Most Organized Home in America (Part 1) by Professional Organizer & Expert Alejandra Costello


  1. Aiming for the Kingdom of Heaven

    Aiming for the Kingdom of Heaven18 hours ago

    Fab. Though I always have to have the items tallest on the left in cupboards :-D

  2. Tyty Taytay

    Tyty TaytayDay ago

    I love you so much im in tears cuz i was raised to know everything has a place for it and to put it back where it goes when done using i use to get in trouble by my family members till it became apart of my life now that i also have my own family now whom don't believe in the power of clean for this they me miserable sad to say yeah i know im to the point where im like here ill move out yall keep this and ill get my own its too easy to be clean why they dont get it they think im a maid 😧😭 bless you

  3. Bradley Goo

    Bradley GooDay ago

    House wives with too much stuff and much more time

  4. Jack Smith

    Jack SmithDay ago

    for god sake why are all Americans just fake people smiling and exaggerating everything they say, "oh cute little labels" fgs its a fucking label

  5. MaryEuniceLoves You

    MaryEuniceLoves You2 days ago

    What is that excessive rustling sound😂

  6. Paidi Feehan

    Paidi Feehan2 days ago

    ‘It defeats the purpose of wrapping a pretty gift’ oh yeahhhh... wait what is the point of wrapping a pretty gift? It will be crinkled by the time it’s opened 😂

  7. Lady House

    Lady House2 days ago

    I'm as minimialist as possible BUT I have three kids, a husband, and three pets in a small home in New England (4 extreme seasons)...some amount of stuff ia necessary! There are some GREAT ideas in this video. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Gabby Alcantara

    Gabby Alcantara3 days ago

    I feel like she would freak if she saw my house. And I thought I was OCD. (Edit) - I don't get the different colored hanger snaps. If you didn't have any of the color codes then you can just use any hanger (all the hangers are the same, no need for color coding). Seems like extra work. I sort my clothes this way as well, but I know by looking at the section which is short sleeve, long sleeve, etc. by the clothes already hanging there.

  9. Tricia Castle

    Tricia Castle3 days ago

    where did you do the op course?

  10. Tricia Castle

    Tricia Castle3 days ago

    where did you do the op course???

  11. Gail Doughty

    Gail Doughty5 days ago

    My God she gives herself stickers. I’ll just try to wash my face and comb my hair daily, ok?

  12. Catherine Piot

    Catherine Piot6 days ago

    in the home office she has so much stff is like 20 people are working in there and gona use those spplies

  13. Christine King

    Christine King6 days ago

    You are lovely. I like a lot of your ideas, both functionally and aesthetically. Thanks for sharing your home.

  14. Sam Green

    Sam Green8 days ago

    stop being so rude in these comments. you are messy, she is neat - who gives a fuck!

  15. Sarah Binns

    Sarah Binns9 days ago

    I love her organisational skills but I feel as though there’s a LOT of excess and unnecessary stuff in her home... like instead of feeling organised it just feels like she’s hiding all the stuff she’s hoarded so she doesn’t have to think about it..

  16. RandomnessLOL

    RandomnessLOL9 days ago

    Clearly she hasn’t met Khloé Kardashian 😏

  17. Lashyn Ahmad

    Lashyn Ahmad10 days ago

    The hulk is yanking her fucking drawers so she needs to fortify the dividers

  18. Lashyn Ahmad

    Lashyn Ahmad10 days ago

    What the fuck is chalkboard marker

  19. Lashyn Ahmad

    Lashyn Ahmad10 days ago

    Bet she labels her kids just in case

  20. Piss Off Google

    Piss Off Google10 days ago

    I've only gotten 2 minutes in and I'm high from looking at how neatly organized everything is 😍 Update: 4:19 = 💀👌❤ marry me

  21. Katherine Sempai

    Katherine Sempai11 days ago

    OCD Monica alert 😂

  22. Ginny Stout

    Ginny Stout12 days ago

    I love organization and wanted to listen to your tips, but had to quit half way through because I couldn’t hear the electric guitar one more time.

  23. stephani motta

    stephani motta13 days ago

    But she has SOOOO much crap....js. That's ALOT!

  24. Life of Sadie

    Life of Sadie13 days ago

    So basically put everything in labeled buckets

  25. Nicci C

    Nicci C14 days ago

    I'm glad for her. And her hair is so shiny. Is there enough time in the day? My question is: Do you sleep?

  26. Patricia Diaz

    Patricia Diaz15 days ago

    How many houses do you have? Also does Goya sponsor you?

  27. Maria M. Cântara

    Maria M. Cântara15 days ago

    This is so satisfying. I love organising! :)

  28. jamal Baghdadi

    jamal Baghdadi16 days ago

    Where are u we missed u alott Anddd missed ur organization videos hope u are fine love u Hope u. Make new videos

  29. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo16 days ago

    As a kid, its hard to be satisfied but this makes me very VERY happy

  30. Leroy

    Leroy18 days ago

    Alisson? (Black orphan)

  31. MzRN Cook

    MzRN Cook18 days ago

    I personally think you have an awesome imagination however, this system is not functioning. This just seems exhausting!

