Milk Is Just Filtered Blood


  1. MinuteEarth

    MinuteEarth5 months ago

    Hi there - we appreciate that the “just filtered” part of our title has drawn a few comments and we want to address it. First off - you’re right; you could say lots of things are filtered blood products, including urine and even the carbon dioxide we breathe out. We decided to make this video because we believe most people, including ourselves, don’t think about how the same thing is true for a substance a lot of us drink every day - milk from an animal - and that communicating that fact would lead folks to a different appreciation of what milk is. Secondly - you’re also right; we didn’t fully convey the amazing things that the mammary gland does. Almost all of the precursors to the stuff in milk DO come from the bloodstream, but the special cells in the mammary gland transform many of them into their final milky forms, which we simplified in the video as “do some chemistry on them” and in the title as “filtered.”

  2. PetaMYTE

    PetaMYTE6 hours ago

    makes sense(kinda)

  3. ShittyQualityGuy

    ShittyQualityGuy6 days ago

    So..., is Aftershock gentically modifed?

  4. porks

    porks21 day ago

    but it's not lactation. the process of the milk generation is not lactation. this video explain how the milk is generated. probably indeed udderly cringe worthy, you talking about two different thing.

  5. Kim Crump

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  6. Kim Crump

    Kim CrumpMonth ago

    Wheatley, true. So true. So true.

  7. XxLuakian TheWitchxX

    XxLuakian TheWitchxXHour ago

    Well thanks for ruining my appetite!

  8. Fantizum

    Fantizum4 hours ago

    Shit, then filtered blood tastes good

  9. Lps FlamingoLover

    Lps FlamingoLover4 hours ago

    Sooo..... This... Means......I CAN'T DRINK MILK...?!

  10. MasterDoge17

    MasterDoge174 hours ago

    Air is just filtered fart Food is filtered shit

  11. Wolfshadow

    Wolfshadow5 hours ago

    Why do people think its gross, its just blood

  12. Taecup.Icxns

    Taecup.Icxns11 hours ago

    Now I'll tell my friend that is in love with milk.

  13. The Moon

    The Moon11 hours ago

    _'I like to drink blood'_ -The Moon Professional Vampire

  14. Felipe Mata

    Felipe Mata11 hours ago

    Has anybody made a vampire joke yet

  15. Felipe Mata

    Felipe Mata11 hours ago

    Thank you for ruining milk for me if I hated it then I hated it even more now. I was craving it ate some cereal while watching this and mmhmm no

  16. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler14 hours ago

    Milk is just boneless blood

  17. Gyro Pollo

    Gyro Pollo22 hours ago

    Both Vampire and human drink sweat from sweat gland (in a glass already)

  18. Spukki I love spukkines

    Spukki I love spukkines22 hours ago

    Its ok , i dont like milk at all

  19. Alpaca YT

    Alpaca YT23 hours ago

    I thought it's was cow piss

  20. Te C-Jones

    Te C-JonesDay ago

    So cheese and yogurt are rotten filter cow blood, and ice cream is frozen filtered cow blood. Why does this make me want dairy more?

  21. KattyOwO

    KattyOwODay ago

    Well this cow's filtered blood is delicious

  22. The Relented

    The RelentedDay ago

    Shouldn't have watched this while eating cereal

  23. Hasib Mrz

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  24. hasib asip

    hasib asip2 days ago

    love this

  25. hasib asip

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  26. hasib asip

    hasib asip2 days ago

    nice channel

  27. hasib asip

    hasib asip2 days ago

    cool man

  28. Hasib Mrz

    Hasib Mrz2 days ago

    Ryzen Crosshair

  29. Nóra Horváth

    Nóra Horváth2 days ago

    *several vegans are typing*

  30. Hello There

    Hello There2 days ago

    It's just filyered blood but it's still yummy!😋😂

  31. Tobe Shinji

    Tobe Shinji2 days ago

    How you milk a cow... Hmmm resembles m*strubation... What you get from milking a cow... Hmmm resembles the *fluid... Hmmmmmmm!?!??!?

