Milk Is Just Filtered Blood


  1. MinuteEarth

    MinuteEarth3 months ago

    Hi there - we appreciate that the “just filtered” part of our title has drawn a few comments and we want to address it. First off - you’re right; you could say lots of things are filtered blood products, including urine and even the carbon dioxide we breathe out. We decided to make this video because we believe most people, including ourselves, don’t think about how the same thing is true for a substance a lot of us drink every day - milk from an animal - and that communicating that fact would lead folks to a different appreciation of what milk is. Secondly - you’re also right; we didn’t fully convey the amazing things that the mammary gland does. Almost all of the precursors to the stuff in milk DO come from the bloodstream, but the special cells in the mammary gland transform many of them into their final milky forms, which we simplified in the video as “do some chemistry on them” and in the title as “filtered.”

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  3. Eggie Knog

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  4. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader23 days ago

    MinuteEarth I hate it when a vegan tries make me a vegan

  5. Claudia Islas

    Claudia Islas25 days ago

    MinuteEarth TL;Er

  6. Sandra L

    Sandra L10 hours ago

    The bad joke of all this is that cow's milk is cheaper than nuts. Atte least un muy country.

  7. Blessing Matadi

    Blessing Matadi22 hours ago

    0:24 wtf they need sugar We are mammals too *Wtf baby needs a lot of sugar!!!!!!*

  8. Fields Gaming

    Fields GamingDay ago

    I feel bad for that cow that produce a bathtub full of milk a day.

  9. Salem The Alien Girl

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  10. Carl Pow

    Carl Pow2 days ago

    That will be never happened

  11. Crazy Cat

    Crazy Cat3 days ago

    I don't know how I feel about milk now lol

  12. Kim Crump

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  13. Abhishek Kumar

    Abhishek Kumar4 days ago

    Vegans ruin everything and now they are trying to ruin ice cream for us! Fuck you, vegans!.

  14. ameliyah ramos

    ameliyah ramos4 days ago

    Me:reads title* Me:PFFFTTTTTT(spits out milk) EEWWW MOOOOOM NO MORE MILK IN THE HOUSE

  15. meowkitty

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  16. Jaycie Is back

    Jaycie Is back4 days ago

    No offense but y’all are stupid

  17. Magrat Knoblauch

    Magrat Knoblauch5 days ago

    It hink I have to throw up On the other hand, honey is just bee puke and I still like it so I also can get used to the idea of drinking filtered cow blood.

  18. LEGOGAMINGETHAN Ethansingleton the gamer

    LEGOGAMINGETHAN Ethansingleton the gamer5 days ago

    so im drinking blood oh no god

  19. Aaron CoolAlpha

    Aaron CoolAlpha5 days ago

    I'm not very bothered by this If blood is tasty,blood is tasty end of story

  20. Mary Jane Tampus

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  21. Farhiyo Hassan

    Farhiyo Hassan5 days ago

    Not true

  22. Anime & CAT

    Anime & CAT6 days ago

    I saw the baby bunny and immediately thought of jungkook! #ARMY

  23. Freckles• CuteLPS

    Freckles• CuteLPS6 days ago

    I guess that means I drink filtered cow blood every night... Wierd. X3 WAIT! WHY DO I EVEN CARE!? BLOOD IS DELICIOUS! (I am like a real vampire. And my uncles and my dad all have sharp canines. When I get my fangs, imma be a vampire! '^^

  24. Anime_geek 101

    Anime_geek 1017 days ago

    Oof why I don’t drink milk to be honest also I don’t drink milk because when I think about milk all I can picture in my head is suffering cows getting their calfs taken away and getting their milk stolen...

  25. Sugar Amai Doll

    Sugar Amai Doll7 days ago

    Anyone else lactose intolerant and just watched this because they were also vegan?

  26. chloe the my little pony lover chloe the pony

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  27. chloe the my little pony lover chloe the pony

    chloe the my little pony lover chloe the pony7 days ago

    Im evil

  28. The_nerf_nerd

    The_nerf_nerd7 days ago

    Can we also just address how disturbing it would be if baby cows drank straight blood.

