[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "favOriTe"


  1. reveluv for u

    reveluv for u2 hours ago

    Its deadass just odd eye circle and heejin

  2. Jacob Andyson

    Jacob Andyson3 hours ago

    x doubt

  3. Juliana Kissme

    Juliana Kissme6 hours ago

    Go to stream LOVE CHERRY MOTION, it is close to 3M.

  4. idk

    idk8 hours ago

    I listened to hi high for the first time yesterday, and I just couldn’t stop listening to it, I got curious and here I am, I can see why people say “Stan Loona”,they’re amazing. Another gg to Stan. Yay!!!

  5. xodus

    xodus14 hours ago

    6 477 344 🍒

  6. hoa Bach

    hoa Bach16 hours ago

    nhóm nữ này rất có tố chất, tôi thích

  7. rad mermaid

    rad mermaid18 hours ago

    6.5M here we come!!!!!

  8. Drag Race Media

    Drag Race Media19 hours ago

    Boring group with a disrespectful fandom that jokes about Stan Lee's death or wiping out another fandom by genocide. So sick. Even if your idols, LOONA, were interesting (which they are not, even G IDLE is better), you don't do those things. Stupid LOONA fans. Y'all act as if they are special when they're just like every other girl group.

  9. Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ

    Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ3 hours ago

    You're obsessed with orbits at this point. This is like your 14th time commenting on a loona video. 💀

  10. Bina Bunny

    Bina Bunny4 hours ago

    No one in the fandom was making those stan lee jokes (The term stan loona is a part of twotter vocab at this point and trolls who aren't even kpop fans were using it) and most of the fandom was actively trying to stop the genocide hastag. Anyways thanks for the view.

  11. JiminieChuus

    JiminieChuus7 hours ago

    loona is a special girl group,they do every genre not even the big 3 or g-idle can do,Who was the low company gg to beat nicki queen album Loona,Who was the first ever low company girl group to make it on itunes world charts and trend on youtube loona did and who made the first ever soultronica song LOONA did.While you go bring up other gg to make like loona is smaller then them think about the awards,the talent loona has instead of trying to act all that.

  12. xodus

    xodus14 hours ago

    yes cause every girl group has a concept where the members have animal colors and solo albums. every girl group has a predebut project for 2 years. every girl group won a ema as a first win. every girl group has million concepts like loona. and move on from those fake orbits

  13. Andressa Yoongi Stylinson

    Andressa Yoongi Stylinson19 hours ago

    Love Loona

  14. Ally Chica

    Ally Chica21 hour ago

    Powerful lesbian energy is what I'm getting from this. LOONA take me!!!

  15. Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ

    Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔDay ago

    @BBC, please don't turn into those companies that overlook certain members just because they're not as popular as the others. 👏 *EVERY* 👏 *LOONA* 👏 *MEMBER* 👏 *IS* 👏 *TALENTED.* 👏

  16. Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ

    Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔDay ago

    @BBC, you've managed them so well from the beginning but what we're not going to do is 👏 *LET* 👏 *MONEY* 👏 *CHANGE* 👏 *US.* 👏

  17. Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ

    Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔDay ago

    @BBC, the members who had few lines and screen time in this better 👏 *POP* 👏 *OFF* 👏 *SIS* 👏 in their X X repackage.

  18. Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ

    Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔDay ago


  19. Hyejoo Nation

    Hyejoo NationDay ago


  20. juan leonardo martinez del angel

    juan leonardo martinez del angel2 days ago

    mis loonitas preciosas

  21. oHh yOuU aRe NanA??!!

    oHh yOuU aRe NanA??!!2 days ago

    okok i'm in love with these girls

  22. Délire ENT.

    Délire ENT.2 days ago

    i would be Happy if This MV Get 10M at Least

  23. NGM V

    NGM V2 days ago


  24. Soualy Yasmine

    Soualy Yasmine2 days ago

    i love it

  25. Mitori Kyun

    Mitori Kyun2 days ago

    Come her just to say *RIP STAN LEE*

  26. jj k

    jj k2 days ago

    희진 밀어주기 쩌네

  27. Marie That’s all.

    Marie That’s all.3 days ago

    I just saw Hi High and now this... All I can say is... *BRRRRRRRRRRA*

  28. Marcy S

    Marcy S3 days ago

    Orbits! Let's vote mama.mwave.me/en/vote mama.mwave.me/en/event/wings

  29. TheRealWei

    TheRealWei3 days ago

    Wait a minute, they switched Chuu and haseul positions Haseul in mv was second row in break dance part, but in live performance she was switched to back

