Mutilated Money? This Place Will Give You a Fresh Stack


  1. Dean Zakrzewski

    Dean Zakrzewski8 hours ago

    As the saying goes; "If a cow eats your wallet send it's stomach to the government"

  2. PvMNero

    PvMNero10 hours ago

    I wonder if Canada has this service...

  3. LittleArmyNut

    LittleArmyNut10 hours ago

    If the wallet was leather does it make the cow a cannibal

  4. AlboGravity

    AlboGravity12 hours ago

    Sounds like a good way to wash (launder) your dirty money xD


    home.coffee16 hours ago

    assistant *to* manager

  6. Vilosonin

    Vilosonin18 hours ago

    They killed a cow for 10$ 👏🏽

  7. Steven Brierly

    Steven Brierly21 hour ago

    so petrify aint that a harry potter spell?

  8. Matthew McCabe

    Matthew McCabe22 hours ago

    I can guarantee a lot of stupid you tubers use this service

  9. blahblahblah Logan

    blahblahblah Logan2 days ago

    I’ve legit wondered if stuff like this existed

  10. RogueShot 247

    RogueShot 2472 days ago

    Couldn't you just burn fake money and they wouldn't realise

  11. Avery Davis

    Avery Davis5 days ago

    1.39 YAS

  12. Luke H

    Luke H6 days ago

    That's why we have mostly plastic notes in the UK

  13. Screw The Net

    Screw The Net11 days ago

    I like the forensic lab look of the place.

  14. Dream Corners

    Dream Corners11 days ago

    Good thing the cow part was aniamted

  15. xMamoon

    xMamoon11 days ago

    1- getting money wet okay i can imagine jumping in a pool with ur wallet or etc 2- losing ur money in a house fire okay i can imagine 3- shuving ur money in the microwave? thats gonna decrease what its worth brother..

  16. Eliza Peek

    Eliza Peek12 days ago

    This is why making money out of paper is a bad idea, it’s too fragile

  17. Voltaire

    Voltaire12 hours ago

    +Eliza Peek I've sent bills through the wash for hours and they come out completely fine. They aren't made from paper, it's cotton fabric, my dude. Plastic is only better for anti-counterfeit but it's already basically impossible to counterfeit. I prefer paper personally

  18. Eliza Peek

    Eliza Peek21 hour ago

    It’s easy to tear, and if it gets wet it’s ruined. It’s fragile compared to currency made from plastic like the Australian notes

  19. Voltaire

    Voltaire22 hours ago

    It's not paper and it's not that fragile

  20. Sophia Peterson

    Sophia Peterson13 days ago

    That's what I call dirty money burnt by drug dealers

  21. Daily Dumb

    Daily Dumb13 days ago

    why are we spending our tax dollars to help idiots who thought putting money in the oven or microwave was a good idea?

  22. Voltaire

    Voltaire12 hours ago

    +Daily Dumb If that's what you're referring to then yeah you're right. I thought you may have said something much stupider. Anyway, this service barely costs anything and helps people enormously. This is a good service

  23. Daily Dumb

    Daily Dumb16 hours ago

    +Voltaire yes we are, who do you think pays the workers who do this? It's a free service, so the person who wrecked their money is not paying. And unless you think all of the workers who are counting the damaged bills are working without pay out of the goodness of their hearts, that money has to come from somewhere. It is a government program, so it is payed for in taxes.

  24. Voltaire

    Voltaire22 hours ago

    It's not like we are paying them in tax dollars

  25. Vapor doggo

    Vapor doggo14 days ago

    Really? He took that poor cows life to get back like 50$ dollars?

  26. Clapz Boy

    Clapz Boy14 days ago

    Yes... *the cow is dead*

  27. RaidZeroHero

    RaidZeroHero14 days ago

    Good thing I don’t need to worry cuz I always blow my money b4 I see it

  28. Quiqe

    Quiqe14 days ago

    This would actually be a fun job

  29. erin richoo

    erin richoo14 days ago

    Here's a brilliant idea...... don't keep large stacks of money out of the bank!!! The money that you do keep home should be in a safe!

  30. Amelia Fisher

    Amelia Fisher14 days ago

    Who the actual hell puts their money in the friggin oven and microwave? Like stop it, get some help

  31. monbebe

    monbebe15 days ago

    Is it free???

