Most Durable iPhone X Cases Drop Test! Top 12


  1. EverythingApplePro

    EverythingApplePro4 months ago

    Part 2 is now up! Even more crazy cases like Mous, Pitaka heavy armor & more!

  2. Domm Thompson

    Domm Thompson6 days ago

    Spigen case didn’t get a fair trail 😑

  3. Bobby Garcia

    Bobby Garcia10 days ago

    EverythingApplePro hey I recommend a mous carbon fiber

  4. L.A.

    L.A.23 days ago

    EverythingApplePro can u do this for Xs Max

  5. Alaae Mzibra

    Alaae MzibraMonth ago

    Try out these please

  6. Jamee E

    Jamee E10 hours ago

    I want to know what screen protectors he uses

  7. Curry King

    Curry King10 hours ago

    I wish u could just buy me an iPhone X

  8. Jonas Pipkins

    Jonas Pipkins19 hours ago

    $10K later...

  9. Sanjeevi S

    Sanjeevi SDay ago

    I have spek aircushon same

  10. Elizabeth Floyd

    Elizabeth FloydDay ago

    The pitaka or whatever is made of bulletproof material called carbon ;)

  11. Fordman8011

    Fordman8011Day ago

    Gees 10k plus of iphones to test nice try a aluminum love mei case please thanks.

  12. team Morgang

    team MorgangDay ago

    The one that was in the defect luxe

  13. team Morgang

    team MorgangDay ago

    The phones that did not make it and are not cracked can I have them

  14. Noodle Monster

    Noodle MonsterDay ago

    My case survived! 13:01

  15. proud93

    proud93Day ago

    Favorite MReporterr!

  16. Vineno jr

    Vineno jrDay ago

    Can you just give me an iPhone x for free XD

  17. Lillie Seel

    Lillie SeelDay ago

    Can I have some of them that are still working. I would like one for Christmas but my parents do not have enough money. I do not even care if it is cracked. This would mean the world to me. I will send u my address if needed.

  18. Kainat K

    Kainat KDay ago

    How is no one commenting on how much excersice this guy got making this video

  19. Сука Ебать

    Сука Ебать2 days ago

    Nobody noticed or cared that he had to walk up and down that tower each time.. But I noticed.. I always notice... Notice me Senpai

  20. Slides How

    Slides How2 days ago

    Me phone about to dieeeeeeeeee

  21. Slides How

    Slides How2 days ago

    Hey wire? I never understood...

  22. Derek Purvis

    Derek Purvis2 days ago

    Dude... if it’s “not meant for durability” probably do t want to drop it from that far lol.

  23. oof as

    oof as2 days ago

    all those I phone X wasted :(

  24. brooklynn b

    brooklynn b2 days ago

    How can u afford all those Iphone?

  25. unik stha

    unik stha3 days ago

    Can you give one phone also to me instead of doing that

  26. Joelson Silva

    Joelson Silva3 days ago

    manda um pramin estor sem nenhum

  27. Vladson Marques

    Vladson Marques3 days ago

    Não acredito me dá um desse por favor meu celular e uma bosta e vc quebrado iPhone x

  28. Enrique Frias

    Enrique Frias3 days ago

    I'm over here with a facken Android wishing for at least a iPhone 7 and this dude dropping a $1000 phone😡😡😡😥

  29. YoBoyJason S

    YoBoyJason S3 days ago

    God damn got enough

  30. can we get 5000 subs with no vids

    can we get 5000 subs with no vids3 days ago

    Damn im too poor to buy even a quarter of one of them I phones lol

  31. Eryk Ladyko

    Eryk Ladyko3 days ago


  32. Jeff Johnson JR

    Jeff Johnson JR4 days ago

    How many iPhones x and shit do you have

  33. magnus555

    magnus5554 days ago

    1k dollars Fallin ;v

  34. rafa502

    rafa5024 days ago

    give me oneeeee pls

  35. Hghjhg

    Hghjhg4 days ago

    Damn I wish I had an iPhone x


    TheWEEKYKID4 days ago

    UAG for sure, double whammy and survived

  37. MrBlurby

    MrBlurby4 days ago

    Should’ve put a new screen protector on iPhone case phone and dropped it again

  38. pablo bedin

    pablo bedin4 days ago


  39. nariGu

    nariGu4 days ago

    Ohhh why you didn't gave me this phones😭😭 that hurt

  40. 動画を上げずに10万人!!