  30. oh no

    oh no3 days ago

    Someone introduce me to them please oof

  31. Richard Grayson

    Richard GraysonDay ago

    LOONA is a 12-membered girl group from BlockBerry Creative that debuted on August 20, 2018. A small overview of LOONA's project by Forbes: www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/tamarherman/2018/05/31/loonas-reverse-engineering-of-the-k-pop-debut-is-paying-off/amp/ LOONA does not have fixed positions and have 3 leaders(the subunit leaders: Haseul: 1/3, Kim Lip: Odd Eye Circle, Yves: yyxy) with different roles LOONA guide video: mreporter.net/v/video-YGsdtz8aBc8.html Stan LOONA thread: twitter.com/hyunjinvevo/status/810995890106277888?s=19 All of LOONA's official accounts(youtube channel and social media accounts) are called "loonatheworld" LOONA's official site: loonatheworld.com LOONA's other site, but this one ties it to the LOONAverse and theories more:dlrowehtanool.com All LOONA's MVs in chronological order: mreporter.net/id-PLsy2F-QMOfzstWJhElv5MsjysKEj7fGxQ LOONA TV(Get to know the girls better one by one): mreporter.net/id-PLn2nfuATkZsQzaTPcar9B0vPVO2a59hf5 LOONA Kick: m.facebook.com/loonatheworld/video_grid/?playlist_id=267059380475261 Link to the two unlisted videos on dlrowehtanool.com: Original video on the site, "Mobius" link: mreporter.net/v/video-DeoZhYJEn7o.html Current video on site, "Eden" link(you can find this same link in the text code on the site itself): mreporter.net/v/video-WjwDBvDbNsY.html Watch daebak jjang's theory videos in order from "New," "Heart Attack," "One and Only," "Egoist," "love4eva," to "Hi High" for more on the LOONAverse and theories

  32. c

    c4 days ago

    yall should try sumn right now...ITS VOTING FOR LOONA AS BEST NEW FEMALE ARTIST ON MAMA AWARDS!!!!! mama.mwave.me/en/main LETS GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Juxn Xguilerx

    Juxn Xguilerx4 days ago

    My ass is on fire for this BOP OMG!! 🔥

  34. norma quezada

    norma quezada4 days ago

    good song good concept but with stupids song like twice they can t win x.x

  35. norma quezada

    norma quezada14 hours ago

    +xodus i do but is my opinion sorrt :v

  36. xodus

    xodus14 hours ago

    cant you just compliment loona

  37. norma quezada

    norma quezadaDay ago

    +pmanlicious II so overrated ... YES !

  38. pmanlicious II

    pmanlicious IIDay ago

    Twice is so overrated, it's really ridiculous.

  39. yguin

    yguin4 days ago

    eu amo lonna ;)

  40. xodus

    xodus14 hours ago


  41. kim louise

    kim louise4 days ago

    we need the choreo version of this

  42. blossom hwihwi

    blossom hwihwi4 days ago

    하슬이 분량 어딨오..

  43. gulcan6 msp

    gulcan6 msp5 days ago

    My class thinks I'm gay now but yes im gonna go gay for loona

  44. jeongyeon's #1 stan

    jeongyeon's #1 stan5 days ago

    i sometimes just randomly screenshot the video too see funny faces lmao

  45. Mary Desire

    Mary Desire5 days ago

    Okay so Loona did that. Such queens!! 😭🤧♥️

  46. The Afterparty

    The Afterparty5 days ago

    the intro gets me every time

  47. naega

    naega5 days ago

    i love this so much

  48. Xherdann

    Xherdann5 days ago

    1:13 those winks tho ♥

  49. ev yoonmin

    ev yoonmin5 days ago

    I'm gay

  50. hazza

    hazza5 days ago


  51. hazza

    hazza5 days ago


  52. hazza

    hazza5 days ago


  53. wet blanket

    wet blanket5 days ago

    can someone tell me there names with time stamps?? im new

  54. Raiem

    Raiem5 days ago

    lack of hyunjin, vivi n haseul makes me sad esp hyunjin as shes my bias (n vivi is my 2nd fav

