Most Organized Home in America (Part 1) by Professional Organizer & Expert Alejandra Costello


  1. Anni Ka

    Anni Ka3 hours ago

    Who the hell needs so many pens????

  2. icewallow_come

    icewallow_come17 hours ago

    Such perfection

  3. Niles Jones

    Niles Jones21 hour ago

    What’s the thing you’re using to spin seasons and vitamins?

  4. Eliza Penutbutter

    Eliza PenutbutterDay ago

    I have been trying to get the nerve to organize,your video might motivate me to finish...

  5. Eliza Penutbutter

    Eliza PenutbutterDay ago


  6. Divine Diva

    Divine DivaDay ago

    I feel so inadequate. I need a DO-OVER! Lol!

  7. Mirs Mom

    Mirs MomDay ago

    Organize my home please!!!!

  8. Abby Sahidjan

    Abby SahidjanDay ago

    when she said "tea" i unconsciously thought "yesss sisss"

  9. Arnav Dinesh Kamath

    Arnav Dinesh KamathDay ago

    being her son must suck

  10. Farras Danindira

    Farras DanindiraDay ago


  11. fishermichele814

    fishermichele8142 days ago

    Blazin Amazin! Love This! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Helen Davalos

    Helen Davalos2 days ago

    OMG, some good hacks, but a little overboard:)

  13. Dobby is a free elf

    Dobby is a free elf2 days ago

    Snacking in this house is too much work. Lol

  14. Auto Dagmar

    Auto Dagmar3 days ago

    Now I'll have more time to Play Fortnite 😂😭😍💓💋

  15. Auto Dagmar

    Auto Dagmar3 days ago

    Meet me at Lazy Links 😂👋

  16. Emma Holder

    Emma Holder3 days ago

    " I used a old towel rack for my scarves. it can be so easy to go green"

  17. Kylie Jen Jen

    Kylie Jen Jen3 days ago

    “I love this pantry! There is so much you can do in this pantry!” 😂

  18. Hannah Forbes

    Hannah Forbes4 days ago

    sounds like she is wearing a rubber suit

  19. Girl With A Laptop

    Girl With A Laptop4 days ago

    I feel like you can only do this so easily if you’re rich...

  20. Federica Arcieri

    Federica Arcieri4 days ago

    grazie mille

  21. Stéphane SANTAT

    Stéphane SANTAT4 days ago

    Just scarry

  22. Siene

    Siene5 days ago

    Is she ok

  23. Ami Hernandez

    Ami Hernandez5 days ago


  24. iDon'tMiss

    iDon'tMiss5 days ago

    If she gets robbed, then it would be so easy to find everything

  25. im comin out of my cage and ive been doin just fine

    im comin out of my cage and ive been doin just fine6 days ago

    Fucking insane

  26. crazywakefingers

    crazywakefingers6 days ago

    take a shot every time she says "I love"

  27. Hotass Planet

    Hotass Planet6 days ago

    OCD at it’s finest

  28. soexcessive84

    soexcessive847 days ago

    Out of sight out of mind in that home office where???

  29. Jen Cruz

    Jen Cruz7 days ago


  30. abigail johnson

    abigail johnson7 days ago

    I bet she is a teacher.

  31. Kostas Anifantis

    Kostas Anifantis8 days ago

    Just clicked the video because of the title, I guess this is a paradise for someone who has OCD , just like me!

  32. L!l lump!a ASMR

    L!l lump!a ASMR8 days ago

    Soccer moms be like

  33. Cookie Bird

    Cookie Bird8 days ago

    I don't know how many times you can watch the same video without getting bored. It is early in the morning for me and I recently got an email thing from her about a story. So I wanted to look at the vid again. It is so satisfying seeing a tidy house. I wish mine was......

  34. topgunnmom1

    topgunnmom18 days ago

    She spent so much money on organizing supplies. Wow.

  35. Liaknowshowtoplay

    Liaknowshowtoplay8 days ago

    Thats so cool

  36. Erinlee Montez

    Erinlee Montez8 days ago

    She’s driving me crazy!

  37. My Keys

    My Keys9 days ago

    she talks like someones holding a gun against her head

  38. Belinda McDaniel

    Belinda McDaniel9 days ago

    The one thing I feel 8 need is the shower curtain

  39. Infullbloom Time

    Infullbloom Time9 days ago

    I love this!!!

  40. Victor G Perez Valle

    Victor G Perez Valle10 days ago

    I want her to come to my house

  41. CBS 70sfan

    CBS 70sfan10 days ago

    She is buying her trophies and displaying them. Move the microphone away from your clothes. Stickers?! How old is she, anyway?

