Mystery Flavor Oreo Cookies - Food Review


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekYear ago

    A first for the channel, a food review and a mystery to solve all in one!

  2. Fonzie B

    Fonzie BMonth ago

    Shut the fuck up why dont you go suck ur daddys dick. With your night and shinning armor lookin ass. #ur a joke #not impressed

  3. frog turtle

    frog turtleMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek I got the panic at nabisco joke

  4. Ryan Navin

    Ryan Navin3 months ago

    We are turning into a people that speaks into cameras instead of to each other and any countries that still value social relationships (like China) will eventually take us over without firing a shot by constantly undercutting us and slowly but surely taking over all of our big electronics companies. Then when they own the USA (because it is a corporation not a country mark my words) they will slaughter any worthless employees (unemployed and disabled) because the Chinese do not screw around. I fall into both those categories heh. I am an utterly worthless waste of space and a constant leech on society and if it wouldnt hurt my mother so much I would already be gone.

  5. Vato Loco

    Vato Loco3 months ago

    Hope you won

  6. D B

    D B4 months ago

    He doesn't understand what the word "frosting" means... it is not frosting

  7. Meg

    Meg19 hours ago

    I can finally realte to someone!

  8. The_Boss 365

    The_Boss 3656 days ago

    When you put that glass up to your face i want to fucking beat the shit out of you! You are so cringy and already have a face i wanna punch but some shit you do just does it 👊💫!!!!!!

  9. The_Boss 365

    The_Boss 3656 days ago

    Damn get to the god damn fucking POINT!! why do i still watch your channel!?!?! all i wanna see is the fucking reveiw!!

  10. SmileWhenYourAngryNotWhenYourHappy

    SmileWhenYourAngryNotWhenYourHappy7 days ago

    *Plot twist:* -It's just a normal Oreo-

  11. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams7 days ago


  12. Raymond Johansen

    Raymond Johansen8 days ago

    Oreos will always have a place in my heart. Childhood favorite

  13. TJC xoxo

    TJC xoxo8 days ago

    Sheldon Cooper .. is that u ?

  14. D M

    D M9 days ago

    This guy looks like Draco Malloy but with red hair

  15. MrJoelDee

    MrJoelDee13 days ago

    Lol! Panic At Nabisco.......I got the reference.

  16. six eyes

    six eyes15 days ago


  17. Jamie iguess

    Jamie iguess17 days ago

    panic at nabisco

  18. Ramen117

    Ramen11718 days ago

    "You ever have a breakfast?......Me too."

  19. Bleiu Rownen

    Bleiu Rownen18 days ago

    Bergamot is a variety of orange that is often grown in Italy and France. Its what they add to make Earl Gray tea. Earl Gray tea taste like Fruity Pebbles which makes me laugh because I think of some sophisticated lady or gentleman sipping some tea that taste like Fruity Pebbles. I wonder if anyone guessed Bergamot. Hmm

  20. Katsuki Ace

    Katsuki Ace18 days ago

    *is it just me or is it like he's staring into my soul?*

  21. MrGameAZ

    MrGameAZ19 days ago

    Do a late night show PLS.. lol

  22. troll girl

    troll girl20 days ago

    I would let him lick my frosting off😍😍😍💖💖hottie

  23. No No

    No No12 days ago

    Stop sexually harassing.

  24. Matthew Clakley

    Matthew Clakley23 days ago

    5:11 It's unsettling that he seems to "remember" when they found the terracotta army considering it was discovered in 1974. HOW OLD IS THIS MAN?!

  25. Ferrari Hodler

    Ferrari Hodler24 days ago

    YOU are a unique one! I love this channel with all my heart!!

  26. Grace Trombly

    Grace Trombly26 days ago

    this kid looks like a villain from a video game

  27. XxMrZhaskxX Mobile Legend Player

    XxMrZhaskxX Mobile Legend Player27 days ago

    I Came Here Cuz of the Meme

  28. newbie noob 341 0381

    newbie noob 341 038127 days ago

    My ass hurts now

  29. 《REÐJIVE》

    《REÐJIVE》28 days ago

    My disappointment is immeasurable...and my day is ruined

  30. SkyTech RTS

    SkyTech RTSMonth ago


  31. Nolan Brooks

    Nolan BrooksMonth ago

    You ever have a breakfast? Me too.

