My Dogs Pick My Makeup


  1. Amy Belbin

    Amy Belbin3 hours ago

    Marbles’s face at 6:49 😂😂😂

  2. Jubilee Register

    Jubilee Register3 hours ago

    Brows better then mine lol

  3. Sugar._.Tamiiz Gacha,Art and more!

    Sugar._.Tamiiz Gacha,Art and more!3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who actually likes her full face?

  4. Ithil Greenleaf

    Ithil Greenleaf4 hours ago

    I hope a MUA youtuber recreates this look (not including the likes of James Charles) lol

  5. Maëva Gosselin

    Maëva Gosselin4 hours ago

    Cermet has taste

  6. Emile trash

    Emile trash4 hours ago


  7. Amanda ReallyNow

    Amanda ReallyNow4 hours ago

    I actually like this a lot. I think everything goes together really well!! Neat-O

  8. Morgan Devalcourt

    Morgan Devalcourt5 hours ago

    I can't do my eye makeup first either. It ruins everything

  9. Anita L

    Anita L5 hours ago

    This is the content I signed up for 👌🏻👌🏻 u nvr dissapoint

  10. 🌹caitlin🌹

    🌹caitlin🌹5 hours ago

    Anyone know what foundation she used

  11. Music Play

    Music Play5 hours ago

    3:40 kermit

  12. Brittni Saunders

    Brittni Saunders5 hours ago

    Makeup looks so cute girl

  13. Citylightsartt

    Citylightsartt6 hours ago

    *Now what we’re not going to do is make fart noises with our mouths*

  14. #Rosegamer AUBREY WILLIAMS

    #Rosegamer AUBREY WILLIAMS6 hours ago

    Kermit and peach are the next top beuty gurus

  15. Brennan Probasco

    Brennan Probasco7 hours ago

    You look like Gabby

  16. Ally gamer

    Ally gamer7 hours ago


  17. Jay Dee

    Jay Dee7 hours ago

    Are you stoned as fuck? I am digging this video

  18. Shae

    Shae9 hours ago

    What breed Is kermit?

  19. Jenny Huynh

    Jenny Huynh9 hours ago

    Hey Jenna! Please please please go on JKNEWS justkiddingnews. You’d be AN AMAZING fit - blunt sarcastic honest and funny. And I think would be a big bonus for your Asian American fans!!

  20. Natalie

    Natalie9 hours ago

    this look is actually so cute manny mua is QUAKING

  21. Sam Weaver

    Sam Weaver9 hours ago

    “Um, its aight.”

  22. victoria lara

    victoria lara10 hours ago

    ,i found it sooooo funny when julien said "omg kermit u smell"😂😂idk why

  23. Livie Corona

    Livie Corona10 hours ago

    Julian hyping up Jenna gave me life

  24. Christel Smit

    Christel Smit11 hours ago

    I'd like to see your dogs react to the "what the fluff" challenge!

  25. Lindsay Tr

    Lindsay Tr12 hours ago

    This was really funny. You are a kick-as* couple. So cute and fun. Loved the smallest dog too! Your dogs and your boyfriend love you. I'm jelly.

  26. Loren Manning

    Loren Manning12 hours ago

    Play fear pong!🙏

  27. audrey

    audrey14 hours ago

    idk if anyone commented this but there is an eyeliner look that's called puppy eye look and it's very popular in china/japan/korea. cat eye liner is when you pull up the tail of your liner and puppy eye is when you pull down the tail of your liner down lol it makes you look younger and makes your eyes look bigger and it looks more natural than a cat eye. lol.

  28. Master Jennifer

    Master Jennifer15 hours ago

    JeNnA plEaSE gET tHAt WeT n WiLD ZoDIAc kIT!!! #ithasaVIRGOlipgloss

  29. Timetravelinfool

    Timetravelinfool15 hours ago

    Omg that is too too cute!

