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Mom of Two Ali Wong Has Suffered Enough


  1. Jazzy Nguyen

    Jazzy Nguyen5 days ago

    Ali Wong is my dad’s cousin

  2. Isabella Almeida

    Isabella Almeida11 days ago

    Her Netflix is almost expiring

  3. Alexis Hayashi

    Alexis Hayashi22 days ago

    Shes an amazing comedian I love her

  4. Ijanae Reed

    Ijanae Reed24 days ago

    Her jokes are so bland....

  5. Andrew Burrows

    Andrew Burrows26 days ago

    Ali Wong is amazing! That is all

  6. Mark Steve

    Mark Steve27 days ago


  7. docstrange2k

    docstrange2kMonth ago

    Ellen... the female Leno.

  8. Jesper Jansen

    Jesper JansenMonth ago

    2019, when instead of just raising kids people endlessly whine about how hard it is.

  9. kanger328

    kanger328Month ago

    Fresh Out the Body (FOB). Daym, that was quick and clever af.

  10. AlexVids

    AlexVidsMonth ago

    These people are a disgrace. Horrible mother. Kids are the best gift on earth.

  11. Tabitha parks

    Tabitha parksMonth ago

    She's so funny.

  12. LionMen Music

    LionMen Music2 months ago

    but your husband has a full set of teeth and he still... nevermind

  13. Aiden Knox

    Aiden Knox2 months ago

    can't tell is this is supposed to be funny or not

  14. lookingglassmimzy

    lookingglassmimzy2 months ago

    Just because Andy asked so nicely, I decided to subscribe 🤗

  15. George AKA Dad

    George AKA Dad2 months ago

    Dear Ali, As I tell all young parents after they describe their exhaustion and frustration. Just wait, they will be teenagers soon and you will look back fondly at 2:00 AM feedings and dipper duty. At least you knew where they were and they were home safe. PS: When they are 30 you can breath a sigh of relief and remember how glad you are that they are in your life. :-)

  16. neversaw

    neversaw2 months ago

    ‘She kicked me in the neck today for rationing her thin mint intake’

  17. Julie Kang

    Julie Kang2 months ago

    lol sea of humanity

  18. Mr Sweaters & Pearls And everything random

    Mr Sweaters & Pearls And everything random2 months ago

    How is she a comedian? I watched her standup. I was sooo bored. I support all my Asians on tv. But.. I don’t get it. She’s not funny.

  19. Benjamin Praveen

    Benjamin Praveen2 months ago

    Is that Asa Akira?? 😛😛😛

  20. mojo

    mojo2 months ago

    Later on the show Ellen gave ten thousand dollars to her for becoming a mom!

  21. Jen Ye

    Jen Ye2 months ago

    Her rant on Asian guys in one of her specials has a special place in my heart, I relate XD

  22. Lacey Fisher

    Lacey Fisher2 months ago


  23. Estella Butler

    Estella Butler2 months ago

    She's funnier than Tiffany Haddad and this is just an interview.

  24. Victoria Oghuan

    Victoria Oghuan2 months ago

    She's so funny

  25. Spiritual Gita

    Spiritual Gita2 months ago

    she is hilarious

  26. Mia Rogers

    Mia Rogers2 months ago

    She is my spirit animal. I also have had 2 c-sections and I too have suffered enough. 😂😂😂

  27. Trisha Verse

    Trisha Verse2 months ago

    She’s hilarious!!! Loved both her stand ups on Netflix


    CHALKO OWL2 months ago

    My mom asked me whether I wanted a sibling once I said are you gonna return *me* to the hospital?

  29. Libra8410

    Libra84102 months ago

    That was very good advice about money Ellen gave at the end

  30. Emily Ballesteros

    Emily Ballesteros2 months ago

    I love Ali 😂

  31. MegaGug 95

    MegaGug 952 months ago

    I hope she does another Netflix special

  32. Jennifer Eddy

    Jennifer Eddy2 months ago

    Being dumped by a Native guy...AND KNOWING YOU ARE WRONG?

  33. SINternet Entertainment

    SINternet Entertainment2 months ago

    I want to see her show now and I have no idea how she is and no I don’t do Netflix.

  34. Late Night The Sausage

    Late Night The Sausage2 months ago

    Am I less black because I like Ali Wong more than Tiffany Haddish?

