Molly Makes Egg-in-a-Hole Sandwich with Bacon and Cheddar | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  1. Molly Baz

    Molly Baz10 days ago

    I mean....who can resist a Crispy McCrisperson Egg in a Hole bacon egg and cheese?!? Get after it and report back!

  2. GUNKLE #1

    GUNKLE #16 days ago

    As long as you're not talking it would be ok

  3. Priscilla

    Priscilla7 days ago

    Molly Baz I can. Looks like a heart attack on a plate no thanks.

  4. Asia Janae

    Asia Janae7 days ago

    Can you come and live with me pleaseeee. Because that looked so good

  5. iiOcBx

    iiOcBx2 hours ago

    One side looked okay. The other was burnt asf

  6. cooler 45

    cooler 457 hours ago

    Tried to make this got sick...

  7. tracy smith

    tracy smith10 hours ago

    I was totally thinking "hangover food."

  8. Justin Y’s Herald

    Justin Y’s Herald14 hours ago

    Bone smack the teeth

  9. RetardPwnage

    RetardPwnage16 hours ago

    Someone at ba tell the lovely lady she is wonderful to watch, great sense of humour and a really cool vibe, her engagement ring looks amazing.

  10. John King

    John King23 hours ago


  11. PopBubbleWrappable

    PopBubbleWrappable23 hours ago

    People use cookie cutters to cut a hole in bread?

  12. Daniel May

    Daniel MayDay ago


  13. MWYANT19

    MWYANT19Day ago

    everything burned tho?

  14. MWYANT19

    MWYANT19Day ago

    sorry molly but you lost all credibility on that bacon cook

  15. Agus Spangler

    Agus SpanglerDay ago

    sorry but the bread is burn

  16. Anthony Galang

    Anthony Galang2 days ago

    I love Molly

  17. DWoodyTube

    DWoodyTube2 days ago

    This girl is adorable

  18. Mark Tracy

    Mark Tracy2 days ago

    Bread is more like Burnie McBurnt

  19. Hans Hoerdemann

    Hans Hoerdemann2 days ago

    That was a great pun, but you really didn't do it on purpose? C'mon.

  20. elchamber

    elchamber2 days ago

    She’s so cute.

  21. alexis carfrae

    alexis carfrae2 days ago

    I wish these videos had good cc’s

  22. RayRay Hz

    RayRay Hz2 days ago

    Tokhde morgh?! Andy ma boi get ya head in the gaaame its tokhmmmmme morgh

  23. Sabrina Ayu Fitria

    Sabrina Ayu Fitria3 days ago

    Pubg pan

  24. JJ

    JJ3 days ago

    a bit burnt for me on the outside but like the recipe. will try.

  25. John Asmr

    John Asmr3 days ago

    That egg is about raw like wth

  26. Robert Lawton

    Robert Lawton4 days ago

    The critique you didn't ask for: The whole, "this makes two" business was unnecessary and distracting. Pouring off the bacon grease wouldn't have been necessary if you'd just cooked up the two slices of bacon the sandwich required. Including unnecessary steps just muddies up the instructions. "Hangover food?" You've just combined two different ideas - something revolting and something delicious. Why?

  27. Cosa cucino oggi?

    Cosa cucino oggi?4 days ago

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  28. Nodearb Skärsgard

    Nodearb Skärsgard4 days ago

    Wifey 😍

  29. Lance Manyon

    Lance Manyon4 days ago

    Why put both eggs in the middle ? Space them apart so you dont get bites of just bread.

  30. gvstradamvs

    gvstradamvs4 days ago

    Ditzy-sounding. A laborious watch.

  31. Steve Abbott

    Steve Abbott4 days ago

    I’m no detective but the bacon that ended up on the samich was not the bacon from the pan

  32. Chris A

    Chris A4 days ago

    toad in a hole

  33. mmnooo

    mmnooo4 days ago

    I want Molly to make it every morning!

  34. Arya Afshar M.

    Arya Afshar M.4 days ago

    Dude Andy, Not Tokhtemorgh, it's Tokhmemorgh, MM

  35. neilwiththedeal

    neilwiththedeal4 days ago

    she freaky. I mean c'mon... TWO eggs in a hole??

  36. Ryan The Dog

    Ryan The Dog4 days ago

    Little eggy in a basket , Little eggy in a nest

  37. Mayor Doctor

    Mayor Doctor4 days ago

    low key genius here. offset the eggs to opposite sides of each slice of bread for maxiimum egg to bite ratio.

