1. Brittney Bingham

    Brittney BinghamHour ago

    Would you ever want to find your siblings?

  2. Tania Kilman

    Tania Kilman2 hours ago

    I am from Chile Nicole and i am feel very good hearing about ur story and even though maybe u dont know so much about our culture u are part of it 😁 If you want to talk or want to know something about Chile talk to me 🇨🇱🇨🇱

  3. Liz.marie

    Liz.marie3 hours ago

    Awwwwww you are so cute

  4. Aisha Lewis

    Aisha Lewis3 hours ago

    Enjoyed your video. Would love to see a vlog of you finding your birth parents.

  5. Holly Auyeung

    Holly Auyeung4 hours ago

    I always felt like my foster family was my family :)

  6. MandyMouse

    MandyMouse4 hours ago

    Nicole, this may be the wildest comment you will receive. But I was also born on Nov 2, 1987 in Santiago Chile and adopted at 2 months old and brought to America. I grew up in Maryland and I do know my birth parents and family from Chile. I too have the same story, I have one sister but grew up here in America as an only child and my birth parents were very young and could not afford to take care of us both. I do not know how to speak spanish as well but my husband and I want to travel to Chile to meet formally my family, I feel like we have such similar life stories, mine not as wild but I feel so blessed to know my family in Santiago and encourage you to try and find and reach out to your family! It was worth it to me! Crazy stuff! My mind is blown!

  7. Nicki Goldberg

    Nicki Goldberg4 hours ago

    I had pretty much the same situation as you growing up knowing I was adopted, being super content with it, and loving my family. The only difference is my parents know who my biological parents were, turns out they were only 16 when they had me. After growing more in more interested (especially about who I looked like!!!) when I turned 18 I flew to Texas (from NY) to meet them, and it was the greatest experience of my life. I had developed a newfound respect for them for loving me so much and giving me the life that they did with my amazing family. Definitely meet them if you get the chance! It filled a void in my life that I didn’t even know I had ❤️

  8. Mitch

    Mitch4 hours ago

    It’s so crazy to me that Snooki was so ugly (looks kinda better know because of cosmetic tweaks) and still had very high confidence and felt like wasn’t a tank. FYI, your nationality is american. Guess once an idiot...

  9. Heather Spuduck

    Heather Spuduck5 hours ago

    Girl i understand all this on your level! I was adopted at birth! Ugh wish i could share everything with you!

  10. Cat Chamblee

    Cat Chamblee6 hours ago

    I'm adopted as well and I'm so glad you shared your story because I love to share mine as well. A lot of people don't know much about adoption so it's really awesome that you are using your platform to share!

  11. Erica Shoulson

    Erica Shoulson7 hours ago

    your so famous, i dont understand how they wouldnt have found you by now if they wanted too

  12. Tosha Scott

    Tosha Scott8 hours ago

    I am adopted I got adopted when I was 15 months old by my dad’s parents my birth mother was a drug attic alcoholic and did it the whole time she was pregnant with me and my dad just did not know how to take care of me so his parents adopted me.. I believe I am the miracle baby considering what my birth mother did while pregnant with me, I have two other siblings there are my half brothers we have the same mom but different dad’s she lost them too

  13. Camila Moreno

    Camila Moreno8 hours ago

    a hot mess but in spanish😭😭😭


    MERITH NEVAREZ8 hours ago

    I love that you’re open about wanting a lot kids. I have 3 already but would love to adopt. Why did your parents go to Chile? Did they know there’s shortage of babies in the USA?

  15. K Irie

    K Irie9 hours ago

    You turned out to be a very well mannered woman and mother

  16. Kandis Goytia

    Kandis Goytia12 hours ago

    Hi nichole my name is kandis I have so many qs . Well too start me and my family adopted my little brother but he his technically my cousin we took him in after the fact that my uncle and his gf were hudge druggies and were living off the streets off and on so we were blessed to get him when he was just 3 months old and the judge granted us full custody when he turned 3 . Hes 7 now but I and my family dont know how to tell him about his story now that hes growing we tell him that he was a gift given to us and that as he gets older we will explain more and more what we mean. When did you find out? And how did you feel? Were just afraid that hes gonna tell my parents so ur my parents or that he might throw it in our face or get upset for us keeping such a secret .

