1. Rabecca Inouye

    Rabecca Inouye5 hours ago

    Maybe her parents aren’t ready for THEIR daughter to be disappointed at what she may find.... her parents adoptive or not are HER PARENTS and she wouldn’t be who she is and where she is had she not been given the chance thanks to them! Sometimes the past needs to Stay in the past and you need to just live your life as you have been, cause it’s not always a happy thing when you start digging and finding out truths 😢

  2. a girl named brett

    a girl named brett14 hours ago

    lol, I always loved being an only child.

  3. Emily Williams

    Emily Williams17 hours ago

    I’m adopted!

  4. The Family of 8 crazy life

    The Family of 8 crazy life2 days ago

    I think you should meet you're family. I know that your parents now are amazing an gave you a good life. But don't keep waiting take the steps to find out.

  5. The Family of 8 crazy life

    The Family of 8 crazy life2 days ago

    I truly love you meatball!!!!

  6. Alexandra Thomson

    Alexandra Thomson3 days ago

    she kind of looks like Arianna grande, just me okay

  7. Marisol Muniz

    Marisol Muniz6 days ago

    that was Brave Snookl's Nicole polizzi to share your story....🌏🏘️🗽 watching Jersey Shore💋

  8. Tatum Grace

    Tatum Grace9 days ago

    I've always wanted to adopt. I do plan to in the future, it's always been something I've talked about even when I was little. My mom told me stories of how I would talk about adopting a baby. I plan to try to adopt maybe when in 30. I want to have a baby myself but I even thought about adopting siblings to keep familiestogether. I also have been learning ASL(American sign Language) and I'm currently in school to be a Special Education major and maybe open my home to a child with special needs.

  9. Emily Boyle

    Emily Boyle14 days ago

    Please visit your birth parents that would be so amazing. All your fans that care about you would love it. Love to see you in another element. That is so beautiful. Xo couldi💕

  10. AppleStarr

    AppleStarr19 days ago

    Great story/vlog ♥️🙂

  11. Taralynn Torres Carrera Lopez

    Taralynn Torres Carrera Lopez19 days ago

    I hope you meet them one day

  12. Cecilia Contreras

    Cecilia Contreras22 days ago

    Your daughter def. looks like you!!!! And yes your parents are the ones that raised you.

  13. theallierose

    theallierose23 days ago

    I was adopted too, from Ukraine!!

  14. Jennifer Mallon

    Jennifer Mallon24 days ago

    Even if u aced Spanish in school and you were fluent in “proper Spanish”, Chilean Spanish is a tough dialect.

  15. Annahi Roman

    Annahi Roman24 days ago

    Make time before it's too late..

  16. Kelsea Harwood

    Kelsea Harwood25 days ago

    wow i love you, i had no idea you were adopted!

  17. Emma Bullerpowell

    Emma Bullerpowell26 days ago

    Very proud of you snooki you have done amazing

  18. EC

    EC29 days ago

    “Just a mess in Spanish” 😂😂

  19. Rewarding You Tube Viewers

    Rewarding You Tube ViewersMonth ago

    There's a translator app that you can communicate with each other without having to know the language. Pretty cool actually I saw a video of a couple that got married but the woman couldn't even speak so the husband had to communicate this way with her and it worked 😊

  20. Jennifer Fugate

    Jennifer FugateMonth ago

    So cool.

  21. Pompilio Perez

    Pompilio PerezMonth ago

    Is this snookie?

  22. prvncesax_

    prvncesax_Month ago

    I’m also adopted from Santiago, Chile for the same reason as well.

  23. SET. V.H

    SET. V.HMonth ago


  24. Judo Dntkwn

    Judo DntkwnMonth ago

    Just HIRE a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR let them do the work. Lol Thank you for sharing

  25. Debra Bond

    Debra BondMonth ago

    Before you leave this world you should go and look for them, because its always good to know where you came from; especially if you don't know where you are going in this life ok! So once you find them and you met them than you will know where your going to in life, because you have found where you come from ok dear. And if I was was your adoptive parents they should support you in finding them unless they know more than they're telling you.