  32. Nooroa Chitty

    Nooroa Chitty2 days ago

    Now my diet for now is milk Wat I drink my blood wats wrong

  33. Jacob Coronado

    Jacob Coronado3 days ago

    i drink milk and I don't smell blood

  34. ???

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  35. Lovely Potato

    Lovely Potato3 days ago

    I spat my milk out when i saw the title

  36. Hari Prasad

    Hari Prasad3 days ago

    Why do women hide their sexual interests most of the time?

  37. Holden Muhammad

    Holden Muhammad3 days ago

    Blood in milk? Ok atleast its healthy

  38. Rose Symphony

    Rose Symphony3 days ago

    MY LIFE IS A LIE! Okay now I'm going to throw up in the corner

  39. Adam눈

    Adam눈4 days ago

    Now I wish I was a Vampire

  40. CaliCoffeeAJ

    CaliCoffeeAJ4 days ago

    Okay. Um. Okay. Bye.

  41. Hayden Davis

    Hayden Davis5 days ago

    W-what milk is made out of blood

  42. moesvideos.

    moesvideos.5 days ago

    Sees video *Me: OMG OMG OMG* *Mom: What?* *Me: BLOOD IS MILK* *Mom: IDC GEEZ SHUT UP*

  43. Receptable

    Receptable6 days ago

    watched this drinking milk

  44. Luke Kwietniewski

    Luke Kwietniewski7 days ago

    I only made it to 0:25 I’m never drinking milk ever again!

  45. Quinitaz

    Quinitaz7 days ago

    Guys, its not too bad Blood tastes GOOD!! Im not a vampire

  46. John White

    John White8 days ago

    Brown cows make chocolate milk and gay cows make strawberry milk. True stuff.

  47. Yandere Chan

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  48. Ted Zhang

    Ted Zhang9 days ago

    I may never drink milk ever again

  49. Dany Fairuzy

    Dany Fairuzy9 days ago

    Meat is processed grass.

  50. Andi Firaz

    Andi Firaz9 days ago

    You don't say...

  51. jamierose11

    jamierose119 days ago

    Welp I'm vegan now

  52. OOFAaron92-roblox and other fun game plays from me

    OOFAaron92-roblox and other fun game plays from me10 days ago

    Hey so dose that mean soy milk is also blood

  53. Lim Yee Xin

    Lim Yee Xin10 days ago

    So we are cannibal when we are babies?

  54. Applecycles

    Applecycles10 days ago

    *wHaT AbOUt hUmAN'S sPeRM??*

  55. ML LIM

    ML LIM11 days ago

    The cow should have said shama lama moo moo

  56. SD cloud

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  57. Dab Wolfer

    Dab Wolfer12 days ago

    Wait is drinking breast milk cannibalism since milk is filtered blood.

  58. Boov Cartoon Productions!

    Boov Cartoon Productions!12 days ago

    Uhh no cereal for today.... :(

  59. White Out

    White Out12 days ago

    **looks at milk that is drinking** “What did you say?”

  60. anime queen

    anime queen12 days ago

    What's worse for me is that i am drinking milk

  61. Moopie !

    Moopie !13 days ago

    *Milk has left the server*

  62. Ivan Irani - EIS Grade 6

    Ivan Irani - EIS Grade 613 days ago

    WWAIT.... Does that mean I was drinking MY MOMS BLOOD when I was a baby???!!!

  63. White Fidget

    White Fidget3 days ago

    Ivan Irani - EIS Grade 6 no but if you think of it yee

  64. Ehsan G

    Ehsan G13 days ago

    I will never look at milk the same way again

  65. Claire Friesen

    Claire Friesen13 days ago

    Mom can i have some filtered blood?

  66. Valentina loves wolves

    Valentina loves wolves13 days ago

    NOW I can say LIFE IS A LIEEEE

  67. DJ Ajpw

    DJ Ajpw13 days ago

    Wait...I'm a vampire now? Brb I'mma be in da dark *IM HAVING A YUMMY BOWL OF CEREAL AND BLOOD*

  68. Jessica Lannon

    Jessica Lannon14 days ago

    ThAt Is wHy I lOvE MiLk

  69. WOLFFURplays

    WOLFFURplays14 days ago

    Does that mean we are almost 100% milk?

