Million Dollar Closets / Kendall and Kylie Jenner EXTENDED CUT - LA Closet Design


  1. Julia Brown

    Julia Brown3 hours ago

    I love your purse collection ..

  2. jessica pretorius

    jessica pretorius5 hours ago

    people who say they are spoiled they have money they can do what they want

  3. Nawa Twana

    Nawa Twana16 hours ago

    Kylie's closet is bigger than my whole room 😑

  4. imiy rhos sayson

    imiy rhos sayson19 hours ago

    Her closet is bigger than my dream house

  5. turtle 44

    turtle 44Day ago


  6. Allysa05_V Amacio

    Allysa05_V AmacioDay ago

    Kylie looks so gorgeous when she was 13, im 13 and looks like a potato 😂

  7. Zaheerah Shareef

    Zaheerah ShareefDay ago

    I have 530 dresses (not counting suits, jeans, skirts, blouses/tops) and I’m no where near as wealthy as them.

  8. Angie Rose

    Angie Rose2 days ago

    So weird watching this cuz im such a minimalist

  9. Sheila Tiamzon

    Sheila Tiamzon2 days ago

    What is her problem with the "teenagers". If their mind and taste will differ after years they can redesign it again.

  10. Ellie

    Ellie2 days ago

    Kendall is like " i want to stay in here forever" as shes walking out the door.

  11. CS L

    CS L2 days ago

    This is honestly not an impressive design at all. I don’t see much taste in the closet design itself. I’ve seen lots of much better designs. I can’t even put a word for this style, it’s neither classy or trendy or anything, it’s just random ideas thrown together. And the only bit that makes it seem good is the designer’s voice constantly trying to brainwash every one by saying’ I did this and that and that so the place is more blahblahblah’. The girls looked very fresh and pretty though. But if I were them I’d be pretty angry about how the closets turned out. Because even if this is an ad and they might’ve got the whole thing for free it is still really ugly. I’d rather pay and have a better looking closet

  12. Awesome Slush

    Awesome Slush2 days ago

    Now Kylie has a closet for her hundreds of purses

  13. Awesome Slush

    Awesome Slush2 days ago

    I don't have a closet I have a dresser I wear around 10 pears of shirts and have like 2 pairs of prance I like :/ Why was I born poor why can I just be rich

  14. The Llama Lady

    The Llama Lady3 days ago

    "She can now see everything she has." THAT'S what it's REALLY about, being able to SEE everything they OWN.

  15. Saachi Nandurkar

    Saachi Nandurkar3 days ago

    For someone watching this in 2018, Kylie is unrecognizable !!

  16. Ana Paula Rojas Duncan

    Ana Paula Rojas Duncan4 days ago

    1:18 is a mood.

  17. sarah atiq

    sarah atiq4 days ago

    my closet is 150sq.ft i have atleast 15shoes

  18. IHaveNoFriends

    IHaveNoFriends5 days ago

    You got something wrong with the ages... Kendall is 22 she'll be 23 on November 3rd (also my birthday...) And Kylie just turned 21 which means they dont have 5 years apart. Which means Kylie was about 16 or 17 at that time. Not 13.

  19. Amie R

    Amie R5 days ago

    How the fuck are they “relatively small” closets? Wait till u see mine🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  20. Maddy Louise

    Maddy Louise5 days ago

    That’s beautiful

  21. Mia Letzerich

    Mia Letzerich6 days ago

    Kylie’s 13 there. She looks much older

  22. Kathryn Harrison

    Kathryn Harrison7 days ago


  23. Garn Walker

    Garn Walker7 days ago

    Omg look at ALL THE SURGERY that child has had!!!! Boy is she going to be sorry when she gets to her 50s!!!

  24. Luna Lak

    Luna Lak7 days ago

    kylie does not look 13!!?!??!? why?!!? im confusion

  25. Annisa Fitrianti

    Annisa Fitrianti8 days ago

    love exsprestion kendall😂💕 "Omg this is so cool"

  26. Züleyha Abay Kiliç

    Züleyha Abay Kiliç8 days ago

    Kylie'nin üstünden tır mı geçmiş bu nasıl evrim 😶

  27. Kinjal Shah

    Kinjal Shah8 days ago

    I couldn’t help but notice there’s no mirror in Kendall’s closet!

