Morning TV's Most Notorious Scandals


  1. Jordan Morin

    Jordan Morin3 hours ago

    Bush lost his job. Trump became president.

  2. Justin Nardine

    Justin NardineDay ago

    Kelly would love me as a Co host.

  3. John M

    John M3 days ago

    She is the MOST ANNOYING person on T V ...please fire her fast...

  4. Ragnar-USA

    Ragnar-USA13 days ago

    Ripa is a feisty little man

  5. Noah One

    Noah One18 days ago

    what would you call 655,000 dead americans? the civil war

  6. Cana box

    Cana box19 days ago

    Kella Ripa must be a real Bitch

  7. tezzo55

    tezzo5524 days ago

    :-B Wow, pop corn for narcissists. This is extremely dull. Love ya, XXX :-B

  8. Joseph Patton

    Joseph PattonMonth ago

    Many of these assholes are socialists

  9. Dark Star

    Dark StarMonth ago

    Encountered the old, fat and delusional Willard Scott at an airport once.... ....his ego needed to buy a seat or five on the plane I'd wager.

  10. Gerald Keys

    Gerald KeysMonth ago

    When celebrities complain about making millions of dollars, life is so unfair for them?

  11. Juan Carlos Pinto

    Juan Carlos PintoMonth ago

    What kind of POS tells a beautiful lady "Please don't touch me again " ? on day TV in front of millions of watchers ? A real man would do that during a commercial break. she bearlly touched his shoulder.

  12. Fabio Alves Show

    Fabio Alves ShowMonth ago

    Please don't ever touch me again

  13. cherrycolaaa

    cherrycolaaaMonth ago

    Elizabeth Hasslebac, 🤢🤢🤮🤮

  14. pearl harbour

    pearl harbourMonth ago

    you know GREED has you when 5 million per year isnt enough.

  15. Larry Serna

    Larry SernaMonth ago

    makes you wonder why people are always trying to sneak out on ripa

  16. Gwen Sciora

    Gwen ScioraMonth ago

    talk about " shoot the messenger!" it's the job of the news to expose the truth..

  17. Swnsasy _

    Swnsasy _Month ago

    Ripa needs to understand it's HER that's the problem.. Cannot stand her!!

  18. bknightify

    bknightifyMonth ago

    Rosie O'Donnel is way too intelligent ...people just need understand her passion comes off strong , I helped Elizabeth hassleback at Sephora during her purchase she was so rude as a person she will never have my view lol

  19. Felicia For Real

    Felicia For RealMonth ago

    What about Julie Chen and husband, Les Moonves.



    I guess colluding to abuse women in order to suck up to didn’t work out so well. Tough lesson in integrity for Billy which he failed miserably. We will never move beyond a culture of abuse and victimization until men can tell other men “hey dude that’s not cool.”

  21. HiPetitGateau

    HiPetitGateauMonth ago

    Seems like co hosts dont talk to rippa off camera that much. Matt Lauer is no friend to women. Everyone at GMA know what he was doin and let him like it was part of his contract. Rosy has a ton way too many to count Only hatchet rosy buries is the one in your back At least willard does t Scream Jumangi uhhg Curic is a big flaming turd ie a pain in the ass

  22. Prayon Kreutz

    Prayon KreutzMonth ago

    NBC Cancelled all but 2 of their Soap Opera's....They Still Have Days of Our Lives & The TODAY SHOW!!!😉

  23. jason m

    jason mMonth ago

    Regis don’t owe her an explanation wasn’t it his show?

  24. Christopher Cruz

    Christopher Cruz2 months ago

    The first one is just guy talk. The fuck? I sure every guy has heard stuff like that at one point. And I sure girl have talks about guy like who is she going fuck. It's just private talk.

  25. pearl harbour

    pearl harbourMonth ago

    grabbing tthem by the pussy isnt guy talk...who you hanging out with?? unless your some imature acne covered kid with sex excuse is there...being 70 yea old spoilt trust fund man baby saying it makes it laughable and pathetic.

  26. Dakota Rain

    Dakota Rain2 months ago

    Ripa is just a narcissist who doesn’t want people to succeed because of her decline on television, such a sad old lonely woman

  27. Freedom isn’t FREE

    Freedom isn’t FREE2 months ago

    Why does anyone care about these temperamental snowflakes?..

