NEW $130 Fake iPhone X! Realest Notch Version!


  1. Eric Ng

    Eric Ng6 hours ago

    Bro, where to get this fake $130 iphone?


    ALEJANDRO ARANDA17 hours ago

    were can you buy it

  3. Tyler Welch

    Tyler WelchDay ago

    What is ur fortunate name ?

  4. Double Trouble

    Double TroubleDay ago

    You play fortnite

  5. Nemesis Jr

    Nemesis JrDay ago

    I want a Goophone X (SO) badly!! 👍😃

  6. Himanshu Kashyap

    Himanshu Kashyap3 days ago


  7. rétro

    rétro4 days ago

    'in baggies'

  8. Jacob Moller nielsen

    Jacob Moller nielsen5 days ago

    Time on box 9.11

  9. Beta Roland

    Beta Roland6 days ago

    6:43 "Android is starting.." 🤣🤣

  10. Skiers Hangout

    Skiers Hangout7 days ago

    What is the fake one called I want to buy it

  11. Oguz Erkan

    Oguz Erkan7 days ago

    This guy is so mean. He does not even tell us where he bought it.

  12. נועם מסס

    נועם מסס7 days ago

    the best clone is the xiaomi mi 8 🤣

  13. mzn

    mzn8 days ago

    hi bro i really agree on your opinion for the fake iPhone x but can i plz have it?

  14. videomaker1233 d

    videomaker1233 d8 days ago

    Where can you buy the clone

  15. YourBoiSquanto

    YourBoiSquanto9 days ago

    Anybody else get a condom commercial?

  16. Daniel Bi

    Daniel Bi9 days ago

    Its got a chin

  17. Flames

    Flames10 days ago

    How do u buy these

  18. order 66

    order 6610 days ago

    where can i get this?

  19. Hampus Hägg

    Hampus Hägg10 days ago

    It has a chin bezel which a real iPhone X doesn't

  20. Dev Dev

    Dev Dev11 days ago

    From where we can buy this clone

  21. Eli_swag_ savage

    Eli_swag_ savage11 days ago

    Left is fake from tgumbnail

  22. Arthur Coolast

    Arthur Coolast11 days ago

    where did you buy it? I want to get one tooo

  23. Geneva Boss

    Geneva Boss14 days ago

    Who else would get the fake phone😆

  24. Jonny Hill

    Jonny Hill14 days ago

    Can you play fortnite on it??

  25. 00DogePlays00 00DogePlays00

    00DogePlays00 00DogePlays0015 days ago


  26. Wanto Wherry

    Wanto Wherry15 days ago

    How can they do that with out getting in trouble

  27. Justin Charles

    Justin Charles15 days ago

    does it run imessage and facetime? tahts the real quiestion

  28. Ella Smith

    Ella Smith15 days ago

    That is the worst fake phone I’ve ever seen

  29. ᴀᴢᴛᴇᴄɪᴀ

    ᴀᴢᴛᴇᴄɪᴀ15 days ago

    Where can i get this? and can someone please help me get an iphone x please?

  30. Rajdeep Roy

    Rajdeep Roy16 days ago

    From where did u bought this I phone x

  31. MiRoR

    MiRoR16 days ago

    Lmao, fake phones always have white circle on screen

  32. Storr Hoek

    Storr Hoek16 days ago

    You're 17 years old?

  33. Ashmeister27 Gaming & More

    Ashmeister27 Gaming & More15 days ago

    Storr Hoek no, he’s in his 20’s

  34. Dan Xplode

    Dan Xplode16 days ago

    I have the real phone bought it

  35. Tiky CZ

    Tiky CZ16 days ago

    I’m just thinking right now that the fake iPhone has LCD display but still thinner frame than iPhone XR

  36. davi bueno

    davi bueno17 days ago

    Man where you buy your fake iphone? Can you send me the link

  37. Jony Hiburansi

    Jony Hiburansi18 days ago

    I was interested until 2:55

  38. Horacio Linares

    Horacio Linares18 days ago

    Can you use the app widget and does it download from andriod or actual ios

  39. Floriberto Diego

    Floriberto Diego18 days ago

    But can I play a Roblox version of fornite on it?! C'mon these things are important people.

  40. Richard Lemieux

    Richard Lemieux19 days ago

    Both are made in china POS

  41. Angry Walrus

    Angry Walrus19 days ago

    In today’s I don’t really care anymore if it’s fake or not. If it’s a good phone then I’ll buy it no matter the brand name

  42. Mr Screeds

    Mr Screeds19 days ago

    I am selling replays they cost 1 like 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

  43. WoffyGamerYT_son

    WoffyGamerYT_son19 days ago

    Can't wait tell the fakes are exact then ill buy one and brag to all the snotty thots that I have a better phone.. >:)

  44. Ze_Bl4ckmAmbA XD

    Ze_Bl4ckmAmbA XD19 days ago

    Androids is starting😂 Edit:Is that a Play Store???

  45. Name Games

    Name Games20 days ago

    8:05 if you see the clone the model is: samsung X

  46. Hououin Kyouma

    Hououin Kyouma20 days ago

    The fake one is better since it costs like 7 times less

  47. The Dominator

    The Dominator21 day ago

    Buy it for a 12yr old they will never know the difference


    ÑÍŚČHÂŁ PØŰĐËŁ22 days ago

    Why China company that

  49. Stanley Taylor

    Stanley Taylor22 days ago

    where can i buy fake iphone x?

