My Sister in Real Life


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    When you said I love you sister im a girl a sister I felt very weird

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    I'm the last reply

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    why dont you put your sis picture in a video of yours

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    I am sister and I am evil😈

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    squishy funtime!8 hours ago

    Really?I like the time when u said the pink under and socks pink! LOL

  11. Hentai Senpai

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    this video reminds me of my scary little sister from storybooth but different and new year 2018

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    *f r e e b r e e z e*

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    I love marry poppins

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    She is. Very. Evil

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    can you hug your evil sister? it will make her feel love

  18. Little Snow

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    Hey sisters is all about tea parties and be nice okay

  19. Zada Terzenbach

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    :grandson My older sister she once said that I was weak but really I push my Lego box that has a Million Legos in it PLEASE PRAY THAT MY SISTER WILL BE NICER SHE DOESN'T DO ANYTHING WITH ME 😒😒😒😒😭😭😭😭😭

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    ok? 4:

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    pink is one off the first colurs in this world.sorry for the bad spelingπŸ˜†πŸ˜…

  22. Juliet Felice

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    Hey, you're sister is nice! She's my fave sub! OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I ACCIDENTALLY MET A MReporter CHARACTER/ MReporterR/ YOU GET THE IDEA.

  23. Jacob Bell

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    I heard you like pink

  24. Happy Films

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    I did the same thing with the umbrella

  25. Marissa Figueroa

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    I hate her sister because she is kind of demon but I HATE HER............SISTER :\

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    Bring her on a video.

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    Alex’s mom: uh kids Alex’s dad: let them run I’m enjoying the free breeze

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    I see jibo there!

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    Why does ur sister have such a deep voice?

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    Your voice sounds very Jerry Seinfeld-ish

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    I am the devil I have a brother he's double MReporter channel named captain mcdee I'm like a devil to him I punch him I kicked him sometimes sometimes I like to throw water bottles I don't really care I'm always angry at him😈😠😑😈😠😑😈😠

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    Calls 911) hay this yt wants to die on the inside

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    OK the chase part like I'm watching of tom and jerry

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    I am a girl😒😭😑

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    Wait how do people in her school now what she looks like lol

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    I spelled it right .-.

  41. Desire' Daniels

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    She is very evil but,you have a sister

  42. Blue sisters playz

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    My sister also pranks me a lot!

  43. Zaina AlKhadban

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    It's okay some boys love pink (IM NOT A GIRL OKAY IM USING MY MOM'S PHONE πŸ‘Ώ) and I also have a pink shirt it doesn't feel like he'll do you should be happy

  44. Phyllis Guisinger

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    0:16 eddsworld if tord had a sister it would be her...

  45. Hamiltrash The demigod

    Hamiltrash The demigodDay ago

    I am genuinely surprised that people don’t know about Mary Poppins. I wasn’t alive when that movie came out but I love that movie

  46. Ayumi Chan

    Ayumi Chan2 days ago

    Dye her clothes blue

  47. Deborah Jeannette Najoan

    Deborah Jeannette Najoan2 days ago

    I have little sister

  48. Lorna_RoseFoX

    Lorna_RoseFoX2 days ago

    My brother similar to your sister so I have him royally out of my personal life plus he was bloody rude to my hubby even from dating days.

  49. Ana Cristiana Tudor

    Ana Cristiana Tudor2 days ago

    wait if i am a sister...... i am evil? i guess yes cause i annoy my brother a lot >;)

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    Nathan Grant2 days ago

    Pink is cool

  51. Dragon Rolbin

    Dragon Rolbin2 days ago

    my real name is bryan

  52. Barbie Grillo

    Barbie Grillo2 days ago

    Man I wish I was one of those normal little sisters with a bazooka

  53. Sarcazm VL

    Sarcazm VL2 days ago

    If my sister ever did that too me she would end up dead

  54. Andrew barringer

    Andrew barringer2 days ago

    MORE PROOF THERE IS NO BOY OR GIRL COLORS! My best freinds favorite color is pink

  55. Kitty Cat Queen

    Kitty Cat Queen2 days ago

    I love your videos 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    She's the devil like me

  57. Kabs Gaming Channel

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    She got it in Call Of Duty Black ops 3

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  61. Hassan

    Hassan2 days ago

    Whispering to every girl "i heard you like pink" and going to the jail has gotten me bad..

  62. Meet Greg

    Meet Greg2 days ago

    She needs milk...

  63. Lydia

    Lydia2 days ago

    I laughed so hardddπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β™₯. Sadly I live in Greece, but if I were there, to your highschool, I would go to your sister like "I HEARD YOU LIKE PIIIINK, I WANNA MEET ALEX." I'm a new subscriber, but you sound funny so I'll keep watching you!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

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    Dammit man we have to help him this is deffcon 1 he needs to underground

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    Go do it now I hate you like

  69. mikey456destroye Lee

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    Oh my god

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    Have you heard of pink-shirt day? (Pink-shirt day is agenst violance)

  72. Opal Star 27

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    Oml I can run in a circle around my house, through the kitchen, the dining room and through the hallway. It goes like: through the hallway, into the kitchen and then into the dining room, then back out into the hallway and so on

  73. 3D Spy

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    Pure evilπŸ˜‚

  74. FaizaLKuntz

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    My sister is an Ero Manga Artist...