  38. California West

    California West4 days ago

    That look nasty burnt as sandwich u need some training girl !!!

  39. Dina Afkhampour

    Dina Afkhampour4 days ago

    Its tokhmeh morgh bah noon bish -- stop butchering the Farsi

  40. Mitch Stone

    Mitch Stone4 days ago

    Ancient recipe!

  41. Thomas Hansen

    Thomas Hansen5 days ago

    Was going ok, but you couldn't finish the word "moment" we are failing as a society.

  42. Pamela Taylor

    Pamela Taylor5 days ago

    That don't look good y'all 🍞 bread was burnt

  43. Taylor Nguyen

    Taylor Nguyen5 days ago

    idk bout yall but Molly is high key 🔥 af

  44. uutuber431

    uutuber4315 days ago

    the heart attack sandwich

  45. james rearden

    james rearden5 days ago

    ok...fine, she's charming...

  46. TRUMP2016 Local187 WallBuilders Union

    TRUMP2016 Local187 WallBuilders Union5 days ago

    Ill eat mollys egg hole all day 😸

  47. manuel ponce

    manuel ponce5 days ago

    I like molly more molly!

  48. the government

    the government5 days ago

    Lord that looks so goooooooooood

  49. Padishah

    Padishah6 days ago

    She butchered the Farsi hard lmao glad she tried tho

  50. Flow2flo 21

    Flow2flo 216 days ago

    Yummmmm errrr 😊😋

  51. Sally Montgomery

    Sally Montgomery6 days ago

    I feel like you've done everything except a burrito

  52. grierk

    grierk6 days ago

    We call it a “one-eyed Gypsy”

  53. Hello There

    Hello There6 days ago

    Who else wishes the pastry chef would make pocky?🙋‍♀️

  54. Caleb L

    Caleb L6 days ago

    Dang she's cute

  55. GameOverCasanova

    GameOverCasanova6 days ago

    It's been 4 days since a new episode. I'm going through withdrawals. Need more Brad and Vincenzo

  56. Wish I Still Had Ultra Instinct

    Wish I Still Had Ultra Instinct6 days ago

    *NO* sandwich is a "knife and fork kind of a sandwich"

  57. Dom

    Dom6 days ago

    I want her to flip me over and kiss me like she did to those slices of bread. 😍

  58. Dom

    Dom6 days ago

    She nutted when she heard his Iranian.

  59. FlameMe2020

    FlameMe20206 days ago

    that's burnt. you cant cook haha!!

  60. Kiel Quacoo

    Kiel Quacoo6 days ago

    She resembles the chick from 50 shades

  61. Steven D

    Steven D6 days ago

    looks delicious! i would even offset the holes so that you get some egg in every bite.

  62. Kevon Lyle

    Kevon Lyle6 days ago

    god that pretentious dude ruins this channel.

  63. Amazon Amanda

    Amazon Amanda6 days ago

    This is making me hungry😊

  64. Yup nope

    Yup nope7 days ago

    FYI, that is called a “one-eyed jack”, not egg in a hole. You are welcome

  65. Sondra Gazin

    Sondra Gazin7 days ago

    I actually like burnt toast😁

  66. takemethere78

    takemethere787 days ago

    I hate a runny egg sandwich but love how it was made

  67. Ed Cohen

    Ed Cohen7 days ago

    I pretty much just seeing exactly what I'm looking for. and I am not talking about the sandwich

  68. apexxy

    apexxy7 days ago

    Heart attack.

  69. Go Figure

    Go Figure7 days ago

    Molly > Claire

  70. bo zhao

    bo zhao7 days ago

    Chinese food is best food in the world

  71. DevInvest

    DevInvest7 days ago

    Put a couple tablespoons of WATER 💦 in the pan, cover, instead of trying to flip it.. the steam will poach the top part of the egg while the bottom is still browning Then continue as indicated..

  72. dominique p

    dominique p7 days ago

    My mom loves egg in a whole. I know what I’m making her for Mother’s Day now!

  73. BashenManTV

    BashenManTV7 days ago

    You burned the toast!!! Always cook the egg and bread at the SAME TIME! And cut your bacon in half at an angle before you cook it. Looks prettier. And never season egg as they're cooking!! Only season cooked eggs!