  50. Vasil Vasilev

    Vasil Vasilev23 days ago

    Buy fake iphone x

  51. ThE wEiRd OnE

    ThE wEiRd OnE23 days ago

    Who else seen the amount of emails he had

  52. iPhone Guy

    iPhone Guy24 days ago

    Terrible It shows that those guys have a low iq i mean cmon. The Android clones are much better.

  53. Daniela Colquhoun

    Daniela Colquhoun24 days ago


  54. Jackson Lenig

    Jackson Lenig25 days ago

    My phone was 150 and I can double tap to turn the screen on

  55. عاصفة الريح Windstorm

    عاصفة الريح Windstorm28 days ago

    I need one fake where

  56. Jacek Blaumann

    Jacek Blaumann28 days ago

    this is shit :P

  57. Kamaal

    Kamaal29 days ago

    What is the link of the clone one? I want to buy one

  58. Max Upright

    Max Upright29 days ago

    he has fortnite btw

  59. Jerome Shelton

    Jerome SheltonMonth ago

    Why you Make these fake videos waste of time

  60. Ashmeister27 Gaming & More

    Ashmeister27 Gaming & More15 days ago

    Jerome Shelton first of all, your the one wasting your time, you clicked on it, second of all it’s to spot a fake phone, why to else dumb ass

  61. 1707Gamer

    1707GamerMonth ago

    where can i buy it

  62. Costi

    CostiMonth ago

    Where can I buy one?

  63. Paige Little

    Paige LittleMonth ago

    Where did u get the fake phone

  64. Zerrin

    ZerrinMonth ago

    Where do u buy this



    Where to buy from ???

  66. Fans der Wiener Austria

    Fans der Wiener AustriaMonth ago

    Wo hast du das gekauft😮🤷🏼‍♂️

  67. Blenked

    BlenkedMonth ago

    "the front is real glass"

  68. Ry Ry Wathen

    Ry Ry WathenMonth ago

    Where can you buy it from?

  69. Charlie Jackie

    Charlie JackieMonth ago

    Look like they can never make their chin smaller

  70. My name is SKRILLEX

    My name is SKRILLEXMonth ago

    Android is starting........😅😁😂😂

  71. christopher krause

    christopher krauseMonth ago

    Why doesn't apple sue

  72. David Delorino

    David DelorinoMonth ago

    The real one doesnt charge with lightning cable. Youre welcome

  73. iCars for you

    iCars for youMonth ago

    hello from where to buy fake phone models? please send for me of the links on buy thx :))

  74. MoNsT3R MooDy

    MoNsT3R MooDyMonth ago

    Link to the clone please

  75. Mr .Taylor

    Mr .TaylorMonth ago

    Take it apart

  76. Sebastian 0113

    Sebastian 0113Month ago

    That would be cool

  77. Jamie Wilson

    Jamie WilsonMonth ago

    does it have imessage, facetime, & siri?



    Okay what wallpaper are you using??? I like it!


    JAH BLESSMonth ago

    can i put sd card in it ?

  80. SzymeXpl

    SzymeXplMonth ago

    install android oreo on a clone

  81. stephenmor816

    stephenmor816Month ago

    1. Why does he never share where he buys these kinds of phone's ? 2. I really get so irritated with the way he speaks. When he over emphasizes his "T". So hard to concentrate on the video when all I want to do is turn the volume off

  82. renmell ismael

    renmell ismaelMonth ago

    make giveaway on fake

  83. jimmi dambrosi

    jimmi dambrosiMonth ago

    Where do you buy this stuff?

  84. Fizzy Pop

    Fizzy PopMonth ago

    what website did u get that

  85. Ummm Chris is a dope

    Ummm Chris is a dopeMonth ago

    Dude tooooo many ads

  86. little girljesse

    little girljesseMonth ago

    this is scary...

  87. aiM Khalifa

    aiM KhalifaMonth ago


  88. Guylify Mark

    Guylify MarkMonth ago

    The fake seems to have a better screen, it doesn't flicker against the camera

  89. Fals 4Fun

    Fals 4FunMonth ago

    You are a fortnite player

  90. Alterate Awful

    Alterate AwfulMonth ago

    Since when the Notch has became a feature?

  91. Harpreet Bhullar

    Harpreet BhullarMonth ago

    The big chin there😂😂

  92. Charlie Belman

    Charlie BelmanMonth ago

    What's that dot on the fake phone???? Its bothering me lol

  93. bomby 420

    bomby 420Month ago

    how do we get a fake iphone x?

  94. Kookies N Whipp Cream

    Kookies N Whipp CreamMonth ago

    I want 1 so bad!!!!

  95. Magic Unicorn Bro

    Magic Unicorn BroMonth ago

    What about airdrop on the fake phone?

  96. Steven Techno

    Steven TechnoMonth ago

    That MediaTek 6580 doesn't even compare. and only 1GB of RAM? ouch! Must be pretty old reused hardware slapped into a new chassis. I'm willing to bet even the LCD isn't actually curved due to the larger chin. Similar how Nintendo built the 2DS by using a single screen instead of two.

  97. leonard resuello

    leonard resuelloMonth ago

    I want 1

  98. AnyType Gamer34

    AnyType Gamer34Month ago if anyone wants quick money but no job sign up and share your link

  99. Susan Graham

    Susan GrahamMonth ago

    Clone iPhone X. This is dangerous stuff.

  100. Natan Sebens

    Natan SebensMonth ago

    stop your fishy

  101. cool cool

    cool coolMonth ago

    Where do you buy one what website do you use

  102. gudiya thakral

    gudiya thakralMonth ago

    madarchod ka bacha

  103. izani mahmood

    izani mahmoodMonth ago

    Where I can get it?