My Average Day 2018 (Raw Video)


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeekMonth ago

    Check out the newest VORW Radio Show on SoundCloud! If you have a shortwave radio - don't miss out on this evening's broadcasts, listen in! Frequencies:

  2. Ben Turley

    Ben Turley3 days ago

    FIFA'S FINEST I'm sure he's got about 1.1 million subs MORE than you do as well..

  3. 28bLaK Music

    28bLaK Music18 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek I want you to narrate my next project

  4. Savage Bliss

    Savage Bliss28 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek ignore the Haters because there Retarded bitches..if they didn't like ur video they should not have even been watching ur Videos in the first place fuck them cunts.

  5. GAY GAY

    GAY GAY29 days ago

    do you think you could put the broadcasts on youtube?

  6. Daniel Licon

    Daniel LiconMonth ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek can I be ur friend

  7. Sarcastic Mr Cat

    Sarcastic Mr CatHour ago

    ok there's something really attractive to review brah. Just wanted to point out that I still think the same, years on. Suit and all, what's not to like about such a sophiscated guy?

  8. Natanael Aguillon

    Natanael Aguillon11 hours ago

    No swag

  9. James Russo

    James Russo22 hours ago

    You should get a wash cloth wet and then put it in your hair instead of dumping water. Same result, no mess

  10. RG 12

    RG 1223 hours ago

    This guy is too pure for this planet and does he have a girlfriend ? Do we have these answers

  11. nerd affiliated

    nerd affiliated23 hours ago

    He is like a middle aged business man.



    You should fight joeys world tour

  13. Je CU *Mo*

    Je CU *Mo*Day ago

    Do you have Asperger's Syndrome?

  14. Morrizz

    MorrizzDay ago

    Those fingernails tho.

  15. Amazon Prime

    Amazon PrimeDay ago

    A legend.

  16. krunchy krunch

    krunchy krunchDay ago

    43:32 he was not having it

  17. krunchy krunch

    krunchy krunchDay ago

    I love this dude

  18. Khronic X

    Khronic XDay ago

    All these years I thought he woke up in a suit

  19. Finn Swanson

    Finn SwansonDay ago

    this nigga so skinny because he sweats off all the food he eats. Fella wearing a cardigan in june

  20. Courtney Wynn

    Courtney Wynn2 days ago

    Idc what anybody says he's WAYYYY too pure for this cruel world like this is the best quality I've seen all year tbvvh 😂💖💖

  21. Isabella Keating

    Isabella Keating2 days ago

    you're so cute omg

  22. Gareth Morgan

    Gareth Morgan2 days ago

    Love a good pocket.

  23. davidmv113

    davidmv1132 days ago

    Add some water or milk to your chicken and put the lid on earlier. You should probably cook it on a setting of 3-5 on your oven. It will take a little longer but will be much less dry. Your dinner looked GREAT considering.

  24. Lea Ma

    Lea Ma2 days ago

    omg if he did a video wearing more casual clothing (like what most people would wear like jeans) ?? horrible idea orrrr

  25. DeAzY x Qwik

    DeAzY x Qwik3 days ago

    How old is he? I dont wanna be mean or anything

  26. Emil-O

    Emil-O3 days ago

    why dont you go to sleep at 11 pm and wake up at 8 am or something along those lines? why sleep all day?

  27. Toevlier Panosh

    Toevlier Panosh3 days ago

    This has got to be the weirdest thing ever

  28. Jolly Good

    Jolly Good3 days ago

    I’m sorry but it’s not called a vest it’s a waistcoat old bean!

  29. Fireclayton 66

    Fireclayton 663 days ago

    Im not gay but he's so cute,

  30. DonaldTrump’sYellowHairAndOrangeFace Yes.

    DonaldTrump’sYellowHairAndOrangeFace Yes.3 days ago


  31. TheUltimate Ultramarine

    TheUltimate Ultramarine3 days ago

    He may be an albino rat but he’s kinda cute at the same time

  32. ronniegyadig

    ronniegyadig3 days ago

    Mr Rogers son

  33. singleshot2113

    singleshot21133 days ago

    Reviewbrah reveiwd his own meal I loved it so much

  34. Milo-ballz101

    Milo-ballz1013 days ago

    ' *AN AVERAGE DAY OF GOD* '... So amazing...

