1. James Charles

    James Charles16 days ago

    HI SISTERS! I tried to color correct the video to make it ~*aesthetically pleasing*~ and make my walls look more white, but for some reason the color correction also affected some of my skin. I desperately need another sister spraytan because as you can tell, mine looks horrible and splotchy. The foundation matched the rest of my body but clearly not my neck. Please focus on the apartment tour, as I'm really proud of it and have worked super hard to decorate it over the past year, and not on my foundation because I am well aware that it doesn't look good. Thanks!!!!

  2. Dan Asmr

    Dan Asmr5 days ago

    I didn’t even sister spot it until you mentioned it.

  3. Alaina Bland

    Alaina Bland8 days ago

    James Charles Hi James! I also love to make my foundation a bit tanner than my skin tone as well and I’ve learned that blending it down the neck is obviously necessary but another thing that’s helpful is blending it all the way to the back of your neck. I’m truly not trying to be mean at all, it’s just something I do when my hair is up and my neck is exposed.

  4. yelsses sue

    yelsses sue14 days ago

    honey your whole face orange af, that shit doesnt even match ur spray tan lmao

  5. Alexa Yanez

    Alexa Yanez14 days ago

    I can’t even see it kween

  6. Serene Rain

    Serene Rain14 days ago

    hoestly you look amazing!!!! you are amazing!! The apartment looks so rad and elegant!!!

  7. Fristy Vania

    Fristy Vania24 minutes ago

    its a beautiful sister apartment

  8. Emma K

    Emma KHour ago

    We have the same chairs

  9. Karen

    Karen2 hours ago

    You’re 19 and buying a house? That’s amazing

  10. Ellie Brown

    Ellie Brown3 hours ago

    I love ur apartment it’s my dream apartment

  11. jabberbaes

    jabberbaes3 hours ago

    “Because obviously we’re on the top floor, heat rises.” We love a sister scientist

  12. Jacob and the Camera

    Jacob and the Camera4 hours ago

    Did u shave yet ur legs look hariy

  13. Derick Milton

    Derick Milton4 hours ago

    Let's Go Bully That Queer

  14. Derick Milton

    Derick Milton4 hours ago

    How come the only people we can't make fun of are non white males looking for a friend

  15. Daenñgg !!!

    Daenñgg !!!4 hours ago

    Your legs are goals😍😍😍

  16. Gloria Gutierrez

    Gloria Gutierrez5 hours ago

    First beauty guru who isn’t a make up hoarder 👏🏼 & your foundation looks flawless 🙌🏼

  17. Becca L.

    Becca L.5 hours ago

    Oh my god I love this so, so much!!

  18. Kieran Williams

    Kieran Williams6 hours ago

    hahhhahha you can see where his foundation stops AND you can see the hair on his legs

  19. Andie Shriver

    Andie Shriver6 hours ago

    Omg oops *sister

  20. Andie Shriver

    Andie Shriver6 hours ago

    Sinister snatched

  21. Honeybeee

    Honeybeee7 hours ago

    You, Laura, Jeffery, and Manny are the reason I'm starting a MReporter account on makeup I hope I get big enough that you guys notice me so we can talk its be so fun to be your friend your an amazing person ❤❤

  22. Jessika Danielle

    Jessika Danielle7 hours ago

    James, let me move in with you 😂

  23. criesyoongii

    criesyoongii8 hours ago

    Same James, same. Someday we’ll both get one (19:13)

  24. emilybroyles87

    emilybroyles878 hours ago

    Where are those makeup organizer drawers from??

  25. criesyoongii

    criesyoongii8 hours ago

    Low key trying to make it like the Vogue videos😂

  26. Roman Luna

    Roman Luna9 hours ago

    I LOVE the height of the appt. I could do sooo many cat walks for my cat to walk on!

  27. Tzù Nano

    Tzù Nano10 hours ago

    Why can't straight guys be like this ?

  28. Lena N

    Lena N10 hours ago

    Sister James SLAYED in this video. I love his makeup and his outfit. Also his house decor is GOALS.

  29. Glitter Glitter

    Glitter Glitter10 hours ago

    You call that a small collection my full collection is in my makeup bag btw love you

  30. Matthew L.

    Matthew L.10 hours ago

    You didn’t show us ur sister shower 🚿

  31. CuteA :3

    CuteA :311 hours ago

    James how did you become famous? And what is it like to be a celebrity

  32. Carly George

    Carly George11 hours ago

    Hey james I know you won't see this but when you move into your new house you should do an unboxing video of your clothes and then add on and it would be a nice series. I love you so so so much and I would love to see any video you make but I think that would be another great video of yours.