  55. Danny Cordero

    Danny Cordero5 days ago

    Happy Olivia hye day

  56. Agus!! aciar!!

    Agus!! aciar!!5 days ago

    0:20 skereeeeee :v

  57. 복쯍아

    복쯍아5 days ago

    1:00 신발끈 묶고 뚜잇

  58. Duy Hua

    Duy Hua5 days ago



    how many times have I had to get scalp reattachment surgery because of this song my insurance coverage is shaking

  60. Erika Allen

    Erika Allen6 days ago

    Who's rolling her tongue during the chorus? Like, who's saying "brrrraa"? 0:51 It's one the biggest reasons I'm obsessed with this song, but I don't know which one's doing it.

  61. Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ

    Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ5 days ago

    +Erika Allen No problem! If there's anything else you want to know, just ask! 😊

  62. Erika Allen

    Erika Allen5 days ago

    +Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ Ah ok. That's awesome. Thank you!

  63. Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ

    Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ6 days ago

    That's Heejin!

  64. ishi

    ishi6 days ago

    HEEJIN!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! she is so beautiful i feel so ugly

  65. doritae

    doritae6 days ago

    a fucking bop ugh i love QUEENS

  66. olivia hye 4eva

    olivia hye 4eva6 days ago

    Olivia Hye is d'best...

  67. Sunny Sun

    Sunny Sun5 days ago


  68. Nad Azman

    Nad Azman7 days ago

    They really nailed the concept of bad young teen

  69. vanessa sim

    vanessa sim7 days ago

    Im so confused. Are they the cutie girl groups like twice or a badie girl groups like black pink or are they the in betweens like Red Velvet

  70. xodus

    xodus6 days ago

    they are versatile like loona :)

  71. Drag Race Media

    Drag Race Media7 days ago

    BLACKPINK is better

  72. Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ

    Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ6 days ago

    Welcome back to our comments section! I was wondering where you were!

  73. Jaemin's Smile

    Jaemin's Smile6 days ago

    oh sweetie

  74. Zanny Alvarez

    Zanny Alvarez6 days ago

    Drag Race Media troll, is that you?

  75. nick morningstar

    nick morningstar7 days ago

    People like you ruin our fandom's name. To anyone who saw this comment, I apologizes on behalf of this peasant.

  76. deadlolita

    deadlolita7 days ago

    Drag Race Media only if you’re a local

  77. La Jennie Kim

    La Jennie Kim7 days ago

    when tienes que grabar MV but acabas de regresar de la skul y olvidas cambiarte :v

  78. La Jennie Kim

    La Jennie Kim7 days ago

    aja aja la baraja me encantó

  79. Layla C.

    Layla C.7 days ago

    why do they wear school girl outfits a lot??? it’s really not attractive and if u think it is, then ure weird

  80. xodus

    xodus6 days ago

    its part of their concept go watch some theories

  81. Cristin Joseph

    Cristin Joseph7 days ago

    Maybe because half of them are still in school😅

  82. Meer AB

    Meer AB7 days ago

    Haseul doesn't appear to much....... 😤😭

  83. Thainá Bennington Dias da Silva

    Thainá Bennington Dias da Silva7 days ago


  84. F a n t a

    F a n t a7 days ago

    this is a banger

  85. Neoma Rahman

    Neoma Rahman7 days ago

    omg this is such a good song i might have to start stanning 😊

  86. xodus

    xodus6 days ago

    welcome we're called orbits

  87. Nicoletta

    Nicoletta8 days ago

    Who's Vivi?

  88. xodus

    xodus6 days ago

    1:11 you can also watch her solo

  89. Zanny Alvarez

    Zanny Alvarez7 days ago

    Nicoletta 1:11

  90. RealMeIana

    RealMeIana8 days ago

    I really prefer this than Hi High! But unfortunately Korea love their girls cute and innocent...

