Most Durable iPhone X Cases Drop Test! Top 12


  1. EverythingApplePro

    EverythingApplePro7 months ago

    Part 2 is now up! Even more crazy cases like Mous, Pitaka heavy armor & more!

  2. Ghaith Albalooshi

    Ghaith Albalooshi9 days ago

    EverythingApplePro if you have much money to buy me an iPhone X give it to me.

  3. Liamisagoof Ronda

    Liamisagoof Ronda10 days ago

    EverythingApplePro I love you so much

  4. Abjklop ?

    Abjklop ?20 days ago

    How the fuck do you afford all those? Are you like a millionaire or something?

  5. Sahil Janiyani

    Sahil Janiyani21 day ago

    Can you also test the iphone x with its original apple leather portfolio case

  6. Donnesha Joyce

    Donnesha Joyce25 minutes ago

    Do this with the iPhone Xr

  7. Ron Rice

    Ron Rice22 hours ago

    You should do a everything Samsung channel

  8. Sam Crane

    Sam CraneDay ago

    oh the iphone humanity

  9. criz tian

    criz tianDay ago

    I like it your jaket

  10. nash z dash 2

    nash z dash 2Day ago

    giveaway the tested and working fine pls pick me im in philippines

  11. Patrik Skryja

    Patrik SkryjaDay ago

    Dáš mi ho

  12. Rizvi

    Rizvi2 days ago

    Expected more from Rhinoshield Who else?

  13. julesSa_15 FOREVER

    julesSa_15 FOREVER2 days ago

    .why did you waste the phone.i philippines they care the phone.

  14. Boeing Aviation

    Boeing Aviation4 days ago

    Wtf use water proof case for drop test?

  15. Samuel Doissaint

    Samuel Doissaint4 days ago

    can you give me an iphone 8 plus please

  16. samarth singh

    samarth singh6 days ago

    leave d phone i feel bad for this guy , cause hiw many times does he has to climb and come down

  17. Manish Pandey

    Manish Pandey6 days ago

    Bewakoof angrez yahan logo k pass iphone 5 s ni hai or x ki maa behan ek kr re hai😂😂

  18. Alexander Lamping

    Alexander Lamping6 days ago

    do one for the XR

  19. Shadow Mexican Panda

    Shadow Mexican Panda6 days ago

    MReporter sucks I can’t enjoy watching your awesome videos at high quality man I’m on an iPhone 6s and it shouldn’t suck this bad at playing a video at 1080p

  20. turtlepeepsify

    turtlepeepsify6 days ago

    Spec has never worked for crap for me

  21. jebs agustin

    jebs agustin6 days ago

    Sir, why is the video on UAG Monark cut /edited? 9:40

  22. EntityPlays

    EntityPlays6 days ago

    This video was 100% painful to witness

  23. Enchanted Wig

    Enchanted Wig6 days ago

    Me: *cant even buy one iPhone X* Everything apple pro: *buys multiple iPhone X’s and destroys them*

  24. Taylor Wallace

    Taylor Wallace6 days ago

    It’s sad to watch because I don’t have a phone and I Just want to take one so bad

  25. Burl Lewis

    Burl Lewis7 days ago

    “ I want to show you guys how great this case is” *Drops and completely destroys phone* well shit

  26. flatline7310

    flatline73107 days ago

    Tech21 for life. Best clear slim fit case you can buy. I’ve had them all, Tech21 is by far the best.

  27. Sirage Zelmat

    Sirage Zelmat7 days ago

    Fuck u

  28. Michael Catalano

    Michael Catalano7 days ago

    Can I have the broken phones

  29. C Ky

    C Ky8 days ago

    He can earn more than the iPhones he broke with the videos and channel he makes. The best way to handle him is to unsubscribe the channel and never watch his videos again.

  30. Joseph Sahagian

    Joseph Sahagian8 days ago

    I mean your not gonna be dropping ur phone on concrete from a 30 ft balcony...... Oh wait

  31. Lucy Bel

    Lucy Bel8 days ago

    The first case is the same color as mine except I have a iPhone 6s

  32. Peyton Rogers

    Peyton Rogers8 days ago

    Tests aren’t valid due to the same almost broke case.

