Most Durable iPhone X Cases Drop Test! Top 12


  1. EverythingApplePro

    EverythingApplePro2 months ago

    Part 2 is now up! Even more crazy cases like Mous, Pitaka heavy armor & more!



    Brother please give me a iphone x please

  3. Softball Sicco

    Softball Sicco3 days ago

    Can you try ULAK cases I have one one my 8 plus and I haven’t dropped and want to know how it holds up

  4. Gábor Mátyás

    Gábor Mátyás3 days ago

    EverythingApplePro hey! Can you make a 0.3mm thin case drop test with normal and/or plus models? I know those cases are for scratch protection but i really wanna see how good/bad are they at dropping

  5. Shaiz Virani

    Shaiz Virani4 days ago

    EverythingApplePro 😁 Yay!

  6. Aaron Thompson

    Aaron Thompson4 days ago

    You got them from China and there like 2 pound

  7. Mia Olguin

    Mia Olguin3 hours ago

    what about a magnet case??

  8. OmqitzKayla

    OmqitzKayla3 hours ago

    WHY YOU BROKE ALL DEM IPHONES?!! 😓 You could've gave me one *BEFORE* you dropped it 😕😟😟😟

  9. Morgan Reynolds

    Morgan Reynolds3 hours ago

    Apple is stupid it's more like android that's good

  10. My Life Style

    My Life Style5 hours ago

    oh no I just dropped my iphone x from 50 feet

  11. Ah'Nylan Whitaker

    Ah'Nylan Whitaker7 hours ago

    Can I have one of the phones

  12. Arash Foruzesh

    Arash Foruzesh12 hours ago


  13. Kaniyah Swaby

    Kaniyah Swaby13 hours ago

    I’ll take the one that’s not cracked

  14. LEARN 2 play games

    LEARN 2 play games14 hours ago

    Cine e roman 4:41

  15. LEARN 2 play games

    LEARN 2 play games14 hours ago

    Cine e roman 4:57

  16. Pronoy Adhikary

    Pronoy Adhikary14 hours ago

    UAG is best

  17. Angel Pineda

    Angel Pineda14 hours ago

    I want a iPhone

  18. David og Gabi

    David og Gabi15 hours ago

    I mean i wouldn’t drop my phone from like 15 feet right ?

  19. Transfusions

    Transfusions17 hours ago

    The height is quite unrealistic. I would think I fucked up if I drop from that kind of height. Also if the Phone glass is not broken yet it is malfunctioning you should consider it as a broken and fail.

  20. yuuki E233

    yuuki E23317 hours ago


  21. lenovokamilYT

    lenovokamilYT19 hours ago

    3:47 Pozdro z polski Xd

  22. Anas Csc

    Anas Csc21 hour ago

    اريريدو واحدا من هذا الهاتف مجانا

  23. Mhad Da1

    Mhad Da1Day ago

    Sticking with my iphone 6s Mvp phone . U should get it , it's a nice phone✨✨👌

  24. Renato Miller

    Renato MillerDay ago

    soooo which ones ended up surviving out of the 24 he ended up testing in both videos?? And which ones do most people here recommend. I like the otterboxes but their cases are too bulky :(

  25. Exotic Gaming

    Exotic GamingDay ago

    Respect to the iPhone that didn’t Make it.

  26. Schleich_things_here Horsegirl

    Schleich_things_here HorsegirlDay ago

    Everytime a phone dropped I flinched

  27. Shelby Faith

    Shelby FaithDay ago

    imagine having enough money to buy more than 1 iphone and just break them

  28. ElisaAnna VDH

    ElisaAnna VDHDay ago

    When i see all those iPhones 📱 I feel like “My god, just fuck that test and give me all those iPhones 😂

  29. Abbie_Ribbit

    Abbie_RibbitDay ago

    Who is gonna for their phone from 50 feet?

  30. Abbie_Ribbit

    Abbie_RibbitDay ago

    PrEtTy DaNg GoOd

  31. Abbie_Ribbit

    Abbie_RibbitDay ago

    It’s not really a good test to use the same almost broken phone over and over again because that gives the phone a better chance of breaking

  32. Will Conklin Vlogs

    Will Conklin VlogsDay ago

    Can I have an iPhone rich kid broke it and mom is fighting my mom so she doesn’t have to pay because rich people sometimes are really cheap and that’s the case and I can’t get a new can I have a iPhone please

  33. Elisabete Torres Feijo

    Elisabete Torres FeijoDay ago

    😥😥 tanto trabalho para conseguir BR

  34. Eliza Lindsey

    Eliza LindseyDay ago

    Wrecking those phones AND the expensive cases? For what? Lol these kinds of videos should be illegal.

