Moonlight Brothers: Dancing Brothers Deliver INSANE Flips - America's Got Talent: The Champions


  1. Rivercaesar1128

    Rivercaesar112813 days ago

    Shoulda got twist & pulse

  2. TheKids QuistSchultz

    TheKids QuistSchultz20 days ago

    Like vis i er dansker/Like Denmark

  3. JustAnimatin’ YT

    JustAnimatin’ YT26 days ago

    Jonathan looks like Lachlan

  4. Unado Banga

    Unado Banga27 days ago

    আমার তো খুব ভাল লাগছে আপনাদের ইউটিউব চ্যানেল কে আমার পক্ষ থেকে অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ আপনাকে এমন করছেন নতুন নতুন ভিডিও যাতে পায় সে আশা রইলো আপনাদের ইউটিউব চ্যানেল কে আমার পক্ষ থেকে অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ আপনাকে এমন করছেন নতুন নতুন ভিডিও যাতে পায় সে

  5. joseph stanton

    joseph stanton27 days ago

    They were kind of reminding me of mirror image (but moon light Brothers are better)

  6. Jacob R

    Jacob RMonth ago

    They need to get rid of Mel B already 😠

  7. JLClips

    JLClipsMonth ago

    This is too cringy

  8. MostafaGBM

    MostafaGBMMonth ago

    Only dancers and les twins fans and redbull bc one fans know that was crap hhhh

  9. Typo Turner

    Typo TurnerMonth ago

    2:57 song name? NO ITS NOT DARUDE SANDSTORM

  10. Lostmunkey

    LostmunkeyMonth ago

    I much rather they invited The Sacred Riana to the Champions

  11. BBDog173 Gaming

    BBDog173 GamingMonth ago

    The danish don’t have any talent if those 2 won Denmark got talent🤷🏼‍♂️😬

  12. Yaz Powell

    Yaz PowellMonth ago

    is this a sign ... lol ... 649k views, 6.4k likes amd 648 dislikes ... haha

  13. Mix Factor

    Mix FactorMonth ago

    How they won Denmark’s got talent🤔😇

  14. Josh Storebo

    Josh StoreboMonth ago

    Favorite act so far

  15. T L

    T LMonth ago

    too bad they didn't bring Russia's got talent here lol. would love to see usa and russia battle it out since there is always so much animosity between the two countries

  16. Home Alone Guy

    Home Alone GuyMonth ago

    OMKV. Simon

  17. Name

    NameMonth ago

    Bbbboringgggggg 😡😡😡

  18. Dale  Villareal

    Dale VillarealMonth ago

    Choreo not even that good plus its not that clean.

  19. Katharina

    KatharinaMonth ago

    Okay so i'm a dane, and that is about the thickest accent i've ever heard!! HAHAHA

  20. J

    JMonth ago

    It was cool but the level is to high ;D

  21. Justin Saltzman

    Justin SaltzmanMonth ago

    How did anyone like this? One of the worst acts. People are easy amused.


    IRON DICKMonth ago

    *Les Twins are much better, no offense*

  23. Daniel Shih

    Daniel ShihMonth ago

    they were great but not quite AGT level. America's a whole new monster, sorry guys

  24. Caroline Staufeldt

    Caroline StaufeldtMonth ago

    Where are the Denmark squad at? RØD GRØD MED FLØDE!!!!🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

  25. Loja Koja

    Loja KojaMonth ago

    Where is the diversity group the winners of Bgt???😔 They deserve to be here

  26. Noah Mester

    Noah MesterMonth ago


  27. Michael Hamm

    Michael HammMonth ago

    Denmark is weird...

  28. Meghan Mitchell

    Meghan MitchellMonth ago

    I loved it. It was funny and really natural. The judges are being a little snooty.

  29. Swavvy Fayne

    Swavvy FayneMonth ago

    Not impressed at all. Especially the added fortnite dances "cringe fest".


    INDRANEELAMonth ago

    Where are India's got talent finalists🙁

  31. T418L

    T418LMonth ago

    AGT: INSANE Flips Me: where ?

  32. Samarth Singh

    Samarth SinghMonth ago

    They only like singers. they all motherfuckers. Moonlight brothers were amazing.

  33. Whitny Miranda

    Whitny MirandaMonth ago

    This was awesome!! I don’t think the point was about amazing dancing skills I think it was more of a well put performance! It’s not easy to pick the music and put the moves the go well with it or even introduce random funny bits! I think this was different and like other say it’s not all about singing. There are talented singers that impressed me buuut it’s about talent not singing....

  34. Skeeter

    SkeeterMonth ago

    What's the song at the start of there routine? I feel like I hear it everywhere but don't know the name.