  33. TB So Awesome

    TB So Awesome8 days ago

    That means I can’t trust my speck case

  34. Croopzy -Games

    Croopzy -Games8 days ago

    What’s the point in using already broken phones they’re gonna be lower quality if they are already trash

  35. GMsinging

    GMsinging8 days ago

    This is literally impossible to watch, I’m gonna cry😭😭

  36. Savir Prasad

    Savir Prasad8 days ago


  37. Bad Gamer19

    Bad Gamer199 days ago

    This is not a fair test as you dropped the same phone over and over again

  38. Zipppie Derf

    Zipppie Derf9 days ago

    Everybody thinks the tech 21 cases aren’t gonna protect the phone but they’re bomb as heck and I swear by them

  39. Nayyara Floydita

    Nayyara Floydita9 days ago

    Just give me the phone Because u didn’t deserve them 😂😂😂

  40. Zac Wheeler

    Zac Wheeler9 days ago

    Can I have a iPhone

  41. Dodge Adams

    Dodge Adams9 days ago

    the amount of times he said ‘looks pretty dang good’ dude honestly

  42. MikeyT

    MikeyT9 days ago

    Says it’s a winner but there is a green lightsaber on the screen😂

  43. Jimboiggs

    Jimboiggs10 days ago

    My 4S is safe in its case

  44. Ellie Thompson

    Ellie Thompson10 days ago

    I am getting the otter box defender 👍🏻

  45. Youtube Geon

    Youtube Geon10 days ago

    UAG good~

  46. Shokh Mars

    Shokh Mars10 days ago


  47. Callum Oneil

    Callum Oneil10 days ago

    What are those coordinates on his shirt tho

  48. Kayden Hanna

    Kayden Hanna10 days ago

    I subscribe

  49. Kayden Hanna

    Kayden Hanna10 days ago

    I got one year left over iPhone x

  50. USS Kitty

    USS Kitty10 days ago

    UAG Monarch FTW

  51. Yousef Kirolos

    Yousef Kirolos10 days ago

    13:37 perfect timing

  52. pratik manni

    pratik manni11 days ago

    in silver

  53. Dragon Tv

    Dragon Tv11 days ago

    Can you Please do an iPhone XR drop Test I have an Otter box on mine but no screen protector

  54. Franky Frank

    Franky Frank11 days ago

    Do a Mous!

  55. xXmy dudeXx

    xXmy dudeXx11 days ago

    Dofender don’t do phone cases for the Huawei 2017

  56. M&M Gaming

    M&M Gaming12 days ago

    Can you pretty please change the phone after at least every 3 drops. 🙏

  57. Dylan The Vintage & Antique Collector!

    Dylan The Vintage & Antique Collector!12 days ago

    I got a mous case vid on this vid lmao

  58. Seid Qarazade

    Seid Qarazade12 days ago

    Hayıf deyil onlaeın ele brini herkese verirem

  59. Antonio Trajkovski

    Antonio Trajkovski12 days ago

    Can i nave one of the iphones

  60. Ma’ayan Praiss

    Ma’ayan Praiss12 days ago

    How do u get so many?! They cost 1000 dollars

  61. hassan albediri

    hassan albediri12 days ago

    Do the supreme cases

  62. C. Taylor

    C. Taylor13 days ago

    Maybe u should’ve saved the thin crappy cases for last

  63. Zaid Shaikh

    Zaid Shaikh13 days ago

    Someone is damaging my kidney very badly 😅

  64. Brandon jolley

    Brandon jolley13 days ago

    Need to do a xs max case drop test!

  65. Ionut Daniel Andrei

    Ionut Daniel Andrei13 days ago

    I'm so curious about one thing. It might be a big factor the weight of the phone. Idk why I tend to think an iphone 6s would be more durable beacause of the weight. It would be interesting an Iphone x size built different that could weight less. I ca'nt stop thinking how would a weight drop influence the damage, but in the size and design of iphone x, just lighter in weight.

