Molly Makes Egg-in-a-Hole Sandwich with Bacon and Cheddar | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  1. Molly Baz

    Molly Baz7 months ago

    I mean....who can resist a Crispy McCrisperson Egg in a Hole bacon egg and cheese?!? Get after it and report back!

  2. majcrash

    majcrashMonth ago

    +Shenan Hawkins Add a little lettuce, onion and tomato slice tossed in a little vinaigrette. Yum!

  3. majcrash

    majcrashMonth ago

    +RJ Clayton It would be difficult to properly cook both sides of the egg.

  4. majcrash

    majcrashMonth ago

    +Onur Onat Sürmeli Slacker.

  5. Eric Wohnlich

    Eric Wohnlich2 months ago

    Crispy McCrisperson is the literal translation of Croque Monsieur right?

  6. First Last

    First LastHour ago

    Less heat!

  7. Kyle Rozek

    Kyle Rozek4 days ago

    No such thing as a "knife and fork" sandwich.

  8. Craig Anderson

    Craig Anderson4 days ago

    I made this at home & it was pretty damn good

  9. Donna Fields

    Donna Fields12 days ago

    Ohh that is one tasty looking sandwich!! will definitely try this!

  10. huhhman

    huhhman15 days ago

    You burned it

  11. Lebannen Schwucker

    Lebannen Schwucker16 days ago

    iz burnt

  12. Raymond Yip

    Raymond Yip16 days ago

    hole in bread with egg is called birds nest as binging with babish said.

  13. Cameron

    Cameron17 days ago

    So a nest egg sandwich..

  14. Ivonne Garcia-Meitin

    Ivonne Garcia-MeitinMonth ago

    Great presentation, thanks

  15. Douglas Lawson

    Douglas LawsonMonth ago

    the amazing Molly McMolly sunshine sammich

  16. Noland Sawyer

    Noland SawyerMonth ago

    i'd like to see her hole

  17. Jane Poultney

    Jane PoultneyMonth ago

    It's called egg in a nest. How come nobody knows that?

  18. Ben -

    Ben -Month ago

    Props for not endorsing store bought bread like every other youtube recipe.

  19. pj

    pjMonth ago


  20. Sand Dreams

    Sand DreamsMonth ago

    nice apron, but where did you get the beige one ?

  21. Amruta Mahajan

    Amruta MahajanMonth ago

    I. Love. Molly.

  22. Cooking with Anadi

    Cooking with AnadiMonth ago

    Need to try it, seems yummy! Would make an awesome lunch!

  23. Doogerauoy Sihtdaer

    Doogerauoy SihtdaerMonth ago

    She’s a keeper. 😀

  24. padlockbeats

    padlockbeatsMonth ago

    In Australia it's called toad in the hole.. don't ask me why

  25. Chet Coyote

    Chet CoyoteMonth ago

    Looks so delicious 😊 sandwich isn't that bad either 😛

  26. Apa Login Nya

    Apa Login Nya2 months ago

    Muslim don't eat pork

  27. ellebellx14

    ellebellx142 months ago

    Growing up I always called an egg in the hole a “bunny puff” idk why or where is came from but that’s what I know it as forever and always

  28. Sumanth Siddartha

    Sumanth Siddartha2 months ago

    The hole is better than some of it's parts

  29. h8su1

    h8su12 months ago

    id put and egg in her hole weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  30. parsia1363

    parsia13632 months ago

    Yeah buddy, "TOKHMEMORGH BA NOON" that was a cool persian surprise there! You should definitely do a Persian food episode !

  31. Marienkarpfen

    Marienkarpfen2 months ago

    perfect hangover food because you can't eat it otherwise

  32. Andie Jakelin

    Andie Jakelin2 months ago

    this looks so good but i feel like id die if i ate it 😂

  33. James Holliday Ormond

    James Holliday Ormond2 months ago

    My mom calls it “hole in one”

  34. SnowySnugglekins

    SnowySnugglekins2 months ago

    another for the collection: sock in the eye! to this day idk why we call it that, makes jack all sense

  35. Grawbad

    Grawbad2 months ago

    Bird's nest is what we called them.

