Mutilated Money? This Place Will Give You a Fresh Stack


  1. Austin Taylor

    Austin Taylor4 hours ago

    Reimburse me daddy!

  2. abhishek kuchibhotla

    abhishek kuchibhotla5 hours ago

    Plastic money is better

  3. Pippa Quiric

    Pippa Quiric5 hours ago

    1:15 this is why here is canada we have plastic money

  4. Crispy Crew

    Crispy Crew11 hours ago

    couldnt you just counterfeit money damage it in a way so they cant tell whether its legal tender or counterfeit

  5. Amazingly girly emo diy

    Amazingly girly emo diy2 days ago


  6. petster13

    petster132 days ago

    Or you become like other countries and get plastic money =_=....

  7. Fred Rogers

    Fred Rogers2 days ago

    Years ago I found half of a ten dollar bill. I sent it to the treasury and they sent me a check for $10. Seemed worth it for a stamp, an envelope, and a little of my time. It also gets the money back into circulation.

  8. Elliott Enriquez

    Elliott Enriquez3 days ago

    Vocal reaction after this video, "very cool!" Thanks GBS!

  9. Baran Zadeoğlu

    Baran Zadeoğlu4 days ago

    Just to clarify. This is not a service to relieve people: At least it is not intended that way. Probably most countries' central banks do this. It is to prevent devaluation of the currency. Might sound a bit dumb but as he says, they recover 40 million dollars to the economy and that is only 12 employees. In fact, central banks usually destroy a bill if they think it is damaged enough and make a fresh one just to prevent paper money falling apart.

  10. RedLuckOG

    RedLuckOG4 days ago

    Hey, that’s one thing he government does right.

  11. harlemhornet

    harlemhornet4 days ago

    Wow, that's actually pretty cool. NOW with that said folks.. if somehow you show up with 1 million dollars in half destroyed money.., they will check into your finances to see if you made this money, and if you don't have a legit explanation it may be an issue getting the money. If they believe its proceeds of crime your fucked/

  12. piss pie

    piss pie4 days ago

    its almost like the $ means nothing to the gov and can be printed at will hahaha but that would be crazy right guys

  13. TheRealNoodles

    TheRealNoodles3 days ago

    piss pie it might not mean shit to them but it means a lot to us. Who prints these days, they just credit your account if they wanna pay you. So we can stop making excuses for poor infrastructure and government services. Federal checks never bounce

  14. WuzNab

    WuzNab4 days ago

    1:13 I’m sorry come again?

  15. Pheonix2022

    Pheonix20224 days ago

    No one else caught that the cow ate the farmers wallet and the farmer immediately hacked his ass up and sent in just the stomach? Lol Last meal that cow had was the dried folded skin of one of his relatives.

  16. zane Smith

    zane Smith4 days ago

    somebody shouldve told nipsey hussle about this

  17. Janos Pergely

    Janos Pergely4 days ago

    you killed a cow to get back your wallet??????? arent cows like... 1000 dollars each? did u have more than that in there?? why not just send in the cow pie?? wtf

  18. AnotherChannel

    AnotherChannel4 days ago

    Can you guys repair my mutilated body? Just clone my body and transfer my brain into a new one. It's the same thing, right?

  19. AnotherChannel

    AnotherChannel4 days ago

    Wow, this is cool.

  20. SKYNET #2025

    SKYNET #20254 days ago

    My girlfriend ate my money, do I have to send her in whole or just her stomach?

  21. JenesSpielt

    JenesSpielt4 days ago

    1:55 That money looks cool!

  22. duy

    duy4 days ago

    How do they test for fake notes?


    BITCOINFTW4 days ago

    Hi fiat cash. nice to meet you. I'm bitcoin

  24. Dean Valone

    Dean Valone5 days ago

    what if the money I have is covered in dye...

  25. Loco Leo

    Loco Leo5 days ago

    *Glue & Tape*

  26. Audiofile

    Audiofile5 days ago

    I think most countries offer this, but people don't know about it

  27. Tyler McCormick

    Tyler McCormick5 days ago

    So I burnt my debit card, can you guys reimburse me for what was in my bank account?

  28. Rage Coder

    Rage Coder5 days ago

    Basically they count your broken bills and return how much it is

  29. Bofa Boy

    Bofa Boy5 days ago

    That looks like a really boring job

  30. Brenden Schulte

    Brenden Schulte5 days ago

    Umm yeah I "burned my house down" can I get money now?

  31. Go Away

    Go Away5 days ago

    Why dont they use banks.