  28. Joanna Zhang

    Joanna Zhang8 days ago

    These closets were absolutely beautiful, but I'm so jealous now 😂😂

  29. Ysapy Alma

    Ysapy Alma9 days ago

    what if they buy more clothes where are they gonna put that

  30. sleevedbeauty82

    sleevedbeauty829 days ago

    Back when Kylie looked normal

  31. Yo gurl Kyara

    Yo gurl Kyara9 days ago

    Damn spoiled Kylie was only 1 yr older than me and has all this shit and designing all that shit just for a closet

  32. Sushi Queen

    Sushi Queen10 days ago

    Kylie doesn’t look thirteen,And now there closets are 💯% bigger

  33. Sushi Queen

    Sushi Queen10 days ago

    Hunny a 110 square foot closet is HUGE.

  34. Jessica Wright

    Jessica Wright11 days ago

    Kendal and Kylie are only one year apart and it says Kylie is 13 and Kendall if 18 wtf

  35. saumpaulinaaaaaaa

    saumpaulinaaaaaaa13 days ago

    Kendall seems to be a nice person... but Kylie looks she is dead...

  36. Nöt ShÖoketh

    Nöt ShÖoketh13 days ago

    Kylie’s closet is bigger than my apartment 😂 this is old now tho lol

  37. Kediyim

    Kediyim13 days ago

    Wtf is kylie 13 in here that’s like omg

  38. Chloe Pearce

    Chloe Pearce14 days ago


  39. Layla Rose

    Layla Rose15 days ago

    " kylie's closet is fairly small" wtf.... bitch where 😂😂

  40. May Nguyen

    May Nguyen15 days ago

    holy shit- kylie was 13

  41. Teona M

    Teona M16 days ago

    Now kylie has a handbag and shoe closet😂😂

  42. Liva xox

    Liva xox16 days ago

    Kylie looks older because she is tall like me

  43. Jenny Nguyen

    Jenny Nguyen16 days ago

    Dammm my closet is in a little corner of my room

  44. Samantha Hale

    Samantha Hale17 days ago

    Why do I feel like she stole some of their stuff 😂🤷‍♀️

  45. Samantha Hale

    Samantha Hale17 days ago


  46. robeduardoyfreak

    robeduardoyfreak17 days ago

    Kylie looks SO different. How much work has she had? OMG! 😣

  47. Samantha Hale

    Samantha Hale17 days ago

    Omfg Kendal has always been so pretty 😂

  48. Stefan Makara

    Stefan Makara17 days ago

    Am I the only one who is annoyed by the bad structure of the house? What kind of room is that? It sucks... you have all that money and you buy a house that has such a crappy room..?

  49. JustBiankaL

    JustBiankaL18 days ago

    That Derek guy sounds so annoyed with her

  50. Sanskriti Purankar

    Sanskriti Purankar18 days ago

    Kendall Jenner (age 16): 32 pairs of jeans Me (age 15.75):32 packs of different chocolates

  51. Farisha Nasa

    Farisha Nasa19 days ago

    i love kendall's accent 😍

  52. Chloe_jones616

    Chloe_jones61619 days ago

    She should come to my house and decorate my nonexistent closet!

  53. Chloe_jones616

    Chloe_jones61619 days ago

    I don't even have a closet XD

  54. Nazanin JA

    Nazanin JA20 days ago

    Kendall is 16 at 2016 and I currently have 16% charge

  55. Johanna Rieckmann

    Johanna Rieckmann20 days ago

    I hate how everyone in the comments thinks that he would act different if they were rich...

  56. CK Etselik

    CK Etselik20 days ago

    This shitty designer always talks about kylie like she doesn't see anything but only kylie. What a wanker

  57. CK Etselik

    CK Etselik20 days ago

    I thought kylie is older than kendall omg. And if I didn't even watch this ,well i definitely wouldn't know til now

  58. marsx 23

    marsx 2321 day ago

    I’m so confused why does it say Kyle is 13 and Kendall is 16 but currently right now Kendall is 22 and Kyle is 21 which means they’re a year apart not 3 years apart ???

  59. Jo Moeke

    Jo Moeke22 days ago

    Who is that Kylie girl? Lol I’ve never seen her before. 😂 Totally different girl now compared to who she was back then.

  60. Φαιη Θδρ.

    Φαιη Θδρ.22 days ago

    I have 13 pairs shoes. .

  61. Kacie Reimer

    Kacie Reimer22 days ago

    I legit only have 3 pairs of shoes wtf

  62. Silver Johnson

    Silver Johnson22 days ago

    Fetus Kylie without lips

  63. Sinead Studdards

    Sinead Studdards23 days ago

    Kendall was definitely her favourite

  64. Pop’s life 🦄

    Pop’s life 🦄23 days ago


  65. Melissa

    Melissa24 days ago

    Kylie never changed

  66. Chrissy  Flannery

    Chrissy Flannery25 days ago

    lol you got their age wrong, they're only 2 years apart not 5

  67. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha25 days ago

    Wtf she didn't plan to keep a mirror in Kendall's closet? Well that's incomplete.