  35. SuNy OZUNA

    SuNy OZUNA2 months ago

    She is so funny! 😝😝💜

  36. amal zuhair

    amal zuhair2 months ago

    And here I am gearing up for c section number four

  37. haute03

    haute032 months ago

    I watched both of Ali's comedy specials, she's a riot!

  38. Mary Andrea

    Mary Andrea2 months ago

    She’s hilarious omg

  39. undisclosedaddresss

    undisclosedaddresss2 months ago

    Ally is so funny!!! Love her!!

  40. mi Mi

    mi Mi3 months ago

    Love ali wong

  41. Bianca Dempster

    Bianca Dempster3 months ago


  42. anna ks

    anna ks3 months ago

    Omg, I want to become her BFF! Love both of her Netflix specials.

  43. Sam B.

    Sam B.3 months ago

    This guy who appears at the end of the video (Andy), I didi=n't think he worked for the show. I thought he was this famous actor whose name I can't remember!!

  44. michael eli

    michael eli4 months ago

    Smooth Andy! :)

  45. Bigben2u

    Bigben2u4 months ago

    Anybody knows what brand glasses 👓 she wears???

  46. Cassie Stoddard

    Cassie Stoddard4 months ago

    Just wait till they go in their 3 and 4. 😑😤😭

  47. Funny White Girl

    Funny White Girl4 months ago

    I love Ali Wong!

  48. caramel coffee

    caramel coffee4 months ago

    her netflix special "hard knock wife" really had me crying with laughter in the middle of the night

  49. Elise Yu

    Elise Yu4 months ago

    “You shouldn’t live a life like this” makes me uncomfortable

  50. Amanda H

    Amanda H5 months ago

    Ali really needs to come out with more,she is sooooooooooooooo funny❤

  51. kingda117

    kingda1175 months ago

    Chris Rock sent me here.

  52. not ok

    not ok5 months ago

    I love that Ellen uses the law of attraction

  53. Nuno Soares

    Nuno Soares5 months ago

    Ali Wong is cute. By the way. Andy got the pants scared right out of him for not having Ali's Netflix year long membership ready :-D

  54. cole k

    cole k6 months ago

    Omg Wong is the best

  55. Das Dovian

    Das Dovian6 months ago

    I appreciate her for not saying 24 months when she said her child's age.

  56. Caroline TXBQ

    Caroline TXBQ6 months ago

    Funniest woman, she must be hilarious to be around


    DEEPANSHU TYAGI6 months ago

    "The fact that u can complete that sentence.. disqualifies u"

  58. Mermaid

    Mermaid6 months ago

    tell me about it... my first child... he was 54 cms and 4.8 kgs and I have to gave a normal birth because here.. impossible to have C section... the pain was so gruesome and I think I got 24 stitches.. but when I look at him everyday.. he is now 21 and 185 cms.. I feel like I have done awsome shit...

  59. 83rdox

    83rdox6 months ago

    She's so beautiful, those fucking legs

  60. Lisa Addas

    Lisa Addas6 months ago

    Look up " hard knock wife" I cried!!!!!

  61. Centennial

    Centennial6 months ago

    how can someone thumbs down this video? i'm baffled

  62. miranda pow

    miranda pow7 months ago

    She looks like an Asian kit hoover from access Hollywood

  63. Glitter Berries

    Glitter Berries7 months ago

    I'm so juvenile... When the picture of her husband came up, all I could think was, "she licks your butt! (in Ali Wong monotone voice style)" 😂

  64. Joseph Yang

    Joseph Yang7 months ago

    Andy you had one job.

  65. Caroline TXBQ

    Caroline TXBQ7 months ago

    My favorite comedian!!! She spits fireeee I love her

  66. Gantinx Gantinx

    Gantinx Gantinx7 months ago

    Thumbs up for Wong, not for blondi.

