Milk Is Just Filtered Blood


  1. MinuteEarth

    MinuteEarth8 months ago

    Hi there - we appreciate that the “just filtered” part of our title has drawn a few comments and we want to address it. First off - you’re right; you could say lots of things are filtered blood products, including urine and even the carbon dioxide we breathe out. We decided to make this video because we believe most people, including ourselves, don’t think about how the same thing is true for a substance a lot of us drink every day - milk from an animal - and that communicating that fact would lead folks to a different appreciation of what milk is. Secondly - you’re also right; we didn’t fully convey the amazing things that the mammary gland does. Almost all of the precursors to the stuff in milk DO come from the bloodstream, but the special cells in the mammary gland transform many of them into their final milky forms, which we simplified in the video as “do some chemistry on them” and in the title as “filtered.”

  2. Hong Pham

    Hong Pham11 days ago

    Hey but is female human milk is just their filtered blood can you answer this?????

  3. Leo Licht

    Leo Licht18 days ago

    MinuteEarth . The males get killed at birth. That is murder. Stalin and Hitler did the same, holocaust big-time. 😵🐮🐣🐷🐙🐟.... go vegan, it’s so easy.

  4. وتين ال حسن

    وتين ال حسنMonth ago

    مرحبا انا من السعودية

  5. وتين ال حسن

    وتين ال حسنMonth ago

    مرحبا انا سوعود

  6. Discovaria

    Discovaria3 hours ago

    at least it doesn't take red blood cells

  7. Discovaria

    Discovaria4 hours ago

    so im happy that it didn't said stop drinking milk :D

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  9. Garry Nazar

    Garry Nazar3 days ago

    Ok then! FRESH MILK!!

  10. Adi Septian

    Adi Septian3 days ago

    you know what, it's already told in the quran 1400 years ago

  11. Charlie Power

    Charlie Power3 days ago

    Almond milk is just filtered almond blood???

  12. Elidee Arias

    Elidee Arias3 days ago

    I hate milk

  13. diamond foxx

    diamond foxx4 days ago

    Omg I'm a vampire!?!?!?!?! *faints*

  14. Carisa Nugroho

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    I think i dont want to drink milk anymore🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

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    0:54 TET😂

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    *looks in glass of milk* well fuck


    ROBLOX GAMING5 days ago

    Uh I like milk but I don't care if its blood

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    miwk says my younger bro

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    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!?????

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    Wouldn't it have blood texture?

  22. Adriane Barnard

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    Wait I've been drinking blood kind blown

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    Meghan Murray9 days ago

    Everyone’s drinking cow blood!!!!!! 😨😨😨😨😨😨

  24. The Eugene

    The Eugene10 days ago

    This video literally ruined milk for me

  25. Red

    Red12 days ago

    1:51 Why honey? It should be sponsored by milk.

  26. The Watermelon Milk Squishies!

    The Watermelon Milk Squishies!15 days ago

    Hey, this is Watemel (what eh mel), Milky is a vampire, so she is bassically a cannibal.

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    bla bla bla no one gives a shit

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    Well fuck

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    🤔Uh uh it start making sense. Poop is filtered food.🤗

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    Sou brrrrrrrr

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    Next video: Urine is just filtered blood! -___-'

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    Marisol S25 days ago

    That animations are so cute omg

  37. Jasbeen Cooraban

    Jasbeen Cooraban25 days ago

    LIES🙅 🍜is cows milk

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    I have milk in my veins... OH SHI~?

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    This is gross.. but I'll probably still drink milk xD

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    *~slowly drinks milk*

  41. The Animator Is Animating

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    So are we vampires that like going to the sun and garlic?

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    RosieRoMonth ago

    Oreo: Bloods' favorite cookie.

  44. Violet Baker

    Violet BakerMonth ago

    Oh hell no! I drank milk this morning (or night if you are in the USA)

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    This made me spit my milk... ;-;

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  48. anabelleafterdark at IG

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    maasai maasai maasai

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    So since milk is blood then we are vampires?p.s not vegans.