  28. Gerald O'Hare

    Gerald O'Hare3 months ago

    Billy Bush didn't say anything. He was an easy target.

  29. Tineke Williams

    Tineke Williams3 months ago

    That Matt is one jealous co host! He should've been sacked!

  30. Mike Winchester

    Mike Winchester3 months ago

    Ripa is nothing but a big toothed jackass. She thinks she's queen of t.v. and everyone of her co hosts should bow down and worship her scrawny flea bitten ass. She gets on that frigging dna commercial and I just want to pull her out and slap her silly dumb ass.

  31. gumshoesoul

    gumshoesoul3 months ago

    Billy should be executed. I have NEVER heard men talk so hatefully. He is intolerant. Behead the filthy bastard! Sexist son of a bitch!

  32. Natalia Pola

    Natalia Pola3 months ago

    Fired the dude from the show. But, Trump is now the President of our country. The irony!!

  33. lauren flanagan

    lauren flanagan3 months ago

    Well I’m sure Billy got paid well by the deep state

  34. Sayak Das

    Sayak Das4 months ago

    Billy Bush, The American Scapegoat.

  35. Richie Scott

    Richie Scott4 months ago

    There is an excuse for the way Billy acted he's a man this is what men do amongst other men and you can't stop it and you can't stop us he didn't say it in front of any woman he didn't say it in front of anybody except for Trump men can talk anyway they want in front of other men women and homosexuals transgenders cant control us you can't control men so take it and shut the fuk up you God damn crybabies and by the way grab that Bitch by the pussy cuz everybody knows she loves it

  36. Cowboy Western

    Cowboy Western4 months ago

    Kelly Ripa is annoying and stupid

  37. Andrea Brantley

    Andrea Brantley4 months ago

    > Trump was the one that made the Lewd comments!., Billy was laughing and going along with the story!! (It's sad how the racist overlook all of Trumps evil, disrespectful, ignorant, ways and crimes!) 👎

  38. Lionel Tsinajinnie

    Lionel Tsinajinnie4 months ago

    Ripa looking Hella old!

  39. Lolo Queen

    Lolo Queen4 months ago

    Can't stand Kelly Ripa no matter who they put beside her.

  40. Hudson Oliver

    Hudson Oliver4 months ago

    Who actually cares...anyone?

  41. CynicalTroll

    CynicalTroll4 months ago

    I would fuck Kelly Ripa's brains out.

  42. Manibaal Lektor

    Manibaal Lektor4 months ago

    So many scandals

  43. Helen Boula

    Helen Boula4 months ago

    She's the one that needs to be fired.kelly rippa

  44. Linda Rush

    Linda Rush4 months ago

    Trump? Joke end of

  45. Commentator541

    Commentator5414 months ago

    Matt Lauer is so dan hot!

  46. targeted citizen

    targeted citizen4 months ago


  47. Sistagirl0017

    Sistagirl00174 months ago

    Trump should have put Billy on the payroll once he became president . Okaaay

  48. NesaFashion Channel

    NesaFashion Channel4 months ago

    Sale $$$$$4

  49. Frank Smith

    Frank Smith4 months ago

    Billy Bush--and there you have it. In America, we hold TV show hosts to a higher standard than we hold the people we elect President. Disgusting.

  50. ImMadRachett

    ImMadRachett4 months ago

    What Billy Bush did was horrendous he will never work again! But hey let's make Trump president xD good one America >_>

  51. Marc Inglese

    Marc Inglese4 months ago

    Momversation 😂😂😂😂. There you go your modern American Woman.

  52. Liss

    Liss5 months ago

    Okay, I’m gonna say it. I don’t like Kelly Ripa. Never did, never will.

  53. Petra J

    Petra J4 months ago


  54. TheWinterShadow

    TheWinterShadow4 months ago

    Lisa - Now you did it. Kelly is going to get you. She is going to put her B*tchy-mojo in everyone you will ever work with now and forever. Good luck.