  32. Dylan Torrance

    Dylan Torrance5 days ago

    Or america could change to the far more durable polymer notes.... But hey whats a couple million a year

  33. Cheesewhiz710

    Cheesewhiz7105 days ago

    Such a cool job

  34. hey sis what's tea

    hey sis what's tea6 days ago

    wtf is wrong with that farmer

  35. Trailtracker

    Trailtracker6 days ago

    I wonder if anyone ever tries to send in fake money.

  36. Skelly

    Skelly6 days ago

    How do they profit from this?

  37. TheRealNoodles

    TheRealNoodles3 days ago

    Skelly they don't need to profit from this. The treasury's job is to make sure the economy runs smoothly, agreeing to replace broken dollar bills is one way. Plus people need to spend to keep the economy going. Not replacing this would be a loss for the economy.

  38. RedFilms Tv

    RedFilms Tv6 days ago

    the real heroes of america

  39. DanielRobboSon

    DanielRobboSon6 days ago

    This is why canadas money is better

  40. Lauren Dolezal

    Lauren Dolezal6 days ago

    Oooh awesome service

  41. Fire Song Lyrics

    Fire Song Lyrics6 days ago

    somebody could easily burn a stack of fake 100’s bring it there and get real ones 👍🏼👍🏼

  42. XZA K

    XZA K6 days ago

    Awesome story. Yahoo sucks.

  43. Kate 20_

    Kate 20_6 days ago

    How the hell you gonna send them a bag of ashes and expect to get anything back

  44. H_V_Z

    H_V_Z6 days ago

    Hold the fuck up, how do they identify and reimburse money that is literally ASH

  45. Araiguma Confiused Kiruno

    Araiguma Confiused Kiruno6 days ago

    My buck is lost recently and i not able to find it *Can you help me*

  46. Suman Jaiswal

    Suman Jaiswal6 days ago

    Good job

  47. Mr  StKyBomBz

    Mr StKyBomBz6 days ago

    Has anyone tried to send counterfeit money?

  48. Cherry Berry

    Cherry Berry6 days ago

    Show me the money 💰

  49. meowmeow

    meowmeow7 days ago

    God bless America and these people!

  50. J. R.

    J. R.7 days ago

    I have a million dollars in a safe that’s underneath my living room floor inside of the concrete.

  51. Jay Bubblez

    Jay Bubblez7 days ago

    Address or your lying!

  52. IamSmart 7

    IamSmart 77 days ago

    Me: Well, they wouldn't mind. *takes $100,000* Boss: Wait you got no money? Me: I was unlucky.

  53. Observe the Creator's Creation News

    Observe the Creator's Creation News7 days ago

    So the Money in the wallet was worth more than what the Cow was worth.. Unless.he sold the meat right after.🤔

  54. Qwerty

    Qwerty7 days ago

    This guy is a god!

  55. Joseph Banks

    Joseph Banks7 days ago

    This makes sence because the people had that money and they are giving you new money this is good because there is still ballanced

  56. TheRealNoodles

    TheRealNoodles3 days ago

    Joseph Banks well duh...

  57. Jonathan Lee

    Jonathan Lee7 days ago

    Sicors knifes and every thing sharp

  58. Oslo Cloonson

    Oslo Cloonson7 days ago

    "The money gets wet and they put it into the microwave".... how do you accidentaly put money into the microwave

  59. Nicholas Bennett

    Nicholas Bennett7 days ago

    So the farmer killed the cow just to get the wallet

  60. Horcomdev The third

    Horcomdev The third7 days ago

    Nice video

  61. Borderlandsurvivor

    Borderlandsurvivor7 days ago

    I work at a bank and we do the same thing we require that both the serial numbers are present and 2/3 of the bill is there.

  62. Muhammad Mirsab

    Muhammad Mirsab7 days ago

    I watched an episode of limitless today which mentions mutilated money and the department of it, and this popped up on MReporter, is Google spying on me??? It's not even mentioned on the episodes name, how'd it know???!!

  63. Mr. Coolypoody

    Mr. Coolypoody8 days ago

    And this is the reason to use Australian currency

  64. Sunny Wu

    Sunny Wu8 days ago

    How do they determine 51% of the bill is present? :D Especially in the condition some of those money is in... Also, I wouldn't call it a free service, they are taking money from the IRS for this. lol

  65. Torey Montana

    Torey Montana8 days ago

    This is awesome!!

  66. Melvin Houston

    Melvin Houston8 days ago

    Parents: “ no ones going to give you money for sitting down all day” This guy’s origination: *literally gets handed money*

  67. Supreme Crowbar

    Supreme Crowbar8 days ago

    I never knew about this and it’s actually pretty damn cool

  68. Lori

    Lori8 days ago

    1:13 "a lot of people will hide their money in the oven..." Who?? Who the fuck hides their money in the oven???

