NBA Playoffs Preview: The Starters


  1. Kanye Weast

    Kanye WeastDay ago

    17:30 "Cameraman Todd also chose the Bucks"

  2. Ziheng Chang

    Ziheng ChangDay ago

    7:30 that prediction turns out to be exactly what happens in the Blazers-Pels series... Pelicans going for the sweep

  3. max johnson

    max johnson3 days ago

    Cavs in 4 huh?

  4. TurbanatorGamer

    TurbanatorGamer3 days ago

    9th time Tas has worn that shirt dating back to October 2016.

  5. Caleb Okes

    Caleb Okes3 days ago

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  6. Create Logic

    Create Logic3 days ago

    That is great!

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    mlzanercik3 days ago

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  8. Basketball Pro Sami Productions

    Basketball Pro Sami Productions4 days ago


  9. Stefano Gonzales

    Stefano Gonzales4 days ago

    I’m putting my money on the Lakers

  10. Katy Marie

    Katy Marie4 days ago


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    Таккар Конь4 days ago

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  12. This is For youtube Red

    This is For youtube Red4 days ago

    Fuck you Trey. You said you chose 4 cause 3 wasnt an option well 4 aint happenin

  13. Benjamin Rickards

    Benjamin Rickards4 days ago

    LeTrash < Kobe

  14. mlzanercik

    mlzanercik4 days ago

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  15. mlzanercik

    mlzanercik3 days ago

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  16. Nobody Better

    Nobody Better3 days ago

    mlzanercik can you translate all that bible talk?

  17. mlzanercik

    mlzanercik4 days ago

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  18. Nobody Better

    Nobody Better4 days ago

    mlzanercik why quote bible verses?

  19. JumperWC

    JumperWC5 days ago

    Can't wait for the NBA playoffs, it's gonna be fucking amazing!

  20. Blake 7

    Blake 75 days ago

    Watched the OKC Thunder game. My gosh people, this isn't wrestling. Nobody wants to watch foul after foul and bad behavior. Watching basketball players try to get as many fouls as possible and maybe break the law on the court is unenjoyable and hurts your league. Games are setup anyways, winner already decided. Sad what the NBA has becone, your players are making very bad decisions, most part of BLM and the alt-left. Just like the NFL, not many will continue to watch. Sports are a mess, alt-left and BLM... Get it together!

  21. Vogue Of Today

    Vogue Of Today5 days ago

    So good

  22. TDrizzle301 1

    TDrizzle301 15 days ago

    Well, Trey was completely wrong about Cavs/Pacers😂😂😂

  23. adrenalinex4

    adrenalinex45 days ago

    the cavs are trash, they shouldnt reach the finals. lance and oladipo are playing good basketball, they should take out the cavs. rockets winning it all over the sixers in the finals.

  24. Aleximo Thrash

    Aleximo Thrash5 days ago

    Lol Pacers win! Suck it graybeard!

  25. Yaseen Ameen

    Yaseen Ameen5 days ago

    LeBron has been carrying Cavs always and the reason why they r gonna make it into the finals is because of LeGoat James. LeBron will definetly make it to the finals

  26. MrZRACER

    MrZRACER5 days ago

    well the sixers certainly shut that guy up. he must have not done a single ounce of research on them.

  27. Sedh Charles

    Sedh Charles5 days ago

    Lol who’s watching after the pacers destroyed the cavs

  28. Jude Ibbetson

    Jude Ibbetson5 days ago


  29. Steven Ricke

    Steven Ricke5 days ago

    wow.. that segment on the pacers will not age well.. fucking idiots.

  30. Jake Funaki

    Jake Funaki5 days ago

    Go Celtics!

  31. The3pinheads

    The3pinheads5 days ago


  32. Süleyman Hegelein

    Süleyman Hegelein5 days ago

    Trey should not sit at the table

  33. Stephen Smith

    Stephen Smith5 days ago

    Raptors Playoff Anthem - North Over Everything -

  34. Aamin Hassan

    Aamin Hassan6 days ago

    Jazz vs OKC. That’s gonna be close!

  35. Dion Ambler

    Dion Ambler6 days ago

    My prediction: Sixers and warriors in finals, Steph curry averages 999 ppg 5 blocks, but game 7 Ben Simmons kicks the ball like a soccer ball, full court at the buzzer for the win, hits the roof, and swish

  36. dsedew efeferf

    dsedew efeferf6 days ago

    why does this get less running time than the awards show does?!