  67. Lily PDX

    Lily PDX7 months ago

    She cracks me up 😹

  68. Liz Angeles

    Liz Angeles7 months ago

    I like Ellen talking about the Law of Attraction. 😊

  69. LitManKJO134

    LitManKJO1347 months ago

    The 'salmon on a bed of quinoa' comment had me straight over to her stand ups

  70. James G

    James G7 months ago

    saw her act she had to pay for the husband school lone bc he's broke

  71. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent2 months ago

    James G [loan]

  72. Erik Hayes

    Erik Hayes7 months ago

    Isn't that interesting. Ellen recognizes that there is an abundance, and yet she supports politicians that push the narrative that there is not enough, and so you need to redistribute the wealth of others to those who aren't willing to work. hmmm.........

  73. Mary Andrea

    Mary Andrea7 months ago

    Lmao she's funny as fuck

  74. Ravê _Oliveira

    Ravê _Oliveira7 months ago

    OMG I LOVE HER ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  75. Beauty Folse'

    Beauty Folse'7 months ago


  76. Vania Rossi

    Vania Rossi8 months ago

    I just love how raw she is. That comment about her giving her toddler a bag of chips for dinner had me rolling LOL. Two time c-section mom here too!!

  77. Mila Burhanzai

    Mila Burhanzai8 months ago


  78. Helena Gill

    Helena Gill8 months ago

    l love Ali... Being a mother is hard work but it's amazing, c'mon Ellen, you should try... borrow Ali's children, she'll let you.

  79. Span91423

    Span914238 months ago

    I cried I laughed so hard watching Ali’s specials.

  80. Why Do you need to know!

    Why Do you need to know!8 months ago

    This woman has guts! The haters can shove it! -Sue

  81. D. Carpenter

    D. Carpenter8 months ago

    Ali is both hilarious and very pretty!

  82. lol stop

    lol stop8 months ago

    so thats what she looks like when she isn’t pregnant

  83. L G

    L G8 months ago

    Ali is just like me and my asian american friends! And when she said she was too cheap to let go of her money even for netflix, I was like, ahhh grasshopper you have done well. :)

  84. Victa Nguyen

    Victa Nguyen8 months ago

    asa akira 😍

  85. RuReady115

    RuReady1158 months ago

    Whos surprised by her husband’s occupation?

  86. Michael Heliotis

    Michael Heliotis8 months ago

    That awkward laughter when she joked about feeding her kids a bag of chips for dinner though...

  87. Christopher Major

    Christopher Major9 months ago

    Ellen proved her comedian shops with that Netflix punchline!

  88. Yootub Apesta

    Yootub Apesta9 months ago

    She is SO overrated.

  89. Kyara Nievesbaez

    Kyara Nievesbaez9 months ago

    I nursed my daughter until she was 2 😂 she’s still obsessed with them, she’ll ask to just touch them and it’s so weird 😂😂 I feel like when I have another baby and she sees the new baby nursing she won’t take it well at all.

  90. Rachel Lynn Yarbrough

    Rachel Lynn Yarbrough9 months ago

  91. hitty9

    hitty99 months ago

    I know comedy better than 98.3% of you. Back in the early 80's was comedy's hey day and then it died. The comics lost the art because there were no more good examples to learn from. There may be others, but Ali Wong is the closest I've seen to the greats from 35+ years ago in a long long time. I found her because someone loaned me their Netflix log in and I was astounded. Watch Hard Knock Wife all the way thru and you will see one of the best.

  92. sri anjana Vadevoo

    sri anjana Vadevoo9 months ago

    I love Ali Wong.I am from India and I think she is very wise.I love u Ali!

  93. LaProfetesse

    LaProfetesse9 months ago

    I like her. She's funny. Have no idea who her and her husband are.

  94. Albert HE

    Albert HE9 months ago

    These legends are useful because they can tell us something about migrations of people who lived long ago

  95. Katrina Kriess

    Katrina Kriess9 months ago

    To not take painkillers after a cesarean is MADNESS!!!

  96. Gizelle Catherine Grace

    Gizelle Catherine Grace9 months ago


  97. Geetika Mahajan

    Geetika Mahajan9 months ago

    i LOVE her

  98. κανέλα Γκουτιέρεζ

    κανέλα Γκουτιέρεζ9 months ago

    Shes sooo real and funny i can relate to her.....

  99. Taíno Lazzarini

    Taíno Lazzarini9 months ago


  100. Mark Carboon

    Mark Carboon9 months ago

    A pity she has never heard of the word "an".

  101. Anh Le

    Anh Le9 months ago

    love her !