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    Carli Bybel where is that top from

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    Carli Bybel hi😇

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    Do i have bag collection

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    Carli Bybel omg ur catsssss😍😍😍😍

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    Carli Bybel ur ganesh idol on the dresser with ur gold necklaces is so cute .. dono if u pray or believe in him or just decorated with.. but he brings good luck xx

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    I wish I would have a nice closet like you ^^

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    Why do you have ganesha’s idol in your closet ?

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    My dream closet 😍

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    Can I know the dimensions of this closet approximately

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    Your closet is stunning! Great job :)

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    Omg😭 Closet goals❤

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    Did she say what shirt she was wearing?


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    3:50 it's started.

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    its beautifulll 😍❤😘

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    The best walking closet I ever are super star

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    ينهاار ابيضضضض😂😂😂العربي لايك.💜💫

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    9:37 u have Ganesha idols

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    Beautiful can you do a kitchen tour before you leave . Love your cats they are adorable

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    Can't relate


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    I hope one day, i can try the feeling to recieve donation clothes, to try the branded clothes hihi

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    I wish i was your cat

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    your so pretty

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    Per miei gusti parli un po' troppo, anziké fare vedere la tua guardaroba...sei arrivata metà del video e stai ancora parlando.....😒

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    The video starts at 3:57. Thank me later.

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    this is such GOALS

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    Your closet is bigger than my house

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    It’s so pretty and organized!!!

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    plz carli do a jewellery tour

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    عند رپنآ في أحلي مـن گدة بگتييييير بسـ آحسـنو في آلدنيآ

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    Omg 😍

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    Can we live together? 😛🤩🤩💖

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    I love your closet but I adore those cute little kitties of yours! I'm a cat lover too!

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    Ur an awesome person just shows how creative and smart u are....How can anybody organise this wall

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    Just likes because of her cat

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    This is what we call closet!! And your cats are adorable 😻

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    love your cats!!

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    You are freaking gorgeous!

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    When her closet is legit a store, the way it is organized makes it look just like a store

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    the cats it's so cool

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    That cat has a bigger penis than me

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    its like barbie life in the dreamhouse 😍😂

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    omg😱 she looks like kim kardashian

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    Are you sure that you can pick what to wear in the morning?!

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    what a blessing to have been able to have that huge closet! Why did you decide to move out of your beautiful home now?

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    Even the cats are expensive

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    Hello I love your video ! Could you pls tell me the dimensions of your closet? 🙂

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    Lmao one part of your closet is bigger than my whole room😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    This is the biggest closet I’ve ever seen, and I thought chuggaaconroy’s was big..

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    And if that's her closet imagine what her room would be like and her house and pool and garden and if she has another house. What I'm thinking is.... IS SHE RICH!!!!!??????

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    My bedroom is quarter the size of her closet. NO LIE!!!!😭😭😭

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    In fact an eighth

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    For some reason you make me feel happy. I usually don't like excessive closet tours. You could have had one t shirt or ten million diamonds and I would have thought, "isn't that nice!" My husband, Thomas recently made me a gorgeous new closet, that I never want to leave. I pray your new home is wonderful and you marry a man as wonderful as my Thomas. Grace :)

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    Woaw !!! Magnifique dressing! ! Je suis trop jalouse je veux le même et il est immense !!! 😍😍😍👸👑👠👡👗👚👜👢🐈🐱

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    This is so amazing I literally will put this in my dream board !!!

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    Love it by the way your cat is cute if your a cat lover like meeee

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    my favourite part is the pull out ironing board...I need that in my life lol 😂

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    megan fox is that you?

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    your closet is bigger than my room...and my room is the biggest in the house...

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    Me looking at the comments seeing if anyone else can relate to being broke.

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    she literally got a shop as her closet

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    And the fact that you stated it’s all just stuff brings you down to earth

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    Hi Carli👋🏽 you’re so gorgeous inside and out! You’re like my MReporter best friend, I love your style and watching your videos always cheer me up.

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    This closet is 2 of my apartment xD OMG you can live there :D

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    I've been trying to think who you look similar to, for years! now I finally see it. Christina Aguilera!

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