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NBA 1st Team All-Defensive | Best Defensive Plays From Anthony Davis, Victor Oladipo + More


  1. Yumi Tokushige

    Yumi Tokushige8 days ago

    AD can get MVP next season.

  2. Ilan Castro

    Ilan Castro8 days ago

    Defense is what really matters it wins you championships

  3. Johnson: Mustang

    Johnson: Mustang17 days ago

    Imagine if Oladipo- 4 Holiday- 11 Covington- 33 Davis- 23 Gobert- 27 If you add those it's= 98 But if Oladipo- 4 George- 13 Covington- 33 Davis- 23 Gobert- 27 If you add thode it's= 100 Paul George > Jrue Holiday

  4. Triko Chavez

    Triko Chavez17 days ago

    apparently blocking shots is the only way you can be a good defender...why doesn't the nba ever show guys just playing lockdown D?

  5. Victor Pielago

    Victor Pielago20 days ago

    where is capella?

  6. Mariah Lin

    Mariah Lin21 day ago

    Lol Covington got selected over Draymond green? Hilarious. And Embiid got selected over Klay? Embiid can't even play a full season. What a big joke.

  7. Made Yudana

    Made Yudana23 days ago

    All Defensive 2nd Team Russell Westbrook Paul George Giannis Ante Thon Maker Joel Embiid

  8. Chapo Unate

    Chapo Unate27 days ago

    He just got Ad blocked

  9. Al-Bassam Malabi

    Al-Bassam Malabi28 days ago

    Victor Oladipo = fastbreak defender

  10. Rolan Reynacido

    Rolan Reynacido29 days ago

    All eliminated within two rounds.

  11. Buster

    BusterMonth ago

    0:18 we gonna act like nothing happened?

  12. the_only_jay

    the_only_jayMonth ago

    and Lillard's gonna get a layu---NO HE WON'T!!

  13. watchful news

    watchful newsMonth ago

    how come harden lebeon westbrook not on .......oh to hell with it i cant hold it in anymore we all no they like some lesbians on defense " they dont do dick"

  14. watchful news

    watchful newsMonth ago

    kd 4th in blocks and didnt make it bullshit, he also led golden state in rebounds

  15. JN Montages

    JN MontagesMonth ago

    TF IS MY BOY JRICH, workd his ass off this year defensively and ofensively and staright up balled out and gets no reward

  16. Nikko Mitchel

    Nikko MitchelMonth ago

    Where’s Capela ?🤔

  17. Jérémie Garzon

    Jérémie GarzonMonth ago

    Where is kawhi Leonard ? What a shame

  18. Doyoan

    DoyoanMonth ago


  19. Ty Budd

    Ty BuddMonth ago

    Wow Jrue made the list from Playoff performance hype only....

  20. Ty Budd

    Ty Budd26 days ago

    The "Best" 2-way guard in the league, I thought they gave that title to Klay?

  21. J Sparky

    J Sparky27 days ago


  22. J Sparky

    J Sparky27 days ago


  23. Joshua Virag

    Joshua Virag28 days ago

    He was the best at guarding drives to the basket as a guard it is a advanced stat so that justifies his nod.

  24. Francisco Silva

    Francisco SilvaMonth ago

    Ty Budd watch more basketball this was made before the playoffs and jrue is the best two-way guard in the league

  25. Trayveon Williams

    Trayveon WilliamsMonth ago

    Gtfoh, Covington over Paul George and Giannis, y’all out y’all damn minds

  26. Jeffrey Ndove

    Jeffrey NdoveMonth ago

    Weird how the Celtics have the best defense in the league but their players constantly get snubbed, past & present.. e.g Avery Bradley, Smart, Brown, Horford

  27. BiGxChuBs Tv

    BiGxChuBs TvMonth ago

    Pg cp3 giannis maybe kd

  28. lebum not top 10 best all time

    lebum not top 10 best all timeMonth ago

    lol, worst all defense first team ever! only davis is worth first team.