  33. Darby Trilk

    Darby Trilk11 hours ago

    I’m sister SHOOK

  34. Gabbie Navarro

    Gabbie Navarro12 hours ago

    i highkey wanna play mario kart with james

  35. Libby Jones

    Libby Jones12 hours ago

    sister james you should hangout with me

  36. Emma Schooley

    Emma Schooley12 hours ago

    James,your an amazing youtuber I love watching you I love makeup about as much as you I hope you do well best wishes! ❤❤

  37. Hadassah jackson

    Hadassah jackson12 hours ago


  38. Emma Schooley

    Emma Schooley12 hours ago

    What's James pintrest?

  39. Adria Stephenson

    Adria Stephenson13 hours ago

    I love that makeup look that your wearing!!😍❤

  40. Marina Wingender

    Marina Wingender13 hours ago

    I have the exact same shishter socks James!!

  41. BurningStone

    BurningStone13 hours ago

    imagine him at middle school..

  42. Daelyn Kroon

    Daelyn Kroon13 hours ago

    dear james I looovvveee your appartment and your closet is the ultamit best but girl I don't think you could beat me at mario cart ( but you are still amazing and I love you so much :) )

  43. Megan Bene

    Megan Bene13 hours ago

    Sister sanctuary 🤣

  44. Ra'Shawna Banks-

    Ra'Shawna Banks-13 hours ago


  45. Ur my Only Friend

    Ur my Only Friend14 hours ago

    Stop calling me sister man.

  46. hailey jimenez

    hailey jimenez14 hours ago

    Those shorts tho

  47. KawaiiPotato PandaCorn

    KawaiiPotato PandaCorn14 hours ago

    First time on this channel and oml you are a cinnamon roll to precious for this world. Keep doing what you do james!

  48. Evelina Gutauskaitė

    Evelina Gutauskaitė15 hours ago

    his outfit is so simple i love it

  49. Devun Isaacs

    Devun Isaacs15 hours ago

    "Cough" Apartment YOU MEAN MINI MANSION

  50. Alexia

    Alexia15 hours ago

    You should have Ethan or Grayson do a voiceover to a makeup tutorial (or just anyone who doesn’t know much about makeup)

  51. Valerie Bermudez

    Valerie Bermudez15 hours ago

    Omg I’m definitely calling you when I get my house so u can help decorate. Everything looks so good. 😍

  52. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi15 hours ago


  53. becaboo life style xx

    becaboo life style xx16 hours ago

    Hey sisters!!! Amazing and beautiful house! Du shave?? Random question. I’m a little weired

  54. Julia Brunner

    Julia Brunner16 hours ago

    I love IKEA

  55. Elly Sanders

    Elly Sanders17 hours ago

    sister spooky

  56. Lindsay Chappel

    Lindsay Chappel17 hours ago

    wow love the sister puns and love Pinterest to

  57. Colombina Duco

    Colombina Duco17 hours ago

    Omg you speak so fast

  58. Ashley Hammer

    Ashley Hammer18 hours ago

    I LOVE YOUR APARTMENT you decorated it so nicely i definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it!!!! great job!!!!

  59. Joy Mastley

    Joy Mastley18 hours ago

    His effort to get the board down😂


    HAPPYBLACKGIRL18 hours ago

    This is Sister Sweet 💗

  61. Summayah Hussain

    Summayah Hussain18 hours ago

    You have Kenzies book

  62. Kawaii Kayla

    Kawaii Kayla18 hours ago


  63. Dancer Updates

    Dancer Updates19 hours ago

    Is it just me or does James Charles talk REALLY fast !!

  64. numb

    numb19 hours ago

    your apartment is beautiful tbh

  65. Luna Nastic

    Luna Nastic19 hours ago

    you look like you need a dog :/

  66. Luna Nastic

    Luna Nastic19 hours ago

    only real women don't use the restroom

  67. Danyel

    Danyel19 hours ago

    I wish I had that much makeup 😂

  68. Sasha Grace

    Sasha Grace19 hours ago

    Yeah but like where’s the bathroom

  69. Sincere gucci Gucci

    Sincere gucci Gucci19 hours ago

    I love your makeup and hose

  70. Kayla♥️

    Kayla♥️19 hours ago

    Can you do vlogs

  71. Lil baby hoe

    Lil baby hoe20 hours ago

    Please do your basement

  72. Lil baby hoe

    Lil baby hoe20 hours ago


  73. Olivia _xoxo

    Olivia _xoxo20 hours ago

    Ikea with the Louis Vuitton boxes Love u 🤣

  74. Nicoletta Spiliopoulos

    Nicoletta Spiliopoulos20 hours ago

    I love the theme sm

  75. Nahed Mohammad

    Nahed Mohammad21 hour ago

    Tacke a breathe man

  76. XxEmmaPlayzxX :p

    XxEmmaPlayzxX :p21 hour ago

    We have a short sister (when he couldn’t get the projector down)

