Most Organized Home in America (Part 1) by Professional Organizer & Expert Alejandra Costello


  1. alybabyxo

    alybabyxo5 hours ago

    Shiney ass hair

  2. YourMom

    YourMom9 hours ago

    W o t

  3. Anthony Nowell

    Anthony Nowell12 hours ago

    I hate how many people are going to be comedians and insult her life. She seems happy and knows what she wants. Pretty awesome human!

  4. The _mira

    The _mira13 hours ago

    Anyone else got to this side of youtube yea me too 😂😂

  5. Aeron Tudor

    Aeron Tudor13 hours ago

    Organized? wth naw this chick got a mental disease... she is tooo much!! if something goes wrong she will throw a metal shelving with a label "hitting devices" at your head and kill you...

  6. Griselle Shinker

    Griselle Shinker17 hours ago

    I just think everyone has their own thing. Her thing is that she truly ENJOYS organizing. This gives her peace of mind and she's passionate about it. I swear some people like to comment negatively for fucks sake or out of envy. Let her ENJOY her thing and find something your passionate about!

  7. ShiningStarTribe

    ShiningStarTribe19 hours ago

    I can't figure out if this desirable or eery?

  8. Meh Meh Chan

    Meh Meh ChanDay ago


  9. nessagirl1911

    nessagirl1911Day ago

    This woman is very confusing. Does she have someone else do her laundry and put it away, or why does she need to label her closet sections? Also, aren't all her hangers the same? Why colour code them?

  10. Shaylin

    ShaylinDay ago

    She skipped the bedrooms 🤦🏿‍♀️ we all know no one can keep those clean / organized. 😭💀

  11. sirenxo

    sirenxoDay ago

    I left another comment, but I wanted to let you know it's truly refreshing how upbeat and positive you are! It's so cute you show us everything with such enthusiasm.

  12. sirenxo

    sirenxoDay ago

    Oh my sweet Lord, I thought I had OCD. I LOVE how organized you are. Thank you for all of the tips. You have inspired and motivated me to get working on my clutter. I don't think I could ever be as organized as you, but I'm definitely going to implement some of your ideas! Thank you so much 😊

  13. Kelly Darrow

    Kelly DarrowDay ago

    She doesn't mind hanging all kinds of excessive junk on the walls, shower, etc in plain view. Funny how all her family/personal photos are kept inside cabinet doors where no one can see them.

  14. Wale Aliz

    Wale AlizDay ago

    Monika on steroids

  15. Sheerbachajan

    SheerbachajanDay ago

    Imagine how organised the sex must be. You’ll have perfectly timed orgasms lmao

  16. Macie Jowett

    Macie Jowett2 days ago

    God ur husband must hate u and I cant afford all that stuff stupid

  17. J B

    J B2 days ago

    🤪 hire that. Then go to the beach 🏖 life is too short.

  18. Isabella White

    Isabella White2 days ago

    Her kitchen looks just like mine wow

  19. Isabella White

    Isabella White2 days ago

    Organization is the key to life

  20. Cecilia Recio

    Cecilia Recio2 days ago

    Can I have a pencil Mom said yes Then I say where Mom ignores you I wish the house was never organized

  21. Cecilia Recio

    Cecilia Recio2 days ago

    How r u going to know if your food is expired...???

  22. Zac Tee

    Zac Tee2 days ago

    Battery organisers???????

  23. Katherine Rabuffi

    Katherine Rabuffi2 days ago

    Craft Room. Pain in the butt to get up on a ladder or step stool to get what you need. Wow, bet the other inhabitants dare not put something out of place! lol

  24. lz

    lz2 days ago

    People just have too.much.shittttt

  25. fireflyserenity31

    fireflyserenity312 days ago

    So no one told you life was gonna be this way....

  26. Rainbow Reborns 101

    Rainbow Reborns 1013 days ago

    This is called organized hoarding, she is a hoarder. Lord help her!😂😂

  27. Roseane Correa

    Roseane Correa3 days ago

    Too much stuff

  28. Jade Mannor

    Jade Mannor4 days ago

    Box in box is a waste of time

  29. Tiffany Kinsel

    Tiffany Kinsel4 days ago

    Friggin retarded yo....

  30. Leilani Ku'uipo

    Leilani Ku'uipo4 days ago

    Where are your credentials because Architects also must know Design/Décor etc. and this doesn't past muster.

  31. The Devil

    The Devil6 days ago

    10:27 "Sunless Tanning" Bitch you mean Fake Tan?