  32. xrahabx

    xrahabx19 days ago


  33. Mackenzie Hill

    Mackenzie Hill19 days ago


  34. P. Prasad

    P. Prasad20 days ago

    Yeah but are your spices alphabetised?

  35. Cammie

    Cammie21 day ago

    4:34 but how we can clean everything in the home office? it must take a lot of time lol

  36. Charlie Price

    Charlie Price22 days ago

    So many unecessary labels

  37. Emily Mutchler

    Emily Mutchler22 days ago

    Ok but who has this much money for organizing devices??

  38. ssn90

    ssn9022 days ago

    Really innovative & creative...

  39. Kathryn Harrold

    Kathryn Harrold23 days ago

    Do your thing mamas, and thanks for the abundance of tips!

  40. Pascal Aschwanden

    Pascal Aschwanden23 days ago

    Great job!

  41. Elsy Vriens

    Elsy Vriens24 days ago

    Ik hoop dat je nooit hoeft te verhuizen...

  42. Kanchan Madhwani

    Kanchan Madhwani24 days ago

    It's hight of much time it will take to make organizers..

  43. sameer makhani

    sameer makhani26 days ago

    Hey Alejandra Costello, I found your video amazing and i want to add something which will give your house more attractive look.

  44. SIRiMAC

    SIRiMAC26 days ago

    I love how organized she is! There's just... has so much stuff. It looks like a store!

  45. carrie boyd

    carrie boyd26 days ago

    She does an amazing job of organizing but something about her screams CRAZY!

  46. Ruby Curwick

    Ruby Curwick27 days ago

    All that work just to wear shoes in the house... smh

  47. Joy Jackson

    Joy Jackson27 days ago

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  48. Lucy Seda

    Lucy Seda27 days ago

    Very good ideas here. I think my fav was all the kitchen ideas.

  49. Kelvin

    Kelvin27 days ago

    And here is where i keep all my corpses i organize them based on gender, height, weight and race

  50. Desiwulan Suci

    Desiwulan Suci28 days ago

    I do believe, the best organizer mostly having an ocd 😅 just like me

  51. sdasilva-ox

    sdasilva-ox28 days ago

  52. Courtney Ohnstad

    Courtney Ohnstad28 days ago

    Being organized is great! Though, she does need more decoration in her house. It’s not a warm and welcoming place. I feel like you can be really organized with a beautifully decorated home. I have the same ideas for storage as she does without creating a home that looks like a store.

  53. Sabah Amal

    Sabah Amal28 days ago

    I'm organized & methodical, but yr over the top! 🇦🇺 less is more...

  54. sultanam

    sultanam29 days ago

    This was painful. I hope she is organised enough to get weekly therapy.

  55. Rowan Watson

    Rowan Watson29 days ago

    I live in Arlington too!

  56. J. Whiteoak

    J. Whiteoak29 days ago

    Yeah, right ... I can just see the look on my tradesman husband's face when I tell him all his clothes must go on color-coded hangers and labeled shelves ... "Now, onward to the kitchen where we're going to label the shelves" .... DIVORCED!!!

  57. ryan carnes

    ryan carnes29 days ago

    If I can break into her house, I will not take anything. I just wanna mess up with her labels 😆

  58. Grace Gilfoyle

    Grace GilfoyleMonth ago

    look at the right camera!! cant watch!

  59. April 🥀Rose

    April 🥀RoseMonth ago

    You should not keep medicine in the bathroom. Meds need to be in a cool dry space. Same with a lot of makeup.

  60. Yewande Koyenikan

    Yewande KoyenikanMonth ago

    This is some OCD 😹😹 but it's so mind blowing

  61. m. Abductor Pollicis Brevis

    m. Abductor Pollicis BrevisMonth ago

    let me show you... a severe case of annoying transition music

  62. Spaghetti Yeti Nettie

    Spaghetti Yeti NettieMonth ago

    Is this normal? Where is the joy in living?

  63. Steven Davies

    Steven DaviesMonth ago

    Reminds me of that film Sleeping With The Enemy haha!

  64. oof

    oofMonth ago

    Ion like the way she’s looking at me

  65. LeopardTail AJ

    LeopardTail AJMonth ago

    They literally have the worst camera angles

  66. Baby’s InBlack

    Baby’s InBlackMonth ago

    Can not handle this woman... how did I get here!?!?