  77. Diana Donovan

    Diana Donovan22 hours ago

    Ok listen everybody everyone making those rude comments about him looking “orange” let him be. He tries so hard to put videos together for all of us so if you are just here to try and make him feel bad about himself just leave bc obviously you aren’t a true fan bc if you were you would be supporting him not throwing him under the bus with some errors he made! #IAmATrueFan

  78. aryan rai

    aryan rai22 hours ago

    It would be great if you have creepers twirling down your hanging lights which are right above your dining table.......@James Charles Your welcome for the sister style..... Kidding you diserve it...... Hopefully you call me and let me meet you..... Byeeee..😁😁😁😁

  79. sian_mc

    sian_mc23 hours ago

    he acc uses sister too much its annoying

  80. Lena Mpitou

    Lena Mpitou23 hours ago

    Oh my gosh i love you😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  81. Summer Helle

    Summer Helle23 hours ago

    Literally dream

  82. Jolly Creenhead

    Jolly Creenhead23 hours ago

    Omg! You are so pretty! 👍👍👍💕

  83. Rojeen Lala

    Rojeen LalaDay ago

    James if you love your fans"sisters"you'll pin this comment #sisters

  84. Hilton Water

    Hilton WaterDay ago

    I can barely see any Fans or Air Conditioner. Don't you feel hot

  85. Knulle Mora

    Knulle MoraDay ago

    I don't know how to get ahold of you, I know you are busy. We need more colors in your apparel line. Please create a 'sister snatched' make-up line!! Like eye color pallets that go well with eye colors. I love you!

  86. sandra g

    sandra gDay ago

    Lets get a sister to a diamond plaque

  87. xXDuhItsEmilyXx

    xXDuhItsEmilyXxDay ago

    *the amount of makeup items is higher than my life expectancy*

  88. Suhail Raed

    Suhail RaedDay ago

    Nice house

  89. Amber Stevenson

    Amber StevensonDay ago

    LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVVEEE your outfit!!

  90. The Real Goth Baby

    The Real Goth BabyDay ago

    you are divine

  91. Mya Carr

    Mya CarrDay ago

    if somebody broke in -wakes up- hey sister why you breaking in rude i will hit you with my broom

  92. Jada’s Imagination

    Jada’s ImaginationDay ago

    I love ikea

  93. Alice Band

    Alice BandDay ago

    Sister I am the queen of Mario cart😂😂 I could crush you😂💗

  94. Life with Scout

    Life with ScoutDay ago

    Sister James looking sister Thic

  95. angelica medina

    angelica medinaDay ago

    How old are yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu girrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllllll. I love you I’m 10 I’m her sister the girl in the selfie with the dog filter

  96. Crystal Fuentes

    Crystal FuentesDay ago

    When I'm 19 I want to live in Los Angeles and do a collab with you a girl can dream but I live in Houston so I'll wait 5 years

  97. Mary Margaret LeBlanc

    Mary Margaret LeBlancDay ago

    Sister James I love you but I don’t think that’s your foundation shade

  98. Emily Hamilton

    Emily HamiltonDay ago

    Idk if anyone else noticed but he has the same poster in the dining area that he did when he was doing his comedy channel

  99. Dino Girl Playz

    Dino Girl PlayzDay ago

    Oh my god!!! My aunts boyfriend is paying to put me through school to be an architect its my dream to design houses and i want to have a loft like this i started off in roblox and im working up to it 😂 i design just like you and agree with all your opinions on this house. You inspire me alot and i love this house.

  100. D.Oscovery Chanyeol

    D.Oscovery ChanyeolDay ago

    Oofta, come at me. I'm the best at Mario Kart

  101. Grace Hilton

    Grace HiltonDay ago


  102. Cristina Escamilla

    Cristina EscamillaDay ago

    I’m I wrong or did he say “just to sister sleep and occasionally to sister suck” 😂 best line

  103. Evi Zamora

    Evi ZamoraDay ago

    Sister YOU ARE ON in Mario Kart!

  104. Karla H

    Karla HDay ago

    Sister count: 48 QuAkiNG😂

  105. austin w

    austin wDay ago

    Aww your eyes look soo pretty and i love your apartment