  68. 420 boza

    420 boza25 days ago

    Jesus fucking Christ

  69. aaliyah shandi

    aaliyah shandi25 days ago

    It's a fun job to go into rich peoples houses and design closets.

  70. Lucy Larsen

    Lucy Larsen25 days ago

    if this was posted 2 years ago, and they said kylie was 13, and she is 20 in 2018 ?!

  71. Aria Hale

    Aria Hale26 days ago

    Small closets my closet is 1.5meters by 1.5 by half a meter

  72. Faith Thomas

    Faith Thomas27 days ago

    Kylie looks older than me at age 13 and I’m 18

  73. Fashion dolls with Yana

    Fashion dolls with Yana27 days ago

    Isn’t hard to believe that Kyle has a child now

  74. Asainsquad 17

    Asainsquad 1727 days ago

    They are not five years apart

  75. Space Gammer XD

    Space Gammer XD28 days ago

    Kylie was so tall for being 13 years old I’m barely 4’9

  76. Alyssa Stella

    Alyssa Stella28 days ago

    So kendell and Kylie are 5 years apart apparently

  77. Stefan Makara

    Stefan Makara17 days ago

    How does 16-13 equal five???

  78. Alyssa Stella

    Alyssa Stella28 days ago

    Btw if Kylie is 13 kendell would be 15

  79. Alyssa Stella

    Alyssa Stella28 days ago

    The 3D thing looked better before she put her own touch

  80. Aubrey Cromer

    Aubrey Cromer28 days ago

    At least they have a good closet

  81. Amanda Joe

    Amanda Joe29 days ago

    Who's the boss now Kendall?? Kylie! Bahahahaha

  82. Milan Murray

    Milan Murray29 days ago


  83. Parineeta Baggu

    Parineeta Baggu29 days ago

    Kylie looks much older than 13. Like about 16.

  84. Commenting Acc

    Commenting AccMonth ago

    Lol at the age of 13 I had 10 accessories and Kylie had over 250

  85. cosmic dust

    cosmic dustMonth ago

    Dude looks like he would rather be watching a game. I feel his pain...

  86. chi shamsudin

    chi shamsudinMonth ago

    Very lucky!

  87. Kerisa Ramirez

    Kerisa RamirezMonth ago

    Kylie:13 Kendall:18 There is only a 2 year age difference

  88. Imaginary Merryl

    Imaginary MerrylMonth ago

    Kylie's only 13 by that time!?

  89. Crystal Plays

    Crystal PlaysMonth ago

    kendall looks like khloe

  90. Masooma Bagas

    Masooma BagasMonth ago

    They might be rich and spoilt but that’s wat got them where they are today

  91. Mohammad Mostafa

    Mohammad MostafaMonth ago

    Is Kylie fifteen in 2018

  92. Ninewan22

    Ninewan22Month ago

    Oh gosh, Kylie was only 13 in this video…...

  93. blabla mix

    blabla mixMonth ago

    None of them simply said "Thank you"

  94. Dilaun White

    Dilaun WhiteMonth ago

    They're so young!

  95. Vincy Jones

    Vincy JonesMonth ago

    Oh kylie grew so fast

  96. Tianna Weymouth

    Tianna WeymouthMonth ago

    1:18 dumb girl moment

  97. Aishwarya Kulkarni

    Aishwarya KulkarniMonth ago

    First world problems ugh

  98. Sherry Dalton

    Sherry DaltonMonth ago

    Kylie looks like a completely different person now. 😳

  99. Erica Ortiz

    Erica OrtizMonth ago

    I see what they did there, they made her get implants on her lips to promote big lips and to get everyone to want to look like her so she did the next sell lipsticks. Now ...NOW ...the billionaire take out the fillers 🤣 for a “sophisticated” NATURAL look ! 👄

  100. SunKissed Melanin

    SunKissed MelaninMonth ago

    Soooooo this is what they spend their money on.....don't y'all know there are kids starving in Africa...SMH

  101. Χρύσα A

    Χρύσα AMonth ago

    Other people have only one room in their home and they fit and they love each other. They have a room JUST WITH CLOTHES!!!! AND each one has her own!!!!!! Both disgusted and jealous