  30. jake gill

    jake gill15 hours ago

    its gothic hahaha your dogs make good choises my dogs dont

  31. jake gill

    jake gill15 hours ago

    is your dog crying but the video was good

  32. Abby Bee

    Abby Bee16 hours ago

    Can you please make marbles a retirement home

  33. Paige Hartzog

    Paige Hartzog17 hours ago

    Kermit is me when I try to put on lashes

  34. keeks m.

    keeks m.17 hours ago

    the day you change your intro will be the day i go vegetarian again

  35. Aeri

    Aeri17 hours ago

    tbh there's a trend called puppy eyes and you do your wing downwards so i guess thats your dog look jenna


    CHLOE ATKINSON18 hours ago

    The only content I need in life. the best FROM the best. Any channels want to support each other by subscribing, watching, liking & commenting??? xXx

  37. Choco Jack

    Choco Jack18 hours ago

    When I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band he said”better stay on that side of the road mother f***er

  38. Summer Fitzpatrick

    Summer Fitzpatrick22 hours ago


  39. Brindille 20

    Brindille 2023 hours ago

    “Okay what we we’re not gonna do is make fart noises with our mouths”

  40. tablesticks

    tablesticks23 hours ago

    what a queen

  41. Person Person

    Person Person23 hours ago

    Did you hear the zodiac signs changed? JENNA IS NO LONGER A VIRGO

  42. Aaliyah Garcia

    Aaliyah GarciaDay ago


  43. Rae The Panda

    Rae The PandaDay ago


  44. O & O Styles

    O & O StylesDay ago

    Jenna!!!! Can you and Julien do a video recreating popular vines!

  45. Living The Dolan Life

    Living The Dolan LifeDay ago

    When Jenna tells julien not to do something, I think of the teacher telling me not to talk to my best friend . 😂😂😂

  46. Olivia Snow

    Olivia SnowDay ago

    I like paesh. Paesh is good. Paesh is a an cermet named paesh

  47. Tasha

    TashaDay ago

    I drew eyebrows on my dog... My grandma got mad😂

  48. BreeBree135

    BreeBree135Day ago

    "Gurl you're like a movie snakk- "You P O P P I N"

  49. BreeBree135

    BreeBree135Day ago

    "Gurl you're like a movie snakk- "You P O P P I N"

  50. BreeBree135

    BreeBree135Day ago

    "Freedom doesn't knock-" "Freedom RINGS" 🎊🇺🇸

  51. Desiree Ochoa

    Desiree OchoaDay ago

    Puppy Eyes are a thing in Japan!

  52. Mad Hatter

    Mad HatterDay ago

    I love that Jennas titles aren't clickbait what so ever

  53. malaika carter2

    malaika carter2Day ago

    Peach really likes glitter

  54. Becca

    BeccaDay ago

    I'm actually so inspired by this look she looks amazing!

  55. Libby Morehouse

    Libby MorehouseDay ago

    This video makes me want to buy a black lipstick

  56. Serena Perez

    Serena PerezDay ago


  57. Leah Holl

    Leah HollDay ago

    ... WHeN I WAS A YoUNg BOy, MAh FAtHeR TooK me inTO THe CItY, To SeE a mArCHInG BaND! I hate you so much rn

  58. Lliihhzz z

    Lliihhzz zDay ago

    2:49 😍

  59. Brooke Scott

    Brooke ScottDay ago

    WHEN I WAS A YOUNG CHAIR!!! I'm just gonna pretend I'm not triggered...

  60. alisianna reiterman

    alisianna reitermanDay ago

    rip Jenna s makeup

  61. Amelia Kroeker

    Amelia KroekerDay ago

    Giiiiirrrrrllll you gotta follow some ones beauty tutorial with ONLY THE AUDIO

  62. Myojin Yang

    Myojin YangDay ago

    That's such a cute look

  63. Fresh Creepypasta Narrator

    Fresh Creepypasta NarratorDay ago

    I love their relationship so much

  64. Messy Tessie

    Messy TessieDay ago

    That whole Shape Tape part though.

  65. Emma Campbell

    Emma CampbellDay ago


  66. What Sorry

    What SorryDay ago

    marbles is a precious perfect sweet boy

  67. Emily Gigler

    Emily GiglerDay ago

    "You smell like...crying?"

  68. Jamie Wells

    Jamie WellsDay ago

    Jenna you are way to beautiful for me to believe that.

  69. Kaitlyn Marie

    Kaitlyn MarieDay ago

    And what I say about the foundation before eye makeup... THANK YOU JENNA!!! I have NEVER been able to eyes first work!!!!!