  29. TheTruth Abr

    TheTruth AbrMonth ago

    Embiid got snubbed

  30. Dennis Nedry

    Dennis NedryMonth ago

    No Love for big AL

  31. Aaron Opoku-Mainuh

    Aaron Opoku-MainuhMonth ago

    being biased, but i think a raptor should be there, preferably lowry. If your team is top 5 in defense and you lead the league in charges taken for ANOTHER year, and the advanced stats support it, he should be in the all defensive team

  32. Bobby Tsunami

    Bobby TsunamiMonth ago

    EMBiiD EMBiiD EmBiid

  33. Anthony Celestin

    Anthony CelestinMonth ago

    NBA needs to add defensive third team, theres too many great defenders getting snubbed, Durant, Klay Thompson, Giannis, Paul George

  34. Coby Handy

    Coby HandyMonth ago

    Lonzo got robbed like his brother Liangelo took it 😂

  35. TheRealYoshi

    TheRealYoshiMonth ago

    As a Pacers fan, I’m really happy we finally have someone going to one kind of All NBA team. Victor Oladipo was a thief this year!

  36. Blackman Whitesuit

    Blackman WhitesuitMonth ago

    Did the Pelicans somehow manage to have two All defensive 1st team players and still only be a mediocre team?

  37. Francisco Silva

    Francisco SilvaMonth ago

    Blackman Whitesuit A 6'4 sg was playing sf the whole year and they was 1 game off the 3rd seed watch more basketball asswipe also they were like second in assist and 1st in pace

  38. Mert Can

    Mert CanMonth ago


  39. Miguel Marrero

    Miguel MarreroMonth ago

    Where is josh richardson smh

  40. Lanky

    LankyMonth ago


  41. Dani George

    Dani GeorgeMonth ago

    How does PG not make a defensive team, he was second in the nba in steals and first in deflections

  42. Max Kellerman

    Max KellermanMonth ago

    smh lebron and harden got snubbed...

  43. Philippe Wakim

    Philippe WakimMonth ago

    Big AL? 😭

  44. TheKYRw

    TheKYRwMonth ago

    I would’ve put PG, lebron and KD before Covington

  45. Francisco Silva

    Francisco SilvaMonth ago

    TheKYRw LeBron doesn't play defense anymore

  46. I_AM_ LEGEND

    I_AM_ LEGENDMonth ago

  47. Levani Khoshtaria

    Levani KhoshtariaMonth ago

    Where is paul George?? Wtf

  48. MoD Gangsta_

    MoD Gangsta_Month ago

    dipo is one of my new favs cuz hes like dwade mah boi

  49. MoD Gangsta_

    MoD Gangsta_Month ago

    dipo is one of my new favs cuz hes like dwade mah boi

  50. Yonathan Febri

    Yonathan FebriMonth ago

    This team won't beat gsw

  51. Jason Tan

    Jason TanMonth ago

    Casuals be like where’s LeBron ? This list is trash




  53. Dark Limeking

    Dark LimekingMonth ago

    The fact that marcus smart isnt here is just disrespectful

  54. The Red Twizzler

    The Red TwizzlerMonth ago

    For all everyone saying Paul George was trash this year, he had a better defensive season than last season, and improved greatly as a shooter. You can't say he fell off because he averaged 2-3 points less when playing with Westbrook.

  55. wiley schmitt

    wiley schmittMonth ago

    Who makes the All NBA 'Worst' Defense Team?? Give me your starting 5.

  56. CarVie16

    CarVie16Month ago

    About time Robert Covington gets respect for his defense. Personally, I thought he should've been the 76er to be a DPOY candidate. No offense to Embiid, who is great on defense, but I always thought of Covington as the 6ers' best defender.

  57. Nick P.

    Nick P.Month ago

    Glad to see my man Jrue get some well deserved credit. Heart of the Pels!

