Most Organized Home in America (Part 1) by Professional Organizer & Expert Alejandra Costello


  1. Susie A

    Susie A3 hours ago

    She's a genius! My ex hated how I organized and color coded his clothes in the closet and threw out all his wire hangers. But it actually does have a calming effect when things look more organized and are easier to find. Mess = Stress.

  2. Jessica Zipper

    Jessica Zipper6 hours ago

    She organizes her stickers?

  3. Melanie L Hobby

    Melanie L Hobby6 hours ago

    Your info is good, and I know it's so hard to re-shoot, but the grating noise against the microphone is killing me! Also, during edit, you only put the shots where you're looking at the camera (not a shot where you're looking at the other camera) Thanks for the info, seriously! -Melanie

  4. Janey Williams

    Janey Williams20 hours ago

    Completely airtight containers don’t always help me because if any moisture happens to get in there for example a minor drop of water from a splash the dry food goes mouldy. I still haven’t found a solution to this.

  5. TrillianaEM

    TrillianaEM2 days ago

    OK, so I'll hang dividers to mark my 2 long sleeve shirts and 3 blouses... I'd go mad with all those labels.

  6. ChefRondaE

    ChefRondaE3 days ago

    Organizes yes.... but her hard "G" sound for me was distracting. Han"G", everythin"g" (with a K sound following after)

  7. Mona Liza

    Mona Liza4 days ago

    How much Adderall did it take to do this? 💊💊💊

  8. Vortex Hady

    Vortex Hady4 days ago

    Who else was waiting for her huge vocabulary in this video xd

  9. Anna Stucchi

    Anna Stucchi4 days ago

    This woman must have a LOT of free time.

  10. miss mrc

    miss mrc5 days ago


  11. Łysy pan Z długimi włosami

    Łysy pan Z długimi włosami6 days ago

    Do you know why she’s rich? Because she’s organised, disciplined, smart and hardworking. Qualities that bring you success in life.

  12. meraack

    meraack6 days ago

    I like some of the ideas, but can't imagine having this much plastic at home. A no go in Europe I'd say. How about more environmentally friendly storage solutions?

  13. Ds Anand

    Ds Anand6 days ago

    She has alot of variety

  14. ip lamichhane

    ip lamichhane7 days ago

    useful video!

  15. Shara Mendoza

    Shara Mendoza8 days ago

    Her suggestions have changed the way I store things in our home. As a busy mom of three, with a production company ran out of my home office, being organized has allowed me to make the most of my time!

  16. iuno777

    iuno7778 days ago

    I would dump a messy girl like you

  17. Alex Sunleiluna

    Alex Sunleiluna8 days ago

    I wouldn’t mind if anybody made fun of me for being like that.

  18. Romy Macias

    Romy Macias8 days ago

    I find it very unsightly to have the toilet lid up in the bathroom. :-o

  19. gauri nair

    gauri nair11 days ago

    omg monica geller

  20. Nikki Matthews

    Nikki Matthews11 days ago

    OMG!! GET A LIFE WOMAN.... 🙄

  21. Wanda Barr

    Wanda Barr11 days ago

    Love it thanks for all the great ideas

  22. Shazami Chan

    Shazami Chan11 days ago

    Take a shot every time she says "for example" 😂

  23. Averi Stevens

    Averi Stevens12 days ago

    I don’t think she’s into organizing. She just loves plastic boxes.

  24. MaTTyMaTT

    MaTTyMaTT12 days ago

    The comments are exactly what I thought they would be. Imagine her right baked, wouldn’t that be a treat.

  25. Cynthia Robin Gutierrez Rodriguez

    Cynthia Robin Gutierrez Rodriguez13 days ago

    I love it!! Everything looks so cute and organized!! I'll definitely use some of this ideas in my house.

  26. Chloe Veeder

    Chloe Veeder13 days ago

    Yeah, she definitely doesn’t have kids(if she does they are older). Moms no matter how hard we work it will never stay this clean.