  70. Solarpunk Artist

    Solarpunk Artist14 days ago

    It's not "impressive" how much milk that cow produced, it's disgusting. That poor mother has been bred to create way too much and will, like all dairy cows, be repeatedly forcibly impregnated and have her baby taken from her so people can hook painful machines up to her nipples and take it for selfish humans because they enjoy the pleasure of that substance in their mouth. All mammals produce milk, including dogs, cats, pigs, rats, and humans and that milk is meant ONLY for that mothers baby. Once the baby is weaned they will never drink milk again. Stealing the milk from a different mammal species and drinking it ourselves makes zero logical sense, and it turns out that dairy is REALLY bad for our health. It's basically miracle grow for tumors and contains high amounts of fat, cholesterol, and naturally occurring hormones like mammalian estrogen which screws with our own hormones. Not to mention the actual red blood, pus (somatic cells), and feces contained in milk because the cows get cut by the machines and bleed, get infections like mastitis that isn't treated, and live in horrendous conditions so therefor have feces going all up their legs from being forced to walk in it. And the real potential for casein which breaks down into casomorphin in our system to make and keep us addicted. Dairy is an unnecessary and cruel "product" that exploits innocent sentient beings for pleasure and/or greed by hijacking the female reproductive system of a non-human mammal. This video was well made, informative, and important as more people need to understand the biology of animals, especially the ones we exploit. We have altered cows and other "livestock" to the point that just living in their bodies can be torture. I love Minute Earth, and as I said, this video was great. The ending was disappointing and sad, but of course, it also could have been worse. When covering these topics if you don't want to spread a compassionate, animal rights, or vegan message it's best to stay as neutral as possible. For most of the video that was accomplished but the end ruined it by calling it impressive and making a joke. The suffering of billions of animals is not funny. I know this comment will receive a lot of hate, arguments, or complaint. There's no need to defend Minute Earth as I will still watch, subscribe, and like. But I'd like everyone to consider also, that being a non-vegan environmentalist is hypocrisy. Ignorant at best, apathetic at worst. In the case of apathy you cannot truly call yourself an environmentalist when animal agriculture is the single worst human behavior for the environment. Being vegan is the easiest way any one person can make a huge impact on the environment, but also the world in terms of ethics, health, and even human rights. Peace

  71. Conffeti Pop Club smd

    Conffeti Pop Club smd15 days ago

    Gross im not drinking milk ever again

  72. BroTGM Animations

    BroTGM Animations15 days ago

    Ok so I don’t have to go vegan bc it’s natural

  73. Warren Matt

    Warren Matt15 days ago

    Plenty of nutrients and vitamins tastes great with cereal lol animals and humans are so wonderful

  74. Batetay Belle

    Batetay Belle16 days ago

    I love milk

  75. Black Wolf

    Black Wolf16 days ago

    Chocate with blood

  76. yazan

    yazan16 days ago

    He he he tit she said tit

  77. Gaby Gamer

    Gaby Gamer16 days ago

    Then why is it WHITE?

  78. ShadowGaming

    ShadowGaming16 days ago

    Wait..... so we all are vampire?

  79. julian clove

    julian clove16 days ago

    Great, now the vegans are just sitting back, nodding their heads...

  80. Romanchan 1414

    Romanchan 141416 days ago

    Did you know when ppl make the cows for milk, they kill the calfs so that the humans can have it instead

  81. Romanchan 1414

    Romanchan 14143 days ago

    They kill the calf's cuz the calf's want the milk but instead the humans have it

  82. Romanchan 1414

    Romanchan 14143 days ago

    +Hulk Is Sick no, look up how food is made for McDonald's, taco Bell, KFC and you will see that happens

  83. Hulk Is Sick

    Hulk Is Sick3 days ago

    Romanchan 1414 Nope, they don’t, learn your facts leaf muncher. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  84. CoolDoctor274

    CoolDoctor27416 days ago

    *d e l i c o u s*

  85. Chee Moua

    Chee Moua16 days ago

    *drinking milk and cookie, Oh shit I eating blood like a vampire!!* I eat this ever again while I watching this!!

