NEW $130 Fake iPhone X! Realest Notch Version!


  1. Kuldeep Khan

    Kuldeep Khan4 hours ago

    From where we can get fake phones bro

  2. Eduardo Sanchez

    Eduardo Sanchez4 hours ago

    Where did you get it???

  3. Keneth Michael

    Keneth MichaelDay ago

    Pure androidy

  4. GAMING BOSS19483 G

    GAMING BOSS19483 G2 days ago

    Where can I buy the fake one

  5. Nash Evangelista

    Nash Evangelista2 days ago


  6. Virgin Killerz

    Virgin Killerz3 days ago


  7. Stephane Vallieres

    Stephane Vallieres5 days ago

    "It has the iPhone 2g lock sound.. this is hilarious..."... really ? you have an easy laugh :)

  8. Cherrie

    Cherrie5 days ago

    9:14 looks like a VHS tape

  9. Arndt Schloch

    Arndt Schloch6 days ago

    Very interesting

  10. Abie Shar

    Abie Shar7 days ago

    Should I buy fake?

  11. Stoned Pepe

    Stoned Pepe7 days ago

    fortnite sponsored

  12. danym2v

    danym2v8 days ago

    link to where you bought it ?

  13. Kassidy Embry

    Kassidy Embry8 days ago

    "Good thing I have another one!" that cracked me up lmao

  14. akash rajpoot

    akash rajpoot8 days ago

    link for iphone

  15. Nates Rawiri

    Nates Rawiri8 days ago

    I need a better phone

  16. Nates Rawiri

    Nates Rawiri8 days ago

    Can I have the fake iPhoneiPhone

  17. aryan shrestha

    aryan shrestha8 days ago

    Where can we get that can you send me the link

  18. Noname

    Noname9 days ago

    where you can get this

  19. Herminio murillo

    Herminio murillo10 days ago

    you should do a tear down

  20. Mykal Drakes

    Mykal Drakes10 days ago

    Do these clones have siri

  21. No 3

    No 311 days ago

    Where you bought the fake?

  22. 《OL¡》 king

    《OL¡》 king11 days ago

    But where do they sell the fakes

  23. gsraju 1974

    gsraju 197412 days ago

    Where do you buy the fake one

  24. Kwesi Lemo

    Kwesi Lemo12 days ago

    What's the website to buy one

  25. Bradley Ticker

    Bradley Ticker13 days ago

    Can these be jailbroken ?

  26. Rex Burrill

    Rex Burrill15 days ago

    How do u order it

  27. Arif Ibraimomia

    Arif Ibraimomia16 days ago

    How to bay

  28. Jarret Chan

    Jarret Chan17 days ago

    What is the wallpaper of the real iphone x

  29. Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali18 days ago

    Link to give it as a gift plz

  30. Victoria Capriles

    Victoria Capriles18 days ago

    The chin on the fake one is REALLY BIG

  31. FinnyFinnster

    FinnyFinnster18 days ago

    Link to buy it

  32. YAA HA Sachin

    YAA HA Sachin19 days ago

    Hey brother how to buy the clone mobile

  33. Brighterlemons ,

    Brighterlemons ,17 days ago

    +YAA HA Sachin search "goophone x"

  34. YAA HA Sachin

    YAA HA Sachin19 days ago

    Plz reply me

  35. YAA HA Sachin

    YAA HA Sachin19 days ago

    I want to buy the clone

  36. Jonh Chorizo

    Jonh Chorizo19 days ago

    How can I get one of these phones lol the kid won't know the difference

  37. Funny Videos

    Funny Videos19 days ago

    Can you give me the fake one plzzz😫 I want one so bad☹️

  38. Scoobygames4snacks

    Scoobygames4snacks20 days ago

    Where do you get this phone ? Where do I go to buy this ?

  39. SimplyPenguin

    SimplyPenguin21 day ago

    where do you order it form

  40. Saris Cult

    Saris Cult21 day ago

    where i can by this 130$ fake iphone?

  41. Reo shuレオ周

    Reo shuレオ周21 day ago

    4:00 if you look at the fake phone, the notch is slightly rougher then the real phone

  42. Taya Meisel

    Taya Meisel21 day ago

    Where can you buy this? What is the website?

  43. Justin Dir

    Justin Dir22 days ago

    I’m buying 5 now Incase 4 don’t work,great video as well thanks, I wish I could afford a real IPhone X though ☹️😭

  44. Faheem Ahmed Usmani

    Faheem Ahmed Usmani22 days ago

    Can u share link from where i can buy it?

  45. Mobeast Beasty

    Mobeast Beasty23 days ago

    Give me a phone i'm broke

  46. sanogo issif

    sanogo issif23 days ago

    Hi bro... Is it waterproof?

  47. sanogo issif

    sanogo issif23 days ago

    Hi bro... Is it waterproof?

  48. Maka’s Side

    Maka’s Side23 days ago

    Can u FaceTime on a fake iPhone to a real iPhone?

  49. Otep Deveza

    Otep Deveza23 days ago

    Hi please give me the fake one☺

  50. Roger Da Illegal Alien

    Roger Da Illegal Alien23 days ago

    Come on people only real difference is one is made by Chinese child labourers & the other one by Indian (red dot not feathers) child labourers

  51. XD Sweety

    XD Sweety24 days ago

    Where do you buy the Phone?

  52. Cyr Parlapiano

    Cyr Parlapiano24 days ago

    Everytime you said reproduce lol you can hear your accent mate

  53. Taydygaming

    Taydygaming24 days ago

    We're did you buy it

  54. Anthony Zhang

    Anthony Zhang25 days ago

    We have the Samsung galaxy X, the foldable phone, here!!

