Mother Knows Best - SNL


  1. forrester

    forrester6 hours ago

    *h e i s o f m e*

  2. Amarantha

    Amarantha9 hours ago

    I just noticed SNL makes lots of pedo themed skits... why tho

  3. Meera Kat

    Meera Kat11 hours ago

    They 100% modeled Kates hair and outfit...and weirdness woth her son after the church of latter day saints

  4. Frickle Frackle

    Frickle Frackle19 hours ago

    Kate is my favorite person ever omg she plays every role perfectly

  5. Over Starter

    Over StarterDay ago

    that was so HOT! just wish it was longer!

  6. flower child

    flower childDay ago

    Amy honestly killed it! I normally don’t get too into her comedy but she did an awesome job here!

  7. Random Account

    Random AccountDay ago

    I live in Pennsylvania...

  8. Katrina T

    Katrina TDay ago

    * sees Amy Schumer * * clicks off the video *

  9. DankSome TV

    DankSome TVDay ago

    Fuck Amy Schumer

  10. Illeana Estrada

    Illeana Estrada2 days ago

    lmaO sounds about white.

  11. QuesaDylan

    QuesaDylan2 days ago

    Amy just isn’t funny

  12. Dylan Holt

    Dylan Holt2 days ago

    Am I the only person that pulled the video up and as soon as Amy fucking Shumer walked out said “nope, fuck that” aloud?

  13. Tasnia Chowdhury

    Tasnia Chowdhury2 days ago

    Wanted to hit the like button, but all that incest show left a bad taste

  14. Munima Yusuf

    Munima Yusuf2 days ago

    “He can’t aim” and “our bed”. Nothing says happy Mother’s Day than incest

  15. C. Moore

    C. Moore3 days ago

    Tempe, Arizona? Get the hell out of my city!

  16. C. Moore

    C. Moore3 days ago

    Tempe, Arizona? Get the hell out of my city!

  17. Redcatrobe

    Redcatrobe3 days ago

    Mikey Day is just fantastic. And Amy Schumer had great delivery. Kate McKinnon great as always

  18. ernesto brooks

    ernesto brooks3 days ago

    Fuckin Jews.

  19. WhenEarthSavesTheDay

    WhenEarthSavesTheDay4 days ago

    Ok that’s an Oedipus complex...

  20. Bunny Girl

    Bunny Girl4 days ago

    Kate is a really good singer! And i really want to see more of this sketch. I have a kind of morbid curiosity.

  21. M Jave

    M Jave4 days ago

    He can’t aim🤣

  22. Andres Russa

    Andres Russa4 days ago

    I guess SNL is funny again.

  23. BlazeIt 4Jesus

    BlazeIt 4Jesus4 days ago

    So basically incest???

  24. Tyler Jaynes

    Tyler Jaynes4 days ago

    Didn't realize Amy Schumer was in this, instant skip

  25. Mitzal Gaming

    Mitzal Gaming4 days ago

    0:28 just don’t let Ariana hear you say that

  26. Dre Da Demon

    Dre Da Demon5 days ago

    Why does Abuscus or whatever creepy mom’s name is sound like Siri??

  27. Bobby Avitia

    Bobby Avitia5 days ago

    Getting a bates motel vibe.

  28. Nyccole Jones

    Nyccole Jones5 days ago

    Leslie trying not to laughing and that last "Alone" had me in tears. I'm straight up dead!! 😂😂☠

  29. Jason Dhonau

    Jason Dhonau5 days ago

    Got to be one of my favorites. Lesley breaking is hilarious, and she looks like my mom with that hair,

  30. Pamela Johnson

    Pamela Johnson6 days ago

    Eww this was nasty 👎🏾

  31. Mathis Goossens

    Mathis Goossens6 days ago

    Broad unemployment same hat bold loose wing scared government coastal restrict day circle stem.

  32. Darcy Neagle

    Darcy Neagle6 days ago

    Everyone breaking makes me laugh

  33. sebatian

    sebatian6 days ago

    that mom and kid in games of thrones....robin Aaryn

  34. sebatian

    sebatian6 days ago


  35. Ian Fairchild

    Ian Fairchild6 days ago

    I can't believe Amy Schumer had the best acting...