  17. Marina Hantzis

    Marina Hantzis12 hours ago

    My husband and I want to adopt eventually since I cannot have biological children due to a chronic medical condition. We don’t even know where to start! We are so worried about the process possibly failing us and being heartbroken and of course, the financial aspect of the process (agency fees, etc). We would love to adopt a baby one day from anywhere on the globe! Any tips or insight from anyone would be so helpful :) PS we are from Jersey (woop woop!)

  18. Chris Aceves

    Chris Aceves13 hours ago

    Get it nicole!

  19. C Drake

    C Drake13 hours ago

    Yooo I live close to where you grew up

  20. Daniela Palomares

    Daniela Palomares13 hours ago

    I really hope u get to communicate with ur birth family ❤️

  21. belladani4ever

    belladani4ever15 hours ago

    I don't really associate you with being adopted although I know you were. Im just a curious person and always wanted to know how you felt about being adopted, if you met them or had the desire to meet them. I wondered if your birth family knows who you are, if they tried looking for you, and what their lifestyle is there. I always wonder what if you weren't adopted how your life would be. Thank you for being so personal with us. I hope one day you find your birth family just to know what your background is and to find your similarities.

  22. Jorge nolasco

    Jorge nolasco15 hours ago

    Im adopted and when I meet my real parents I didn't feel nothing is like meeting a Random person but yes I got to meet my sister and I did feel love for them 👌

  23. Here kitty kitty kitty

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    Oh 🤦‍♀️ the poofy fish lips. Why?! Why would you do that to yourself.

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    She really did say "When i was 22 i got my dad drunk" ????

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  26. Valerie Nickole

    Valerie NickoleDay ago

    I’m curious about adoption. My husband and I are thinking about adopting a child but I’m worried that they may cut ties with us when they grow up. Is this something you have thought about?

  27. Edgar Wilians

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    I present to you my whore

  28. Ashley B

    Ashley BDay ago

    I was taken in by my grandparents on my dad's side. My biological mom, never told my dad she was pregnant, until I was a month old and in foster care. My dad was 18, and I had major health issues. My grandparents didn't want me not knowing my real family, so they raised me as their own. My dad and I, have had a rocky relationship. As he left me when I was 7 and moved to Clifton Park, NY with my step mom, brother and sister (I'm up by Dannemora, NY [Prison Break]). Even better, is the fact I have a sister by my biological mom that knows nothing about me because my grandmother on her side, told my (grand)mom who raised me that I was a mistake. And her life would be better if I was never born. Sweet of her huh? I do, however, have 3 little brothers and a little sister by my dad; Whom, none of us see each other as half siblings. We're just brothers and sisters. And I, being the oldest. Am looked up to a lot. They love their sissy. Plus. My little sister, has made me an auntie, twice and a Godmommy twice to my niece and nephew (at 27, i have no kids). Still. Everyone in my family, says I'm a blessing. All my friends love me. Anyone I meet, becomes a friend. You take the good, and you take the bad. Good luck in your journey sweetheart. I hope you find what you're looking for and that you find you find peace with it all ❤



    My husband and I really want to adopt Can u please make a video about what things you loved that ur parents did for you and what things you would have loved for them to do Of course it doesn’t take away from the amazing things they did Just want to hear more from adopted kids on what is the best method to go about life with them All love 💛

  30. Fealisha Cunningham

    Fealisha Cunningham5 hours ago

    REAL TALK W. EMA STAR My sister was adopted and we were supposed to let her know from day 1. It wasn't to be a secret. My stepmom (sister's mom) passed away 8 years ago and my sister found out she was adopted due to an older child being mean. Finding out she was adopted after losing the only mother she knew has made her have trust and anger issues. So my advice from the perspective of having an adopted sibling ... let them know and explain how much you love them. Also if you have biological children don't treat your adopted children differently.

