Molly Makes Egg-in-a-Hole Sandwich with Bacon and Cheddar | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  1. Molly Baz

    Molly Baz10 months ago

    I mean....who can resist a Crispy McCrisperson Egg in a Hole bacon egg and cheese?!? Get after it and report back!

  2. luis leal

    luis leal29 days ago

    Molly Baz molly your so cute, are you married ?

  3. Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    Quintus Aurelius SymmachusMonth ago

    "This is a knife and fork kind of sandwich, if you hadn't noticed." challenge accepted.

  4. Kate Holdsworth

    Kate Holdsworth2 months ago

    +Amanda Novak please @molly

  5. Natalie Fiddlesworth

    Natalie Fiddlesworth2 months ago

    Molly Baz Mouse in a Hole Sandwich! Perfect! The most genius idea I’ve seen in a while!

  6. H. Wong

    H. Wong2 months ago

    marry me 😍

  7. vedi0boy

    vedi0boy23 hours ago

    “It’s something your dad would make”...”it’s perfect hangover food”... 🤔 is my dad an alcoholic?

  8. Christina Romanow

    Christina RomanowDay ago

    molly's my faveee

  9. novembermember

    novembermember8 days ago

    She looks Irish and sounds like she’s from Queens. The USA is so strange.

  10. Stephen Sullivan

    Stephen Sullivan12 days ago

    chuck a pat of butter in the cast iron...cover with a round cookie pan. the steam off the butter...and the trapped heat, will cook the top of the egg.

  11. Zoe Frie

    Zoe Frie17 days ago

    These were known as birdie in the nests when I was a kid

  12. negar pt

    negar pt17 days ago

    Andy, darling... it's "tokhme morgh ba noon"... I think you only got the "noon" part right.😅😅

  13. Jordan Rhorer

    Jordan Rhorer19 days ago

    Aye it’s a one eyed pirate. That’s i

  14. killerpitdbo

    killerpitdbo20 days ago


  15. FeistyDutch

    FeistyDutch27 days ago

    molly is such a dork and I love it haha

  16. raam noor

    raam noor27 days ago

    It’s tokhme-morgh not tokhte-morgh Had to correct him. I’m a pronunciation nazi im sorry I’ll be on my way now!

  17. Peter Mulhall

    Peter Mulhall28 days ago

    Molly is da bomb!!!!

  18. paperbackwriter1111

    paperbackwriter1111Month ago

    Cholesterol sandwich.

  19. suzie Q.

    suzie Q.Month ago

    I never knew test kitchens could be this fun. I think I need to go to cooking school.

  20. Katie Ryan

    Katie RyanMonth ago

    I just need to point out that getting rid of the bread from the hole is a sin.

  21. poo head

    poo headMonth ago

    Hellllooooo molly 😁😏

  22. Alice Deathbelle

    Alice DeathbelleMonth ago

    They look kinda burnt

  23. joe 727

    joe 727Month ago

    My parents always called it Bullseye Bread

  24. Elecktrolyte

    ElecktrolyteMonth ago

    She is so pretty

  25. Kaitlyn Hearn

    Kaitlyn HearnMonth ago

    It's a bullseye👌

  26. Mihir patel

    Mihir patelMonth ago

    That one youtube video with a pig named Chris P. Bacon

  27. Dale Lester

    Dale LesterMonth ago

    I can't believe she said that's hangover food 🤣😂

  28. josh grant

    josh grantMonth ago

    cook your bacon on a cookie sheet in the oven at 340. no preheating, You don't have to touch it at all and it stays flat and doesn't make a mess

  29. Ingrid Dubbel

    Ingrid DubbelMonth ago

    Molly needs to speak like an adult. Loathe her peurile abriviations.

  30. Bradley Jones

    Bradley JonesMonth ago

    Just a mom...

  31. J G

    J GMonth ago

    Bread is toasted to charcoal. Turn down the heat and monitor your bread a lot closer. Not rocket science. :/

  32. Alexis Hayashi

    Alexis HayashiMonth ago

    Crispy mccrisperson

  33. Mike Hunt

    Mike HuntMonth ago

    Hmmm...looks great. Needs mayo. Bread was burnt. Might wanna flip it over then start the egg. Will be trying this one . Thanks for sharing!

