Neil Patrick Harris Performs a Magic Trick | Vanity Fair


  1. Ashley Kutcher

    Ashley Kutcher2 months ago

    My panties came off while watching Neil. That's the true magic trick.

  2. Cheddar Cheese

    Cheddar Cheese3 months ago


  3. Matthew Comisar

    Matthew Comisar3 months ago

    This guy should’ve played the flash in the dceu

  4. Elisabeth Melissen

    Elisabeth Melissen3 months ago

    The knot was under his pants and when he moves it fall down

  5. Vishnu M.S

    Vishnu M.S3 months ago

    This is lame, it would have been a magic trick if you weren't hiding the knot beneath the end of your jeans.

  6. Matthew Ali

    Matthew Ali4 months ago

    You are really good at these magic tricks, it looked fake but kinda believed it a little, what made you decide to do magic tricks.


    GOT7TRASH4 months ago

    barney stinson

  8. Carly Anderson

    Carly Anderson4 months ago

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  9. Hobbit Stomper

    Hobbit Stomper4 months ago

    He's knot a magician.

  10. nick maarschalkerweerd

    nick maarschalkerweerd4 months ago

    Towards when hotel consider album us range fear stretch.

  11. malotschino

    malotschino4 months ago

    But can he do it while showing his hands?

  12. ACDC

    ACDC4 months ago

    Yeah, i did. I did that.

  13. Podge Mode

    Podge Mode4 months ago

    that was knot bad

  14. David Maloney

    David Maloney4 months ago

    Who wants the trick revealed? Too easy...

  15. ModestlyAmazing

    ModestlyAmazing4 months ago

    Quite clearly pulls the two laces through the back of his trousers, then lifts up his jeans leg to reveal the already tied knot.

  16. Emack B

    Emack B4 months ago

    Man, what a legen-wait for it-DARY dude

  17. yuffiecross

    yuffiecross4 months ago

    Suck on that David Blaine #ShotsFired

  18. Onion Sandwich

    Onion Sandwich4 months ago

    What a waste of time.

  19. Abby Westman

    Abby Westman4 months ago


  20. d_yaz d33d

    d_yaz d33d4 months ago

    Its that a thing now, wow

  21. Brittany Weaver

    Brittany Weaver4 months ago

    U couldn't tie the knot with violet could u Olaf lol 😂😂😂

  22. Izzy M.

    Izzy M.4 months ago

    this is legen.. wait for it dary

  23. Alexa Neely

    Alexa Neely4 months ago

    I love this man

  24. Danich Ivanov

    Danich Ivanov4 months ago

    I see what you did there.

  25. Aysha S

    Aysha S4 months ago

    He is legend wait for it ...DARY

  26. K Webster

    K Webster4 months ago

    I had no idea I loved Neil Patrick Harris! But I do.

  27. Sofia Marie

    Sofia Marie4 months ago

    I keep getting Count Olaf vibes >.

  28. Lady Love

    Lady Love4 months ago

    Count Olaf the most handsome actor

  29. JaymeeLeticiaO143

    JaymeeLeticiaO1434 months ago

    why did i get a notification for this?? I'm not even subscribed...

  30. Emack B

    Emack B4 months ago

    Cuz he’s legen-wait for it- DARY

  31. Jake Green

    Jake Green4 months ago

    JaymeeLeticiaO143 magic

  32. ilovefood

    ilovefood4 months ago

    u are now

  33. Carla Martinez

    Carla Martinez4 months ago

    I love you Neil!!! ❤❤❤❤

  34. Gwen Marie SFX

    Gwen Marie SFX4 months ago

    um, i watch iCarly so i know how u did it sweaty

  35. Ashley Kutcher

    Ashley Kutcher2 months ago

    Gwen Marie SFX neil is still better

  36. Asyouah :3

    Asyouah :34 months ago

    Gwen Marie SFX he isn't sweaty well he doesn't look like it

  37. Bertrand the Healer

    Bertrand the Healer4 months ago

    Who you calling sweaty?

  38. FlippinBobby

    FlippinBobby4 months ago

    Gwen Marie SFX cheers! :)

  39. Gwen Marie SFX

    Gwen Marie SFX4 months ago

    he has an untied shoe lace hanging down his pant leg which is connected to a string that's probably coming up through his pants to the back. When he puts his hands on his hips he's grabbing that stir g and pulling the untied laces up and out of sight while the actually tied one is revealed, which was just tucked up under his pants leg.

  40. J K

    J K4 months ago


  41. Vampire Luph

    Vampire Luph4 months ago

    This magic trick is LEGEND, wait for it...

  42. Kloë

    Kloë3 months ago

    Vampire Luph DARY

  43. Emack B

    Emack B4 months ago

    johanazhari lol that’s what I was thinking 😂

  44. johanazhari

    johanazhari4 months ago


  45. Mike Bierman

    Mike Bierman4 months ago

    Vampire Luph DARY

  46. Kung-Fu Kenny Family

    Kung-Fu Kenny Family4 months ago

    *NPH* is so incredible: amazing husband, father, actor, writer, magician, drag performer (if you count Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and singer. And he’s so handsome

  47. DonYelle and Diana

    DonYelle and Diana4 months ago


  48. Sergej ERMAK

    Sergej ERMAK4 months ago

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  49. basic

    basic4 months ago


  50. Neth

    Neth4 months ago

    No fire magic

  51. John

    John4 months ago


  52. Jonathan P Adhi

    Jonathan P Adhi4 months ago

    I feel like i can do it too 😂

  53. Lyle Bannister

    Lyle Bannister4 months ago


  54. Yuthvong Yem

    Yuthvong Yem4 months ago

    You couldn't tie the knot with Violet Baulderlaire though

  55. Brittany Weaver

    Brittany Weaver4 months ago

    Yuthvong Yem oh snap lol 😂😂😂

  56. L b

    L b4 months ago

    Yuthvong Yem snap

  57. Yuthvong Yem

    Yuthvong Yem4 months ago

    I love the magic trick you do with the Baulderlaires. You always end up making them disappear when they are in your hands.

  58. diverti primas

    diverti primas4 months ago

    Cool !!!!

  59. Eleni Tastemeridou

    Eleni Tastemeridou4 months ago



    UNKLE_GRML4 months ago

    Isn't that how everyone does their shoelaces?

  61. joshuaoha

    joshuaoha4 months ago

    I practice every day, but people just laugh at me.

  62. Saman cheetry

    Saman cheetry4 months ago

    Swarley.. What up, dude😎 😂😂

  63. brokentoedspoon

    brokentoedspoon27 days ago

    I've got a phone call for Swarley. Is there a Swarley here?

  64. Julian Glaser

    Julian Glaser4 months ago

    yooo its swarles barkley

  65. AKSebi2

    AKSebi24 months ago

    ROLAnd! HA HA nice try swarley