  35. Angela Alexander

    Angela Alexander3 days ago

    Good eats.

  36. Yigit Gers

    Yigit Gers3 days ago

    Why he wakes up at night?

  37. Paula Golden

    Paula Golden4 days ago

    I realize you're a fine young gentlemen, but this uncouth old lady would really like to spy on your romantic life.

  38. MAC D X

    MAC D X4 days ago

    how tall is he?

  39. MAC D X

    MAC D X4 days ago

    What era was this filmed in...?

  40. Gene Parmesan

    Gene Parmesan4 days ago

    Reviewbrah < Repoolbrah. Review the pool ! Review short wave radios. Thank you for everything you do. One of the few good people left in this cold world.

  41. MAC D X

    MAC D X4 days ago


  42. Chris Ruch

    Chris Ruch4 days ago

    The perfect man doesn’t exi-

  43. Luke Donlon

    Luke Donlon4 days ago

    Why do you stay up at night?

  44. Red RyCe

    Red RyCe4 days ago

    What do u do for entertainment

  45. Red RyCe

    Red RyCe4 days ago

    Did he take the pizza out of the box, throw it away, walk back inside for another slice, throw it away as well, another trip inside only to walk back outside to discard the pizza box?

  46. UsNavySeal994

    UsNavySeal9944 days ago

    At first when I saw the thumbnail I thought ReviewBrah was hittin' a woman and she was falling backwards

  47. Jose Valencia

    Jose Valencia4 days ago

    I sat here and watched him for 21 minutes , eventhough I like him he is extremely monotone and uninteresting

  48. A guy named Sheev

    A guy named Sheev4 days ago

    Instantly smashed like button

  49. Ice Rain

    Ice Rain5 days ago

    I like how he doesn’t use his phone when he’s eating! 😊👍🏼

  50. R Beth

    R Beth5 days ago

    Reviewbrah, I respect the suit but I was wondering, don't they get hot and stuffy?

  51. Miss Tiki

    Miss Tiki5 days ago

    please be my husband

  52. Life

    Life5 days ago

    His fingers are beautiful

  53. Liam Kuchta

    Liam Kuchta5 days ago

    you wake up at 8:40 PM?

  54. pheron Patrick

    pheron Patrick5 days ago

    Why do people hate on him

  55. Foot Lettuce

    Foot Lettuce4 days ago

    pheron Patrick it's simple - because he's weird. And that's ok.

  56. xKishinx

    xKishinx6 days ago

    this guy is not lazy instead of using his own garbage can. He uses the outside garbage can. This guy is god

  57. LordLukste

    LordLukste6 days ago


  58. Unicorn poop

    Unicorn poop6 days ago

    Why do I feel like he has a British accent.

  59. Unicorn poop

    Unicorn poop4 days ago

    Foot Lettuce same sis but it feels like he pronounces a few words that remind be of a British accent.

  60. Foot Lettuce

    Foot Lettuce4 days ago

    Unicorn poop idk man, he sounds pretty American to me.

  61. Marcos Fredrickson

    Marcos Fredrickson6 days ago

    How are you able to afford such a random sleeping schedule?

  62. Olivia Halsey

    Olivia Halsey6 days ago

    i love you

  63. Amélie Birosak

    Amélie Birosak7 days ago

    I would like to hear your short stories you've written and I'm sure I speak for many people when I say that.

  64. Amélie Birosak

    Amélie Birosak7 days ago

    I am so happy you share your time with us. I've just started watching and I really enjoy your videos.

  65. Michael Eugene Cheng

    Michael Eugene Cheng7 days ago

    i would love to c u hit the gym if u ever hv wanted to :D

  66. Mr. Sweg

    Mr. Sweg7 days ago

    it's just so good

  67. Taylor Garcia

    Taylor Garcia7 days ago

    Niggas like this get More hoes then you think.

  68. Mia Laschinski

    Mia Laschinski7 days ago

    Love the asthetic 10:57

  69. Stirlingite 555

    Stirlingite 5557 days ago

    Question: When do you go to sleep?

  70. Julio Torres

    Julio Torres7 days ago

    He looks like Murphy from the 100 before his hair is done

  71. Eden Keeping

    Eden Keeping7 days ago

    why are his sleeping patterns so odd?

