My Dinosaur Is a Service Animal (with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard!)


  1. This guy Is Not being edgy enough

    This guy Is Not being edgy enough6 hours ago

    I got a Fallen kingdom trailer before this video.

  2. Viridian Cosmo

    Viridian Cosmo7 hours ago

    Jurassic Airport coming 2022

  3. Ian Wade

    Ian Wade7 hours ago

    How cool is it you guys got to meet Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas?

  4. Jordan wang

    Jordan wang8 hours ago

    how much did you guys pay them to be on the show, can't believe you got those guys on here

  5. Jordan wang

    Jordan wang8 hours ago

    how much did you guys pay them to be on the show, can't believe you got those guys on here

  6. SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder9 hours ago

    Blue is a sweetheart. Lol

  7. JonWashburn

    JonWashburn9 hours ago

    That's it. I'm going to start taking my ESA Xenomorph with me on trips from now on.

  8. lalanapalala1

    lalanapalala111 hours ago

    I think i've seen her on Netflix before can't remember

  9. Konrad RandomGuy

    Konrad RandomGuy14 hours ago


  10. Patrick O'Rourke

    Patrick O'Rourke14 hours ago

    She was from black mirror nosedive

  11. CalebMakesVideos

    CalebMakesVideos14 hours ago

    I can’t take my dinosaur on a plane either so now I can only take road trips with her. : (

  12. SpecialNewb

    SpecialNewb14 hours ago

    Of course shes one of those "supervisor" ladies πŸ˜‚

  13. The Real Rick

    The Real Rick14 hours ago

    "What about that park they keep having to close down" park??? Wha park???? Bluuuee eat your pole

  14. Kendra Vang

    Kendra Vang14 hours ago


  15. Bryan Jiang

    Bryan Jiang15 hours ago

    The soul world ain’t that bad

  16. CoffeeWithTheCynic

    CoffeeWithTheCynic15 hours ago

    Alternate ending: both Owen & Claire run off after Blue, Raphael calls, "Next!" His glass of water behind the counter starts to ripple and he looks up at something offscreen in horror. Cut to the other side of the counter, Ian Malcolm is holding a leash that goes up offscreen and says, "Checking in," while the Rex lets out a soft growl.

  17. ItzKnightZ OG

    ItzKnightZ OG16 hours ago

    Lol, Icarus airline.

  18. SpaceKiddo

    SpaceKiddo16 hours ago


  19. AwesomeOreo ZX

    AwesomeOreo ZX16 hours ago

    Who? Oh crap. You lucky bastards. YOU GOT TO MEET CHRIS PRATT?!

  20. AwesomeOreo ZX

    AwesomeOreo ZX16 hours ago

    And the other person... yeah, that one that ran in heels

  21. Pintexx

    Pintexx16 hours ago

    Thanks for Infinty War part two star lord!

  22. Clara Green

    Clara Green17 hours ago

    Who else saw a commercial for Jurassic world?

  23. Party-Penguin Gaming

    Party-Penguin Gaming18 hours ago

    This video made #31 on Trending

  24. Dan Oates

    Dan Oates18 hours ago

    C A N I S P E A K W I T H Y O U R S U P E R V I S O R

  25. Jason Rasmussen

    Jason Rasmussen18 hours ago

    This was more entertaining than Jurassic World. Good trigger finger Chris Pratt! One of the few in Hollywood that actually knows how to use a gun.

  26. MrVanillaCaramel

    MrVanillaCaramel18 hours ago

    Can Chris Pratt do comedy?!? It was fun to watch him try.


    YASH AGARWAL18 hours ago

    Both of them gave each other a one-star rating afterwards. πŸ‘€

  28. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith17 hours ago

    Black mirror

  29. Michele Wood

    Michele Wood19 hours ago

    I’m crying from laughing πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  30. Adarsh Sridhar

    Adarsh Sridhar19 hours ago

    I had Jurassic world as before this......

  31. nazi americasucks

    nazi americasucks19 hours ago

    Adopted from Mexico?

  32. BondFreek

    BondFreek19 hours ago

    Dang guys you getting rich. Not only did you do the skit with amazing accuracy but you got the original actors and the original puppet. You guys have come a long way.