  37. Freddy Fox 500

    Freddy Fox 5006 days ago

    More arbitrary questions. Fucking embarrassing you guys. You are what´s wrong with this world.

  38. Mikel Best

    Mikel Best6 days ago

    Of course leigh would pick the bucks to upset the celtics... i swear this man has something against boston. Always bashes on them

  39. Guillaume Greyhm

    Guillaume Greyhm6 days ago

    Boring as heck

  40. Stephen Curry

    Stephen Curry6 days ago

    Rockets in 4 GSW in 6 Blazers in 6 Jazz in 7

  41. BCThunder2347

    BCThunder23476 days ago

    76ers fer da win

  42. TheWigglesVEVO

    TheWigglesVEVO6 days ago

    another ignorant comentator disreagrding the pacers why dont you watch a team play before you judge them

  43. mlal89

    mlal896 days ago

    Wizards are going to push the Raptors to 7 games, might even beat them. I have zero faith in the Raptors.

  44. ballingBeast

    ballingBeast6 days ago

    Am I high for thinking the Timberwolves might upset the rockets?

  45. Michael Carter-Williams #1 Fan since 2013

    Michael Carter-Williams #1 Fan since 20136 days ago

    The playoffs are nice but I dropped 22 points 12 assists 9 steals 7 rebounds 10/30/13 #neverforget

  46. Diego Gonzalez

    Diego Gonzalez6 days ago

    woah woah no time for introductions


    ARNALDO PEÑA6 days ago


  48. Fzurdale Fernandez

    Fzurdale Fernandez6 days ago

    OKC Thunder vs. Utah Jazz that's interesting matchup. #Thunderup #whynot The Brodie Russell Westbrook ⚡ Lightning bolt 😤🔥 will get a 🏀🏆 trophy with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony on the OK3.

  49. pweric12

    pweric126 days ago

    my raptors hopefully make it to the finals.. derozen you'll fall to the rockets but PLS CARRY THE SH*T OUT OF YOUR TEAM

  50. Rud

    Rud6 days ago

    Four. Twenty.

  51. Cody Orvik

    Cody Orvik6 days ago

    That intro was so cringy

  52. Kelvin Lim

    Kelvin Lim6 days ago

    This season’s playoffs gon be lit af. 🤙🏼

  53. Call Me J. R.

    Call Me J. R.6 days ago

    OKC thunder winning it all this year.

  54. Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones6 days ago

    Sleeping on the Jazz. Smh

  55. J Mao

    J Mao6 days ago

    This season is gonna be awesome

  56. VikingsGaming

    VikingsGaming6 days ago

    I personally think that the wolves might upset the rockets

  57. Rodrigo Atta Muricy

    Rodrigo Atta Muricy6 days ago

    Houston x Cavs, cavs in 4

  58. Škrba

    Škrba6 days ago

    *Hi guys, you can watch on my channel trailer for playoffs mix with trailer for infinity war, you should check it out !*

  59. thesarantis

    thesarantis6 days ago

    Would it be a surprise if the Bucks win the series over the hospitalized Celtics?

  60. Jayvee Apolinar

    Jayvee Apolinar6 days ago

    Milwaukee will upset the boston without kyrie. Maybe 4-2 bucks or 4-3

  61. Jeremiah Guinn

    Jeremiah Guinn6 days ago

    Go spurs go

  62. Yawn Paular

    Yawn Paular6 days ago

    Rockets in 5 Warriors in 6 Thunder in 7 Blazers in 7 Raptors in 6 Celtics in 7 Cavaliers in 6 76ers in 7

  63. Tshoopara Enkara

    Tshoopara Enkara6 days ago

    I couldn't pick Cavs in 3 - Trey hahahah

  64. Amaan Ghoghawala

    Amaan Ghoghawala6 days ago

    Tas is my nigga

  65. Zach Biondi

    Zach Biondi6 days ago

    Tas "that being said" Melas

  66. Rok Podlogar

    Rok Podlogar6 days ago

    rockets vs wolves. if you slow the pace enough 2pt field goals in the paint go higher percentage than 3pt shots. just a consideration.

  67. Rok Podlogar

    Rok Podlogar6 days ago

    not to throw stones, but is this the basketball version of the big bang theory show?

  68. JONALD Jer Tuliao

    JONALD Jer Tuliao6 days ago

    Cavs 2018 world champion

  69. Pac

    Pac6 days ago

    White guys talking about basketball?

  70. Pac

    Pac6 days ago

    PG Skills that's wild!