  32. Gaming With Nate

    Gaming With Nate15 days ago

    How do they make money? xd

  33. Justin Y. [hungry for likes cuz he has no life

    Justin Y. [hungry for likes cuz he has no life15 days ago

    Saddest job ever

  34. Sombrero dog

    Sombrero dog15 days ago

    Help The dog ate my money

  35. Faye Sophia Colle

    Faye Sophia Colle16 days ago

    What if someone bought fake money and burned it ang brought it here? Lolz

  36. Stacy

    Stacy16 days ago

    WOW! 😲

  37. Lars Nordhagen

    Lars Nordhagen16 days ago

    This place: pours out pile of ashes “I can give you $250” GameStop: first ever made, signed copy of Mario “I’ll give. You $3”

  38. Ethan

    Ethan16 days ago

    Very good people!!!

  39. Wesley Cox

    Wesley Cox16 days ago

    when can I start

  40. EasyLam Tv

    EasyLam Tv17 days ago

    I'd just burn a dollar bill and claim it to be a 100 dollar bill

  41. Jethro Teece

    Jethro Teece17 days ago

    But they don't make any money so what is the point

  42. casian dan

    casian dan17 days ago

    Money is only real if you believe in it. We have a society That is now based solely on a $. So who's your real God. The one the church tells you to worship. Or the one you carry in your pocket 😂🤣

  43. Voltaire

    Voltaire22 hours ago

    Edgy boi

  44. Iz Laws

    Iz Laws17 days ago

    Dats why we have plastic money

  45. Aubrys awesome World

    Aubrys awesome World18 days ago

    Omg 😂 I had a condom commercial talking about the birds and bees I’m deceased

  46. DJ Cyaniide

    DJ Cyaniide18 days ago

    >Make counterfeit money >Burn counterfeit money to hide the imperfections >Send the money to U.S Dept of Treasury >Receive new, authentic bills equal to the amount you counterfeit. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  47. Sentient2x

    Sentient2x18 days ago

    So can I just burn a pile of bill shaped green paper?

  48. GialloNero 21

    GialloNero 2118 days ago

    So you can get fake cash, burn it, then give it to them and they'll give you the equivalent of the money in legitimate notes. Cool.

  49. nazim Demircan

    nazim Demircan18 days ago

    That must be the hardest job

  50. Rahul Kandukuri

    Rahul Kandukuri18 days ago


  51. tacho Guillen

    tacho Guillen18 days ago

    Did they kill the cow!!

  52. Game Mode X

    Game Mode X18 days ago

    I want to know how they reconstruct that pile of literal ashes.

  53. Blazing Ice

    Blazing Ice19 days ago

    Couldn't you fake the money if all they use are scissors and scalpels?

  54. RIN SuGaR

    RIN SuGaR19 days ago

    Oh gosh, did y’all see that black ash cash.

  55. Simon Danger

    Simon Danger20 days ago

    Or just live anywhere else and have way more durable plastic bills

  56. COco510

    COco51020 days ago

    *lives in Canada* oh, yes we totally need this

  57. Coolpastapigs

    Coolpastapigs20 days ago

    That farmer is such a bad person. Its his fault he left that wallet there, and it’s not fair to put a cow through that just to get it back.

  58. KJvlogs

    KJvlogs20 days ago

    Mabel I would want to work there when I grow up... lol

  59. The Glutton

    The Glutton20 days ago

    how did he know that the cow ate it

  60. Lornito Mahinay Jr

    Lornito Mahinay Jr21 day ago

    Is it just me or does anyone noticed that all workers featured here are colored people except the division head. Even in the old pictures shown in their office. Is that really a kind of highly specialized skills attributed only to these colored workers?

  61. Mr Butter

    Mr Butter21 day ago

    A part of the government that cares about you

  62. Wizzie Magi7ion

    Wizzie Magi7ion21 day ago

    I got a dollar thats ripped in half. May i please get a new one

  63. HyperVenom

    HyperVenom21 day ago

    Who the fuck stores money in the oven obviously the best place to store money is the oil tank of a 1996 mustang

  64. Moofy

    Moofy22 days ago

    *currency* Money is something that holds intrinsic value

  65. Monty Blaze

    Monty Blaze22 days ago

    lolololololololololololololololololololol MOOOO

  66. Ali Al-Mahdi

    Ali Al-Mahdi22 days ago

    That farmer case where he had to kill his cow in order to retrieve its stomach is not fair, because cows cost money too and so the farmer had to lose big in order to get his money back. That is what happens when you let capitalism take over your life and allow a state to assign value to a worthless piece of paper in exchange for nothing but your trust in its hypothetical worth!

  67. Cheilsea Bernier

    Cheilsea Bernier23 days ago

    Wait they make 10 dollar bills?

