1. James Charles

    James Charles7 months ago

    HI SISTERS! I tried to color correct the video to make it ~*aesthetically pleasing*~ and make my walls look more white, but for some reason the color correction also affected some of my skin. I desperately need another sister spraytan because as you can tell, mine looks horrible and splotchy. The foundation matched the rest of my body but clearly not my neck. Please focus on the apartment tour, as I'm really proud of it and have worked super hard to decorate it over the past year, and not on my foundation because I am well aware that it doesn't look good. Thanks!!!!

  2. A Elwagih

    A Elwagih19 days ago

    OMG you looked beautiful either way!

  3. Emily Herrera

    Emily Herrera2 months ago

    James Charles I want to win your palette and brush set 😩


    KOALOOO5 months ago

    I have the exact same office chair

  5. person pillow

    person pillow5 months ago

    James Charles please tell me the name of the building in so interested in that place and I want to find a nice place in downtown LA

  6. kyra privette

    kyra privette5 months ago

    no match nancy😂😂💕 love u sister james

  7. Diabolic Realm

    Diabolic Realm40 minutes ago

    FACT: This fem guy is EXTREMELY spoiled and lacks humility! Billions of poor people would love to have such a decent place to live in, yet this LOST SOUL desires more! Sad day for America : (

  8. Nerdy girl

    Nerdy girl53 minutes ago

    And I thought my makeup collection is big

  9. Veronica Sanchez

    Veronica SanchezHour ago

    I love you sister

  10. Lee Stanley

    Lee StanleyHour ago

    one question does he have to go to the girls or the boys toilets in public?

  11. Sitora Rakhmatova

    Sitora RakhmatovaHour ago

    Это гейййй чтоле😂😂😂😂

  12. Alexagon BOEHMER

    Alexagon BOEHMER2 hours ago

    When u said u had an Alexa I immediately liked the video...#sisteralexa

  13. Mariana DIYs And Challenges

    Mariana DIYs And Challenges2 hours ago

    Do you sister say that every time you open the apartment door?

  14. Raghad Othman

    Raghad Othman4 hours ago


  15. Hyuna Hyuna

    Hyuna Hyuna4 hours ago

    Jame ,I want to be your sister

  16. Hyuna Hyuna

    Hyuna Hyuna4 hours ago

    Wowwww Coolllll

  17. Hannie Lou Valdellon

    Hannie Lou Valdellon4 hours ago

    james charles, you're living ur dream sister

  18. Gibral Ulhaq

    Gibral Ulhaq5 hours ago

    Is that Burnt Brenda? Sister of Flashback Mary?

  19. Chanel Millband

    Chanel Millband7 hours ago

    My name is Chanel loads of people have asked me why don’t I have loads of Chanel stuff you are so lucky to have so much Chanel stuff I only have a few Chanel make up pieces ❤️

  20. Chanel Millband

    Chanel Millband7 hours ago

    Omg I actually love your closet 😍😍

  21. Bianca Lauren

    Bianca Lauren7 hours ago

    Those ceilings. I’m dying. I need this in my life a sister lives for high ceilings

  22. Lisa Shi

    Lisa Shi8 hours ago

    The aesthetics of the video is so amazing!

  23. shante vids

    shante vids8 hours ago

    Do you wear contacts because sometimes your eyes are blue and sometimes they are brown

  24. Relika Kapp

    Relika Kapp9 hours ago

    I looooooooooooveeeeeee you more than anything

  25. Jadha Aguayo

    Jadha Aguayo11 hours ago

    sister snatched

  26. fernanda Fuentes

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  27. Maddie Shaffer

    Maddie Shaffer14 hours ago

    His apartment is fancier than my house!!😂😂

  28. cane gaga

    cane gaga15 hours ago

    who can speak dutch

  29. cane gaga

    cane gaga15 hours ago


  30. DeAnn Chandler

    DeAnn Chandler15 hours ago

    Do u have a brother and a sister

  31. Travels with Auntie Ann

    Travels with Auntie Ann17 hours ago

    I live in a tent.......................