  35. Inés Naranjo

    Inés NaranjoDay ago

    Omg no haría eso ni con mi iPhone 5

  36. Amber O

    Amber ODay ago

    You throwing with iPhone x’s of they are 1$ dollar. I don’t get it their are people like me who don’t have any money for a good phone. This is a painfull video 😭😭😭

  37. GACHA World

    GACHA WorldDay ago

    It hurts to watch this! !

  38. Long GM

    Long GMDay ago

    Just give me one of them🤣

  39. Victor Pronove

    Victor PronoveDay ago

    Can I have one iPhone X

  40. AlexanderJohn Sutherland

    AlexanderJohn SutherlandDay ago


  41. Alyssa Chavarin

    Alyssa ChavarinDay ago

    How many iPhone X does he have

  42. John Denver Flores

    John Denver FloresDay ago

    Only use one Iphone

  43. Nicholas Miller

    Nicholas Miller2 days ago

    Soooo out of all the videos which ones survived???

  44. Musthafa Muhammed

    Musthafa Muhammed2 days ago

    pls give one iphone

  45. pro gamer

    pro gamer2 days ago

    Si no lo queres al iphone damelo ami jaja si qures plis ahre

  46. Xander Simmons

    Xander Simmons2 days ago

    Can I get the iPhone 10

  47. TheGamingApple12

    TheGamingApple122 days ago

    Gimme one of those iPhones don’t care if it’s working or nah

  48. Jacqueline’s Asmr/ Gameplay

    Jacqueline’s Asmr/ Gameplay2 days ago

    I broke my screen protector already whoops

  49. Noum Mana

    Noum Mana2 days ago

    โง่มาก มันมีคลื่นเเรงกระเเทก เหมือนคนอยู่ในลิฟท์หนะ ทำไมลิฟท์ตกเเล้วบาดเจ๊บหละ ทั้งๆที่ไม่โดนพื้นโดยตรง

  50. julio lopez

    julio lopez2 days ago

    you give me one:( please

  51. Jesenia Mathew

    Jesenia Mathew2 days ago

    Try the mous case

  52. Denisse Pulido

    Denisse Pulido2 days ago

    Can I have a iPhone X like if you want one too

  53. Bangtan Bailey

    Bangtan Bailey2 days ago

    I’m so glad I bought an OtterBox case for my iPhone X

  54. Big BREAD

    Big BREAD2 days ago

    oof forget the phones look at all those steps

  55. Maggie Field

    Maggie Field2 days ago

    I have a iPhone 6Plus OrangeUAG



    Noooooooooo i want this IPhone and you are... NO WORDS!

  57. Karl King

    Karl King2 days ago

    That, tech 21 I have but I changed cause of u use is its crap cause of how slim and and it changes colour if your warm

  58. ARTROX

    ARTROX2 days ago

    12:49 That was a french iphone ! 🇫🇷 RIP tu nous manqueras

  59. xoxo paige

    xoxo paige2 days ago

    Jesus u spent like over $10,000 dollars just for this video ! That is mad like even 1 IPhone X is expensive

  60. Dada Ybanez

    Dada Ybanez2 days ago

    can't I have one of it😂😂

  61. Xxroseclawxx AJ

    Xxroseclawxx AJ2 days ago

    The question I have is when in your life are you going to hang you phone off a spot from 50 feet and drop it personally I wouldnt bring my phone if I were up that high

  62. Ryan Buckhardt

    Ryan Buckhardt2 days ago



    MIYA MOORE2 days ago

    Wow spec case I was chanting for you :(


    MIYA MOORE2 days ago

    Outter box it is

  65. Liliy Slay

    Liliy Slay2 days ago

    Damn y’all must be rich

  66. Galaxy Star Playz132

    Galaxy Star Playz1322 days ago

    *Casually says* "Might break 1,2 or 3 phones"

  67. Micaela Belleza

    Micaela Belleza2 days ago

    so rich man can buy so many phoed

  68. Navneet Surjan

    Navneet Surjan2 days ago

    How you get these i phone

  69. Grace Grace

    Grace Grace3 days ago

    Not that many people will drop their iPhone 500 feet

  70. Joseph Chavez

    Joseph Chavez3 days ago

    Damn ur rich to throw all those ipones

  71. Jay Cov

    Jay Cov3 days ago

    I want an I phone

  72. Hail Rain

    Hail Rain3 days ago

    My ex put his phone in my face as I was lifting up my arm quickly & his phone flew across his bedroom in a lifeproof & the front screen shattered like nothing. This was awhile back & it was a 6s which didn’t have as strong of glass, but I will never trust a lifeproof again. it’s also not needed as much anyway because phones now are water resistant.