  91. rodrigo fuhrman

    rodrigo fuhrman8 days ago


  92. equilikua

    equilikua8 days ago

    I´m on a LOOΠΔ marathon... AGAIN!! XD

  93. xodus

    xodus8 days ago

    6 373 912

  94. xodus

    xodus8 days ago

    this song is *r00d*

  95. xodus

    xodus8 days ago


  96. xodus

    xodus8 days ago

    should have promoted this more 👀

  97. xodus

    xodus8 days ago

    its you my favorite *blushes*

  98. xodus

    xodus8 days ago


  99. xodus

    xodus8 days ago

    post about xx you cowards

  100. xodus

    xodus8 days ago

    Will you stan loona? You have two choices *yes or... yes*

  101. nnightsong

    nnightsong6 days ago


  102. xodus

    xodus8 days ago

    *only you love*

  103. นราภรณ์ ชื่นภิรมย์

    นราภรณ์ ชื่นภิรมย์8 days ago

    hate yves and jinsoul!!!

  104. I an thou, thou wigless me

    I an thou, thou wigless me8 days ago

    What's wrong with you? What did they do to you?😕

  105. Danny Cordero

    Danny Cordero8 days ago

    Don't give yourself a hard time and ignore them and the whole group and be happy ^^

  106. xodus

    xodus8 days ago

    then you can leave

  107. Zanny Alvarez

    Zanny Alvarez8 days ago

    นราภรณ์ ชื่นภิรมย์ why?

  108. shopping cart

    shopping cart9 days ago

    great camerawork by the way !!!!

  109. Juxn Xguilerx

    Juxn Xguilerx9 days ago

    WIG!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥

  110. Chinitos para siempre

    Chinitos para siempre9 days ago

    Alguien que hable español :v (?)

  111. xodus

    xodus8 days ago


  112. Juxn Xguilerx

    Juxn Xguilerx9 days ago


  113. Chinitos para siempre

    Chinitos para siempre9 days ago

    Alto temazo wacho !! 💕

  114. Pega Doodle

    Pega Doodle9 days ago

    I'm just here to enjoy the music. Western KPOP fans talk weird

  115. Gracie

    Gracie10 days ago

    stan loona losers

  116. LindsayLeelol

    LindsayLeelol10 days ago

    1:17 Hyoyeon is that you

  117. cherrypepsi

    cherrypepsi10 days ago

    satan loona 🤘👹

  118. Wagner Stan

    Wagner Stan10 days ago

    Please come back loona 🌙

  119. pluto orbit

    pluto orbit10 days ago


  120. Danny Cordero

    Danny Cordero8 days ago

    And hyunjin

  121. xodus

    xodus8 days ago

    and haseul hello

  122. Lyan Crown

    Lyan Crown10 days ago

    They really snapped on this jam

  123. min4r1

    min4r110 days ago

    stan loona

  124. fuck you

    fuck you11 days ago


  125. Alex AlexYoo .Loona

    Alex AlexYoo .Loona10 days ago


  126. Sofi Vignista12

    Sofi Vignista1211 days ago

    "Quieres que metan a Yujin" "Eso no wey" XDXDXDXD VENGO DE DONSHASHA XDXD BASTA XD

  127. Kohaku Shizuka

    Kohaku Shizuka11 days ago

    holy shit Heejin is so damn pretty, i'm dying rn

  128. nnightsong

    nnightsong6 days ago


  129. xodus

    xodus8 days ago


  130. KH

    KH11 days ago

    반짝반짝 빛난다 얘들아.... 의상도 컨셉도 헤어도 정말 다 맘에들고 노래정말 정말 좋아 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  131. 구슬아이스크림

    구슬아이스크림2 days ago

    개인적으로 하이하이보다 페이보릿이더좋음 ^^타이틀을 페이보릿으로 하지~~

  132. Rebel Yap

    Rebel Yap11 days ago

    I can't find even one ugly girl from the group, cuz usually every group has that one 'less good looking", but in this group, damn all visuals wow

  133. xodus

    xodus8 days ago


  134. Juxn Xguilerx

    Juxn Xguilerx12 days ago


  135. ミナミMinamikuu

    ミナミMinamikuu12 days ago

    me enamoré chao

  136. jams for jimin

    jams for jimin12 days ago

    I'm new to loona. This song is great!!! Now I'm stanning them ❤❤❤

  137. xodus

    xodus12 days ago

    hello welcome

  138. jikook é muito real

    jikook é muito real12 days ago

    2:39 best part of the song

  139. xodus

    xodus12 days ago

    according to me at this speed this MV reaches 7M views on 5th-10th december

  140. xodus

    xodus12 days ago


  141. Lua Luh

    Lua Luh10 days ago