Million Dollar Closets / Kendall and Kylie Jenner EXTENDED CUT - LA Closet Design


  1. Kimberly

    KimberlyDay ago

    And they probably don’t even use these closest’s anymore

  2. Kimberly

    KimberlyDay ago

    Wth this is so old and I’m just watching it in 2019

  3. Rahim Lashari

    Rahim Lashari3 days ago

    Poor her, seems too nervous throughout the video

  4. froggy9191

    froggy91913 days ago

    Before all of the plastic surgery :/

  5. Precious Ezeamama

    Precious Ezeamama6 days ago

    wow I didn't know you can hire someone to do all of this. That makes a girls life so much easier

  6. Adam Kuisian

    Adam Kuisian9 days ago

    Kylie Jenner is so ugly without make up.

  7. Linh Quach

    Linh Quach13 days ago

    More proof Kylie is self made

  8. Niven lim

    Niven lim15 days ago

    Why does a 13 year old have a jelly Hermes bag!!!! Oh wait cos she’s a kardashian HAHAHAHH

  9. Niven lim

    Niven lim15 days ago

    What a Long way they have come and how much their taste change(expensive af taste)

  10. Leo Sales

    Leo Sales15 days ago

    Ben anderson is so hot

  11. i know you’re right but

    i know you’re right but21 day ago

    oMg ShE gOt LiP sUgErY aNd ShE wAs So MuCh BeTtEr bAcK tHeN if you say that please shut up

  12. Shafaque Mirza

    Shafaque Mirza22 days ago

    i think kylie hasnot done butt and boob job...cozz in this video she is 13 and her butt n boobs are good enough

  13. Reyes Ruiz Rius

    Reyes Ruiz Rius23 days ago

    Who else is watching this in 2019??

  14. Balai Ghosal

    Balai Ghosal24 days ago

    Are those Judith Lieber bags from Kim’s wedding to cris humphries ?

  15. blue person

    blue personMonth ago

    OMG IS THAT KYLIE?!?!??!?+!?

  16. Ashwath Kumar

    Ashwath KumarMonth ago

    OK... I have 32 jeans and I am not a millionaire

  17. Ashwath Kumar

    Ashwath KumarMonth ago

    If you like kendall like the comment If you like Kylie comment the comment

  18. Natasha Underhill

    Natasha UnderhillMonth ago

    In 2016 Kylie wasn’t 13

  19. Ella-Grace XO

    Ella-Grace XOMonth ago

    They have designers for your closet? Mine is like TINY!!!

  20. Chop Stiks

    Chop StiksMonth ago

    Kylie has 0 emotions and personality

  21. Claudia Rodriguez

    Claudia RodriguezMonth ago

    My sis is 14 and she has more boobs than her lol

  22. Claudia Rodriguez

    Claudia RodriguezMonth ago


  23. lj Aplicador

    lj AplicadorMonth ago

    i thouth kylie is older than kendall by the way how old is kylie when she get pragnant?????

  24. Hannah Sims

    Hannah SimsMonth ago

    The Jenner sister's look so pretty that age and their closets look so amazing. I want that closet space. I never have enough shelves for my clothes. 😍😘

  25. Schrute Farms

    Schrute FarmsMonth ago

    What did Kylie do to her face

  26. sam and Ruby

    sam and RubyMonth ago

    Sis my bedroom is hardly bigger than their closets

  27. aloh alohMonth ago

    I almost couldn’t recognise kylie

  28. Alycat 16

    Alycat 16Month ago

    I think she should of gone with the black to match her bathroom also I love how I'm watching this in 2019

  29. Chiii Gigante

    Chiii GiganteMonth ago

    Kendall is sooooo gorgeous

  30. AnOrdinary Simmer

    AnOrdinary SimmerMonth ago

    Who else is here in 2019

  31. Suha Kamal

    Suha KamalMonth ago


  32. Gemma moons

    Gemma moonsMonth ago

    when I have 2 much clothes I collect them and put them next to my letter box so the truck can donate then to poor kids

