Mystery Flavor Oreo Cookies - Food Review


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek11 months ago

    A first for the channel, a food review and a mystery to solve all in one!

  2. Ryan Navin

    Ryan NavinMonth ago

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  3. Jonothon Hills

    Jonothon HillsMonth ago

    Hope you won

  4. D B

    D B2 months ago

    He doesn't understand what the word "frosting" means... it is not frosting

  5. Honday Crew

    Honday Crew4 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek thank you for making this video always be acting the other people's videos to see if they are worthy enough to get on one of my playlist and yours are the best videos I've ever seen you're the one who inspired me to make my food reviews playlist

  6. Honday Crew

    Honday Crew4 months ago

    You called him hot AF I only like his eyes

  7. bread

    bread4 hours ago

    *the way he smirks after he makes the p!atd joke i swear to god i love him so much*

  8. Christopher Applegate

    Christopher ApplegateDay ago

    This dude is weird, he’s to smart and probably has no friends

  9. Christopher Applegate

    Christopher ApplegateDay ago

    I’m a dick food review

  10. Maria MM

    Maria MMDay ago

    Beg your pardon sir, oreos have always been relevant to me

  11. Ben Metal

    Ben Metal2 days ago

    I tried those, they suck.

  12. moonbeamskies

    moonbeamskies2 days ago

    Good Lord, I would have hoped for a nice minty flavor to compliment the chocolate cookies. Not Fruity Pebbles.

  13. SinfullySexySwede !

    SinfullySexySwede !2 days ago

    WHY. DO. I. LOVE. HIM. SO. MUCH? #CallMeBoo 😘

  14. Skull 1276

    Skull 12762 days ago

    Riddle Me This.

  15. michael

    michael3 days ago



    AARON PLAYS3 days ago

    i love your channel man

  17. Apoc

    Apoc3 days ago


  18. your_homeboy

    your_homeboy3 days ago

    wow look at those pupils, molly?

  19. Dood Bro

    Dood Bro4 days ago

    It’s a rare joker ReviewBrah

  20. MX

    MX6 days ago

    Okay so my cat was meowing like crazy next to me and while watching this video to about 5 minutes she actually laidback and drifted to sleep. His voice is so calming even my cat likes it. I'm not lying

  21. DeAnna Juan

    DeAnna Juan11 days ago


  22. lil ointment

    lil ointment11 days ago

    no offense but I would give my life for you

  23. Maximillian

    Maximillian12 days ago

    heres how i think its rigged. it says "for a chance to win" emphasis on CHANCE. sounds like if you win they give you a 2nd thing you have to do and thats your "chance"

  24. should i get it

    should i get it15 days ago

    I don't knew what you are on about. Everyone loves Oreos. I get them all the time in all flavors.

  25. I'm just a human jk I'm from Mars

    I'm just a human jk I'm from Mars15 days ago

    He turns me on God

  26. APotatoGuy LikesDogs

    APotatoGuy LikesDogs17 days ago

    That’s a nice glass

  27. APotatoGuy LikesDogs

    APotatoGuy LikesDogs17 days ago

    Best unboxing video

  28. APotatoGuy LikesDogs

    APotatoGuy LikesDogs17 days ago

    Firsts it’s spam now it’s mystery

  29. APotatoGuy LikesDogs

    APotatoGuy LikesDogs17 days ago

    U never know what you’ll get

  30. I waited 2 years to change my name to this

    I waited 2 years to change my name to this22 days ago

    You made me buy oreos now..

  31. Chuck Alpha Foxtrot

    Chuck Alpha Foxtrot23 days ago

    Thia is one of the funniest guys on MReporter.

  32. C S

    C S25 days ago

    Fruity Pebbles might be the best nickname ever!

  33. lazer Lizard

    lazer Lizard25 days ago

    He should run for 2020 president

  34. The Cubestrr

    The Cubestrr27 days ago

    panic! at the disco isn’t THAT underground

  35. Julian Rain

    Julian RainMonth ago

    Damn those Shnoozleberries

  36. LambSauce

    LambSauceMonth ago

    I was eating double stuffed oreos while watching this..

  37. CDrummer Gaming

    CDrummer GamingMonth ago

    At 7:32 he was about to use the force, but then he remembered that he was on camera.

