1. Cheese Face1663

    Cheese Face1663Month ago


  2. Cody Evenden

    Cody EvendenMonth ago

    You two are absolute couple goals! πŸ–€

  3. Markick Fyx

    Markick FyxMonth ago

    My eyes!

  4. Lexi DeClue

    Lexi DeClueMonth ago

    Whole case in one video 😊

  5. Lana T

    Lana T2 months ago

    you know dogman makes her smile just by being there

  6. Beautiful Creatures

    Beautiful Creatures2 months ago

    Bunny, I rewatched this video and have to say you can tell how happy and carefree you are in this video and that is what is missing in your new videos. You seem to be stressed out which is understandable but we all love you! Maybe have dogman on more videos? He seems to bring out a great side to you!

  7. Cierra Creek

    Cierra Creek2 months ago

    I love dogman

  8. Fiz Fiz

    Fiz Fiz3 months ago

    Love Andy bunnie

  9. SpankyStokes

    SpankyStokes3 months ago

    Really dig this channel... I recently started putting up videos more regularly on mine... check it out, we do more posts on Designer Toys! Also, I have a Dunny in the most recent Kidrobot series, it's the STROLL :-)

  10. Heyitsmeliv

    Heyitsmeliv3 months ago

    β€œMy eyesβ€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Leyah Juarez

    Leyah Juarez3 months ago

    Who else heard "here's Johnny" at 6:10

  12. JoFayeWalker Walker

    JoFayeWalker Walker3 months ago

    All at once!

  13. Male Siren Gamer

    Male Siren Gamer4 months ago

    noooo Mermaidman is supposed to look like Aquaman!!

  14. Jackie Thibodeaux

    Jackie Thibodeaux4 months ago

    You and dogman are honestly the sweetest couple πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  15. megalopolis2015

    megalopolis20154 months ago

    I love it when you guys dance and sing together. You could be unboxing, washing the car, or listening to Frank Sinatra on Vinyl, and y'all would still be wonderful.


    RILEY STROUD5 months ago

    I'm doing an art project on Andy warhol's painting of Marilyn Monroe

  17. E.J. Butler

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  18. Agustina Bazan

    Agustina Bazan5 months ago

    LOVEEEED THIS VIDEO!! U two together omg πŸ™Œ

  19. Sharell Anderson

    Sharell Anderson5 months ago

    I want to send a gift box but I need info pleasee

  20. cat scratch

    cat scratch5 months ago

    I love your video

  21. alyeexa yeeed

    alyeexa yeeed5 months ago

    Your eyes are so bluee

  22. Jessica Campbell

    Jessica Campbell6 months ago

    β€œFifteen finutes of mame” quote from Dogman

  23. Lutfiyya Timol

    Lutfiyya Timol6 months ago

    Hi Bunny.. Love your videos.. I've been watching tons of your unboxing videos.. they're so addictive! Just a suggestion.. Please could you show us a shot of all that you got from the relevant collections and show us from the box which you are missing.. I feel like that would give better closure to the unboxing.. Lotsa Love from South Africa!

  24. IloveSquishys! Meow

    IloveSquishys! Meow6 months ago

    I love your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. purplesstars

    purplesstars6 months ago

    I enjoyed watching you and Dog man together during the unboxing and taste testing. You both seem to genuinely love each other and having fun tooo. hugs from Canada

  26. Erin Tims

    Erin Tims6 months ago

    Do some more videos i❀❀❀you guys

  27. Allison VanCour

    Allison VanCour6 months ago

    Dogman is just so freaking calming

  28. Isabella Gore

    Isabella Gore6 months ago

    Bunny your eyes look so much bluer than usual

  29. SCreaMing aNIMationS

    SCreaMing aNIMationS6 months ago

    Hello me

  30. MonkeyNut 2007

    MonkeyNut 20076 months ago

    Idk why but I love bunny's eyes I bet she won't pin my comment

  31. Manuel Branco

    Manuel Branco6 months ago

    I'm hoping BUNNY dumps dogman & calls me πŸ€–πŸŽπŸ¨πŸ‡πŸ€–πŸ°πŸ¨πŸš€πŸ²πŸ—‘οΈπŸŽƒπŸ€–