  32. bikinggal1

    bikinggal16 days ago

    "I love" "It's so easy" yawn

  33. junhoe's neck veins

    junhoe's neck veins7 days ago

    then mine will be the most unorganized house in the world

  34. Apul :D

    Apul :D7 days ago

    Her eyes are beautiful

  35. Autumn Stover

    Autumn Stover7 days ago

    I hate you

  36. Potato

    Potato7 days ago

    That's my grandma

  37. Alexis-Rose Buehrle

    Alexis-Rose Buehrle7 days ago

    OCD at its finest .. 🙃

  38. Junior Farias

    Junior Farias8 days ago


  39. Mel And Asher The Cat

    Mel And Asher The Cat8 days ago

    I love it when my house is organized, but I find that I will start and then get distracted by something else. I try to no keep things I don't need, making it a bit easier to stay organized!

  40. Tristan Faulconbridge

    Tristan Faulconbridge9 days ago

    That fucking music pissed me off

  41. Karma Zoweil

    Karma Zoweil9 days ago

    Her house is organized because she doesn't have kids

  42. awgondzur

    awgondzur9 days ago

    Camera 1? Camera 2? Camera 1? Camera 2?

  43. Barb Zylema

    Barb Zylema9 days ago

    If you organize this way, you must have a lot of time on your hands. This is extreme. I consider myself organized, but this would take to long.

  44. Emily Mejias

    Emily Mejias9 days ago

    Most organized house in America? Have you seen Khloe Kardashian’s home?

  45. Promise Jubilee

    Promise Jubilee9 days ago

    My first question is, does this woman live with children? My toddlers would have that order destroyed in the blink of an eye. My 4-year-old sees anything orderly and IMMEDIATELY wants to disorder it. Like, as his first instinct.

  46. JoeyW74

    JoeyW7410 days ago

    This kinda gave me diarrhea

  47. Sugas and Kookies

    Sugas and Kookies10 days ago

    Mic mic bunge!

  48. Sugas and Kookies

    Sugas and Kookies10 days ago

    Strange addictions who?

  49. Lori Davis

    Lori Davis10 days ago

    I would love to see u organize for a baby or toddler stuff

  50. Jamie Salko

    Jamie Salko11 days ago

    Yea its nice but how can they say the most organized in america like they have gone in every house

  51. Devan holkins

    Devan holkins11 days ago

    it's not even close to being organised it needs to be all on the floor and all of it dumped everywhere so it's easy to find, that's what my bedroom looks lile

  52. Devan holkins

    Devan holkins11 days ago

    my clothes and games are just dumped on the floor all the time

  53. twweety9

    twweety911 days ago

    Sound guy fix that mic. Oh my goodness

  54. Nimmi Nath

    Nimmi Nath11 days ago

    These videos are so addictive!. What i don't like about them is that to make things look super organised, i feel they just buy a lot of colour coded files, buy extra items in the kitchen, just so it looks pretty and appealing..i wish i could see something more relatable..

  55. Kelsey Read

    Kelsey Read11 days ago

    "I am a very out of sight, out of mind person" and for that reason i lock (cough) sorry contain my children in this closet, they are organized in alphabetical order this is anna, bill, chelsea,derek,erica,frank, gracelynn, hank, isis, jeremy, kelsey, lemony, Mackenzie, nick, opal, Peter, Quinn, ryan, Sophia, terry, unis, Vince, wittney, xan, yanni, zach. Zach- "Mom can we come out now" mom- "shhhhh baby you will soon" as she shuts the dor in their faces he shouts first loud then faint "BUT WE'VE BEEN IN HeRe FoR ThRee days" mom- they are overacting

  56. courtney mccraw

    courtney mccraw11 days ago

    I saved thousands of dollars by just stacking my shit on top of each other

  57. Chloe-Ann Barnes

    Chloe-Ann Barnes11 days ago

    Am I the only one that still thinks it looks like a lot of clutter

  58. spooky coconut

    spooky coconut11 days ago

    This sounds so scripted .and this is so not me I'm so messy .😂

  59. Elly Comley

    Elly Comley11 days ago

    Why is Nesquik a condiment?!

  60. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smith11 days ago

    Pretty neat ideas, thanks for the video!

  61. Celina Cruz

    Celina Cruz11 days ago

    She has a pointy nose

  62. Abigail Siregar

    Abigail Siregar12 days ago

    I feel like she has OCD haha

  63. Trung Do

    Trung Do11 days ago

    For sure.