  55. Vulcanitu

    Vulcanitu25 days ago

    And the overall performance is still a bitch. How much RAM does it have? 512 MB?

  56. Claudiu Stanciu

    Claudiu Stanciu26 days ago

    Well it's super easy to distinguish just by the colours of the display...

  57. a

    a26 days ago

    Jerryrigeveything would've been dissapointed with that back removal

  58. JKI 03

    JKI 0327 days ago

    There is an new version available the v7 its crazy similar how i seen it in reviews

  59. Owen Griffiths

    Owen Griffiths27 days ago

    0:54 out of the subject but that was so smooth

  60. Bhaskar Bejaru

    Bhaskar Bejaru27 days ago

    How to buy this bro

  61. YABOI Leo

    YABOI Leo27 days ago

    Yeah. Its ok to have a. Fake iphone X nothing bad if you have a fake phone.

  62. mike the gamer mike

    mike the gamer mike27 days ago

    We're you buy that from

  63. kindo 101

    kindo 10127 days ago

    Where did he get that

  64. Adixonsq

    Adixonsq27 days ago Test this clone !!

  65. Hannan Naveed

    Hannan Naveed28 days ago

    Fake is little bit small

  66. Adam Neff

    Adam Neff28 days ago

    where can i get it for 130?

  67. Selvaraj Kala

    Selvaraj Kala28 days ago

    How to buy this phone ?

  68. Pinkie Unicorn

    Pinkie Unicorn28 days ago

    That's a sharp knife

  69. 캅스TV

    캅스TV29 days ago

    Please tall me

  70. 캅스TV

    캅스TV29 days ago

    Where you buy?

  71. TheOdy55Ey139 Sky

    TheOdy55Ey139 Sky29 days ago

    where to buy?

  72. Darshana Marde 8446794554

    Darshana Marde 844679455429 days ago

    which is this site for clone mobiles

  73. Matt Nicholson

    Matt Nicholson29 days ago

    ok link to buy the best fake?

  74. Blind Sniper

    Blind Sniper29 days ago

    “REP-roduce” pronunciation kills me

  75. The SuperCell

    The SuperCell29 days ago

    if u dnt wnt tht clone version u cn donate to me😂

  76. DarkKnight 21

    DarkKnight 2129 days ago

    How do u not notice the camera

  77. The horror gamer

    The horror gamer29 days ago

    Can you get fortnite on the fake one?

  78. KrecikKrystian68

    KrecikKrystian6829 days ago


  79. Vicarious 95

    Vicarious 95Month ago

    The only iPhone X I can afford 😂

  80. AppleTechFlip

    AppleTechFlipMonth ago

    This clone is fn awful😂

  81. TheSilverGamer

    TheSilverGamerMonth ago

    *KKK wants to know your location*

  82. hacker101/ trickshot

    hacker101/ trickshotMonth ago


  83. Mio Sporty

    Mio SportyMonth ago

    Yeah you can spot on the notch


    WOLF GAMESMonth ago

    When you run the Yeah Phone He said Android and he is ios

  85. Anand sparrow

    Anand sparrowMonth ago

    Hii bro please give tha iPhone I am very poor family sir please give tha iPhone

  86. 我me

    我meMonth ago

    Can you tell where I can buy it?

  87. Savage Gameplay

    Savage Gameplay29 days ago


  88. 我me

    我meMonth ago

    Because I am poor 😂😂

  89. 我me

    我meMonth ago

    I would like to buy the fake ipone x,because they are no any difference between(in my opinion) 😂😂

  90. Dark ShadeMC

    Dark ShadeMCMonth ago

    7:51 googIe PIay

  91. Songs Any you LIKE

    Songs Any you LIKEMonth ago

    how could i buy it

  92. 1 800 WISH A NIGGA WOULD

    1 800 WISH A NIGGA WOULDMonth ago

    9:14 it looks like the vhs camera soundcloud rappers use for A E S T H E T I C on their videos

  93. Emraan p.o.p. And false ceiling

    Emraan p.o.p. And false ceilingMonth ago

    Thick bazzels all around and they call it iphone x clone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😂😂😂

  94. A Simple YouTube Channel

    A Simple YouTube ChannelMonth ago

    Where can I get the wallpaper?

  95. Your. Avg. Lifter.

    Your. Avg. Lifter.Month ago

    Now I don’t have to have to spend a kidney to buy it

  96. JDMz 94

    JDMz 94Month ago

    Does this dude always smile 😂

  97. Rostan Gurung

    Rostan GurungMonth ago

    Can we play fornite on fake iPhone?😂😂

  98. RobbenFan

    RobbenFanMonth ago

    Goo means Poop lol 💩

  99. HaLuNkE ST0NER

    HaLuNkE ST0NERMonth ago

    Wow, i think i get one... just for some month and to fool some friends 😁

  100. Spence Star

    Spence StarMonth ago

    Fake iPhones are better then real iPhones cuz you can legit customiZe the more

  101. Dana W

    Dana WMonth ago

    Spence Star if you like 1/10 the performance no memory and a shitty camera.

  102. dana Taghvaei

    dana TaghvaeiMonth ago

    Can i buy it?

  103. Logan omg

    Logan omgMonth ago


  104. Logan omg

    Logan omgMonth ago

    The bottom of the screen samsung x

  105. Logan omg

    Logan omgMonth ago

    It said samsung x

  106. Bot 1029

    Bot 1029Month ago

    I will prank my friend that i download minecraft for free