  35. cla ire

    cla ireMonth ago

    They reminded me too much of Twist and Pulse, can't say I was floored by their performance but they are good dancers

  36. xXmemestarXx

    xXmemestarXxMonth ago

    No joke, my cousin literally dances with him and are friends with them. My cousin also used to teach there. He was a part of moonlight noodles which consisted of 5 more people or so. I'm also a friend of Christoffer.

  37. Nawaf Aljandal

    Nawaf AljandalMonth ago

    They to slow

  38. Jp Slim

    Jp SlimMonth ago

    Literally no “insane” flips, bruh. Just some standard flips.

  39. Dan Li

    Dan LiMonth ago

    Ive seen little kids do this at the playground during recess

  40. Arvin Reyes

    Arvin ReyesMonth ago

    Looking forward for a representative from asia's got talent :)

  41. Ajendra Fong

    Ajendra FongMonth ago

    They’re like a copy of twist and pulse

  42. charlotte presley

    charlotte presleyMonth ago

    So much of it is repeated from before in Denmark for talent

  43. Oliver Pedersen

    Oliver PedersenMonth ago

    Honestly.. Denmark's Got Talent sucks. I never watch it because the people participating are just not very good.. lol

  44. Shurog 1

    Shurog 1Month ago

    Wait these two won a million??????????? How when ???????

  45. Wilfrida Shilwatso

    Wilfrida ShilwatsoMonth ago


  46. IRON MAN

    IRON MANMonth ago

    Even kids dance better nowadays

  47. felicia muise

    felicia muiseMonth ago

    The younger brother is cute af

  48. YaBoii Chungus

    YaBoii ChungusMonth ago

    This was TeRrIbLe

  49. Aljay AsoisiraC

    Aljay AsoisiraCMonth ago


  50. Panda Parade

    Panda ParadeMonth ago

    Popping, locking, wacking, comedy, flips? I say it's a solid routine

  51. Unito1

    Unito1Month ago

    Just another copy of Twist and Pulse

  52. GMs

    GMsMonth ago

    Not good at all

  53. Yuru Liu Fu

    Yuru Liu FuMonth ago

    I actually liked their performance, and although yeah it might’ve not been the very best, they should take into account the effort they put into these choreographies, like what if one of his flips went wrong and he slipped, I just feel like the judges are pretty biased to singers, not saying that the singers aren’t talented because they really are.

  54. TruckerExile E

    TruckerExile EMonth ago

    They were awesome, but the degree of difficulty just wasn't high enough, perhaps a double back somersault instead of a single would of wowed the judges more?

  55. Daniboy

    DaniboyMonth ago

    I would have loved this performance if the music wasn't too random and if they did not include the ''fortnite'' dances

  56. Cyberwizard Productions

    Cyberwizard ProductionsMonth ago

    They were okay, but not nearly as good as a lot of others. I think the problem is that they just won, and haven't had any time to grow... but everyone else has.

  57. michael rondon

    michael rondonMonth ago

    Meh... just basic Justin bieber moves.....

  58. Witty Bobby

    Witty BobbyMonth ago

    I can't believe they won Denmark got talent. I should join there, maybe i will win.

  59. nash al- nash

    nash al- nashMonth ago

    Not the best dance other people can do better

  60. SZG Vlogs

    SZG VlogsMonth ago

    Believe me or not but Christoffer is my old dance teacher and i was so excited to see him on stage. I agree that there were better acts than them, but Denmark dosen't have nearly as much talent as other big countries so i think the moonlight brothers aren't used to do really really big shows but they tried their best and it was good.

  61. Kristian Juul

    Kristian JuulMonth ago

    Clearly they're good dancers, but this isn't meant for AGT - all they want is singers with some sob stories lol.

  62. Seneca Crouse

    Seneca CrouseMonth ago

    Anybody else see a pattern going on with them judging people from the other countries differently from the ones they’re so use to seeing in America ?

  63. Raj

    RajMonth ago

    They are good but nothing really special. One of those things a lot of people can say they can do.

  64. Blade RMD

    Blade RMDMonth ago

    Terry was like: hum I know that song I receive a bullet for a white-black girl that day😅

  65. ElenaPower

    ElenaPowerMonth ago

    eh, they were okay. it was fun but not winning-worthy

  66. Mads Nyrnberg

    Mads NyrnbergMonth ago

    Hey USA. Atleast we didnt lose to Trinidad and Tobago looooool

  67. JustHette

    JustHetteMonth ago

    Remember our country (Denmark) is a country with a very small population so what’s a common level here might not be the same as in the US but yes I agree they were good but obviously not enough. Most of these comments are disgusting. I’ve been dancing for 5 years and i don’t have the guns to attend at Denmark’s Got talent and tbh I don’t think the most of you guys who are commenting have the guns or any talent either. The fact that these guys got this amazing opportunity is just so enormous huge. Well done be proud of yourself! x

  68. Iniesta G

    Iniesta GMonth ago


  69. Zach LLV

    Zach LLVMonth ago

    I want Diavolo back on the show

  70. Fedt !

    Fedt !Month ago

    This wasn’t their Best performance. Trust Me they have Done better!!!