  34. Thanos Panousis

    Thanos PanousisMonth ago

    Now kiss

  35. Madd Dr. Ew

    Madd Dr. EwMonth ago

    That's a burnt toast..... Ooooooooh then I saw a jump edit and it's not burnt anymore

  36. Mmmommy MM

    Mmmommy MM2 months ago

    Omg thank u..

  37. Jojo

    Jojo2 months ago

    Well... I would probably make the holes further to the side instead of the middle so I would have egg with almost every bite 😁

  38. LaDonna Young

    LaDonna Young2 months ago

    You almost had me. But where's the tomato, lettuce, dill pickle, mayo, and spicy brown mustard?. 😏



    Mi receta preferida una delicia muy semplice,que tradicion en carnavales ,Es pan bagano con leche y despues frito ,y despues unto completamente con azucar, ,para coner con fruta o helado o solo es muy rico ,el pan tiene que ser rustico o rebanadas grandes ,ok un gusto espero me lo haceis en vuestro programa tan actual y entretenido muakkkk 😇



    I lile to much bon apetit,

  41. Ashy Pharoah

    Ashy Pharoah2 months ago

    Or you can just fry some bacon and eggs and put them on some bread with cheese lmao I don't understand this recipe

  42. Matthew Stewart-Shaver

    Matthew Stewart-Shaver2 months ago

    You call it an egg in a hole... I know it as a bullseye

  43. shahram72

    shahram722 months ago

    Hey shoutout to Iranian-Americans in the beginning. Thank you.

  44. Daniel Uchanski

    Daniel Uchanski2 months ago

    Is this food for millennials?

  45. tardis2005

    tardis20052 months ago

    My youngest son learned to make these when he was a boy scout. He's loved them ever since. I'll have to tell him about making it a sandwich.

  46. Ronnie W

    Ronnie W2 months ago

    The machine brought me here

  47. Old mate Gold

    Old mate Gold2 months ago

    Please go on something’s burning with Bert . Molly is the best

  48. MantisToboggan

    MantisToboggan2 months ago

    Her face lighting up when she realizes the pun is just the cutest thing ever

  49. Peter Tran

    Peter Tran3 months ago

    Low key burnt

  50. Tiny Room Studio

    Tiny Room Studio3 months ago

    my dad called them "One Eyes" as in "I'm making One Eyes for breakfast. Do you want one?" me: no, i just want the toasted cut outs they always turned out with the exterior of the egg too crispy (i'm not a fan of crisped fried eggs), but with the interior whites still disgusting and partially runny

  51. First Last

    First Last3 months ago

    Less heat!

  52. Kyle Rozek

    Kyle Rozek3 months ago

    No such thing as a "knife and fork" sandwich.

  53. Craig Anderson

    Craig Anderson3 months ago

    I made this at home & it was pretty damn good

  54. Donna Fields

    Donna Fields3 months ago

    Ohh that is one tasty looking sandwich!! will definitely try this!

  55. huhhman

    huhhman3 months ago

    You burned it

  56. Lebannen Schwucker

    Lebannen Schwucker3 months ago

    iz burnt

  57. Raymond Yip

    Raymond Yip3 months ago

    hole in bread with egg is called birds nest as binging with babish said.

  58. Cameron

    Cameron3 months ago

    So a nest egg sandwich..

  59. Ivonne Garcia-Meitin

    Ivonne Garcia-Meitin4 months ago

    Great presentation, thanks

  60. Douglas Lawson

    Douglas Lawson4 months ago

    the amazing Molly McMolly sunshine sammich

  61. Noland

    Noland4 months ago

    i'd like to see her hole

  62. Jane Poultney

    Jane Poultney4 months ago

    It's called egg in a nest. How come nobody knows that?

  63. Ben -

    Ben -4 months ago

    Props for not endorsing store bought bread like every other youtube recipe.

  64. pj

    pj4 months ago


  65. Sand Dreams

    Sand Dreams4 months ago

    nice apron, but where did you get the beige one ?

  66. Amruta Mahajan

    Amruta Mahajan4 months ago

    I. Love. Molly.

  67. Cooking with Anadi

    Cooking with Anadi5 months ago

    Need to try it, seems yummy! Would make an awesome lunch!

