My Average Day 2018 (Raw Video)


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek5 months ago

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  2. edie beale

    edie bealeMonth ago

    You should be a lawyer. I'd believe anything you said.

  3. PearBear HD

    PearBear HD2 months ago

    i love how that fucking camera records

  4. Kiz

    Kiz3 months ago

    The proper way to hold the fork is to wrap your fingers around the handle and push the tip down putting your finger on the curve. That way it's easier to cut and you can see your food better

  5. Wolf

    Wolf3 months ago

    You’re Awesome


    PRINCE LUI3 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek if I was a woman I’d marry you

  7. Joe Malott

    Joe Malott6 minutes ago

    Dude, you rock! Keep up the cool videos.

  8. David T

    David T7 hours ago

    Im kinda new here, and this video raises more questions then it answers......

  9. Luke Hall

    Luke Hall7 hours ago

    is nobody going to ask why he wakes up at 8:00pm and goes to bed at 6:00am. I'm really confused.

  10. YouAreMom

    YouAreMom11 hours ago

    this is watching god live his daily life

  11. Giggles

    Giggles13 hours ago

    Whats it like to have Steve Buscemi as a father?

  12. Sack Head

    Sack Head14 hours ago

    This definitely a dating video ! Get in there haha

  13. Sack Head

    Sack Head14 hours ago

    I want your morning haircut. Looks slick even before any work.

  14. David Mason

    David Mason15 hours ago

    Who told this kid wide leg pants are cool what the h

  15. David Mason

    David Mason15 hours ago

    Dresses like a he's 80 with the diet of a mis guided child

  16. David Mason

    David Mason15 hours ago

    I'm no Master chef... Clearly

  17. Drake johnson

    Drake johnsonDay ago

    Was that his gf filming him while he cooked

  18. DJ AD

    DJ ADDay ago

    Top 3 things I want you to review are, 1-preforming a murder. 2-the literal end of the world 3-your previous videos, and then review, you reviewing the review.

  19. john crow

    john crowDay ago

    make a video about how you do, or now did, deal with loneliness when you were isolated 24/7.

  20. Jessie Robideau

    Jessie RobideauDay ago

    Is it me, or does he remind you of Ed from Edd, Ed n Eddy?

  21. Mario Garcia

    Mario GarciaDay ago


  22. BIL P

    BIL P2 days ago

    lol just say podcast

  23. Keller Castro

    Keller Castro2 days ago

    honestly I wish I could rock that hairstyle like you do

  24. Mister Moose

    Mister Moose2 days ago

    *4:20* I see what you did there

  25. Mister Moose

    Mister Moose2 days ago

    So strange watching him eat something other than fast food.

  26. Jetemiah Ballard

    Jetemiah Ballard2 days ago

    Have you started collecting social security yet?! (Nah ur a great Channel, keep up the good work!)

  27. Darrell Patts

    Darrell Patts3 days ago

    Reviewbrah, I would really like to see you review the gym.

  28. Louis Wallington

    Louis Wallington4 days ago

    is it just preference that he sleeps during the day and awake at night?

  29. carlos javier plasencia mora

    carlos javier plasencia mora4 days ago

    actually he is a retired men with 21 years old

  30. Messr's kitchen

    Messr's kitchen4 days ago

    Id love nothing more then to smoke a fat one with you bro! Lets make it happen!

  31. Luke Waggoner

    Luke Waggoner4 days ago

    My brothers are 21 and they wake up late and party this is the most genuine good dude on the planet

  32. Frozty

    Frozty4 days ago

    Love the vids brah thanks for the constant entertainment. Keep on rolling no matter what any1 says to u.

  33. Pedro Andrade

    Pedro Andrade4 days ago

    This is better then any asmr i've seen

  34. Jim Holden

    Jim Holden4 days ago

    Maybe try some weight lifting?

  35. Murray Ferguson

    Murray Ferguson4 days ago

    I think u could get a haircut to suit that kind of hairstyle

  36. Tobias Hval

    Tobias Hval4 days ago

    You are awesome

  37. alien lirim

    alien lirim4 days ago

    25:20 what the fuck

  38. Peyton Smith

    Peyton Smith4 days ago

    this dude is soooooo still a virgin

  39. Pip Purdy

    Pip Purdy4 days ago

    Whats with Captions for Arabic is it for Review Brah’s Palestinian fans?