  36. Brandon Acevedo

    Brandon Acevedo2 months ago

    Put some fresh avacodo and its become 3 times more powerful

  37. The SavJav

    The SavJav2 months ago

    That looks SO GOOD

  38. Joshua Siden

    Joshua Siden2 months ago

    My WIFE

  39. Jose Sandoval

    Jose Sandoval2 months ago


  40. SAM

    SAM2 months ago

    2:20 lol I like the way she says “Dats gud”

  41. V. K. Levigne

    V. K. Levigne2 months ago

    I love these videos, and the atmosphere is so friendly too! So friendly in fact that I am starting as a line cook next week! The ba test kitchen has inspired me to elevate my kitchen skills not only at home but on my resume as well! Please keep up the fun, informative and tasty informationals, much love from Massachusetts

  42. Jack Twomey

    Jack Twomey2 months ago

    This is birds in a nest

  43. ongally

    ongally2 months ago

    Honestly just give molly a show

  44. Indigold

    Indigold2 months ago

    God damn talk about wifey material. Hmu Molly. 😪

  45. Orlando Mendez

    Orlando Mendez2 months ago

    0:12 panties status: creamed

  46. Lavar_Ball

    Lavar_Ball2 months ago

    Burnt that toast girl

  47. ExopMan

    ExopMan2 months ago

    Also called cyclops

  48. PumpkinPie

    PumpkinPie2 months ago

    i make it gooder

  49. Chris R

    Chris R2 months ago

    why do americans use fatty streaky bacon instead of higher quality back bacon

  50. what

    what2 months ago

    imagine thinking ham is better than bacon

  51. hgfaBC Chen

    hgfaBC Chen2 months ago

    The metal tray where she initially put her cooked bacon in looks foul

  52. Chris Davis

    Chris Davis2 months ago

    Marry me please.

  53. Rey Kenobi

    Rey Kenobi2 months ago

    My single-most concern in this delicious looking recipe is the acrylamide content in that dark charred toast.

  54. what

    what2 months ago

    no one cares

  55. Rey Kenobi

    Rey Kenobi2 months ago

    says the one who cared enough to ironic!

  56. what

    what2 months ago

    no one cares about your opinion

  57. Nate

    Nate2 months ago

    3:31 can I have a molly in my life please. tnx

  58. Virgo Heart

    Virgo Heart2 months ago

    Yummm!!! "Perfect hangover food" lol

  59. Dylan W

    Dylan W2 months ago

    Does anyone know what kind of pepper grinder they use in the kitchen? It grinds so well!

  60. Rose Floriano

    Rose Floriano2 months ago

    Egg in a frame!

  61. Leo Joey

    Leo Joey2 months ago

    we call it tele-tubby toast in South Africa

  62. Adrean Flores

    Adrean Flores2 months ago

    Just a mom

  63. Geo Mondiale

    Geo Mondiale2 months ago

    Another winner Molly!

  64. JoeyHustleOG

    JoeyHustleOG2 months ago

    Yo I could watch her do ANYTHING

  65. Jamine Aponte

    Jamine Aponte2 months ago

    I HATE when Molly abbreviates words... my eyes roll so hard every time. "just a mome" .... STAHHP!

  66. mashu merii

    mashu merii2 months ago

    2:19 thats *gut*

  67. Austin DeBrito

    Austin DeBrito2 months ago

    Gypsy toast! This was a mainstay in college. Looks delicious!

  68. tharaki0kurt

    tharaki0kurt2 months ago

    Its burnt!

  69. Dominic dekelaita

    Dominic dekelaita2 months ago

    Dude that looks like a roof of the mouth destroyer

  70. Zeef

    Zeef2 months ago

    Awww, that bread is burnt up, bless her heart.

  71. KZEnvy08

    KZEnvy083 months ago

    3:40 😂😂😂😂

  72. GHOST9

    GHOST93 months ago

    Why do u burn or overcook EVERYTHING??

  73. Jack Pooper

    Jack Pooper3 months ago

    i only clicked cause mollys hot

  74. Bravo25

    Bravo253 months ago

    Molly feels good in a moo moo

  75. Liz Lanham

    Liz Lanham3 months ago


  76. T Wilson

    T Wilson3 months ago

    Love's the iron....