  27. Caris Walker

    Caris Walker15 days ago

    Now that we've seen most of the areas in my house, let's go to the balcony....... TO KILL OURSELVES

  28. Lily Negulescu

    Lily Negulescu15 days ago


  29. sweetangel0467

    sweetangel046716 days ago

    Guys please don't aspire to be like this. The video just screams setup. It's like watching a morning routine and keeping out all the ugly bits and knowing not all mornings go the same way. It's a bit of a cringe. There's some interesting bits though. I wouldn't keep that much wrapping paper to warrant a whole organiser for it and having her tell me people do otherwise is not helping. Get real lady.

  30. Lot ZamRa

    Lot ZamRa16 days ago

    I love that the video is on point and direct. You have tackled almost the whole condo/house in less than 15 minutes. Most vloggers take 15 minutes just for organizing the clothes. This is great! :)

  31. Elysia Neale

    Elysia Neale16 days ago

    Why on earth does anyone have that many batteries? Insane.

  32. Elysia Neale

    Elysia Neale16 days ago

    Wtf is a ‘speciality battery’

  33. Elysia Neale

    Elysia Neale16 days ago

    All different sizes too

  34. Dorothy NorthDawn

    Dorothy NorthDawn16 days ago

    This tbh does not look organized, my room is way cleaner.

  35. Kristy

    Kristy16 days ago

    wondering how long all of this took..

  36. mary smith

    mary smith16 days ago

    I mean that's all great if you have a rich husband that buys you a huge house and gives you money to buy expensive storage solutions. The majority of us don't have houses the size of football fields and are more worried about putting food on our tables than spending money on storage equipment.

  37. Ashleigh Doan

    Ashleigh Doan18 days ago

    that music... omg

  38. Rajkumar Thyagarajan

    Rajkumar Thyagarajan18 days ago

    Sub yours ,,,,, please support me in sub mine please.........

  39. Muslim Love

    Muslim Love19 days ago

    I think she would buy so many things just to fill in the section. 😂

  40. Marc The Gamer

    Marc The Gamer19 days ago

    Jesus Christ, her smile fucking scares the shit out of me

  41. Finley Ruby

    Finley Ruby19 days ago


  42. T T

    T T19 days ago

    I came here after people recording in a 1 star hotel😥 I.NEED.BLEACH.

  43. Taylor Hudgens

    Taylor Hudgens20 days ago

    Worst case of OCD I’ve ever seen

  44. Richard Rashty

    Richard Rashty20 days ago

    i wish my wife was like this brilliant women!

  45. Richard Rashty

    Richard Rashty10 days ago

    +Vailolo Stevens ha ha only have like 1000x. Ha ha ha

  46. Vailolo Stevens

    Vailolo Stevens11 days ago

    Richard Rashty Why don’t you tell your wife that?!

  47. ILUV412

    ILUV41223 days ago

    She's cute and super inspiring and awesome!! 😄😍

  48. Arifa Chowdhury

    Arifa Chowdhury25 days ago

    She's not that organised

  49. cutflower

    cutflower25 days ago

    Where do u get the double shelf thing in the kitchen cabinets?

  50. Amber Smith

    Amber Smith27 days ago

    Her mic is driving me nuts

  51. Vailolo Stevens

    Vailolo Stevens11 days ago

    Amber Smith 😂 right?!

  52. Viv Wallace

    Viv Wallace27 days ago

    You got prettier eyes than your logo.

  53. Marina Rosales

    Marina Rosales28 days ago

    This is really pleasent for my eyes but dangerous for my OCD hahah

  54. John Pau1

    John Pau1Month ago

    It sounds like the microphone is up her booty crack the sound keeps russeling around like her hidden husband which is stored in an organized facility. STILL A QUEEN THOUGH

  55. Chelsea B

    Chelsea BMonth ago

    i loved watching this. thanks for sharing!