  31. Gaby Juarez

    Gaby JuarezDay ago

    We love you Nicole ❤️ Have been a Fan since u started jersey shore ❤️ don’t put excuses , behind of ur head ur always curious then u should give it a try to look for them is not granted for anyone , Do what u gotta do ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Indi Perez

    Indi PerezDay ago

    Can u do a video talking about a lot of questions the people may ask u when u say you are adopted ? I'm adopted too and the people sometimes ask me questions that hurt my feelings and sometime that annoying me

  33. Mapododa1

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    Here comes an MTV show

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    Your beautiful in and out

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    She short like me

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    I’d love to do your makeup if you are ever in LA Snooki! Such a big fan! Love ya! #MeatballPower

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    I wonder if u had a Spanish name from your biological family!!! Haha that would be weird to see u as anything other than nicole/snooki

  38. Charles Fyffe

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    Tell Ronnie I said hi

  39. Kelly S

    Kelly S2 days ago

    This whole video is spot on. You sound exactly like me. Except I never wondered why my mom didn’t “want” me. I’m Hispanic grew up with a white family. This video is so sweet❤️

  40. Jada sanderson

    Jada sanderson2 days ago

    Never knew you were adopted! Growing up a lil badass watching jersey shore I always thought you were a dark skinned Italian girl

  41. Glorimar Martinez

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    They hit a nerve with that left side of the upper lip huh I still lovvvveeeee you snooks

  42. Geena Schmidt

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    I love you so much. You’re such an inspiration and you’re just amazing. Btw I think Chileans speak Portuguese

  43. Friye Amen

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    Who fucking cares!! #UglyBitch🤮

  44. Quick-Sword Ilena

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    Does it make you want to adopt a child ?

  45. Quick-Sword Ilena

    Quick-Sword Ilena2 days ago

    I get why your mom doesnt like you asking about your birth family but i feel like that isnt the right attitude to have about it just cause they are still the reason you were born so to be curious about it is totally normal

  46. Michelle Power

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    Love you snooki I've been subscribed for a while i feel like this video is blowing you up a bit on the MReporter scene so warning you might get some hate/rude comments, I know you good at not caring about that shit. But yea anyway love u!

  47. girl from south

    girl from south2 days ago

    Snooki, respectfully, you should learn how to say Chile correctly. It is not pronounced the same way the hotdog condiment is.

  48. victoria williamson

    victoria williamson2 days ago

    Listening to your story felt like I was listening to my own. I was adopted from El Salvador at 5 months and grew up in Massachusetts. I just had a baby girl who is 6 months and she’s also my mini me! I’ve always wondered about my birth family and I know I have siblings as well. I hope one day I could find my family. Let me know what steps you will take to find yours. I’m not sure how to start the process. Love you 💕💕

  49. Luciana quiroga

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  50. Perla Hernandez

    Perla Hernandez2 days ago

    I was adopted at 4 days of being born my real mother was my adopted mother sister I was kid number 6 and all of them she gave for adoption I was the last one I found out when I was adopted at age 21 I forgave her and she passed away two years

  51. Sydney Lewis

    Sydney Lewis2 days ago

    My mom just recently went and flew to ohio from alaska to meet her birth mom and family. She looks just like her mom and she feels so much more confident and whole because she knows where she came from and all of that. She knows my grandma is of course her mother and always will be but it was a cool experience and loved it! They still stay in touch. I think its definitely worth it, specially for health reasons. My mom found a lot about her health that all added up now. Love you!!

  52. Amanda Perry

    Amanda Perry3 days ago

    but after finding her cousins and such my mom had a way better life. non of them talk and my mom is so lucky to have her parents.

  53. Amanda Perry

    Amanda Perry3 days ago

    my mom is adopted we looked for her birth mother and she is deceased but my mom did ancestry DNA and she found a half sister. but like you my mom had a great life. my grandparents are my grandparents. she was always told from a child and my grandparents always were fine with her looking.

  54. JuJucandybeads

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    Blessings love, u encourage so many... Completely relatable 🙊🙉🙈💋💋💋xoxoxoxo

  55. flyewr1907

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    My suggestion is do a spinoff by meeting them

  56. Charlene Baltimore

    Charlene Baltimore3 days ago

    I don't care for this Jersey Shore franchise and roll my eyes at the sound of Snooki but I enjoyed this video and glad that she's not bitter about being adopted. My dad was given up as a baby and was never adopted, grew up in foster care and this was in America!

