My Sister in Real Life


  1. It's Alex Clark

    It's Alex Clark8 months ago


  2. Jessica Scheel

    Jessica Scheel3 days ago


  3. J Santiago

    J Santiago6 days ago


  4. J Santiago

    J Santiago6 days ago

    sorry, but im sister is more evil than that

  5. Josh Klein

    Josh KleinMonth ago


  6. Mcnight Smith

    Mcnight SmithMonth ago

    I love you to alex

  7. itsMaryAnton mee

    itsMaryAnton mee48 minutes ago

    How to you make this videos (wot app is it

  8. The Minty Blog

    The Minty Blog59 minutes ago

    Ok so why do your story’s sound like me an my brother

  9. LittleMissReborn

    LittleMissReborn2 hours ago

    I love how she says Mary poppins🀣

  10. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez2 hours ago

    0:58 thats a 5 second incest to me if you will

  11. AwesomeGoCrazy

    AwesomeGoCrazy9 hours ago

    BRIAN!!! Where are you Hullimaniacs?

  12. Brian Qvillafranco

    Brian Qvillafranco11 hours ago

    1:24 thats me

  13. Mcpeplayer Mc

    Mcpeplayer Mc11 hours ago

    4:23 Who needs five bedrooms??? Lol

  14. Circle Boy

    Circle Boy11 hours ago

    :| M'kay

  15. TheCahlab86

    TheCahlab8614 hours ago

    *H E L L H A S J O I N E D T H E P A R T Y*

  16. Anuri Okike

    Anuri Okike14 hours ago

    *-your sister is nice!-* *mine is nicer!*


    CRAZYSPEEDCUBER 82715 hours ago

    My sister is also evil

  18. Prankster Game Player

    Prankster Game Player15 hours ago

    I really like your animation!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  19. lillielovescats anddogs

    lillielovescats anddogs16 hours ago

    Sucks to be you

  20. sidog13

    sidog1318 hours ago

    She is!!!

  21. Moses Kailea

    Moses Kailea19 hours ago

    R u friends with the Odds1sout

  22. puppy lover

    puppy lover21 hour ago

    Cool vid love your vids😁

  23. Fnaf and Bendy Fan2000

    Fnaf and Bendy Fan2000Day ago

    Pink is cool

  24. Rafael Abarico

    Rafael AbaricoDay ago

    My sister pinch me all the time and she tried to scare me with a cutter... She says "if you do my chores (clean the house and wash the dishes) i will let you play with our family computer and if not she will put a password to the computer so I cant play. But she is my sister, a loving sister(pure evil) and i dont want new one. (Pls help)

  25. Patrick Myers

    Patrick MyersDay ago

    Wow that's terrible that your little sister does terrible things.

  26. ItsHungerdog o_o

    ItsHungerdog o_oDay ago

    Man i love ur videos alex

  27. kipling 17

    kipling 17Day ago

    Pink is my favourite colour

  28. toko264 Kaliwungu

    toko264 KaliwunguDay ago

    What a sinSISTER girl!

  29. Denise Villalva

    Denise VillalvaDay ago

    My favorite colors pinkπŸŽ€πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’˜πŸ’•

  30. Mark Tull Jr

    Mark Tull JrDay ago

    I don't have a sister

  31. Ken Ching

    Ken ChingDay ago

    You shod make her stop







  34. Carlyn and Sab McLeroy

    Carlyn and Sab McLeroyDay ago

    Your sister in not bad. She is.... *e V i L*

  35. Super gamer Ivan

    Super gamer IvanDay ago


  36. Super gamer Ivan

    Super gamer IvanDay ago


  37. Super gamer Ivan

    Super gamer IvanDay ago


  38. Super gamer Ivan

    Super gamer IvanDay ago


  39. Isaiah S. Allen

    Isaiah S. AllenDay ago

    Bro, i couldnt find the babysitter videos after episode 6, why!?!??!

