NEW $130 Fake iPhone X! Realest Notch Version!


  1. Barteq344

    Barteq3443 days ago

    Where I can buy this fake iPhone?

  2. Not Mark

    Not Mark5 days ago

    2:38 KKKoncept

  3. Leah Nyahunzvi

    Leah Nyahunzvi11 days ago

    What do you do with all the phones you buy??

  4. Morgan Tempel

    Morgan Tempel13 days ago

    I got a fake iPhone X and it’s nothing that u sauf

  5. makeslime NiNi

    makeslime NiNi14 days ago

    Me to iphone app 1000$

  6. Chicken Legs

    Chicken Legs14 days ago

    At least they aren't a rip off

  7. Abdulraouf Muneer

    Abdulraouf Muneer18 days ago

    Where can I buy

  8. Neil Slater

    Neil Slater19 days ago

    Where can I find these clones to buy?

  9. Wajih Ullah Hafeez

    Wajih Ullah Hafeez20 days ago

    From where did you purchased it

  10. Sharon Biffin

    Sharon Biffin21 day ago

    ,almost there fake iPhone I don't like iPhones I like LG Sonys Huawei every android phone

  11. ACER PH

    ACER PH22 days ago

    Very laggy, but not bad for $10 😂😂

  12. Kichiro Nizaken

    Kichiro Nizaken23 days ago

    How do I get the clone? I will just delete the theme so it can get a decent performance

  13. Miki Nestorovski

    Miki Nestorovski23 days ago

    How can i get it

  14. Dominic Rivers

    Dominic Rivers23 days ago

    Thing is $170 will get you on the Snapdragon or Octa core Mediatek trail, with much better performance from Oppo, Xiaomi, ZTE etc if you are prepared to forgo the clone silliness

  15. Infinite Gaming

    Infinite Gaming29 days ago

    What I think they should do is remove the bump on the bottom, make it smoother and remove the dot from the screen. But I want the iPhone X and I bet if my mom by it got me then I will be tricked

  16. julz guramen

    julz guramen29 days ago

    I think the fake one is oppo a3s....

  17. The Crazy Skeleton

    The Crazy SkeletonMonth ago

    Does it have animoji?

  18. Ben Joseph

    Ben JosephMonth ago

    I’d rather just buy an iPhone 5s for £120

  19. Amna

    AmnaMonth ago

    I know this is really stupid, but does the fake iPhone work like a real iPhone? Like if I text my friend who had the real iPhone X from my fake one, would she see green texts (as if it’s an android) or blue texts? (Like a regular iPhone?)

  20. Corey The gamer and oh yeah yeah

    Corey The gamer and oh yeah yeahMonth ago

    Do you play Fortnite cause it’s on the real iPhone 10

  21. Golden Dawn

    Golden DawnMonth ago

    i have a iphone 8 but if i had a fake i phone x for christmas i will still like it lol

  22. The RageZ

    The RageZMonth ago

    Why Buy iPhone Clone I Still Using My iPhone 5S And 6 Today😀

  23. I will be Back Believe That

    I will be Back Believe ThatMonth ago

    Don't need talk any word because it's chin is saying everything😂🤣😎

  24. Marcelo Dos Santos

    Marcelo Dos SantosMonth ago

    Where do I buy the apps from with the fake one?

  25. Cane Rognoso

    Cane RognosoMonth ago

    where did you buy it?

  26. Gustavo Pineda

    Gustavo PinedaMonth ago

    How much space it really has

  27. roni ardian

    roni ardianMonth ago

    looks like eazy to know which is fake or not, from the first boot up, it looks the Bezel fake one is a little thicker, am i right Bro?

  28. Nokalistic Gaming

    Nokalistic GamingMonth ago

    Who noticed the clock was wrong on the fake.Like if you did!


    BOOM BOOMMonth ago

    were can I buy a clone iPhone X

  30. luigi aguilar

    luigi aguilarMonth ago

    9:00 yo hes talking to himself in the middle of the forest XD

  31. Abhishtha unknown

    Abhishtha unknownMonth ago

    Can I get the website link?