  26. Haley Scott

    Haley ScottMonth ago

    Awe that's so cute I use to work with your dad at copart in Marlboro!

  27. Mina Torr

    Mina TorrMonth ago

    I would think 🤔 the same way . If i was in yur shoes ! I don’t know about finding yur birth parents/ siblings! U would spend alot of $$ & time with them !! if u r up for that ! Go for it 👍🏻

  28. tiffany guldi

    tiffany guldiMonth ago

    Yes!!! This would be a great idea for a tv show!

  29. Selma Duffin

    Selma DuffinMonth ago

    Im adopted too! I'm adopted from Guetamala

  30. William Rodriguez

    William RodriguezMonth ago

    Mama dada jajaja

  31. Ana Laura

    Ana LauraMonth ago

    I love her shirt!

  32. vh9network

    vh9networkMonth ago

    Taylor Pork!

  33. Suzy Phom

    Suzy PhomMonth ago

    Chileana? Is that female Chilean?

  34. Vannia Cuervo

    Vannia CuervoMonth ago

    I can see why your mom would be iffy. My husband was also adopted and of his 3 sisters the youngest 2 are also adopted and as soon as they got in contact with their Bio mom they don't speak to their mom anymore. It's kinda sad because I also wanted to adopt until they started doing that and now I'm scared.

  35. derrika mayers

    derrika mayersMonth ago

    O want to adopt 6 kids but I want 3 bioglcail kids first 2 boys and 7 girls i come from a big family so I want my own big family to

  36. miguel cervantes

    miguel cervantesMonth ago

    You could still have Italian blood. Many Italians in Chile & Argentina.

  37. Joshebeth Aravena

    Joshebeth AravenaMonth ago

    I want help you! I'm from Chile ! 🤗

  38. Eugene

    EugeneMonth ago

    I’m literally going through the same thing right now I’m 32 I’m very family orientated.. Constantly around my family my mom and dad has been together for 39 years .. And the day after Christmas 12/26/2018 When some random girl was writing me asking me do I know who my dad is sending me pictures of my dad asking me do I know him and found out long story short that I was adopted two days after being born I’ve been crying and not sure how to feel and what to do it’s been a crazy couple days for me I have been searching for a stories and videos. Very stressful to find out that I was adopted and not knowing anything questioning everything ..

  39. Jonelle85

    Jonelle85Month ago

    I’ve always thought that people from Chile were referred to as "Chilean". I never knew it was actually "Chileno/Chilena". Thank you Nicole!! ♥️

  40. Shir Ley

    Shir LeyMonth ago

    I’m half chilean and half dominican, born in Canada... and I’m pretty sure you look just like them. I remember when I watched you on JS Season 1 for the first time, I said to my friends “OMG She gotta be chilean there’s no way”.. They’re were laughing at me so hard telling me that you were italian... and then the adoption thing came up and I was like b*txhhh I TOLD YALL! You have ALL the chilean features. I can only imagine how much you and your biological family look alike. CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO MEET THEM. I love you Nicole ♥️ kisses and happy new year mawma!

  41. Margaret Penaloza

    Margaret PenalozaMonth ago

    I’ll teach you how to speak Spanish

  42. Leslie R

    Leslie RMonth ago

    You should definitely look for them!!

  43. Larissa !

    Larissa !Month ago

    I think meeting your siblings would be awesome! I think it's less drama than meeting parents.

  44. Jasmine Adele

    Jasmine AdeleMonth ago

    You could have a lil Italian blood still, lots of Italian immigrants in South America!

  45. JordN

    JordNMonth ago

    What is your birth name?