  86. jekblom123

    jekblom12317 days ago

    So is water...

  87. TwixMix

    TwixMix17 days ago

    I wasn't able to drink milk for a while after this.

  88. Jocsiris Delida Nava

    Jocsiris Delida Nava17 days ago

    I don't drink milk like if you don't drink milk

  89. pepe is not dead.

    pepe is not dead.17 days ago

    *to suck on the teet*

  90. joshua gamer

    joshua gamer17 days ago

    there is blood in milk and even pus but it gets removed when it is processed and served to the public

  91. Alverto Villegas

    Alverto Villegas17 days ago

    I never thought of that 😨

  92. The Italian Goomba

    The Italian Goomba17 days ago

    Wow so milk is literally cow juice

  93. The Italian Goomba

    The Italian Goomba17 days ago

    Please stop ruining things with science

  94. Evil Brynn

    Evil Brynn17 days ago

    Blood is tasty

  95. Coral Pugh

    Coral Pugh17 days ago

    So we are vampires now?

  96. Khloe Tineo

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  97. quang vo kh

    quang vo kh17 days ago

    That ok

  98. PRGME7

    PRGME717 days ago

    Vampire problem solved

  99. o0Beautiful0o

    o0Beautiful0o17 days ago

    I am SO lucky that I am lactose intolerant

  100. Ik Benben

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  101. Rei

    Rei17 days ago

    Thanks, I hate it

  102. Kiyan Tan

    Kiyan Tan17 days ago

    no seriosly im never drinking milk no more

  103. Kiyan Tan

    Kiyan Tan17 days ago

    aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh no no why why!!!!! aaaaaahaahahahaaaaaaaaaaa noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! 0:14

  104. Kiyan Tan

    Kiyan Tan17 days ago

    my life is ruined i love milk *sobbing*

  105. Suzume s

    Suzume s17 days ago

    I didn't ask for this.

  106. Midnight Rider53

    Midnight Rider5317 days ago gowd

  107. sarah cunha

    sarah cunha17 days ago

    Dude, dairy products are metal.

  108. Valenchina

    Valenchina18 days ago

    0:20 is the cutest drawing I’ve ever seen!!! 😍😍😍

  109. pakina the feex

    pakina the feex18 days ago

    Try filtering blood Does it make milk? No

  110. No one

    No one18 days ago

    So... are we vampires?

  111. Endernani 8

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  112. Kaitlyn Beyersdorfer

    Kaitlyn Beyersdorfer18 days ago

    Poor aftershock 😭

  113. Crazywolf LeoMilo

    Crazywolf LeoMilo18 days ago

    Sooo when a cow gets milked it’s like getting a period?

  114. Sameram

    Sameram18 days ago

    Why. Why Minute Earth. Why would you do this to me? I will never eat cereal the same again

  115. Sameram

    Sameram14 days ago

    Solarpunk Artist I don’t know if this is a copy and pasted message, but either way, thanks for the advice! I’ll be sure to check those other options out :)

  116. Solarpunk Artist

    Solarpunk Artist14 days ago

    Try plant milks! Rice, hemp, flax, almond, oat, cashew, soy, coconut, pea milk, macadamia nut, hazelnut, etc. If it's a nut, seed, or grain chances are it can be turned into a milk and also used for cheese! These can also be flavored any way you like, sweetened or unsweetened. There's plant version of all your dairy needs: coffee creamer, yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, ice cream, butter, sliced or shredded cheese, soft cheese for spreading, gourmet cheeses like Miyokos, and it all can be made safely at home as well! Brands include: Chao by Field Roast (my favorite), Follow Your Heart, So Delicious, Kite Hill, Treeline, Go Veggie, Tofutti, Miyokos, Silk, Daiya, Teese, and many, many more! Dairy is also super unhealthy for you so leaving it out of your diet can definitely benefit you! (:

  117. Amazon Heles

    Amazon Heles18 days ago

    Bro if milk is blood I'm a vampire