip

  6. Júnior Costa

    Júnior Costa13 days ago

    You could make the link available for purchase ?

  7. T.I. P.O.

    T.I. P.O.14 days ago

    Where can i find that sea wallpaper ? (Or how does it Called, where can I get it?)

  8. Chick Vlogs

    Chick Vlogs17 days ago


  9. Johan Salas

    Johan Salas20 days ago

    It can't be a clone if it came out first

  10. Emy Pena

    Emy Pena20 days ago

    AirPower will enable Apple to remove the USB port.

  11. Pro Bro

    Pro Bro24 days ago

    Shoot i have a iphone 6s

  12. Mike's Tips, Tricks & Reviews

    Mike's Tips, Tricks & Reviews26 days ago

    So where is the link for the charger?

  13. Max Tauoa

    Max Tauoa29 days ago

    It could probably burn your house down. i WoULdNt bE ToO wOrRiEd aBoUT It ThoUgH.

  14. Obinna Nwosu

    Obinna Nwosu29 days ago

    you should probably link what you're reviewing so that we can find it and you can make money for all this work, thanks!

  15. Oh Yeah Yeah I slap ur Momma

    Oh Yeah Yeah I slap ur MommaMonth ago

    I can't wait to sleep on this and run 160 miles

  16. Nicholas

    NicholasMonth ago

    That packaging looks NOTHING like Apple’s. It’s amateur hour.

  17. Gustavo Rubio

    Gustavo RubioMonth ago

    You think the XS max will fit if put together with the watch and the AirPods?

  18. Gabriel Villalona

    Gabriel VillalonaMonth ago should try this one

  19. Otakus United

    Otakus UnitedMonth ago

    can you link it to me on ebay

  20. Apple watch And extra

    Apple watch And extraMonth ago

    hello please sub to my channel!!! yes i tried a bot so i am everywhere

  21. Daragh Donovan

    Daragh DonovanMonth ago

    What are the clones call online ?

  22. Brad Barnhart

    Brad BarnhartMonth ago

    Will wireless charger with otter box?

  23. Troy Salmela

    Troy SalmelaMonth ago

    How do you see the charge of your Apple Watch and AirPods on your phone display?

  24. TechDoctorUK

    TechDoctorUKMonth ago 10% off

  25. Eating Away Time

    Eating Away TimeMonth ago

    I have even forgotten about the mat!

  26. Bandisa Masilela

    Bandisa MasilelaMonth ago

    Spoiler; He cuts the wire with the knife while unboxing.

  27. Jessie Marie

    Jessie MarieMonth ago

    Can you do a review on the vinpok plux wireless charger it chargers all 3 apple devices

  28. Phantom X

    Phantom X2 months ago

    Link plz

  29. Dian Hudson

    Dian Hudson2 months ago

    airpower is coming out when airpods 2 comeout

  30. Unibeat

    Unibeat2 months ago

    Actually great

  31. Mac

    Mac2 months ago

    That Samsung charger looks like a Google Home Mini.

  32. Forza Gamer

    Forza Gamer2 months ago

    Can you post link so I can buy it

  33. dionis reyes

    dionis reyes2 months ago

    Does the wireless charger charge my phone with a cover on?

  34. Esaú Martínez

    Esaú Martínez2 months ago

    Could you leave the link to the page or address where you bought it please?


    XXX BAGGUITTE2 months ago

    Wireless charging but the wireless charger has a wire


    XXX BAGGUITTE2 months ago

    I like your knife

  37. Emily Shirk

    Emily Shirk2 months ago

    Thank you for no clickbait

  38. Gundog123 Clark

    Gundog123 Clark2 months ago

    Hechtect 3 copied your video.

  39. ZipEmUp 89

    ZipEmUp 892 months ago

    Doesn’t Ikea sell these pads for like 12 dollars 😂

  40. Philip Turner

    Philip Turner3 months ago

    I thought you said 33 hundred dollars and had a mini heart attack...

  41. Francais Lover

    Francais Lover3 months ago

    Remember people.....Apple just crapped all over third party sellers on Amazon. Now you can only buy their overpriced shit from “hand picked by Apple” sellers. Which means Apple & like 3-5 companies chosen by them. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  42. Omar Graes

    Omar Graes3 months ago

    @5.17 , screenshots?

