My Summer Crush | Hannah Stocking


  1. Hannah Stocking

    Hannah Stocking9 months ago



    SYED ARDHI29 days ago

    Hannah Stocking stuffers is

  3. Hasan Ali

    Hasan AliMonth ago

    DADDY April

  4. JaChelle Jordan

    JaChelle JordanMonth ago

    Hannah Stocking iumjmkmmmm

  5. Hasan Ali

    Hasan AliMonth ago

    Do you watch my videos

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  7. The2DBoyz

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  8. The book of Truth

    The book of Truth7 hours ago

    1:17 I just realized they never exchanged names...

  9. Swishy77 #Fortnite-name#

    Swishy77 #Fortnite-name#10 hours ago

    My mom all day in the pool

  10. madeleine mouchian

    madeleine mouchian11 hours ago

    you are so nice

  11. Samara Shahid

    Samara Shahid12 hours ago

    Hannah your so funny #wearing wig

  12. Aaliyah Jules

    Aaliyah Jules14 hours ago

    Love all tt

  13. Gacha Noelle

    Gacha Noelle15 hours ago

    4:25 a very majestic jump.

  14. ItsYaGirlSofiya Nugget

    ItsYaGirlSofiya Nugget19 hours ago

    hanna you belly flopped

  15. RedHammer :D Games

    RedHammer :D GamesDay ago


  16. Oliva De La Rosa

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  17. I Kaar

    I KaarDay ago

    Even tho its not real my tooth fell out to and i had stiches

  18. Eddy Flo23

    Eddy Flo23Day ago

    Well I just wasted 5 min of my life 😭

  19. Alora lights

    Alora lightsDay ago

    Did anyone see the microphone? 0:06

  20. Erina McCarn

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  21. Lixandrue

    Lixandrue2 days ago

    Follow to Instagram at ericlixandru

  22. rosegold

    rosegold2 days ago

    American Summer is lit Australian summer isn’t :c #imfromaustralia

  23. Valerie Pace

    Valerie Pace3 days ago

    Is it just me or is HANNAH SO FRICKIN PRETTY AND SKINNY I'm the exact OPPOSITE

  24. amanda xie

    amanda xie3 days ago

    And this is my laughing face 😑

  25. •Allie Vibes•

    •Allie Vibes•3 days ago

    3:13 is Leo from bachelor in paradise😡

  26. Name YourSelf

    Name YourSelf3 days ago

    Hannah is 27 now

  27. Sophie Carter

    Sophie Carter3 days ago

    “ I THoNd’t think so”😂

  28. Sol Chan

    Sol Chan3 days ago

    😂❤️ i Love u so much

  29. Aliyah Breaux

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  30. Jack Fortnite

    Jack Fortnite4 days ago

    After Twins cool tweens hooch super fat 🐕 has been the best year for my kids

  31. PJGan13

    PJGan134 days ago

    For anyone still thinking this is funny... just try screaming as loud as you can next time you are out in public and see how many people start laughing.

  32. sadisticsob

    sadisticsob4 days ago

    Where is lele pons hannah?!?!?!?!?

  33. Christy Henderson

    Christy Henderson4 days ago

    This was made on my Birthday

  34. God Pepe

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  35. Trinity Todd

    Trinity Todd4 days ago

    This is literally ME AND MY FRIENDS

  36. rockwell loves jane

    rockwell loves jane4 days ago

    OMG NOW I JUST REALISE: Pippi long*stocking* Hannah *stocking* WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK

  37. Anahy Valentina Silva

    Anahy Valentina Silva4 days ago

    Love you hannah

  38. Nguyen Minh Phuong

    Nguyen Minh Phuong4 days ago

    Yesss Hannah's highlight

  39. Alize Villarreal

    Alize Villarreal5 days ago

    That would be fun 🙂

  40. Chris Vozlic

    Chris Vozlic5 days ago

    That's a long time to be in the pool

  41. Kathrina vlogs

    Kathrina vlogs5 days ago

    Hannah stocking look like miss universe 2015 Pia wurthzback

  42. Leo Samuel

    Leo Samuel5 days ago

    Wow this video was really funny definitely didn’t waste five mins of my life watching this

  43. Leandra North

    Leandra North5 days ago

    That’s how I sound when I am mad and the sound is when Hannah said no

  44. gamerviolet_girl rose

    gamerviolet_girl rose5 days ago

    When Hannah said NO I kept laughing

  45. Hello World

    Hello World6 days ago

    Love your videos! Please keep on making more !!!!

  46. Aishani Mukherjee

    Aishani Mukherjee6 days ago

    Love the boys

  47. Malaya Felix

    Malaya Felix6 days ago

    0.06 you can see the mic next to the car

  48. Nerea Castillo

    Nerea Castillo6 days ago

    Me gustó cuándo los chicos vinieron en el carro

  49. Ashtyn Curry

    Ashtyn Curry6 days ago

    4:25 WTF is that DIVE?

  50. Elia Zavala

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  52. Cynthia Katie

    Cynthia Katie7 days ago

    Love it

  53. carmen youkhana

    carmen youkhana7 days ago

    Hannah where on earth do u get all these funny ideas from? THEY ARE AMAZING!