    動画を上げずに10万人!!5 days ago


  41. Ugen Anbalagan

    Ugen Anbalagan5 days ago

    Look at hi face tho

  42. Yeezy

    Yeezy5 days ago

    I haven’t even touched a iPhone 8 to iPhone xr

  43. Mia vlogs!

    Mia vlogs!5 days ago

    That’s the same life proof I have just for a 8+

  44. Can we get 10000 subs Without posting a video

    Can we get 10000 subs Without posting a video5 days ago

    If I knew where he did this I would just catch one and run away😂😂 Jk

  45. DARKNESS !

    DARKNESS !5 days ago

    But still it’s not going to be everyday that you drop your phone off of a high place

  46. Purna Kumar Poudel

    Purna Kumar Poudel6 days ago

    give one of the i phone to me

  47. Louise Buluran

    Louise Buluran6 days ago

    Oh iphone x😣that is my dream phone😣can i have some 1😣

  48. Justin Gamer

    Justin Gamer6 days ago

    Regálame un IPhone 10 plis

  49. 「Michael - Blox」

    「Michael - Blox」6 days ago

    Everything apple bruh

  50. Edson Filhoo

    Edson Filhoo6 days ago

    Fala tanto e eu não entendo nada 🙄

  51. Alise Turner

    Alise Turner6 days ago

    This is a good way of finding the best case but no one is going to drop there phone from 50 feet high

  52. Alondra Plascencia

    Alondra Plascencia6 days ago

    Instead of doing that an wasting all that money give me one I can’t afford one

  53. Cee Vee

    Cee Vee7 days ago

    What screen protecting was he using for the phones?

  54. Jesse Flear

    Jesse Flear7 days ago

    Thank you!!

  55. Flames

    Flames7 days ago

    Is it just me or why is this guy breaking phones when some people.can't these.

  56. Aamir Brunner

    Aamir Brunner7 days ago

    Where do you get all these iPhone

  57. Mason Mufale

    Mason Mufale7 days ago

    I have that uag case for my iPhone 8

  58. Deadgamer 1208

    Deadgamer 12088 days ago

    Can I have one bcz my dad is mean

  59. Ben Dylan Tolentino

    Ben Dylan Tolentino8 days ago

    Plss give me some. Jwk

  60. Technical Bro

    Technical Bro8 days ago

    Please giveaway iphone to me I had not even seen it If i would get i would be happiest in world

  61. FoxyGurlForever

    FoxyGurlForever8 days ago

    wow just wow

  62. Vasudev Bhat

    Vasudev Bhat8 days ago

    Whats the screen protector you used in all the tests?

  63. Morgan catt

    Morgan catt8 days ago

    i think apple gives him phones to test...

  64. Lenard Dato

    Lenard Dato8 days ago

    Can you give it to me

  65. ensar tiryaki

    ensar tiryaki8 days ago

    3:57 merhaba diyo

  66. Joshua Bauyon

    Joshua Bauyon8 days ago

    what kind of screen protector are your phones in using in this execution?

  67. Joseph Plays

    Joseph Plays8 days ago

    How did u get so much iPhone X?

  68. Nadira Subryan

    Nadira Subryan8 days ago

    Lol rip ur money

  69. Chris Acevedo

    Chris Acevedo8 days ago

    I can't even afford a iphone, and it hurts to watch

  70. Freddy Louz

    Freddy Louz8 days ago

    If u don't want I will take them

  71. Kaitlyn Gilbert

    Kaitlyn Gilbert8 days ago

    i have the speck case on my phone rn

  72. Mika臼井

    Mika臼井8 days ago

    This is murder.