  43. Alan Xu

    Alan Xu3 months ago

    i thought you mean airpod....for 30$ and actually great.....dangit

  44. nrubes01

    nrubes013 months ago

    How do u have those battery percentages on your lock screen

  45. Kevin Varughese

    Kevin Varughese3 months ago

    Anyone know which apple watch band he has?

  46. RexTecker10

    RexTecker103 months ago

    How do you have the charging percentage of all your devices, watch and AirPods on your home screen without swiping left

  47. jwebby85

    jwebby853 months ago

    I don’t even remember the announcement for this Apple wireless mat charger.

  48. Trucks Y Mas

    Trucks Y Mas3 months ago

    Tbh this is what I dont like about apple. Their prices are explisit and they are giving those prices like if they were the first phone company to create the product. That is why apple = not quite first. For example. The iPhone X has the futuristic design. But guess what Samsung had a infinity display. They were first than apple. And the screen to body ratio was more on the s8. And the design was way more better. And idk why do they do that. They act like if they were the first ones to create the desing.

  49. Jay G

    Jay G3 months ago

    How can it be a clone if apples airpower doesnt even exist yet?

  50. FNKYMNKY003

    FNKYMNKY0033 months ago

    “How can you clone that which has no life?...” South Park s10e8 I changed the word clone from kill. To this day they still haven’t release the Apple wireless charger. Air Power, It was announced September 12 2017.

  51. Joel Anthony

    Joel Anthony3 months ago

    what Apple watch band is he using?

  52. Delta flyer

    Delta flyer3 months ago

    Are you Sam

  53. Delta flyer

    Delta flyer3 months ago

    Hey you

  54. vishaahu vajeedh

    vishaahu vajeedh3 months ago

    Pls tell me where i can buy this products... I really want to buy this..😥

  55. FreakOutBoy

    FreakOutBoy3 months ago

    So in 35 min it charged 2 %?

  56. Lanor04

    Lanor043 months ago

    Can it charge ipad air 2?

  57. Software Network

    Software NetworkMonth ago

    +Lanor04 You need iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X and later.

  58. Lanor04

    Lanor042 months ago

    MachelonusTAG does the iphone 5s?

  59. West Tennesee Storm Chasers

    West Tennesee Storm Chasers3 months ago

    Lol 7:28😂😂🤣

  60. West Tennesee Storm Chasers

    West Tennesee Storm Chasers3 months ago

    Where did you get that nylon Apple Watch band, could you give me a link or tell me what it’s called

  61. cam buchanan

    cam buchanan3 months ago

    Not sure why he doesn’t post the link to purchase the clone items he shows off

  62. iOS Pro

    iOS Pro3 months ago

    Where is the Link for the clone 🤤

  63. Minewar Playz

    Minewar Playz3 months ago

    Apple sux newb

  64. Elrico Greenwood

    Elrico Greenwood3 months ago

    Why can't apple do sum thing like the Pi wireless charger ?

  65. Faiz Basha

    Faiz Basha3 months ago

    The specs shown on the product are the input, the specs shown on the booklet are the output

  66. Mohsin Malik

    Mohsin Malik3 months ago

    Which is best wilreless charger belikin vs airpower or mophie and logitech ?

  67. Hays Outdoors

    Hays Outdoors4 months ago

    Will a series 2 Apple Watch work w that

  68. Jahanzeb ahmadzai

    Jahanzeb ahmadzai4 months ago

    why Xs takes 3:30 hours to come from 0-100% charge? why so long time? problem in phone

  69. EG_ Champion

    EG_ Champion4 months ago

    It’s works iPhone 6s

  70. Kinouille K

    Kinouille K4 months ago

    Hey Everythingapplepro, where did you get your apple watch band? I was looking for this one in particular for my series 4 and have been unsuccessful.

  71. Miguel Manoj

    Miguel Manoj4 months ago

    I bought a similar looking charger. It heats up my phone and watch way too much and that can’t be good for their batteries in the long run. I know heat is a byproduct of wireless charging but my Belkin wireless charger and stock watch charger doesn’t heat up as much as the knockoff AirPower. I’d advise staying away from these Chinese knockoffs especially when it comes to charging. Always use Apple’s chargers OR a reputable, third-party alternative. It might cost more but at least you know you are not harming your devices.