  32. system of gaming

    system of gamingMonth ago

    😂😂i got the joke panic at the disco lol

  33. Vuitton Teng

    Vuitton TengMonth ago

    I love how he say "This is running on empty, Food Review!"


    METALSOFTMonth ago


  35. matt_ dalziel

    matt_ dalzielMonth ago

    He made oreos extremely popular again lmao

  36. Garth Marenghi

    Garth MarenghiMonth ago

    Oh we got the joke!

  37. Dark strider

    Dark striderMonth ago

    Panic at nabisco and refers to Oreos as terra cotta warriors my life has been made

  38. tristoneasymoney

    tristoneasymoneyMonth ago

    am i the only one who got a panic at the disco ad

  39. HamptonCollabs

    HamptonCollabsMonth ago

    Mr. Christie doesn’t make them anymore?

  40. Nano Teck

    Nano TeckMonth ago


  41. no no

    no noMonth ago

    "They haven't been relevant in many years" damn reviewbrah chill

  42. Eillott Torre

    Eillott TorreMonth ago

    Panic! At Nabisco review, featuring their hit album: A flavor you can't figure out. (...But it's better if you do)

  43. Gabby Zelazny

    Gabby ZelaznyMonth ago

    The fact that he's reviewing Oreos in a suit is just beyond beautiful😂

  44. Gabby Zelazny

    Gabby ZelaznyMonth ago

    panic at nabisco🤙🏼

  45. Kung Chet

    Kung ChetMonth ago


  46. Mihau

    MihauMonth ago


  47. Kofú

    KofúMonth ago

    Hasnt been relevant?? Where i live everybody eats oreos everyday

  48. Liz W

    Liz WMonth ago

    I wish I could meet you reviewbrah.

  49. Shane Brouwer

    Shane BrouwerMonth ago

    I chime in with a Haven't you ever heard of eating the goddamn biscuit?

  50. Andre Perez

    Andre PerezMonth ago

    4:36 I know why you’re here

  51. Lowkey_ Loki

    Lowkey_ LokiMonth ago


  52. tessa nd

    tessa ndMonth ago


  53. i toughguyjk

    i toughguyjkMonth ago

    Alex trimboli

  54. Zero W

    Zero WMonth ago

    panic! at nabisco

  55. alexandra wizda

    alexandra wizdaMonth ago

    who came here from wiicity

  56. happyyy go luck

    happyyy go luckMonth ago

    They taste like fruity pebbles

  57. Adrian Time

    Adrian TimeMonth ago

    Who else is here from the meme of Panic at Nabisco

  58. Taya Short

    Taya ShortMonth ago

    I don’t think I can finish this

  59. Brother Möth

    Brother MöthMonth ago

    Am i the only one who cane here from wiicity?

  60. Keith IJAYA

    Keith IJAYAMonth ago


  61. Vanessa Hufen

    Vanessa HufenMonth ago

    Who else is here because of the insta pic

  62. Ernesto Aguillon

    Ernesto AguillonMonth ago

    4:36 😂🤣 you’re actually iconic

  63. lameemo

    lameemoMonth ago

    I never realized an old jewish man transformed into a teenage american boy could be so entertaining

  64. Sam W

    Sam WMonth ago

    Why are his fingernails so long

  65. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekMonth ago

    My response:

  66. Juan Carlos Prada

    Juan Carlos PradaMonth ago

    Because he simply likes them that way. He made a video about it.

  67. TheGrayBear

    TheGrayBearMonth ago

    Who's here from Panic at Nabisco meme?

