Mother Knows Best - SNL


  1. Vitaly C

    Vitaly C2 hours ago

    Did U Said Our Bed?..

  2. Mark of CAIN

    Mark of CAIN7 hours ago

    Mickey and Kate gave me a boner.

  3. Olivia Grace

    Olivia Grace7 hours ago


  4. Dan Crossley

    Dan Crossley9 hours ago


  5. Moolacious

    Moolacious14 hours ago

    Thumbs down just for Amy Schumer!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Travis Bickle

    Travis Bickle16 hours ago

    Schumer... Incest... Shocker...

  7. rolando blontes

    rolando blontes16 hours ago

    ammy sucks

  8. fluffy kiddo

    fluffy kiddo19 hours ago

    ha! the last mother and son remind me of Bates Motel!

  9. Xander Mcclinton

    Xander McclintonDay ago


  10. Justify This

    Justify ThisDay ago

    :13 seconds in.... Amy lookin flawless as usual! 🧟‍♂️

  11. Chris Mason

    Chris MasonDay ago

    I clicked because I saw the name “Ebisaleth.” I...I needed to know why.

  12. John Laurens

    John LaurensDay ago

    She looks like Elle Woods

  13. Lexi Perry

    Lexi PerryDay ago

    i love Amy Schumer lol

  14. Kalvin Goodlaxson

    Kalvin GoodlaxsonDay ago

    'Also lyme disease' lol!

  15. Hollywood Hoodwinked

    Hollywood HoodwinkedDay ago

    This set looks like a giant color blind test. Incest jokes are gross. SNL just doesn't appeal to me now that I'm "woke".

  16. Jennifer V.

    Jennifer V.Day ago

    Trending? Yeah. Satanic Luciferian MReporter with its cohorts at SNL pushing the abominations. Go ahead dudes. Have at it. Laugh it up. There are no laugh tracks in hell 👍🏻

  17. ShAwn Shrout

    ShAwn ShroutDay ago

    Bates motel

  18. TVW Chain

    TVW ChainDay ago

    Wait a second. My name is Mason. I'm 16. And im black. Holy shit

  19. Illyas A

    Illyas ADay ago

    Snl crossed the line here

  20. The1Americanpride1

    The1Americanpride12 days ago

    LOOOLLLLL to her credit she was actually good in this(sshhhuuuumerr😷)

  21. Apollo James

    Apollo James2 days ago

    See, Amy Schumer is good at making people laugh when somebody else writes her jokes.

  22. gudwontonsoup

    gudwontonsoup2 days ago

    Where does one get Mikey Day's sweater? I want it!

  23. xoxblondeee

    xoxblondeee2 days ago

    Funny enough, the cringiest part was any Schumer.

  24. Katy

    Katy2 days ago

    I like how Pete is just randomly in here basically just to satisfy everyone demanding more pete

  25. Sans808 Gaster 808

    Sans808 Gaster 8082 days ago

    OMG hastage wowmomhelpsone

  26. Chapranica Wilson

    Chapranica Wilson2 days ago

    cutie pie paul

  27. Mubashir Mahi

    Mubashir Mahi2 days ago

    Why?? Why?? I am Internally Screaming...

  28. Mubashir Mahi

    Mubashir Mahi2 days ago

    Good to See Miss Piggy up Ans Running...

  29. oshbaaya

    oshbaaya2 days ago

    cutie pie paul lol

  30. bbmeetzbb

    bbmeetzbb2 days ago

    U gotta luv the host😂

  31. bara loves

    bara loves2 days ago

    2:20 y the hell does she sound like siri?

  32. Natalie  Clark

    Natalie Clark2 days ago

    they should be a couple

  33. Gary Z

    Gary Z2 days ago

    Leslie Jones is terrible, I semi-liked her as a featured extra but she's not built for sketches and delivering lines..

  34. Alan Hamilton

    Alan Hamilton2 days ago

    That was more uncomfortable than funny. If the genders were reversed would people find it funny still?

  35. 13shivan

    13shivan2 days ago

    Paul is pretty cute though...

  36. PhoenixNova713

    PhoenixNova7132 days ago

    "Menarche" I didn't know there was a word for that.

  37. Jeppe A K Sørensen

    Jeppe A K Sørensen2 days ago

    Just watched the introduction. At least one will break.