  46. lillianna martinez

    lillianna martinezMonth ago

    I wish you were my mom 🙁

  47. Moña Martinez

    Moña MartinezMonth ago

    Want to see a blog of snooki meeting her birth parents and siblings!! Wonder if they look alot like her

  48. The White RickJames

    The White RickJamesMonth ago

    You are every Italian guys dream 😍

  49. Amanda

    AmandaMonth ago

    I never knew this about you a Nicole. That's crazy. You're such a beautiful person for being so accepting

  50. Angel Dively

    Angel DivelyMonth ago

    I'm adopted too! And it's just like you said. I always knew. I wasn't told the truth until I was 8 .. but I knew. My family treated me so differently compared to my brother. I couldn't talk about it with my Dad either because he would get upset. He would say, "Bullshit! I'm your Dad." End of conversation. I did end up meeting my bio family! And I will admit... it was a huge disappointment. So I wish I would have kept my expectations more realistic or lower. As an adult now (32) I can put things into prospective. And I dont keep contact with my biological family for many reasons.. and I still have contact with my Dad. Because he really is my Dad.

  51. Natalia RH

    Natalia RHMonth ago

    Subtítulos por favor 😂🙏

  52. Lu Ticaa

    Lu TicaaMonth ago

    Wonder what was Snooki's birth name before Nicole 🤔🤔

  53. Desiree Morin

    Desiree Morin2 months ago

    i was not adopted, and fyi looking like someone isnt all that fun lol. I am first nations and I look like my mom like alot, its annoying when i go to my rez because people will call me my moms name. so heads up lol. My man was adopted, and at times it can be hard for me to handle because i have thot of adopting a child or 2-but hes not so warming to it. i think it could be because his mom was also adopted and he wants to try and have his own but it hasn't happen yet!!! Im just so impatient lol and although i love my man im not gona wait forever. maybe ill come home with a kid lol jks. i would like to give our girl-his step child a sibling or 2. I hear that only children have it miserable or are lonely. sighs i never planned to just have one child but i was young when i had her and didnt want to be part of the statistics.

  54. Lauren Dempsey

    Lauren Dempsey2 months ago

    I’m surprised your birth family hasn’t reached out to you or figured out are their child. You are amazing Nicole. I wouldn’t even know you were adopted if you didn’t say anything

  55. Melissa Morello

    Melissa Morello2 months ago

    I am a huge fan of you, and Jersey Shore. I remember always watching it growing up. I think it’s incredibly brave for you to come out with your adoption story. I was also adopted when I was 6 months old, but from China. I was raised in an Italian family as well. Much love to you. ❤️

  56. Francisco Hernandez

    Francisco Hernandez2 months ago

    Why do you still look like you haven’t showered since the first jersey shore episode ever

  57. danielle latozke- Odekirk

    danielle latozke- Odekirk2 months ago

    My mom was adopted and her story was so horrible that I became a foster parent. I adopted 3 legally and fostered about 30 plus kids and I have to say it was one of the most rewarding jobs EVER! To help a child and show them love something they hadn't been shown in along time if EVER is an AMAZING feeling. Nicole your amazing for sharing your story a lot of young women and women in general look up to you ( I being one of them) so thank you for sharing your story💯😘

  58. Proud Independent

    Proud Independent2 months ago

    Adoption is really unconditional love. I'm so happy you were raised in a loving family home. Love you Snooki!❤💕

  59. Gin Long

    Gin Long2 months ago

    Your real parents are working for santa claus they couldnt raise you cause they had to make toys

  60. Gin Long

    Gin Long2 months ago

    Awww shut up!!!

  61. Cynthia Plavulj

    Cynthia Plavulj2 months ago

    I'll go and translate for you❤ I love your attitude and respect you for sharing

  62. Danielle Payne

    Danielle Payne2 months ago

    upstate ny!!! omg snooki I live so close to Albany I'm shook

  63. Pro Agnes

    Pro Agnes2 months ago

    The story seems suspicious. Her birth parents have other kids but gave one away because they cant afford it? Really?!?! I domt believe that at all. Usually people give up babies for adoption if its their first baby and they are too young or cant afford it. But from a fsmily that have other kids and just give one away like that?? No way. She is stupid for thinking its true story. She should find her birth parents. And the fact her adopted mother is not comfortable with her wanting to find her birth parents tells you something is off.