  42. ☀️ Sunny  Days ☀️

    ☀️ Sunny Days ☀️11 days ago

    I’m doomed..

  43. I'm just Here to be here

    I'm just Here to be here11 days ago

    how many beans does one need ?

  44. minnesotagreat

    minnesotagreat11 days ago

    Terrible clutter. Clutter is clutter! What a mess hidden in boxes. Magazines on the walls?! Crap put in boxes... stuff...stuff... stuff... I am dizzy of all that stuff:(

  45. Paige Taylor

    Paige Taylor12 days ago

    Am I the only one who still thinks this is cluttered? So many possessions,not minimal at all🙈 just organised clutter?

  46. Amanda P

    Amanda P12 days ago

    I loved it... thanks

  47. M.Elisa & Co. Est. 1979

    M.Elisa & Co. Est. 197912 days ago

    Organized hoarding, its time for a yard sale.

  48. greeness

    greeness12 days ago

    Where do you find so much specific organizing material ( boxes, racks etc)

  49. Ron Si

    Ron Si13 days ago

    She’s my twin sister. I’m just like her

  50. Denette Mora

    Denette Mora13 days ago

    Those sound effects though 🤭

  51. Myreek Sheriff

    Myreek Sheriff13 days ago

    The mic sounds like she’s sitting on a bean bag over and over

  52. Dawn Davis

    Dawn Davis13 days ago

    Seems like something I couldn't keep up with ;)

  53. hayley hugo

    hayley hugo13 days ago


  54. Lovely K

    Lovely K13 days ago

    This comment section is freaking hilarious!!!!!

  55. mosab kh

    mosab kh14 days ago

    Monica Geller is that u ??

  56. 1Smarties1

    1Smarties114 days ago

    Ocd people are DROOLING

  57. Surelle Khan

    Surelle Khan14 days ago

    Your awesome:)

  58. Nusrat Naz

    Nusrat Naz14 days ago

    I read and bin easy

  59. Nusrat Naz

    Nusrat Naz14 days ago

    are we in school

  60. Nusrat Naz

    Nusrat Naz14 days ago

    I can't stand letters I get my shredder and shred it away job done and plastic I use and bin and big saucepans no way I can't be asked and rest goes to charity

  61. Niezl Lynn Grace Sy

    Niezl Lynn Grace Sy15 days ago

    even her smile looks so organized tho

  62. june

    june15 days ago

    my future house tbh

  63. june

    june15 days ago

    *but do you color coordinate your clothes*

  64. Weddinggirl

    Weddinggirl15 days ago

    Lockjaw much? It’s like watching someone practice being a ventriloquist...

  65. SpicyBoiProductions

    SpicyBoiProductions15 days ago

    Bet her dildos are labeled

  66. K S

    K S15 days ago

    While I am impressed with how organized you are, but you could change your life by exploring Minimalism.

  67. Amy Davis

    Amy Davis15 days ago

    The camera is over there... no wait, it's over here, no... it's over there now... no wait, it's back over here. This is why most people only use one camera. There are some really good ideas here, but come on... real people do not live here, do they? What happens to them if they actually leave something out... do you have a breakdown?

  68. Seino Parks

    Seino Parks15 days ago

    This is just organised hoarding, her house looks more like a wholesale than a home

  69. Alice Mwamikazi

    Alice Mwamikazi12 hours ago are funny.

  70. Ron Si

    Ron Si2 days ago

    Jay & JuJu Bitch. I said STOP 😄

  71. Jay & JuJu

    Jay & JuJu2 days ago

    Lol stoppp

  72. Ron Si

    Ron Si13 days ago

    Seino Parks Bitch. Stop.

  73. Leafy Gold

    Leafy Gold16 days ago

    She is my idol

  74. Samruddhi Kelkar

    Samruddhi Kelkar16 days ago

    Does she label her kids as well?

  75. Ruby Lanes

    Ruby Lanes16 days ago

    Alessandra, this is so helpful especially for an OC like me. My fave here, is the Lazy Susan! So convenient! 😊❤

  76. Elora Zimmerman

    Elora Zimmerman16 days ago

    Love, love, LOVE this vid! Thank you for sharing!) 💕🙌

  77. rosiesmard

    rosiesmard17 days ago

    So scary ... extreme organized. People will be afraid to enter her house.