  29. Karimi Da Purple Espeon

    Karimi Da Purple Espeon7 days ago

    ... I’m gonna start drinking almond milk

  30. Just Dance For Life

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  31. Noose Dog

    Noose Dog7 days ago

    Aww hell yeah! Now I know that milks more nutritious for me! Thanks!

  32. shell zilla

    shell zilla7 days ago

    I still like milks

  33. Jessica Lannon

    Jessica Lannon7 days ago

    I love drinking blood so I do not care about this

  34. Mark of the Divine Gaming

    Mark of the Divine Gaming8 days ago

    Don't stop drinking milk though unless you wanna look like Daequan.

  35. Slimeydogs 123

    Slimeydogs 1238 days ago

    Minute earth is Wong!!

  36. Slimeydogs 123

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  37. Jenna Kaiser

    Jenna Kaiser9 days ago

    "Do some chemistry on them." Not a good source.

  38. golden kitten

    golden kitten9 days ago

    I love milk but I'm kinda grossed auto 🐄🤢🤒

  39. Fabulous Gaming

    Fabulous Gaming10 days ago

    If pluto was in earths place and was big enough can we survive

  40. Fatima Tabion

    Fatima Tabion10 days ago

    I always drink milk

  41. XxfluffycutellamaxX

    XxfluffycutellamaxX10 days ago

    I'm going to comment about this on stacyplays channel cause she loves to drink milk

  42. Chris Jarma

    Chris Jarma11 days ago

    this was disturbing

  43. Cat Hat

    Cat Hat11 days ago

    mmm yum filtered cow blood

  44. Kayden Sanchez

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  45. The Creeper King

    The Creeper King11 days ago

    Water is just filtered, blood, poo, pee, etc. *yes I know this comment makes no sense*

  46. Alex-yo-bitch 333

    Alex-yo-bitch 33311 days ago

    I don’t drink milk ;-;

  47. sweets the princess

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  48. Liz Huck

    Liz Huck12 days ago

    I’m thankful I’m lactose intolerant

  49. amor dacasin

    amor dacasin13 days ago

    i Dont care Its Still More yummy As Milk Still Milk is Blood? I Dont Care!

  50. Rainyy Day Productions

    Rainyy Day Productions13 days ago

    Hey, I’ve heard of African tribes drinking cow blood so that they can be rich in iron and minerals and for religious and traditional reasons. So for wimpy kids like me, milk is the best way to go. (I love milk, omg 😂)

  51. Anisha Gadre

    Anisha Gadre13 days ago

    Ha. Glad I’m vegan 🌱

  52. Snuffy Thecat

    Snuffy Thecat14 days ago

    uhm i drink milk so im now a vampire?

  53. Robert Last name

    Robert Last name14 days ago

    Did you say teats

  54. Axototl Sydney

    Axototl Sydney14 days ago

    :0 MY COOKIES...

  55. DaOneChosen1 GT

    DaOneChosen1 GT14 days ago

    lol the way how she said tit

  56. DaOneChosen1 GT

    DaOneChosen1 GT14 days ago

    It's not really blood.

  57. The Cuddley Teddy Bear

    The Cuddley Teddy Bear14 days ago

    *eats cereal* *reads thumbnail* Me: *spits out cereal* Ewwwww What the fuck!

  58. freddy reyes

    freddy reyes14 days ago

    *when i see this video while drinking milk then looks at cup* me:aahh mom:calm down im just useing my dads account

  59. Noob Ninja

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  60. Richard Peya

    Richard Peya14 days ago

    pojebalo wam sie w glowie od tego braku miesa

  61. _.paradise_dreams._ On I.G

    _.paradise_dreams._ On I.G15 days ago

    The oxytocin is so cute hehe

  62. Female Raditz

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  63. mikaela a

    mikaela a15 days ago

    my sister is having milk right now she is driking blood😨😰

  64. Instinctual777

    Instinctual77715 days ago

    blood is just boneless milk

  65. Jimin hopeful Jams

    Jimin hopeful Jams15 days ago

    *slowly pushes away box of cow milk* 😶

  66. Hal The Angry Bird

    Hal The Angry Bird16 days ago

    My mom drink almond milk

  67. Rexy TRex

    Rexy TRex16 days ago

    Wait so we were vampires when we were kids?