  57. Grace

    Grace3 days ago

    I’ve always wanted to adopt 😇 There are a few adoption stories in my family as well, including my mom 💕

  58. Grace

    Grace3 days ago

    I wonder if your biological family in Chile has ever heard of or seen the Jersey Shore but the thought of that being their biological child they put up for adoption never crossed their minds

  59. Karla Avila Garcia

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    I love Chile. Latina. Awesome

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  62. Dawn Davis

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    Look for them before its to late and u regret not doing it sooner

  63. Saage Picasso

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    Nicole love you ❤️✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼

  64. Melynda Fitt

    Melynda Fitt3 days ago

    Does anyone else think it is wrong for society to coerce poor people to give their children away to wealthier people? I also hate that society shame and blames poor people for giving their children away, instead of shaming and blaming wealthy (almost always white) adopters who drive the adoption market. I wonder how much her adoptive parents paid to adopt her and what would have happened they had sponsored her family instead of taking her from them? #AllFamiliesMatter. Even poor ones. Even ones with darker skin than ours. And does it ever bother anyone else that is costs far less to adopt a brown or black baby than it does a white one? ( And girl, you need to read The Primal Wound. You might find out that you aren't as big of a hot mess as you think you are, but you are just having *very* normal reactions to the loss of your original identity, heritage, culture, language, name, and family. Stop and think about your experience in the context of the current situation with children at the borders. Scientists have been shouting at the top of their lungs how damaging it is for children to be separated from their mothers because of the mental health crisis it causes in families. For both parents and children. “Sudden and unexpected family separation...can add to that stress, leading to emotional trauma in children." Also, “Research also suggests that the longer that parents and children are separated, the greater the reported symptoms of anxiety and depression are for children.” The separation of children from families has been called “inhumane,” and warnings have been issued that it has “a dire impact on their health, both now and into the future.” Adoption isn't a magic eraser. It doesn't invalidate the trove of scientific findings that point to one unmistakable conclusion: Separating kids from their parents is detrimental to their physical and mental health.There's no adoption unicorn sprinkling rainbow confetti on your heart to help your pre-verbal infant mind deal with the sudden loss of your mother, which at six months was your entire world. You and your original family still bore the effects of sudden separation. Even if you are happy and love your adoptive parents (which is a wonderful and good thing!), it doesn't negate the fact that you - as an infant - experienced the trauma of being separated from your original family. Even if your adoptive parents had no idea the impact it would have on you, it is still there. Even if you are not yet able to wrap your head around it, it is still there. I think adoptees might have it even harder than the children at the border because we can all see how absolutely wrong it is in that situation.But with adoptees, we act as if decades of research about the neurological, physiological, and psychological impact of losing one's original parents doesn't apply. Adoptees rarely have that staggering loss acknowledged, much less are given the space and support they need to make sense of what happened to them. Now that I know you are an adoptee, so much of you makes sense. Behaviors I once rolled my eyes at are now met with the deepest of compassion and understanding. You aren't a hot mess. I promise.

  65. ginny lassiter

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    That ☝🏼 ball at the top right is so distracting 🤦🏻‍♀️😆

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    them lips thooo

  67. Angie Marie

    Angie Marie3 days ago

    I suffer from infertility and have looked into adoption as an option but what has really stopped me is the fact that I dont to ever not be enough for my child. I cant imagine as an adoptive parent to have your child long for their real family... that would break my heart.

  68. Angie Marie

    Angie Marie3 days ago

    I love this so much... bless you and your FAMILY!!!