  33. Gemma moons

    Gemma moonsMonth ago

    Wait that’s Kylie she looks different

  34. Jennisa Gaytan Vlogs

    Jennisa Gaytan VlogsMonth ago

    She wasnt 13 if she’s 21 now??🤨

  35. Sana Subhani

    Sana SubhaniMonth ago

    tbh even tho kendall's closet was bigger, kylie's looked way better

  36. Abigail Ivey

    Abigail IveyMonth ago

    Think about what their closets look like now in 2019

  37. Lupitaaa Guadalupe

    Lupitaaa GuadalupeMonth ago

    When she was poor and had no lips 🤣

  38. Deya

    DeyaMonth ago

    If Kylie meet tyga in Kendalls sweet sixteen then Kylie was only 13

  39. KenCan

    KenCan2 months ago

    I did a little edit of Kendall runway if you wanna see it

  40. Ouazzani Sara

    Ouazzani Sara2 months ago

    they had pocelaine skin

  41. Sowmya Lakshmi

    Sowmya Lakshmi2 months ago

    2019 anyone

  42. arooj tahira

    arooj tahira2 months ago

    Kendall's comments are more satisfying

  43. Manu Taylor

    Manu Taylor2 months ago

    kylie was 13 WTF IM 15 AND SHE LOOKS LIKE 17

  44. Alexandria Cassandra

    Alexandria Cassandra2 months ago

    Wish I had a closet

  45. Lan Feng

    Lan Feng2 months ago

    Omg it's Kylie pre lip injection

  46. Brooke S

    Brooke S2 months ago

    Wait this was posted in 2016 and in 2016 Kyle was 19!....?..ummm....

  47. Joy Ault

    Joy Ault2 months ago

    omg couldn't watch any longer...made me sick

  48. Hendall Zigi

    Hendall Zigi2 months ago

    They are so adorable!

  49. LP

    LP2 months ago

    Is that London Tipton? Lmao

  50. Cindy Ramirez

    Cindy Ramirez2 months ago

    Now that would make for a great show , let us see your closet!!!

  51. Lol Ej

    Lol Ej2 months ago

    am I the only one who finds it weird that Kylie has so much high heels at the age of 13?

  52. Lol Ej

    Lol Ej2 months ago

    am I the only one who finds it weird that Kylie has so much high heels at the age of 13?

  53. Lol Ej

    Lol Ej2 months ago

    am I the only one who finds it weird that Kylie has so much high heels at the age of 13?

  54. Lil ash Blaze

    Lil ash Blaze2 months ago

    Kylie is so sweet❤️

  55. Bijess Maryam Jose

    Bijess Maryam Jose2 months ago

    Kendall is so cute😄

  56. Hannah Fuller

    Hannah Fuller2 months ago

    Omg Kylie is 13 in this? I'm 13 and she looks so much older than me


    ZULU ZERO3 months ago

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  59. Ahmed Hassan

    Ahmed Hassan3 months ago

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  60. kelly dream

    kelly dream3 months ago

    Kylie's old closet and face

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  62. Kassidy's Channel

    Kassidy's Channel3 months ago

    Is it just me or does kylie’s closet look bigger

  63. Thalia Fan Collection

    Thalia Fan Collection3 months ago

    Kendall is looking happier than Kylie. +It is hard to recognize Kylie ++Kylie seems like 17 at least +++Sorry for my English if I wrote the words incorrectly :)

  64. Trinity Poole

    Trinity Poole4 months ago

    “ There’s a relatively smaller sized closets” smhhh

  65. Gabriela Gossett

    Gabriela Gossett4 months ago

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  66. LuLu Live

    LuLu Live4 months ago

    This was back when Bruce was my favorite "Kardashian" and I liked Scott 2nd most!! He was the only other person on the show with brains and did not annoy me at the time. 😂😁🤗❤

  67. Sam Kelly

    Sam Kelly4 months ago

    fuck you, all of you

  68. Neira2011

    Neira20114 months ago

    And she is a SELF MADE almost billionaire :/, yeah right

  69. urfavbookworm

    urfavbookworm4 months ago

    What really stung me was that neither of them said “thank you”

  70. Rachel Leaverton

    Rachel Leaverton4 months ago

    Who knew that this mumbling 13 year old was gonna turn into a business woman worth billions

  71. Queen Bee

    Queen Bee4 months ago

    Why is kylies closet biger than kendalls

  72. Holiday Haylee

    Holiday Haylee4 months ago

    Kylie looks like a different person.