  70. Harsha

    HarshaDay ago

    3:39 the dog in the background is like ‘you traitor’

  71. annie a

    annie aDay ago

    Peach with her eyebrows looks like she walked in on her parents making out and doesn’t know what to do

  72. Itssbianca

    ItssbiancaDay ago

    Every time Jenna does the mouth pop, all I can think of is Shane Dawson 😂

  73. Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate CakeDay ago

    Adidas or Nike? Likes: Nike Comments: Adidas I just don’t know what to pick.

  74. Stephanie Wise

    Stephanie WiseDay ago

    This is awesome!

  75. Understanding Parrots

    Understanding ParrotsDay ago

    I raise you this. :D

  76. Meg Mellas

    Meg MellasDay ago

    Anyone else have extreme anxiety over, marbles he's so old now, I just can't imagine the world will end. Too... .love you marb-bols. Marbeeee marbs

  77. Alicia Kelly

    Alicia KellyDay ago

    Can u please do a collab with a Beaty guru and get ur makeup done!💚

  78. Al Ken

    Al KenDay ago

    Are dogs color blind?

  79. Анастасися Криворучка

    Анастасися КриворучкаDay ago

    Крутое видео !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Люблю Дженну !!)))))))))))))))))))))

  80. Ruckus Girl1

    Ruckus Girl12 days ago

    3:19 me avoiding my problems

  81. Katie Kat

    Katie Kat2 days ago

    Jennas face when Julien is gassing her up 😂❤

  82. Valley of the Unbroken

    Valley of the Unbroken2 days ago

    That music in the background is LIFE!

  83. Maya Miller

    Maya Miller2 days ago

    I love when Julien hypes Jenna up🤟🏻🤟🏻

  84. Kota Walker

    Kota Walker2 days ago

    girl.....SLAY. Okay that's it. That's all I gotta say...

  85. Lizbeth Mendez

    Lizbeth Mendez2 days ago

    Jenna please cover your whole body in glitter!

  86. MineDixie

    MineDixie2 days ago

    Marbles is the best dead dog ever

  87. Bríet Magnúsdóttir

    Bríet Magnúsdóttir2 days ago

    The dislikes are Kermits tears

  88. Amanda Stout

    Amanda Stout2 days ago

    So stoney! Love the puppy love. Seriously relatable and awesome. Hella chill. Beautiful beautiful peeps 😉🐶🐾❤

  89. Anna Whetzel

    Anna Whetzel2 days ago

    4:45 *teacher/mom jenna has come out of her shell*

  90. Надежда Мозгалевская

    Надежда Мозгалевская2 days ago

    Okay, are you a KILLJOY? You sang the beginning of "welcome to the black parade" of my chemical romance, yes?

  91. Melissa Macreath

    Melissa Macreath2 days ago

    I loved this so much!!

  92. Ambre nelson

    Ambre nelson2 days ago


  93. True Mahrenholz

    True Mahrenholz2 days ago

    You've probably already seen this but Read more

  94. Stephanie Whitley

    Stephanie Whitley2 days ago

    dawhhhhh! you really do look so cute beeeeeech! :) Julien is deadass the sweetest and most annoying wonderful boyfriend ever and you deserve every bit of it. why y'all soooo kewwwwt stahp it

  95. Helen Nagooyen

    Helen Nagooyen2 days ago

    Yeah I’m not putting eyeshadow and THEN foundation and conceler. Issa mess. I’m not skilled enough. And it hard to avoid those spots when you could easily just cover your whole face and then add eyeshadow.

  96. Teresa Ton

    Teresa Ton2 days ago

    Jenna, you’re extremely funny. And Julian is incredibly sweet.

  97. Mary Beth Cervantez

    Mary Beth Cervantez2 days ago

    This was such a cute video❤️❤️❤️

  98. Mary Hayward

    Mary Hayward2 days ago

    i'm struggling to refrain from spitting tea all over my laptop

  99. Talyn Rahl

    Talyn Rahl2 days ago

    Great vid, the dogs did you proud! The look worked for you! Also, I really want Jenna and Julien to be my best friends... They're too awesome and adorable XD.

  100. Apple Zaino

    Apple Zaino2 days ago

    You should make your dogs have a fashion show and make them walk down the hallway or something