  38. Andrew Horry

    Andrew Horry3 days ago

    F*** you Amy Schumer you fat pig

  39. just4mygrl

    just4mygrl3 days ago

    Alone, alone...allloooooooooooone!! had me in stitches!! Love Kate!

  40. Eva McGann

    Eva McGann3 days ago

    puke clever but puke made me laugh too

  41. Phillip

    Phillip3 days ago

    I got almost 2 minutes into the video before realizing it was retarded.

  42. mkay .kiddo

    mkay .kiddo3 days ago

    _-The third mother-son pair is literally Norma and Norman Bates in Bates motel-_ 💀

  43. glitch roar

    glitch roar3 days ago

    The only thing more annoying than Amy Schumer is a six minute incest joke....

  44. Mark Howard

    Mark Howard3 days ago

    anyone else remember when SNL was actually funny?

  45. LieDetectorMusic

    LieDetectorMusic3 days ago

    Amy is so good at sketches

  46. 1japanfan

    1japanfan3 days ago

    Looks like Amy Schumer can be funny when she doesn’t right her own material.

  47. What?

    What?3 days ago

    Typical Americans with their Puritanical views of sexuality. Physical expression of love between a mother and son is natural and demonstrates intimacy. Our men would be much better served by this nurturing than the social expectations of hypermasculinity.

  48. Mark of CAIN

    Mark of CAIN7 hours ago

    What? And women molesting their son's will increase homosexuals, child molesters and rapists. Yes, let's encourage THAT!

  49. Tanya Thomison

    Tanya Thomison3 days ago

    Amy Schumer still isn’t funny

  50. aqualane1

    aqualane13 days ago

    SNL is anti white.

  51. dotkid 02124

    dotkid 021243 days ago

    God danm Jews have no boundaries!!

  52. Ryan Webster

    Ryan Webster3 days ago

    Incest just got real bitches

  53. Hop Skip

    Hop Skip3 days ago

    That pause at 4:52 caught me so off guard as Amy just moved along lmbo

  54. Esther Fashakin

    Esther Fashakin3 days ago

    Is it just me that thinks that Kate is overhyped as an actress. Not that she isn't, but there are sometimes where her acting isn't OMG WHAT IS THIS! and ppl still make it seem like it is

  55. sweatpantsprincess

    sweatpantsprincess3 days ago

    This seems like it would be hard for any of us to keep a straight face during, I don't blame them.

  56. cocoachuu

    cocoachuu3 days ago

    leslie is so attractive omg ♥♥♥

  57. AllisonJ 1

    AllisonJ 13 days ago

    Downvoted for amy scrotum

  58. Casey Godin

    Casey Godin3 days ago

    Would’ve been funny without Amy Schumer she’s so trash

  59. Marc Avon Evans

    Marc Avon Evans3 days ago

    This is SO simultaneously gross and hilarious!!!

  60. terraingirl

    terraingirl3 days ago

    maybe if it wasn't so on the nose with the incest jokes it could have been funnier *shrugs*

  61. Simba M.P.

    Simba M.P.3 days ago

    The nuerology reference somg she sings

  62. Stephanie Sui

    Stephanie Sui3 days ago


  63. An0nym0us9001

    An0nym0us90013 days ago

    Didn’t laugh once... This is is discrimination against two consenting adults! SNL is racist!

  64. Themsen Marcelus

    Themsen Marcelus3 days ago

  65. Carolina Suris

    Carolina Suris3 days ago


  66. Sam VanMeter

    Sam VanMeter4 days ago

    Amy is going to rape Paul.

  67. Mark of CAIN

    Mark of CAIN7 hours ago

    Sam VanMeter Because he's HOT!

  68. Sam VanMeter

    Sam VanMeter4 days ago

    LMAO the intro by Amy summed up Cardi B.

  69. Meowandforever

    Meowandforever4 days ago

    Lol that little dark bit about her parents at 4:47

  70. sing song

    sing song4 days ago

    Leslie looks really pretty right here, I think it’s the wig 😍

  71. T. Jackson

    T. Jackson4 days ago

    Well the daughters in those cults are married off or molested by their fathers by eight years old so turn about is fair play? Actually the elder men, to ensure they keep having teenagers to marry and have children with, make sure most boys are kicked out by sixteen. It's sad.

  72. justin goodwin

    justin goodwin4 days ago

    Time I won’t get back :^(