  32. Teresa Enright

    Teresa Enright6 months ago

    These figures are the cutest

  33. kookies lamb skewers

    kookies lamb skewers6 months ago

    Their kids should be called puppy boy and gator girl lol πŸ˜‹

  34. Captcha Neon

    Captcha Neon7 months ago

    Whoever is responsible for making these Warhol Dunnies should be forced to change up their automation technique, getting too many repeats makes people want to stop buying them

  35. Random Ray

    Random Ray7 months ago

    I love how dogman was like "your very easy to please" and bunny just laughed an kinda nodded her head. I love vids with both of them sooooo cute πŸ•+πŸ‡=πŸ’‘πŸ™Œβ€β€πŸ’–

  36. Star Hopes

    Star Hopes7 months ago

    love when you and dogman do vids together and i so so am in love with your nails.

  37. Mia Granger

    Mia Granger7 months ago

    Dog man and Bunny

  38. Tamara Hodges

    Tamara Hodges7 months ago

    That was fun watching you both.

  39. Miranda Rowley

    Miranda Rowley7 months ago

    Whenever my boyfriend and I use one of the vending machines for little trinkets, we ALWAYS get the same one. Has happened all 3 times so far with a little dog, troll, and alien..must be a wavelength thing like you said πŸ˜‰

  40. kaiti rhea

    kaiti rhea7 months ago

    Where can I get some of these, bunny??? I'm a Warhol collector

  41. kez kezooie

    kez kezooie7 months ago

    These things would be so confusing in Australia. Over here, a dunny is an unsewered outhouse. The word is used a lot to describe any toilet nowadays, but it was originally a can or pit outside loo.

  42. Kori _DanceSlayer

    Kori _DanceSlayer7 months ago

    3:34 she says β€œ I feel so guilty for ruining these boxes β€œ as she throws it to the side

  43. Sam Nickolds

    Sam Nickolds8 months ago

    bunny has gorgeous eyes they are so blue

  44. kaleigh Nicole sharp

    kaleigh Nicole sharp8 months ago

    2 separate videos Love you either way!!!

  45. Francisco Jupiter

    Francisco Jupiter8 months ago

    0:12 ur cuteness will get me dead

  46. Sharon Wagner

    Sharon Wagner8 months ago

    Short long videos matters not your smile is wonderful

  47. niezdefiniowany

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    I just bought one πŸ™Š

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  49. Mercurial Pierrot

    Mercurial Pierrot9 months ago

    Let's be honest Warhol wasn't a great painter....he was good at making statements, but his painting was average at best.

  50. Lois Ann

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  51. LPSPaw Productions

    LPSPaw Productions9 months ago

    Who heard " here's Johnny!!" At 6:12?

  52. Sharon Clemons

    Sharon Clemons9 months ago

    Here's Jonny came up in the back ground lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  53. Meghan Deary

    Meghan Deary9 months ago

    Are your eyes that blue and if so they are pretty

  54. Cleo springs

    Cleo springs9 months ago

    5:03 andy or Gerard way?!

  55. Tia Cowan

    Tia Cowan10 months ago

    I have the Andy flowers on an eyeshadow palette xx

  56. Ronnie Donner

    Ronnie Donner10 months ago

    Bunny is interesting Too!!!!!!!!

  57. Tiffany Maxey

    Tiffany Maxey10 months ago

    You should do a garbage pail kids unboxing

  58. Im A Pickled Potato

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  59. Im A Pickled Potato

    Im A Pickled Potato10 months ago

    When Dogman looks at the camera it looks likes hes just thinking "please send help" . Not hating ur man ms bunny it was just a thought LOVE U BUNNY

  60. Undead Panda

    Undead Panda10 months ago

    Love it when dog man is in the videos too

  61. sneakyMCR Howlter

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  62. addison cooper

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    I love your hair bunny!❀️ Also who thinks Dogman and Bunny are a cute couple?❀️

  63. BlueEyedPanda

    BlueEyedPanda10 months ago

    I LOVED THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Maria Rodriguez

    Maria Rodriguez10 months ago

    dogman looks at you like hes enchanted by those beautiful call it love

  65. Katlynne Mitchell

    Katlynne Mitchell10 months ago

    Can we appreciate how Dogmann wasn't focusing the lense to show us the little figurines in the beginning, but he caught on to Bunny doing it. Good, man

  66. Sammy Jones

    Sammy Jones10 months ago

    In Australia, dunnies is slang for toilets... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was soo confused!

