Most Organized Home in America (Part 1) by Professional Organizer & Expert Alejandra Costello


  1. Sylvie Moore

    Sylvie Moore39 minutes ago

    I want to thank her for making my life more organized, having an organized room changes my mood and I'm way more productive

  2. TheCreeper8Evan

    TheCreeper8Evan2 days ago

    8:40 This is where I store my OCD medication.

  3. Georgia Smith

    Georgia Smith3 days ago

    Sounds like the mic needs to be organized into a better spot.🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. Becky Sharper

    Becky Sharper4 days ago

    This introduced me to organizing. She's superb.

  5. bcfriar Doyle

    bcfriar Doyle5 days ago

    How do you get your husband to put things where they go? I spend so much time looking for things that he doesn’t put away!!

  6. Chloe Jayde

    Chloe Jayde6 days ago

    I honestly love her pantry, I never thought to use lazy susans in that way, and I like her labeling. I remember where everything goes, but when my room mate or boyfriend try to put things away suddenly everything is unorganized again.

  7. LifeVibes

    LifeVibes6 days ago

    Her existence is organized

  8. seekha swarupa

    seekha swarupa7 days ago

    So much stuffs just gives me anxiety😥

  9. Vaibhav Kambli

    Vaibhav Kambli7 days ago


  10. lili greyjoy

    lili greyjoy8 days ago

    "S0 this is where I keep my jewelry " Not a good thing to say...

  11. Nicki Volleyball

    Nicki Volleyball9 days ago

    Who else got kinda annoyed when every time she moved there would be a crinkle

  12. Kaylee Ruiz

    Kaylee Ruiz9 days ago

    My house is better than your house it's all organizied I have all that stuff

  13. Avyanna Mott

    Avyanna Mott11 days ago

    Khloe kardashian is shook

  14. Hollyz and Florriez World

    Hollyz and Florriez World13 days ago

    The only unorganised thing is her’s zig zaggy 😂

  15. nieceypiecey100

    nieceypiecey10013 days ago

    The outtakes were everything!

  16. Anceli Peguero

    Anceli Peguero14 days ago

    10:40 LOL uhhh so much fun!

  17. Daniel Hagos

    Daniel Hagos15 days ago

    Where the liquor thou? I know she organize the Henny by bottle height.

  18. Nancy Williams

    Nancy Williams16 days ago

    YOU GO GIRL! Thanks

  19. Ellie Stant

    Ellie Stant17 days ago

    It's Monica Gellar.

  20. Arekusu

    Arekusu18 days ago

    I need her on my side

  21. Nikki L

    Nikki L19 days ago

    Who has time for this lol

  22. Lunastarling

    Lunastarling21 day ago

    so Organized i think i'm going to be sick

  23. Rachel Dedmon

    Rachel Dedmon21 day ago

    Ok I'm all for organization but this is a bit excessive in other words this is to much. There can never be a specific place for everything

  24. solarCllab

    solarCllab21 day ago


  25. Ban an

    Ban an22 days ago

    is that called life or living? she need help..

  26. Butterhead! `

    Butterhead! `24 days ago

    She reminds me of Monica from friends

  27. Butterhead! `

    Butterhead! `24 days ago

    I came from watching those hoarding videos so i can rinse my eyes out

  28. stupid anna

    stupid anna24 days ago

    Monica Gellar?

  29. Asmar Ahsan

    Asmar Ahsan28 days ago

    I thought it would be one of those nice and cute organisation videos. I was wrong through and through.

  30. Ur Willy Rubbish

    Ur Willy Rubbish29 days ago

    This is the whitest shit I've ever witnessed

  31. Ann McFarlane

    Ann McFarlane29 days ago

    Sure its easy reading many of the comments to see that peoole like to be critical of someones sincere efforts. Alejandras whole life is about organizing its what she loves like working on cars if she did videos on that instead I betcha comments wouldnt be so critical. Putting women down because they have a skill theyve applied to their own life and choose to share their ideas is sexist. If the content doesnt interest you then watch what does and be proactive . Rock on Alejandra !

  32. greencyborgninjadude

    greencyborgninjadude29 days ago

    can she organize my life....pls.......

  33. Bleu Ivy

    Bleu IvyMonth ago

    She’s so cute. She’s so inspiring. 😍

  34. MsMousecatcher

    MsMousecatcherMonth ago

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  35. Angelina Armari

    Angelina ArmariMonth ago

    I'm getting sick of the music when it changes to another organizing tip, so annoying

  36. lorzuna_1024

    lorzuna_1024Month ago

    So extra tbh💀💀

  37. DMONEYYTv Its A Family Thing

    DMONEYYTv Its A Family ThingMonth ago

    She just pissed me off with this....

  38. Izena Pittman

    Izena PittmanMonth ago

    Make sure you take advantage of our POP! Perks at The Container Store!!