  64. Kinto blast

    Kinto blast12 days ago

    10:13 doomsday prepper

  65. All around Rachal

    All around Rachal12 days ago

    When I have my own hose this is what it will be like

  66. AS Hanson

    AS Hanson12 days ago

    I sure hope they never have to take a job transfer and move. 🤪

  67. Anonymous Phoenix

    Anonymous Phoenix13 days ago

    Her house is literally a store much shit does she has??

  68. Trung Do

    Trung Do11 days ago

    Perfect home but labelling mania.

  69. CherryPepsi

    CherryPepsi13 days ago

    When you really like using the label maker.

  70. Eva R

    Eva R13 days ago

    OCD much...way too much time on her hands..

  71. GB SB

    GB SB13 days ago

    I love being organized but when something is TOO organized I can’t find what I want

  72. The universe is a simulation

    The universe is a simulation13 days ago

    My mom is shook

  73. Cat G

    Cat G13 days ago

    OMG! You're Monica Geller! You inspire me!

  74. Cynthia B

    Cynthia B13 days ago

    I want her to move in with me 😘


    EXPECT THABEST13 days ago

    Im only here for the comments....🤪🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  76. Mama Megan

    Mama Megan13 days ago

    That's too organised. I would be so bored if my house was that organised

  77. Kifter

    Kifter14 days ago


  78. l i z a ozherelyev

    l i z a ozherelyev14 days ago

    Is it just me or when she moved the noise from her shirt sounded like asmr

  79. Melanie Washington

    Melanie Washington14 days ago

    This is how you become OCD😄

  80. Hazel Ponybear

    Hazel Ponybear14 days ago

    It’s not that organized.. my house is that organized ;/

  81. Allison Campbell

    Allison Campbell14 days ago

    8:30 tf you mean

  82. Logun Green

    Logun Green14 days ago

    Like if your here in 2018

  83. Tea. Tea.Tea.

    Tea. Tea.Tea.14 days ago

    OCD is QUAKING. shooketh to the CORE hunty.

  84. Lolitabonita

    Lolitabonita14 days ago

    that music is so so..bad!!

  85. kimberly richardson

    kimberly richardson14 days ago

    She is psychotic. She clearly has some issues.

  86. Celaena S

    Celaena S14 days ago

    She’s fucked if an earthquake happens

  87. MinaBee007

    MinaBee00715 days ago

    This lady has been hitting that Addy HARD

  88. machey Dixon

    machey Dixon15 days ago

    My room is the VERY opposite

  89. Romanka Gregor

    Romanka Gregor15 days ago

    ones SINGLE advice for this lady : get your real life back and get some real hobby ! I cant really imagine spending countless amount of time by cropping paper and creating "fancy" name tags for every single drawer in our house, lol . Or labeling hangers in our closets , lol. I am sorry, but I just think life is too short for that. But she definitely can beat Monica Geller, for sure , lmao.

  90. KaraBeara Flatearth

    KaraBeara Flatearth15 days ago

    Pretty cool, but not functional for most people. The closet was a bit extreme.. color coding your hangers? I color code my clothes but I certainly don’t need a divider to tell me which clothes are long sleeved because I can look at them and see they are long sleeved. It’s a cool idea if it’s just you and someone else, no kids or pets would be able to function in this home without it getting messed up daily.

  91. Inga Rose

    Inga Rose15 days ago

    Am I the only one extremely bothered by the sound of her shirt and microphone makes when they rub together? It bothers me so much ugh

  92. Mariel Rodriguez

    Mariel Rodriguez15 days ago

    This is why we purge before we organize

  93. ManinGold

    ManinGold15 days ago

    So she’s an organized hoarder


    SOY TU PAPI15 days ago

    Imagine she comes home to see that everything wasn’t arranged the same way she left.

  95. Nacole Brown

    Nacole Brown16 days ago

    Some ppl are so creative....but not me at all 😭😭

  96. karry sasfoot

    karry sasfoot16 days ago


  97. Nalini Lohani

    Nalini Lohani16 days ago


  98. Judith Thomas

    Judith Thomas16 days ago

    Extreme nut.

  99. Beren Brunelli

    Beren Brunelli16 days ago

    She's Monica Geller😱❤️

  100. katie bug

    katie bug17 days ago

    this satisfied me so much lol

  101. BTS TWICE

    BTS TWICE17 days ago

    Too organised.. even for me who loves organising!!

  102. Marina Rosales

    Marina Rosales18 days ago

    Very nice, but from my point of view, there's so much things. Sometimes, less things are more easy to organise, you loose (invest) less time and they remain organized for more time