  32. עדן כהן

    עדן כהןMonth ago

    ?You can send a link to your purchase

  33. Aleksa Todorovic

    Aleksa TodorovicMonth ago

    I bought Goophone, it's the same as yours, but I did not buy it to use it for every day, just for fun. I paid him about $ 90, and it works perfectly. 😂😂

  34. Nico thyme

    Nico thymeMonth ago

    Please put the link to buy it

  35. xoriatis 71

    xoriatis 71Month ago

    I am waiting till they find a way to use actual IOS os.

  36. afra alameri

    afra alameriMonth ago

    *I absolutely love this phone !!>>>**** I wasn’t planning on getting it but when I saw it in person and played with it my jaw dropped . Absolutely amazing !! Super easy to use . I thought I wouldn’t get used to not having the home button , the thought scared me but it’s super simple to go back home. The screen is huge! The battery life is super long . Super clear videos , and the pictures WOW Amazing!!!! I love it !!! Best purchase ive made!!*

  37. saleah subhan

    saleah subhanMonth ago


  38. Jumpy Pixels

    Jumpy PixelsMonth ago

    Can you FaceTime on it tho?

  39. ShadowWolfGaming25

    ShadowWolfGaming25Month ago

    So... will this shit be good for at least 6 summers (taken from a song and I changed FYI before u start hating)

  40. MJO Enterprise

    MJO EnterpriseMonth ago

    2019 NEW YEAR SALE at use code 2019NEWYEAR for 10% off

  41. Mr. Truth

    Mr. TruthMonth ago

    Why do they not get better camera?

  42. Jack Sugden

    Jack SugdenMonth ago

    7:48 and my UK iPhone 10’s app switcher works every time when I swipe up.

  43. Shubhankar Singh

    Shubhankar SinghMonth ago

    2:19 Ooh...IKEA interrupts the whole video.

  44. Jay Cee

    Jay Cee2 months ago

    You would think that The software would Run smoother due to the fact of all of the great android operating systems out there but I guess not

  45. Pak Kiang Wong

    Pak Kiang Wong2 months ago

    if ErevrthingApplepro is about samsung .The call EverythingSamsungpr :))

  46. Enrique cotto

    Enrique cotto2 months ago

    Can you face time

  47. Vanguard Lovers

    Vanguard Lovers2 months ago

    Its not the closest one, check out @vsgadget24 at instagram that one is CLOSE

  48. Thomas Gatt

    Thomas Gatt2 months ago

    Do a fake phone Vs real phone drop test

  49. Jorbin rivas

    Jorbin rivas2 months ago

    Where can i get these phones as long as they work idc 😂 gf wont know the difference

  50. sameer ansari

    sameer ansari2 months ago

    It's should buy or not

  51. stewpid fox fox

    stewpid fox fox2 months ago

    Where can we buy one?

  52. MJO Enterprise

    MJO Enterprise2 months ago

  53. syediqbalfaris

    syediqbalfaris2 months ago

    i want that clone iphone please😭

  54. [SlowSharpshooter] Cyr3x

    [SlowSharpshooter] Cyr3x2 months ago

    try setting up an apple watch with it


    NiSHAN HAQUE2 months ago

    nice vdo with very useful info. things is when someone tries to buy an used iphone from kijiji or letgo such thing really confuses him. i don't know why Apple does't do anything to prohibit such clones from manufacturing. he/she can easily be cheated with the fancy duplicate. however thanks

  56. ღKatyღ

    ღKatyღ2 months ago

    iPhone X with IPS screen? So it's basically iPhone XR that costs 1/6

  57. jason segovia

    jason segovia2 months ago

    Thats sad you have sprint

  58. PUBG Mobile Gaming

    PUBG Mobile Gaming2 months ago

    These IPhone clones are horrible!


    XXXTENTACION R.I.P2 months ago

    You should take them apart and see how close the motherboard and stuff are inside

  60. Eba Pool

    Eba Pool2 months ago

    Where can i buy the Fake One?

