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Mom of Two Ali Wong Has Suffered Enough


  1. Mila Burhanzai

    Mila Burhanzai19 hours ago


  2. Helena Gill

    Helena GillDay ago

    l love Ali... Being a mother is hard work but it's amazing, c'mon Ellen, you should try... borrow Ali's children, she'll let you.

  3. Span91423

    Span914235 days ago

    I cried I laughed so hard watching Ali’s specials.

  4. Why Do you need to know!

    Why Do you need to know!9 days ago

    This woman has guts! The haters can shove it! -Sue

  5. D. Carpenter

    D. Carpenter10 days ago

    Ali is both hilarious and very pretty!

  6. lol stop

    lol stop13 days ago

    so thats what she looks like when she isn’t pregnant

  7. L G

    L G15 days ago

    Ali is just like me and my asian american friends! And when she said she was too cheap to let go of her money even for netflix, I was like, ahhh grasshopper you have done well. :)

  8. Victa Nguyen

    Victa Nguyen16 days ago

    asa akira 😍

  9. RuReady115

    RuReady11517 days ago

    Whos surprised by her husband’s occupation?

  10. Michael Heliotis

    Michael Heliotis17 days ago

    That awkward laughter when she joked about feeding her kids a bag of chips for dinner though...

  11. Christopher Major

    Christopher Major22 days ago

    Ellen proved her comedian shops with that Netflix punchline!

  12. Yootub Apesta

    Yootub Apesta22 days ago

    She is SO overrated.

  13. Kyara Nievesbaez

    Kyara Nievesbaez28 days ago

    I nursed my daughter until she was 2 😂 she’s still obsessed with them, she’ll ask to just touch them and it’s so weird 😂😂 I feel like when I have another baby and she sees the new baby nursing she won’t take it well at all.

  14. Rachel Lynn Yarbrough

    Rachel Lynn Yarbrough29 days ago

  15. hitty9

    hitty9Month ago

    I know comedy better than 98.3% of you. Back in the early 80's was comedy's hey day and then it died. The comics lost the art because there were no more good examples to learn from. There may be others, but Ali Wong is the closest I've seen to the greats from 35+ years ago in a long long time. I found her because someone loaned me their Netflix log in and I was astounded. Watch Hard Knock Wife all the way thru and you will see one of the best.

  16. sri anjana Vadevoo

    sri anjana VadevooMonth ago

    I love Ali Wong.I am from India and I think she is very wise.I love u Ali!

  17. LaProfetesse

    LaProfetesseMonth ago

    I like her. She's funny. Have no idea who her and her husband are.

  18. Albert HE

    Albert HEMonth ago

    These legends are useful because they can tell us something about migrations of people who lived long ago

  19. Katrina Kriess

    Katrina KriessMonth ago

    To not take painkillers after a cesarean is MADNESS!!!

  20. Gizelle Catherine Grace

    Gizelle Catherine GraceMonth ago


  21. Geetika Mahajan

    Geetika MahajanMonth ago

    i LOVE her

  22. Yazmee Gutierrez

    Yazmee GutierrezMonth ago

    Shes sooo real and funny i can relate to her.....

  23. Taíno Lazzarini

    Taíno LazzariniMonth ago


  24. Mark Carboon

    Mark CarboonMonth ago

    A pity she has never heard of the word "an".

  25. Anh Le

    Anh LeMonth ago

    love her !

  26. Nella J

    Nella JMonth ago


  27. Angel Face

    Angel FaceMonth ago

    Yes c section is h is stomach surgery

  28. CrisMelo Designs

    CrisMelo DesignsMonth ago

    Who is she? Soo funny and pretty.

  29. Chey Schaefer

    Chey SchaeferMonth ago

    T-Mobile one plan gives you free Netflix.... just saying

  30. April M

    April MMonth ago

    Love her! So funny

  31. Freeyourself Love

    Freeyourself LoveMonth ago

    3:55 Yes Ellen! #truth

  32. Chocolate Thunder Cherry

    Chocolate Thunder CherryMonth ago

    Realistically funny

  33. Kendall C

    Kendall CMonth ago

    She's gorgeous!!

