My Average Day 2018 (Raw Video)


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek8 months ago

    Check out the newest VORW Radio Show on SoundCloud! If you have a shortwave radio - don't miss out on this evening's broadcasts, listen in! Frequencies:

  2. andyoushouldfeelbad

    andyoushouldfeelbadMonth ago

    ReviewBrah, did you ever finish your short story? Do you have any other works finished? I'm a writer myself and I'd love to read your work if you have it published or are willing to share.

  3. karen pereira

    karen pereiraMonth ago

    I have never seen this channel before; but I would think that the people watching want to see you make the part in your hair. Your subs probably like the way you look and speak (do you break off the tines of the comb to make that very straight part)... peace and hugs KP

  4. Octowave

    OctowaveMonth ago

    You look and sound like the backpack kid.

  5. •_•

    •_•2 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek boi you look like that sloth from ice age! 🤣

  6. edie beale

    edie beale4 months ago

    You should be a lawyer. I'd believe anything you said.

  7. Penny Trui

    Penny Trui2 hours ago

    Where is the guy that told you to f yourself I swear I'ma kill him.

  8. J Starr2

    J Starr22 hours ago

    Ditch the non-stick go AllClad much easier to use

  9. martini stirred

    martini stirred6 hours ago

    This just seems like a good dude.

  10. CRH

    CRH7 hours ago

    People just don't dress the way they used to. The world used to be much more proper and good looking. Nowadays it's like we're all slobs who don't care. I think there's a correlation between the world dressing better and the world being better in general. It's all connected to people's mentality, you know?

  11. Four Elias

    Four EliasDay ago

    kiss four rn

  12. Playboi Cashy

    Playboi CashyDay ago

    Why he look like his name is Kenny

  13. Hannah Schulte

    Hannah SchulteDay ago

    When he fell asleep for a moment, woke up abruptly, and flashed that peace sign, I felt that.

  14. DJ

    DJ2 days ago

    Watching this at midnight alone in a dark room is one hell of an experience. You feel like your there with him. These videos make me feel so calm whenever I watch them. God bless you reviewbrah, I apologize for you videos I miss.

  15. Dingir

    Dingir2 days ago

    I respect you for using Sensodyne ProNamel toothpaste

  16. nageeK snikwaH

    nageeK snikwaH4 days ago

    at 19:32 he looks like he saw something treacherous like a nuke was coming right for him

  17. dommywommy

    dommywommy5 days ago

    You're nocturnal? That's pretty cool!!

  18. dommywommy

    dommywommy5 days ago

    your videos are so relaxing, they help me when i'm in a dark mood :)

  19. lara a.

    lara a.5 days ago

    he’s absolutely wonderful. it’s very rare to find people like this, pale, old soul, and literally nocturnal. he is perfect and I am literally in love with him.

  20. dommywommy

    dommywommy5 days ago

    He makes the perfect content for anxious people like me - his videos are simple, and I love them!

  21. Yumeina Meisei

    Yumeina Meisei5 days ago

    Inception 😂

  22. Cheeky Breeky

    Cheeky Breeky6 days ago

    This dude is the fucking mafia.

  23. Mr. Mustache

    Mr. Mustache6 days ago

    That phone quality is pretty decent..............

  24. dommywommy

    dommywommy5 days ago

    Better than PewDiepie

  25. x Madoka x

    x Madoka x7 days ago

    this was a day before my birthday

  26. One less chromey

    One less chromey8 days ago

    Backpack kid

  27. Marcos Braga

    Marcos Braga8 days ago

    A clean gentleman

  28. Cyril Steger

    Cyril Steger8 days ago

    I feel like im wasting my time here.. This guy is F*** weird.

  29. dommywommy

    dommywommy5 days ago

    One size does not fit all.

  30. Shingo Shoji

    Shingo Shoji8 days ago

    "There's the moon. At least I think is anyway. Or maybe it's the sun. I don't know anymore." Reviewbrah are you ok?

  31. dommywommy

    dommywommy5 days ago

    Yeah I wasn't sure about that part either

  32. TPinso

    TPinso8 days ago

    Imagine looking out your window in the morning and in the darkness you can see this gman looking dude on his computer outside

  33. TPinso

    TPinso8 days ago

    This dudes bed head is literally combed hair

  34. Serene Holsclaw

    Serene Holsclaw8 days ago

    how tall are you?