  61. MJO Enterprise

    MJO Enterprise2 months ago

  62. Joseph DIAO

    Joseph DIAO2 months ago

    Do you want to see a clone that has comparable chipset, no chin, better camera than the real deal? (300000 on antutu) Check out the link below

  63. Humayun Ahmed

    Humayun Ahmed2 months ago


  64. S emp

    S emp2 months ago

    Roses are red voilets are blue at 4:40 there is fortnite 2

  65. regedit ejkeja

    regedit ejkeja2 months ago

    2:53 android starting 3:06 OK its running some weird version of ios 11 LMAO

  66. Nebu Oules

    Nebu Oules2 months ago

    Lets all aknowlage the fact that not subscribing to pewdiepie means letting India win(i dont like pewdiepie but want him to stay #1)

  67. Juan Cruz Gallego

    Juan Cruz Gallego2 months ago

    r u rich

  68. Eric Ng

    Eric Ng3 months ago

    Bro, where to get this fake $130 iphone?

  69. MJO Enterprise

    MJO Enterprise2 months ago


    ALEJANDRO ARANDA3 months ago

    were can you buy it

  71. MJO Enterprise

    MJO Enterprise2 months ago

  72. Tyler Welch

    Tyler Welch3 months ago

    What is ur fortunate name ?

  73. Ausie Boyz

    Ausie Boyz3 months ago

    You play fortnite

  74. Himanshu Kashyap

    Himanshu Kashyap3 months ago


  75. rétro

    rétro3 months ago

    'in baggies'

  76. Jacob Moller nielsen

    Jacob Moller nielsen3 months ago

    Time on box 9.11

  77. Beta Roland

    Beta Roland3 months ago

    6:43 "Android is starting.." 🤣🤣

  78. Cringe Hangout

    Cringe Hangout3 months ago

    What is the fake one called I want to buy it

  79. Bill Gates

    Bill Gates3 months ago

    This guy is so mean. He does not even tell us where he bought it.

  80. noam masas

    noam masas3 months ago

    the best clone is the xiaomi mi 8 🤣

  81. Thepeacemaker2019

    Thepeacemaker20193 months ago

    hi bro i really agree on your opinion for the fake iPhone x but can i plz have it?

  82. videomaker1233 d

    videomaker1233 d3 months ago

    Where can you buy the clone

  83. YourBoiSquanto

    YourBoiSquanto3 months ago

    Anybody else get a condom commercial?

  84. Daniel Bi

    Daniel Bi3 months ago

    Its got a chin

  85. Flames

    Flames3 months ago

    How do u buy these

  86. order 66

    order 663 months ago

    where can i get this?

  87. Hampus Hägg

    Hampus Hägg3 months ago

    It has a chin bezel which a real iPhone X doesn't

  88. Dev Talwar

    Dev Talwar3 months ago

    From where we can buy this clone

  89. Eli_swag_ savage

    Eli_swag_ savage3 months ago

    Left is fake from tgumbnail

  90. Arthur Coolast

    Arthur Coolast3 months ago

    where did you buy it? I want to get one tooo

  91. Geneva boss

    Geneva boss3 months ago

    Who else would get the fake phone😆

  92. Jonny Hill

    Jonny Hill3 months ago

    Can you play fortnite on it??

  93. Doge Plays

    Doge Plays3 months ago


  94. Pn Nation

    Pn Nation3 months ago

    How can they do that with out getting in trouble

  95. Justin Charles

    Justin Charles3 months ago

    does it run imessage and facetime? tahts the real quiestion

  96. Ella Smith

    Ella Smith3 months ago

    That is the worst fake phone I’ve ever seen

  97. cosmicchim

    cosmicchim3 months ago

    Where can i get this? and can someone please help me get an iphone x please?

  98. Rajdeep Roy

    Rajdeep Roy3 months ago

    From where did u bought this I phone x

  99. MiRoR

    MiRoR3 months ago

    Lmao, fake phones always have white circle on screen

  100. storrooo

    storrooo3 months ago

    You're 17 years old?

  101. Ashmeister27 Gaming & More

    Ashmeister27 Gaming & More3 months ago

    Storr Hoek no, he’s in his 20’s

  102. Dan Xplode

    Dan Xplode3 months ago

    I have the real phone bought it

  103. Tiky CZ

    Tiky CZ3 months ago

    I’m just thinking right now that the fake iPhone has LCD display but still thinner frame than iPhone XR

  104. davi bueno

    davi bueno3 months ago

    Man where you buy your fake iphone? Can you send me the link

  105. Jony Hiburansi

    Jony Hiburansi3 months ago

    I was interested until 2:55

  106. Horacio Linares

    Horacio Linares3 months ago

    Can you use the app widget and does it download from andriod or actual ios