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  1. Davlatbek Muminov

    Davlatbek MuminovDay ago


  2. Mcg Mcg

    Mcg McgDay ago


  3. put waluigi in smash

    put waluigi in smashDay ago

    0:01 King didn't thank the bus driver

  4. Ralph Gerrits

    Ralph GerritsDay ago

    00:14 my Siri on niet iPad whas reacting

  5. Mr. Demon

    Mr. DemonDay ago

    0:03 this was the inspiration for the fortnite thank the bus thing years later

  6. DJ VIP

    DJ VIP2 days ago

    2:36 hilarious!

  7. Baconator_351

    Baconator_3512 days ago

    Who saw the no sim sign on the 5s

  8. Jose Valle

    Jose Valle3 days ago


  9. Kidd64 Media

    Kidd64 Media3 days ago

    u ghey

  10. Android Acc

    Android Acc3 days ago

    I guess he did not thank the bus driver then

  11. Quang Hoang

    Quang Hoang4 days ago

    I call it IPHONE special edition 💵

  12. Quang Hoang

    Quang Hoang4 days ago

    King, give me that iPhone SE

  13. originalbloxian

    originalbloxianDay ago

    He doesnt do giveaways

  14. Isaac Lowe

    Isaac Lowe4 days ago

    I thought you were supposed to thank the bus driver?

  15. Ricky Taylor

    Ricky Taylor4 days ago


  16. Đạt Biện Thành

    Đạt Biện Thành4 days ago

    iPhone Stupid Edition 😐😐😐

  17. Ashely12399

    Ashely123995 days ago

    well well well how are u not dead

  18. originalbloxian

    originalbloxianDay ago

    What do you mean by that?

  19. JBL BASS_939

    JBL BASS_9397 days ago

    0:20 lol a bag of trash *puts dell logo

  20. Bar Bear

    Bar Bear8 days ago


  21. Ole Utkovska paul

    Ole Utkovska paul8 days ago

    Can i borrow your Iphone SE and 5s

  22. the unknown gamer

    the unknown gamer14 hours ago


  23. hamza chatar

    hamza chatar9 days ago

    Fucking idiot

  24. Sasha Marc05

    Sasha Marc059 days ago


  25. Cristal Arvizu

    Cristal Arvizu10 days ago

    I can't believe it that you almost died for real or that was just a prank and if it was a prank I'm mad and sad but if it was for real than I'm just sad because you almost died and I'm just a kid I'm just borrowing my dad's phone

  26. Jay

    Jay10 days ago

    Really funny because some people call the iPhone SE the iPhone 5SE looks the same so why not call it that 😑

  27. MJD5000

    MJD500011 days ago


  28. Tom Tsocanos

    Tom Tsocanos12 days ago

    3:32 what did bowser do wrong Edit: I just wanted to add this 3:332

  29. talha javed

    talha javed12 days ago

    Why not kill siri

  30. The mystarious Lamborghini Veneno killer

    The mystarious Lamborghini Veneno killer12 days ago

    0:54. ASMR!!!!!

  31. Maqical Sugar

    Maqical Sugar12 days ago

    I have 5s space gray

  32. eggs

    eggs12 days ago

    i need more videos!!!!!!!!!

  33. The common King

    The common King13 days ago

    Your nose is bigger than your face

  34. The awesome Ryan604Gamer

    The awesome Ryan604Gamer13 days ago

    I can tell the difference of iPhone 5s and see the 5s has the s logo and the se has a se logo

  35. Lesa Harr

    Lesa Harr15 days ago

    I'm watching on a dell laptop the real trash is my macbook

  36. Daniel Ortiz

    Daniel Ortiz16 days ago

    2:38 what's the song?

  37. justas janusauskas

    justas janusauskas16 days ago

    Ha typical woman

  38. Sister Squad

    Sister Squad16 days ago

    iPhone 5c blue squad where you at

  39. suicide duck

    suicide duck17 days ago

    1:06 WTF?

