Most Durable iPhone X Cases Drop Test! Top 12


  1. EverythingApplePro

    EverythingAppleProYear ago

    Part 2 is now up! Even more crazy cases like Mous, Pitaka heavy armor & more!

  2. Carter Stevens

    Carter StevensMonth ago

    Can you mail me a iPhone X pls your smashing them

  3. otavio galáxia galáxia

    otavio galáxia galáxiaMonth ago

    Please give me an iPhone x is my dream

  4. otavio galáxia galáxia

    otavio galáxia galáxiaMonth ago

    Por favor me dá um iPhone x😭😭

  5. ElPashy :v

    ElPashy :vMonth ago

    Gift me one

  6. Tanner Johnson

    Tanner JohnsonHour ago

    so not fair i have one phone in the iphone 4 and its cracked to bits

  7. Argiro-Manolia Zenetzi

    Argiro-Manolia Zenetzi6 hours ago

    Can I have one of those ?

  8. YT_KalinGames

    YT_KalinGames14 hours ago

    The second drop test phone actually bend

  9. Molly Floyd

    Molly Floyd22 hours ago

    He drops a 1k phone from 50 ft and it doesn’t even have a scratch. Meanwhile I drop my phone 2 ft and i crack the bottom of my screen

  10. Mad-Man 5207

    Mad-Man 5207Day ago

    Can I have one

  11. Josh Manley

    Josh ManleyDay ago

    i want a phone

  12. קורן חג'בי

    קורן חג'ביDay ago

    Give me one😂

  13. Windows 7 doctors r

    Windows 7 doctors rDay ago

    Iphone 10’s

  14. Musthofa Slowz

    Musthofa SlowzDay ago

    mubadzir goblok, mending kirim ke gua

  15. Marica Bost

    Marica Bost2 days ago

    Omg I’m bout to cry

  16. Pleo Plays

    Pleo Plays2 days ago

    What about mous

  17. slauter king

    slauter king2 days ago

    this is hard to watch lol

  18. Abdul Hadi Adnan

    Abdul Hadi Adnan2 days ago

    Please give me one iphone

  19. Kelly Hankins

    Kelly Hankins3 days ago

    Can i have one idc if its broken

  20. Ma. Angelita Lintag

    Ma. Angelita Lintag3 days ago

    Why don't you just give it to me I can't even afford one

  21. Caden Kellner

    Caden Kellner3 days ago

    do a case drop test from 50 ft for iphone xr

  22. Caden Kellner

    Caden Kellner3 days ago

    do a case drop test from 50 ft with iphone xs

  23. Lazan 214158

    Lazan 2141583 days ago

    Merhaba İn Turkey

  24. Mohteshim Sultan

    Mohteshim Sultan3 days ago

    Man you have so much iphonex give one to me

  25. Mohteshim Sultan

    Mohteshim Sultan2 days ago

    @AmericanoPT brawalha and more why no

  26. AmericanoPT brawalha and more

    AmericanoPT brawalha and more2 days ago


  27. Suhail

    Suhail3 days ago

    *cries in poor*

  28. Oyedeji Joshua

    Oyedeji Joshua3 days ago

    please give out this iPhones to we your viewer's instead of destroying them

  29. Gamerplush

    Gamerplush11 hours ago

    i think he did that once

  30. LoanLeaf

    LoanLeaf4 days ago

    Having a glass back phone is not ideal for me. 2x the glass to break.

  31. Dustin Lee

    Dustin Lee4 days ago

    That has to be the single most douchiest jacket, or whatever you call it, I have ever seen in my entire career as a human being.

  32. inrainbows08

    inrainbows084 days ago


  33. Harry Singh

    Harry Singh4 days ago

    make slow motion video while dropping the phones

  34. David gamming Official

    David gamming Official4 days ago

    4:41 "Salut,, in Romanian

  35. edu gaming

    edu gaming2 days ago


  36. Shashi Raj

    Shashi Raj4 days ago

    Nibba u use the same broken iphone again and again how r we supposed to know whether the phone works after taking the impact dumbfuckin shit

  37. DARK figi

    DARK figi4 days ago

    What screen protectors were those

  38. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy4 days ago

    I liked the look of the catalyst

  39. FaZe Burrito69

    FaZe Burrito694 days ago

    12:47 “oH sHoT”

  40. Lucas Wraa

    Lucas Wraa5 days ago

    Cringe level is over 9000!!!

  41. Dark_shadow

    Dark_shadow5 days ago

    9:51 its a rlly god case i havs one but on iPhone 7 and its not cracked i resonend That case

  42. Fan of Lorenzo Iñigo Valera Tik Toky Fan page

    Fan of Lorenzo Iñigo Valera Tik Toky Fan page5 days ago

    I am never gonna do that

  43. javixm

    javixm5 days ago

    7:17 goes to show why rubber is better than hard plastic to protect from falls. Rubber bends and absorbs impact, while plastic just passes the impact through to the phone.

  44. Kunal Goswami

    Kunal Goswami5 days ago

    UAG is the BOSS

  45. Kunal Goswami

    Kunal Goswami5 days ago

    Hy guys should i go for flip cover

  46. Daniel Hedger

    Daniel Hedger5 days ago

    Hey, Racking up a lot of Afterpay debt

  47. BraxtonComix

    BraxtonComix6 days ago

    This was the video that turned me onto your channel man 😂😂 I’ve gotten really into learning the insides and BTS knowledge because of you man. Great “influencer” as the algorithm says. 🤣

  48. Ireland R

    Ireland R6 days ago

    6:02 how is that a win I-

  49. Sophia Ayala

    Sophia Ayala6 days ago

    Almost 2000 on each iPhone X wasted

  50. Toxickaizer

    Toxickaizer6 days ago

    Damm my boy be balling North face X supreme 👍👍👍💪

  51. Fahm Halimi

    Fahm Halimi6 days ago

    Dude I hate it when my phone keeps dropping from above 50+ feet. 😡

  52. Aalayah Nevins

    Aalayah Nevins6 days ago

    Tech 21 is where it’s at

  53. Claire Duhon

    Claire Duhon7 days ago

    My friend has a speck case and she dropped hers and it cracked

  54. Claire Duhon

    Claire Duhon7 days ago

    But it still works

  55. Nathan Grenz

    Nathan Grenz8 days ago

    pause at 10:19 and its disturbing

  56. Tyler Harris

    Tyler Harris8 days ago

    let me get a phone


    JOSEPH BRADFORD9 days ago

    like if he should have used a mous!

  58. ItsSiebe

    ItsSiebe9 days ago

    It's painfull to see it cuz i have no one and i want that really bad

  59. ColdBoltz

    ColdBoltz9 days ago