Most AMAZING Materials Of The Future!


  1. Jimin Bang

    Jimin Bang18 days ago

    10:11 you say 200x but the pic shows 100x

  2. Roy Burgandy

    Roy BurgandyMonth ago

    In Fact: Most technologies in this video were given to mankind for an evolutionary push. With a clear message to be used in conjunction with other technology that favors a clean environment. Mother Gaia is out of tune and is resonating at a lower than sustainable level. Directly related to these events. 1) Non- Human; Damage im the upper atmosphere (radiation penetrating the magnetosphere.) 2) Human; Nuclear Radiation. 3) Human; Mass low end vibrations in living cells. 3) Human interference with fossil fuels.

  3. Eric Knable

    Eric Knable28 days ago


  4. Emre Ozdemir

    Emre OzdemirMonth ago

    Forget Graphene - Borophene may take over the world

  5. Rory O'Brien

    Rory O'BrienMonth ago

    Metal foams are great bc they're strong and basically air. Edit: Diamond would make pretty shitty armor mainly because of the fact that it is brittle. It will probably shatter.

  6. Crypto Filipino

    Crypto FilipinoMonth ago

    I wonder how they would turn off the Glowee if needed

  7. DED_PIX3Lz

    DED_PIX3Lz2 months ago

    so when is there going to be a Motorsport application???

  8. Nicola Massarini

    Nicola Massarini2 months ago

    10:11, on the video it says 100x stronger than steel, but the narrator says that graphene is 200x stronger than steel. Which is the correct one?

  9. The Ravage Channel

    The Ravage Channel3 months ago

    Too bad they don't teach us this stuff at school

  10. Keith Robison

    Keith Robison4 months ago

    Before you make any more junk that just ends up into landfill can you explain how any of these materials can be discarded responsibly into a sustainable environment putting it back into organic form?

  11. dare kovačič

    dare kovačič4 months ago

    Is this anoying voice from computer? 🕪mf

  12. The inevitable oyster

    The inevitable oyster5 months ago

    @10:07 and 10:15 is it 100 or 200 times stronger than steel?

  13. The inevitable oyster

    The inevitable oyster5 months ago

    How can we have a space elevator to send stuff to the ISS? The ISS isn't in geosynchronous orbit, so how do we get around that small problem? We can't simply 'wait at the top of it' till the ISS comes whizzing by, since it's (supposedly) travelling at 17,227 mph, it will be a fool who tries to jump aboard it at that speed :-D

  14. Jay Saleh

    Jay Saleh5 months ago

    I bought the aerogel on amazon lmao just type in “aerogel block”

  15. Chip Paonessa

    Chip Paonessa5 months ago

    I love countdowns like this. Clean way of presenting information that makes things easy to understand. The implications of the use of these materials will truly change lives in the years to come. The hard part, is to be ahead of the curve to make some money from these wonderful products. Finding uses for the technology is the key.

  16. Dom Verdi

    Dom Verdi5 months ago

    Graphene is so cool. Wish i had 1 trillion to buy a kilo.

  17. Armando De Aliaga

    Armando De Aliaga3 months ago

    I'm producing it and my plan is to sell it in a more accessible price to beat my competitors, so don't worry

  18. Rxonmymind

    Rxonmymind7 months ago

    I know they re having a hard time producing graphene in any large quantities. I wonder using the same method at Areogel if we could create a carbon block and dissolve it to a 99.9 percent block of single atomic structure?

  19. Cube Bird

    Cube Bird7 months ago

    You forgot flex tape

  20. Jack Wolfe

    Jack Wolfe7 months ago

    Arent these all 90's articles?

  21. SteveMan75

    SteveMan757 months ago

    10:30 there is nothing as a two dimesional objekt. thats absolute bullshit you telling here....

  22. The Truth Hurts

    The Truth Hurts8 months ago

    Looks like vibrainium

  23. Nicholos Jones

    Nicholos Jones8 months ago

    why not use all this stuff with graphene and c wht happens. the future!😂

  24. Tapio Susi

    Tapio Susi8 months ago

  25. richard therrien

    richard therrien8 months ago

    Is that the shit they Are spraying on us to cover up the obvious?

  26. Starboy 3493

    Starboy 34938 months ago

    XD that last one is just oobleck

  27. Aladin Comadin

    Aladin Comadin8 months ago


  28. CanadaCommunity Org

    CanadaCommunity Org8 months ago

    We are still waiting for them to put all this to good use!

  29. SUPRA

    SUPRA8 months ago

    ok not to hate but superglue does pretty much exactly what you said it doesnt do, it literally says that it will bond your skin together if used improperly so.......