  56. molly Shea

    molly SheaMonth ago

    Over here I used chains to store my kids. It’s color coded and alphabetical and very accessible. I also added some wallpaper with a matching label for each kid to make it more organized and prettier. Also put my kids on hangers, color coding them from most unorganized to least unorganized and depended and the level of organization I have a chart to see who gets what amount of time in the house. It’s in this pretty pocket folder right here

  57. Zia Ly

    Zia LyMonth ago

    Omg! Anyone else here thinks she a hoarder and annoying? She loves, loves, loves all that stuff 😹

  58. Tiffany Kyran

    Tiffany KyranMonth ago

    I admire her organisation!

  59. The Grumpy Goose

    The Grumpy GooseMonth ago

    Everyone in the comments is a jerk. I genuinely looked up organization tips for decluttering my home, and while hers are very extreme, I have to applaud her. Like who actually has the patience or creativity she does to organize all this shit? I bet none of you. This inspired me to clean and organize my home and gave me ideas on how to do it right, so maybe y’all should do the same and be productive instead of sitting on your ass writing hate comments. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  60. Jacki Moon

    Jacki MoonMonth ago

    I love organizing but this woman is scaring the shit out of me...

  61. david ward

    david wardMonth ago

    What is the rushing noice

  62. Buzzz Angel

    Buzzz AngelMonth ago

    Sorry, but you are too fussy abt petty things. Get some gardening done instead dear.

  63. Christye Lynn

    Christye LynnMonth ago

    I love organizing things! I hate clutter and labels not facing out. I tidy at stores and at work. I’m obsessed.

  64. Raisha Rafeeque

    Raisha RafeequeMonth ago

    She doesn’t have kids’s her boredom result

  65. Catarina Rodrigues

    Catarina RodriguesMonth ago


  66. Razake

    RazakeMonth ago

    your kitchen is like.... the size of my house without the equal amount of storage space.

  67. ShonenSamurai

    ShonenSamuraiMonth ago

    Acquiring OCD 101. XD

  68. Arsene Wenger

    Arsene WengerMonth ago

    I just can imagine how a hot sex starts when her husband cleaned and organised the home like everything she wanted to, "wow the jam jars are alligned and colour coded...FUCK me daddy!"

  69. gals in grace

    gals in graceMonth ago

    LOVE your amazing ideas

  70. Cheryl Staples

    Cheryl StaplesMonth ago

    She don't live far from me at all OMG COME TO DUMFRIES AND HELP MEEEE!!!!!

  71. Jackson Simon

    Jackson SimonMonth ago

    Professional organizer, hmmmmmmmm

  72. Tora Patterson

    Tora PattersonMonth ago

    She’s a psycho

  73. Niamh The gymnast

    Niamh The gymnastMonth ago

    Hoarders have left the chat 😂😂😂

  74. Jennifer Figueroa

    Jennifer FigueroaMonth ago

    I hope I can organize my house this neatly! This looks awesome and you can tell you took your time buying the right things and color coding everything!!

  75. Georgiana Reese

    Georgiana ReeseMonth ago

    LaZy SuZaN

  76. Eve

    EveMonth ago

    “This is the linen closet, which is my favourite spot in the house... because of the labels and the wallpaper”

  77. Arwen Zoe

    Arwen ZoeMonth ago

    Plss tell me does she have OCD?

  78. tammylovesmakeup

    tammylovesmakeupMonth ago

    I like the organization but would prefer less less stuff. I dislike clutter so much

  79. emmapism

    emmapismMonth ago

    That bathroom makeup storage.......hanging....wall whatever the hell it is is HIDEOUS. Just own less shit and it'll fit into a drawer so you don't need to hang it on your damn wall.

  80. Joelisa Almonte

    Joelisa AlmonteMonth ago

    There is a second part of this on her channel which is way better

  81. Belinda Labunog

    Belinda LabunogMonth ago

    thank you very much very well organize i try to do the sama

  82. Juliette Cedar

    Juliette CedarMonth ago

    Should've just used the camera microphone. Sure the quality is rather clear but every little move - and the video requires a lot of moving - makes the mic rhustle on her top and it's really irritating.

  83. Betty Veronica

    Betty VeronicaMonth ago

    I like to keep my husband inside a large shower pocket, (with his name on a dry erase l can tell which husband it is.) He needs to constantly bleach and scrub out the mildew that grows in the shower pockets...that's all the mysterious rustling sound you can hear in the background.

