Million Dollar Closets / Kendall and Kylie Jenner EXTENDED CUT - LA Closet Design


  1. Zainab Bukhari

    Zainab Bukhari2 days ago


  2. Zainab Bukhari

    Zainab Bukhari2 days ago

    "Kylie's closet is fairly small" Um...?

  3. Carmen Barboza

    Carmen Barboza2 days ago

    Kylie’s closet is 75 sq ft and not that’s how big her purse closet is. BILLIONARE

  4. Fw.cliff X2

    Fw.cliff X23 days ago

    16:58 kendall feet big asf

  5. Pinkee Ros

    Pinkee Ros7 days ago

    Back when Kylie was so pretty... :(

  6. Amelia Wilson

    Amelia Wilson8 days ago

    I feel like I have just the right amount of shoes, I have 2 pairs of heels, 3 pairs of wedges, 1 pair of boots, addidas and nikes and I also have a pair of slippers, thongs and ugg boots, and 2 pairs of flats that I NEVER wear, so thats only 14, only 10 of which I wear out and I struggle choosing and don't have time to wear them all, I wonder how they feel😳 #firstworldproblems 🤣

  7. Amelia Wilson

    Amelia Wilson8 days ago

    there is no way these ages could be right bc Kylie and Kendall are only two years apart and also Kendalls birthday is in November and Kylie's is in August so there is a period of time every year that they are only a year apart but never 3 years apart and in the description it says 2012 but for those ages to be true ithad to have been filmed un 2010

  8. Mary Lima

    Mary Lima9 days ago

    What the heck I only own like 8 jeans How much they have well that is the process when you’re a sister to a businesswomans and a daughter to a Program hoster and a famous football player luckyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😭👱🏼‍♀️😎🤩😂

  9. BeauRoc Mane

    BeauRoc Mane9 days ago

    Kendall Jenner is so cozy and magical to watch ✨💜🙌 She's my favorite forever.

  10. Rózsa Piros

    Rózsa Piros9 days ago

    Omg Kylie 😂😂😂

  11. Jolanta Korszen

    Jolanta Korszen10 days ago

    Jup Polish People build it so it is gonna be Looking Good Madam!

  12. Rehana Cathrine

    Rehana Cathrine10 days ago

    Why pay millions for UGLY

  13. The A

    The A11 days ago

    Trapezium not trapezoid

  14. Kevina Santiago

    Kevina Santiago12 days ago

    Wow! This was when Kylie was white. She looks different now to where she looks better. But now she looks more exotic. She kind of even favors a black girl now after the enhancements.

  15. Jehad Landajol

    Jehad Landajol13 days ago

    kylie is prettier than kendall without make up

  16. Laura Tárkányi

    Laura Tárkányi14 days ago

    All those rounded toe pumps omg ^^ throwback

  17. Gia Joseph

    Gia Joseph15 days ago

    Their brows were so thin, how that changes your face!

  18. Gavin Smiley

    Gavin Smiley15 days ago

    She does look like the same age as kendall

  19. diya advani

    diya advani15 days ago

    Lisa looks like London Tipton from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

  20. mariah vella

    mariah vella16 days ago

    Isn’t Kylie only a year younger then Kendall and not 3 years ?

  21. lovexsyou

    lovexsyou17 days ago

    Kylie was so beautiful 😲😲😲

  22. Hajra Nadeem

    Hajra Nadeem19 days ago

    Kendell always seems jealous from kylie

  23. Rosalyn Boydell

    Rosalyn Boydell19 days ago

    they don't appreciate all the work the lady did

  24. Parr & Cook

    Parr & Cook19 days ago

    Looks so cluttered

  25. Parr & Cook

    Parr & Cook19 days ago

    I don’t like the design😩

  26. Danna MINETTI :v

    Danna MINETTI :v20 days ago

    It doesnt look like she was 13 I thought she was like 16 there

  27. Moni Talei

    Moni Talei21 day ago

    Um..i think you got their ages wrong. It says Kylie is 13 and Kendall is 16. but.. THERE ONLY ONE YEAR APART!!??

  28. Cayla Baffi

    Cayla Baffi23 days ago

    Dang!!! She looks so different

  29. Morsal Hamidi

    Morsal Hamidi27 days ago

    00:30 yes bitch rip the paper

  30. Rohlupuii Fanai

    Rohlupuii Fanai29 days ago

    their closet is bigger than my room...

  31. Disha

    DishaMonth ago

    this is great but how r they gonna fit everything when they shop everyday.

