Moving On...


  1. Izakurakagel2 Aero

    Izakurakagel2 Aero8 hours ago

    When you already moved on from his moving on video

  2. Tom - Cartoon

    Tom - Cartoon22 hours ago

    it includes slow motion camera. that's why Apple called it the iPhone SE (Special Edition)

  3. Alem

    AlemDay ago

    Does nobody acknowledge that he keeps dropping his new phone several times and nobody cares? 2019 Btw

  4. Gerard Bosman

    Gerard BosmanDay ago

    Modesto Sarmiento

  5. Robert Raymond

    Robert Raymond2 days ago

    It’s a firework you idiot it’s at the end of the same person that realize other videos and they suck

  6. Cool Man

    Cool Man3 days ago

    Dell is not cheap though can still be as expensive as an iPhone gundrum how old or new it is

  7. flr8

    flr83 days ago

    2:38 what i did to my ex-wife Its a joke!

  8. dark side

    dark side4 days ago

    hey dont waste your phone

  9. Nhan Nguyen

    Nhan Nguyen4 days ago

    I cracked my 5s and upgraded to an se in early 2017

  10. Y4h14 cO01 Gaming and more!

    Y4h14 cO01 Gaming and more!5 days ago

    *plainrock124 didn’t thank the busdriver WOW SRLSY* 2:37 typical woman

  11. Paulette Lyons

    Paulette Lyons5 days ago

    3:06 I laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Dj Yonders

    Dj Yonders5 days ago

    iPhone se lol

  13. xxCostxx ‘

    xxCostxx ‘6 days ago

    Anybody noticed he can’t pay for the phone without his wallet? His wallet is on his phone?

  14. the guy that makes good and bad vids thank you

    the guy that makes good and bad vids thank you6 days ago

    At 1:08 The iPhone sounds like a alien

  15. Gameplayz

    Gameplayz8 days ago

    aznguy.mp4 is copying u!

  16. Josue Vargas

    Josue Vargas8 days ago

    1:05 when your mom got you the wrong color

  17. SkyMelon 2005

    SkyMelon 20058 days ago

    Yeah you were right about women

  18. Black Night Streamer

    Black Night Streamer9 days ago

    Why you bullid poor people I’m gonna report you on MReporter

  19. Jake Dimo

    Jake Dimo9 days ago

    4:04 it looks like a fungus under a microscope


    ASMR DREAM10 days ago

    I have the iPhone se

  21. ARamdomRoboxian Youtube Channel

    ARamdomRoboxian Youtube Channel10 days ago


  22. Inga Māzere

    Inga Māzere11 days ago

    AK-47 nice

  23. The Crew

    The Crew12 days ago

    Your videos are so cool

  24. that asian dude . mp4

    that asian dude . mp412 days ago

    Back in mid-2016, then when the iPhone SE was making everyone crazy

  25. mygz gaming

    mygz gaming14 days ago

    Humm watcha say

  26. Owen Casey

    Owen Casey14 days ago

    My boy plainrock has braces in this video

  27. Kamrew 715

    Kamrew 71515 days ago

    THE 5S

  28. un cool logan

    un cool logan15 days ago

    Why do you always take off the screen portakerder off

  29. Windows 8

    Windows 816 days ago

    0: 03

  30. Samuel Wei

    Samuel Wei16 days ago

    CGI edited

  31. Pinapple Vlogs

    Pinapple Vlogs17 days ago

    Colloge dropout talks with phone!! No hate

  32. Luis Vazquez

    Luis Vazquez18 days ago

    Who is watching on se

  33. Brian Lin The apple and bee swarm fan

    Brian Lin The apple and bee swarm fan18 days ago

    I have the 5s in 2019

  34. FitBitBlazeBoy

    FitBitBlazeBoy19 days ago

    i did it in the fastest mode LOL

  35. El ouasbi Elyass

    El ouasbi Elyass19 days ago

    Fuck off dick

  36. hussain KING ALKHALAF

    hussain KING ALKHALAF20 days ago

    This is an ad sponsered by Justin beiber

  37. stager gamer

    stager gamer21 day ago

    You offended my dell windows 10 touchscreen

  38. Silenced Legacy

    Silenced Legacy22 days ago

    2021 anyone

  39. Rosalinda Duran

    Rosalinda Duran23 days ago

    1:08 siri laughing

  40. Homanzi

    Homanzi23 days ago

    Anzguy.mp4 stole content from plainrock124 AHH

  41. Ofentse Makine

    Ofentse Makine24 days ago

    Siri: don’t hey Siri me !

  42. mae gacha xO

    mae gacha xO24 days ago

    You know Apple is stupid that made Iphone SE size of 5s

  43. KickGamer

    KickGamer24 days ago

    I move on iPhone 4 to iPhone SE

  44. Fivos Pixelzz

    Fivos Pixelzz25 days ago

    LOL This is Just a bag of trash (Dell Logo) 😂😂😂


    Mr. FREELOADER25 days ago


  46. Lucky_Lucas 5

    Lucky_Lucas 526 days ago

    For you impatient people that are just waiting for the unboxing 0:52

  47. No.more.unicorn. hair

    No.more.unicorn. hairMonth ago

    I am sorry that I let you down and is it too late to say sorry now. Is that familiar yes = I V

  48. ιтzмιкє ут

    ιтzмιкє утMonth ago

    Broke boi for se

  49. Mg Hpone Thant

    Mg Hpone ThantMonth ago

    I can tell the iPhone SE and iPhone 5S apart

  50. NicoJr_ YT

    NicoJr_ YTMonth ago