Mom of Two Ali Wong Has Suffered Enough


  1. Zozo Fataso

    Zozo Fataso8 hours ago

    That’s really smart thing of Ellen to say that she grew up poor but because of that she gave and she is right! Look at her success i wanna be like that


    SABOORSDEVOTION12 hours ago

    I don’t find this funny. Nor have I watched any of her work, nor do I want to. I don’t find her funny.

  3. Anna Lauryn

    Anna Lauryn13 hours ago

    "The fact that you can complete that entire sentence completely disqualifies you" so funny because my sons dad says the same thing about when we will take him off the breast 😊 now i dont feel so bad. Some women try to make moms feel guilty about taking babies off the breast. So this made me smile.

  4. Yi Shen

    Yi Shen14 hours ago

    i love her.

  5. Ray Hartin

    Ray Hartin15 hours ago

    She seems like a nice person.

  6. Christina Lai

    Christina Lai16 hours ago

    I can relate to her so much as a first generation Asian American that has grown up without a lot of money in my family-it’s hard to let it go! 😂

  7. Melanin People

    Melanin PeopleDay ago

    I'm glad she got Asian husband a lot of you Asian be cooning will get with the first white thing you see like some spell is on you the weirdest shit well this one is alright and funny .

  8. ArtistVai

    ArtistVaiDay ago

    That’s amazing that Ellen just casually mentioned that she uses the law of attraction! That’s amazing

  9. Charnele Castillion

    Charnele CastillionDay ago

    I need those red glasses 😎👓👓

  10. Britt Brat

    Britt BratDay ago

    *LOL!! She's hilarious! The only reason I clicked on this was because I thought it said, "Mother of 2 ALL WRONG has suffered enough". LOLOLOL!!*

  11. DragoNYC

    DragoNYCDay ago

    Ali Wong is the BEST.

  12. Diamond Seraphin

    Diamond SeraphinDay ago

    I LOVE Ali Wong. She's hilarious. 🤣 So excited hear she's got another Netflix special 🙂

  13. JocelynMarieTV

    JocelynMarieTVDay ago

    Never heard of her but she just gained a new fan. Can’t wait to watch her special. She funny

  14. N. A

    N. ADay ago

    The fact that you can complete that sentence.. disqualifies you..😂🤣

  15. gobananas1020

    gobananas1020Day ago

    I’ve watch her stand up in Netflix at least 4 times and I recommend everyone around me to watch it! She’s hilarious!

  16. quinn minx

    quinn minxDay ago

    Fresh out the oven

  17. Anthony Essex

    Anthony Essex2 days ago

    I am so glad Ali is getting another special her first one had me dying laughing :)

  18. Avia Levy

    Avia Levy2 days ago

    "I've had suffered enough" lol

  19. everydaydreamer1

    everydaydreamer12 days ago

    My mum breastfeeded me until I was 3... But if she had other baby she wouldn't do that of course

  20. Joss Vina

    Joss Vina2 days ago

    I havent even watched the video yet but that Iphone8 commercial got me twerking at work

  21. h. nguyen nguyen

    h. nguyen nguyen2 days ago

    I love her more than words can say.

  22. Iheart fries

    Iheart fries2 days ago

    “I wanna LIE down...”

  23. Tainted Love

    Tainted Love2 days ago

    Girl, I’m broke and I treat myself with every paycheck 😭🤣

  24. William Schmidt

    William Schmidt2 days ago

    Super losers

  25. O O F

    O O F2 days ago


  26. Angie Coers

    Angie Coers2 days ago

    Who is she?

  27. Negus Nutrino

    Negus Nutrino2 days ago

    anybody else find it funny that Ellen is dressed like one of "The Migos"

  28. iRaluMusic

    iRaluMusic2 days ago


  29. Odin Lush

    Odin Lush2 days ago

    Mainstream = Lucifer

  30. Lydia paredes

    Lydia paredes2 days ago

    Omg I love her😂💀

  31. T Timeler

    T Timeler3 days ago

    Lol she is funny :) I'm going to watch her standup now.

  32. Ever Life

    Ever Life3 days ago

    I have to take notes from Ellen about money. Just like Ali, I'm such a cheap skate at times when I want to save money.

  33. kennedy garlock

    kennedy garlock3 days ago

    i love her so much

  34. coachgirl82

    coachgirl823 days ago


  35. Diana Shelton

    Diana Shelton3 days ago

    Ali is so funny!