  39. SickHeadead Name

    SickHeadead NameMonth ago

    I wonder where did she hide her Panties

  40. WAZER Panda

    WAZER PandaMonth ago

    Not getting mad but sorry dont show jewelry

  41. John Bercow

    John BercowMonth ago


  42. Courtney xox

    Courtney xoxMonth ago

    Any one else her that russleing bodies from the back of the camera

  43. Richie Rich

    Richie RichMonth ago

    Hahahahahaha wonderful its need a lot of money to buy container boxes and hangers and so on cupboards

  44. Jo-Ellen Jamieson

    Jo-Ellen JamiesonMonth ago

    Her hair is SO shiny!

  45. Donavan Bradley

    Donavan BradleyMonth ago

    - starts an internship w her - accidentally puts a small spoon in the big spoon slot in the silverware drawer - *gets decapitated*

  46. SafeSpaceInc

    SafeSpaceInc18 days ago


  47. The Glove Drop

    The Glove DropMonth ago

    wait fuck, i didnt know there was such thing as a wrong hanger. i feel like a toddler

  48. The Glove Drop

    The Glove DropMonth ago

    jesus. why is she giving me so much anxiety. its like you can visibly see the adderall oozing from her pores. im sure ill injure myself tripping over something on the floor and land on something else to further the injury, but ive incorperated that into my day. it on the to do list. that i dont have.

  49. Allison Ovares

    Allison OvaresMonth ago

    Marie Kondo would be proud af

  50. G R

    G RMonth ago

    Bro, she hid her family pics in the cabinet because they cluttered her fridge. 🤣

  51. Obadiah Jacob

    Obadiah JacobMonth ago

    Are you Asian Indian

  52. Christina Dcruz

    Christina DcruzMonth ago

    Doesn't she get tired of perfection...!!!

  53. annie mj

    annie mjMonth ago

    It is not a home............ It's a shopping mall

  54. Megan Owen

    Megan OwenMonth ago

    2019 anyone?

  55. APOLLO

    APOLLOMonth ago

    Why so many things at home

  56. P D

    P DMonth ago

    What about shoes? I have about 50 pairs, should I keep the shoes boxes are throw them away...will give some to charity 🤗

  57. Bonita Hobbs

    Bonita HobbsMonth ago


  58. Caroline eee

    Caroline eeeMonth ago

    Can’t wait until I move out of my old house and become even more organized.

  59. Caroline eee

    Caroline eeeMonth ago

    3:52, wow I’m 0.5% organized

  60. Jay Anthony

    Jay AnthonyMonth ago

    I think she should smile more

  61. Sierra •S•

    Sierra •S•Month ago

    If she would walk into my room she would have a heart attack😂😂😂 She would grap her organizing stuff and shoo me out😂😂😂

  62. Pak Stak and Go Costa

    Pak Stak and Go CostaMonth ago


  63. Stacy Hindalong

    Stacy HindalongMonth ago

    Horrible camera work. I Couldn’t watch past 4:30. I also don’t have that much stuff in my home. This was overwhelming.

  64. Azadeh

    AzadehMonth ago

    My favorite type of home... everything is well organized

  65. Bride and Broom

    Bride and BroomMonth ago

    I watched this video years ago! Coming back for a refresher!! Love how organized you are it must feel so peaceful and satisfying! Excited to see your new videos!!

  66. Taliah Christian

    Taliah ChristianMonth ago

    The microphone rubbing in this video is driving me insane but I couldn't stop watching...

  67. Chrysa Kouv

    Chrysa KouvMonth ago

    She has already organized her funeral.

  68. Laura Cameron

    Laura Cameron16 days ago

    Which is a good idea. They will know where insurance papers are, what kind of flower arrangements to get, what kind of coffin to get, what her final thoughts are (if she made a video), what kind of music she wants, what kind of service, the order of service, what kind of burial rites, what kind of food is served to guests at the repass after burial. YES IT CAN BE DONE!

  69. Gamer Hanna Rose

    Gamer Hanna RoseMonth ago

    "chalkboard marker" what is that. Last time i heard, it was called a piece of chalk

  70. Tutorial Gorden

    Tutorial GordenMonth ago

    Yes... l like it

  71. Gabriella Russell

    Gabriella RussellMonth ago

    You need to be rich to have this big a house and own all this organizational stuff

  72. Molly Centers

    Molly CentersMonth ago

    I want her office!!!😭

  73. Cheyanne Douglas

    Cheyanne Douglas2 months ago

    I wonder what would happen if a kid just uncoiled all of her ribbons

  74. Bla Bla

    Bla Bla2 months ago

    Okay, so she's a bit too much OCD, but that pantry is pretty much perfect. Great idea to use lazy susan's and to lift those cans. And her eyes are pretty.

  75. Sharpswordxj

    Sharpswordxj2 months ago

    Is the linen closet the American word for an airing cupboard?