  69. coolio diablo

    coolio diablo8 days ago

    51% shit my millions that we're cut precisely in two are worthless 😭

  70. Wang King

    Wang King8 days ago

    See, in Australia we don’t have these problems.

  71. Luis Burciaga

    Luis Burciaga8 days ago


  72. Monica Cordova

    Monica Cordova8 days ago


  73. Ror R

    Ror R8 days ago

    nEver kNew about this

  74. Naruto X Hinata

    Naruto X Hinata8 days ago

    Omg!! I never knew this!!

  75. Monica Lubs

    Monica Lubs8 days ago


  76. Matt

    Matt8 days ago

    How’d the guy know that particular cow ate the wallet after losing it in a field though?

  77. Mrs2Real Author

    Mrs2Real Author8 days ago

    This can't be real..nobody that stupid to leave money in stove THIS IS AMERICA PEOPLE ARE STUPID

  78. The Best Gamer

    The Best Gamer8 days ago

    I wonder if you could just get fake money and burn it and then send it in

  79. Jie

    Jie8 days ago

    Honestly I didn't think there was a department for that

  80. Nick N.

    Nick N.8 days ago

    this job requires 150% autism

  81. D

    D8 days ago

    I never knew that our govt would do that. How nice.

  82. S R

    S R8 days ago

    I’m glad there is a service like this

  83. Felica Pears

    Felica Pears8 days ago

    Who in the hell puts money in the microwave 😂😂😂


    JIMMY VS JAMES8 days ago

    how do they determine counterfeit if its burnt or damaged badly?

  85. sexy monkey

    sexy monkey8 days ago

    I hid my money in the bank in return im only allowed to look at numbers and only grab so much at a time without raising any redflags

  86. Jacy Spence

    Jacy Spence8 days ago

    This has been posted before

  87. Hannah Rose

    Hannah Rose8 days ago

    This has given me slightly more faith in this government...not _this_ _administration_ ....but this government

  88. Shawn Gil

    Shawn Gil8 days ago

    Pablo Escobar should give these guys a call

  89. Kerro

    Kerro8 days ago

    Pablo could have used this

  90. Richard Cranium

    Richard Cranium8 days ago

    Any bank will reissue you new bills as long as the bills have 3 corners. This is set by the treasury and enforced by the secret service. When I was 12 years old I found over $5k underneath a fire pit we had in the woods. Took it to the bank and the lady explained everything to me and I wound up with $3572 because many of the bills did not have 3 corners. Thinks was in 1992. I told the bank teller how I got them and I asked if I needed to report it to the police and she told me if I did and was not associated with any crime I would never see the cash again. Cop tells his lieutenant he contacted the person who made report and was returned but actually 99% of the time it's just pocketed. With that money I was able to pay for me, my mother and brother to fly to California for 8 days, we went to Disneyland, Knottsberry Farm Amusement Park, hard rock cafe , universal studios and a tour of Hollywood. My father added about $1500 to it but he did not go because he had to work and he is petrified of flying. To this day my older brother has no idea the reason we were able to fly from b.w.i. to l.a.x. on a whim.

  91. V F

    V F8 days ago

    This is why other countries have plastic coated money lol

  92. Uranchimeg Amgalan

    Uranchimeg Amgalan9 days ago

    I wish anime was real so I could smash sheele (akame ga kill character) 😉😉😉😉

  93. Kayloww F.I

    Kayloww F.I9 days ago

    My dog ate my money? Or the cow ate my money? Wow lol

  94. Sup Er

    Sup Er9 days ago

    Dude y all the people black

  95. nidia m

    nidia m9 days ago


  96. kemp Davis

    kemp Davis9 days ago

    My dog ate my money :$

  97. Spicy Strawberry

    Spicy Strawberry9 days ago

    So they killed th cow to get the wallet I don’t get it they need to explain

  98. Lolli Man

    Lolli Man9 days ago

    Good people

  99. E k

    E k9 days ago

    The land where money is worth more than you're life.

  100. Bugs Bunny

    Bugs Bunny9 days ago

    It's interesting how odd this is. I would never think you could be reimbursed for damaged money, and have never heard of anything like this in my entire life. And the way the system works is so simple. Here they are seperating money with butter knives and scissors and counitying it by hand. But I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it.

  101. Monica

    Monica9 days ago

    good to know

  102. Chikies Navarro

    Chikies Navarro9 days ago

    I have a few pokemon cards in this condition...i wonder if they can do the same..

  103. J A

    J A9 days ago

    Never knew something like this existed! Thanks for sharing!

  104. 04dram04

    04dram049 days ago

    Damn so the farmer killed the cow, to get his wallet. Dark