Moving On...


  1. noibat yayya

    noibat yayya10 hours ago

    LoL was a good me one of my first encounter in the wiki article Hey buddy

  2. Supermoney 123

    Supermoney 123Day ago

    2 0 1 9 ? Anyone?!

  3. Lilyana Zohal Azhar

    Lilyana Zohal Azhar2 days ago

    Hahahahahahahaha! You said four people

  4. Presto The Gamer

    Presto The Gamer3 days ago

    The blood effect when the iPhone 5s killed King makes me want to play Five Nights at Chuck's 2 even more badly...

  5. dolan twins_fanclub

    dolan twins_fanclub4 days ago

    R.I.P King first person to get murdered by a actually🤧

  6. Cado Craft

    Cado Craft4 days ago

    0:32 she said whad insted of what XDDD

  7. Cado Craft

    Cado Craft4 days ago


  8. Daniel Ortiz

    Daniel Ortiz5 days ago


  9. Daithi Howlin

    Daithi Howlin5 days ago

    2019 anyone

  10. TheACDgamer

    TheACDgamer5 days ago

    Did anybody else’s Siri turn on when he said hey Siri?

  11. AwesomeDudes

    AwesomeDudes6 days ago

    Why did he buy the same phone

  12. EGTV_FAN playzROBLOX Games

    EGTV_FAN playzROBLOX Games6 days ago

    April 14 is my birthday

  13. Arielol

    Arielol7 days ago

    2:38 dead

  14. southernboy 2018

    southernboy 20188 days ago

    I’m watching this on a 5S

  15. Jay Weekly

    Jay Weekly8 days ago

    I just got a 5s😂

  16. Chillfroze

    Chillfroze9 days ago

    i’m not hating.... but is he purposefully cringey 😂

  17. Amanda

    Amanda9 days ago

    This man making me feel the same way I feel about my stuffed animals 😭💀

  18. Flipboy Creations

    Flipboy Creations10 days ago

    *I love my new iPhone* *Breaks it in new iPhone X video*

  19. Gaming with Android Fan

    Gaming with Android Fan11 days ago

    i love the iphone foil

  20. Lyla Show

    Lyla Show12 days ago

    I don’t even think Siri cares about King

  21. LongWire 467

    LongWire 46714 days ago

    Wait, if the 5s is sitting, and King is holding his brand new se, then how did he get a tweet of a apple sheep?

  22. Sal Dumb games

    Sal Dumb games14 days ago

    That thing is a d************

  23. IM BSOD

    IM BSOD14 days ago

    Hey King ı know a guy that copys u his name is aznguy.mp4 on youtube

  24. Shreyansh Chowdhury

    Shreyansh Chowdhury14 days ago

    I'm too poor to buy that phone. Can you give away that phone to me?

  25. King Creeper465

    King Creeper46515 days ago

    i still use a Iphone 5s

  26. Victor Lefteris

    Victor Lefteris15 days ago

    Next console Nintendo Switch the wii no one remembers it only me my wii is still working and plugted in (yep i still play with it)

  27. Adrian Gaming

    Adrian Gaming16 days ago

    1:08 Rage

  28. Adrian Gaming

    Adrian Gaming16 days ago

    A little wooden house

  29. Duy Le

    Duy Le16 days ago

    Boi Lol

  30. Michelle jo Ray

    Michelle jo Ray16 days ago

    I can't believe your phone almost tried to kill you omg

  31. Michelle jo Ray

    Michelle jo Ray16 days ago

    and can't believe that you from almost tried to kill you

  32. Kevin Phuong

    Kevin Phuong16 days ago

    I subscribed!

  33. Angelo Andrade

    Angelo Andrade16 days ago

    Plz jump off a cliff ok

  34. xd Harvey

    xd Harvey16 days ago

    I’m watching this on an se

  35. Nerkin Games

    Nerkin Games17 days ago

    when he said dell was trash i get a little offended LOL

  36. Vaso

    Vaso17 days ago


  37. StinkYbeans88 2018

    StinkYbeans88 201818 days ago

    “Um (thinks quickly) its a bag of trash! WE’RE POOR NOW (puts on dell logo) Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Yuan Uy

    Yuan Uy19 days ago

    1:08 mom i can explain.....

  39. Jonnycrazy

    Jonnycrazy20 days ago

    🤓 👕 👖Billy

  40. Rebekah McBride

    Rebekah McBride20 days ago

    LOL 😂

  41. Meme Guy yeet

    Meme Guy yeet20 days ago

    1:06 WTF

  42. booger -

    booger -21 day ago

    2:46 does he have a hard-on?

  43. SuperSantaGamer

    SuperSantaGamer22 days ago


  44. Kinwing Yeung

    Kinwing Yeung22 days ago


  45. Thierry Sebastian

    Thierry Sebastian23 days ago

    0:22 *were poor now :)*

  46. WoflyIsHere - Animations And More

    WoflyIsHere - Animations And More23 days ago

    2019 anyone


    DOMINATION23 days ago

    2:01 do not say a school do you even know what happens at the schools in the us prob not Bessie’s you said that that is so mean to all the people who had to berry there kids 🖕🏿

  48. Baljinder Thandi

    Baljinder Thandi23 days ago

    1:07 ?