  71. Malou Andersen

    Malou AndersenMonth ago

    I dont get why ppl hating so much om then! In my opinion this derserves more to win then singers does! Singing is so much easier then dancing!

  72. Fedt !

    Fedt !Month ago

    Like if you’re from Denmark

  73. Simone Pedersen

    Simone PedersenMonth ago

    Considering the fact that they had to come up with this dance one day before the show, i think they did amazing! But the judges were right, i’m from Denmark and i have seen way better contestants in Denmark Got Talent than these guys.. sorry

  74. Simone Pedersen

    Simone PedersenMonth ago

    Fedt ! Præcis!

  75. Fedt !

    Fedt !Month ago

    Simone Pedersen jeg er enig. De har gjort det meget bedre end det her

  76. Bruk Dereje

    Bruk DerejeMonth ago

    what's the name of the song at the beginning of the performance ?

  77. ak47al123

    ak47al123Month ago

    Get Robotboys in the show!!!

  78. avaluvsjack

    avaluvsjackMonth ago

    My high school’s dance team is better than them..

  79. Nomus V Hugten Jr.

    Nomus V Hugten Jr.Month ago

    Keep being negative about not english speaking countries who won in their own country, the judges were being negative about the dutch also....

  80. pearlmoonlight moonlightpearl

    pearlmoonlight moonlightpearlMonth ago

    marcelito pomoy should be here

  81. Sakshath S M

    Sakshath S MMonth ago

    Why dont you have anyone from India's got talent?

  82. Ike Hygis

    Ike HygisMonth ago

    That baby part was super funny

  83. Silver Angel Neo

    Silver Angel NeoMonth ago

    Like it’s supposed to be humorous yes but tbh I didn’t get like the biggest wow factor

  84. Mungav Gawain

    Mungav GawainMonth ago

    they are ok but Denmark probably doesnt have much dancing

  85. Michell Silva

    Michell SilvaMonth ago


  86. CryptoCurrency Line

    CryptoCurrency LineMonth ago

    I guess if you live in Denmark this is a winning act.

  87. Fedt !

    Fedt !Month ago

    CryptoCurrency Line not true.

  88. margaret falde

    margaret faldeMonth ago

    I think they could supremely benefit if they worked with Les Twins...just sayin

  89. Sarah Choi

    Sarah ChoiMonth ago

    I need merrick hanna back on the show

  90. TheHyperTuber

    TheHyperTuberMonth ago

    I don't care what anyone says, I loved this act, alright? Seriously, what they do definitely requires talent, sides', they WON Denmark's Got Talent, if they can win one country, they can win more! A+ In my book! (I know they didn't make it to the finals, still peeved that 75% of those acts are singers)

  91. Shannon Carnell

    Shannon CarnellMonth ago

    Their isolations are insane ❤️

  92. Stallion Disliker

    Stallion DislikerMonth ago

    Who is going to Spend their money to see this please send me the money instead cuz i will do something useful with it.

  93. Juan Carlos DeSilva

    Juan Carlos DeSilvaMonth ago

    First their outfits no good and they did not have good rythm and ibfound it boring just regular

  94. Sylvia Mischel

    Sylvia MischelMonth ago

    Not great. Not champion level, just cute.

  95. Lebron_James

    Lebron_JamesMonth ago

    They sucked

  96. Hyril Hamdan

    Hyril HamdanMonth ago

    I am just wondering which part is it with the INSANE FLIPS?

  97. Suzana Grau

    Suzana GrauMonth ago

    I liked them! Such a warm presentation.🍃🏅💗 Disliked how judges crushed their spirit at the end!

  98. Aahron Leaño

    Aahron LeañoMonth ago

    They should include Bars And Melody

  99. Assim's World

    Assim's WorldMonth ago

    I dont think they can wim! America has showed as more talanted people 😎

  100. Ashley Kantarges

    Ashley KantargesMonth ago

    They were talented but I agree more with Simon, Mel, and Howie, not so much with Heidi

  101. Ifueko Uhunmwangho

    Ifueko UhunmwanghoMonth ago

    They didn't come to come, they came to make memories and I love that

  102. kuzri mcband

    kuzri mcbandMonth ago

    if they're at WOD maybe they have chance. not at AGT where SINGERs Shines ONLY....

  103. J. Chips

    J. ChipsMonth ago

    Not at WOD, the competition there is much better than what they showed here

  104. Karamella

    KaramellaMonth ago