Milk Is Just Filtered Blood


  1. MinuteEarth

    MinuteEarth11 months ago

    Hi there - we appreciate that the “just filtered” part of our title has drawn a few comments and we want to address it. First off - you’re right; you could say lots of things are filtered blood products, including urine and even the carbon dioxide we breathe out. We decided to make this video because we believe most people, including ourselves, don’t think about how the same thing is true for a substance a lot of us drink every day - milk from an animal - and that communicating that fact would lead folks to a different appreciation of what milk is. Secondly - you’re also right; we didn’t fully convey the amazing things that the mammary gland does. Almost all of the precursors to the stuff in milk DO come from the bloodstream, but the special cells in the mammary gland transform many of them into their final milky forms, which we simplified in the video as “do some chemistry on them” and in the title as “filtered.”

  2. Penelope the fox

    Penelope the foxMonth ago

    I don’t believe it’s wrong to drink milk but I do think the way we gather the milk is wrong. The way our race torchers cows to get the milk we drink is disgusting. And not to mention the amount of people out there who don’t know or just down care how we get it. If you are curious on how we treat cows to get our milk, just look it up. It’s too awful to say it here. And no, I’m not vegan. Eating meat is a part of life and our omnivore diet. I just believe that we could treat other living, breathing creatures, that walk on the same earth as we do, better than we do now.

  3. hit or miss i guess they never misss huh

    hit or miss i guess they never misss huh3 months ago

    Hey but is female human milk is just their filtered blood can you answer this?????

  4. Leo Licht

    Leo Licht3 months ago

    MinuteEarth . The males get killed at birth. That is murder. Stalin and Hitler did the same, holocaust big-time. 😵🐮🐣🐷🐙🐟.... go vegan, it’s so easy.

  5. وتين ال حسن

    وتين ال حسن4 months ago

    مرحبا انا من السعودية

  6. Samantha Littaua

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  7. Sam Fadhlurrahman

    Sam Fadhlurrahman14 hours ago

    It's in the quran: "And indeed, for you in grazing livestock is a lesson. We give you drink from what is in their bellies - between excretion and blood - pure milk, palatable to drinkers." An Nahl (16:66)

  8. lz marie federizo

    lz marie federizoDay ago

    What about milk powder?

  9. OracleOci

    OracleOciDay ago

    is it really tho? if you start from the components of blood (plasma, blood cells, platelets), then nutrients from plasma are something like 4% of the blood, then you have that magical "do some chemistry on [the nutrients]" step... might as well be drawing blood from stone with that correlation. but cool snapshot of different milk 'recipes' between species!

  10. Adrien Demayo

    Adrien DemayoDay ago

    I’m a vampire!?!?!?

  11. Kanin Yim

    Kanin YimDay ago

    How about us humans giving our baby milk

  12. Novamouse

    NovamouseDay ago

    Wow this is interesting!Why can't boys form milk though, I know they're boys, but WHY???

  13. Dark Plays

    Dark Plays2 days ago

    *Got a Milk Ad Before This Milk Video*

  14. Ofizerik

    Ofizerik4 days ago

    1:16 - I need to buy cottontail milk to build muscles faster

  15. EliteZxa Pro

    EliteZxa Pro4 days ago

    Oh shoot. *Im drinking blood right now*

  16. Random Person

    Random Person6 days ago

    So it’s kinda like if a cow was drinking human breast milk...?

  17. Smol Nazomi

    Smol Nazomi6 days ago

    m y s c h o o l m a k e s m e d r I n k b l o o d

  18. urmumgay yeet

    urmumgay yeet6 days ago

    Ur mum is just a girl version of ur dad *IQ intensifies*

  19. Really think I was gonna have a name?

    Really think I was gonna have a name?7 days ago


  20. Victoria Castello

    Victoria Castello7 days ago

    No it's not my mom had cows and she would drink it without cleaning it when she milked a cow so this is a lie

  21. BSD Fan

    BSD Fan7 days ago

    Imagine if we selectively bred cows that made milk the same speed as it is today AND made it with protein!