  32. Hens Hantam

    Hens HantamMonth ago

    kylie looks so much good here without lips job

  33. Madison Martin

    Madison MartinMonth ago

    One of their closets is the same size of my whole room😂😭

  34. Do not watch my videos

    Do not watch my videosMonth ago

    bruh i only hav 1 pair of shoes

  35. إبتسام احمد

    إبتسام احمدMonth ago

    Kylie used to be ugly before surgery

  36. Shenjee Trinidad

    Shenjee TrinidadMonth ago


  37. Desi Bella

    Desi BellaMonth ago

    Kendall forreal shut down everything Kylie was trying to say

  38. Ramon Ribeiro

    Ramon RibeiroMonth ago

    kylie really liked the mirror, her new closet have a mirror that looks just like this one

  39. Emily Zhou

    Emily ZhouMonth ago

    she said expansive​ like a million times

  40. nira bretherton

    nira brethertonMonth ago

    I dont rlly like kendall's closet

  41. Bubbles123 Ramos

    Bubbles123 RamosMonth ago

    I think Kylie was beautiful just as she was. And there she actually resembles Kendall.

  42. Normie Lynn Tabujara

    Normie Lynn TabujaraMonth ago

    I thought Kendall was just a year older than Kylie? lols

  43. Jenson Haile

    Jenson HaileMonth ago

    How did I end up on this video lol

  44. Brandi Nikole

    Brandi NikoleMonth ago

    'Kylies closet is fairly small'....yeah ok

  45. Bangtan Explicit

    Bangtan ExplicitMonth ago

    I’m glad that they aren’t stuck up and they seem to really grateful- Kendall more than Kylie

  46. kiran Tariq

    kiran TariqMonth ago

    I am so jealous. Im 20 and have 1 wardrobe and small tight drawers to fit ALL of my clothes. No space for jewellery or any accessories! 😩😭

  47. Rose mary

    Rose maryMonth ago

    oooh my gosh

  48. Kawaii Calli

    Kawaii CalliMonth ago

    I thought theu were twins...😂

  49. Jamie Scanlan

    Jamie ScanlanMonth ago

    why did kylie have so many pairs of heels at 13 omg

  50. heather haze

    heather hazeMonth ago

    So fucking spoiled and out of touch with reality!

  51. Katie Crawford

    Katie CrawfordMonth ago

    If you search up on the internet Kendall is 22 and kylie is 21 there is only a year between them not 3 years

  52. Katie Crawford

    Katie CrawfordMonth ago

    No way she was 13

  53. Ash Dav

    Ash DavMonth ago

    *show us your birth certificate Kylie*

  54. Ash Dav

    Ash DavMonth ago

    *proof Kylie is a lot older then she says she is*

  55. J Hutchison

    J HutchisonMonth ago

    Ahhh Kylie was so cuteee

  56. JOJO Tv

    JOJO TvMonth ago

    She looks 17

  57. Guste Razickaite

    Guste RazickaiteMonth ago

    She was not 13! Wtf! Kylie is 21 years now and this was uploaded in 2016..

  58. Ely Sal

    Ely SalMonth ago

    Kylie literally said she didn't want her closet color black and there was black everywhere lol

  59. Mya Davis

    Mya DavisMonth ago

    Can't believe she said Kylie's closet was small..

  60. Zareene Khan

    Zareene KhanMonth ago

    Kendal is so fucking rude.

  61. Emma Hyde XOX

    Emma Hyde XOXMonth ago

    "Kylies closetis quite small" Bitch that ish the same size as my house...

  62. Nylah Davis

    Nylah DavisMonth ago

    Who’s watching this in 2018???

  63. Ren L.

    Ren L.Month ago

    We don't even have a permanent home so I'd be thankful to have a tiny closet that has 1 drawer!

  64. Akcira Poo

    Akcira PooMonth ago

    The closets were freakin amazing... Goals... So Beautiful💙💙💙

  65. ღ ShÅimaღ

    ღ ShÅimaღMonth ago

    Kylie wasn’t 13, because she was born in 1997and well she’s 21 this year so she couldn’t be 13 if she was she’d be 19 at the moment but she’s twenty so she was 15-16 in 2012.

  66. Burpingkween1375

    Burpingkween1375Month ago

    This makes me sick

  67. zyzy's words love everyone

    zyzy's words love everyoneMonth ago

    She was 14 15 because there only 1 year apart right?

  68. Henderson

    HendersonMonth ago

    Kylie before lip injections....

  69. ZenTee

    ZenTeeMonth ago

    i thought they are twins? they are not?

