Mother Knows Best - SNL


  1. Popo Stream

    Popo Stream3 days ago

    What a beautiful familial relationship. They are #goals 😊

  2. Doll Tasic designs

    Doll Tasic designs3 days ago

    Is that Pete Ariana’s ex

  3. HK

    HK5 days ago

    tbh MIKEY and KATE fucking rocked this!

  4. Olivia Smith

    Olivia Smith6 days ago

    the sinner season 2

  5. Kelly Fulton

    Kelly Fulton7 days ago

    0:19 was that shade at The Gabbie Show?

  6. Esma Husejnovic

    Esma Husejnovic7 days ago

    Wait , what our bed lol omg

  7. James Cooper

    James Cooper7 days ago

    Who else instantly thought of tangled when they saw this

  8. Bill Day

    Bill Day7 days ago

    Kate McKinnon does have a beautiful singing voice tho

  9. Abbey Johnson

    Abbey Johnson8 days ago

    It looks like they’re sitting in candles

  10. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane9 days ago


  11. NeekLeddy Plane Spotting

    NeekLeddy Plane Spotting10 days ago

    Incest is wincest

  12. Terrance Kayton

    Terrance Kayton11 days ago

    This would've been more funny without this host. She's not funny at all, ever.

  13. Olivia Tom

    Olivia Tom12 days ago

    Cutie pie Paul has a John Cryer likeness to him.

  14. joyless fighter

    joyless fighter12 days ago


  15. Lulu Rae Canaan

    Lulu Rae Canaan12 days ago

    This was definitely my favorite sketch

  16. David

    David12 days ago

    Is that how all PA parents are? Hahaha

  17. Motor7Mike

    Motor7Mike12 days ago

    Women can be funny too right?

  18. Asian Ethan

    Asian Ethan15 days ago

    Eww why’d u have to add Amy Schumer to the cast

  19. Dasha Poz

    Dasha Poz16 days ago

    I cannot express the level of uncomfortable i was in while watching this

  20. SuperEmm

    SuperEmm16 days ago

    Pete looks strung out...

  21. Valerie

    Valerie17 days ago


  22. TheNeos07

    TheNeos0718 days ago

    I need to bleach my brains out!! So creepy, yet disturbingly funny.

  23. Gurujot Singh Khalsa

    Gurujot Singh Khalsa18 days ago

    only Kate Mckinnon can come up with bizarre shit like this. She's unbelievable.

  24. wolf savery

    wolf savery18 days ago

    ok is it wrong that i want kate to do that to me rock me like that an sing to me

  25. name goes here

    name goes here18 days ago

    I fuckin hate that bitch Amy

  26. Katie Anderson

    Katie Anderson18 days ago

    i was gonna watch this but then i realised amy schumer was in it...

  27. Avery Cee

    Avery Cee20 days ago


  28. Jay Walter

    Jay Walter20 days ago

    I love her....Schumer, Robin Williams, Carlos mencia....probably my fave 3

  29. shweta gupta

    shweta gupta20 days ago

    I know I am supposed to be paying attention to the gag but OMG!! Kate is just so pretty in long hair and a braid!! It's not fair that one woman gets to be this pretty and talented and loved, leave something for the rest of us Kate!!!

  30. KiwiGirlG6

    KiwiGirlG620 days ago

    God Amy looks like one of my aunts and not in a good way

  31. vikas malik

    vikas malik20 days ago

    Amy is not that pretty but I would die to have her as my gf

  32. Gino Asci

    Gino Asci22 days ago

    How about SNL doesn't do anymore videos like this one, and deletes this one from planet earth. It's just disturbing.

  33. Improper Infractions Ivery

    Improper Infractions Ivery22 days ago

    I clicked because I thought it was Shane Dawson idk why

  34. Frederick Kriesel

    Frederick Kriesel22 days ago

    You know when people laugh the jokes were written by someone else and ones that were cringy were written by Amy.

  35. Jay  Johnson

    Jay Johnson22 days ago

    Amy Schumer looks like a baked potato

  36. Britaney Burnett

    Britaney Burnett23 days ago

    Thank you very much.....☺😊😊☺

  37. Poorly Made

    Poorly Made23 days ago

    I would be funny but Amy Schumer was there so it was ruined

  38. Shygrl Spyfree

    Shygrl Spyfree24 days ago

    Yeah I like how the actors playing incestous team look abused after the sketch cause that's how I felt after watching it.

  39. Emancipated Host

    Emancipated Host24 days ago

    My producers are telling me to limit your songs to no songs

  40. Zara Jean

    Zara Jean24 days ago

    *ALOOONE* .....also lyme disease

  41. gabriela sophia

    gabriela sophia24 days ago


  42. Deb Gordon

    Deb Gordon25 days ago

    you know when they say “a close community of friends” it’s gonna get weird

  43. Matthew Scott

    Matthew Scott25 days ago

    3:55 Hey I learned a new word today! Menarche: menstruation #TheMoreYouKnow 🌠

  44. Issa moon girl 14

    Issa moon girl 1425 days ago

    IM SICK😂😂👏🏽👏🏽

  45. bad bbg

    bad bbg25 days ago

    I thought this was a funny act but I saw Amy... sorry not sorry

  46. lana powers

    lana powers26 days ago


  47. CheeseBrugger

    CheeseBrugger26 days ago

    Please kill me

  48. Mathilda Marigold

    Mathilda Marigold26 days ago

    4:19 mweh

  49. Malia Kenney

    Malia Kenney26 days ago

    This sketch is funny! I think it would be even more funny if Amy Schumer wasn't in it.