  40. Sam Olmos

    Sam Olmos17 days ago

    2:38 top 10 anime betrayals

  41. Flair Gaming!

    Flair Gaming!17 days ago

    Who’s here after he replaced the SE with his IPhone X😂

  42. Juvia Lockser

    Juvia Lockser17 days ago

    *MoAn* Is ThAt ReAlLy NeCeSsArY?!

  43. Eduardo Valdez

    Eduardo Valdez18 days ago

    NEWS King Lang Was Shot By An I Phone He Was 4 Or 3 Times In The Body

  44. Scythe

    Scythe19 days ago

    Why is this video after my birthday

  45. Dan Endršt

    Dan Endršt19 days ago

    November 2018 ?

  46. Fengo Gaming

    Fengo Gaming20 days ago

    0:21 LOL

  47. Fengo Gaming

    Fengo Gaming19 days ago


  48. Nahla Alhassan

    Nahla Alhassan21 day ago

    Is it the iPhone 7

  49. Minecraf6 Mine3

    Minecraf6 Mine321 day ago


  50. Ethan Atchley

    Ethan Atchley22 days ago

    2:43 SHHHHHH.... everything will be okay

  51. Dank Memes.

    Dank Memes.22 days ago

    This guy makes good vids!

  52. PercyTheBird

    PercyTheBird23 days ago

    Why did he leave his phone at home

  53. itsyourboy -

    itsyourboy -24 days ago

    That asmr tho

  54. Isaiah Yancuba

    Isaiah Yancuba24 days ago

    LOL 😂

  55. Copy Daily

    Copy Daily24 days ago


  56. Sarab Bhamra

    Sarab Bhamra24 days ago

    King:I got a new phone iPhone 5 Siri:U WOT M8

  57. Эмин Магеррамок

    Эмин Магеррамок25 days ago

    Ты сука

  58. Francisco Frais

    Francisco Frais25 days ago

    Is it to late to say sorry

  59. Scotty Whitis

    Scotty Whitis25 days ago

    Oof school situation

  60. Diana Cruz

    Diana Cruz26 days ago

    nice vid

  61. Lily chan

    Lily chan27 days ago


  62. Isaac Hill

    Isaac Hill27 days ago

    It’s the same phone! Just different name 😂!

  63. Daan Verbeek

    Daan Verbeek27 days ago

    0:13 my iPhone reacted

  64. RektKing 84

    RektKing 8428 days ago

    1:59 a 2018 school situation

  65. Aidan Fails

    Aidan Fails28 days ago

    Android is superior

  66. Sonsonwickleft bosslady30

    Sonsonwickleft bosslady3028 days ago

    😎😎 cool

  67. Sonsonwickleft bosslady30

    Sonsonwickleft bosslady3028 days ago


  68. Superallsomegamer1 Gaming

    Superallsomegamer1 Gaming28 days ago

    I have an SE

  69. Zombie Universe 132

    Zombie Universe 13228 days ago

    Who is watching this on an iphone 5S

  70. Marten Lass

    Marten Lass29 days ago

    Watching from my iPhone se


    CptJuniorYT VLOGS and GAMING OFFICIALMonth ago


  72. Raven Gameplays

    Raven GameplaysMonth ago


  73. SuperJeffy Lane

    SuperJeffy LaneMonth ago

    get roasted dell lol 2018 TELL ME

  74. l lPepel l

    l lPepel lMonth ago

    Stop showing off. Your not even rich.

  75. l lPepel l

    l lPepel l29 days ago

    +mini eek says the one that created a playlist called gay and is subscribed to vsauce

  76. mini eek

    mini eek29 days ago

    No u

  77. the world of Andrew

    the world of AndrewMonth ago

    2018 anyone? Yea I have the same space gray iPhone se

  78. mini eek

    mini eek29 days ago

    No one cares and it's 3097

  79. n i m b l 3

    n i m b l 3Month ago

    Lol there is this dude who tries to be like you it is fun

  80. Domi723

    Domi723Month ago


  81. Ashton Gillis

    Ashton GillisMonth ago

    It’s the iPhone sexy edition

  82. mini eek

    mini eek29 days ago

    No u

  83. Felix Fechete

    Felix FecheteMonth ago

    3:09 😂😂

  84. Felix Fechete

    Felix FecheteMonth ago

    I still have the 5S. But mine is gold

  85. Felix Fechete

    Felix Fechete27 days ago


  86. mini eek

    mini eek29 days ago

    Shut up

  87. Pogácsaツ

    PogácsaツMonth ago

    do you had the iPhone 6S?

