My Sister in Real Life


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    after alex sent this comment FBI OPEN UP

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    Last reply

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    When you said I love you sister im a girl a sister I felt very weird

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    Uuuuummm a restraining order of youre sister...😐welp thats what he said Crap you found me

  9. Yellow Linx088

    Yellow Linx08822 hours ago

    No brothers were hurt in the making of this video

  10. Abu Ghaiht Ali

    Abu Ghaiht AliDay ago

    Your voice reminds me of dragon race to edge you no the main character

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    Not real

  13. Adair Orduna

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    One time my friend had a pink shirt that said real men wear pink

  14. Ilkhan Yanbolu

    Ilkhan Yanbolu2 days ago

    How about your mum and dad

  15. Julka P

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    Soooooo thoes it mean that bullies at the school should beware your evil sister?

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    EDDY PYRCHAS2 days ago

    my sister is annyoing sometime's

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    We just get to get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it to get it and get it

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    Blink twice if she’s holding you hostage

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    Post here phone number

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    You sound Like the george from captin underpants

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    IM A sister and I have a sister

  23. Mypropicisnotjimin lookleft

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    Its funny cz I don't have siblings bit i have cousins I consider brothers... Guess whos evil sisterrrrrrrr?😈heeheeee

  24. Rodaboat1

    Rodaboat12 days ago

    4:43 - 4:55 isn’t true for my family. If you get to the end of a hallway, then that just gives the person chasing me a better chance of BEATING ME UP! What’s funny is that they act like they are a serial killer about to murder me - but in reality I just run straight through their legs and escape! 😁

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    My brother punches me and we hate each other until 2 second after that we are like hey want to go down stairs my brother said sure I'm like my god

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    That was really funny XD

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    Mary poppins is a time lord oooowwh wiiii uuuuu wwiiiii iiiiiuuuuu

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    I have 2 sisters , one is really sweet and kind. But the other one .. once like 5 years ago : my parents leave and it was me and my evil sister ( lol ) we were home alone. So she just runs down the stairs and she smashes me on the head with her phone ( phone broke lmao ) and one time she pushed me against the end of the wall , right on a sharp edge. I ended in the hospital with a hole in my head lol. But i still love her tho

  30. PeaceZoe08 Rhoades

    PeaceZoe08 Rhoades3 days ago

    Now I’m wondering is your dad really like how he is in your vids?

  31. Connor Wood

    Connor Wood3 days ago

    ItsAlexClark Is Your Sister really that evil

  32. amelya wawatie

    amelya wawatie3 days ago

    I know where you go but I have to deal with three sisters instead of just one and you know what I'm the only boy

  33. David Wells

    David Wells3 days ago

    My little sister once chased me and my brother around the house with a massive kitchen knife swinging it with real intent to kill us. We ran into our bedroom and held the door shut. The knife came through the door near our hands, so we put our feet against the bottom of the door, so she began stabbing our feet. But, yeah, some people's sisters play some mean pranks. I guess everything is relative.

  34. Luis132 hernandez

    Luis132 hernandez3 days ago

    Me and my cousin are like you guys

  35. Luis132 hernandez

    Luis132 hernandez3 days ago

    Me and my cousin are like you guys

  36. dylan the bi guy

    dylan the bi guy3 days ago

    *Thinking boys liking pink* HA GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

  37. john kormanyos

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    0:17, amen , regular sister stuff trust I’m twelve and ITS a nine year old

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    If I was your sister I would prank ya all the time

  40. Mc. Daber

    Mc. Daber3 days ago

    I want a sister!

  41. Daedric Blade

    Daedric Blade3 days ago

    Pfft you think that's bad My sister is literally the description of Satan himself

  42. Archbishop Slayer

    Archbishop Slayer3 days ago

    Isn't this the guy that tried to compare firearms to cats?

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    Like Mary Poppins ;)))

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  46. Kyla Sharma

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    I WISH U SAW HER not for merch but just the amazement of seeing ur sister! Ms.Clark LOL

  47. ScopriØn

    ScopriØn4 days ago

    Who else wants to lnow how his sister actually is or it just meh?

  48. Daniel LeBlanc

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    the sock pupet is not just a sock pupet its ARTS AND CRAFTERS

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    Hi, Alex. I have your character is Squad Rivals! :D

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    You know Winnie the Pooh is female

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  53. T A C O D U D E

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    Intro is straight up gta online

  54. Lps Amaly

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    If only went to your highschool 😢 but I’m not in highschool I’m in 4th grade my school are broken arrow schools

  55. Ava Bagnoche

    Ava Bagnoche4 days ago

    there are guys who wear tutus on game days....ITS SO FRIGGIN CUTE!!!