  50. Msp Queen7

    Msp Queen726 days ago

    6.9 Million subscribers.. I'm so childish

  51. Ricky

    Ricky27 days ago

    We love mother daughter things

  52. Michael H.

    Michael H.27 days ago

    3 words for this skit, SWEET HOME ALABAMA!

  53. gabriellewey03

    gabriellewey0327 days ago

    Amy Schumer kinda ruins it

  54. Sonny Crockett

    Sonny Crockett27 days ago

    Fatass old Amy Slumer.

  55. Jane

    Jane27 days ago

    What's going on with Paul? What the fuck was his purpose?

  56. Indiegirl007

    Indiegirl00727 days ago

    Why do they remind me of the Duggers?

  57. Maura Lindsey

    Maura Lindsey27 days ago

    Wait is John Christopher’s dad his brother saying his mom’s husband is also her son?!

  58. Ka'pella Nuwavin

    Ka'pella Nuwavin27 days ago

    Sad that Amy Schumer was the abomination in that scene lmaobvs!!!

  59. moreofawave

    moreofawave28 days ago

    Why is a chipmunk with a blond wig hosting this comedy skit?

  60. Alyssa Napier

    Alyssa Napier28 days ago

    I love the level of un-comfortableness with this skit. Feels like I am staying at the Bates Motel

  61. John Orr

    John Orr28 days ago

    Sweet home Alabama

  62. OshunCheyenne

    OshunCheyenne28 days ago


  63. WindowsDesire

    WindowsDesire29 days ago

    Holy shit Ami Schumer was actually funny.

  64. Wake up Style

    Wake up StyleMonth ago

    I was legit waiting for round 2 .... 😂😂😂

  65. Ototoxic

    OtotoxicMonth ago

    These two need to be returning characters.

  66. Sparkling Stars

    Sparkling StarsMonth ago

    AMY SUCKS!!!!!!

  67. Christopher Gomez

    Christopher GomezMonth ago

    Get whoever pitched this a therapist for our sakes... please...

  68. The Pink Frog

    The Pink FrogMonth ago friggen funny!!

  69. Zoe Ball

    Zoe BallMonth ago

    "We won the points" Gets me every time. The way she stares directly into the camera, I legit just CANT.

  70. Wuflman

    WuflmanMonth ago

    at 0:12 you just know its not gonna be funny

  71. snackfood109

    snackfood109Month ago

    Remember when Amy Schumer raped a guy?

  72. Christian Blätter

    Christian BlätterMonth ago

    menarche, the word describing a woman's first occurrence of menstruation, is actually pronounced like "men-are-key" (məˈnärkē)

  73. Kionjin g

    Kionjin gMonth ago

    Ewwwwwww amy schumer what a pig

  74. kari p

    kari pMonth ago

    “ALOOOOOOONE!!!!” 🤣

  75. Serena

    SerenaMonth ago

    norman and norma bates

  76. ow 12

    ow 12Month ago

    Hands down best snl episode

  77. GeekiTheBrave

    GeekiTheBraveMonth ago

    I was ready for this skit up until 0:12

  78. Nalgon Pedorrro

    Nalgon PedorrroMonth ago

    snl sucks Balls

  79. Emma Broyles

    Emma BroylesMonth ago

    Alone, alone, aloooone!...

  80. angela jordan

    angela jordanMonth ago

    This is next to incest

  81. Why Is My Face So Ashy

    Why Is My Face So AshyMonth ago

    I watch this atleast twice a day 😂

  82. Lapdot

    LapdotMonth ago

    I laughed and snorted so much...

  83. JuiceMyRandomness

    JuiceMyRandomnessMonth ago


  84. onlyfacts

    onlyfactsMonth ago

    anyone else skip it when they saw the hose beast aMY?

  85. Ping Dang

    Ping DangMonth ago


  86. Ben Cripwell

    Ben CripwellMonth ago

    Whats pink and squeals? Shelby McAllister

  87. Capsule

    CapsuleMonth ago

    not amy schummer, please, no

  88. Jeremiah Wibberding

    Jeremiah WibberdingMonth ago


  89. Holly

    HollyMonth ago

    That’s some Norman Bates shit

  90. shanelle meyer

    shanelle meyerMonth ago

    i had to stop watching when amy schumer popped up. sorry

  91. aari

    aariMonth ago

    No no no no no no no

  92. Sibe Studios

    Sibe StudiosMonth ago

    I just automatically hit thumbs down when it comes to Amy Schumer.

  93. Timbus Teg

    Timbus TegMonth ago


  94. Kyla Dodd

    Kyla DoddMonth ago

    Leslie is so unprofessional

  95. Elliot Welsh

    Elliot WelshMonth ago

    amy shum is not funny....????

  96. Simba M.P.

    Simba M.P.Month ago

    Anyone get the neurology reference

  97. Summer Negin

    Summer NeginMonth ago

    Kate sounds like Siri in this


    LICKY LICKY69Month ago

    Amy Schumer fucked This up

  99. Ilias Ifantis

    Ilias IfantisMonth ago

    fuck this fcng kate ...

  100. Aileen Angulo

    Aileen AnguloMonth ago

    Amy schumer funniest person ever head ass