  77. Leon Rosenbaum

    Leon Rosenbaum3 months ago

    Please bare four of the nine children I plan to father

  78. Jorge Diaz

    Jorge Diaz3 months ago

    That OH MY GOD at the beginning melts my heart

  79. Louie le King

    Louie le King3 months ago

    Had to take the like bAck for that pun.

  80. Danny Carbona

    Danny Carbona3 months ago

    Toad in the hole.

  81. MissAquaGamer

    MissAquaGamer3 months ago

    I’ve never seen an apron like that. Also I didn’t get the pub, I suck at life.

  82. Whoman ?

    Whoman ?3 months ago

    i didn’t know this guy was from iran! hello there brother✌🏻🇮🇷 ps:good thing you got out of this place... you know what i’m talking about😉

  83. lKaos66

    lKaos663 months ago


  84. Elizar Sto.Domingo

    Elizar Sto.Domingo3 months ago

    I love this recipe

  85. Djxkoxx F

    Djxkoxx F3 months ago

    Who’s the dude that always talks behind the camera??

  86. J G

    J G3 months ago

    Don't forget to toast the rounds you cut out. Dip those in the egg yolk!

  87. light overcomes_

    light overcomes_3 months ago

    I love your weird little phrases and sayings, Molly. You are awesome.

  88. Yamil Yamil

    Yamil Yamil3 months ago

    Where is her accent from?

  89. ivanna hallup

    ivanna hallup3 months ago

    Made this this morning with vegetarian bacon (lightlife) and it was amazing. Thank you Molly!

  90. Christopher Pritchett

    Christopher Pritchett4 months ago

    We called them birds nests

  91. Ya'll Finished Or Ya'll Done?

    Ya'll Finished Or Ya'll Done?4 months ago

    Burnt the outside, undercooked the inside. Bleh

  92. Oisín O'Sullivan

    Oisín O'SullivanMonth ago

    +what chill , he's right you nazi

  93. what

    what2 months ago

    no one cares about your opinion

  94. Todd Long

    Todd Long4 months ago

    We called these birds nests when I was growing up.

  95. Jack Hanigan

    Jack Hanigan4 months ago

    one eyed jack

  96. Emma Hermans

    Emma Hermans4 months ago

    Conduct match adoption uorecn ball leap ghost northeast device wow gym turn glance.

  97. Nathan Wilson

    Nathan Wilson4 months ago

    If you want to move to Australia and cook that on Saturday morning, I'm up for marriage

  98. human or machine?

    human or machine?4 months ago

    Carla, Claire, and Molly are my favorite people on this channel.

  99. Athena

    Athena4 months ago

    It’s a bird’s nest!

  100. BunglesBreh

    BunglesBreh4 months ago

    nice burnt sandwich molly

  101. Thomas Stacy

    Thomas Stacy4 months ago

    toad in a hole. egg in a nest.

  102. Katie Shaw

    Katie Shaw4 months ago

    Fry the circles of bread you cut out to mop up with

  103. Ryan Fick

    Ryan Fick4 months ago

    Molly can burn my bread anytime she wants.

  104. Jezza

    Jezza4 months ago

    Or we can call it Croque Madame :)

  105. Henry Liao

    Henry Liao4 months ago

    Molly just has to flaunt that rock and break all our hearts doesnt she? All our hopes and dreams, gone

  106. Jonathan Schiedermayer

    Jonathan Schiedermayer4 months ago

    Looks awesome, wish my dad made that, lost me right away. slicing bread. so bourgie. oh well

  107. FannniePac BlasteR

    FannniePac BlasteR4 months ago

    Did Molly just get all hot and bothered over Andy’s Iranian sentence?! 😂👍

  108. xeromage

    xeromage4 months ago

    Am I the only person who doesn't put salt and pepper on everything I cook?

  109. Sidney Mathious

    Sidney Mathious4 months ago

    That is a neat breakfast and it must be so delicious too. I have to try cooking my breakfast and enjoy the deliciousness.

  110. Sam grg

    Sam grg5 months ago

    Molly’s sandwich is burnt as hell.She think like she is a pro😭