My Sister in Real Life


  1. itsAlexClark

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    itsAlexClark lol 500th reply ecks dee

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  4. trinitylee1able

    trinitylee1able4 days ago

    itsAlexClark *DUN DUN DUN* _-the triangle eye confirmed-_

  5. ecogreen 123

    ecogreen 1234 days ago

    knew she wasn't evil, not because my little sister is evil, just because 99.9% of people have redeemable qualities ya know?, no? ok then

  6. MinecraftMinerXD

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  7. Peach Ribbon

    Peach Ribbon6 hours ago

    I 💜 winnie the pooh

  8. Krispy Klips

    Krispy Klips16 hours ago

    I know what Mary Poppins is okay Alex, I'm not dumb

  9. SKY CAT Sup

    SKY CAT Sup17 hours ago

    You dummy robots are big but they can't exist how did your sister get a bazooka dummy

  10. Ryan Coxwell

    Ryan Coxwell17 hours ago

    You bootleg odd ones out

  11. Beast/ Beauty

    Beast/ Beauty17 hours ago

    my sister is evil... evil I tell u

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  13. A weird person Who makes videos

    A weird person Who makes videos19 hours ago

    1:37 hey you anime lovers

  14. Bkwinxlover Aka pikachu girl

    Bkwinxlover Aka pikachu girl20 hours ago

    I can't do the poll because I'm an only child

  15. purple princess

    purple princess21 hour ago

    In my house they used to connect until we put a privacy door up for my brother. But when my brother used to chase me it took a while for him to get me. But always did XD

  16. Lyndas Animations

    Lyndas Animations22 hours ago

    1:35 reminds me of the noise free willy made lol.

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  21. Lavender S'more

    Lavender S'moreDay ago

    How would your classmates even see your underwear or socks (I kinda get the socks part)

  22. Kyle The champion of gaming

    Kyle The champion of gamingDay ago

    2:37 fortnite

  23. Freddie Jones

    Freddie JonesDay ago

    I'm more evil

  24. Kaan derhahn

    Kaan derhahnDay ago

    What does your sister look like?

  25. Alexandra Louise M. Santiago

    Alexandra Louise M. SantiagoDay ago

    Hi Alex my name is Alex too but im a girl

  26. John Reg

    John RegDay ago

    I’ve been here since 30k subs

  27. Cat_Noir Miraculous

    Cat_Noir MiraculousDay ago

    Little brothers are the worst. When I was yonger my brother got this plastic power Ranger sword and his first idea to use it was to beat me up with it. Basically I was his punching bag. Even to this very day I am terrified of that sword.

  28. Cat_Noir Miraculous

    Cat_Noir MiraculousDay ago

    Thanks so funny

  29. bionic dog

    bionic dogDay ago

    Yaaaa Alex she made you make the vid

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  31. Killer_ ghost

    Killer_ ghostDay ago

    Do you actually have a restraining order ?

  32. Romello jones

    Romello jonesDay ago

    Pink is a great color 🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽

  33. edgar peres

    edgar peresDay ago

    God why why!!!

  34. barrington strange

    barrington strangeDay ago

    pink is for big boys son

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  36. Sn34ky Spectrum

    Sn34ky SpectrumDay ago

    I don't know what to know any more.

  37. evan helton

    evan heltonDay ago

    Same I love pink but I never wair it # jigglpuff Is powerful because he's in my pink squad like and wear pink to join

  38. KittensInTea Cups_1987

    KittensInTea Cups_1987Day ago

    Lol i luv your content haha!

  39. mini pie s

    mini pie sDay ago

    Mary poppeeeeeen

  40. jaevon jackson

    jaevon jacksonDay ago

    your animations have gotten better .

  41. Alice Kawaiiliv

    Alice Kawaiiliv2 days ago

    Who is better? ItsAlexClark or TheOdd1sOut

  42. Bright-Oridami Motunrayo

    Bright-Oridami Motunrayo2 days ago

    Alex is like my older brother cause he thinks Im evil cause im am but loves me anyways

  43. Crazy unicorn Lady

    Crazy unicorn Lady2 days ago

    Alex is your sister really that evil

  44. Ayan Adan

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  45. Ayan Adan

    Ayan Adan2 days ago

    I heard u like pink 😈

  46. Ayan Adan

    Ayan Adan2 days ago

    Pink is a nice colour

  47. MAD LAD

    MAD LAD2 days ago

    don't you mean little sister?

