Mother Knows Best - SNL


  1. MegaSmk

    MegaSmk9 hours ago

    Abyssalith *lol*

  2. Avocado Fernandez

    Avocado Fernandez16 hours ago

    Gosh that was so disturbing but also brilliant πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Mackinnon Williams

    Mackinnon Williams2 days ago

    *chuckle Mom *chuckle Paul *chuckle Mom just Paul Good lord Pete

  4. Kinley Key

    Kinley Key2 days ago

    cutie pie paul

  5. The Gaming Central

    The Gaming Central2 days ago

    Amy Schumer really ruined this

  6. Anytime Homeboy

    Anytime Homeboy2 days ago

    0:39 Pewdiepie?


    KINGDRNATHAN PF2 days ago

    Jesus Christ every time I see Amy Shumer’s face I lose ten brain cells

  8. connorreally

    connorreally3 days ago

    ʷᡉ ʷᡒⁿ ᡗʰᡉ ᡖᡒᢦⁿᡗ˒

  9. I. G.

    I. G.3 days ago

    After watching Leaving Neverland I somehow see this sketch now in a different light

  10. icytea5

    icytea53 days ago

    Yeah those kinds of people do come from rural part of PA...

  11. A Basket Of Crutches

    A Basket Of Crutches3 days ago

    Gross, Amy the whale scumer

  12. izzy alexander

    izzy alexander3 days ago

    pete having two lines and breaking immediately is a huge mood

  13. E

    E4 days ago

    Hey I thought they featured funny people on here not Amy tumour

  14. Rebel flag Respect

    Rebel flag Respect4 days ago

    Damn Braithwaites

  15. Samantha Williams

    Samantha Williams5 days ago


  16. Mike Kang

    Mike Kang5 days ago

    Amy is so sexist

  17. Perry Scinta

    Perry Scinta5 days ago

    Pete Davidson as always, absolutely zero talent.

  18. spooker dooker

    spooker dooker5 days ago

    Amy schumer is about as funny as blood in your piss

  19. Burdi 1121

    Burdi 11215 days ago

    I liked the vid just not Amy Schumer

  20. Valarie Maes

    Valarie Maes5 days ago

    Is it me or I feel really uncomfortable watching this.

  21. Hattie M

    Hattie M6 days ago


  22. chicagotransam

    chicagotransam6 days ago

    I was just hoping Amy got hit by a train in this sketch. Oh well.. thumbs down

  23. Samantha Colucci

    Samantha Colucci6 days ago

    For once in my life Amy Schumer made laugh........ I’m scared

  24. Nicholas Carignan

    Nicholas Carignan6 days ago

    Amy Schumer is funny when her stuff is scripted or stolen

  25. Kyle Converse

    Kyle ConverseDay ago

    Even then she fucks up the delivery

  26. Jay Santoria

    Jay Santoria6 days ago

    I was waiting for Kate’s son to take her doggy style. Her husband would have gotten a big kick out of that...

  27. Asian Freak 2.0

    Asian Freak 2.07 days ago

    Could it be?! Amy Schumer being funny?!

  28. Nyx Shadowhawk

    Nyx Shadowhawk7 days ago

    Abyssalyn is the best name ever.

  29. Ash The Flash

    Ash The Flash7 days ago

    2:40 Leslie is almost dying

  30. Keyle Brown

    Keyle Brown8 days ago

    We do not deserve Kate McKinnon. Like at all. Lmao

  31. Pen

    Pen8 days ago

    Oedipus complex if I've ever seen it πŸ‘€

  32. thiccy nikky

    thiccy nikky8 days ago

    every only child and their mother ever

  33. The Lucky Piano And other things

    The Lucky Piano And other things9 days ago

    Mikey Day and Kate McKinnon are the perfect duo.

  34. Ryan Stallard

    Ryan Stallard9 days ago

    3:33 Avatar reference.;

  35. Drew P. Wiener

    Drew P. Wiener10 days ago

    I hate amy

  36. Mayhap34

    Mayhap3410 days ago

    I love it how the closed caption couldn't display the mom's name when spoken. Abysuleth?

  37. Manly Bean

    Manly Bean10 days ago

    lol Kate was cute in this.... but soooooo creepy lol

  38. Caleb Wilson

    Caleb Wilson10 days ago

    TEMPE, AZ!!!!! Represent

  39. Kit Walker

    Kit Walker10 days ago

    i lost it when Kate started singing the first time πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ this is edgy SNL gold

  40. Majorfam5

    Majorfam510 days ago


  41. Steak Wolf

    Steak Wolf10 days ago

    Dear lord, they got mothers and their children making dad jokes....

  42. Anthony Abrego

    Anthony Abrego11 days ago

    Seeing amy was enough for me to stop this video and never finish it...ever

  43. Timothy R

    Timothy R11 days ago

    How does Kate do it?

  44. Graysen Olivia

    Graysen Olivia11 days ago

    Is it bad that I just realized that was Pete

  45. Dr. Complex

    Dr. Complex11 days ago

    Pennsylvania 100

  46. Mimi N

    Mimi N11 days ago

    The leg massage Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  47. Mimi N

    Mimi N11 days ago

    According to Arianda, Pete is super special 🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩

  48. Ashton Michael

    Ashton Michael12 days ago


  49. Angelina

    Angelina12 days ago

    That fat chick is so friggin annoying,don’t even know why she is famous.

  50. dominic

    dominic12 days ago


  51. Jade L.

    Jade L.13 days ago

    β€œWe won the points”

  52. hannor d

    hannor d14 days ago

    Norman and Norma really snapped.