  36. Lethal Love

    Lethal Love3 days ago

    Lmfao!!!🤣🤣🤣😍😍 I love her

  37. barthj21

    barthj213 days ago

    Never gonna be funny

  38. red beard

    red beard3 days ago

    Netflix is still a thing?

  39. Neil Clark

    Neil Clark3 days ago

    I love Ali Wong. Her stand up is hilarious!

  40. tabibar rahman

    tabibar rahman3 days ago

    *who is Ellen?* *who is Ali wong?* *who is portia?* *who is andy?* *who is Lauren?* ANSWERS *_Ellen is a comedian and a dancer_* *_Ali wong is a comedian_* *_Portia is Ellen's wife wtf_* *_Andy is her producer_* *_Lauren is her writer_* _LEAVE A LIKE FYI_ *for your information*

  41. Bri L

    Bri L3 days ago

    I absolutely adore Ali Wong! She is so funny and real.


    ELIZABETH KANG3 days ago

    my mom has 4 kids

  43. J Rams

    J Rams3 days ago

    She looks like the asian lady that jacks me off for 120$ at the shady massage parlor across town

  44. Karl Gan

    Karl Gan3 days ago

    I LOLed at Vicodin helps the baby sleep better!

  45. Alex Rose

    Alex Rose3 days ago

    I remember watching her first Netflix special and just laughing hysterically I love her so much

  46. Keisha Thomas

    Keisha Thomas3 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 I love her

  47. Poemi10304

    Poemi103043 days ago

    Great comparison. I feel like my 4 year old is like a nightmarish, spoiled, little sister always taking my stuff without asking. I never even had a sister.

  48. Raisa Shams

    Raisa Shams3 days ago

    the vicodin helped the baby sleep better #ihavesufferedenough lmaoo

  49. kara dizon

    kara dizon3 days ago

    I love Ali Wong. She's hilarious and her humorous jokes are so natural

  50. Sailor Faeries

    Sailor Faeries3 days ago

    Hahaha!!! I’ve suffered enough! 😂😂


    SOMUCHPHANDOMS !!3 days ago

    a bag of chips for dinner? what kind of weird country is America!

  52. Jessica

    Jessica3 days ago

    She needs her own show.

  53. Kaminoan Midgaurdian

    Kaminoan Midgaurdian3 days ago

    I love her, She's my spirit animal I want us to be friends in real life We could make each other laugh

  54. studywith josh

    studywith josh3 days ago

    *i have suffered enough*

  55. Dbz Amv

    Dbz Amv3 days ago


  56. Savy

    Savy3 days ago

    I love her 😍🤣

  57. Lenny Boy

    Lenny Boy3 days ago

    My mom had c section and she took pain killers now she has a scar where she had it SHE HAS SUFFERED ENOUGH

  58. wahoo strike

    wahoo strike3 days ago

    shes good looking

  59. Foster Child

    Foster Child3 days ago

    Andy, you had one job!

  60. Guava Memories

    Guava Memories3 days ago

    “You shouldn’t live your life in fear of money because you’ll manifest that” SO sooo true

  61. Judy MacEachern

    Judy MacEachern3 days ago

    Loved her first netflix special, psyched for the next!!

  62. Victoria L

    Victoria L3 days ago

    Not knowing who she is gives me the advantage of a non-biased opinion since too many people are star-struck by her. With that being said, I find her incredibly obnoxious and unoriginal. Does she honestly think she's the only mother who's experienced having a baby while having a toddler?? Does she also think her toddlers any different being jealous over the baby?, (which is also a very normal thing that most parents experience.) One of the most obnoxious things people can do is say things THEY think are funny and then look around to see who's laughing... That's called attentionwhore! I absolutely love Ellen, which is how I accidentally stumbled across this annoying woman, but because of this annoying interview, I would never EVER waste my time watching anything Ali Wong does. I am just going to take a stab at it and guess that her stand-up routines include her telling jokes that she thinks are unique and extremely funny while browsing the crowd for approval and laughs. All good comedians continue with the flow and a lot of times actually have to repeat certain jokes because of the laughter drowning out the next joke (since they don't tell a joke and just stand there silently expecting the crowd to Applause and laugh... )The good comedians will just continue telling their stories and jokes and go from one to another to another without laughing at themselves but laughing WITH the crowd( there's a vast difference) The most appealing stars/celebrities are humble.. She definitely needs to take a lesson or two and get off of her self inflated high horse!

  63. TapDatFish

    TapDatFish4 days ago

    Asa Akira?