  35. MEN and WOMEN are enemies!

    MEN and WOMEN are enemies!4 days ago

    Why do you fucking care? Bitch

  36. Makalov

    Makalov8 days ago


  37. MDL

    MDL9 days ago

    I can see you shooting your parents, burning the house down and shaving the family cat

  38. jlcr production's

    jlcr production's9 days ago

    Why would people watch asmr when you could just watch thereportoftheweek asmr is creepy review bruh is actually relaxing

  39. Sam Bengtsson

    Sam Bengtsson9 days ago

    36:07 was so poetic

  40. ヅAdmireDrippy

    ヅAdmireDrippy9 days ago

    How did I find myself here at 12:20 Am

  41. ヅAdmireDrippy

    ヅAdmireDrippy9 days ago

    My guy looks like he’s ready to knock on your door while you’re sleeping to preach gods word

  42. ヅAdmireDrippy

    ヅAdmireDrippy9 days ago

    This has never seen slides in his life

  43. ヅAdmireDrippy

    ヅAdmireDrippy9 days ago

    Dude u aren’t going to church How can u wear a suit is so uncomfortable

  44. jlcr production's

    jlcr production's9 days ago

    It's his fashion style

  45. ヅAdmireDrippy

    ヅAdmireDrippy9 days ago

    You need to eat

  46. ヅAdmireDrippy

    ヅAdmireDrippy9 days ago

    Suits are so uncomfortable how can you wear one everyday

  47. ヅAdmireDrippy

    ヅAdmireDrippy9 days ago

    Imagine if he got 360 waves

  48. ヅAdmireDrippy

    ヅAdmireDrippy9 days ago

    You look like a chihuahua

  49. ヅAdmireDrippy

    ヅAdmireDrippy9 days ago

    If I didn’t have to go to school I would wake up at 3 pm every day Not 8 AM wtf

  50. Jollyman83

    Jollyman838 days ago


  51. ヅAdmireDrippy

    ヅAdmireDrippy9 days ago

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen him without a suit wtf😂

  52. Gia Bono

    Gia Bono9 days ago

    Hey I have a question do you live by yourself or with your parents? Because we never see your parents

  53. dommywommy

    dommywommy5 days ago

    I think he lives by himself. Otherwise he would have at least mentioned his parents once.

  54. Frat Boy Fishing

    Frat Boy Fishing9 days ago

    This guy is the future Mr. Rogers

  55. BenBonk

    BenBonk9 days ago

    23:51 lmaoooo

  56. Bismarck

    Bismarck10 days ago

    Why does he wake up at night? Is he a night time person?

  57. dommywommy

    dommywommy5 days ago

    Some people (including myself) are nocturnal, or 'night owls'. Essentially, it means that our circadian rhythms are naturally different to societal norms, so we prefer to stay awake during the night time. There's a cool wikipedia article all about this if you're interested in taking a quick read:

  58. young draco

    young draco10 days ago

    Joey's world tour is better

  59. Rygar Gaming

    Rygar Gaming10 days ago

    your so precious ma dude

  60. dommywommy

    dommywommy5 days ago

    He really is one of a kind.


    EXAMPLE TEXT11 days ago

    They average day of a 1930s mob accountant.

  62. Vladimir Stilin

    Vladimir Stilin12 days ago

    Man I really wish I was as calm and as reserved as mr. reviewbrah

  63. Vladimir Stilin

    Vladimir Stilin5 days ago

    Thanks! I’ve tried it before but never to a large extent

  64. dommywommy

    dommywommy5 days ago

    Try out meditation. I heard it helps slow the brain.

  65. Cosmo Dookie

    Cosmo Dookie12 days ago

    This guy is the definition of a sheldon-cooper, except asexual tendencies (we all know he s tha ladies man), but about sensitivity, different levels of smartness and gentle character-sides - he absolutely is (even though sheldon is not famous for being quite sensitive..) On the other hand, he might fit pretty good in the artistic role of a highly smart mass-murderer (Hannibal Lecter in his younger years).. Who knows.. Well mannered, highly educated, and with a certain stinge of psychopathic tendency.. - No offense! He would be able to become a quite interesting film-actor, I guess.. I think this dude offers something special! Thats cool!

  66. Ezequiel Gil

    Ezequiel Gil12 days ago

    I respect this man so much

  67. Castertroy13

    Castertroy1313 days ago

    His life is so boring

  68. dommywommy

    dommywommy5 days ago

    You can have that opinion, but *I* personally believe he leads an interesting, intimate lifestyle, which, in my opinion, trumps that of a crazy lifestyle.

  69. Tyler Crowley

    Tyler Crowley13 days ago


  70. Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson13 days ago

    This dude deadass wore a suit while cleaning the pool

  71. Daniel Edgren

    Daniel Edgren14 days ago

    U are a good man and we need more people like you, MReporter should promote u more dude

  72. Tony Donahoe

    Tony Donahoe14 days ago

    How many baddies do you fit in that pool

  73. TheGugor

    TheGugor14 days ago

    8pm to later than 5am, thats quite a day...

  74. Ridge Gallini

    Ridge Gallini14 days ago

    Does he ever take showers?

  75. Defect Leon

    Defect Leon14 days ago

    Reviewbrah have a phone, wich mean he lives in 2019

  76. Georgi Beasty96

    Georgi Beasty9615 days ago

    My guy looks like a Business man

  77. Ridge Gallini

    Ridge Gallini15 days ago

    He didn't even take a shower

  78. Will

    Will16 days ago

    does he go out

  79. Will

    Will16 days ago

    i want to see him fight.