    NECKOLAS CAGE15 days ago

    Pretty sure that's Norman & Norma πŸ˜…

  54. 72596oscar

    72596oscar15 days ago

    Whoever is the white girl hosting the game she needs to get fired she ruined this whole skit

  55. Amartya Chakraborty

    Amartya Chakraborty16 days ago

    Kate is an absolute legend

  56. PJ Hittesdorf

    PJ Hittesdorf16 days ago


  57. Nicholas Gonzalez

    Nicholas Gonzalez16 days ago


  58. Rose M. Gottschalk

    Rose M. Gottschalk16 days ago

    .... uh I’m worried of them..

  59. Natasha

    Natasha16 days ago

    I can’t I’m crying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ in laughter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  60. Vladimir Moscovowski

    Vladimir Moscovowski17 days ago

    Fuck any schumer

  61. Lukas

    Lukas17 days ago


  62. the little veteran

    the little veteran18 days ago


  63. Noam Vebman

    Noam Vebman18 days ago

    This is the first time Amy Schumer was funny

  64. Ora FaDe Pengu

    Ora FaDe Pengu20 days ago

    Society would be so much more advanced if we agreed that Amy Schumer isn’t funny

  65. Maxwell Erickson

    Maxwell Erickson10 days ago

    She was incredible in this skit. Did you even watch the video?

  66. The Greatest Huntress

    The Greatest Huntress21 day ago

    Pewdie Pie should sew the show for them using his name

  67. Kira Aisling

    Kira Aisling22 days ago

    Paul can’t hold in his laughter in every skit he laughs

  68. sensei

    sensei22 days ago

    this video probably only has 4.5k dislikes because of amy schumer lol

  69. Louis Kim

    Louis Kim23 days ago

    what's the guy's name?

  70. Ya Boy Avion

    Ya Boy Avion24 days ago

    Amy Schumer and trying to be funny don’t mix well

  71. Regina Phalange

    Regina Phalange24 days ago

    Kate sounds like Siri

  72. eciuj xob

    eciuj xob24 days ago

    Can we get Amy's face blurred out

  73. Caelyn Henderson

    Caelyn Henderson26 days ago

    I love this sketch, but I hate Amy Schumer

  74. baroari g

    baroari g26 days ago

    Wow! For the first time Amy was impressive here!

  75. Arnold Davis

    Arnold Davis26 days ago

    Never thought she was funny , fat yes

  76. None of Your Business

    None of Your Business26 days ago

    eeww... edit: it reminds me of Norma and norman bates...they are too close

  77. Amanda Foster

    Amanda Foster27 days ago


  78. Casey Wiener

    Casey Wiener27 days ago

    most snl skits are funny, but this one was just... horrifying.

  79. Micah

    Micah27 days ago

    Wait this is really funny

  80. Cableguy818

    Cableguy81827 days ago

    Omg with Kate!! I actually see some parents act like that with their kids

  81. It's Gadfly

    It's Gadfly22 days ago

    Isabella likes well-behaved children and order.

  82. uslsuspect

    uslsuspect27 days ago

    I gave it a thumbs down for Amy Schumer and now I’m leaving without even watching.

  83. Ariell Ashley

    Ariell Ashley28 days ago


  84. BigDaddyZ Tha Doughboy

    BigDaddyZ Tha DoughboyMonth ago

    Mmmm that's fucking hot time to go watch some porn

  85. Commenter Commenty pants

    Commenter Commenty pantsMonth ago

    One of my favorite sketches of all time. Kate McKinnon is brilliant.

  86. Andrew Hart

    Andrew HartMonth ago

    hahaha Riiiight as the sketch ends....she gives him a "friend pat" just to let him know that sheeeeeee's done with the sketch bahahah!

  87. Karina Montes

    Karina MontesMonth ago

    I didn't like this show incest is gross it's not right

  88. Callum Bailey

    Callum BaileyMonth ago

    Fuck u Amy

  89. Redds JA GT

    Redds JA GTMonth ago


  90. Philip Savenkov

    Philip SavenkovMonth ago

    amy schumer? everday we stray further from god.

  91. AJ

    AJMonth ago

    liked this, except for amy fuckin schumer.

  92. Emmalisa Sings

    Emmalisa SingsMonth ago

    Is that Pete Davidson?

  93. Gayathri Raj

    Gayathri RajMonth ago

    Amy schumer has such great acting skills

  94. Lance Manion

    Lance ManionMonth ago

    That would be FAIL

  95. Girl Oscar-Wilde

    Girl Oscar-WildeMonth ago

    Amy Schumer actually impressed me with this skit. She nailed the awkward overshare and the subsequent pensiveness-pivot combo.

  96. Chrissy Bear

    Chrissy BearMonth ago


  97. Silvia Diaz

    Silvia DiazMonth ago

    According to freud, kate’s mom version is really what’s happening unconsciously...js πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  98. MilkTea

    MilkTeaMonth ago

    eww... that one basic chick that tells bland jokes.

  99. Mleew

    MleewMonth ago

    *A woman who's menarche has come will ensnare him leaving me to perish in my loneliness and filth* I can't πŸ˜‚

  100. Bill S

    Bill SMonth ago

    Wow, Schumer didn't talk about her vagina!

  101. Alicia Rignola

    Alicia RignolaMonth ago

    This sketch doesn't get enough attention, so underrated. I love it so much its one of my favorites!

  102. Angela Brown

    Angela BrownMonth ago

    Can Pete make it through a sketch without breaking character I wonder?

  103. Loldope 48

    Loldope 48Month ago

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