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MNEK - Colour (Lyric Video) ft. Hailee Steinfeld


  1. Jazzylin Feilicia

    Jazzylin Feilicia2 days ago

    the lyrics video it's so cute

  2. ɴ e e ᴅʏ

    ɴ e e ᴅʏ3 days ago

    C o l o u r 💕

  3. AidenMooreMusic

    AidenMooreMusic10 days ago

    This should be in a target commercial! This is good!

  4. Jodie Nash

    Jodie Nash12 days ago

    Heard in a shop and had to Shazam! Sounds like the Script- Rain ❤️

  5. Dean's Bean

    Dean's Bean13 days ago


  6. aslina panjaitan

    aslina panjaitan16 days ago

    Yes yes yes goooooooood in the singing

  7. Fahmi Fadhila

    Fahmi Fadhila16 days ago


  8. yusila husni fadhilah

    yusila husni fadhilah18 days ago

    i'm in love with this song

  9. - Kaylinn -

    - Kaylinn -22 days ago

    Am I the only one that gets reminded of the giver when I hear this song?

  10. Jaimie xo

    Jaimie xo24 days ago

    “ only you can brighten up my day “☺️🌤✨⚡️🌞🌈 0:48

  11. Irma Fitria

    Irma Fitria25 days ago


  12. erry bear

    erry bear27 days ago

    I’m here because of the bi life show by Courtney Act because I love her more than anything xx

  13. SOGE Gemini

    SOGE GeminiMonth ago




    Tan tan

  15. jeremi

    jeremiMonth ago

    Everything was black and white

  16. GachaVerse4Lyfe

    GachaVerse4LyfeMonth ago


  17. Farnanza Fatra 2 P

    Farnanza Fatra 2 PMonth ago

    Before i came to youtube everything was so fool

  18. cynthia silvyana

    cynthia silvyanaMonth ago

    Heyy, thanks MNEK and Hailee for singing this song. I was struggling with depression these days and I feel like the world is better without me. I feel that I'm not loved, I know I'm loved by God and family but not by my friends. I was going to leave my friend and everything, leaving my community because of my depression. So yesterday my friend and I went to this cafe. We were talking but I still can't tell them how I feel and what I'm struggling with. Even though it seems like they don't care but their presence is always near me. Listen to them laughing makes me laugh too. This song really helps me realizing that all my friends bring colours to my life, even though I may not like the colours that they bring but at least it's not black and white. Thank you so much, now I can be able to fight this depression. Thank you MNEK and Hailee :')

  19. Tiyani Nurdin

    Tiyani NurdinMonth ago

    Good morning ☀ play this song to start up your day~ ♡


    NAJMI GAMINGMonth ago

    im here for hailee to be honest,but i love MNEK"s voice.....i become his fan from now

  21. Kaylee the Pug

    Kaylee the PugMonth ago

    I love this song so much 😍😍😍✌🏻

  22. Benediktus Deamaren

    Benediktus DeamarenMonth ago


  23. NAFIS Napos

    NAFIS NaposMonth ago

    Hailee 😍😍 i love this song

  24. Jessenia Anderson

    Jessenia Anderson2 months ago

    Why is everyone focused on Hailee last time I checked this was MNEK's song??? Hailee did a great job as a FEATURED SINGER!!!

  25. Mita Dewi

    Mita Dewi2 months ago


  26. Meme Servent

    Meme Servent2 months ago

    Too underrated


    FT. PIONEER2 months ago


  28. Mkelly Rosey29

    Mkelly Rosey292 months ago

    This song is stuck in my head

  29. Rizal amin

    Rizal amin2 months ago

    This song gue bingitz

  30. Cahya Ryandika

    Cahya Ryandika2 months ago

    i like this song

  31. Jack jorden

    Jack jorden2 months ago

    You bring colour to my life Bella ^^

  32. Tanushree Thappa

    Tanushree Thappa2 months ago

    Their voices 💕💕👀

  33. sadewa dewa

    sadewa dewa2 months ago

    I like it

  34. Rakhmayanti Dwi Puspitarini

    Rakhmayanti Dwi Puspitarini2 months ago

    This is purrfect for trolls song

  35. Rakhmayanti Dwi Puspitarini

    Rakhmayanti Dwi Puspitarini2 months ago

    Remind me of my friends...

  36. Joshua Hu

    Joshua Hu2 months ago

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  37. Uswah Hasanah

    Uswah Hasanah2 months ago

    Before this song came into my life, everything was black and white

  38. Chris Saravia

    Chris Saravia2 months ago


  39. pizzaftsandwiches

    pizzaftsandwiches2 months ago

    MNEK is the real deal here. Stop ignoring his contribution here.

  40. - . - - . -

    - . - - . -2 months ago

    way too underrated.

  41. Camila Salome

    Camila Salome2 months ago

    this is for gay proud.. well, im not pretty sure but I LOVE THIS SONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  42. Mariale Cerro

    Mariale Cerro2 months ago

    the drawings are everythinggg

  43. Astadewi Kemuning

    Astadewi Kemuning2 months ago


  44. Khansa Aurelia

    Khansa Aurelia2 months ago

    Thank you MNEK

  45. Khansa Aurelia

    Khansa Aurelia2 months ago

    Wow I love color so much

  46. Sherrylin Lee

    Sherrylin Lee3 months ago

  47. Waffle344

    Waffle3443 months ago

    I came here from a ad

  48. Gorka Paskual

    Gorka Paskual3 months ago

    I instantly fell In love when I listened it

  49. Diion Borges

    Diion Borges3 months ago

    Now i all see colours .. 🔂

  50. KP Petrishko

    KP Petrishko3 months ago

    is Mnek gay? Im just asking

  51. Mishka Mendez

    Mishka Mendez3 months ago

    this song is my favorite!

