Milk Is Just Filtered Blood


  1. MinuteEarth

    MinuteEarth10 days ago

    Hi there - we appreciate that the “just filtered” part of our title has drawn a few comments and we want to address it. First off - you’re right; you could say lots of things are filtered blood products, including urine and even the carbon dioxide we breathe out. We decided to make this video because we believe most people, including ourselves, don’t think about how the same thing is true for a substance a lot of us drink every day - milk from an animal - and that communicating that fact would lead folks to a different appreciation of what milk is. Secondly - you’re also right; we didn’t fully convey the amazing things that the mammary gland does. Almost all of the precursors to the stuff in milk DO come from the bloodstream, but the special cells in the mammary gland transform many of them into their final milky forms, which we simplified in the video as “do some chemistry on them” and in the title as “filtered.”

  2. Fancy Fantasy

    Fancy Fantasy7 hours ago

    Andrew Priester if drinking milk is bad (as someone above has mentioned, not specifying the type of milk) then why do humans even produce it? Lol

  3. Andrew Priester

    Andrew Priester18 hours ago

    If drinking cow's milk is bad then why do calf's drink it?

  4. Andrew Priester

    Andrew Priester18 hours ago

    So people are stupid because they voted for Trump Elytron? Ever heard freedom of choice?

  5. Polina Mahova

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  6. Jane Kennedy

    Jane KennedyDay ago

    MinuteEarth qq

  7. GVids5

    GVids5Minute ago

    So that means, vampires just need milk then

  8. cha yan

    cha yan21 minute ago

    no mammal is supposed to drink milk after their infancy, that's why adult human being has la tctose intolerancy, ppl who can digest milk proper are mutant

  9. scott ivey

    scott ivey36 minutes ago

    Literally no one gives a shit I have known this since 5th grade no one cares we all know good is mad of all sorts a shit like Beatle shells for mnm

  10. AdamasDragon

    AdamasDragon41 minute ago

    Well that's pretty fucking obvious isn't it? Where is the milk supposed to come from, the milk fairy?

  11. Ben Dayan

    Ben DayanHour ago

    So I'm eating cereal with blood?! That's so f***ing metal!

  12. Scythal

    ScythalHour ago

    Great, I was drinking milk while I was watching this. Aaaaa

  13. NairoGod

    NairoGod2 hours ago

    Guess why vampire drinks blood? ;)

  14. Cong Phuoc

    Cong Phuoc2 hours ago

    So what ment i a vampire can drink that?

  15. karma fan

    karma fan3 hours ago

    yea I still don't care I love strawberry milk sooo yeeaahhhh

  16. SDJ Productions

    SDJ Productions3 hours ago

    So are we vampires ?

  17. Don Hart

    Don Hart4 hours ago

    he needs some milk

  18. Yo, I got a soul voice

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    It makes the milk fic more *”interesting”*

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    Whoa I will not milk my grandpa's cow

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    Life will never be the same again...

  22. Phumiphat watana

    Phumiphat watana6 hours ago

    Vegan drink Blood LOL

  23. Phumiphat watana

    Phumiphat watana2 minutes ago

    if i edit comment that won't be good thing I dont know about vegeterian and vegan. I just know to day thank

  24. muted

    muted19 minutes ago

    there are no ovo lacto vegans, those are just called vegetarians or ovo lacto vegetarians those that eat egg and dairy are ovo lacto vegetarians those that eat egg are ovo vegetarian those that eat dairy are lacto vegetarian and those that eat neither are vegan

  25. Phumiphat watana

    Phumiphat watana4 hours ago

    It call ovo lacto vegan

  26. muted

    muted5 hours ago

    Vegans don’t drink milk

  27. Arslan R

    Arslan R6 hours ago

    *Calcium juice*


    BLOODY LEGEND7 hours ago

    It's not the "total" blood that we drink. It's the 3 of the things (sugar, fat, protein)

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    I can sponsor this channel?!

  30. Aimi Aidan

    Aimi Aidan8 hours ago

    Wait does that mean when human babies drink their mom’s milk does that mean they’re drinking they’re mom’s filtered blood

  31. BOI.

    BOI.10 hours ago

    still gon drink milk

  32. DarkVoidPlayz

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    Welp, i'm obssessed with milk, Am i a vampire? i drink atleast 10 cups milk per day

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    I don't give a fuck.

  34. Jonnathan Crane

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    Boneless blodd.

  35. Ava Falkner

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    And this is one of the many reasons why im veagan

  36. Food FOOD!!

    Food FOOD!!13 hours ago

    So I'm a vampire?

  37. Aperson

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    Couldn’t imagine it happening any other way.

  38. pixelman619

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    *sips milk*

  39. py_ro97

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    Let's believe a random 30 year old lady that is a so called "scientist" that milk is just filtered blood, never touching that crap again. (LATER THAT DAY..) Ah.. Good ol' milk.

  40. Twin Blade Gamer

    Twin Blade Gamer14 hours ago

    I even drink my own blood

  41. nathaniel petty

    nathaniel petty15 hours ago

    Good thing i drink alot of milk

  42. Dylan Cakes

    Dylan Cakes15 hours ago

    Saying Milk is filtered blood is exactly the same as saying brine is minerals are filtered water. You claim taking a process that extracts the nutrients from blood produces blood without anything that would define it as blood other than the WBC to keep it healthy. Gin? Filtered juniper berries, but only after a long hot and mushy process. You are kinda wrong and still asshole.