  40. Gee O_o

    Gee O_o5 days ago

    What a handsome rat

  41. Red Zack

    Red Zack5 days ago

    imagine if he didnt wear hair gel

  42. Trinity DuBois

    Trinity DuBois5 days ago

    This guy is a fucking legend, i want to meet him.

  43. Ashley Davis

    Ashley Davis5 days ago

    I was kind of skeptical against the cardigan at first, but it really turned out good. Especially together with the vest. One tip: you should either iron your shirts before putting them on, or keep them on separate hangers. It would also be cool if you did a wardrobe tour sometime!

  44. Cdrive32

    Cdrive325 days ago

    Seth from ice age

  45. Elithe2ndTwin

    Elithe2ndTwin5 days ago

    have you always worn suits every day? just wondering I think its pretty cool and interesting

  46. green

    green5 days ago

    first time seeing him without a suit wow

  47. George Stevenson

    George Stevenson6 days ago

    Your life no offence is very boring

  48. RobotExplanations

    RobotExplanations6 days ago

    wow that opening scene with the zoom out. hollywood wants to know your location.

  49. Axel Brito

    Axel Brito6 days ago

    He looks better with his hair messy.

  50. riley macdow

    riley macdow6 days ago

    This guy reminds me of a retarded spider man

  51. Robbie Johnston

    Robbie Johnston6 days ago

    You got to eat more food man

  52. Robbie Johnston

    Robbie Johnston6 days ago

    I clicked on this video knowing that I was about to see some bizarre shit, and boy was I right

  53. 2yoyodog

    2yoyodog6 days ago

    Zen Master.....completely (almost) detached from monkey mind;..

  54. SpeDdiE

    SpeDdiE6 days ago

    I feel like he seems a bit lonely and it kinda makes me feel sad, I just hope he will find that someone special 🙂

  55. SpeDdiE

    SpeDdiE6 days ago

    Start a gaming channel but plz don't let gaming change ur personality

  56. SpeDdiE

    SpeDdiE6 days ago

    This guy is a mother fucking G


    LACHLAN7 days ago

    Why does he dress up and do his hair if no one will see him in the middle is the night?

  58. gaming kiddo

    gaming kiddo7 days ago

    You don't sleep in a suit??? I'm both surprised and disappointed.

  59. zaza

    zaza7 days ago

    Hi there Thomas Sangster

  60. AWT

    AWT7 days ago

    So you don't sleep with your suit on? My life is a lie

  61. Pink Slime

    Pink Slime7 days ago

    real life Peter Parker

  62. Hydra8054 - GFX

    Hydra8054 - GFX7 days ago

    This dude reminds me of the doctor from the human centipede

  63. fuck чσu

    fuck чσu7 days ago

    Why am I so entertained

  64. The McManus

    The McManus7 days ago

    Looking sharp bud.

  65. Chase Shaw

    Chase Shaw8 days ago

    Anybody know what this guy does for a living

  66. Ryan Rothschild

    Ryan Rothschild8 days ago

    the mans got good parents! didn't raise no fool.

  67. Mr Alprazolam

    Mr Alprazolam8 days ago

    Please impale my girlfriend

  68. Joshua Adams

    Joshua Adams8 days ago

    My guy is a living Dwight Schrute

  69. Liam Boettcher

    Liam Boettcher8 days ago

    no hate on you i love your videos but if you just hit the gym and started gaining weight, you could be a fucking model.

  70. Isai Diaz

    Isai Diaz8 days ago

    This dude freaks me out, he looks like a psychopath and I think he really is 😰

  71. Francisco Montero

    Francisco Montero7 days ago

    Isai Diaz shut up

  72. Darren Vettese

    Darren Vettese8 days ago

    Hair Styling ASMR

  73. Hayden Soloway

    Hayden Soloway9 days ago

    How come he wakes up at 8 pm? And sleeps during the day? Im curious

  74. Alex Vargas

    Alex Vargas9 days ago

    😎i support this you alot i like the way you do everything

  75. Tony André

    Tony André9 days ago

    this guy kinda reminds me of Steve1989MREInfo, someone else thinks that aswell?

  76. Briny Sweet

    Briny Sweet4 days ago

    There is a commonality. Strange!

  77. Darth

    Darth7 days ago

    Oml I was just thinking the same thing weird interest and cringey gestures.

  78. Tony André

    Tony André9 days ago

    im not kidding they have to be related somehow!!!!