  67. Dre Crego

    Dre CregoMonth ago

    I fucking love this. She clearly does not have the same problems that I do, but dammit, I’m inspired! I just wish I knew who she was talking to, that was sitting on the floor, every once in a while??? But no hate here. I don’t think she is actually OCD, I think she might be focusing some OCD tendencies on this video in order to get as much helpful content packed in as possible. Alejandra, why are you not the Latina equivalent to Martha Stewart??? Come on, people, give her some support for christ sake!!! You have my admiration! ❤️❤️❤️

  68. Eric Raimondi

    Eric RaimondiMonth ago


  69. Renate Scheepers

    Renate ScheepersMonth ago

    There is nothing wrong by organizing your home like this and when you're a homemaker you have the time. Yes I agree with the comment that it could go for a stationary store but this type of organizing is not for all. Do it if you like it or leave it. Alejandra the only thing that bothered me was that you did not know where the camera was. This won't bother most people but for me it was extremely annoying.

  70. Five Cents Matter

    Five Cents MatterMonth ago

    You have some of the best ideas ever. The little crazy lady in me is freaking out over organizing my home now.

  71. tuberose yuri

    tuberose yuriMonth ago

    haters are all slobs

  72. Random Person

    Random PersonMonth ago

    11:07 Battery kit? well, we all know where those are going. I'd hate to imagine the dildo that takes them huge batteries! But safe to say her husbands photos are hidden inside a cupboard for a reason.

  73. Aditi Dongare

    Aditi DongareMonth ago

    So much stationary. Has she not grown out of the school phase?

  74. [] Lulu []

    [] Lulu []Month ago

    Amazing house! Would love to be so organized!

  75. broken mixtape

    broken mixtapeMonth ago

    I want to marry her she's adorable

  76. cromwel feliciano

    cromwel felicianoMonth ago

    Ummmm its over organized lady.

  77. Natural Quickies

    Natural QuickiesMonth ago

    Why do I feel like she buys stuff just so she can organize it? I mean why is there so much stuff? I understand being prepared, but when you are that organized why do you need so much access. I usually only accumulate access stuff, because I couldn't find something and thought maybe it was all gone or thrown away and go buy another one.

  78. Hannah xo

    Hannah xoMonth ago

    Ayyy I live in va

  79. LuiseCraze

    LuiseCrazeMonth ago

    I'm sure there's no guest room in this stadium size house...

  80. Eryn Dailey-Demby

    Eryn Dailey-DembyMonth ago

    Good tips on organization. I really liked the tip on storing pans vertically.

  81. Filmdocta

    FilmdoctaMonth ago

    Exactly what my daughters and I were looking for. So many great ideas! We have a lot of work. Thanks

  82. Five Cents Matter

    Five Cents MatterMonth ago

    Filmdocta She has the most organized home in the world.

  83. Socially awkward teen :P

    Socially awkward teen :PMonth ago

    You have issues :)

  84. Victor Hardin

    Victor HardinMonth ago

    How do you have kids? They would trash the house just like any other household .

  85. AloneBG

    AloneBGMonth ago

    *You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen - I mean it for real* *I'm Inlove...* 😍😍😍💖💖💖

  86. Myat Lin

    Myat LinMonth ago

    hey ,if anyone else wants to discover organize and declutter try Skyarza Declutter Expert Star (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it.

  87. Taylor Nguyen

    Taylor NguyenMonth ago

    She has way too much stuff... 😬 It’s like organized hoarding. I like to keep things simple and minimal. It’s healthier imo

  88. Charlotte Gray

    Charlotte GrayMonth ago

    This is intense! Love the lazy susan storage idea.

  89. Cynthia Hopper

    Cynthia HopperMonth ago

    Go ahead and make fun people. This woman has over 12 MILLION views!!! What!!!

  90. PhyllieM

    PhyllieMMonth ago

    This is full time job already. You need no other job.

  91. mala dear

    mala dearMonth ago

    Where do we get the storage racks that u have stored snacks and dinner packs

  92. Trine Merethe Kristiansen

    Trine Merethe KristiansenMonth ago

    This is not a home, it's a showroom

  93. msmontana1961

    msmontana1961Month ago

    Good grief, all this junk is making me a nervous wreck, she needs too sell some of her stuff and get rid of all those plastic containers🤤

  94. Kia Sample

    Kia SampleMonth ago

    The comments got me crying lol

  95. Sephrina Xen

    Sephrina XenMonth ago

    This is fantastic. I'm inspired.

  96. Sergey Serrano

    Sergey SerranoMonth ago

    Great video

  97. Abby G

    Abby GMonth ago

    She makes me laugh talking about the silverware

  98. Carlos Garcia

    Carlos GarciaMonth ago

    Really? I only see OCD

  99. Hannah Reynolds

    Hannah ReynoldsMonth ago

    Never mind the organising, please have your leather trousers/pants dubbined before wearing them for something like this. The creaking is really distracting.

  100. maddie holland

    maddie hollandMonth ago

    man if she saw my room she’d have a heart attack

  101. Cassidy Gillett

    Cassidy GillettMonth ago

    She is so OCD, she has a problem this isn't normal. Just live a little lady, sorry.