  66. Sharlene

    Sharlene13 days ago

    This hurts my feelings to see you dropping iPhones like that 🤭

  67. Julius Mendoza

    Julius Mendoza13 days ago

    Penge isa cellphone

  68. FSNFA

    FSNFA13 days ago

    Can I have one of those iphone x 😭

  69. Robert Lopez

    Robert Lopez13 days ago

    otterbox is trash. i dropped my phone with both layers of the case on and my phone still cracked

  70. TheUnstoppableChannel

    TheUnstoppableChannel14 days ago

    Samsung is the best

  71. Teri Payette

    Teri Payette14 days ago

    If u wanna see a bad phone mine was shattered and the screen was covered in dead pixels and colored lines 😂I got a new one last week I went a month without a phone it was torture and that was bc my phone fell out of my pocket while running up carpeted stairs I have the worst luck coming to phones my old 5c was only cracked only under the screen I don’t even know how my 5c cracked it was in a drawer for 3 years

  72. Crazy Games

    Crazy Games14 days ago

    Try butter fly beetle cases

  73. Jace 2019

    Jace 201914 days ago

    I want the iPhone 10

  74. getmeme'd d

    getmeme'd d15 days ago

    You gotta thank this guy,he spent 5(?) iPhone X s so that's 5000 plus 200 maby for the cases,he is at 3 million views so he's still 2-3m views short to earn revenue,but hey I gotta say that's some really well earned revenue if u get any

  75. Victor Garcia

    Victor Garcia15 days ago

    What do you do with the iPhones when your done

  76. Luigi Clatine

    Luigi Clatine15 days ago


  77. Nxck HD

    Nxck HD15 days ago

    i have a 4s and this man is dropping X's off tower lol

  78. Jaylise HighTower

    Jaylise HighTower15 days ago

    You should so a iphone xr case 50 foot drop test

  79. Anime动漫天堂

    Anime动漫天堂15 days ago

    my heart dropped from 5th floor

  80. *** ItzOmo ***

    *** ItzOmo ***15 days ago

    *uses iPad without screen protector*

  81. mzc42026

    mzc4202615 days ago

    An otter box saved my phone when a car ran over it

  82. Daily Gacha

    Daily Gacha15 days ago

    Don’t wast all these expensive i phones you can give it to me

  83. 128folly

    128folly15 days ago

    Watching these videos hurt

  84. Lavon Green

    Lavon Green15 days ago

    Wasting iPhones smfh.

  85. Tommy Xie

    Tommy Xie15 days ago

    Can you make a Video with iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max ?🤔

  86. RTDGamer 76

    RTDGamer 7615 days ago

    I feel like I’m a big fan about these types of video thats cuz they are super interesting.

  87. fabio mineiro

    fabio mineiro15 days ago

    You are spending I phone dum

  88. Buse and Monica

    Buse and Monica16 days ago

    Sub to me I will sub to u

  89. Buse and Monica

    Buse and Monica16 days ago

    I was using my phone to watch this and watching it made my heart die




  91. Crazy gangster

    Crazy gangster16 days ago

    It looks like u r getting hacked at 10:32

  92. Bryson Wantland

    Bryson Wantland16 days ago

    Once I started watching this Siri popped up out of no were and she thought I said I want to replace you on my iPad LOL. I thinks it’s the iPhone abuse 😂

  93. Ak25 Gaming and unboxing

    Ak25 Gaming and unboxing16 days ago

    Give me one phone plz

  94. SaucyPan69 _

    SaucyPan69 _16 days ago

    i really want an iPhone X :( my parents say its overpriced

  95. Tristan N

    Tristan N16 days ago

    You should try shooting that Kevlar carbon fiber case

  96. Tristan N

    Tristan N16 days ago


  97. DatAviation 340

    DatAviation 34016 days ago

    Rock drop test from 100 feet

  98. Im Wolfey

    Im Wolfey16 days ago

    I love UAG its super fucking durable i used it since i bought a 6s :)

  99. VideoSmasher 09

    VideoSmasher 0912 days ago

    M 2 dude

  100. Tristan N

    Tristan N16 days ago

    Im Wolfey bro same

  101. Random 8 Bites

    Random 8 Bites17 days ago

    How many calories did you burn filming this video?

  102. Random 8 Bites

    Random 8 Bites17 days ago

    To bad the good-looking/light weight cases are the least protective

  103. loudThunderbolt1003

    loudThunderbolt100317 days ago

    I like the otter box, a lot of people don’t like it cause of the size but I protects my iPhone X very well, and one time... it saved my back glass, so relieved.

  104. Horse Head

    Horse Head17 days ago

    Can I have the broken ones :I

  105. GoldedBird 7

    GoldedBird 717 days ago

    There is something called case and screen protectors and Don't purposely drop it

  106. Dan and Harv

    Dan and Harv18 days ago

    Lol he is a hype beast he is wearing supreme x north face colab