  58. Lukas Perveneckas

    Lukas PerveneckasMonth ago

    Him, Oladipo and Murray finally getting recognition. Feels good man. Also Horford well deserved too.

  59. Sheen Estivez

    Sheen EstivezMonth ago


  60. Roger Jackson

    Roger JacksonMonth ago

    We all know Andre Roberson would've had it this year too

  61. Mazdaspeed Paul

    Mazdaspeed PaulMonth ago

    Wait where is Lebron? LOL! His not on the 1st or 2nd team. The GOAT conversation is officially over. Not even close

  62. kingmeat13

    kingmeat13Month ago

    Why was Dwight complaining about a goaltend?! V.O. literally smacked it out of his hand. Lillard travelled his ass off too! Lol

  63. Okla - Bama

    Okla - BamaMonth ago

    Why is everyone saying PG over RC what are you thinking PG should be beat out Murray on the 2nd team but out of Jrue, RC, Vic, Rudy, and AD I just cant give PG the nod, and I'm a Thunder fan

  64. Okla - Bama

    Okla - Bama28 days ago

    The Red Twizzler PG played SG for a good while when Andre went out

  65. Okla - Bama

    Okla - Bama28 days ago

    Roger Jackson he deserved it but he was injured they don’t like to give awards to injured players

  66. The Red Twizzler

    The Red TwizzlerMonth ago

    Thunder Nation He can't replace Murray. Murray is backcourt and PG is frontcourt.

  67. Roger Jackson

    Roger JacksonMonth ago

    If you're a thunder fan u should know Roberson should've had 2nd team

  68. SkaterHan

    SkaterHanMonth ago


  69. Damien Perez

    Damien PerezMonth ago


  70. Nathaniel Mangio

    Nathaniel MangioMonth ago

    Andre Roberson get snubbed men😢

  71. Nathaniel Mangio

    Nathaniel Mangio13 days ago

    Huawei Gr3 i agree men

  72. Huawei Gr3

    Huawei Gr314 days ago

    Hes the best defender in the league together with marcus smart, avery bradley, jrue holiday, AD, GOBERT

  73. Nathaniel Mangio

    Nathaniel MangioMonth ago

    CarVie16 yeah

  74. CarVie16

    CarVie16Month ago

    Ahem... Roberson missed most of the season with an injury.

  75. Yostin Jimenez

    Yostin JimenezMonth ago

    i wass sleeping on Covington

  76. Mag Suns

    Mag SunsMonth ago


  77. Crayvd

    CrayvdMonth ago

    Robert Covington over Durant? Oladipo over Paul George?

  78. Ken Bigs

    Ken Bigs21 day ago

    Crayvd Oladipo is in the SG slot... your gonna have to move Covington for KD or PG13 to make it... but fuck both of them

  79. Karl Pierre

    Karl PierreMonth ago

    zrhax collision has good defense the pacers backcourt in general is a good defending backcourt

  80. zrhax

    zrhaxMonth ago

    Crayvd Pg defense is not improved this year he plays more passive and being a shooter watch the real game oladipo defense is on plint his perimeter defense is really good since collison defense is bad oladipo usually defends the star pg and he can read the game really well thats why he gets so many steals

  81. Izaya Orihara

    Izaya OriharaMonth ago

    Crayvd Oladipo is waaaaay better than PG un defense...

  82. Shaun Mcdowell

    Shaun McdowellMonth ago

    Damn Oladipo really showing us how good he is this season

  83. Tylan Walker

    Tylan WalkerMonth ago

    Dude plays good defense, it’s just surprising.

  84. Tylan Walker

    Tylan WalkerMonth ago

    Robert Covington???🤦🏽‍♂️

  85. chunky9791

    chunky9791Month ago

    Tylan Walker That's my nigga. Can't score for shit, but makes a few Hustle plays here & there. Lemme guess should of been harden lmao right

  86. Ryan O'Donnell

    Ryan O'DonnellMonth ago

    Jrue holiday? Interesting

  87. W1ndy GRAAL

    W1ndy GRAALMonth ago

    Draymond Green, Chris Paul, Paul George, DeAndre Jordan and Clint Capela. That’s the real 1st team. None of them were in the 2nd.

