1. Blackrose 29813

    Blackrose 29813Month ago

    You two are adorable. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Kelly Hood

    Kelly Hood2 months ago

    Bunny you look so freaking beautiful in this video! 😍 Your eyes are the most beautiful sparkling blue, they're really gorgeous! 💖

  3. Melonie Brown

    Melonie Brown2 months ago

    Gawd those are soooooo cute and you two are even cuter. Love all your videos ❤️😘

  4. Gwyn Plaine

    Gwyn Plaine3 months ago

    First time I've seen dogman .... heard him mentioned though!

  5. Sirina Heart

    Sirina Heart4 months ago

    Does the baby doll in the back creep anyone else out?

  6. Peace Love and Paws

    Peace Love and Paws5 months ago

    Mermaid man and barnacle boy!!! ❤️

  7. Brit Powers

    Brit Powers5 months ago

    I love you guys together soooo much!!!! You balance each other's energies

  8. ingriss ramirez

    ingriss ramirez6 months ago

    Dang Bunny looks absolutely gorgeous in this video

  9. Emily Dujinski

    Emily Dujinski6 months ago

    I love watching you open while cases Bunny it's so funny and relaxing

  10. Pink Cherries

    Pink Cherries7 months ago

    I love you two together. oh my gosh 😍

  11. Marian Cox

    Marian Cox8 months ago

    It seems like your opening videos with dog man you 2 always seem to open dups at the same time

  12. Ксения Рязанцева

    Ксения Рязанцева8 months ago

    Say him as Patrick no Spangbob his character silent sealife star in pants flowers, you are joyce be time

  13. spellbound enchantress

    spellbound enchantress8 months ago

    oh my goodness they are so cute together and so adorable awww

  14. Nina

    Nina8 months ago

    I need more dogman in the new graveyardgirl videos 😂😂

  15. Janae Hall

    Janae Hall9 months ago

    Whole case at once is much better.

  16. Ashley Hicks

    Ashley Hicks9 months ago

    Y'all are the cutest couple ever!! I love y'all soooooooo much!! Stay amazing & positive 😘 LOVE YOU BUNNY!!!!😍😘💖

  17. Patricia Pritchard

    Patricia Pritchard9 months ago

    Bunny you have the bluest eyes I have EVER seen......

  18. beachwriter8

    beachwriter89 months ago

    Love the braids. You look very pretty. When did you and dogman meet

  19. Cheeseface 1663

    Cheeseface 166310 months ago


  20. Cody Evenden

    Cody Evenden11 months ago

    You two are absolute couple goals! 🖤

  21. Markick Fyx

    Markick Fyx11 months ago

    My eyes!

  22. Lexi DeClue

    Lexi DeClue11 months ago

    Whole case in one video 😊

  23. Lana T

    Lana TYear ago

    you know dogman makes her smile just by being there

  24. Beautiful Creatures

    Beautiful CreaturesYear ago

    Bunny, I rewatched this video and have to say you can tell how happy and carefree you are in this video and that is what is missing in your new videos. You seem to be stressed out which is understandable but we all love you! Maybe have dogman on more videos? He seems to bring out a great side to you!

  25. Cierra Creek

    Cierra CreekYear ago

    I love dogman

  26. Fiz Fiz

    Fiz FizYear ago

    Love Andy bunnie

  27. SpankyStokes

    SpankyStokesYear ago

    Really dig this channel... I recently started putting up videos more regularly on mine... check it out, we do more posts on Designer Toys! Also, I have a Dunny in the most recent Kidrobot series, it's the STROLL :-)

  28. Heyitsmeliv

    HeyitsmelivYear ago

    “My eyes”😂😂

  29. Leyah Juarez

    Leyah JuarezYear ago

    Who else heard "here's Johnny" at 6:10

  30. JoFayeWalker Walker

    JoFayeWalker WalkerYear ago

    All at once!

  31. Handsome Witch

    Handsome WitchYear ago

    noooo Mermaidman is supposed to look like Aquaman!!

  32. Jackie Thibodeaux

    Jackie ThibodeauxYear ago

    You and dogman are honestly the sweetest couple 💕💕💕

  33. megalopolis2015

    megalopolis2015Year ago

    I love it when you guys dance and sing together. You could be unboxing, washing the car, or listening to Frank Sinatra on Vinyl, and y'all would still be wonderful.


    RILEY STROUDYear ago

    I'm doing an art project on Andy warhol's painting of Marilyn Monroe


    GACHAGURL XXYear ago


  36. Agustina Bazan

    Agustina BazanYear ago

    LOVEEEED THIS VIDEO!! U two together omg 🙌

  37. Sharell Anderson

    Sharell AndersonYear ago

    I want to send a gift box but I need info pleasee

  38. cat scratch

    cat scratchYear ago

    I love your video

  39. alyeexa yeeed

    alyeexa yeeedYear ago

    Your eyes are so bluee

  40. Jessica Campbell

    Jessica CampbellYear ago

    “Fifteen finutes of mame” quote from Dogman

  41. Lutfiyya Timol

    Lutfiyya TimolYear ago

    Hi Bunny.. Love your videos.. I've been watching tons of your unboxing videos.. they're so addictive! Just a suggestion.. Please could you show us a shot of all that you got from the relevant collections and show us from the box which you are missing.. I feel like that would give better closure to the unboxing.. Lotsa Love from South Africa!

  42. Okay Buddy

    Okay BuddyYear ago

    I love your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. purplesstars

    purplesstarsYear ago

    I enjoyed watching you and Dog man together during the unboxing and taste testing. You both seem to genuinely love each other and having fun tooo. hugs from Canada

  44. Erin Tims

    Erin TimsYear ago

    Do some more videos i❤❤❤you guys

  45. Allison VanCour

    Allison VanCourYear ago

    Dogman is just so freaking calming

  46. Isabella Gore

    Isabella GoreYear ago

    Bunny your eyes look so much bluer than usual

  47. SCreaMing aNIMationS

    SCreaMing aNIMationSYear ago

    Hello me

  48. Grace.D

    Grace.DYear ago

    Idk why but I love bunny's eyes I bet she won't pin my comment

  49. Manuel Branco

    Manuel BrancoYear ago

    I'm hoping BUNNY dumps dogman & calls me 🤖🐎🍨🐇🤖🐰🍨🚀🐲🗡️🎃🤖

  50. Teresa Enright

    Teresa EnrightYear ago

    These figures are the cutest