  68. Rose Bailey

    Rose BaileyMonth ago

    i feel too illiterate to watch this

  69. Olly Sings For You

    Olly Sings For YouMonth ago


  70. Olly Sings For You

    Olly Sings For YouMonth ago


  71. nestoro m

    nestoro mMonth ago

    Panic At Nabisco @ 4:33

  72. Belta21 21

    Belta21 21Month ago

    You are one of the weirdest looking motherfukas I ever seen are you even real are you alien you look like an alien is MReporter even real? Wtf

  73. 90302870ep

    90302870epMonth ago

    Umm. Oreo in 2018 is still the #1 preferred “cookie” in the US

  74. Life Lessons From The Dark Lord

    Life Lessons From The Dark LordMonth ago

    You make my heart melt

  75. Vitaliy Momotok

    Vitaliy MomotokMonth ago

    Can you make Panic at Nabisco T-shirt’s? I would like to buy one.

  76. Intergalactic Jumbo

    Intergalactic JumboMonth ago

    *I think there was a band called Panic! At Nabisco* 🤣🤣

  77. James C

    James CMonth ago

    The sauce

  78. Citlali

    CitlaliMonth ago

    Hello everyone this is running on empty food review well hello everyone this is a unique one

  79. Ariana Milliren

    Ariana MillirenMonth ago

    Panic at Nabisco..... 😂😂😂

  80. Oui monsieur yo soy de rancho

    Oui monsieur yo soy de ranchoMonth ago

    Daddy quit turning me on I’m losing too much liquid 💦😩👌

  81. kye

    kyeMonth ago

    hi you’re so cute

  82. Brooke Sweets

    Brooke SweetsMonth ago


  83. Ryan O.

    Ryan O.Month ago

    grape juice boys

  84. Jack Walsh

    Jack WalshMonth ago

    Looks like Stewie from family guy

  85. nursejoji

    nursejojiMonth ago


  86. LLReview

    LLReviewMonth ago

    My friend Carlos works at the Oreo factory they call him Hispanic at Nabisco

  87. Aditya Pramanik

    Aditya PramanikMonth ago

    You Look Like a Monkey 😂😂😂😂😂 stupid 😹😹👹👹👹👹👹👹👺😈😈😈😈

  88. noemie rara

    noemie raraMonth ago

    *Man, it doesn’t exist in Canada* 😭

  89. Lexi Bug81004

    Lexi Bug81004Month ago

    PANIC AT NABISCO!!!!! 😂 I’m done 😂💀

  90. Josephine Luna

    Josephine LunaMonth ago

    Panic at Nabisco :

  91. GoldenJakob 777

    GoldenJakob 777Month ago

    You thought nobody got that joke? SO MANY DID

  92. Randy Buxsel

    Randy BuxselMonth ago


  93. Mysteerio88

    Mysteerio88Month ago

    You were right


    BLACKFYREMonth ago

    Damn he really destroyed Oreos

  95. Hudson Music

    Hudson MusicMonth ago

    M Y S T E R Y

  96. connor. parry

    connor. parryMonth ago

    4:32 you're welcome

  97. brendon's lavender hoodie

    brendon's lavender hoodieMonth ago

    thank you

  98. Chelsea Jones

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  99. Extra Classy

    Extra ClassyMonth ago

    Did anyone else get an Oreo ad?

  100. Bo Korth

    Bo KorthMonth ago

    liked and sub for the panic! at nabisco joke

  101. JRH in K Town

    JRH in K TownMonth ago

    Can u review a peanut butter sandwich

  102. Zander Haug

    Zander HaugMonth ago

    Well ill be damned

  103. Mayank Thakare

    Mayank ThakareMonth ago

    The intro is something I come here everyday

  104. cool

    coolMonth ago

    When you can't buy anything other than Oreos

  105. Matthew Nelson

    Matthew NelsonMonth ago

    i thought mystery flavor was just left overs from all of the flavors mixed together

  106. Jay Bee

    Jay BeeMonth ago

    who else got a panic at the disco ad while watching this video LMAO

  107. Kashaku3

    Kashaku3Month ago

    I try to imagine this man talking to women

  108. U563 Rick

    U563 RickMonth ago

    His humor is spot on in this video, kills it 🤣😂😂 dying

  109. Michael T

    Michael TMonth ago

    Is this guy aware of how much love we actually have for him? He’s almost proof that god exists.