  72. first name

    first name7 days ago

    This man needs endorsements! Mens wearhouse, Kohls, every fast food restaurant this man has every put in his videos bc he makes everything look good, and especially the maker of that comb, matter fact every product this man uses needs to cut him a check

  73. TheGrimElite Gamer

    TheGrimElite Gamer7 days ago

    *umh, you know*

  74. Jasper

    Jasper8 days ago

    This guy is a vampire

  75. This no gay, this Wesley

    This no gay, this Wesley8 days ago

    Your sleep patterns are worrisome. This isn't good for your health.

  76. Zero Hero

    Zero Hero8 days ago

    Here you can see a gentleman in his natural habitat.

  77. James Sheehy

    James Sheehy8 days ago

    This is fucked

  78. Kerzid

    Kerzid8 days ago

    I imagine him reviewing all the times he had sex

  79. *sips tea*

    *sips tea*8 days ago

    is he a teacher?

  80. Stinky Rat

    Stinky Rat9 days ago

    15:34 I hope whoever said that kills themselves

  81. Cruel Satan

    Cruel Satan9 days ago

    44:53 suh duh

  82. Rose Xeno Bad

    Rose Xeno Bad9 days ago

    Finds you a mans like dis

  83. RubberBoy

    RubberBoy9 days ago

    you are so fun and interesting to watch.

  84. uncompromised

    uncompromised9 days ago

    The grease

  85. Gecko

    Gecko9 days ago

    Does your lover hold your camera while you're cooking or is it a sibling/family member?

  86. Kermit Gaming

    Kermit Gaming9 days ago

    How do you get sun? And go out places.

  87. Kermit Gaming

    Kermit Gaming9 days ago

    I literally cannot sleep, I took 3 naps each one about an hour, now it’s 4am and I will most likely be tired all day. :)

  88. 子婊

    子婊9 days ago

    Yo what’s that phone bruh

  89. Jackson McPhail

    Jackson McPhail9 days ago

    Your doing great bud, keep up the good work

  90. N U T T

    N U T T9 days ago

    I know this is rude but I could not stop wondering this entire video if he beats his meat

  91. papa jesus

    papa jesus9 days ago

    lookin like a normal dude with that white shirt on bud

  92. P&S W/ G

    P&S W/ G9 days ago

    He's cute

  93. Complicated Kiwi

    Complicated Kiwi10 days ago

    Am I the only one who just lives for his hands

  94. Yoo Kozi

    Yoo Kozi10 days ago


  95. jakob dean

    jakob dean10 days ago

    He kinda looks like mr burns but no hate tho

  96. juggalo for life!

    juggalo for life!10 days ago

    I want to know about your life. Like...every bit...because youre insanely interesting

  97. juggalo for life!

    juggalo for life!10 days ago

    I want to stop watching and go to sleep but its 2:17 am and i can't

  98. juggalo for life!

    juggalo for life!10 days ago

    I dont know why im so interested in this fellow

  99. Memphis Avritt

    Memphis Avritt10 days ago

    This man is sponge bob from the episode where he becomes “normal”.........hi how are, lovely weather we are having today

  100. Jazryn Tumale

    Jazryn Tumale10 days ago

    I’m just curious, what does he do for a living?

  101. Foot Lettuce

    Foot Lettuce4 days ago

    Jazryn Tumale *S U C C*

  102. Roman Warner

    Roman Warner10 days ago

    If Patrick Bateman and Sid the sloth had a kid

  103. lil mushmouth

    lil mushmouth11 days ago

    How am I finding this to be interesting

  104. Otto von Bismarck

    Otto von Bismarck11 days ago

    The only MReporterr that I’d watch 48 minutes of his daily life

  105. MrNatantantan

    MrNatantantan11 days ago

    Why does this dude throw his food onto outside?

  106. asum power

    asum power11 days ago

    The video starts with PM and ends with AM. Do you have you AMs and PMs mixed up? I remember that AM is after midnight and PM is before midnight

  107. bensons999

    bensons99911 days ago

    21:45 - That, good sir, is not _"grilled"_ as you stated, but rather- *fried.* _(Grilled would be very much healthier!)_ Love your work! ♥

  108. plnkfloydian

    plnkfloydian11 days ago

    You look like death

  109. A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber

    A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber11 days ago