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    0:28 lol

  51. Omer Qta

    Omer QtaMonth ago

    Quraan told this fact 1400 years ago

  52. Verbindungsfehle

    VerbindungsfehleMonth ago

    Milk is filtered blood An egg is a chicken period A sausage is an animal stuffed in guts (sometimes even its own) Honey is bee vomit Wild honey additionally went through the digestive system of a scale insect ..... So what? All of these things are delicious

  53. Hyria The Witch

    Hyria The WitchMonth ago

    So.... were technicaly vampires?

  54. Gamer Jhoirdyn

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    My friend told me that

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    *sees the baby cow* AWWWWWWW~

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    *About to go to sleep*Takes glass milk* Watches this video* OMG WTH NOBODY TOLD ME....... I FORGOT TO PUT ON MY P.Js!*Looks at video* What did the episode say?

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    Drinks milk while watching😳

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    holy COW!!get it?cow?

  59. Mary Ann Muli

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    I thought when i was on the thumbnail ipmy reaction was ",OMI GOSH MILK IS BLUD LIKE ITS ONLY FOOD COLORING OF WHITE WUT?! and then i watched vid and i understood

  60. Aryaman Kejriwal

    Aryaman KejriwalMonth ago

    Urine is the same right? I mean it’s filtered blood too

  61. Menace Crash

    Menace CrashMonth ago

    This disturbed me

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    What about colostrum?

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    😊🇧🇷&🇪🇸 🤔?????

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    As if im not gonna stop drinking m i l k y

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    1:26 “tits”

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    why you gotta make it sound like that?

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    Okaaayyy.... no... 😂😂😂

  69. MoySauce Da King

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    I remember when a livestock farmer came to our school and he had to take blood out of the cows utter. That sure was a petrifying experience....

  70. Daniel Watts

    Daniel WattsMonth ago

    By changing a cow's diet or genetic modification, could we make milk healthier? Lactose free? Taste different?

  71. Somewhat _A random girl called heather is here

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    *Drops my carton of milk*

  72. Spicy Cat

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    Isn’t our body using our lungs, kidneys, and liver filtering everything.

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    i am dracula!

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    I low key just spit out the milk I was drinking

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    More evidence that MinuteEarth starts with a pun and works backwards from it.

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    what about cuba's old dictators,fidel castro,"ubre blanca" the white udder

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    *spits milk out* NEVER AGAIN

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    Thanks for the mammaries!


    XXX TENTACIONMonth ago

    Haha why did I watch this I'm still going to drink milk

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    *lactose intolerant people laugh*



    We are drinking blood? So we are vampires

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    But its not bad for u

  83. Sam Abdula

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    Its not blood u so bad

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    Is this means we are zombies now? 🤣🤣

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    The sp00ky memes won't be happy...

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    dude vampires must have hella strong bones

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    why, when i think about cows getting their teets pulled by a human, my balls start hurting

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    And honey is just bee vomit.

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    so were,.... VAMPIRES ;^;

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  91. fluffy head

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    I'm 5 years old I don't know anything

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    I like to think whenever I drink milk I drink blood

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    How do you know

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  95. LetsNotTalk

    LetsNotTalkMonth ago

    I cant decide what sounds dumber you thinking that filtering is chemistry or attempts to simplify something as obvious as this. The hair on your head must have more cells in it than the contents of your skull. was this an attempt to gross people out?` or was it an attempt to spread misinformation? As a person whose culture often adds pig blood to various dishes it only disgusted me of what kind of person you are.

  96. LetsNotTalk

    LetsNotTalkMonth ago

    Blood is just water with various nutritions and minerals. but you can try filter the blood it wont do anything it will remain blood. however if you had a brain in that lil head of yours you should know that you must use the process of distillation to separate the two Your nails for example can be considered hardened blood if people where to use your retarded simplifying methods of spreading misinformation.

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    Suckel on the tiet hahahahaha

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    Thanks for ruining my breakfast!

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    i got a add for milk lol

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    The vampires are stealing our milk!

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    I acc dc even though I was dipping Oreos in milk while watching this!

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    *I knew I was a Vampire!* *_Mom, I drank your blood when I was a little vampire bwahaha_*

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    I knew it all along.... i am a vampire

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    Thai I understand tai