  49. NitroBoost

    NitroBoost24 days ago

    2:39 lol

  50. Burned Noodle

    Burned Noodle24 days ago

    2:43 If you see it then your a pervert

  51. Jake McLeod

    Jake McLeod24 days ago

    0:21 he tried to make it a bag of DELL 🤣🤣🤣😂

  52. Lil'Window TV

    Lil'Window TV24 days ago

    Puts dell on WERE POOR NOW.

  53. Christian Cuthbertson

    Christian Cuthbertson25 days ago


  54. Wifi Boi

    Wifi Boi26 days ago

    Lol I still use my 5+ year old 5s

  55. Julian Irizarry

    Julian Irizarry26 days ago

    How many moveing on did you make

  56. Todd Clower

    Todd Clower26 days ago

    Food ugh ufjcu off you go

  57. Sim Sand

    Sim Sand26 days ago

    Who is watching this in 2019?

  58. SuperDuperWeegee Brother

    SuperDuperWeegee Brother26 days ago

    Whatcha Say! 2:38

  59. Benjamin Maca

    Benjamin Maca26 days ago

    i'm using a iPhone 5 

  60. HamzaGaming400

    HamzaGaming40026 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  61. Branson Novsam

    Branson Novsam27 days ago

    Take over yt

  62. Pokemon Master

    Pokemon Master27 days ago

    Whatcha SAY! 2:37

  63. dragoncrafter 25

    dragoncrafter 2527 days ago

    1:16 jb

  64. Larry Mercer

    Larry Mercer27 days ago

    That sound1:00

  65. Michael toomey

    Michael toomey27 days ago

    iPhone 7 Is Mine!!! 😡

  66. grandeur mummy Corrie Kate and Olivia

    grandeur mummy Corrie Kate and Olivia27 days ago

    You are away shirt

  67. Jumbo Gaming - Roblox

    Jumbo Gaming - Roblox27 days ago

    this is how is walk to me now?

  68. Jumbo Gaming - Roblox

    Jumbo Gaming - Roblox27 days ago

    00:21 we are poor now (no need to thanks me)

  69. Simon Lee

    Simon Lee28 days ago


  70. Anonymous

    Anonymous29 days ago

    Lol, when you said “Hey Siri”, it actually activated my real Siri in real life because I have Hey Siri on my iPad

  71. Kale

    Kale29 days ago


  72. JDM

    JDMMonth ago

    Probably should’ve gotten 6s (my opinion) but she is still amazing

  73. FHD

    FHDMonth ago

    0:20 Intel Inside

  74. me101 gamer

    me101 gamerMonth ago

    I gun pro 00.1 version

  75. 벅영영park chaeyoung

    벅영영park chaeyoungMonth ago


  76. TheControllerProgram

    TheControllerProgramMonth ago

    This was such a good video!

  77. popreact

    popreactMonth ago


  78. Dora Mefsouti

    Dora MefsoutiMonth ago

    2019 anyone

  79. Rachel

    RachelMonth ago

    I got the iPhone se too cool painrock 124 your my favorite person on MReporter

  80. Playinggames 11

    Playinggames 11Month ago


  81. Alan John

    Alan JohnMonth ago

    I can't believe you droped your se

  82. Caleb Leary

    Caleb LearyMonth ago


  83. Nadia Begum Juthi

    Nadia Begum JuthiMonth ago

    is it too late to say sorry justin biber

  84. Sl33py head

    Sl33py headMonth ago

    I have a iPhone SE

  85. Lil miss Black

    Lil miss BlackMonth ago

    I still have a iphone5 ._.

  86. coolgamer 6554

    coolgamer 6554Month ago

    How come everyone’s iPhone goes to Siri but my phone don’t rip

  87. alex con.

    alex con.Month ago

    0:21 Intel

  88. alex con.

    alex con.Month ago

    0:52 whatever

  89. TheChgz

    TheChgzMonth ago

    1:08 Is that nECeSaRy?

  90. taha bk

    taha bkMonth ago

    Jb fanboy

  91. Roblox Cool And Fun

    Roblox Cool And FunMonth ago

    I Meant 1:09

  92. Roblox Cool And Fun

    Roblox Cool And FunMonth ago

    At 10:9 Yes It Is!

  93. Charles Lee

    Charles LeeMonth ago

    watching this on a iPhone 5s

  94. pizzapenguin6

    pizzapenguin6Month ago

    1:05 mega nut

  95. I’m just a Wii

    I’m just a WiiMonth ago

    1:16 Justin Bieber intensifies

  96. retro tech

    retro techMonth ago

    watching this on iphone se

  97. coolgamer 6554

    coolgamer 6554Month ago


  98. Matthew McCabe

    Matthew McCabeMonth ago

    2:36 is that a offense to women? No it was 2016 feminism wasn’t cool yet

  99. DiamondGamer YouTube

    DiamondGamer YouTubeMonth ago

    Fucking idiot only a short video? That is boring

  100. kingalex 2020123

    kingalex 2020123Month ago

    Shut the fuck up

  101. Moha10

    Moha10Month ago

    This is just a bag of Trash! (DELL) *dun dun dun dunnnn xD* Were poor now!

  102. aleksay berry

    aleksay berryMonth ago

    Why would I jump off a cliff

  103. NightmareBonie123400

    NightmareBonie123400Month ago