NEW $130 Fake iPhone X! Realest Notch Version!


  1. Zax Plays

    Zax Plays6 days ago

    My friends dad has i phone xs max im disappointed

  2. Black diamond White diamond

    Black diamond White diamond6 days ago

    Can you please put the links I want to do a vid with them

  3. Fat Dinosaur

    Fat Dinosaur8 days ago

    Oh after kyrie irving lose to raptors he started doing phone review and unboxing

  4. Jayden Kamstra

    Jayden Kamstra12 days ago

    *lol I will find you*

  5. Angela kitty

    Angela kitty14 days ago

    Does it have animojis??

  6. dave EPISODES

    dave EPISODES15 days ago

    *there's a chin...*

  7. Mswahil Genius

    Mswahil Genius19 days ago

    Hello I am Hans form Tanzania Africa I need a link to buy iPhone fake please

  8. LocoHypebeast

    LocoHypebeast20 days ago

    GUYS this is where he got it from DONT listen to anyone else!

  9. Pasindu Gunarathne

    Pasindu Gunarathne20 days ago

    new android iPhone x now for 150 dollars

  10. Kermit

    Kermit20 days ago

    Where can u buy ut

  11. TechTalk

    TechTalk21 day ago

    "samsung x"

  12. Lol Brandon

    Lol Brandon21 day ago

    He got it from DHGET

  13. Mezek Jerio

    Mezek Jerio24 days ago

    watching on ORiginal 5s

  14. 27 Media

    27 Media25 days ago

    My phone has more antutu score than that one

  15. Julian Avis

    Julian AvisMonth ago



    MAW NATIONMonth ago



    MAW NATIONMonth ago

    U don’t like what ur see when u see u

  18. Lu Fan

    Lu FanMonth ago

    Who’s watching this from iPhone XR?

  19. Chriscraftpro 324

    Chriscraftpro 324Month ago

    I don’t think I could ever be fooled by a cloned iPhone. I’ve used them since the iPhone 3GS when I was 9.

  20. Qazy 21

    Qazy 21Month ago

    Wanna hear a joke? Read More

  21. potato aim

    potato aimMonth ago


  22. Abima K19

    Abima K19Month ago

    New phone iAndroid X

  23. Camillo Kohl

    Camillo KohlMonth ago

    thats off...

  24. MyName IsRio

    MyName IsRioMonth ago

    dat chin tho

  25. Xll EXO

    Xll EXOMonth ago

    When turning on the phone if you add another K to that he's fucked

  26. f a y e

    f a y eMonth ago

    Android is starting 🧐

  27. iPhone 11

    iPhone 11Month ago

    How about goophone iX v7? I bet you cant tell the difference

  28. Sitrobheli

    SitrobheliMonth ago

    Where can you buy it

  29. Max Lee

    Max LeeMonth ago

    From where you buy these clones.Please tell me. By the way love your videos.

  30. FreezerHD FHD

    FreezerHD FHDMonth ago


  31. Pepe Trump

    Pepe TrumpMonth ago

    I like how he says the text is off, then he says the chins are a pretty close

  32. Øyet 2003

    Øyet 2003Month ago

    What is the wallpaper name

  33. Startrekforever

    StartrekforeverMonth ago

    Made by Stove Jeebs

  34. Nikoloz Vasadze

    Nikoloz VasadzeMonth ago

    i whant this fake iphone x saidan viq’ido 13/5000 Where to buy

  35. Nikoloz Vasadze

    Nikoloz VasadzeMonth ago

    Where to buy

  36. Taufiqurrahman Al Fikri

    Taufiqurrahman Al FikriMonth ago

    In Indonesia a fake smartphone is HDC

  37. Mythic Fire

    Mythic FireMonth ago

    EverythingApplepro plays fortnite?? 5:08 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  38. Goku Doge

    Goku Doge19 days ago

    Fortnite gay

  39. Fibronia

    FibroniaMonth ago

    I’m dying to know where he gets these phones from 😂

  40. Bardia Nasry

    Bardia NasryMonth ago

    Very good bro

  41. Evelyn McDonald

    Evelyn McDonaldMonth ago

    I have Been wanting an I phone x ever since they came out

  42. Balla Zoltán

    Balla ZoltánMonth ago

    Geekbench on clone: Samsung X :D

  43. Amin reza Farid

    Amin reza FaridMonth ago

    Where can buy it

  44. Lil Pump

    Lil PumpMonth ago


  45. BJ Smith

    BJ SmithMonth ago

    What website which you got this phone, I'd like to look into it.

  46. Emir Özbinici

    Emir Özbinici2 months ago

    Wallpaper link?

  47. Jethro Chan

    Jethro Chan2 months ago

    0:01 what is the wallpaper

  48. Peter D

    Peter D2 months ago

    How does this clone perform with watching high definition videos? Netflix ?

  49. Park Lee

    Park Lee2 months ago

    2:15 lol... you can’t admit it looks like the real deal cause you already know it’s fake. Edit: I don’t think with that eyes of yours, could tell the difference if you didn’t know it’s fake! Lol..

  50. iPhone XR God

    iPhone XR God2 months ago

    my moms first andriod phone cost 130 dollflars and it was fluid and fast

  51. Emily

    Emily2 months ago

    Get a clone of the Apple iPad Pro! (If there is one)

  52. Wilde Westen

    Wilde Westen2 months ago

    Where did you buy this

  53. Slime World

    Slime World2 months ago

    At 57 he pulled out potable chips