  34. Thaddeus Boyd

    Thaddeus BoydMonth ago

    Love her!!

  35. A F S

    A F SMonth ago

    She's so weird! :D :D :D Love you ALI #Brazil

  36. ghost bird

    ghost birdMonth ago

    I thought this said mom of two children both named Ali Wong has suffered enough because she has two children both named Ali Wong

  37. Cee

    CeeMonth ago

    the cake is a lie

  38. Vivi Prince

    Vivi PrinceMonth ago

    I just watched hard knock wife and I thought she was legendary she was this great combination of grace and ghetto and so in your face with the truth. I think she's going to become even more popular in the future

  39. electrojones

    electrojonesMonth ago

    Shouting declarative statements: women's stand up.

  40. Karla Torres M

    Karla Torres MMonth ago

    Two c-sections! I have suffered enough😂

  41. Aleah Jackson

    Aleah JacksonMonth ago

    lol "I have suffered enough" should be the new Netflix special 😂

  42. marie marq

    marie marqMonth ago

    I love her!

  43. Blue Limelight

    Blue LimelightMonth ago

    She’s so pretty

  44. Tiff R

    Tiff RMonth ago

    Yay! She finally got a Netflix account. Lol Love her. 🤣

  45. Alisha D

    Alisha DMonth ago

    Ali Wong you are my spirit animal.

  46. Mônica Maciel

    Mônica MacielMonth ago

    This title needs a grammar check. Where’s the punctuation?

  47. roxanneworld11

    roxanneworld11Month ago

    ali, lol!! discovered her video clips some months ago and that woman is *genuinely hilarious!!* 👍👍

  48. The Tallest Chick Here

    The Tallest Chick HereMonth ago

    I just watched her comedy special “Hard Knock Wife” and I was dead

  49. Eliza Lindsey

    Eliza LindseyMonth ago

    Andy cutting in at the end lmfao the confidence of this guy

  50. GeekBella

    GeekBellaMonth ago

    I bet Ellen yelled at Andy after this show.. I can see it in her eyes

  51. Jayde Amella

    Jayde AmellaMonth ago

    She's the best ! Fresh breath of air 😂

  52. 2ndgigglygirl

    2ndgigglygirlMonth ago

    This is the best!

  53. whatcha lookin at?

    whatcha lookin at?Month ago

    I recommend you watch her shows on Netflix! Very funny, I guarantee it!!

  54. Ladyj_ Boss

    Ladyj_ BossMonth ago

    Omg the first one on Netflix is soooo Funny

  55. High Mountain Mama

    High Mountain MamaMonth ago

    I feel ya girl! I have had two c-sections and two babies and #ihavesufferedenough

  56. Jackie K

    Jackie KMonth ago

    Lol the ending

  57. Moi Vic

    Moi VicMonth ago

    Eww new glasses

  58. sharon sharon

    sharon sharonMonth ago

    3sections!!!!!😂😂😂😂 I am done!

  59. FacedByFoxxyy

    FacedByFoxxyyMonth ago

    She’s funny and pretty

  60. Carissa Ingratta

    Carissa IngrattaMonth ago

    lol I’m still breast feeding a 18 months old and she says “mommy milk” my husband says I think she’s done lol. 🥛

  61. Ex-Poser Toons

    Ex-Poser ToonsMonth ago

    Absolutely shit

  62. Tommy Mak

    Tommy MakMonth ago

    Love Ali Wong!!!!!

  63. AE Beauty

    AE BeautyMonth ago

    i fkn love her

  64. KatsObsession

    KatsObsessionMonth ago

    Spirit animal is that you?

  65. Peter Ganovsky

    Peter GanovskyMonth ago

    this is so funny omg

  66. midaliase

    midaliaseMonth ago

    I'm like Ellen. Now I need to save.

  67. Awakened Vegan Mama

    Awakened Vegan MamaMonth ago

    I LOVE the way Ellen lives her life! I feel like everyone should live their lives like that.

  68. Kendra Lewis

    Kendra LewisMonth ago

    Love her! Yes! We've suffered enough!