  80. Carlos Cowart

    Carlos Cowart16 days ago

    Dust yo fan son

  81. Pineapple Plays

    Pineapple Plays17 days ago

    8:41 AM

  82. diamond zieman

    diamond zieman17 days ago

    Doesn't matter what a man looks like but a man with manners, and comfort in ones self is the most manliest thing.

  83. Anthony M

    Anthony M17 days ago

    I fell likes hes hiding something I wonder if he has skeletons in the closet

  84. lazarus1867

    lazarus186717 days ago

    If anyone ever picks on you lmk.. I'll ruin their life and blast them on social media.. XP..

  85. Bonnie Caraisco

    Bonnie Caraisco17 days ago

    Does he own a TV or a radio. And what year is it where he lives

  86. med1ved1

    med1ved117 days ago

    Please do another one of these for 2019

  87. Øath Ghost

    Øath Ghost17 days ago

    Does anyone else wonder his sexuality? He's either gay or asexual, I feel like theirs no other rational option

  88. Douglas Bodén

    Douglas Bodén18 days ago

    Is your day only 48 minutes?

  89. victor teran

    victor teran18 days ago

    This video makes me feel depressed

  90. victor teran

    victor teran18 days ago

    Cut your finger nails!!!!!!!!

  91. Gerson Melendez

    Gerson Melendez19 days ago

    Wait....who was recording while you were grilling the chicken? o_O

  92. William Koo

    William Koo19 days ago

    Murphy from the 100

  93. Bradley Casey

    Bradley Casey20 days ago

    this guy needs to be the mascot for r/wholesomememes

  94. Dredd Poolio

    Dredd Poolio20 days ago

    This needs a million views..

  95. omar nasser

    omar nasser20 days ago

    Reviewbrah looks like a mormon going out to knock on your doors and ask if you know about the lord. Lol but really reviewbrah is the reincarnation of Mr Rogers but his passion is food

  96. Michael Tayon

    Michael Tayon20 days ago

    Dark Shadows meets Salad Fingers! All we need is some creepy accent.

  97. malegeangran

    malegeangran20 days ago

    I wish I could live in my mother’s garage all expenses paid. But She’s living in my house free of charge does whatever she wants whenever she wants, like a proper son should do.

  98. malegeangran

    malegeangran20 days ago

    You wish you lived in the 50’s

  99. PandaCrazed

    PandaCrazed20 days ago

    if i were rich, i would buy you a very nice, and very practical comb, a very expensive and nice tailored suit, some very nice hair gel (a large supply), and a very very very nice car you can review in. you’re just so wholesome like what the heck

  100. malegeangran

    malegeangran20 days ago

    Give this dude some cocaine.

  101. Michael Tayon

    Michael Tayon20 days ago

    THAT would be fucking funny!!!! LOL

  102. Dømîñø_ YT

    Dømîñø_ YT21 day ago

    This guy must be seriously lonely

  103. Harl Chestford

    Harl Chestford21 day ago

    Gordon ramჰsey 23:18 xD

  104. cope dipper Adams

    cope dipper Adams21 day ago

    will there be a 2019 version🤔🤔

  105. corsibuck

    corsibuck21 day ago

    He reminds me a lot of Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks

  106. JJD

    JJD21 day ago


  107. Tsunami Films

    Tsunami Films21 day ago

    Avengers recruit this man

  108. epicwaffles

    epicwaffles21 day ago

    I enjoy these comments


    THE-SKI-MASK22 days ago

    dis nigga is hella weird...he’s like living in the 1950s

  110. Allah Knows Best

    Allah Knows Best22 days ago

    Do you have any plamps that I can sclarp?

  111. lit vids

    lit vids23 days ago

    Is it weird that when he brushed his hair that felt satisfying

  112. Dømîñø_ YT

    Dømîñø_ YT21 day ago

    lit vids no lol

  113. lil glock

    lil glock23 days ago

    Wave check

  114. Gingeuan

    Gingeuan24 days ago


  115. ColoniaAgrippinaRex

    ColoniaAgrippinaRex24 days ago

    Why don't you do anything useful and try to save your state from drowning?

  116. Cemlyn Greenhalgh

    Cemlyn Greenhalgh24 days ago

    2:10 to 2:30 what is he trying to say

  117. Daniel Cardenas

    Daniel Cardenas24 days ago

    This is a late comment but I feel bad I never see anyone with him like he never talks to no one but us 💔

  118. Jeanette Schlimgen

    Jeanette Schlimgen24 days ago

    Do you make your money by making videos, or are you independently wealthy? Also is there a reason you prefer the night rather than a daily routine?

  119. Robert Furlong

    Robert Furlong25 days ago

    So you don't just hang out in shorts and a shirt when you get up at 8pm and chill at home for the day, the effort seems exhausting.

  120. Malicious Sandvich

    Malicious Sandvich25 days ago

    It's weird seeing him in different clothing