  79. Shaun Andrews

    Shaun Andrews9 days ago

    Ladies, this could be your life , holler at reviewbrah

  80. Austin Needs

    Austin Needs9 days ago

    What a meme

  81. Oscar Lopez

    Oscar Lopez9 days ago

    Bro, please don't live this boring life!. Please play a sport, or get a girl, dress like a regular person not like mr rogers bro.

  82. CashRulez Dollas

    CashRulez Dollas9 days ago

    weird ass guy

  83. Black Red10

    Black Red109 days ago

    If i was ur neighbor i would think u was a serial killer.

  84. I am individual

    I am individual9 days ago

    He gives this chicken a 10 outta 10 because it’s cooked by The Report of the Week. 😉😉 Glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t eat the crust.

  85. Gustav Hansson

    Gustav Hansson10 days ago

    I like This Guy 👍

  86. a

    a10 days ago

    The hair brushing part was lowkey asmr

  87. Rabidtred

    Rabidtred10 days ago

    Spider-Man 3 behind the scenes

  88. Thundamuffinz

    Thundamuffinz10 days ago

    reviewbrah is legit nocturnal

  89. no name

    no name10 days ago

    Why is it dark the hole day?

  90. Xrysovalantis Arvanitakhs

    Xrysovalantis Arvanitakhs10 days ago

    you dear sir make my day better every video you upload and this one was special for me

  91. Gordon Smith

    Gordon Smith11 days ago

    Dose he not shower or have a morning skin regiment

  92. AvJ.OCEAN

    AvJ.OCEAN7 days ago

    Gordon Smith he prob didn’t shower that day. You don’t have to shower everyday. It’s a waste of water.

  93. FOWLVR

    FOWLVR11 days ago

    ery one calling this man intelligent and a gentlemen but isnt educated on nutrition and how to hold a knife and fork

  94. FOWLVR

    FOWLVR11 days ago

    his a bot. this guy isnt real

  95. runningkirk walk

    runningkirk walk11 days ago

    When do u go poo poo poindexter

  96. Brandon Fullmer

    Brandon Fullmer11 days ago

    why do stay awake through the night? do you not have any kind of work outside of youtube?

  97. Brandon Fullmer

    Brandon Fullmer11 days ago

    You cant recycle pizza boxes because of the grease

  98. Expired cow X._.X

    Expired cow X._.X11 days ago

    Is this just me or is his voice really calming 🤣???

  99. Burger King

    Burger King11 days ago

    highlight of the day, plays with balloon, 10/10

  100. Matt Fuller

    Matt Fuller11 days ago

    I’m really not sure what they are called but you need a pair of those 1930s style leather and white canvas shoes. I call them Gaiters no not Gator Skin, But Gaiter’s. Very Fancy Victorian Age Dress Shoes 💯

  101. Matt Fuller

    Matt Fuller11 days ago

    I have a Stash Of The Stattford Collecion! Wow I didn’t know you could get Brylcream anymore!?? The Next Review Should Be Patrick Bateman Circa 2018! 😆 Good Day RVB

  102. got tazed in the balls

    got tazed in the balls11 days ago

    Such a sweet wholesome lad, how can some one ever hate this guy.

  103. 93joeanthony

    93joeanthony12 days ago

    Bro you need to get on a schedule. That waking up and sleeping odd hours will get you depressed and that’s prop why you’re tired after 8 hours . You might be slightly depressed but keep it up !

  104. Scuffed Studio Productions

    Scuffed Studio Productions12 days ago

    lmao such a grown ass man in a teenager body, this dude is honestly the best youtuber , why do we not hear more about this channel? what a fucking lad

  105. drayx hd

    drayx hd12 days ago

    He reminds me of Sheldon

  106. fluto san

    fluto san12 days ago

    I'm sorry but you have an unhealthy lifestyle. Take care

  107. Mightymousy Shnikins

    Mightymousy Shnikins12 days ago

    Pimpin ain't easy.

  108. Rita's Lithuanian Paranormal Network

    Rita's Lithuanian Paranormal Network12 days ago

    Are you married ????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🤭🤭🍄🍄🍄🍄😬😬😬😬😬🌺🌺🌺🙄💨💨😀

  109. Grant Garcia

    Grant Garcia12 days ago

    The dump alot of water on my hair is a must. I feel that.

  110. kicked in chest

    kicked in chest13 days ago

    What a life

  111. peetaaJP

    peetaaJP13 days ago

    Cut your damn fingernails

  112. The Editor

    The Editor13 days ago

    I want him to put me in a winzer knot 😍😍😍😍