  22. Korb Borb The Dream Star

    Korb Borb The Dream Star7 days ago

    If filtered blood is milk, god damn is it good. *im not a vampire*

  23. Viletek Void

    Viletek Void7 days ago

    bepsi is the new pepsi

  24. Hyper Bunnies

    Hyper Bunnies8 days ago

    Yeah i never liked milk.

  25. Rosleenda Rafie

    Rosleenda Rafie8 days ago

    Oh but why are they giving their baby blood huh the huh word d9esnt mean i hate your videos your the best youtuber ive evr met

  26. Haseeb Malik

    Haseeb Malik8 days ago

    No vegans they kill the earth

  27. Dragon king

    Dragon king8 days ago

    So, we're all vampires.

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  29. Galaxys Lilas

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    Am i drinking blood am a vampire or somting why those it taste good and not like blood im PANICKING

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  31. Monty Python

    Monty Python9 days ago

    So does that make cheese a giant cow scab?

  32. Stegotyrannus Gamer

    Stegotyrannus Gamer9 days ago

    *sponsored by PETA

  33. Wolf Clan Nation

    Wolf Clan Nation9 days ago

    It’s like a cow squeezing a females yeah to get milk right?

  34. potato gamer11

    potato gamer119 days ago

    My mom owns a dairy farm

  35. Ricardo alves

    Ricardo alves10 days ago

    This like saying you're made of blood, because your cells take blood from your veins to make muscles/organs etc...

  36. Ricardo alves

    Ricardo alves10 days ago

    This is an oversimplification

  37. Gtx 1080 Ti

    Gtx 1080 Ti10 days ago

    *Looks at hands* Im a monster

  38. 1870 Preußen

    1870 Preußen10 days ago

    I like to mix blood with chocolate powder

  39. André Mitreuter

    André Mitreuter10 days ago

    It might soubd disgusting first, but remember a chicken's egg is also just it's period

  40. Stoned *

    Stoned *10 days ago

    Thanks for ruining milk for me

  41. Elzė Gee

    Elzė Gee10 days ago

    To be honest I was drinking milk. Wasn't good experience

  42. Trick Flick

    Trick Flick10 days ago

    I don't care. I'm still gonna drink milk no matter what.

  43. I’m Stupid

    I’m Stupid10 days ago

    Milk Is Just Filtered Blood What

  44. gary number 22

    gary number 2210 days ago

    To be honest when I read the title a thought it was going to be something about becoming vegan

  45. crusader gachaverse

    crusader gachaverse10 days ago

    That's like breast milk is filtered blood

  46. Victoria Mulichak

    Victoria Mulichak10 days ago

    science class.

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    〘 korli 〙11 days ago

    nice thanks

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    Soooo were all vampires....

  49. Black feline 16

    Black feline 1613 days ago

    You just had to mention that didn't you?

  50. Matthew Mazzetti

    Matthew Mazzetti13 days ago

    This tea is just hot leaf water!

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    Call Dracula for his drink milk

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    Is pee filtered cum

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    helloitz katsy16 days ago

    The add is about cows

  55. yep. s

    yep. s16 days ago

    WAS DRINKING MILK WHILE STUDYING this came as next video

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  57. 이뚜이

    이뚜이18 days ago

    pretty interesting news..!

  58. Strahinja Čolić

    Strahinja Čolić18 days ago

    This video makes u hate milk If u AGGRE like my commemt

  59. Thorin

    Thorin17 days ago

    Why would it make anyone hate milk? Most food comes from dead animals or dead plants, some comes from living ones, and a very few is directly eating living animals or plants. Discussing that milk is what in this and which part of the animal is used not really problematic.

  60. Kaloyan Ivanov

    Kaloyan Ivanov19 days ago

    First what is milk?? 87%water, lactose 5%,protein 4%,fat 4%,minerals 0,7% and curtain amount of bacteriea. All digits are averages and depends from the breed and eating intake. There is few white cells blood but they are very small.However the milk is produce in the mammary gland. Blood is only use for transportation,same like the oxygen and etc.