  70. Blu Lagoon

    Blu LagoonMonth ago

    Kylie's flat ass era 😂

  71. Itzsarahx9889 Bla

    Itzsarahx9889 BlaMonth ago

    Wait what if Kendall Jenner is 22 right now and Kylie is 20 then why does it say Kendall is 18 in here and Kylie is 13 I’m so confused by their ages right now

  72. Kidus Belay

    Kidus BelayMonth ago

    I actually used to think that Kylie was older than Kendall

  73. Kyi ara

    Kyi araMonth ago

    i dont even have my own closet, i share it with my sister and my mom

  74. Yena Kong

    Yena KongMonth ago

    If she says that their closets are small how big is hers LOLLL

  75. miriam Chavez

    miriam ChavezMonth ago

    Y'all this video was made in 2012 sooo yea

  76. Gotta Watch'em All

    Gotta Watch'em AllMonth ago

    Kendall was always the same but Kylie she changed a lot(maybe lip fillers and plastic surgery) 13,Kylie looks nothing like 13,she has got bigger butt than Kendall.

  77. OpTiMiStIcFõx Ava

    OpTiMiStIcFõx AvaMonth ago

    Kendall is best!😍😀

  78. Genevieve Devine

    Genevieve DevineMonth ago

    16 and 13? There isn't 3 years between them? 😂

  79. Sanjoli Malhotra

    Sanjoli Malhotra2 months ago

    Kylie looks so different, she used to be so beautiful , there was no need of any surgery

  80. Lora LaLanne

    Lora LaLanne2 months ago

    Her face looks so different now

  81. Pixie Heart

    Pixie Heart2 months ago

    Kendall is really a natural beauty unlike Kylie...I look at Kylie and she’s like a totally different person back then.

  82. Elleanna.Dope

    Elleanna.Dope2 months ago

    When Kendall’s closet is half the size of my 3bedroom apartment ....

  83. Almond Joy

    Almond Joy2 months ago

    Kylie now has a closet like this one just for her handbags 😂😂😂

  84. Rouba d

    Rouba d2 months ago

    Wtf kylie is 13!!!!

  85. Erick Silva

    Erick Silva2 months ago

    Kendall was 16 not 18 people

  86. Julia Brown

    Julia Brown2 months ago

    I love your purse collection ..

  87. Adele pretorius

    Adele pretorius2 months ago

    people who say they are spoiled they have money they can do what they want

  88. Nawa Twana

    Nawa Twana2 months ago

    Kylie's closet is bigger than my whole room 😑

  89. imiy rhos sayson

    imiy rhos sayson2 months ago

    Her closet is bigger than my dream house

  90. turtle 44

    turtle 442 months ago


  91. Allyyy_ A

    Allyyy_ A2 months ago

    Kylie looks so gorgeous when she was 13, im 13 and looks like a potato 😂

  92. Zaheerah Shareef

    Zaheerah Shareef2 months ago

    I have 530 dresses (not counting suits, jeans, skirts, blouses/tops) and I’m no where near as wealthy as them.

  93. Angie Rose

    Angie Rose2 months ago

    So weird watching this cuz im such a minimalist

  94. Sheila Tiamzon

    Sheila Tiamzon2 months ago

    What is her problem with the "teenagers". If their mind and taste will differ after years they can redesign it again.

  95. Ellie

    Ellie2 months ago

    Kendall is like " i want to stay in here forever" as shes walking out the door.

  96. C L

    C L2 months ago

    This is honestly not an impressive design at all. I don’t see much taste in the closet design itself. I’ve seen lots of much better designs. I can’t even put a word for this style, it’s neither classy or trendy or anything, it’s just random ideas thrown together. And the only bit that makes it seem good is the designer’s voice constantly trying to brainwash every one by saying’ I did this and that and that so the place is more blahblahblah’. The girls looked very fresh and pretty though. But if I were them I’d be pretty angry about how the closets turned out. Because even if this is an ad and they might’ve got the whole thing for free it is still really ugly. I’d rather pay and have a better looking closet

  97. CutieSlushie

    CutieSlushie2 months ago

    Now Kylie has a closet for her hundreds of purses

  98. CutieSlushie

    CutieSlushie2 months ago

    I don't have a closet I have a dresser I wear around 10 pears of shirts and have like 2 pairs of prance I like :/ Why was I born poor why can I just be rich

  99. The Llama Lady

    The Llama Lady2 months ago

    "She can now see everything she has." THAT'S what it's REALLY about, being able to SEE everything they OWN.

  100. Saachi Nandurkar

    Saachi Nandurkar2 months ago

    For someone watching this in 2018, Kylie is unrecognizable !!