  43. Tim M

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    Oh ewww don't tell me his shirt.

  44. Marong mahawangsa

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    No is lie

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    Become vegan today! I’m vegan lol

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    You just ruined milk for me

  48. TheMustangGuy

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    I'm eating cheese crackers and watching this, hehehe

  49. TheMustangGuy

    TheMustangGuy16 hours ago

    The lactose in the breasts is why nipples are private parts for females, but not males. Hahah. Not on topic but definitely the point. Milk is sexy!

  50. FrankANDcientifico Channel

    FrankANDcientifico Channel16 hours ago

    MinuteEarth: Milk Is Just Filtered Blood PETA: [gasp]

  51. TheMustangGuy

    TheMustangGuy16 hours ago

    This is why less people are drinking cow milk.

  52. James King

    James King16 hours ago

    So metal.

  53. muted

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    Actually no, they take the iron out of it

  54. Awesome Animates

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    I'm still gonna drink milk

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    I never liked milk to begin with -_-

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    I dont drink milk i drink almond milk

  58. Ainak Basu

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    What about chocolate milk

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    I will never see milk the same ever again


    CRASH THE ONCE LER21 hour ago


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    Oh that's why I hate milk

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    So im drinking blood?

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    Oh cool.

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    Whats next Pluto isn't a Planet.

  65. Wolf Dragon

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    Aimi Aidan my life has been a lie

  66. Aimi Aidan

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    Wolf Dragon umm yeah cuz Pluto’s too small to be a planet

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    who else eats their own blood?

  68. Xenomorph Captain Vex Ghost of the brony community

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    Just like urine!

  69. Xenomorph Captain Vex Ghost of the brony community

    Xenomorph Captain Vex Ghost of the brony community23 hours ago

    And sweat, right?

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    cosmoruski23 hours ago

    poor cow

  71. Baka Alpaca

    Baka AlpacaDay ago

    So cheese is just filtered goat

  72. SteelMaster 275

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    Just another libetard telling lies to not make me drink harmless milk.

  73. unay boi

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    And pus

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    Meh I will still drink cow's milk

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    I thought you meant that drank white blood

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    I drink soy milk

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    Then, if milk is just filtered blood why the colour of the milk is white??

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    What’s next, ice is just solid water?

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    **Is drinking milk and see's video** **SPITS OUT MILK AND THROWS IT AWAY**

  82. Cronibet C.I.U

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    I thinks its their cum and not blood lol

  83. deep south Alabama cowboy

    deep south Alabama cowboyDay ago

    I'm and rancher's son milk comes from cows and goats I've milked 'em myself. Scientifically yes milk comes from blood but its not any defferent then breastfeeding your own child, the cow feeds her calf, the goat feeds her kid (baby goat) we steal their milk and sell it processed for $6 a gal. For fresh milk . and it also tastes alot better than store bought cause you know what the cow ate. ( what the animals eat whether it's grass , hay, grain, antibiotics, or other chemicals you can taste it) milk is in 90% of what you eat. And that's a guestimation

  84. Che Tra

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    Shit and food are made out of atoms, so food is basically shit

  85. Freddy Pedraza

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    Meh, still drinking milk

  86. Tony Ting

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    blood suckers

  87. Jennifer Randall

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    Well I don't give a damn *sips milk*

  88. The Emerald Minecart// JonRielTEM

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    Did you guys knew that Moms are like this to *Thunder Strikes* There breast milk is... Made from *blood* to... *Thunder Strikes again*

  89. [USRNA] United Socialist Republic of North America.

    [USRNA] United Socialist Republic of North America.Day ago

    The way the title is phrased makes it look like vegan propaganda

  90. Ty Mathis

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    So we are vampires

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    Well... I'm gonna go throw out all my chocolate milk.

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    Whatever. Hasn't killed me yet so why should I be worried?

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    Why can't our blood taste good? Why does it have to taste like metal?

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    Well I drink a lot of milk blood

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    I'll drink chocolate milk then...

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    Eating cereal in filtered blood

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    That's crazy... Damn. *Continues drinking milk*

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    Hola fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccvvccvvccvvvvvvvvkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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    Why I drink soy/almond milk now....

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    yeahhhh i dont care i will drink milk anyway.

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    So............. Im litterelly a vampire

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    I'm still going to drink milk lol

  104. Michael King

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    This is kinda disingenous, as i expected

  105. Michael King

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    Lol manatee

  106. raspucin70

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    While explanation is correct, the title is utterly clickbate-y. Plus...blending nuts into pulp does not make "milk", that is just marketing scheme to by inferior product. Downvote from me

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    Why i dont drink milk :3

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    Not your mom, not your milk

  109. The Nintenbro

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    Arent we all just vampires (except for you vegans)

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    Another great Video, keep doing what your doing, it's great!

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    Ok mylk is better.

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    I believe u but my friends don't who do I trust? Im confused

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    We didn't ask for this