  68. Rudra

    Rudra16 days ago

    i last consumed milk 2 years ago , cus its full of bacterias , and hormones , just stop consuming milk for a week you will see massive difference in your health.

  69. Foxy Fun

    Foxy Fun16 days ago

    I think it’s filtered pee

  70. Amelie Rivette

    Amelie Rivette16 days ago

    Not true

  71. fricken milk

    fricken milk16 days ago

    First of all how dare u

  72. wolfy killer gamez

    wolfy killer gamez16 days ago

    I drink my own blood so cow blood ist that bad

  73. Arcelia Calderon

    Arcelia Calderon16 days ago

    I don't like milk

  74. BigHoss4586

    BigHoss458616 days ago

    I don't like it now.

  75. GoodGamer HD

    GoodGamer HD17 days ago

    Did you know that meat is chopped up animals?

  76. Water plus cold air equals ICE

    Water plus cold air equals ICE17 days ago


  77. Jake Speirs

    Jake Speirs17 days ago

    WHT ever

  78. Gamer Andablo

    Gamer Andablo17 days ago

    I just drank a glass of milk!!!!

  79. RoseBP :3

    RoseBP :317 days ago

    -.- Okay..

  80. Mr. Sharky

    Mr. Sharky17 days ago

    2,000 people who watched this are ignorant meat eaters and vegans.

  81. Mango Seabiscuit

    Mango Seabiscuit18 days ago

    Wow that was strange but intresting

  82. Lemon

    Lemon18 days ago

    Thanks for ruining milk!

  83. Y Rodriguez

    Y Rodriguez18 days ago

    Oh please like I'm going to believe that. Cause that is not true

  84. Lynne Scott

    Lynne Scott18 days ago

    Im never drinking milk again...

  85. Zianna Elise Reyes

    Zianna Elise Reyes18 days ago

    that not real

  86. Lefox Danny

    Lefox Danny18 days ago

    You have ruined my childhood

  87. flame-mu-chu flames

    flame-mu-chu flames18 days ago

    drink milk anyways

  88. Blue Storm

    Blue Storm18 days ago

    This makes vampires seem less evil

  89. i4ck

    i4ck18 days ago

    who the heck cares? milk is still healthy

  90. Jake the destroyer

    Jake the destroyer18 days ago

    good cow joke


    DON'T WATCH MY VIDEOS18 days ago

    I ate cereal while watching this.

  92. renee McKinley

    renee McKinley19 days ago

    Your not telling truth and people believe this stuff

  93. William The turtle. Mr.Turtle

    William The turtle. Mr.Turtle19 days ago

    That means o love blood

  94. luckyunicorns4125 AJ

    luckyunicorns4125 AJ19 days ago

    This is fake how did you guess that milk is made of blood it made from real cows milk not blood! Why alot of people drinking it but you are just bewaring them to drink milk! Then i got a question for you be honest pls: tell us it is real or no? Becuse if you say yes then ill belive but if you say no then this is fake

  95. Michelle torres

    Michelle torres19 days ago

    are You stupid or something

  96. letoria wilson

    letoria wilson19 days ago

    Ew and why

  97. Noah Erich

    Noah Erich19 days ago

    *no, it's malk*

  98. Jasmine Carfray

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  99. Chat Bleu047

    Chat Bleu04719 days ago

    f it im drinking choco milk

  100. AJ Twinkle Moon

    AJ Twinkle Moon19 days ago

    Wait.. so I’m drinking blood?

  101. The_cringy_ Animator

    The_cringy_ Animator19 days ago

    So does this hurt the cow..?

  102. The Chosen One

    The Chosen One20 days ago

    Umm If we are vampires why we can see ourselves in the mirror!

  103. The Space Person

    The Space Person20 days ago

    That means... WE PUT COW BLOOD IN OUR CEREAL?! HOLY S***

  104. Jacklyn Tibbetts

    Jacklyn Tibbetts20 days ago

    This is not true

  105. xXicy _ KittenXx

    xXicy _ KittenXx20 days ago

    Haha teet