Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge Crushed in a Hydraulic Press-What's Inside?


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    can you do the 1000 degree knife again

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    it’s a hamburger patty

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    rip all the hard work

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    Now it can be a cup thing I forget what it's called

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    Could you make a aluminum ball using the press?

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    Could you polish the disc?

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    You own a hydraulic press but not a set of measuring calipers?

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    "a little less than half".... it is much closer to a quarter than it is to half.

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    That's not how you actually make the ball FYI😊😊😊

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    Last night i fell asleep to this vid lmao

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    It’s a floater

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    should have tried compressing it into a cube :D

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    This is American science at its highest level.

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    الي عربي لايك ومن السعودية لايك

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    Pneumatic press... Not hydraulic

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    it's feeling a lot more hefty now..... uh... it's the same mass it was before you crushed it....

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    All that hard work

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    People are really interested in this?

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    Tape measurement at last..? No way man.....

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    Ats easy how the make even not with uluminum foil you can youse a bone a rock or even some part of a fire sparkler

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    It is real aluminium, just leses dense than a solid volume of aluminium of the same size

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    Now take a solid aluminum ball and make thin sheets out of it suitable for wrapping left over food.

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    Such a click bait

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    God this clickbait 😝

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    This is funny, we used to do this in the early 90's with the aluminum foil from cigarette packs... this really isn't new lol... and I'm pretty sure it wasn't knew when we were doing it in the 90's either...

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    Okay... half as dense... okay... 2.7÷0.85=~3.2 but i mean... okay...

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    I make a folid cube 🦊

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    Watching without volume is frustrating

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    All this math. Wow

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    You are a pro at this ❤️❤️

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    This guy sounds like pewdiepie

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    When he crushed it I was so anxious 😖

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    Axadentl face revel???

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    02:31 physics 😑

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    17m + views? I think you hit a home run with this one

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    You aren't supposed to sand it.

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    You flipping Americans don't know how to pronounce anything like how does aluminium become aluminum

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    It doesnt work at allllllll!!!! €

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    AL-U-MIN-YUM!! 👍

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    This fad has to be one of the most stupid yet. Even better, people think this is new? I remember back in the 70s, when i was growing up, we used to do the same thing. Back then, it was called an aluminum foil ball. Giving a foil ball the label of being Japanese in its own is stupid What if a Canadian makes one? Its not Japanese, it Canadian. If an american makes it, its an american foil ball. We need to change the Japanese label, to simple mirror.polished foil ball. Calling it Japanese, is just rediculous.

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    Can u make a compressed air powered flying machine?

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    Tbh, just throw it in the dryer. It works better than hammering

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    How About An Experiment with acid and base to see who can transform elctresity Hope u see this comment And sry if i have wrong word im new in english

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    Love your channel and also your experiments

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    "About half as dense"? It's not even a third as dense. Christ, never become a pilot ... Co-pilot: "How's our fuel looking?" You: "We've got about half a tank left". Co-pilot: "Ok, lets push on" *Plane runs out of fuel and crashes 1000km short of it's destination*

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    I saw many people trying to do that, but your result is by far the best!

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    its so funny how he releases the machine 4:41

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    People need to get some job

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    It's very interesting.

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    Honestly... what did you expect.... basic science......

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    none of these look like the original one..did the guy fake it?

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    Lol when you can’t pronounce aluminium

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    what do you mean "What's inside"?!?!?!? FOIL IS INSIDE

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    Me when I’m 32, living alone, and working part time at boots

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    I've always thought what would happen if you smashed it with a hammer but this is better

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    5:08 OOOO she T H I C C

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    The patience on this guy is amazing . I would have no patience to hit it with the hammer that much

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    3:30 Say what... Where did you learn math? itIt's less than 1/3 the density of aluminum; half would have sunk. Not even bothering to finish the video.

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    You made that for nothing

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    Sound like a dirtbike

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    it's a little less than 1/3 as dense as aluminium not just 1/2

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    Way to go. Everyone should try to do it.

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    It’s a third dense, do your math

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    I don’t even have time to watch The Flash anymore...how do you expect me to have time to even do this ‼️🤣

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