  64. Juliana Cheriza

    Juliana CherizaMonth ago

    Pro Agnes i think her mom feels a certain way because she feels like she’s not good enough

  65. Sarah Wegerson

    Sarah Wegerson2 months ago

    I'm also adopted from Santiago Chile. And few months ago found my birth mother best day ever finding her

  66. c c

    c c2 months ago


  67. chris dillon

    chris dillon2 months ago

    blah blah blah. pure trash

  68. Amanda Laflamme

    Amanda Laflamme2 months ago

    Thank you! It drives me crazy when people have abandonment issues even though they were adopted by good people and had good lives..

  69. Maxine Young Roulette

    Maxine Young Roulette2 months ago

    Sometimes things are better left off but go ahead & go for it.. you were adopted for a reason.

  70. Amy LaRowe

    Amy LaRowe2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing Nicole!

  71. ed ubinas

    ed ubinas2 months ago

    I can't even picture you speaking spanish fluently with no accent!! That would blow my mind!


    BROTHER TN2 months ago

    You is FUGLY!

  73. coyote slayer

    coyote slayer2 months ago

    When I saw a recent upload about stars who sold there souls I saw snookie on there when she first went to Jersey shore and she said she sold her soul.wonder if there's any way u can back out once u do the deal?I hope she realizes what she did and gets saved somehow from it.

  74. coyote slayer

    coyote slayer2 months ago

    Wow I wondered why there was so much satanic stuff on mtv music awards.the studio is even a ex Masonic lodge.

  75. InlovewithMike 4Eva

    InlovewithMike 4Eva2 months ago

    Wow her house is really decorated tacky

  76. Heather J

    Heather J2 months ago

    When you post a storytime & everyone starts saying you were stolen or kidnapped lol. no that would be crazy if so, but I'm sure she knows her parents well enough to know they didn't steal or illegally buy her.

  77. Mallory M

    Mallory M2 months ago

    It would be so fun to see the jersey shore cast do a DNA test and show all their percentages of their ancestry! Doesnt make them any less italian, but would still be fun!

  78. GreenEyez1985

    GreenEyez19852 months ago

    Would you adopt?

  79. Cayla Marie

    Cayla Marie2 months ago

    I want to adopt some day. I can't have kids of my own so that's something I want to do some day

  80. Kelli Ortega

    Kelli Ortega2 months ago

    God Bless you hunny. You really have an amazing outlook. You really were blessed with a family who loved you x2. Its great to see how much youve grown. Congrats on your new baby !!!!

  81. lahteehdah99

    lahteehdah992 months ago

    “Maybe I could do it one day when I have time “

  82. Enchanted Parlour Co

    Enchanted Parlour Co2 months ago

    I'm a birth mom. She is 22, haven't met her yet. I was told she isn't ready. I respect her parents decision. Her parents live in my town. Trust me, your mom did it out of pure love. It is the hardest decision i have ever made in my life. I know your birth mom is super proud of you !!!

  83. Damaris Eliana Lindsay

    Damaris Eliana Lindsay2 months ago

    I'm adopted to but I'm never knew my birth mum and dad 💔💔😭

  84. Elena Browning

    Elena Browning2 months ago

    I'm adopted. I took a DNA test and found my (birth mother's)siblings. My mother gave me up because she was a struggling single mom. She didnt think she could provide for me. She never told my birth father. By the time she decided to go tell him he was already seeing someone else. He never knew about me. I have met my sisters from my mothers side and a sister, brother and cousin from my Father's side. Unfortunately both my birth parents are gone now. My birth mother in 2001 and my birth father just last year. But I have a good relationship with my siblings. I now have people in my life other than my daughter that look like me. I always felt like I didn't belong like an outsider growing up. I was darker than my family and have extremely curly hair. I wanted to look for my family when I was 21. But didnt know how to go about doing it. I waited till I was 52. If you ever start thinking about finding your birth parents, dont wait too long. I wish I would have looked sooner. I regret not being able to meet them. Thanks for your story. =)

  85. Ruth Brown

    Ruth Brown2 months ago

    Thank you for posting this, I am a birthmom . It helps me understand how the kids I placed will feel

  86. penyou

    penyou2 months ago

    Reach out to Ancestry! They have that TLC show who do you think you are. Also I think you still have Italian genes because of the Italian immigrants in Chile.