  48. Mae Cat

    Mae Cat2 days ago

    My dad and my uncle had my other uncle jump off a barn with an umbrella.

  49. Charmaine Tadlas

    Charmaine Tadlas2 days ago

    Oh and i am a son and im your biggist fan ahhhhhhhhhhhhjhjjhhhh

  50. Charmaine Tadlas

    Charmaine Tadlas2 days ago

    I know brian hull silly

  51. Connie Milton

    Connie Milton2 days ago

    Fake the robot is fake is all fake

  52. The Alkhateeb Fanily Alkhateeb

    The Alkhateeb Fanily Alkhateeb2 days ago

    Wow we have the same house lol

  53. nacho playmer

    nacho playmer2 days ago

    3:18 thats a desesperate housewives episode

  54. Farid Talla

    Farid Talla2 days ago

    your sister so bad

  55. trashleighinkable

    trashleighinkable2 days ago

    That was pitiful... My brother use to stack pots and pans at the end of the hallway, about a foot in front of the hallway closet. Then he would go all the way to the opposite end of the hall. (He's 4 years older than me and was 6ft tall at the time) Then he would pick me up by my hair and throw me to the end of the hall with the pots and pans. Not only would I hit the pots, I'd slam into the door as well. He called it, "Ashleigh bowling!" 🎳 my name is Ashleigh btw and I don't think I was even close to being 5ft. Which is my hight now... Aw yes, family...

  56. trashleighinkable

    trashleighinkable2 days ago

    I still have scares lol.

  57. Antonydabossman

    Antonydabossman2 days ago

    1st video I seen of yours and almost died from laughing to much... best 7 minutes ever on MReporter

  58. Foxo Drawz

    Foxo Drawz2 days ago

    God xd Well I have a little brother and he likes to prank me XD

  59. Alex Yukio

    Alex Yukio2 days ago

    I love your animation it's so smooth

  60. Elite Jd

    Elite Jd2 days ago

    my brother thinks im psyco

  61. CoolDudeJPM _

    CoolDudeJPM _2 days ago

    Oh my gosh! RUN FOR YA LIFE!!!!!!

  62. Tyler Thach

    Tyler Thach2 days ago

    How do people know your wearing pink underwear? Unless.....

  63. Mr. Smith

    Mr. Smith2 days ago

    Lol why do you make your father seem like a cheapskate? I don't know him but he seems like he will be fun to hangout with.

  64. Everything Awesome Pro

    Everything Awesome Pro2 days ago

    I knew Brian halls mom she was my elementary school teacher

  65. Angel Moran

    Angel Moran2 days ago

    Hello Alex

  66. Skye Games

    Skye Games2 days ago

    I don't have a sister cuz I am the sister

  67. Lego 0123

    Lego 01232 days ago

    Odd1sout,jadien animations'rice gum and your channel


    LBTV PRODUCTIONS2 days ago

    Why brian hull

  69. ᴏᴘᴀʟ ;

    ᴏᴘᴀʟ ;2 days ago

    where is waldo

  70. Erick Agustin

    Erick Agustin2 days ago

    Dang your dad Is cheap

  71. Daniella Nnenna

    Daniella Nnenna2 days ago

    No no let them run , am enjoying the free breeeeze~ ( --__ --)~

  72. Daniela Banuelos

    Daniela Banuelos3 days ago

    6:10 Me:looks behind me frightened* *sees nothing* *hears something**looks behind AGAIn**sees his sister*

  73. Shadow Storm

    Shadow Storm3 days ago

    who else is an only child? 😏

  74. Nman246 and SkyWalker 357 The first

    Nman246 and SkyWalker 357 The first3 days ago

    Does she really sound like that

  75. Penelope Cherry

    Penelope Cherry3 days ago

    Omg why do he sound the the bee off of that movie

  76. AnimeLooking Tamatos

    AnimeLooking Tamatos3 days ago

    Sisters sometimes have imaginations to rule the world or something like that. I think she's nice and has a voice more gentle than than satan dude you used