  73. Blake Nguyen

    Blake Nguyen3 days ago

    Them shoes

  74. Kaden Zuniga

    Kaden Zuniga3 days ago

    Rok form is better

  75. Kaelen Knowles

    Kaelen Knowles3 days ago

    Sub to me please

  76. Nevaeha Susag

    Nevaeha Susag3 days ago

    What a waste

  77. Lauren McDonald

    Lauren McDonald3 days ago

    I wish you did it from more realistic drop that we would drop it, like waist then head height. This doesn’t help us.

  78. AlmightyLilso 300

    AlmightyLilso 3003 days ago

    0:37 he got like 8 racks in his hand🤦🏾‍♂️

  79. Sharly Lucid

    Sharly Lucid3 days ago

    I have the third case for my phone so thats good

  80. Sharly Lucid

    Sharly Lucid3 days ago

    I would never drop an iPhone 10 I would feel to guilty even if I already had a lot Idc 😂

  81. Dabby Dirtbag

    Dabby Dirtbag3 days ago

    That first one hit RAN AND GRABBED MY MOMS INHALER

  82. Santos Huertas

    Santos Huertas3 days ago

    Amigo me regalas un iphone qye este rotito poquito

  83. Shellie Rader

    Shellie Rader3 days ago

    Can I have a iPhone 10 please

  84. Jerrald President

    Jerrald President3 days ago

    who's gonna drop their phone from 50 feet anyway?

  85. דוד בוחבוט

    דוד בוחבוט3 days ago

    שלום רב אני רוצה לעשות ביד

  86. Tammie Lamons

    Tammie Lamons3 days ago

    Instead of breaking phones next time how about you sell it to all the people who comment down below

  87. Tammie Lamons

    Tammie Lamons3 days ago


  88. Jhonny Blogs

    Jhonny Blogs3 days ago

    You are just wasting money if I was you instead of wasting the money I will give it to the African people

  89. QuartzPlayz

    QuartzPlayz3 days ago

    Lol I have a blue outter case.

  90. 林卿

    林卿3 days ago

    OMG u got so many iphoneX

  91. AlohaMia

    AlohaMia3 days ago

    I think I’ll change my speck case

  92. AlohaMia

    AlohaMia3 days ago

    I’m just wondering how tf you have the money to buy so many IPhone Xs and then smash them 😭

  93. vince eusebio

    vince eusebio3 days ago

    Don't do that again because plenty people need phone like me idont have phone give it to me

  94. Bainy Gaming005

    Bainy Gaming0053 days ago

    You should’ve seen my iPad, just watch an iPad Air 2 bend test and when it is nearly snapped it is like that but it works fine and the screen is coming out and it has 2 holes in it and the screen is shattered

  95. Sonu 123

    Sonu 1233 days ago

    what iPhone X waste You are looser 😐😜😜😜😜😤😤😤😤😤😱😱😦😧😤😤😤👹👹👹😡😡😽👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👣 I hate you

  96. Drea Vlogzz

    Drea Vlogzz3 days ago

    Is dat real IPhone X or not couse its so Expensive if that its Not Fake like OMG! Your so rich

  97. Xi Jie Playz

    Xi Jie Playz3 days ago

    It's hurts to see the phone getting smashed on the floor, I've always wanted an iphone X and you're here doing this to the iphone X....

  98. Missy Angel

    Missy Angel3 days ago

    Give me those phonesss

  99. Hiranur Öncü

    Hiranur Öncü3 days ago


  100. Erika Koo

    Erika Koo3 days ago

    give me iphone 10 😭😭

  101. なっとぅ710

    なっとぅ7103 days ago


  102. genji shimada

    genji shimada3 days ago

    3:49 สวัสดี = Hello

  103. Anna Prangl

    Anna Prangl3 days ago

    Instead of breaking the iphones you can give me five of them😆 like if you agree

  104. Damage_x2

    Damage_x23 days ago


  105. Limited Time offerZ

    Limited Time offerZ3 days ago

    He risk for us show him some love

  106. Limited Time offerZ

    Limited Time offerZ3 days ago

    I feel bad letting him waste his money buying phones and breaking it