  69. Gavin Batker

    Gavin BatkerMonth ago

    oh ELLEN that JACKET! 🔥😍

  70. ramblerjam

    ramblerjamMonth ago

    I love her 😂

  71. Magic Power

    Magic PowerMonth ago


  72. Natalya Sawicki

    Natalya SawickiMonth ago

    This was HILARIOUS

  73. JennaMarbles

    JennaMarblesMonth ago

    It was unnecessary and uncomfortable when Ellen told her how to be and act towards HER money.

  74. sydandtaytum

    sydandtaytumMonth ago

    ? really? i didnt find it that way. rich people that act cheap is so sad to me.

  75. Liz Hicks

    Liz HicksMonth ago

    Two phenomenal women! Love you Ali and Ellen!

  76. Lexi Michelle

    Lexi MichelleMonth ago

    I love her so much!!😂😂

  77. Melissa Misinco

    Melissa MisincoMonth ago

    I. Love her !

  78. ghandidecv

    ghandidecvMonth ago

    Hahahah Hilarious! Can't stop laughing...I feel her

  79. spoyledbratt

    spoyledbrattMonth ago

    So happy that she is enjoying so much success now.

  80. Dominique McQueen

    Dominique McQueenMonth ago

    I'd kick her in the neck for rationing my thin mints too! LoL

  81. Zoe Young

    Zoe YoungMonth ago

    Chooses to have children.. New drinking game is everytime she says "I've suffered enough".😒

  82. James Frew

    James FrewMonth ago

    If only we could all have more Ali Wong and Ellen in our lives...

  83. Nana Roslan

    Nana RoslanMonth ago

    You know you’re Asian when you refused to subscribe to Netflix. So proud of you, gurrrl. 🤣

  84. sue she

    sue sheMonth ago

    Hubbys hot

  85. T. Carter

    T. CarterMonth ago

    Next stand up titled “I’ve Suffered Enough”

  86. Jade Chen

    Jade ChenMonth ago

    YES Law of Attraction! I'm excited for Ellen to hear about the Law of the Universe, the Mystic Law and Namyohorengekyo

  87. Haze Lady

    Haze LadyMonth ago

    I really gave her a chance and watch her on Netflix but I couldn’t find any humor nor connect it didn’t sound funny to me it just sounded like a selfish women complaining about being a mother

  88. beauty4u132

    beauty4u132Month ago

    I love her

  89. Pu Koh

    Pu KohMonth ago

    Oh Ellen. “I grew up poor but I’m just going to spend all the money.” That’s the advice your going to give to America? After you had the GFC?

  90. Brandy Holloway

    Brandy HollowayMonth ago

    This woman is so freaking funny! She killed me with her stand-ups. Everything she says is SO true!

  91. Stefannia Camero

    Stefannia CameroMonth ago

    I got Xanax for pain killers 😂

  92. Sarita Kumari

    Sarita KumariMonth ago

    she is so good

  93. MsKsmith1234

    MsKsmith1234Month ago

    I saw Ali at a comedy gig in LA 2 years ago. She was bloody awesome

  94. aviana Leo

    aviana LeoMonth ago

    stupid b****

  95. Jennifer W

    Jennifer WMonth ago

    Wonder what Andy’s punishment was.

  96. Sarah Churchill

    Sarah ChurchillMonth ago

    She is everything, I love her so much.

  97. K. Slaughter

    K. SlaughterMonth ago

    Preach! I have suffers ENOUGH! I am having my last one this year. We don’t have to live like that no more in these times!😩😂

  98. Jeannie Gage

    Jeannie GageMonth ago

    OMG. thanks for that!

  99. Helenaelena

    HelenaelenaMonth ago

    Ellen was preaching at 4:06 if you hold back with the same fears you had when you were suffering, you are only hindering your progress 🙌🏽 thoughts are powerful

  100. Alyssa

    AlyssaMonth ago

    She's funny as!

  101. super mom

    super momMonth ago

    i love you Ali are so nice ...make me smile and laugh and honestly you are so honest ...