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    Who doesn't know Mary Poppins? :D

  57. Skylar milly

    Skylar milly4 days ago

    0:43 wait, your sis has a mustache?? oh mah gaud its bootiful

  58. Cynthia Mckee

    Cynthia Mckee4 days ago

    I like how they both have a mustache when they grew up.

  59. Joey Baker

    Joey Baker4 days ago

    Lol 😆

  60. bob kingat

    bob kingat4 days ago

    Is Alex Clark is ur sister single

  61. Lorena

    Lorena4 days ago

    im a girl and girls are nice and my bffs are to Emily is cidaof a tom boy but well they prank me to alot

  62. Erin Louisse Gamboa

    Erin Louisse Gamboa4 days ago

    You could just prank her back and make sure she learns her lesson

  63. Yeet Skeet

    Yeet Skeet4 days ago

    Alex: "I just want to say your a great sister." Alex:"Is that good can I go now?" Sister: " NO, give my channel a shout out YOU PESANT!"

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    20:00 Broke your screen :)

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    I'm not a huge deal to you and your family are well with a huge fan

  67. Jaden Emmert

    Jaden Emmert4 days ago

    The circle house thing is the exact thing same at my house I have an older sister she’s 19 now but we have an upstairs so I wouldn’t run up there because it wasn’t a circle but she would just chase in a circle then she would turn around and almost get me but there was a huge table in one room so I would run around that also but literally if there was a place I could run around in circles I would she normally wouldn’t catch me , that’s not true she really always did since she is 7 years older then my

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    alexclark your sis is soooooooooooooooooooooooo evil

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    i own a pinkish redish hoodie and its one of my favourite hoodies

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    is she really

  72. RichRobberPrudictions YT

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    But its still made out of the real life

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    Yes 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

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    Noepppppppppppppppppppppppppp ppppppppppp

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    I love PINK p.i.n.k pink 💕💕💒

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    I love pink

  77. Sabrina Faye Bergantinos

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    Plz make the truth about your sister

  78. Ben Fiedler

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    Make a video talking to your sister

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  80. Spell Of Darkness

    Spell Of Darkness5 days ago

    Your 5th grade classmates are weird because ya know NOBODY AT YOUR SCHOOL SHOULD NOT SEE YOUR UNDERWEAR

  81. Bone dragon X5

    Bone dragon X55 days ago

    We need to call swat. TO RESCUE ALEX. I wonder what she’s gonna do to her hostage. Probably force Alex to step on legos. A crime punishable by DEA.... I can’t say it cuz we will all be demonetised!!! WE WILL ALL D......darn

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    This 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 so 👏🏻 sad

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    The people who voted You have a sister? Are probaly new or this is the first vid they watch of sister

  84. Moon Slut

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    I really want to see his sister face

  85. Trinity Childs

    Trinity Childs5 days ago

    I think you love your sister and I think she’s Really EVIL to💩

  86. Randy Tomeo

    Randy Tomeo5 days ago

    Tame a lama carpet a lama chest lama And follow lama (pull a lama ) CARVVVAN

  87. Blitz

    Blitz5 days ago

    Om gosh in my old house we would run around in a circle too 😂

  88. Blitz

    Blitz5 days ago

    Yeah my little brother can be crazy and has even said he wants to torture me but I've said similar things to him and honestly I think it's a little to much like fighting against my male clone or something. He's a sweet kid though.. some of the time.. 😅

  89. Minh Nhan Phan (Tony)

    Minh Nhan Phan (Tony)5 days ago

    wow should be worst right?

  90. Nathan Eli Gonzalez

    Nathan Eli Gonzalez5 days ago

    I don't have a sister so I don't no how it feels

  91. Luis Portella

    Luis Portella5 days ago

    my evil sister empression:what?... what is this...ALEXXXX!!!

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    I am the evil

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    It,s a parosol


    RILEY TABAR5 days ago

    bryan haul sang with my aunt

  96. Juan Perez

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    did she really built a big robot

  97. baszernut frost

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    this is silly

  98. Grantley Edwards

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    Bruh his father is the breeze

  99. Donald J. Trump

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    Imma make a wall in between you and your sister

  100. Sawubona

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    1:57 i tought the pink panther intro was starting

  101. Ruben Cruz

    Ruben Cruz6 days ago

    I had the same question the puppet did

  102. I A Mokhtar

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    Lol script robot does not count for a house made of cheesecake and spaghett in the laundry with a red sock and white clothes = the whole cycle twice

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  104. Robbie Abbott-Ramsay

    Robbie Abbott-Ramsay6 days ago

    the voice of the evil sister terrifies me and my brother is evil. he eats people and speaks in a creepy voice just to terrify me.

  105. China Productions

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    Only a true man wears pink