  52. nathaly vargas

    nathaly vargas3 months ago


  53. Rahima Azad

    Rahima Azad3 months ago

    Nice song

  54. Sky And Amari

    Sky And Amari3 months ago


  55. Neesha Hawkins

    Neesha Hawkins3 months ago

    So sweet 😇

  56. Addara Zulfa

    Addara Zulfa3 months ago

    I hope Alan Walker remix this song X

  57. judith chhakchhuak

    judith chhakchhuak3 months ago

    This song was truuu afff

  58. ლNekoლ Gaming

    ლNekoლ Gaming3 months ago

  59. あああ あああ

    あああ あああ3 months ago


  60. Ina Siringo-ringo

    Ina Siringo-ringo3 months ago

    yeaah booiii

  61. Lord Cheetos

    Lord Cheetos3 months ago

    addicted to this

  62. Stacy Haley

    Stacy Haley3 months ago

    this song makes me happy and makes me think of all the memories i had with my dad ;)

  63. I am Killer Bunny

    I am Killer Bunny3 months ago

    Motivational song Heartwarming!

  64. It’s Issa

    It’s Issa3 months ago

    LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 Pride! 🏳️‍🌈

  65. Dawn Lang

    Dawn Lang3 months ago

    I love this song soooo much

  66. Lily D

    Lily D3 months ago

    I’m in loveWith this song it makes me think of my cousin

  67. Kaden Overstreet

    Kaden Overstreet3 months ago

    WE NEED MORE SONGS LIKE THIS. Songs that are just happy and fun that make you feel so good inside.

  68. Ina Siringo-ringo

    Ina Siringo-ringo3 months ago

    I be happy if hear this song

  69. princesse jasmine

    princesse jasmine3 months ago


  70. Diana Sousa

    Diana Sousa3 months ago


  71. Olivia Muir

    Olivia Muir3 months ago

    This is so good it’s my favourite song atm❤️❤️ 🌈

  72. Olivia Muir

    Olivia Muir3 months ago

    Sounds abit like rain by the script at the start

  73. Toxic Vloger

    Toxic Vloger3 months ago

    ❤️💛💓💚 song

  74. Toxic Vloger

    Toxic Vloger3 months ago


  75. Toxic Vloger

    Toxic Vloger3 months ago

    Cool video

  76. Barabay abay

    Barabay abay3 months ago


  77. Barabay abay

    Barabay abay3 months ago

    The best 2:40 😝

  78. Devana VEVO

    Devana VEVO3 months ago

    Slumber is out ☺☺☺☺

  79. Devana VEVO

    Devana VEVO3 months ago

    Hey watch out for Slumber by me and Hailee Steinfeld and Camila Cabello in 1 hr

  80. unkown player

    unkown player3 months ago

    Color or Colour???

  81. toxiccandyx amari

    toxiccandyx amari3 months ago

    Both voices combined make a perfect harmony😍

  82. Rizky ninie

    Rizky ninie3 months ago


  83. ragil septriani

    ragil septriani3 months ago


  84. Julia Bouchard

    Julia Bouchard3 months ago

    Hmm... this ounds familiar.... maybe to all falls down by Alan walker and noah cyrus??

  85. Yolanda Khrisya Darasti

    Yolanda Khrisya Darasti4 months ago


  86. Iyannah Jade Almojela

    Iyannah Jade Almojela4 months ago

    Im in love with this song

  87. Jade Shepherd

    Jade Shepherd4 months ago

    My feel good song atm!

  88. ilyas albani

    ilyas albani4 months ago

    I love this song

  89. Piyali De

    Piyali De4 months ago

    In love

  90. D C

    D C4 months ago

    This song was recommended by my crush and said it was like us. My fav color is yellow and his fave is red. Now I miss him so much.. the rainbow is gone now. My life is black and white again.

  91. senam pgri

    senam pgri4 months ago

    I love colour rainbow

  92. Elizabeth Lacombe

    Elizabeth Lacombe4 months ago


  93. Elizabeth Lacombe

    Elizabeth Lacombe4 months ago

    I love this song

  94. DD Williams

    DD Williams4 months ago

    I am literally IN LOVE with this song. The first time I heard it, I jumped up cause it's a song that is cute and upbeat and happy and fun. LOVE IT!

  95. Adji Pang

    Adji Pang4 months ago


  96. nabila nasyahta

    nabila nasyahta4 months ago

    🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 colour

  97. Пипка Иванович

    Пипка Иванович4 months ago

    Фе(я здесь наверно один русский)

  98. Marco S. Maldonado Diaz

    Marco S. Maldonado Diaz4 months ago

    This must be the song of the summer 😭😭😭❤

  99. Outdoor Quality

    Outdoor Quality4 months ago


  100. Meeshell da Mermaid

    Meeshell da Mermaid4 months ago

    I feel like that's the perfect theme song for pride month, cuz every color represents everything or their relationship -rainbow represents gay-

  101. Aaron Angelo Aquino

    Aaron Angelo Aquino4 months ago

    Hey ☺♥ Colours ♫♪♫♪