  40. Jamie Koseck

    Jamie KoseckDay ago

    Mary Poppins two is out at theaters

  41. the wolf_ sisters

    the wolf_ sistersDay ago

    brian hull…………GRAB ME DISNEY CAUSE HIS FAMOUS!!!!!

  42. Ericwatj Watkins

    Ericwatj WatkinsDay ago

    Did he play the stutter brother

  43. Mr. Flappy The Mosasaurus

    Mr. Flappy The MosasaurusDay ago

    2:10 If boys were pink there gay That’s why boys don’t like pink

  44. Big Fat Cat

    Big Fat CatDay ago

    Mr. Flappy The Mosasaurus wtf bro

  45. Barquette Kane

    Barquette KaneDay ago

    U know odd 1 is out

  46. leo loves lizards

    leo loves lizardsDay ago

    One time my sister put food coloring in my Jean pockets before my mom did laundry

  47. Edward Crane

    Edward CraneDay ago


  48. CrockdinGAMING

    CrockdinGAMINGDay ago

    You really think I would beleave that?

  49. Harvey Griffiths

    Harvey GriffithsDay ago

    I can rub my toes together and make a fire sandwich

  50. Kristina JudickaitΔ—

    Kristina JudickaitΔ—Day ago

    ΠΌΡ”(ΟƒΠΌg уσυя Ρ•ΞΉΡ• ΞΉΡ• Ρ”Ξ½ΞΉβ„“ Οƒ ΠΈΟƒ яυи Ξ±β„“β„“

  51. gamer escape

    gamer escape2 days ago

    HAHSHA πŸ˜‚

  52. Nazaire Adams

    Nazaire Adams2 days ago

    My sister use my tooth brush as a shoe cleaner AND I HAVE 4 SISTERS

  53. Eva Bish

    Eva Bish2 days ago

    I have one question are you older or is your sister older

  54. Tanya Hickok

    Tanya Hickok2 days ago

    Can you make dinosaurs how they got gone forever If. You like if you do that

  55. ergin gungor

    ergin gungor2 days ago

    I am not ur sister Alex.

  56. Chelsea Brockbank

    Chelsea Brockbank2 days ago


  57. X-Runner

    X-Runner2 days ago

    lol, idiot kids xD



    3:06 THIS GUY i watch hes videos and I'm sub to him like I'm going to sub to you right now

  59. Goodpancake op

    Goodpancake op2 days ago

    Nice video

  60. Goodpancake op

    Goodpancake op2 days ago


  61. mr jimmy

    mr jimmy2 days ago

    I have a evil sister

  62. Sharon Washington

    Sharon Washington3 days ago

    i Don't want to be you

  63. roblox boy10

    roblox boy103 days ago

    When your siblings prank you that mean they care about you love you

  64. Corey Griswold

    Corey Griswold3 days ago

    Well I know you lived in Holyoke because I live in Easthampton I still have not gone to Nick's Nest though even though I pass it every day

  65. Corina Huffaker-Kroeker

    Corina Huffaker-Kroeker3 days ago


  66. Jjballetduckie .M

    Jjballetduckie .M3 days ago

    I love the part when he says β€œhelp me please I’m locked in the basement!!” πŸ˜‚

  67. Alvin Anderson

    Alvin Anderson3 days ago


  68. Linda Jones

    Linda Jones3 days ago

    It sound like she is a normal sister like all sister

  69. kmking1st

    kmking1st3 days ago

    I love the voice though

  70. Chungas Fan

    Chungas Fan3 days ago

    I agree with pink

  71. Get Everything

    Get Everything4 days ago

    Some dangerous story of my sister she had beaten me with iron rod and broke my left arm and she had thrown a knife at my face and nearly cut my ear and thrown my one of the best and expensive laptop from 3 floor high, hammered my phone, washed my notebooks in washing machine and many more can't explain honestly

  72. AddA aD

    AddA aD4 days ago

    I am redidin marr

  73. Brandyn Buxton

    Brandyn Buxton4 days ago

    her phone number is?