  33. Sky Ung

    Sky Ung19 hours ago

    Bryce got my laughing hard at that last line, her delivery was hilarious

  34. It's Dare

    It's Dare20 hours ago

    Y’all should get Rafael to do a cone head bit. There weren’t black people in that movie

  35. Veronica Servin

    Veronica Servin20 hours ago

    Can’t wait to watch this!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  36. Hide and Geek

    Hide and Geek20 hours ago

    Of course I get a Jurassic World ad before this


    LIGHT YAGIMI20 hours ago


  38. Multi Type

    Multi Type21 hour ago

    Lmao i got a Jurassic Trailer...

  39. Core

    Core21 hour ago

    I knew Chris Pratt was a phenomenal actor, but it's nice to know he's also an awesome guy.

  40. Bennett James

    Bennett James22 hours ago

    I got a Jurassic World ad before this.

  41. Syafran Muflih

    Syafran Muflih23 hours ago

    Yo Chriss, did you make your voice deeper?

  42. kathrine snow

    kathrine snowDay ago


  43. BubbaCrane

    BubbaCraneDay ago

    I trully hate people like this. Entitled pricks.

  44. 3030HGPTX3030

    3030HGPTX3030Day ago

    I really wanna go beas mode on Bryce

  45. Luis Lopez

    Luis LopezDay ago

    That wasn’t even funny like what was that?

  46. Tylor Wendt

    Tylor WendtDay ago

    Chris Pratt is anxious anytime he cannot see his dino. mainly because he's terrified of it devouring half the airport.

  47. Somos Um

    Somos UmDay ago

    Who clicked only to see the tasty Chris?

  48. Xavier Renteria

    Xavier RenteriaDay ago

    Bad marketing, should've picked a bigger MReporter channel. Maybe this would've worked when college humour was actually a good channel. Nobody likes the new cast.

  49. Matt Gritsgo

    Matt GritsgoDay ago

    I deserve to be richer.

  50. BlackLion

    BlackLionDay ago


  51. Danger Level 10

    Danger Level 10Day ago

    How is she not in every movie right now? I know I don't know her by name (I call her, that girl running around Jurassic world in high heels.) but hey, Ryan Gosling was known as Drive, before I saw another movie with him.

  52. Chente

    ChenteDay ago

    What happened to her face? OMG She was so beautiful and now...

  53. Joe White

    Joe WhiteDay ago

    Anyone notice that the tranq was not even in the chamber?

  54. Travam

    TravamDay ago

    wait we'rnt these the people in Jurassic world?

  55. vdogg43

    vdogg43Day ago

    Ha Ha

  56. jason sumburg

    jason sumburgDay ago

    When u bring a celebrity....the skit needs to be really good...this didn't make me laugh...

  57. KennedyEbony

    KennedyEbonyDay ago

    *We don't talk about Jurassic Park.*

  58. Rebekah Neighbors

    Rebekah NeighborsDay ago

    Load her up! *Growl* woop.

  59. So_Pro 1

    So_Pro 1Day ago

    Why is the black guys head so mest up

  60. Wolfie WolfHeart

    Wolfie WolfHeartDay ago

    Omg, I saw an ad and it was about Jurrasic world, and it showed a clip of him meeting Blue

  61. WarParty! At the Outpost

    WarParty! At the OutpostDay ago

    My cat.

  62. Hoshi Yoru

    Hoshi YoruDay ago

    I need a movie about this....

  63. Prodigy Of Nero

    Prodigy Of NeroDay ago


  64. Chilly The Ice Cucumber

    Chilly The Ice CucumberDay ago

    I’m literally not even kidding about this. The ad that came up before this video was an ad for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

  65. caleb johnson

    caleb johnsonDay ago

    Words. Loved it.

  66. Poop Poop

    Poop PoopDay ago

    Why is this only #27 in trending

  67. Touka Dark

    Touka DarkDay ago

    Who needs a lame service dog when you can get a bad ass service raptor psh.....

  68. TemuCano X

    TemuCano XDay ago

    This shit isn't funny

  69. josh fritz

    josh fritzDay ago

    when she said "can i speak with your supervisor?" with that shit eating grin on her face, i wanted to reach through my screen and punch her right then. jesus i hate it when people say that.

  70. necro nerd

    necro nerdDay ago

    Got a Jurassic world ad for this

  71. Hays Marionneaux

    Hays MarionneauxDay ago

    I saw a Jurassic world trailer ad before this

  72. Cfiregaming

    CfiregamingDay ago

    When I was about to watch this, an ad showed the trailer of Jurassic world: Fallen Kingdom.