  30. Lm Stastny

    Lm Stastny8 months ago

    Stop with the detriment adds and I will subscribe

  31. gitanjali Karki

    gitanjali Karki8 months ago

    can u make sleek compact purifiers ,ones to attach to exhaust pipes n capture the pollution.??? thx with aerogel

  32. Cybereye

    Cybereye8 months ago

    ...and all were Material's that came from reverse engineering ET Tech. Gotta' love what Bismutz Magnesium Layer's can do when they are hit with Terahertz Frequency's. That's if you like changing the Space-Time Vacuum constant and be able to travel Faster than Light.

  33. Simon Humphries

    Simon Humphries8 months ago

    This could be an answer to rising sea level and a way (coupled with laser beam propulsion technology) to push some water to the planet Mars. Toxic waste could be pushed into Jupiter. They may be able to collect and refine "dark energy" with this wonderful material( or a more advanced version by then) one day. They should put some in the Hadron collider. The pure essences of everything beneficial in the universe could be osmosified into our very cells! I want invest in this material somehow.

  34. Der1

    Der19 months ago

    I came here to see some cool Aerogel videos, instead it's a bunch of wikipedia images put into a video.

  35. Azlorn Magus

    Azlorn Magus9 months ago

    It's true. Most people in general are just above being retarded. Fuck samhouston2000's worthless anecdotal opinion. You can actually look this up and prove it is true. around 10% of the population of humans anywhere are too stupid for the U.S. Army to be able to find any job that they can do. The ARMY. That's with an iq of like 83 or less. Most people have an iq of around 100. That's where most females are. You have a greater chance of finding MEN at both ends of the extreme. That means there are more male geniuses or near geniuses than there are women. This also means more men are retarded than women are but it also means that in general, women are dumber than men. This is also why most women believe in astrology, lie, and steal. It's because most of them are almost retarded.

  36. brio

    brio8 months ago

    I have a good feeling that you're probably on the low end of the spectrum.

  37. Azlorn Magus

    Azlorn Magus9 months ago

    made on a bet? What bet? Why the fuck would you say that and not explain what the bet was? wtf? thumbs fucking down!

  38. Don E Gee

    Don E Gee9 months ago

    When will we have transparent aluminum?

  39. Deprimat

    Deprimat9 months ago

    These ads are getting ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to pay just to not see heaps of ads

  40. Ray Trillz

    Ray Trillz9 months ago

    tryin get like bro for real but check a real one out dawg

  41. Gediminas Šermukšnis

    Gediminas Šermukšnis9 months ago

    Space elevator I believe will not be present at all. That would take gazillions of dollars to make as a first, second it will be a herculean effort to even construct such a masterpiece. Third, you will need planes and rockets to deliver supplies the closer you are going to space, and to mention the people involved in building it. This wont happen. Google probably bit off more than they can chew...

  42. Arctric The Arctric Fox

    Arctric The Arctric Fox9 months ago

    2006: in 2018 we will have magic! 2018: Stupid memes and vines.

  43. D Hoffman

    D Hoffman9 months ago

    The narrator’s voice was annoying.

  44. Richard Jackson

    Richard Jackson9 months ago

    what bullshit ...

  45. ॐNeo_White _Rabbitॐ

    ॐNeo_White _Rabbitॐ9 months ago

    Silk spider? I thought it was silk worm?

  46. Roger McGaugh

    Roger McGaugh9 months ago

    A 4th demensional being could never enter our 3d because the the 4d being doesn't comply with our 3d space and time rules. We could never find a 2d because our 3d rules are different than the 2d rules. The other diminisions may be there but can never be seen and we certainly could never enter. Communication may be the only way but that is even doubtful. We would need to discover a sub particle that can exist in all diminisions and use that particle to communicate with other diminsions, maybe a light particle can exist in all diminsions, I don't know. Maybe someone can research that idea.

  47. joshua hetrick

    joshua hetrick9 months ago

    Cold is not a thing it is just the absent of heat so never say something stops cold

  48. Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall9 months ago

    I hate you

  49. Sarah DeMarcus

    Sarah DeMarcus10 months ago

    Google built a Space elevator? JACOB’S LADDER. Crime.

  50. Thick Bloke

    Thick Bloke10 months ago

    How can they be the coolest materials of the 'future' if they are being used now? Now is not the future, is it?

  51. Edgardo Alfaro

    Edgardo Alfaro10 months ago

    Then when we can't destroy it then what

  52. quantibility

    quantibility10 months ago

    Hey mobilegeeks, your forgot Quantum batteries.

  53. Paul Davenport

    Paul Davenport10 months ago

    I just painted my living room with a paint that has no color. You can't tell the before from the after.