  69. MC

    MC3 days ago

    Awwww she looks so cute. Not such a hot mess than the time of Jersey Shores. I love how beautiful she looks with this look on her nothing like that awful hair days in JS

  70. Jill Mcintyre

    Jill Mcintyre3 days ago

    If she says chilena one more time... .it's CHILEAN

  71. K3nny Dion

    K3nny Dion3 days ago

    Wow I can really relate to your story. I was born in Chupaca, Peru 1990. I was the youngest of 7 or 9 older siblings I think. My birth parents were unable to afford me after I was born and gave me up for adoption after I was about 3 months I believe from what my adopted mother told me. My birth family was very poor and lived in the worst part of Peru at the time, luckily a Italian, Irish couple was looking to adopt a child from Peru and I was the one who was saved. Im entirely grateful that my birth parents wanted a better life for me and I feel the same way you do about everything you mention in this video, I applaud you for sharing and the crazier part is that I was raised in South jersey. And can barely speak a lick of Spanish but I've learned over the years from where I grew up in jersey. My birth siblings are probably also adopted with other families and it would be hard to find them but like you said, maybe one day you will look into if it crosses your mind again or whenever. If you ever go searching for your birth parents or siblings one day, film it, I may be inspired to do the same

  72. Kitty Kat20

    Kitty Kat203 days ago

    Amazing ! I had no clue! My mom gave my younger brother up for adoption bc she was already 18 yrs old with a 2 yr old (me), and my dad had left us and was in and out of jail so she could not support herself and 2 kids on her own. Since my family is extremely conservative, abortion was not an option for her, and my family did not offer my mom any support which is why she chose to adopt. It was an open adoption, and so my mom and I were fortunate enough to be able to see him and visit with him throughout his whole life :) to this day me and my brother text and hangout every now and then and I’m so thankful my mom made that hard, selfless choice to give him a better life. 💕

  73. Andres Sebastian

    Andres Sebastian3 days ago

    Cool, Im adopted from Chile as well. Grow up in Sweden tho.

  74. emma mares

    emma mares4 days ago

    i went to foster home at age of 3. with my two siblings. I got adopted at the age of 7. there is a sad story that happened. too long and personal. I know my family loved me. since we went thru alot. I was able to stay with my birth siblings. but growing up I never felt apart of family. just different from the world. and was eccentric and unique in my own way. know I am grown. I am 30. I been wanting for long time to find more about my relatives. my older sibling found some thru 23and me site. so reunion. I hope. I just they wanted to chat with me too. they just spending talking with my older sibling. :( so for my birthday on July 8 my adopted Dad(amazing dad I love very much)helped me get site. oh boy. well thank you Nicole. for sharing how you felt. I love to meet in person. but I am always been inspired and loved your personality from the beginning of the show. and getting a chance to see you grow on screen. well cheers! thanks for making laugh and smile. you and Jenni. thru your channel on MReporter. keep on doing what you do. so proud for you . -Emma

  75. Marley Laycock

    Marley Laycock4 days ago

    Awwws I’m glad snookies happy I had know idea but yes she loves her family she’s belongs there #meatballs

  76. Renise Clark

    Renise Clark4 days ago

    Do it now before its too late make time they probably missed you and wish they can find you before they leave tgis world

  77. Emperatriz Murillo

    Emperatriz Murillo4 days ago

    would you consider adopting or fostering? now that you have two birth children already

  78. Ashley Reategui

    Ashley Reategui4 days ago

    u da best snooki

  79. Susie Doe

    Susie Doe4 days ago

    I had no idea, sounds similar to my life. I was born in El Salvador, and I was adopted at 5m and came to America (Ohio). I totally understand and get the not “needing” to know who your birth family is. Personally I want to know what my birth parents look like, but don’t need to know much more, I’ve come to firm long ago I’ll be okay if I don’t even get that. I know about the same amount of Spanish as you. Taco, Burrito, Gordita, lol my ass hole Spanish. In all seriousness one day I would like to see El Salvador. You have a beautiful family, and I always enjoy watching on here.

  80. Swift Kicks

    Swift Kicks4 days ago

    Wow. We soooooo have the same thing happening. I also was adopted but feel like my dad is my dad! So i never really felt the need to search for my adoptive parents. Recently my husband bought me an Ancestry dna kit and it was interesting, and I wouldn’t mind learning more, but it isn’t essential in my life.

  81. Shelly Rio

    Shelly Rio4 days ago

    I’m adopted and I just found my dads side by doing the ancestry dna test! You should do that test to see if any of your siblings tested! I found my moms side in my early 20’s my finding her grave site..