  74. Evangeline limbo

    Evangeline limbo4 days ago

    She really built a two story robot

  75. Santana Moss

    Santana Moss4 days ago

    Of course your sister’s not evil. Someone like that would be on every watch list imaginable (CIA, FBI, etc.) No I didn’t type that while she had a death ray pointed at me, whatever gave you that idea.

  76. Emma Sammons

    Emma Sammons4 days ago

    Hi SiStErS

  77. Mohammed iqbal Ihsan

    Mohammed iqbal Ihsan4 days ago

    Is fake is a lie

  78. Karen Kleber

    Karen Kleber5 days ago

    My sister is evil!

  79. VerMillion DuoGaming

    VerMillion DuoGaming5 days ago

    Pls can you post her phone number

  80. Carolina Alves

    Carolina Alves6 days ago

    I em more evil den her i wes a demon end i wane make her ware in green

  81. Candice Perry

    Candice Perry6 days ago

    I have 3 real life sisters I love my sisters

  82. SANS BRO

    SANS BRO6 days ago

    How old iş she

  83. Pamela 321

    Pamela 3216 days ago

    Jake paul wears pink

  84. Caryl Miller

    Caryl Miller6 days ago

    Sister:P.S you suck Me:XD LOL

  85. Gavin Ly

    Gavin Ly6 days ago

    aww cute

  86. Randy K Holt

    Randy K Holt6 days ago

    Liked subscribed tired notifications on Alex you the man

  87. Ervisa Reci

    Ervisa Reci6 days ago

    ..... . .... ..... ges wat i sed

  88. JetFyre

    JetFyre6 days ago

    And why does your sister sound like Loki?

  89. JetFyre

    JetFyre6 days ago

    "No. Let them be. I'm enjoying the free breeze."

  90. Lilly Russell

    Lilly Russell6 days ago


  91. Kittenlover9980 Kittenlover

    Kittenlover9980 Kittenlover7 days ago

    I don’t believe it

  92. Russia Ball

    Russia Ball7 days ago

    2:52 the dude with the mustache looks like Stalin

  93. LTC Rulez

    LTC Rulez7 days ago


  94. JasmineLi

    JasmineLi7 days ago

    I heard you like pink.

  95. Yuly Martinez-Foley

    Yuly Martinez-Foley7 days ago


  96. Coco Life Changers

    Coco Life Changers7 days ago


  97. niziah sanchez

    niziah sanchez7 days ago

    same my sis is so EVIL

  98. Charlotte Jalbout

    Charlotte Jalbout8 days ago

    I can tell

  99. Martin Nedelchev

    Martin Nedelchev8 days ago

    I have a brother not a sister

  100. Aa Fazli

    Aa Fazli8 days ago

    Why your sis is bad and good

  101. railbaron1

    railbaron18 days ago

    You could chase each other in a circle in your house. *CUE BENNY HILL*

  102. cecily

    cecily8 days ago

    When I was younger I blackmailed my older brother for money.......alot of times.

  103. Sanchako o2o Rai

    Sanchako o2o Rai8 days ago

    How dose they see u wnderwaer

  104. Sanchako o2o Rai

    Sanchako o2o Rai8 days ago

    I can tell im in 4th grade i was tired i was staving

  105. Shula Big cat whisperer

    Shula Big cat whisperer8 days ago

    Brian Haul!!!!

  106. LaurenForRealz Gaming

    LaurenForRealz Gaming9 days ago

    Alex, what if I take a picture of her in our school and expose her? WHO'S THE EVIL ONE NOW? 😈😈😈😈 P.S. got a T shirt using the code word and she said I did pretty good so ty πŸ˜‚

  107. enderman nia

    enderman nia9 days ago

    😈I heard you like pink (evil sis voice)

  108. AFD MKD vlogs

    AFD MKD vlogs9 days ago