  67. Ryan Cullen

    Ryan Cullen10 months ago

    cool video

  68. My Style with Jack-ie

    My Style with Jack-ie10 months ago

    It is Funny that they are called Dunnies As I am from Australia and we called a toilets Dunnies.

  69. Megan Robinson

    Megan Robinson10 months ago

    Her eyes are so blue 😩 they so pretty!!!

  70. Panda_High 19_99

    Panda_High 19_9910 months ago

    You can have one each of all of the same ones

  71. Beth Kwiecinski

    Beth Kwiecinski10 months ago

    Dogman is so in love with Bunny and it's so beautiful

  72. dani m

    dani m10 months ago

    When is dogman gonna pop the question

  73. Denise Donaldson

    Denise Donaldson10 months ago

    Love these! They are awesome!

  74. Madeline johnson

    Madeline johnson10 months ago

    Dogman + Bunny = Dunny

  75. Unicorn Pizza

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    You should make your own merch

  76. time4gotten

    time4gotten10 months ago

    How did you get a hold of the entire set and how much did you spend?????

  77. Madeline Mae

    Madeline Mae10 months ago

    Bunny's eyes are soooooo beautiful!

  78. Abby Coomber

    Abby Coomber10 months ago

    Dogman is adorable. Like he needs to be protected. Aww

  79. Kiwi Kisses

    Kiwi Kisses10 months ago

    My best unboxing episode is when you're both do it together I think it's so fun and I love that you guys love each other it just a lot of fun to watch I hope you guys keep doing it!! ~Mina

  80. Madi Brand

    Madi Brand10 months ago

    Who heard β€œhere’s jhonnny” ??

  81. wiz

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  82. Anne Cocagne

    Anne Cocagne10 months ago

    I love it when you unbox all of them at once!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Lexie Armitage

    Lexie Armitage10 months ago

    You guys are crazy in tune with each other You two are awesome Thank you for another fantastic video

  84. Wingnut Official

    Wingnut Official10 months ago

    The Andy Dunnie is awesome! SFMoMA has a great collection of Warhol pieces. I just opened/posted a Series 2 box.... I wish I had as many as you. WOW! Following Back :)

  85. Odie Chan

    Odie Chan10 months ago

    SOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Ani Moffatt

    Ani Moffatt11 months ago

    Omg i love her do myfh

  87. Ani Moffatt

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  88. Ani Moffatt

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  89. Kendall Myer

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    Dogman seems so sweet

  90. Dumber than dumb Channel

    Dumber than dumb Channel11 months ago

    So, when's dog man gonna propose

  91. Jamie NJ87

    Jamie NJ8711 months ago

    Love your hunter s Thompson glasses Bunny!!!

  92. Marci Bratz

    Marci Bratz11 months ago

    Am i the only one who noticed the little orangey blinking light on the cabinet behind Bunny&Dogman, the one with the doll standing on it? Any ideas on WHAT THE HECK IT IS??

  93. Julia Elle

    Julia Elle11 months ago

    "Oh……me" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  94. Riana Gerada

    Riana Gerada11 months ago

    I like it when you continue with you vid

  95. Meg Timbrell

    Meg Timbrell11 months ago

    I like your make-up in this one !!

  96. Saramascara84

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    You guys are so stinkin' cute 😍

  97. Barbara Hermann

    Barbara Hermann11 months ago

    Dogman is so cool.

  98. Emily Harrison

    Emily Harrison11 months ago

    Does Dogman have heterochromia?

  99. Molly

    Molly11 months ago

    Emily Harrison I'm not sure, although there does look like there's is a slight difference.

  100. Evil Potato Cat

    Evil Potato Cat11 months ago

    Normaly scissors break tape but today tape breaks scissors

  101. Mara Cassidy

    Mara Cassidy11 months ago

    I go to a private school adn we have Warhol"s original flower prints hanging up in the school!

  102. Danimac

    Danimac11 months ago

    Dogman is so lovely especially that accent! πŸ‘ŒπŸ’™ sorry Bunny πŸ’ž I'm from the UK & just love the Texan accent x

  103. S Girl

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    I love dogman. He seems so chill.