  36. gabriellewey03

    gabriellewey037 days ago

    Amy Schumer ruined it cause it’s Amy Schumer

  37. Sebastian Salvatine

    Sebastian Salvatine7 days ago

    Amy ruined this

  38. Jared Kravcak

    Jared Kravcak7 days ago

    Way to go Tom Wolf............. Making Pennsylvanians look stupid.

  39. Zach Warner

    Zach Warner7 days ago

    Amy Schumer ruins everything she’s in

  40. Sofia Miau

    Sofia Miau8 days ago

    Ok most of the time I watched and loved SNL...but this is it, Im dont with it. Bye SNL Adiossssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  41. Sofia Miau

    Sofia Miau8 days ago

    This country is getting sicker by the minute. Poor on our children...You freaks sickos

  42. Incarnesium

    Incarnesium8 days ago


  43. Tsholo Matlala

    Tsholo Matlala8 days ago

    Lyrics, please.

  44. _xx_alaska5000_xx_

    _xx_alaska5000_xx_10 days ago


  45. thespartanchannel

    thespartanchannel11 days ago

    I love Mikey Day!

  46. Bnnwg

    Bnnwg11 days ago

    Awesome, apart from Amy Schumer...

  47. Elise Bauer

    Elise Bauer11 days ago

    Pete laughing a the second “just call me Paul”was priceless

  48. Elise Bauer

    Elise Bauer11 days ago

    Oh Leslie

  49. Ranmalee Fernando

    Ranmalee Fernando12 days ago

    Look at Leslie's face 😂🔫 LOOK AT IT!!!!!

  50. J Coop

    J Coop12 days ago

    Was any waiting on round 2😂

  51. Shannon Brown

    Shannon Brown13 days ago

    Please just call me Paul ahahha

  52. Tasha Komaroff

    Tasha Komaroff13 days ago

    It's pronounced me-nar-kee, not me-narsh.

  53. David R

    David R14 days ago

    This clip was the first time I ever saw Amy Shumer show signs of talent.

  54. Honky Tonky

    Honky Tonky14 days ago


  55. Ginger Bread

    Ginger Bread14 days ago

    I actually like Amy Schumer in this clip.

  56. EC Works

    EC Works15 days ago

    Honestly Amy’s reactions were what made this so funny

  57. Erins2203

    Erins220315 days ago

    Schumer is so unfunny & this skit's joke was too drawn out... miss classic SNL

  58. Tyler DiNatale

    Tyler DiNatale15 days ago

    wait why is there a whale in a pink suit???

  59. Taylor Hall

    Taylor Hall15 days ago

    Pete had literally 2 lines. GIVE HIM MORE WE LOVE HIM

  60. Taylor Hall

    Taylor Hall15 days ago

    someone needs to take leslie's roles away, at this point it seems like she's breaking character on purpose

  61. D snacks

    D snacks15 days ago

    That was a lil disturbing but thats what makes it funny.

  62. Tim Kelly

    Tim Kelly16 days ago

    Amy Schumer won me over with this one, and I want that theme song on my phone.

  63. Trinity Simmons

    Trinity Simmons16 days ago

    "Alone. Alone. ALOOOOOONEE. also lyme disease."

  64. Ying Li

    Ying Li17 days ago

    Yeah but I can't stand that bitch of a host

  65. Olivia Grace

    Olivia Grace17 days ago

    Man do I love my big ol' state called Pennsylvania

  66. G1XM0 GAM3R

    G1XM0 GAM3R17 days ago

    This might just be the first time Amy was a little funny. But only her acting....

  67. Matt Robertson

    Matt Robertson18 days ago

    "He is OF me..." Idk why I laughed at that lol also if my mom ever said this to me, I'd disown MYSELF from my family tree

  68. Positron Decay

    Positron Decay18 days ago

    Brady and Deborah Heartsfield.

  69. makeba Johnson

    makeba Johnson18 days ago

    Amy Schumer is not funny......