  88. Mark Clint

    Mark ClintMonth ago

    draymond is

  89. CarVie16

    CarVie16Month ago

    The NBA panel decides the All-Defensive teams, not the fans. We can disagree all we want, but we have to accept the results.

  90. XD A_A

    XD A_AMonth ago

    W1ndy GRAAL ‘real first team’🤔. Wow 😮 what is real then? Are players you don’t like honoured by the award ‘fake’

  91. polesco

    polescoMonth ago

    Giannis got SNUBBED

  92. M K

    M KMonth ago

    Dremond green the most underrated defender he’s the reason the warriors are so good defensively and with him out they lost the finals

  93. Mohammad N

    Mohammad NMonth ago

    Lol I see LeBron is absent yet people dub him as the GOAT? How many defensive first teams did MJ make? Just saying

  94. HomeBound

    HomeBoundMonth ago


  95. Buster

    BusterMonth ago

    Oladipo? Damn

  96. wilson nash

    wilson nashMonth ago

    No giannas? Seriously?

  97. Johnny Sins

    Johnny SinsMonth ago

    Not a warriors fan but where’s draymond

  98. KpR333

    KpR333Month ago


  99. KpR333

    KpR333Month ago

    Angel H, I agree somewhat, but Capela had the better season statistically.

  100. Angel H

    Angel HMonth ago

    KpR333 gobert is better than Capela stop it lol

  101. DaRomeo

    DaRomeoMonth ago

    So Giannis and PG didn't beat out Covington???

  102. Christian Harrison

    Christian HarrisonMonth ago

    No PG13?? Bs

  103. Ryan Allen

    Ryan AllenMonth ago

    Why no starters episode?

  104. Nate Kenny

    Nate KennyMonth ago

    Lmao ya'll literally came up with 50 different players in this comment section saying they all got "robbed." Some of these suggestions are ludicrous. Good lord, it's a 5 man award.

  105. Nate Kenny

    Nate Kenny29 days ago

    User 01 I just took less than two minutes and counted 23 suggestions. My original comment wasnt an exaggeration.

  106. User 01

    User 0129 days ago

    Nate Kenny I'd say 99.999899% of them are Paul George and only like 2 total are someone else that only you read

  107. Xipen

    XipenMonth ago

    Smart got snubbed

  108. Austin Mayle

    Austin MayleMonth ago

    I can see they are already starting to get Oladipo back for the series versus LeBron being rigged.

  109. Andrew Asada

    Andrew AsadaMonth ago

    Rudy gobert sucks stephen curry got em leaning

  110. Ethan Walker

    Ethan WalkerMonth ago

    Andrew Asada yep he sucks thats why he’s on the all defensive 1st team

  111. Purpule and gold Lakers

    Purpule and gold LakersMonth ago


  112. Gary J

    Gary JMonth ago

    KD and PG got snubbed. Straight up.

  113. Jonathan Low

    Jonathan LowMonth ago

    Joe ingles got robbed

  114. Alex Hall

    Alex HallMonth ago

    The 2nd team is better than the first team how tf that happen

  115. Angel H

    Angel HMonth ago

    Alex Hall the fact that u think Horford is better defensively than Gobert or Draymond is better than Anthony Davis shows you don't watch games lol Gobert by himself stalled the entire thunder offense

  116. Alex Hall

    Alex HallMonth ago

    Paul Zechman relax ma’am

  117. Paul Zechman

    Paul ZechmanMonth ago

    Alex Hall such a dumb ass gets butthurt then says some else is classic bahaha

  118. Alex Hall

    Alex HallMonth ago

    Kozmo Colina yes just yes

  119. Alex Hall

    Alex HallMonth ago

    zrhax lol you didn’t watch “all the games” dont get butthurt by someones opinions that actually did watch EVERY game little girl.