  38. Patrick Schwerdtfeger

    Patrick SchwerdtfegerMonth ago

    Yo, I haven't laughed this hard since Nixon.

  39. Isaak McDonald

    Isaak McDonaldMonth ago

    You ever have a to

  40. onthe edge

    onthe edgeMonth ago

    Dude hot ones would be amazing!

  41. Justin Morse

    Justin MorseMonth ago

    Review Brah’s burns sting harder than a disappointed grandmas scolding. It’s a slow burn, filled with core destroying truth, enough to tear a man down and build him back up into pure steel.

  42. Archie Simmons

    Archie SimmonsMonth ago


  43. amelia syfy

    amelia syfyMonth ago

    so organised and classy like a 60's talk show idk

  44. Hugh g. rection

    Hugh g. rectionMonth ago

    "hello everyone this is running on empty food review"

  45. Wannabe Animator

    Wannabe AnimatorMonth ago

    Oreo is a rip off brand, can't remember the original brand but it is...

  46. P40Gaming

    P40GamingMonth ago

    You _really_ struggled to eat that first full cookie my friend

  47. Robert Fraire

    Robert FraireMonth ago

    Well in 2016 people were talking about Swedish fish Oreos

  48. The Crap Channel

    The Crap ChannelMonth ago

    I got a Cheez-it ad for this video...

  49. 0öF L0rD

    0öF L0rDMonth ago

    Panic at the disco oh hell yeah

  50. Stephen Irving

    Stephen Irving2 months ago

    I got the jokes reviewbrah, I got em

  51. April Mae

    April Mae2 months ago

    If you've watched enough of the Frazer TV shows you may remember the competition between Frazer & his brother Niles for the coveted title of Cork Master, and the judges tricked them up with a blend of Two Napa valley wines in one. So Oreo's could be doing the same thing here with 2 tastes in one?

  52. William B.

    William B.2 months ago

    Compares Oreos to the terracotta warriors

  53. Cameron Norris

    Cameron Norris2 months ago

    I don't know why but his eyes stick out about an inch

  54. Roscoe the Whale

    Roscoe the Whale2 months ago

    The Panic at Nabisco joke was so good that he couldn't even hold back his own laughter.

  55. The Great Hawk

    The Great Hawk2 months ago

    *YEW* *BEAK* *QUIT* *ISS*

  56. Anthony Gaudreau

    Anthony Gaudreau2 months ago

    Panic at the disco Haha that joke 😅

  57. xgetxsickx

    xgetxsickx2 months ago

    Reminds me of a young Jeff goldblum.

  58. Chris M

    Chris M2 months ago

    Mystery Flavor? More like Mysery Flavor! I tried these a few months ago. They were GODAWFUL!!! I'm not exaggerating, they were terrible! I could only eat a couple and then had to put the rest aside. Fruity Pebbles? Ha! Must have been thought up by some fruitcake of a Nabisco employee. And "ubeequitous" (2:22)? Hilarious! I laughed out loud! Also, Schnoozleberry (10:14)? Yeah, THAT would sell cookies! Good one. Sounds like something Dr. Seuss would have come up with. Oreos don't "get your hopes up" (11:10)? You should try their new flavor (for spring/summer 2018), Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. A two-toned creme (chocolate & peanut butter) inside two graham cracker cookies. Not bad at all! Almost as good as their (limited edition & now sadly discontinued) Mocha Oreos. Now, THEY were GOOD!

  59. The Hurri-Fan

    The Hurri-Fan3 months ago

    Funny you nailed the flavor.

  60. Forex_Shark

    Forex_Shark3 months ago

    chews a quarter gram of frosting for 90 seconds

  61. Forex_Shark

    Forex_Shark3 months ago

    I'd like to take his cookie and fill it with mystery creme..

  62. RandomAssGuy

    RandomAssGuy3 months ago

    This is my favorite ever review on your channel

  63. God Howard

    God Howard3 months ago

    Fewd revew

  64. D Johnson

    D Johnson3 months ago

    If they ever move production back to America, I will be interested in oreo again.

  65. joe47771

    joe477713 months ago

    you only get a CHANCE to win among correct entries

  66. joe47771

    joe477713 months ago

    Sherlock Scooby is on the case in the Mystery Van

  67. joe47771

    joe477713 months ago

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and everyone watching.