  88. Call of Moniter

    Call of MoniterMonth ago

    1:06 😂😂😂😂

  89. DarkShadow l UVUVWEVWE

    DarkShadow l UVUVWEVWEMonth ago

    It seems you have every iphone u have

  90. mini eek

    mini eek29 days ago

    Doesn't make sense

  91. swanky pug

    swanky pugMonth ago

    1:05 apple sex

  92. mini eek

    mini eek29 days ago

    Shut up

  93. Qwerty50

    Qwerty50Month ago

    Happy 500k

  94. MachelonusTAG

    MachelonusTAGMonth ago

    Watching on an iPhone SE :)

  95. Tyrone

    Tyrone2 days ago


  96. hamza chatar

    hamza chatar9 days ago

    Im to

  97. Jaketime04

    Jaketime0414 days ago

    Well im on my 5s

  98. QmemeQ

    QmemeQ18 days ago

    +MachelonusTAG I'm going to be watching on one soon!

  99. squeaks2k

    squeaks2k18 days ago

    MachelonusTAG beta iPhone SE 💀

  100. Aznguy .mp2

    Aznguy .mp2Month ago

    I miss old king

  101. mini eek

    mini eek29 days ago

    No u

  102. G'Avonie Dial

    G'Avonie DialMonth ago

    Rip Bowser 3:31

  103. PsychicScout1307/ Fairio

    PsychicScout1307/ FairioMonth ago

    1:05 Okay

  104. Ichigo Kurosaki

    Ichigo KurosakiMonth ago

    In 1:35 I got a notification

  105. Zach Borgan

    Zach BorganMonth ago

    I meant Justin Bieber.

  106. Zach Borgan

    Zach BorganMonth ago

    Oh wow great yesterday reference. 😤

  107. mini eek

    mini eek29 days ago


  108. Susanna Guzzetti

    Susanna GuzzettiMonth ago

    I saw in this vid a huge phone with camera do you still have that android?

  109. DarkNitroEX :3

    DarkNitroEX :3Month ago

    Ima child and I have an SE and soon ima get an iphone 7

  110. mini eek

    mini eek29 days ago

    No one cares

  111. FTW HotShot

    FTW HotShotMonth ago

    First time seeing him with short hair.

  112. mini eek

    mini eek29 days ago


  113. Lukasz Lowas

    Lukasz LowasMonth ago

    I have it too, I’m watching this on the same new phone

  114. smilte

    smilteMonth ago


  115. Steven the gameplay gamer

    Steven the gameplay gamerMonth ago

    the meme came true 2:36

  116. gamerul nebunatic

    gamerul nebunaticMonth ago

    1:05 ejaculation complete 😂😂😂😂

  117. ItsProCreep

    ItsProCreepMonth ago

    1:06 Is it me or is it that Siri had a laugh in her while she was speaking.

  118. Justin Zhang

    Justin ZhangMonth ago

    Siri was a nice girl lol

  119. Justin Zhang

    Justin Zhang27 days ago


  120. mini eek

    mini eek29 days ago


  121. Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddict

    Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddictMonth ago

    iPhone Xr/XS Pls moving on

  122. Marshall Lee

    Marshall LeeMonth ago

    Oooooo lol. Very funny movie

  123. #1 Mario Fan 2.0

    #1 Mario Fan 2.0Month ago

    Ripinpepperoni Plainrockie123 1999 - 2016 But Plainrockie123, you should've just dodged the shooting