  68. Doogerauoy Sihtdaer

    Doogerauoy Sihtdaer5 months ago

    She’s a keeper. 😀

  69. padlockbeats

    padlockbeats5 months ago

    In Australia it's called toad in the hole.. don't ask me why

  70. Chet Coyote

    Chet Coyote5 months ago

    Looks so delicious 😊 sandwich isn't that bad either 😛

  71. Apa Login Nya

    Apa Login Nya5 months ago

    Muslim don't eat pork

  72. ellebellx14

    ellebellx145 months ago

    Growing up I always called an egg in the hole a “bunny puff” idk why or where is came from but that’s what I know it as forever and always

  73. Sumanth Siddartha

    Sumanth Siddartha5 months ago

    The hole is better than some of it's parts

  74. h8su1

    h8su15 months ago

    id put and egg in her hole weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  75. parsia1363

    parsia13635 months ago

    Yeah buddy, "TOKHMEMORGH BA NOON" that was a cool persian surprise there! You should definitely do a Persian food episode !

  76. Marienkarpfen

    Marienkarpfen5 months ago

    perfect hangover food because you can't eat it otherwise

  77. Andie Jakelin

    Andie Jakelin5 months ago

    this looks so good but i feel like id die if i ate it 😂

  78. James Holliday Ormond

    James Holliday Ormond5 months ago

    My mom calls it “hole in one”

  79. SnowySnugglekins

    SnowySnugglekins5 months ago

    another for the collection: sock in the eye! to this day idk why we call it that, makes jack all sense

  80. Grawbad

    Grawbad5 months ago

    Bird's nest is what we called them.

  81. Brandon Acevedo

    Brandon Acevedo5 months ago

    Put some fresh avacodo and its become 3 times more powerful

  82. The SavJav

    The SavJav5 months ago

    That looks SO GOOD

  83. Joshua Siden

    Joshua Siden5 months ago

    My WIFE

  84. Jose Sandoval

    Jose Sandoval5 months ago


  85. SAM

    SAM5 months ago

    2:20 lol I like the way she says “Dats gud”

  86. V. K. Levigne

    V. K. Levigne5 months ago

    I love these videos, and the atmosphere is so friendly too! So friendly in fact that I am starting as a line cook next week! The ba test kitchen has inspired me to elevate my kitchen skills not only at home but on my resume as well! Please keep up the fun, informative and tasty informationals, much love from Massachusetts

  87. Jack Twomey

    Jack Twomey5 months ago

    This is birds in a nest

  88. ongally

    ongally5 months ago

    Honestly just give molly a show

  89. Indi

    Indi5 months ago

    God damn talk about wifey material. Hmu Molly. 😪

  90. Orlando Mendez

    Orlando Mendez5 months ago

    0:12 panties status: creamed

  91. Lavar_Ball

    Lavar_Ball5 months ago

    Burnt that toast girl

  92. ExopMan

    ExopMan5 months ago

    Also called cyclops

  93. PumpkinPie

    PumpkinPie5 months ago

    i make it gooder

  94. Chris R

    Chris R5 months ago

    why do americans use fatty streaky bacon instead of higher quality back bacon

  95. what

    what5 months ago

    imagine thinking ham is better than bacon

  96. hgfaBC Chen

    hgfaBC Chen5 months ago

    The metal tray where she initially put her cooked bacon in looks foul

  97. Chris Davis

    Chris Davis5 months ago

    Marry me please.

  98. Rey Kenobi

    Rey Kenobi5 months ago

    My single-most concern in this delicious looking recipe is the acrylamide content in that dark charred toast.

  99. what

    what5 months ago

    no one cares

  100. Rey Kenobi

    Rey Kenobi5 months ago

    says the one who cared enough to ironic!

  101. what

    what5 months ago

    no one cares about your opinion

  102. Nate

    Nate5 months ago

    3:31 can I have a molly in my life please. tnx

  103. Virgo Heart

    Virgo Heart5 months ago

    Yummm!!! "Perfect hangover food" lol

  104. Dylan W

    Dylan W5 months ago

    Does anyone know what kind of pepper grinder they use in the kitchen? It grinds so well!

  105. Rose Floriano

    Rose Floriano5 months ago

    Egg in a frame!

  106. Leo Joey

    Leo Joey5 months ago

    we call it tele-tubby toast in South Africa

  107. Adrean Flores

    Adrean Flores5 months ago

    Just a mom

  108. Geo Mondiale

    Geo Mondiale5 months ago

    Another winner Molly!

  109. JoeyHustleOG

    JoeyHustleOG6 months ago

    Yo I could watch her do ANYTHING