    LAVISA SYLVIS2 months ago


  77. Dacanay Family

    Dacanay Family2 months ago

    2:03 dumped? DUMPED? You call that dumped?

  78. Fernanda M.B.

    Fernanda M.B.2 months ago

    This is a dream home, honestly! I love how you can find everything so easily! I like keeping things tidy myself because clutter makes me quite anxious and this video gave me quite some good ideas. Like the kitchen cabinets, I have spent forever trying to figure out how to make it tidier. Thanks for the video!

  79. Dyamanti Zaal

    Dyamanti Zaal2 months ago

    Every detail is

  80. Dyamanti Zaal

    Dyamanti Zaal2 months ago

    WoW, I need her to come organise my house..I just can't..

  81. anon ymous

    anon ymous2 months ago

    This gal is wonderful! These comments are insane!

  82. loriperfect13

    loriperfect132 months ago

    If someone want to prank her, they just need to misplace some of her office supplies, ramdon hang her clothes... honestly I’m jealous of her bathroom

  83. Jenny Lee

    Jenny Lee2 months ago

    Hey photos of your family isn't😲🙄

  84. Khalid Mousa

    Khalid Mousa2 months ago

    Now is 2019 what the fuck

  85. Maariyah Lali

    Maariyah Lali2 months ago

    Ok I literally watched half the vidio paused it started organising every single piece of ting I own in my bedroom sounds like not much but it took me 3 to 4 hours cause I've got a messy bedroom and I had to label everything and colour corded my school books and now I come back for a rest 5 hours later and sees what started my new life😂

  86. almightydawnthegreat

    almightydawnthegreat2 months ago

    making the labels is so...satisfying...

  87. Carla Da Silva

    Carla Da Silva2 months ago

    '' i love to use colour coded hanger snaps for all my clothes!"

  88. Brigitte Bernard

    Brigitte Bernard2 months ago

    Bruh this girl is literally just reading off of a paper wtf shes so fake lmao

  89. Veronica

    Veronica2 months ago

    God this is so amazing holy shit except the vibe in the office is really weird. Like bare and I inviting kinda but god the organization. Honestly, NUT,,,

  90. Ria Robinson

    Ria Robinson2 months ago

    Really, purple snaps, orange snaps, to make sure you're putting your clothes on the right hangar??? I didn't know there was a wrong hangar. Dude, just hang it up. It..... will..... be..... ok.... Now back up slowly and step away from the closet ma'am.

  91. Salematou Tounkara

    Salematou Tounkara2 months ago

    I wish I was her so bad

  92. I K

    I K2 months ago

    Thank you for awesome ideas

  93. Mnmbrane

    Mnmbrane2 months ago

    Why do I feel a sense of relief when I see this, but get anxiety induced attacks when I see my messy apartments.

  94. Hope Elizabeth

    Hope Elizabeth2 months ago

    Monica Geller in the real world 😍😂

  95. BlackRadiance

    BlackRadiance2 months ago

    My dream house 🤩

  96. Lucero Garcia

    Lucero Garcia2 months ago

    👍🏻👍🏻I love organizing. Great job

  97. Alex Sunluniel

    Alex Sunluniel2 months ago

    People who keep making fun of her are just jealous. That includes me too. I want to be organized like you when I move out.

  98. mark hampson

    mark hampson2 months ago

    On her next vacation her friends should break in and rearrange every single thing she has 😂 😂 😂 😂

  99. Poppins123

    Poppins1233 months ago

    Alejandra - if you're reading this, I think you are really amazing and doing people a great service and I agree that you are successful because you're so organized . . . but I bet even you, have laughed out loud at some of the comments below ! They're hilarious ! Iv loved reading the funny comments, as much as iv loved watching your actual videos ! And im sure a lot of them are from people who actually do admire you . . . but you have to admit, it is really funny ! In your Most Organized Home In America Part 2 video, I suddenly saw a dog bed, halfway thru . . and then got worried about where the dog was actually organized ! I thought you might suddenly pull out a large secret drawer and the dog would be sprawled out in there, with his dog bowls and toys, neatly stacked around him haha ! So funny ! The Greetings Card organizer actually made me do a sharp intake of breath ! This is like Organisation Porn !!! One question though . . . how come there is a gap of 5 years between videos ? Im taking it, that you were just THAT thorough in going through your whole house and organizing it in the finest of fine detail, that it took 5 years to complete ! Over in the UK, we have a woman called Mrs Hinch on Instagram, who everyone loves watching, and im telling you . . . you'd give her a run for her money ! I am going to get up in the morning and google LAZY SUSANS ! You Are Epic !!!!

  100. Madelana Patruno

    Madelana Patruno3 months ago

    "It can be so easy to go green" .......but your house is the FURTHEST from green.... full of plastic

  101. 1234

    12343 months ago

    Now this is a real woman.

  102. Traevon Bernard

    Traevon Bernard3 months ago

    Dang I can go shopping in her house