  68. allnamesaretakenb4

    allnamesaretakenb43 months ago

    Going for 3x stuffed to 1/4 stuffed? He cray

  69. Travis K

    Travis K3 months ago

    Hydrox gets no love.

  70. Joebno Gaming

    Joebno Gaming3 months ago

    His nails.

  71. Jack Son

    Jack Son3 months ago

    I believe Post owns the Pebbles cereals.

  72. suckmydickorgtfo

    suckmydickorgtfo3 months ago

    I think you are mistaken, sir. A study on mice showed that there were two substances that showed the most chemical dependent behavior. Cocaine and oreo cookie creme. Oreo could only sell oreo classic and still make money. They just get bored with their marketing while the cookies sell themselves. Oreo has money to spend.

  73. Arzeal Metante

    Arzeal Metante3 months ago

    I Write Sins Not Oreo Cookies

  74. Moms Spagheddi

    Moms Spagheddi3 months ago

    S H N O O Z L E B E R R Y *_S N O O Z L E_*

  75. Moms Spagheddi

    Moms Spagheddi3 months ago

    „Sherlock Holmes and ScoobiDoo combined“ i love reviewbrah

  76. Victoria Ruiz

    Victoria Ruiz3 months ago

    I think I’m in love with you

  77. EddBoy

    EddBoy3 months ago

    Look at how efficiently he bit the frosting off... this man truly is above us

  78. Magicgirlamy

    Magicgirlamy3 months ago

    "You ever have a breakfast... me too" That was brilliant. lol

  79. Victorian Jordan Peterson

    Victorian Jordan Peterson3 months ago

    666 dislikes

  80. Dan

    Dan3 months ago

    Have you ever had a breakfast? Me too

  81. Shek Angie

    Shek Angie3 months ago

    panic! at nabisco 😭😭😭😭😭

  82. DooMMasteR

    DooMMasteR3 months ago

    Fun fact: Oreos do NOT contain chocolate :-P at least not the generic ones.

  83. Gary Grandy

    Gary Grandy3 months ago

    I think you have to guess the right food additives

  84. Random Guy

    Random Guy3 months ago

    I gotcha 4:40

  85. TheDaninreallife

    TheDaninreallife3 months ago

    coke nails...

  86. MilkCap

    MilkCap3 months ago

    This is new to me.

  87. Freddy Burger

    Freddy Burger3 months ago

    You ever have ub-ub-ub- a breakfast?... ...Me too.

  88. MrSpqr84

    MrSpqr843 months ago

    I love shnoozulberry!

  89. Carson Marshall

    Carson Marshall3 months ago

    You ever had a breakfast, me too

  90. Non Descript

    Non Descript3 months ago

    Reviewbrah did nothing wrong

  91. Gentry The Geek

    Gentry The Geek3 months ago

    Panic At Nabisco. I just...I don't even...just.......has Brendon seen this? What would Brendon say to this.

  92. Chug Tug

    Chug Tug3 months ago

    Some may say he looks like a rat, reptile, or amphibian. BUT I believe he look very nice and proper. He is the type of fella to not wear too much cologne.

  93. CL1M4T3 GHOST

    CL1M4T3 GHOST3 months ago

    Panic! At Nibisco😂

  94. Coloury Fun times

    Coloury Fun times3 months ago

    Why is he wearing a suit

  95. Coloury Fun times

    Coloury Fun times3 months ago

    He looks like a girl

  96. Coloury Fun times

    Coloury Fun times3 months ago

    His hair is terrible

  97. Coloury Fun times

    Coloury Fun times3 months ago

    He looks like an albeno rat

  98. Coloury Fun times

    Coloury Fun times3 months ago

    Stop SAYING fooood revoo

  99. Jessica Jernee

    Jessica Jernee3 months ago

    Panic at Nabisco 😅

  100. Melon

    Melon3 months ago

    What the .. They really where fruity pebbles cereal flavoured. your a god.

  101. TobyK

    TobyK3 months ago

    Mirin restrain of not eating the whole pack in one sitting(I would) lol

  102. TobyK

    TobyK3 months ago

    Smart marketing..

  103. grillnstuff

    grillnstuff3 months ago

    If you want to find out the flavor, LOOK AT THE INGREDIANTS YOU IDIOTS

  104. luis carmona

    luis carmona3 months ago

    Why does he look like peter parker

  105. Scott Benway

    Scott Benway4 months ago

    Get some milk bruh