  64. syerra lynn

    syerra lynn4 days ago

    She is amazing! Her special thats on netflix now is great

  65. Hannah Johnson

    Hannah Johnson4 days ago

    She’s from Black Box!!! I loved that show.

  66. Courtney Heimsoth

    Courtney Heimsoth4 days ago

    I love her!!!!

  67. UvaroviteKing

    UvaroviteKing4 days ago

    May 13th I'm going to be struggling to breathe and I will also be crying X'D

  68. alexis simone

    alexis simone4 days ago

    Anyone else in love with her glasses😍😍😍

  69. Agnes-Senga G.Tupper

    Agnes-Senga G.Tupper4 days ago

    She is a Bad mom and I loooooooove her

  70. mlzanercik

    mlzanercik4 days ago

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  71. Clare L

    Clare L4 days ago

    I've never heard of Ali Wong but after this video, safe to say I am a fan. SHE IS HILARIOUS. Thank you, Ellen.

  72. Zion Lima

    Zion Lima4 days ago

    Did anyone notice that she is wearing the same shirt as J.J. Totah is winning in the Wendy Williams show?

  73. Biatch Please

    Biatch Please4 days ago

    See Amy Schumer you can be funny without saying vagina all the time.

  74. French Vanilla

    French Vanilla4 days ago

    My husband is the vice president of a tech company 💁 Or My husband is the vice president of a "multi millionaire" tech company. 🤑

  75. Радик Абуталипов

    Радик Абуталипов4 days ago

    Сложно объясните

  76. Mak's Story Times

    Mak's Story Times4 days ago


  77. Bflo23

    Bflo234 days ago

    Never heard of her but that was funny and I have a Netflix account.

  78. jon Doe

    jon Doe4 days ago

    help spread the HPV hahahha

  79. jon Doe

    jon Doe4 days ago

    dang I missed my chance

  80. Emma Dobson

    Emma Dobson4 days ago

    I haven’t really seen any suffering yet. She has two wonderful kids a loving husband and she is now famous. What exactly is she suffering from?

  81. Amina Safri

    Amina Safri4 days ago

    I love her I want her to be my friend so I can laugh every single day 😁

  82. Aohan Wang

    Aohan Wang4 days ago

    OMG Ali Wong finally Ellen. Knew this day was gonna come. Thank you Ellen and you are amazing as always

  83. Lorena Arias

    Lorena Arias4 days ago

    Oh dear, she has not idea! Wait until they are teenagers! THEN is when you suffer for real!

  84. Zionna Massenburg

    Zionna Massenburg4 days ago

    She is FUNNY!

  85. Chris Harmon

    Chris Harmon4 days ago

    Ah yet another failure in female standup. Why are the most well known female stand up comedians the crassest and least funny? (Looking at you Amy Schumer)

  86. Evil Genius

    Evil Genius4 days ago


  87. Ruffdogg21

    Ruffdogg214 days ago

    Ellen is such a Bitch--but she hides it well;)

  88. photoshopknight

    photoshopknight4 days ago

    her kids are going to find this hilarious when they're older.

  89. Sam LSD

    Sam LSD4 days ago

    I thought that took forever, she needs to have more kids.

  90. Eloise Radosevic

    Eloise Radosevic4 days ago

    You have barley suffered mate ... I have a disability and my mum takes care of me every day and takes care of my 2 sisters as well

  91. Randy3197 CBR

    Randy3197 CBR4 days ago

    Shit and I thought roofing in July was a tough job

  92. glearful

    glearful4 days ago

    missing netflix giftcard? sell ellen stock now!

  93. Nemelycat

    Nemelycat4 days ago

    Very true what Ellen said about money. Hope Ali Wong see it different and let's go.

  94. dotch

    dotch4 days ago

    She looks like asa akira

  95. fernmontage

    fernmontage4 days ago

    Ali Wong is a queen

  96. Kacy Mah

    Kacy Mah4 days ago


  97. the9thGen

    the9thGen4 days ago

    I'm totally feeling her. Not the baby part cause I'm a dude but the mentality about money. I'm certainly not rich now but I have a decent income to live from. And still I'm living like a hobo to save money

  98. Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro

    Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro4 days ago

    *Man she's hot*

  99. Aletta McGriggs

    Aletta McGriggs5 days ago

    I love laughter, so therapuetic!!!

  100. beram taib

    beram taib5 days ago

    First male comment, she ain’t funny