  73. Thecandyfact

    Thecandyfact8 days ago

    Omg this is so stupid gave it to me

  74. Jesse Barnes

    Jesse Barnes8 days ago

    hit em with the preme

  75. Kermit The Frog

    Kermit The Frog8 days ago

    How much money does this guy have

  76. Hary_Doidaum

    Hary_Doidaum8 days ago

    This hurts to watch

  77. DAnKItUp

    DAnKItUp8 days ago

    This idiot is dropping iPhone X,s of a tall tower meanwhile I’ve got an iPhone 6s

  78. hank hammers

    hank hammers8 days ago

    But all of the ones that brock the phone its not lime you are 50 feet tall and drop it

  79. Julia Sarach

    Julia Sarach8 days ago

    Weird flex but ok.

  80. Tebe21

    Tebe218 days ago

    please...instead of wasting and abusing iphones...please send me one...i havent yet touched one yet...

  81. דקל בשארי

    דקל בשארי8 days ago

    מי ראה שכתוב שלום בעברית

  82. Wolf Playz

    Wolf Playz8 days ago

    That jacket is so sick

  83. Lucas Gabriel

    Lucas Gabriel8 days ago

    Ho meu Deus que desperdício de celular aqui no Brasil é caríssimo um desse

  84. Yahir Santana

    Yahir Santana8 days ago

    He almost wasted more money then I waste in a year!

  85. top 3

    top 39 days ago

    Vc é bobo ou quer um real

  86. Killer Frost

    Killer Frost9 days ago

    aahh its so beautiful where he lives in oregon (edit) Like the trees and it look peaceful

  87. playfine

    playfine9 days ago

    Give me this iPhone bro 😂


    CLASH MORO9 days ago

    Bro where are you leave?

  89. Buck Rogers

    Buck Rogers9 days ago

    Just hope he didn't use the fake chinese iPhone X

  90. -CraftedXCX -

    -CraftedXCX -9 days ago

    How are you even so rich

  91. Simon Cadden

    Simon Cadden9 days ago

    Test height is too much. Pocket high is ample enough for most situations.

  92. Tonoak Tonoak

    Tonoak Tonoak9 days ago

    very disappointing😢😢

  93. anish anishX

    anish anishX9 days ago

    bapak hang keje ape smpi kaya sht ne?

  94. piotrek

    piotrek9 days ago

    3:48 Przed polską nie uciekniesz XDD

  95. Azriel Tasrin

    Azriel Tasrin9 days ago

    Omg. Can I have one ipx

  96. Tractor Follower

    Tractor Follower9 days ago

    Instead of dropping those you should give them to viewers

  97. Kiki Michele

    Kiki Michele9 days ago

    Who else tries to grab the phone when he drops it?😂

  98. Ray Chow

    Ray Chow9 days ago

    I can't wait to see the IPhone XS case test

  99. Pwet Ko

    Pwet Ko9 days ago

    The spec phone case I thought project zorgo hack the phone

  100. Ray Ray Hansen

    Ray Ray Hansen9 days ago

    I have an otter box defender and I dropped my phone 1 foot and it shattered

  101. Rene Torres

    Rene Torres9 days ago

    Why iPhone x tho why not a fake one at least how much money is that 15k?

  102. Panda Gamer

    Panda Gamer9 days ago

    Do best cases for XS and waterproof cases please!!!!!

  103. Abdul Al-Tamimi

    Abdul Al-Tamimi9 days ago

    You should see my case

  104. Luigi Frare

    Luigi Frare9 days ago

    Ótimo saber qual é a capa ideal mesmo n sendo bonitas e práticas hahah mas q gasto vc tiveram