  70. lord red man

    lord red man19 days ago

    Who let Norman bates on a game show

  71. Aaron Velasquez

    Aaron Velasquez19 days ago

    This humor was all over the place and cringey

  72. Sarah Viv

    Sarah Viv20 days ago

    Pete cracked with one line 😂

  73. Christian Burkhart

    Christian Burkhart20 days ago

    Yo Oedipus chill

  74. Joey Tansey

    Joey Tansey21 day ago

    Is it bad that i want johnathan christophars sweater?

  75. Natalie Hoeppel

    Natalie Hoeppel22 days ago

    I see Amy schemer, leaving the video

  76. Amber Ferrell

    Amber Ferrell23 days ago

    Gosh I wish anyone but amy was in this. Love the rest tho

  77. Kitt Katt

    Kitt Katt24 days ago

    I think Mikey Day is hot.

  78. Sebastian Spencer-Rollins

    Sebastian Spencer-Rollins24 days ago

    "I need to help him in there because he can't aim." First of all, that is a stereotype. Summer and Jackie are my favourite. Mikey Day, Kate McKinnon really knew what to do with their characters. My ribs/sides are hurting, it was that funny.

  79. Geraldine Muñoz

    Geraldine Muñoz25 days ago

    Amy did a pretty good job! She’s not my cup of tea but she had good comedic timing

  80. Alex Peñaloza

    Alex Peñaloza25 days ago

    I clicked off once I saw Amy Schumer

  81. BNP Zarie

    BNP Zarie26 days ago

    Amy Schumer never got that much applause in her entire "career".

  82. Marshall Mathers

    Marshall Mathers27 days ago

    Leslie not trying to laugh hilarious

  83. agb

    agb28 days ago

    OMG THE 3RD ONES😂😂😂😂

  84. Kyle Wheeler

    Kyle Wheeler28 days ago

    Omg Leslie Jones is cracking, how?

  85. Cranberry Juice

    Cranberry Juice29 days ago

    Is that the mother from Carrie?

  86. Madailein Wolf

    Madailein Wolf29 days ago

    The mom and son with blonde hair, are basically Norman and Norma! I love bates motel!

  87. Tyreese Morris

    Tyreese Morris29 days ago

    That's so funny that Paul sounded just like Hector the dog from Hector's house

  88. Lindsay Martinez

    Lindsay MartinezMonth ago

    Cutie-Pie Paul was the best part. Love you Pete!

  89. NoPr0bl3ms

    NoPr0bl3msMonth ago

    don't think I've ever seen a sketch with Leslie where she HASN'T broken or fucked up a line

  90. Artsy Corgi

    Artsy CorgiMonth ago

    haters need to BACK OFF, because I think everyone did great! This was such a funny sketch

  91. Owen Hebda

    Owen HebdaMonth ago

    Please never allow Amy Schumer on this show again

  92. daniel velasco

    daniel velascoMonth ago

    Wow I hurts me to say this but Amy was actually good.

  93. FueledByBoysTears Ok?

    FueledByBoysTears Ok?Month ago

    Please just call me Paul

  94. Tankian989

    Tankian989Month ago

    Does anyone else think Amy looks like Dana Carvey? I’d love to see her as Garth! Excelent!!! 🤘🏼


    AHHHHHHHHHHMonth ago

    is“cutiepie” means “pewdiepie”?or I just think too much

  96. xxxCrimson Eclipsexxx

    xxxCrimson EclipsexxxMonth ago

    Ok but can we just take a moment to appreciate Kate McKinnon’s singing skills I mean like whoa....

  97. Jimbo Cataldo

    Jimbo CataldoMonth ago


  98. Courtney Smith

    Courtney SmithMonth ago

    "Did you say.. our bed?"

  99. Gianna Haycox

    Gianna HaycoxMonth ago

    lol that “cutie” guy was hecka creepy

  100. LotsaSpaghetti

    LotsaSpaghettiMonth ago

    Mikey and Kate honestly did such an amazing job with this I've never laughed so hard at a sketch with Amy Schumer in it