  72. Raymond

    Raymond4 months ago

    They will CHARGE u $180 if they ever release it

  73. AnthonyH2345

    AnthonyH23454 months ago

    I was on Facebook and seen your face flash on this company’s ad. Did you know that???

  74. wesos de queso

    wesos de queso4 months ago

    🤔🤔🤔 but...can it charge my HomePod? 🤔🤔🤔

  75. Star Lord

    Star Lord4 months ago

    Homepod 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  76. Rodrigo Gonzalez

    Rodrigo Gonzalez4 months ago

    >TFW the wireless charge does not make that fun animation shown on the event

  77. oldfatcrab

    oldfatcrab4 months ago

    nice knife, buddy

  78. Ilan Atias

    Ilan Atias5 months ago

    link to the product?

  79. amir78694

    amir786945 months ago



    MINDRIGHT5 months ago

    I honestly don't think it's very practical. You'd have to take your phone out of the case to charge it every night and it has to be positioned just right on the pad or it will not charge. I like a dock style solution better or something that takes eternal cases into account.

  81. Raghav Sharma

    Raghav Sharma5 months ago

    Clone makers make this Samsung makes this other brand makes this but Apple is not able to make great apple. Now apple buy this product put your expensive logo and sell 2/300 dollars...😂😂😂

  82. You Need Jesus

    You Need Jesus5 months ago

    Trash, you still have to plug it up.

  83. GoGee

    GoGee5 months ago

    It is faster than Apples'. They haven't produced it yet.

  84. Ange Alexiel

    Ange Alexiel5 months ago

    hi can u telle us which seller sold you this one ? cos i can find neraly the same as this one on ebay but they come with a thunderbolt cable and yours doesn't , the cable is integrated to the air power mat ... thanks a lot if u dont want to tell it here, please send a dm , thx again for this tip

  85. vikmarquez

    vikmarquez5 months ago

    How can this be out by China and the real one by apple cant seem to come out.???

  86. SolidSonicTH

    SolidSonicTH5 months ago

    The AirPower is probably dead.

  87. Kamen Danish

    Kamen Danish5 months ago

    The Best Alternatives To Apple's AirPower Wireless Charger click here :

  88. TheGoldenMinecart // JCTGM

    TheGoldenMinecart // JCTGM5 months ago

    Samsung + Apple Devices = THE BEST

  89. Kritin Gangwar

    Kritin Gangwar5 months ago

    What happened to his voice

  90. Molalign Meagher

    Molalign Meagher5 months ago

    6:00, he said 35 min later even though it was only 25 min

  91. ValTech Tutorials

    ValTech Tutorials5 months ago

    O god i need that song name in the intro real bad

  92. Josue Garcia

    Josue Garcia5 months ago

    U had airplane mode in

  93. Stefan Loyen

    Stefan Loyen6 months ago

    yesterday i got mine from china and it don't work properly batery is discharging en the iPhone X turn on charging en then of charging and i use a 5V 2A dc usb charger brand new any one help

  94. Cody Lau

    Cody Lau6 months ago

    I think it’s a product from China

  95. Tyler Mahaney

    Tyler Mahaney6 months ago

    Why do the battery’s show up on iPhone lock screen

  96. szymon czarnuch

    szymon czarnuch6 months ago

    can u link case for AirPods :DDDDD ?

  97. BlackBlizz259

    BlackBlizz2596 months ago

    software update ona wireless charging pad lol xd

  98. Ryan Barragan

    Ryan Barragan6 months ago

    How does the fake air power mat work over night?

  99. JDTheGuru

    JDTheGuru6 months ago

    Just Reviewed the Airpower myself, the Mini AirPower Charging Mat, it's impressive!

  100. Daivd Wang

    Daivd Wang6 months ago

    for god sake, plz plz do change an unboxing knife, this thing looks so clumsy and dumb

  101. FortniteEmpire

    FortniteEmpire6 months ago

    Trying to reach 100 subs🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  102. MauricioPonce

    MauricioPonce7 months ago

    Send the link to buy it

  103. KT Super 31

    KT Super 317 months ago

    Apple will make its clone.#Applestartscopying.