  32. Jannah_da _gatcha_gurl

    Jannah_da _gatcha_gurl19 hours ago

    Oml I have that dining chair lol

  33. bubble . tea

    bubble . tea19 hours ago

    The brick wall makes the living room look so cozy and it's also really cute because the rest of the house is white.

  34. Duck Blue

    Duck Blue20 hours ago

    I love the fact that The closet was his favorite room of his old apartment.😂

  35. nini guncadze

    nini guncadze20 hours ago

    I lové ❤️ ❤️ 💗 💗 💕 💕

  36. Kaya Balan

    Kaya Balan20 hours ago

    James is in the best in the whole yotobers and makeup world

  37. Helene Olsen

    Helene Olsen21 hour ago

    OMG! ❤️ Your house are soo cool and pretty and perfect❤️❤️❤️ Love u

  38. Nikita Rowles

    Nikita Rowles23 hours ago

    you should be one of the mr kate people

  39. Maraya Arnaudova

    Maraya ArnaudovaDay ago

    I love you ,you are my idol⭐️⭐️⭐️

  40. Mya Loves Unicorns

    Mya Loves UnicornsDay ago

    Hey sister! You are my idol! My dream is to get a James Charles makeup pallete and my bday is on April and I literally begged my mum for one 😇❤️🤞

  41. SIEXRRA 101

    SIEXRRA 101Day ago

    Okay but James how much is this apartment ? It’s so nice ! If you could please respond to me on here or my insta @sierramledezma. I’m looking at a lot of apartments at the moment and I really love me yours it’s so aesthetically pleasing

  42. Evelin Ördög

    Evelin ÖrdögDay ago

    no girl😤😨

  43. IMAGINE x07

    IMAGINE x07Day ago

    really really small collection...😱🤨😨🥴

  44. kiki M

    kiki MDay ago

    drink that tea like a bawse

  45. Kai

    KaiDay ago

    17:24 his foundation 😂 haha, IKEA is da shit! Love his home

  46. Maitrayee Jha

    Maitrayee JhaDay ago

    Can we tlk about how flawless n gorg u r 😌😍❤️💁

  47. Lily C

    Lily CDay ago

    Wait...wait...hold up.... where’s the bathroom?!

  48. { a l a n n a h }

    { a l a n n a h }Day ago

    I’m sister shook this is gorgeous just like you 😉💖

  49. Tooth •-• Paste

    Tooth •-• PasteDay ago

    Nice organized sister, sister.

  50. Journey Vlogs 101

    Journey Vlogs 101Day ago

    You can sister spot them and sister snatched their weave☺

  51. Holly Holman

    Holly HolmanDay ago

    Sister, I’m on my way for a Mario kart challenge!

  52. Emilia Poradzisz

    Emilia PoradziszDay ago

    U are so organised wow I feel so messy 😜

  53. Asmr Girl

    Asmr GirlDay ago

    Sister you don’t need a wig to be a true sister btw me and all my friend love you and we say sister all the time and all the brothers are so annoyed

  54. Amanda Johnson

    Amanda JohnsonDay ago

    Where did he get the drawers for organizing his makeup? I’m sister shook I want it.

  55. Leah’s Toys and teddy’s

    Leah’s Toys and teddy’sDay ago

    Hey sisters today we are going to be cooking a *whispers quietly* hater!!!DUN DUN DUN

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    BlietDay ago

    Oh No another ladyboy

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    Love this!

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    Love y’all💜

  62. Merryl Baltazar

    Merryl Baltazar2 days ago

    I can’t believe it! Sister James’s legs are better than mine I can’t even wear short shorts I just wear jeans!