  54. carmen youkhana

    carmen youkhana7 days ago


  55. Arely Zuniga

    Arely Zuniga7 days ago


  56. MelMel36

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  57. sunnyjumper 711

    sunnyjumper 7118 days ago

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever watched.

  58. Safwan Razaq

    Safwan Razaq8 days ago


  59. Safwan Razaq

    Safwan Razaq8 days ago


  60. Roisín Lewins

    Roisín Lewins8 days ago

    Did anyone notice the curly hair wig that Hannah used at 3:03

  61. GougingPastas

    GougingPastas9 days ago

    How can anyone watch this without cringing about the unfunny jokes and bad comedy?

  62. Alejandra G 14 i

    Alejandra G 14 i9 days ago

    And LELE

  63. Shanza azfar

    Shanza azfar9 days ago

    2:44 really it was wet

  64. Look, just smile No big deal.

    Look, just smile No big deal.10 days ago


  65. Awais Ali.1317

    Awais Ali.131711 days ago

    Give me back my 5 minutes 1 second of my life

  66. Emily and Paulina

    Emily and Paulina11 days ago

    All you guys are doing is basically teaching girls to hate them selves if there hair is ugly.😤😤😤

  67. Karen Velazquez

    Karen Velazquez11 days ago

    Hello there is a great deal of time 🏆😂🤣😘

  68. Monse Palomino

    Monse Palomino12 days ago

    “A cloud omg ommgggggggg” I love how they all freak out for that one cloud ☁️

  69. Denisse Sanchez

    Denisse Sanchez12 days ago


  70. shahad alotaibi

    shahad alotaibi12 days ago

    Lyh way for you right is it

  71. gwen reyes

    gwen reyes12 days ago

    uhhh wtf

  72. D Alva

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  73. Nicolette Paganpan

    Nicolette Paganpan12 days ago


  74. Niako Osadze

    Niako Osadze12 days ago

    Love you

  75. Daisy Lusay

    Daisy Lusay12 days ago

    i love to go in the pool in summer🐾

  76. Danielle Levassur

    Danielle Levassur13 days ago

    I never want to get Hair wet

  77. Brant Trim

    Brant Trim13 days ago

    How would you have time to put a cap on when you jump into the pool

  78. laylynn

    laylynn13 days ago

    I woke up like this

  79. lenna lewis

    lenna lewis13 days ago

    You are so amazing

  80. Nadia Mejia

    Nadia Mejia14 days ago

    Hannah is so pretty and hilarious 😂

  81. Harrison Jose Chavac Roche

    Harrison Jose Chavac Roche14 days ago


  82. DaisyDoesBeauty 21

    DaisyDoesBeauty 2114 days ago

    4:24 did someone hit him with a taser as he jumped?

  83. Dannyela P.G

    Dannyela P.G14 days ago

    Alguien habla español , amo este video

  84. chantelle Tuohy

    chantelle Tuohy14 days ago

    Omg her tooth is missing

  85. Sop0411

    Sop041114 days ago

    Um why did you did your hair BEFORE THE POOL PARTY?????


    DANKUS MEMEUS15 days ago

    How did she lost her teeth she only got wet bysomeone who jumped in the pool

  87. Monsieur Hitler

    Monsieur Hitler15 days ago

    This comment section makes me want to take a bath in acid and eat glass

  88. Monsieur Hitler

    Monsieur Hitler15 days ago

    Charlie watches shitty MReporter content brought me here

  89. Stella Avakin

    Stella Avakin15 days ago

    00:00 lol look at the other girls and look at Hannah

  90. Christina Chatzopoulou

    Christina Chatzopoulou15 days ago

    my hair are frizzy in real life😢😢😢😢

  91. Clayton BAILEY

    Clayton BAILEY16 days ago

    Lele pons

  92. Clayton BAILEY

    Clayton BAILEY16 days ago

    Do you know Elle pons

  93. Clara Arevalo

    Clara Arevalo16 days ago

    Hi Hannah your so pretty and I like your videos

  94. Elizabeth Crawford

    Elizabeth Crawford16 days ago

    Why is this ligit me....

  95. Mulu Tekeleabi

    Mulu Tekeleabi16 days ago

    War is the fuck is lell

  96. Mulu Tekeleabi

    Mulu Tekeleabi16 days ago

    War ar the fuck is lele

  97. XGalaxyWolf HD

    XGalaxyWolf HD16 days ago

    Hair wet =girls worst fear

  98. Aby Ryder

    Aby Ryder16 days ago

    Lol why do they care about there hair

  99. Stephanie The Awesome

    Stephanie The Awesome17 days ago

    4:24 wtf was the jump 😂😂

  100. Fgteev mo

    Fgteev mo17 days ago

    Its fake

  101. sheennina pinky

    sheennina pinky17 days ago

    Girls is the best

  102. Jessica Etagh

    Jessica Etagh18 days ago

    What did I just watch ?

  103. Green Sloth16

    Green Sloth1618 days ago

    Not bad video I like it

  104. Giselle Barragan

    Giselle Barragan18 days ago

    I have a huge crush on this Boys

  105. Unicorn Cuties

    Unicorn Cuties18 days ago

    Hannah’s “crush” has krusty Krab legs 🦵🏽