  55. Daddy Fab

    Daddy Fab5 months ago

    Morning shows are savage

  56. Jim Stanley

    Jim Stanley5 months ago

    Trump actually says "when you're a star they let you do it". Therefore, (contrary to what is being said/inferred here; @ 0:55) he understands consent.

  57. Rohan Naik

    Rohan Naik5 months ago

    Bush gets fired trump gets hired

  58. virginia santillan

    virginia santillan5 months ago

    Billy.Bush didn't do anything all people have done at 1 time or another. He thought it was a private conversation. 11 years ago get a grip

  59. George Glenn

    George Glenn5 months ago

    Kelly please go buy yourself a padded bra its a shame for you to come out with your flat chest your husband must be disappointed when its bed time

  60. Cynthia Slade

    Cynthia Slade5 months ago

    I love Kelly Rips. She is the glue to Morning programming.

  61. TheWinterShadow

    TheWinterShadow4 months ago

    Cynthia Slade - Yeah, you are right..."Crazy Glue" !

  62. Moomay Piola

    Moomay Piola5 months ago


  63. yungdcwa81

    yungdcwa815 months ago



    AND JUSTICE FOR ALL by K.C.5 months ago

    Rosie is a fat pig like trump says lol


    AND JUSTICE FOR ALL by K.C.5 months ago

    Obvi ripa is a fcn bitch thats why these guys are afraid of her christ!!

  66. X-MISMA-X

    X-MISMA-X5 months ago

    Billy Bush didn't make lewd comments: Trump did

  67. Adam Steinz

    Adam Steinz5 months ago

    Kelly Ripa has been absolutely annoying and cringeworthy since Day One. Her ongoing struggle with Resting Bitch Face (RBF) speaks volumes into what she actually feels inside her soul-less body. Kelly, you are 70 years old for fuck's sake (she looks like it, anyway), so the girl-next-door routine does NOT work....WHO WATCHES THIS SHIT, ANYWAY??!!!!

  68. Leeanne Vavra

    Leeanne Vavra5 months ago

    it shows that we really dont pick our president when we have trump but no bush

  69. 911 Tech

    911 Tech5 months ago

    Sadly the first one really did not have an impact on the election.

  70. Road Rover

    Road Rover5 months ago

    Nor should it have

  71. Erin Go Bragh

    Erin Go Bragh5 months ago

    *So Josh Elliot wasn't happy with 5 million and wanted double that amount? Well boo hoo to him.*

  72. Vlql Vlql

    Vlql Vlql6 months ago

    Déjà vous? or Déjà vu?...

  73. Legal Man

    Legal Man6 months ago

    He got fired and Trump got the presidency ?? fuck the police !!

  74. Stinky Finger

    Stinky Finger6 months ago

    ripa is a back stabbing bitch.

  75. andrew beattie

    andrew beattie6 months ago


  76. Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας6 months ago

    Kelly Rip-her.

  77. Eoin Tolster

    Eoin Tolster6 months ago

    I wish Hassel Beck was in prison for the lives lost in Iraq. The children she supported killing is fucking gross

  78. Road Rover

    Road Rover5 months ago

    So Rosie could maybe be in there too for supporting Hillary who supported all of the wars yeh?

  79. Brian Zimmer

    Brian Zimmer6 months ago

    How quickly you forget Matt Lauer.....a sick disgusting pervert!

  80. 00Billy

    00Billy6 months ago

    Can't stand Rosie...but she was right.

  81. Leigh Barry

    Leigh Barry6 months ago

    You just couldn't help yourself could you? You had to conflate President Trump with sexual assault despite the very fact Trump clearly says"They LET you DO IT!!!" Meanwhile NBC aka NeverBeenCredible buried the Harvey Weinstein story REPEATEDLY!!! So they FIRE the guy who TALKS about women vs the guy who ACTUALLY ASSAULTED WOMEN yup typical leftist bigotry!!!!

  82. Chewligan

    Chewligan6 months ago

    Endless narration and almost no footage !!!!!!!