  84. Penelope

    PenelopeMonth ago

    Organized? Why are the Cheerios all on top of each other they should be neatly stacked

  85. Rica Bulletproof

    Rica BulletproofMonth ago

    She is such beautiful lady

  86. nocalsteve

    nocalsteveMonth ago

    Say what you will, but this video has 13 million views and she has almost a million subscribers. She's doing something right.

  87. Kristinaxox

    KristinaxoxMonth ago

    She is so darn Beautiful :o

  88. Adelaide hula hoopers

    Adelaide hula hoopersMonth ago

    I somehow don't think she has a job outside her home....

  89. Alex Black

    Alex BlackMonth ago

    Where to begin? 1) About half of the suggestions here are useable, but beyond that your dipping your toes into the psycho pool. 2) Lazy susans absolutely SUCK for almost all storage purposes. Come on, let's be more original and intelligent than that. 3) Many of the (especially kitchen) good are packed sooo tightly and rigidly that it's similar to compression-packing everything for a camping trip, and it becomes a chore to retrieve *anything* and another chore to repack it every time you use it or something packed close to it. Unlike camping, though, you never actually unpack this kitchen, so you have to repack anything and everything that you use or need. What a tiring pain that is, and gets old fast. This kind of organization is perfect for a magazine spread, but totally sucky to actually live with. 4) There is no #4. 5) All of the above. 6) The quality of the video and editing is top-notch; bravo! And, importantly, thank you so much for wearing an external mic! That's professional.

  90. Carla Regina Colindrez

    Carla Regina ColindrezMonth ago

    Virgo alert

  91. Bridget Gibson

    Bridget GibsonMonth ago

    I am so impressed with these organisation ideas - cannot wait to put these into practice!

  92. Jiljily Thaosen

    Jiljily Thaosen2 months ago

    I thought i was an organised person until i saw this #shook

  93. Rania Omer

    Rania OmerMonth ago


  94. SinginAbbs 25

    SinginAbbs 252 months ago

    First of all, she has a whole section for stickers. Second of all, “Every time I complete a chore, I get a sticker.” Third of all, those transitions.

  95. Nick Peters

    Nick Peters2 months ago

    OCD bitch

  96. Yo Dude

    Yo Dude2 months ago

    Me: (looks at title) *can’t relate*

  97. iwonnatube

    iwonnatube2 months ago

    how do you organize all your antidepressants?

  98. Alayna Elizabeth

    Alayna Elizabeth2 months ago

    “And down here is where I have my battery kit.... I love this thing!” Made me laugh because my batteries are just scattered through a section in my junk drawer. 😂

  99. Jessica Creel

    Jessica Creel2 months ago

    I would 10000000% rather watch this than watch a hoarder step in her cats week old shit

  100. Irish Pickens

    Irish Pickens2 months ago

    I applaud this lady's organization, but.... I had the feeling while watching her in this video, that when daily life happens (spills, scuffs, diarrhea, what have you) LIFE BECOMES REALLLLL HARD FOR FAMILY & FRIENDS!

  101. Maia Gerondis

    Maia Gerondis2 months ago

    Why does she keep all her “organised” stuff hanging off walls in plain sight......but her family photos hidden in cupboards...................

  102. Rachel Elizabeth

    Rachel Elizabeth2 months ago

    Uhm. You’re a freak. And I thought I was neurotic when it came to organization. But you take this whole thing to a totally different level. #DEFFnotacompliment . . #justsayin🤗#justsayin

  103. ELx Liz

    ELx Liz2 months ago

    But first of need to have all those money to buy those expensive drawers before you could really start to organize your stuff...

  104. Bob Eagle

    Bob Eagle2 months ago

    I think you might be insane.

  105. ImSarah Pina

    ImSarah Pina2 months ago


  106. ADCxoDPC

    ADCxoDPC2 months ago

    People who are this obsessively organized scare the fuck out of me. This is just hoarding on a grandiose level.