  61. F-zero91maru

    F-zero91maru20 days ago

    I drink chocolate milk 🥛 while watching this haha

  62. sellmoon

    sellmoon20 days ago

    People say that like it's something gross... in my country, blood (cooked with rice) is a traditional delicacy.

  63. XoxKawaii_Potato-xoX

    XoxKawaii_Potato-xoX20 days ago

    Aww the baby animal drawings were so *fucking cute!*

  64. Mohamed Samir

    Mohamed Samir21 day ago

    the holy quraan : ch 16 verse 66 (the same meaning : Milk Is Just Filtered Blood )

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    ooo ggod FREAKING EW

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    This is why im weak

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    Kizito Tenthani24 days ago

    So this automatically makes everyone a vampire

  68. Crafty Queens

    Crafty Queens26 days ago

    0:24 Awww! The baby seal is so cutee!

  69. Leo NEX

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    *I knew milk was made out of cow blood well i though ot was made out of white blood cells*

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    What about milk from Human

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    The only thing is that babies never suck that

  72. Shaunne N

    Shaunne NMonth ago

    eh I’ll still drink milk I don’t care. People now days try to scare you into not eating any damn thing anymore. You’re gonna die either way who gives a shit. I saw a whole news article on how juice is fucking dangerous like really?? At this point I’ll do what the fuck I want.

  73. Amythst Girl

    Amythst GirlMonth ago

    I feel like a vampire and I feel good! *Edit* I just forgot I'm lactose intolerant (no idea if I spelled that right...)

  74. Amythst Girl

    Amythst Girl10 days ago

    +Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart thanks!

  75. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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    Lactose intolerant

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    0:25 o so cute vampires

  77. Some Randome Person Mahoney

    Some Randome Person MahoneyMonth ago

    So...when I have my period I can filter the blood and it becomes milk?

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  79. david murray

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    Not sure you are clear on the concept of 'filtered'... click-bait

  80. Gypsies0

    Gypsies0Month ago

    The milk is blood argument in this video is analagous to saying that lettuce is dirt. One step further, depending on how the field is fertilized ... lettuce is manure.

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  82. Cyberio Knight 2nd Channel

    Cyberio Knight 2nd ChannelMonth ago

    So im not a HUMAN?

  83. Oreo

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    Thats why almond milk exists. :)

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    blood taste good

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    Thanks now I'm never drinking milk again

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    i'll donate milk for those who are in need

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    wow gross

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    I drink my own blood and milk is different ^_^

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    Baby animals eeeeeee

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    we are vampire and make blood yummu add cacao

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    Yeah that's true, that's why we need to drink milk... Because it helps our body to adden more blood to be more active... 😊

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    Call me Dracula because you better believe I’m gonna drink a lot of -milk- blood

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    Bats: hey boi

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    Everyone is vampire

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    So it means.... Im A vAmPiRe

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    I’ll never drink milk again

  97. FuzzDaFuzziest

    FuzzDaFuzziestMonth ago

    i tell my friends this fact but then they call me an idiot

  98. joy july

    joy julyMonth ago

    That doesn’t make any sense because all babies either humans or mammals need to feed on their moms milk to grow strong and healthy so you’re saying that they’re drinking filtered blood and it’s bad and nasty??my 1 year old baby sis feed on cow’s fresh milk daily 4 5 times because mom can’t feed her and she’s absolutely healthy ,all the toddlers feed on dairy milk

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    i drink too much milk a day...

  102. Alana Khoury

    Alana KhouryMonth ago

    I have lactose intolerance. I eat cereal with almond milk. I’m obsessed. I didn’t think at first I’d like it NCOs if the distinct taste of the milk but i look forward to it every morning. I love almond milk now

  103. El marios

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    Can you filter period blood?

  104. Mei Raiden

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    *laughs in lactose intolerant*

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    Normal person: what are you drinking Me: filtered cow blood

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    So a cow can dump a bathtub of blood everyday?? Wtf?!!

  107. AutismHazSpoken

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    So , wouldn't this mean babies are vampires ?