  68. wisnu aji

    wisnu aji23 days ago

    Well "my dog ate my money" I just sitting here, watching youtube, feeding my dog tuna can. Sad

  69. Nameless and Shameless

    Nameless and Shameless23 days ago

    I know a place that needs to send their money here. A local business had set up a thrift shop in an old barn. Due to an unfortunate accident it burned down to the ground (no one was hurt) and when they found the cash drawer it was charred and black but you can still make out bills and change. They have it on display at their store because the bank refused to take it or have it sent somewhere like this. It was estimated that there is about 200+ in it as well.

  70. GucciGang420

    GucciGang42023 days ago

    I hate this I honestly hate this

  71. luke sumberg

    luke sumberg23 days ago

    Mutiliated has four syllables, how is Eric Walsh able to pronounce it in one lol. 0:21

  72. Chloe Wilson

    Chloe Wilson23 days ago

    So interesting

  73. Drew Harris

    Drew Harris23 days ago

    I threw away a 100 that I’d accidentally caught on fire.. I wish I knew this was a thing.

  74. -OSCAR-

    -OSCAR-23 days ago

    Wait did that farmer cut off cows stomach for his walet ??

  75. Cass Quewezance

    Cass Quewezance23 days ago

    At the start I thought this was about finding money

  76. General Issam Zahreddine

    General Issam Zahreddine23 days ago

    The trillions of dollars from the pentagon??

  77. Alexandros Markopoulos

    Alexandros Markopoulos23 days ago

    MReporter loaded a minecraft thumbnail for this video so I was really confused

  78. fholiday

    fholiday24 days ago

    Cow eats a wallet... Then gets turned into a wallet.

  79. Black Daddy

    Black Daddy24 days ago

    That is great really could be a blessing.

  80. Michael Kelly-g

    Michael Kelly-g24 days ago

    So a cow died bcs it eated a wallet... Aaa

  81. birthday picture

    birthday picture24 days ago

    I thought hE Would send the cow

  82. JairbearYT Alfaro

    JairbearYT Alfaro24 days ago

    Don’t want it all take it

  83. Priscilla

    Priscilla24 days ago

    I'm glad my tax money goes for this service because it must be such a relief for people who have to use it!

  84. Blackfoot n8ive

    Blackfoot n8ive24 days ago

    Put it in a bank ?

  85. JayLeePoe

    JayLeePoe24 days ago

    Wow, a government job where you an actually feel good about helping people? Who'da'thunk'it

  86. Nate Davis

    Nate Davis24 days ago

    Where exactly is "here"

  87. Zavier 1

    Zavier 124 days ago

    Will you help me if my money is stained in blue ink?

  88. Mtn Pure

    Mtn Pure24 days ago

    I literally thought about this today

  89. nicky_ tdbp

    nicky_ tdbp24 days ago

    So do you have to pay back?

  90. I know Do you

    I know Do you24 days ago

    Not in my country

  91. Timmy West

    Timmy West24 days ago

    Mutilated money? Interesting word choice.

  92. Kekistan Shitlord

    Kekistan Shitlord24 days ago

    Who the fuck puts his money into his oven or microwave? ALSO, why do people even have money?!? Theres a thing called the bank

  93. LIEN IZ

    LIEN IZ24 days ago

    What if a person ate the money how do u get it back

  94. BlownViper 505

    BlownViper 50525 days ago

    So what if it's fake money? Won't be able to tell the difference if its burnt

  95. No One

    No One25 days ago

    That’s cool

  96. fallingbed

    fallingbed25 days ago

    When you hand a 20 to the cashier and they check it for a fake

  97. iTS yE bOi mCkEnNA

    iTS yE bOi mCkEnNA25 days ago

    Or you know I'm from Canada and our money is water proof

  98. Officer Mahoney

    Officer Mahoney25 days ago

    How much money was in that wallet?

  99. papaya mango

    papaya mango25 days ago

    Heh imagine if he just sent the cow

  100. Albert Speer

    Albert Speer25 days ago

    whys is everyone in this video besides the narrator black?

  101. Üñdęñïåbłę Łöñė Wøłf

    Üñdęñïåbłę Łöñė Wøłf25 days ago

    High key though it said *free snack*

  102. kian che

    kian che25 days ago

    I sure do find it annoying when I forget to take my money out of the oven!

  103. Minhaaj Hussain

    Minhaaj Hussain25 days ago

    The nicest govt department.

  104. PopGaming Max

    PopGaming Max25 days ago

    Anyone say counterfeits

  105. PGGaming Will

    PGGaming Will25 days ago

    Time to go burn some fake money

  106. Helio Leung

    Helio Leung25 days ago

    it is kind of heartwarming how he talks about giving people some hope after they've been through something as a house fire or a natural disaster

  107. Javier64691

    Javier6469125 days ago

    I’m loving this comment section