  87. penyou

    penyou2 months ago

    Most Chileans and Argentinians have Italian ancestry so she most likely have Italian genes still...

  88. Crystal Sickles

    Crystal Sickles2 months ago

    Looking me up Facebook

  89. jgoetz123 creationsbyjinx

    jgoetz123 creationsbyjinx2 months ago

    TFS. And I’m guessing the internet trolls and paparazzi will hunt her birth family down. I’m sure they’ve seen her on mtv.

  90. Mary Catherine Gallagher

    Mary Catherine Gallagher2 months ago

    awweeee🤗😊babies are blessings🎀💕

  91. Emily Rodrigues

    Emily Rodrigues2 months ago

    My uncles wife was adopted and she met her birth mom about 10 years ago. Her and her birth mom are close but it doesn’t compare to the relationship she has with her mom (adoptive mom). My aunts parents always told her that if she wanted to learn where she came from that was her right. So sad but my aunt truly is greatful for how her life turned out and she was adopted

  92. Mary Allison

    Mary Allison2 months ago

    I love that you didn’t drag your story out. Thank you for making it clear cut and to the point. No wishy washy bs. You told the facts then gave your opinion. Great Job Nicole. Lol fun fact. My daughter was born during Jersey Shore hay day. And I named my daughter Nicole because I learned to love the name thanks to you.

  93. Evonne Capistran

    Evonne Capistran2 months ago

    Yes I would love to be a mom but it's two much money I would bring any kids in my house and love them like they were my child two I can't have no more kids I only have 3

  94. jorge rodi

    jorge rodi2 months ago


  95. Maria Ruiz

    Maria Ruiz2 months ago

    Do u speak Spanish?

  96. Brenda Ramirez

    Brenda Ramirez2 months ago

    I thought she was peruvian.

  97. Angela Dixon

    Angela Dixon2 months ago

    You look Indian tho from Bali

  98. make-up momma life

    make-up momma life2 months ago

    I am a birth mother it was one of the hardest decisions I ever made in my entire life but I wanted my daughter to have the best life and at that time in my life I could not provide her with the best life that she deserved but since then I’ve been blessed with three wonderful boys but I could not be more happy with a part of me wants a little girl one day but I’m content with what God has blessed me with

  99. Kayla’s bite of Reality

    Kayla’s bite of Reality2 months ago

    I was never legally adopted but the woman that raised me was amazing. At 5 years old Me and my nephew were talking about being in our moms belly and I guess I phased my sister n law off because she turned around and said verna is not your real mom and you were never in her belly.. it shattered my world. I loved my mom so much she is my mom so how isn’t she my mom? I was so confused and heartbroken.. from that point on I was made fun of by my little cousins and nephews (that were older than me) for many years that I wasn’t their “real family” . I was tortured by it. I finally met my biological mother at 21 years old and she is just a selfish piece of shut. She wouldn’t tell me who my dad was either. Now I’m 29 and my adopted mom had an ancestry DNA kit and I found my biological dads sister and learned my dad passed away 3 years ago so I’ll never get to meet him. However, his mom and two sisters are driving 7 hours to meet me for the first time.. I was my dads only child and he never knew about me...

  100. Sue

    Sue2 months ago

    They have a show on TLC were they find peoples real parents & families. The show is very heart warming. I have cried many times watching people meet their birth parents. Snookie you should contact them I'm sure they would love to help you.💞

  101. Dipped In Moonlight

    Dipped In Moonlight2 months ago

    I am adopted and it sucks.