  73. brooklynsadiepeppermint bukhari

    brooklynsadiepeppermint bukhari5 months ago


  74. brooklynsadiepeppermint bukhari

    brooklynsadiepeppermint bukhari5 months ago

    "Kylie's closet is fairly small" Um...?

  75. Carmen Barboza

    Carmen Barboza5 months ago

    Kylie’s closet is 75 sq ft and not that’s how big her purse closet is. BILLIONARE

  76. Cliff Cliff

    Cliff Cliff5 months ago

    16:58 kendall feet big asf

  77. Pinkee Ros

    Pinkee Ros5 months ago

    Back when Kylie was so pretty... :(

  78. Amelia Wilson

    Amelia Wilson5 months ago

    I feel like I have just the right amount of shoes, I have 2 pairs of heels, 3 pairs of wedges, 1 pair of boots, addidas and nikes and I also have a pair of slippers, thongs and ugg boots, and 2 pairs of flats that I NEVER wear, so thats only 14, only 10 of which I wear out and I struggle choosing and don't have time to wear them all, I wonder how they feel😳 #firstworldproblems 🤣

  79. Amelia Wilson

    Amelia Wilson5 months ago

    there is no way these ages could be right bc Kylie and Kendall are only two years apart and also Kendalls birthday is in November and Kylie's is in August so there is a period of time every year that they are only a year apart but never 3 years apart and in the description it says 2012 but for those ages to be true ithad to have been filmed un 2010

  80. BeauRoc Mane

    BeauRoc Mane5 months ago

    Kendall Jenner is so cozy and magical to watch ✨💜🙌 She's my favorite forever.

  81. Rózsa Piros

    Rózsa Piros5 months ago

    Omg Kylie 😂😂😂

  82. Jolanta Korszen

    Jolanta Korszen5 months ago

    Jup Polish People build it so it is gonna be Looking Good Madam!

  83. Rehana Cathrine

    Rehana Cathrine5 months ago

    Why pay millions for UGLY

  84. The A

    The A5 months ago

    Trapezium not trapezoid

  85. Kevina Santiago

    Kevina Santiago5 months ago

    Wow! This was when Kylie was white. She looks different now to where she looks better. But now she looks more exotic. She kind of even favors a black girl now after the enhancements.

  86. Jehad Landajol

    Jehad Landajol5 months ago

    kylie is prettier than kendall without make up

  87. Laura Tárkányi

    Laura Tárkányi5 months ago

    All those rounded toe pumps omg ^^ throwback

  88. Gia Joseph

    Gia Joseph5 months ago

    Their brows were so thin, how that changes your face!

  89. Gavin Smiley

    Gavin Smiley5 months ago

    She does look like the same age as kendall

  90. diya advani

    diya advani5 months ago

    Lisa looks like London Tipton from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

  91. Julia Maria

    Julia MariaMonth ago

    diya advani omg you’re right!!😂😂

  92. mariah vella

    mariah vella5 months ago

    Isn’t Kylie only a year younger then Kendall and not 3 years ?

  93. lovexsyou

    lovexsyou5 months ago

    Kylie was so beautiful 😲😲😲

  94. NNN NNN

    NNN NNN5 months ago

    Kendell always seems jealous from kylie

  95. Rosalyn Boydell

    Rosalyn Boydell5 months ago

    they don't appreciate all the work the lady did

  96. DSBS :v

    DSBS :v5 months ago

    It doesnt look like she was 13 I thought she was like 16 there

  97. Moni Talei

    Moni Talei5 months ago

    Um..i think you got their ages wrong. It says Kylie is 13 and Kendall is 16. but.. THERE ONLY ONE YEAR APART!!??

  98. Cayla Baffi

    Cayla Baffi5 months ago

    Dang!!! She looks so different

  99. Morsal Hamidi

    Morsal Hamidi5 months ago

    00:30 yes bitch rip the paper

  100. Rohlupuii Fanai

    Rohlupuii Fanai6 months ago

    their closet is bigger than my room...

  101. Disha

    Disha6 months ago

    this is great but how r they gonna fit everything when they shop everyday.

  102. Hens Hantam

    Hens Hantam6 months ago

    kylie looks so much good here without lips job