  82. Abigail Turner

    Abigail Turner4 days ago

    You have the Spanish blood in you Nicole we are loud LoL 😂.. hope someday you can meet you're real parents and love you like your other parents 😇

  83. Chantico Aleman

    Chantico Aleman4 days ago

    Snooki you’re Italian. You grew up Italian. You are Italian. You just happen to be born in Chile. You’re so amazing lil meatball.

  84. Shitty Glasses

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    We love a Chitalian shishter

  85. Gianna Hammer

    Gianna Hammer4 days ago

    Love this. Relate to it so much! 💜

  86. missmaybesomeday

    missmaybesomeday4 days ago

    You are an American citizen. Your nationality is American. It's a legal term & has nothing to do with how you were raised or where you were born.

  87. Lujan X

    Lujan X4 days ago

    Hi! I am 21 years old. I am also adopted. Considering that you are 30, has adopting a child ever crossed your mind? I know that for me, in the near future I would like adopt one. So I want id like to know what are your thoughts/feelings on adopting a child, when you yourself are adopted and have kids of your own now.

  88. The Roof Family

    The Roof Family4 days ago

    Get ahold of the show long lost family!!

  89. Patricia Cruz

    Patricia Cruz4 days ago

    Would LOVE to see the journey in search of your birth parents!!!

  90. Michelle Gauthier

    Michelle Gauthier4 days ago

    I was adopted when a week old. My mom told me that I was adopted when I was 8 yrs old. I don't remember how she told me, but she thought it went well and I was okay with it. A week later I asked my mom "Mom, if you and dad didn't adopt me would I still be on a store shelf waiting to be adopted?" My mom's heart sank. I was pictures babies in carseat on a store's shelves with a price tag on our feet and couples walking thru picking out babies to adopt. So she had to tell me again what it was. I have always been okay with it. This is my family. They are my parents. I did look for my birth mother after having my own child just to find medical history. I found her and it's been 20 yr and we have a good relationship. I met my birth father once and he never talked to me again. His loss.

  91. ssurla

    ssurla4 days ago

    Get your people to contact TLC for their Long Lost Family show. Have them do the work for you, make a vlog about the process behind the scenes for your channel to promote the show when it airs. There aren't many celebrities who are adopted that I know of, I don't see why they wouldn't go for it!

  92. Hayley Burger

    Hayley Burger4 days ago

    Would you ever adopt from the same region you were born?

  93. brittany Daniels

    brittany Daniels4 days ago

    I’m not adopted but everyone in my family is white and blonde hair and I’m tan with brown hair so I hate that no one looks like me. The only one that looks like me is my dad so I’ve always wanted to fit in more and have my family look like me. I’m glad to hear someone else felt like that too..

  94. Catherine Sofia

    Catherine Sofia4 days ago

    Thanks for sharing! We just adopted a baby boy and it’s nice to get some insight into how he may feel later

  95. Chelsea Anna

    Chelsea Anna4 days ago

    Wow, I wonder if they know their daughter is so successful and famous. I bet they'd feel really good about giving you away because you really did get such an amazing life. I think it would be so great for you to meet them!

  96. Nicole Crews

    Nicole Crews4 days ago

    Thank you for sharing

  97. Monica Gloria

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    Love it! God bless

  98. DocQUEERmentary

    DocQUEERmentary4 days ago

    Great story. Make the time. You’d be crushed to find out a parent/sibling passed the year before. Also set boundaries so you won’t be used if anyone has ill intent.

  99. Tery Mora

    Tery Mora5 days ago

    It still amazes me how ignorant and immature people can be. Does it give you a thrill to post nasty comments? Obviously you were interested enough to listen to her story, oh that’s right, I get it, nasty comments come from those individuals with no social lives that sit at home posting nasty comments to make themselves feel a little better about their miserable, pitiful existence, grow up people. Snooki, keep your head up and do what’s in your heart. The choice is yours. Sorry I had to vent there for a minute.

  100. B.D Reactions

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    I agree with you !

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    This is totally unrelated but u look so pretty

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    you're so fucking cute Nicole :3