Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge Crushed in a Hydraulic Press-What's Inside?


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    Hi Mr beast

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    Alright then, get on all fours ... naked :v

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    Olympus Healer21 day ago

    Hi. Can you make a video about Cooper reaction to Magnet (Its so strange)? I cant understand anyones explanation but YOU. thanks.

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  7. Neil gibhggynygh

    Neil gibhggynygh7 hours ago

    Must be boring when you have to wrap it all up and Hamer it like 100000000000000 hours omg

  8. Annoying Dog

    Annoying Dog10 hours ago

    Smh, just meal it and cast it sheesh


    ITACHIDay ago

    Aluminium not aluminum

  10. Shane Underhill

    Shane UnderhillDay ago

    dude why dose your press sound like a ar 15

  11. Ianex Productions

    Ianex Productions3 days ago

    Why did you do this twice man?

  12. Ariana Mendes

    Ariana Mendes4 days ago

    Me to my grandkids: Back in the old days, hammering alluminium was a thing...and Logan Paul was too.

  13. Mari Khan

    Mari Khan5 days ago

    It looks like a metal ball

  14. itsmecoolbro 2087

    itsmecoolbro 20879 days ago

    He kinda sounds like hes giving a math r a school leason

  15. Giselle Aurora

    Giselle Aurora10 days ago

    Sanding is the short cut version you needed to keep hammering

  16. CrAzYN8TIVE 12

    CrAzYN8TIVE 1211 days ago

    I wonder if it is heavy

  17. Jaydin Madden

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    4:08-4:24 was so satisfiying


    HONEST GACHA PRINCE11 days ago


  19. Doc Archetype

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    Ur too smart

  20. Jayvan Delron Gipolan

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    2019 If you know the OG creator just bounded it with a hammer without the sand paper and crap Just allaminium and a hammer

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    A video on tinfoil made him several thousands of dollars

  22. Brandon Ware

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    4:43 The noise i make when i get up and stretch after watching these videos all day.

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    Kingston Davis13 days ago

    very smart

  24. Богдан Семенов

    Богдан Семенов13 days ago

    4:00 vietnam flashbacks ;_;

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    Hey any one heard of the tinfoil plate challange XD

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    it’s a mith

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    HOW THE HELL!?!!????!!!!

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    He was suffocating the ball

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    2:00 where can you get that

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  35. Inserisci un nome

    Inserisci un nome17 days ago

    actually 0.85 is less than a third of 2.7

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    I found something very interesting I’d like you o check out, if I can contact you in any way please let me know! I’d love to see you break it down for me.

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    Simon Bryntse19 days ago

    Why does it need to be "japanese"?

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    Does light actually have a mass?

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    I made one.. Then shot it

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    some people are taking this challenge way to serious😂

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    4:00 my mans in a choppa

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    spends hours on it... crushes it in a hydraulic press🤣

  46. Mostafa Ahmadi

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    2019 Anyone?

  47. Nello Bello

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    Im sorry but i hate your voice

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    4:06 NOOO!!

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  50. dragon fam

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    Make your face useing almnegoil than creae it

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  52. Alexa Heard

    Alexa Heard28 days ago

    It said weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  53. DrArhemblox

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    That's earth turned into into flat earth

  54. Control_ Bot

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    What did the liberan say to a kid. Read more

  55. Oliver Reay

    Oliver ReayMonth ago

    It's weird how u make them out of foil

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    Awesome video

  57. shivam kumar pandey

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    Lot of information hidden in your videos thanks and keep it up

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    Oh shit drive by

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    We should make boats out of aluminum

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    What y u sand

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  63. Cosmo John

    Cosmo JohnMonth ago

    Hi Action Lab Episode idea for you : Metals are in tap water. Metals can be magnetised or can be affected by magnetism. Why is it the tiny metals dissolved in water cannot be removed with a strong magnet?

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    I did it before but is kinda heard😒😲

  65. Andrew Shah-ntz

    Andrew Shah-ntzMonth ago

    You know how I know you are smart? You called it aluminium foil and not tinfoil. It's seriously one of my biggest pet peeves; I'm so glad you said it right.

  66. Andrew Tapio

    Andrew TapioMonth ago

    Can you dehydrated water, or some how make water into a powder

  67. Zdenek Mares-Page

    Zdenek Mares-PageMonth ago

    How long did it take to hammer it all down?! How long did it take to make it all together?!

  68. immortal group

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    I have a question for you. Why water is wet?

  69. Diamondz 4 ever

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    Irk m8

  70. Mr Robloxter

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    That thumbnail kinda looks like a Cinema 4D Reflection Material with a Roughness to 27%...

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    U sound like a girl

  72. Dawt Bik Lian Hlawn Ceu

    Dawt Bik Lian Hlawn CeuMonth ago

    You made plastic into metal???

  73. today it is acceptable that we fear the Lord

    today it is acceptable that we fear the LordMonth ago

    Now you have a coaster for your cups

  74. KieranO'Donnell YT

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    Wtf else would be in a ball of metal that was just metal? I’m not sure, but it *might* be more foil... Also don’t press read more! Read more

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  77. Let's Talk Physics And Atheism

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    Will a gyroscope spin forever in a vacuum chamber?

  78. My I

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    "What's inside?" Me: More aluminum

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  80. Liam Oboyle

    Liam OboyleMonth ago

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  81. Bud Gates

    Bud GatesMonth ago

    Just wondering, why would a smooshed object feel heftier than a non smooshed object when no mass has been added?

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    I did not get any of that because I so stupid

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    Stop trying to be smart

  84. Ron Jen

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    Stop trying to be smert

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    The hydraulic press sounded like an LMG

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    Thought these Japanese foil balls was a hoax...

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    -I- -l-i-k-e- -l-i-n-e-s-

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    A great sacrifice for science

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    Oh no! It remind me Ouma ;-; I'm crying-

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    Japanese pancake!

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    Him : Lets see whats inside a ball of aluminum! Me : *ALUMINUM*

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  94. Michał P

    Michał PMonth ago

    thx you use metric :)

  95. Gr4nny Tim3

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    Title:Whats inside? Me:In disappointment of this generation

  96. quaztron

    quaztronMonth ago

    Maybe cut one open by sawing or sanding into it. Random foil and air pockets show, bigger toward the center because the outside is compacted more. mreporter.net/v/video-kS0WpEaa-ls.html

  97. James Bryant Ramirez

    James Bryant RamirezMonth ago

    Looks like a cookie when flat

  98. Sam Kuniholm

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    .85 is less than 1/3 of 2.7 jussayin

  99. TrAzE_Clan

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    You sound like akaformula

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    How long did you hit that thing with a hammer man?

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    Oh yeah

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    How Ford panels are made

  103. KORREPTILLEX official

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    On the caption,the polishing sound says(music).on:- 2:00

  104. Jaydin Madden

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    I know

  105. Rambler Gamblerfishing

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    A little less than half as dense?!? Playboy that's less than a third as dense

  106. Tyler Bennett

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    I'd like to see the science of how mixing alcohol and medication works!

  107. SANS______

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    An american using the metric system. Finally

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    In india we call it 'bakchodi' 💕

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    Like watching the Terminator get crushed by the hydraulic press. #sarahconnor