  78. ummm nope

    ummm nope17 days ago

    And here am I !!😂😂😂

  79. L CT

    L CT17 days ago

    Her husband must be a millionaire b/c this takes time...time that women with real jobs DONT HAVE. Also exactly 12 magazines. Keep it a 100 cant totally knock her b/c she monetized her OCD and Im all for turning a profit.

  80. Katarina Hedman

    Katarina Hedman17 days ago

    I'm not even sure how I got here in the first place - and I am by no means a messy person - but this gives me pure panic. PURE PANIC.

  81. Esse Bailey

    Esse Bailey17 days ago

    Love your vodeo. It ispires my habot of organizing EVERYTHING. I didn't know this was even a job. I've lived in that area too! So funny. All I want to do is organize stuff. Season, purpose, AND COLOR. I think the jewelry section could be better though. They can really spice up a room depending on how you present them. For your height it looks a little note difficult to see everything in the jewelry cabinet

  82. VampAlchemist

    VampAlchemist18 days ago

    This video makes me so happy 🤗

  83. jamesbowles77

    jamesbowles7718 days ago


  84. jamesbowles77

    jamesbowles7718 days ago

    Too many clothes

  85. Hagwomacify

    Hagwomacify18 days ago

    Still looks cluttered and the house of an organized hoarder

  86. Unicornforever xoxo

    Unicornforever xoxo18 days ago

    is she a robot.....

  87. Jocelyn Velazquez

    Jocelyn Velazquez18 days ago

    Imagine how she gets if someone tries to change something or move something somewhere else 😬

  88. FARID malty

    FARID malty18 days ago

    8:27 all of the hangers are the same LOL

  89. Manuela Pereira

    Manuela Pereira19 days ago


  90. Bri Allen

    Bri Allen19 days ago

    Idk if this is just me, but I got so overwhelmed by all of that lol

  91. Hailey Winfield

    Hailey Winfield19 days ago

    This is a very misleading video title... I've seen several homes in America that are more organized than this. Not to mention.... SO MUCH STUFF! Agggghhh

  92. kaleamae

    kaleamae20 days ago

    She uses stickers😂😂

  93. FT10DDR16

    FT10DDR1620 days ago

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  94. Charlene's Treasures

    Charlene's Treasures20 days ago

    Cute bloopers

  95. Highnotes

    Highnotes20 days ago

    Oh wow! such great motivation - I am all about motivation!!! :D:D:D

  96. S R

    S R20 days ago

    que hermoso Alejandra... eres muy organizada... admiro mucho esto en una persona... yo personalmente estoy tratando de organizar mi casa... gracias por mostrarnos tu casa... saludos desde Venezuela

  97. Alena Avila

    Alena Avila20 days ago

    Omg...I WANT that house!!!!!

  98. oluk kucni

    oluk kucni20 days ago

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  99. Izzie Blaake

    Izzie Blaake21 day ago

    2018 anYbOdY?

  100. An Gel

    An Gel21 day ago

    Order is for idiots,genius can handle chaos ( albert einstein) !! 🤣👋✋👋✋👋✋ hello from germany !!

  101. Lisa Jayne

    Lisa Jayne21 day ago

    Girl come to my house!!! I need to get organized. the only thing I had like yours was the shoe pocket on the bathroom door. I used that for EVER. its awesome. so is your video! thanks!

  102. Mrs. Comeans

    Mrs. Comeans21 day ago

    Lol. I feel like she would have a heart-attack if she walked in my house

  103. The World

    The World22 days ago

    I use these black jewelry organizers that you put on a hanger. They are on eBay for around 8.00 In the back there is velcro to hang necklaces, and in the front, there are clear pockets. I love them. I have two now. But another interesting option is to do what Joan Crawford did She had bags attached to her hangers for her jewelry so each outfit had its matching jewelry stored/ attached to it. I think she also had a way to attach her hats to each outfit. She was an ultra-organized person. Another storage system from eBay I really like it they have this purse storage system that hangs on the back of a door. It holds up to sixteen purses. And then of course inside those purses, if they are larger purses, you could put the matching jewelry or hats or belts or umbrellas or sunglasses, or scarfs too if you want to go that way. I have it on the back on my bedroom door and when I have it open it hardly takes up any space. So I highly recommend both products.

  104. blairbushproject

    blairbushproject23 days ago

    Organizes pantry to perfection. Goes out to eat the rest of the year.

  105. CBS 70sfan

    CBS 70sfan10 days ago

    blairbushproject Yes, she goes out to eat because the food in her pantry are her trophies. She could never win one in an athletic endeavor, growing up, so this is how she compensates.

  106. I. Flores

    I. Flores23 days ago

    I love the organization. One solution is less clutter.