  63. Ammara Mufti

    Ammara Mufti2 days ago

    Imagine having an imac, ipad, macbook, and iPhone all at the same time

  64. Harriëtte Bakker

    Harriëtte Bakker2 days ago

    Very very, really really, ever ever.. Hahah

  65. Chloe Knight Vlogs

    Chloe Knight Vlogs2 days ago

    U should try ASMR

  66. Lucas

    Lucas2 days ago

    That's amazing, definitely the kind of place I'd love to live in 👌🏼🤷🏻‍♂️

  67. Ahmad Cee

    Ahmad Cee2 days ago

    Robber “ sneaks in “ James” stop being sister sneaky “

  68. Phoenix

    Phoenix2 days ago

    Omg you have so many clothes😦😂I only have three drawers for all my clothing (including socks & underwear etc) and I am just wondering if I just have too little clothes😂😂

  69. Aub_ ptvn

    Aub_ ptvn2 days ago

    Your apartment is beautiful! 😍You're great 😉

  70. Zhanara Duishenbekova

    Zhanara Duishenbekova2 days ago

    Are you a man ? So be a real man, period.

  71. Mercy Godfrey

    Mercy Godfrey2 days ago

    This sister James house is literally cool

  72. Mary Akor

    Mary Akor2 days ago

    James: points to bathroom says that’s where I sister shit lol

  73. Mary Akor

    Mary Akor2 days ago

    Those clothes look better on you than me 😘 bye sister

  74. Lindsay Tiefenbrunn

    Lindsay Tiefenbrunn2 days ago

    do a closet tour plzzzzzz that would be my dream u r my idol and you r soooooooooo inspiring and i look up to you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

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    MADBRO2 days ago

    “Hi sisterS”

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    Nevaeh Lowder2 days ago

    It's on James Charles I bet u I would win at Mario cart. Your gonna Sister lose😂

  78. Ezra Fox

    Ezra Fox2 days ago

    "Some little plants here and there to keep everything alive." James. Sweetie, they are clearly plastic.

  79. Jancy Eliz

    Jancy Eliz2 days ago

    I love your Black and whithe sorry me English is not very good hahaha give me a heart ( TE AMO ❤️ Y TE APRECIO MUCHO si me das un corazón me arias muy feliz 😁 ❤️

  80. Lucy Rodriguez

    Lucy Rodriguez2 days ago

    girlll burnt brenda lol jk love u so much! keep doing what your doing

  81. cata alfaro

    cata alfaro2 days ago

    this is the exactly description of my dream house omg:(

  82. Lakshmi Binu

    Lakshmi Binu2 days ago

    This would be a house in England

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    so beautiful

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    Simla Smith3 days ago

    Do a collabe with Mr Kate for your house sist James

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    Alishba Farhan3 days ago

    U should call mr Kate to do your new home

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    Angel Lee Padillo3 days ago

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    You are beautiful and adorable! Keep it up 😊❤️

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    amazing........i love it and i love you

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    Honestly u have the best house in the world

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    You and your house are so beautiful... really😍❤️

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    I can't believe that's an apartment it's huge.

  96. A K Meunier

    A K Meunier4 days ago

    Zomg can you decorate my house? You are amazing!

  97. Sophia Diaz

    Sophia Diaz4 days ago

    Sister do me a huge sister solid and help me with my house! I want my house to be as organized as yours! I sister swear I'll pay for everything I just need your expertise to help me! P̳L̳E̳A̳S̳E̳ S̳I̳S̳T̳E̳R̳

  98. Sophia Diaz

    Sophia Diaz4 days ago

    So sister sorry to say but you have no chance of winning my in Mario carts your sister score would be sooooooo low

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    James had kenzies book 😊💜

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    Juliana Contreras4 days ago

    Can you do a morning routine #loveyourmakeup

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    Destiny Stanley4 days ago

    Is it me or did he not show a bathroom ? 😂--> like if he didn’t 😂

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    Blanca Perdomo4 days ago

    How long a makeup product lasts?

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    Dies Das Ananas4 days ago

    How is the make up light called ??

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    M&B And the rest5 days ago

    Just found your channel a few months ago but love it!!!

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    Me too Adidas lover here