  71. PG Skills

    PG Skills6 days ago

    Almost as crazy as black guys talking about math, science, economics or birth control, amirite?

  72. Nick Triantaphillous

    Nick Triantaphillous6 days ago

    The Bucks are going to win

  73. Nitin Vunnam

    Nitin Vunnam6 days ago

    Rockets over T-Wolves Spurs over Warriors Blazers over Pelicans Thunder over Jazz Raptors over Wizards Bucks over Celtics 76ers over Heat Cavs over Pacers

  74. Ronnie TwoTymes

    Ronnie TwoTymes6 days ago

    If the OKC Don't Beat The Jazz I'm Be Like Wow

  75. Edgar SSENTONGO

    Edgar SSENTONGO6 days ago

    Houston vs cavs in finals 🔥🔥🔥

  76. Au Ninjamuffin

    Au Ninjamuffin6 days ago

    I'm liking that Trey is back at the table for this one

  77. Foss

    Foss6 days ago

    check out my James Harden Mix!

  78. David K

    David K6 days ago

    The homerism towards Raptors is unreal, fucking unprofessional. They favor Raptors on almost every episode...

  79. Qwerty 123

    Qwerty 1236 days ago

    GOLDEN STATE win the title. James Harden chokes the playoffs again.

  80. Kevin Hodges

    Kevin Hodges7 days ago

    Toronto is a city of excellence in the east and we are on a mission for our first ever championship!

  81. Little Saint Nick 25 LSN25CS

    Little Saint Nick 25 LSN25CS7 days ago

    I swear best show ever


    CHRISSUPER SONIC7 days ago

    S I X E R SIXERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  83. Basketball Fan

    Basketball Fan7 days ago

    Cavs Vs Bucks ECF

  84. ikato kiyazaki

    ikato kiyazaki7 days ago


  85. Atg5best How

    Atg5best How7 days ago

    A D the 🐐

  86. Darin Bicknell

    Darin Bicknell7 days ago

    Canadians are gravy snobs Leigh.

  87. Nathaniel Knight

    Nathaniel Knight7 days ago

    what are they talking about Butler and Wiggins? Harden will guard Gibson.

  88. King DoMingo

    King DoMingo7 days ago

    This is the most exciting the playoffs have been for me for a while

  89. Lou Loop

    Lou Loop7 days ago

    *TAS* *"THE* *TURD"* *MELAS* 👍😎👍🎂😂 🏀🔥

  90. JP AO

    JP AO7 days ago

    Lakers 4 life


    Luka DIMITRIJEVIĆ7 days ago

    Warriors gonna lose game1 at home and win the rest of the series 4-1

  92. Mark 2909

    Mark 29097 days ago

    Heat is going to beat cocky sixers and their new cancerous bandwagon fanbase

  93. The Boss

    The Boss7 days ago

    Mark 2909 u a fan?

  94. Chris Payne

    Chris Payne7 days ago

    Rockets in 4... Warriors in 5... Blazers in 5... Thunder in 6... Raptors in 7... Bucks in 6... Sixers in 6... Cavs in 4...

  95. Zakes

    Zakes7 days ago

    76ers vs Heat will be a beast series.

  96. Mark 2909

    Mark 29097 days ago

    There can only be one green🍀🍀🍀

  97. Chris Payne

    Chris Payne7 days ago


  98. William Olfindo

    William Olfindo7 days ago

    GSW will be surprised they'll be out in 1st round coz Kawhi will make a sudden appearance.

  99. Le Dess

    Le Dess7 days ago

    Where is the Hey hoooo from Trey ????

  100. Goran Zakula

    Goran Zakula7 days ago

    I agree with Tas, T-wolves are tired

  101. Miggy Esloyo

    Miggy Esloyo7 days ago

    MVP Drose, watch out

  102. Spunkzz Stryker

    Spunkzz Stryker7 days ago

    ROCKETS VS PHIL take that

  103. james bryan iglesia

    james bryan iglesia7 days ago


  104. jumpman 23

    jumpman 237 days ago

    I wouldn’t call it an upset because the bucks team has better players

  105. MockingjayPlay

    MockingjayPlay7 days ago

    why i cant register at this bracket challenge? im picking poland as my country, "registration from this country is not allowed" . x D then i pick usa and the same situation... some1 help me fix it?

  106. Gagan Chadha

    Gagan Chadha7 days ago

    Kawhi shocks everybody and makes it back in first round. Spurs in 5.

  107. Joel Schultz

    Joel Schultz7 days ago

    Kawhi is back though