  120. Kyota Tsushima

    Kyota TsushimaMonth ago


  121. Wyatt Gorringe

    Wyatt GorringeMonth ago

    Gobert DPOY

  122. Clamanttoast580 Gaming

    Clamanttoast580 GamingMonth ago

    PG ???

  123. philly_ sports

    philly_ sportsMonth ago

    Robert Covington may frustrate me a lot with his inconsistent shooting, but the guy completely deserves First Team. Y'all are too willing to give star scorers like PG defensive honors over the people who truly deserve it.

  124. Mark Clint

    Mark Clint27 days ago


  125. Mark Clint

    Mark Clint27 days ago


  126. Joshua Virag

    Joshua Virag28 days ago

    Check out the link I put and that is my argument the stats even the advanced stats don’t lie PG deserved a spot on a defensive team.

  127. Joshua Virag

    Joshua Virag28 days ago

  128. Joshua Virag

    Joshua Virag28 days ago

    PG #2 in steals PG tied number 1 with Convington for deflections per game while Paul George also scored 21.9 a game. That is great he played better than convington on defence and glaringly better on the offensive side of the ball.

  129. Oreo Bug

    Oreo BugMonth ago

    How was that not a foul at 3:59? He literally grabbed his arm mid air

  130. Anthony Nguyen

    Anthony NguyenMonth ago

    freal tho

  131. Cody Portela

    Cody PortelaMonth ago

    Josh richardson was slept on so heavy

  132. Mihael Crnjak

    Mihael CrnjakMonth ago

    Goberts block on whiteside was a goaltend lol

  133. oladipo Fan

    oladipo FanMonth ago

    O o oladipo

  134. Travis Roopnarine

    Travis RoopnarineMonth ago

    Paul George >>>>>> Robert Covington

  135. The Home Dipo

    The Home Dipo13 hours ago

    Travis Roopnarine no shit he’s the better player, but Covington’s the better defender - which is why he made first team all defense over PG

  136. Bro What Are You talking About

    Bro What Are You talking AboutMonth ago

    Naw kd should've been there

  137. Xipen

    XipenMonth ago

    Travis Roopnarine ikrv

  138. thekingbradable

    thekingbradableMonth ago

    I probably would have had KD on this list

  139. TheCurryKingGaming

    TheCurryKingGamingMonth ago

    embiid got robbed

  140. murder ville

    murder villeMonth ago

    TheCurryKingGaming he didn't really get robbed tho. Gobert and Anthony Davis deserve it more than him

  141. Jay Lee

    Jay LeeMonth ago

    Well AD, KD, PG, Draymond, are great choices but surprise surprise but somebody gotta get snubbed.

  142. Gamechanger 77

    Gamechanger 77Month ago

    So how tf Westbrook and Paul George ain’t make it?

  143. Eternal

    EternalMonth ago

    Westbrook? 😂😂😂😂😂. If they had 10 defensive teams I’m still not sure he’d make one.

  144. Bae Y nz

    Bae Y nzMonth ago

    curry's getting a lot of steals.Does that mean he's a great defender?

  145. Gamechanger 77

    Gamechanger 77Month ago

    zrhax actually if you remember he lead the league in steals and that lead to a bunch of fast break points

  146. Bae Y nz

    Bae Y nzMonth ago

    Westbrook wtf! FOH

  147. BiGxChuBs Tv

    BiGxChuBs TvMonth ago

    zrhax so rebounds means defense?

  148. Chris Schneckloth

    Chris SchnecklothMonth ago

    We not gone say anything about how the bucks VS 76ers game score was 27 to 60? That’s ridiculous! 4:13

  149. Jeff F

    Jeff FMonth ago

    Paul George 100% snubbed by Robert Covington