  83. Itzdat Managgen

    Itzdat Managgen6 months ago

    *I couldn't help noticing how often the word **_"scandal"_** was used in this video, along with the word **_"Notorious"_** in its title. Talk about making a story where there was none... or as we say where I live, making mountains out of mole hills! Even in the minor scheme of things, very few (if any) of these issues could realistically be considered **_"Notorious"._* *And exactly the same could be said for any of them being scandalous. Most were simply two-bit z-list morning presenters announcing they were leaving their jobs. Notorious and scandalous? Nah, sorry Nicky Swift (whoever you are?) but you got the vast majority of YT's viewing public confused... with people who actually agree with you on this one.*

  84. Ryan Budge

    Ryan Budge6 months ago

    This is over reacted if you believe this your dumb tunnel minded liberal or person trump is the best president of all time

  85. Smiley Gladhands

    Smiley Gladhands6 months ago

    Aw fuck off about Billy Bush.

  86. Michael Uhlir

    Michael Uhlir6 months ago

    I wouldnt hire Josh Elliot to cover my wifes bridge game. Hes a joke.

  87. Eric Eric

    Eric Eric6 months ago

    I still think billy bush .. should get a pass as Donald did

  88. paulpittsburgh

    paulpittsburgh6 months ago

    Did she say "Gumbo" instead of Gumbel @7:37 ?

  89. Alfa Painting

    Alfa Painting6 months ago

    What a lowlife idiots.And they make 10,20,30 million a m...NO,NO,These Morons . Bas...

  90. here2watch08

    here2watch086 months ago

    And now we know what Matt Lauer really did...

  91. NELOPES7

    NELOPES76 months ago

    Trump was right . It It's true

  92. blakseed

    blakseed6 months ago

    Sounds like Kelly Ripa might be an entitled bitch.

  93. ben dover

    ben dover6 months ago

    all the hype about "notorious scandals" is just a bunch of untalented, overpaid idiots that are coddled, spoiled and think way too much of themselves....they can all fuck off !!

  94. Kris Klement

    Kris Klement6 months ago

    What they didn't show trump saying was he liked money better than people. You buy people, it's easy.

  95. gypsytwigg glitter

    gypsytwigg glitter6 months ago

    Kelly Ripa = crappy ass no talent can't stand her

  96. Chuck's poke

    Chuck's poke6 months ago

    I completely lost ALL interest and respect for Ripa after her treatment of Clay Akin. She was completely rude and her behavior was so out of line during that show. I have absolutely no love for her at all moreover nothing but contempt toward her. Seems as though her husband is a nice guy and there personalities differ so greatly at least when on-air together. Maybe opposite attract thing in action but if she goes away tomorrow ....good riddens.

  97. aka Kara J.

    aka Kara J.6 months ago

    lol “everyone hates kelly ripa” #newseries? 🤙🏻

  98. Maria Syacsure

    Maria Syacsure6 months ago

    That was bullshit what they did to Billy Bush! Holding somebody’s words from 10 years or so ago to act like they were a moral compass? And Matt Lauer was the fucking pervert!

  99. Jade

    Jade6 months ago

    Billy Bush got fired, Donald Trump got elected as president. What the fuck America.

  100. Teri Scanlon

    Teri Scanlon6 months ago

    Rosie O'Donnell is a fat, disgusting pig. I was glad to see her leave tv & honestly, I wish the show would've gone with her. Can't stand that show.

  101. Aquinasish

    Aquinasish7 months ago

    Billy Bush gets fired for talking about attractive women. Sharon Osborne gets laffs for joking about a wife who sexually mutilates her husband. We men need not apologize. That includes Billy and Trump.

  102. Alexandra M.

    Alexandra M.7 months ago

    Lauer and Bush... out!!! I think GMA was incredibly callous with Lara Spencer. When she left to have hip surgery she was the 3rd co-host and came back to Strahan with her job,

  103. David H.

    David H.7 months ago

    She is from South Jersey and everyone knows that she was very permiscous when it came to the boys.

  104. TheEvil ClownMan

    TheEvil ClownMan7 months ago

    Kelly Ripa had to come back because if she didn't she gonna get fired

  105. Bud Wzr

    Bud Wzr7 months ago

    Kelly is a man's high maintenance bitch from hell scenario.

  106. Stacy boulderdash

    Stacy boulderdash7 months ago

    Gumbels buffontical big wife will take him and leave him for everything he has and he will die broke. It happens to all once famous black men. Stay tuned!