  75. Luke Esposito

    Luke Esposito3 days ago

    Worst part is I berrly get to see my sister

  76. Light Bunny

    Light Bunny3 days ago

    I did the tooth paste prank on my brother

  77. Flaming Lghtex

    Flaming Lghtex3 days ago

    How would the bullies know your pants are pink ...

  78. SuperPro Jamie

    SuperPro Jamie3 days ago

    Pink is amazing, I'd LOVE a pink hoodie ^^ but sadly all I have is a pink sweater I can't wear... ;-;

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  80. Andrea Gonzales

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    Pink oh wow

  81. Digby Meister

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    L E G O S!!!!!!!!!

  82. Blockbust3r TN1

    Blockbust3r TN13 days ago

    I saw her and then I said I heard you like pink but she didn’t give me anything she said I do!!

  83. Braden The Green Hedgehog

    Braden The Green Hedgehog3 days ago

    I like pink as well.

  84. GD William Roberts channel mezer

    GD William Roberts channel mezer3 days ago

    1:35 hey clarks evil sister you should have putten glue under Clark's pillow

  85. element hack es Murphy

    element hack es Murphy3 days ago

    If you want a revenge, just use the prank that you hated the most like "my little pony" just use it because I hate "my little pony"! Make it realistic and dead, just don't go too far! And use other things that they loved just by copying them on the cardboard but dead and nasty and whatever you make it

  86. element hack es Murphy

    element hack es Murphy3 days ago

    The revenge of yours would help if you really want it

  87. element hack es Murphy

    element hack es Murphy3 days ago

    My brother and sister always does that to me, and I mean "ALWAYS"!!!! And i knew They have a weakness, My own sword made of Legos, yeah they always are afraid of that stuff . and if you ask me about my brother and sister... (*sigh*) they used the dirtiest pranks on me with all the fake horrors things that I am afraid of, but that prank did not work on me because I faked the fear and when they tried to scare me with the cardboard cutout of "momo" I jumped in the fake fearment and pretended to cry, and they laughed and laughed and I jumped, spinning at the right time and I scared them permanently with the same weapon that I made, more of the scariest than the kid I caught drowning on the lake that is in the Wisconsin! I know you also caught that kid drowning and that kid was... my 3rd brother, and that sword I made was called THE DEVIL'S SWORD OF DOOM AND HORROR, by my 2nd brother and 1st sister of mine before they ran in the total terror straight to their room. My parents are proud, for their true fearment from my sword. If you have the brother/sister of yours that has a plan to scare you all the away from the whole family tree!, do the same as I did but your way! Show your true bravery, anger and justice. Of course they have a 100% chance to get scared that they will go to their rooms. (Only when when you're angry of annoyed on the inside) DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME!!!

  88. Redbock 99

    Redbock 994 days ago

    that voice is amazing

  89. Multifandom Trash

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    Pft my lil sis sister is the anti christ

  90. Chxrry

    Chxrry4 days ago

    *I H E A R D Y O U L I K E P I N K . . .*

  91. Sharon Wheeler

    Sharon Wheeler4 days ago

    (οΏ£^οΏ£) (οΏ£Ο‰οΏ£;)

  92. Mintywinter 18

    Mintywinter 184 days ago

    Im sure my brother can relate to u

  93. Cody Dover

    Cody Dover4 days ago

    alex your the best

  94. Cody Dover

    Cody Dover4 days ago

    how is your sister

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    _Sner_ YT ODer

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  98. tammy pelletier

    tammy pelletier4 days ago

    Wat I don’t have a sister

  99. Alexis Whelihan

    Alexis Whelihan4 days ago

    Sisters are not evil

  100. WENDY Musically girl

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  101. David Dabbs

    David Dabbs4 days ago

    On β€œDo you think she is REALLY evil?” You have a sister? No way! And the robot was cool... but evil VERY evil

  102. jandiel cruz

    jandiel cruz4 days ago

    So my house has a living room and a wall , but on the other side of it there's a closet (the wall isint blocked , it had open ways on the sides) so me and my siblings didn't do this but me and my cousin 10 years younger did , she would run , I would run after , but sometimes I would meet her on the other side 😈

  103. Nick Staley

    Nick Staley4 days ago

    i like pink

  104. ItsKoKo / koala_kittycat

    ItsKoKo / koala_kittycat4 days ago

    Alex making his sister black and making her act evil is racist

  105. -{Subhadra Martinez}-

    -{Subhadra Martinez}-4 days ago

    No it’s not, you probably just don’t get it...

  106. Christianimations

    Christianimations4 days ago

    The same thing happens to me when I have a sister, Slightly.

  107. Christianimations

    Christianimations4 days ago

    My little sister can just be so mean to me. And I don’t like it. I struggle with her. One time she said that she loved my mom but she doesn’t love me. Today I just told my mom about it, Shortly.

  108. aliztair :》

    aliztair :》4 days ago

    My cousin has a batlle ship.

  109. Ryan Luis Cabrera

    Ryan Luis Cabrera5 days ago

    I want to punch your sister so bad like how Let me explain studios punch you at vidcon