Mystery Flavor Oreo Cookies - Food Review


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekYear ago

    A first for the channel, a food review and a mystery to solve all in one!

  2. Ree Tard

    Ree Tard3 months ago

    Did you just make a joke?

  3. Nyla Vox

    Nyla Vox4 months ago

    Your channel is an addiction~ ✨🤗✨

  4. Fonzie B

    Fonzie B9 months ago

    Shut the fuck up why dont you go suck ur daddys dick. With your night and shinning armor lookin ass. #ur a joke #not impressed

  5. frog turtle

    frog turtle9 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek I got the panic at nabisco joke

  6. Ryan Navin

    Ryan Navin10 months ago

    We are turning into a people that speaks into cameras instead of to each other and any countries that still value social relationships (like China) will eventually take us over without firing a shot by constantly undercutting us and slowly but surely taking over all of our big electronics companies. Then when they own the USA (because it is a corporation not a country mark my words) they will slaughter any worthless employees (unemployed and disabled) because the Chinese do not screw around. I fall into both those categories heh. I am an utterly worthless waste of space and a constant leech on society and if it wouldnt hurt my mother so much I would already be gone.

  7. Aundrea Davis

    Aundrea Davis4 days ago

    c r é m e

  8. Cygnus Floyd

    Cygnus Floyd9 days ago

    Why in the hell would I buy a cookie without knowing what it tastes like?

  9. Sage Deltenre

    Sage Deltenre13 days ago

    You ever have a breakfast? Me too........................ a while go I’ve had a fruity pebbles.

  10. Johnny Limpet

    Johnny Limpet13 days ago

    "You ever had a breakfast?.... me too."

  11. Johnny Limpet

    Johnny Limpet13 days ago

    Panic at Nabisco is my favorite band.

  12. Metro Tom

    Metro Tom14 days ago

    Did he get the money?

  13. Jax LaPoint

    Jax LaPoint16 days ago

    Trader Joes rip off oreos are soooooooooooo much better than the normal ones

  14. Haemi Joe

    Haemi Joe16 days ago

    Someone once said "guess the flavor" he said it was a mystery, I was blind folded, then he shoved something mysterious in my mouth. It tasted like salty fishy bitterish. Turns out it was dick

  15. Elite Patriotix

    Elite Patriotix24 days ago

    *ooh look sticky white stuff flavor*

  16. karawik

    karawik28 days ago

    Mark my words we will get to the bottom of this

  17. ZeoDyce

    ZeoDyce29 days ago

    "So what do we do?" Go to reviewbrah.

  18. Two Dubz

    Two DubzMonth ago

    Panic at Nabisco 🤣🤣🤣

  19. TehHotline

    TehHotlineMonth ago

    The lord plays our foolish games for his own enjoyment

  20. Adam Pezzutti

    Adam PezzuttiMonth ago

    Panic and Nabisco. Took me a year to get it but alright.

  21. Thuy T

    Thuy TMonth ago

    Each time he threw down the cookie side the Earth shook

  22. Thomas Bangalter

    Thomas BangalterMonth ago

    *_6:20_**_ Had me fucking dead holy shit haah_*

  23. jelloshotyler

    jelloshotylerMonth ago

    " i think theres a band called panic! at nabisco " i can't breathe btw


    SIXPACFISHMonth ago

    Oreo's are now 100% made in Mexico. If you want the machinery that is used to make your food to be washed with Polluted Mexican Water, that will give you Montezuma's Revenge or worse. Then just eat these Oreos and suffer the consequences.

  25. SpicyRice

    SpicyRiceMonth ago

    I have a feeling ReportoftheWeek’s never had a mystery flavor DumDum

  26. Angel Velasquez

    Angel VelasquezMonth ago

    he looks a bit angry at the beggining.

  27. Alex Eski

    Alex EskiMonth ago

    Panic at Nabisco! lol...

  28. SJH

    SJHMonth ago

    reviewbrah is the Bob Ross of food reviews

  29. xela is gay

    xela is gayMonth ago


  30. 322msg

    322msgMonth ago

    For anyone wondering about what the results of the contest...The flavor was indeed Fruity Pebbles.

  31. Phil MaGroin

    Phil MaGroinMonth ago

    When I first saw these it obviously reminded me of the mystery air heads, which like always fucking taste like watermelon. And it made me think of watermelon Oreos. I never tried them.

  32. cheesy cheese_60

    cheesy cheese_602 months ago

    You look happy with that thing

  33. Basketcase642

    Basketcase6422 months ago

    You might call it fruit punch, or could be jackfruit

  34. Jon Mattingly

    Jon Mattingly2 months ago

    Earned my thumb for the panic at nabisco line.

  35. Knight Sir Beanstrom The Second

    Knight Sir Beanstrom The Second2 months ago

    When he said Mystery I shuddered

  36. Blu3Jay ツ

    Blu3Jay ツ2 months ago

    Drinks water out of a wine glass, wearing a suit, combed back hair.... taste testing Oreos?

  37. Sick best Dead man

    Sick best Dead man2 months ago

    Panic at the nbissco haha! 👑👈🏽

  38. Rahul Kumar

    Rahul Kumar2 months ago

    Ur the biggest mf

  39. Evangeline Carroll

    Evangeline Carroll2 months ago

    You look like a McDonald’s French fry that has been forever lost in the bottom of the oil fryer.

  40. not my main account

    not my main account2 months ago

    I thought the same thing! Somehow my mother said it was mint.......

  41. Andrew Tiiu

    Andrew Tiiu2 months ago


  42. Tori White

    Tori White2 months ago

    mmm oreo sauce

  43. Kaddy B

    Kaddy B2 months ago

    Panic at Nabisco. Takes me back

  44. Kay Kay

    Kay Kay2 months ago

    I don’t ever try different kinds of Oreos idk I’m just not a mega fan but the birthday cake one is freaking good.

  45. Laguera Itiswhatitis

    Laguera Itiswhatitis2 months ago

    You have so much natural beauty. 🌈

  46. Uniform13

    Uniform133 months ago

    Yes, original Oreo is best, the new chocolate filled is also good. The thin and double stuff are both a bad ratio, and the other flavors are gross. Also I had a gf that tasted of fruity pebbles...

  47. VideoJames

    VideoJames3 months ago

    "Panic at Nabisco" got me.

  48. grizzlehatchet1

    grizzlehatchet13 months ago

    Ive never seen someone CHEW frosting before lol... Must be thick!

  49. Sock Piano

    Sock Piano3 months ago

    Fine I'll subscribe

  50. Vibercib

    Vibercib3 months ago


  51. Chodie Doinks

    Chodie Doinks4 months ago

    F0000D Review

  52. ii rxainy

    ii rxainy4 months ago

    *panic at nabisco* 💛💙💛

  53. J. Pazb

    J. Pazb4 months ago

    Breaking character @4:38 lol

  54. Bryan Rodriguez

    Bryan Rodriguez4 months ago

    This nigga on LSD!!!!

  55. DarkEnd

    DarkEnd4 months ago

    Sexy albino rat