Mikaela Astel Blooms on "Electric Love" - The Voice Blind Auditions 2019


  1. Mikhall Mazlan

    Mikhall Mazlan10 hours ago

    Her elimination over The Bundys has to be THE harshest thing this season. She's amazing what on Heaven's Earth

  2. Mikhall Mazlan

    Mikhall Mazlan10 hours ago

    And she and her family is so good looking my goodness

  3. saltea

    saltea2 days ago

    studio version?

  4. Maureen Wong

    Maureen Wong2 days ago

    DAMN The Voice? More like The Voice Kids

  5. Jane Yue

    Jane Yue3 days ago

    If she can turn back time and pick Mr. Legend instead...

  6. HighFunctioning Fangirl

    HighFunctioning Fangirl4 days ago

    Her voice! 😍😱😫I wish

  7. Victoria Lavinder

    Victoria Lavinder4 days ago

    I think Kelly should be a full time coach

  8. Lily Iglesias ツ

    Lily Iglesias ツ7 days ago

    She has an unique voice ❤ And she looks like a cousin of mine 😛

  9. marni matikka

    marni matikka9 days ago

    Oh my gosh Kelly, I love you. And your reaction to her picking you. lol

  10. 4u25out

    4u25out9 days ago

    I think she got a Celtic voice.

  11. Kitty Black

    Kitty Black10 days ago

    So pissed that this girl was sent packing. Her voice is lovely and certainly should have been saved at some point. I hope she makes it and makes them eat their hats. Brilliant version of this song!!! Won't forget this little gal.

  12. Rebeca Souza

    Rebeca Souza10 days ago

    que linda♡♡

  13. sanga knopfler

    sanga knopfler11 days ago

    If only she choose john

  14. Francis HC

    Francis HC12 days ago


  15. Jessica Long

    Jessica Long13 days ago

    I wanna know how the hell she is not on this show still.

  16. Laura Lambo

    Laura Lambo14 days ago

    Her voice sounds like cupcakes

  17. Brennon Prichard

    Brennon Prichard16 days ago

    possibly the best cover of any song ever

  18. Lemon Berry

    Lemon Berry16 days ago

    ( 0:05 ) “Candyyy~” Me: *cries*

  19. annie b

    annie b17 days ago

    I wish they would do a season of the voice but the judges and America never see the people

  20. ANDREA *-*

    ANDREA *-*17 days ago

    See her full cover!

  21. Safiya AHMAD

    Safiya AHMAD18 days ago

    i bet if she was in voice kids she would win no problem shes frickin amazing

  22. LillyLizard

    LillyLizard18 days ago

    My gay heart.....

  23. kennedy basco

    kennedy basco18 days ago

    Welcome to my kitchen, we have bananas and avocados

  24. Roselyn Romero

    Roselyn Romero18 days ago

    Wow the crazy thing is that I use to go to middle school and now look at where she is

  25. Maya Granik

    Maya Granik18 days ago

    why she is 14 yo ans she is in the voici adult ?

  26. Anirudh Rautela

    Anirudh Rautela19 days ago

    Who came here after she won the competition in a parallel universe?

  27. Shyannn B

    Shyannn B19 days ago

    holy cow I got CHILLS watching this her voice is too good.

  28. SnickitySnackity

    SnickitySnackity19 days ago

    She sings in cursive 🥴🥴🥴

  29. Liz Marie

    Liz Marie19 days ago

    I almost wish she hadn't made it on at all. She could've come back in a year or two. I love her voice, sad she didn't get to make it very far.

  30. mia mariee

    mia mariee19 days ago

    she has that indie voice

  31. you have been hacked loser

    you have been hacked loser20 days ago

    She looks like lily from modern family in the thumbnail

  32. jl jl

    jl jl21 day ago

    this is the best singer i’ve ever heard

  33. Colton Weir

    Colton Weir21 day ago

    She finally did a cover for it on her channel! Here's the link, you're welcome. mreporter.net/v/video-gR1IzFzANnw.html

  34. Kendra D

    Kendra D21 day ago

    She sounds like halsey

  35. Fake Name

    Fake Name21 day ago

    She sounds like and angel

  36. edie c

    edie c22 days ago

    0:42 to 0:44 is the best part. fight me 😤

  37. TheSixThreeOne

    TheSixThreeOne22 days ago

    Would've gone farther with John.

  38. I don’t Know

    I don’t Know23 days ago

    Damnnnn how could Kelly do that to her

  39. Ines HAdar

    Ines HAdar23 days ago

    So smooth

  40. Trace Leistritz

    Trace Leistritz23 days ago

    She is incredible...

  41. Beast Guy

    Beast Guy23 days ago

    She coulb win this but why kelly

  42. brotherpk6

    brotherpk624 days ago

    When’s the album coming out?

  43. I’m SHAK3N

    I’m SHAK3N24 days ago

    the way she says love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Rf B

    Rf B24 days ago

    Wow she actually looks 14!

  45. xXAudreyXx

    xXAudreyXx24 days ago

    Her voice also kinda reminds me of grace vanderwaal

  46. Lynzee Matheson

    Lynzee Matheson25 days ago

    I honestly feel like it was sort of planned, like they couldn't let a 14yr old girl win three times in a row 🤣 Which I mean I get might make them seem prejudiced , but she TOTALLY deserved to move on.

  47. Quentaja Carwise

    Quentaja Carwise25 days ago

    im not the only one that thinks that she got cheated singing against three people at once

  48. Kaltra Qilleri

    Kaltra Qilleri25 days ago


  49. xXAudreyXx

    xXAudreyXx25 days ago

    her voice reminds me of melanie

  50. Alexa Guzman

    Alexa Guzman26 days ago

    I low key like this better then the original

  51. Mary Kettle

    Mary Kettle26 days ago

    HOpe we get to see you again you deseved to move on hope you come back next year ok

  52. Doreen was Here You should learn to log out

    Doreen was Here You should learn to log out26 days ago

    She from my school :D

  53. Stacey

    Stacey27 days ago

    She was too good to be kicked off.

  54. Adore Gigin Era

    Adore Gigin Era27 days ago

    She have a bright future beautiful voice

  55. Lisa Queen

    Lisa Queen27 days ago

    I would buy that song

  56. Mark96706

    Mark9670628 days ago


  57. Jen Jen

    Jen Jen29 days ago

    I just figured out where I know her from! I watched her cover of Moonlight by Grace VanderWaal a while back. I love her voice!

  58. Linda Mitchell

    Linda Mitchell29 days ago

    What an angelic voice ❤️

  59. david sanchez choez

    david sanchez choez29 days ago

    what an original voice kelly because you made her lose her voice was beautiful

  60. kenzie Aye

    kenzie Aye29 days ago

    I’m disappointed she was eliminated

  61. joseph reis

    joseph reisMonth ago

    I love how she is the top 10 most watched video on this year’s season of the voice and she got eliminated right away... poor choice kelly, I love u but u really made a mistake with this one

  62. random name

    random nameMonth ago

    0:59 wow, just wow.

  63. C M

    C MMonth ago

    She should have picked John

  64. Cami Kaye

    Cami KayeMonth ago

    can’t believe she got eliminated over the Bundys

  65. Rebekah Jones

    Rebekah JonesMonth ago

    Letting her go is one of the biggest mistakes the judges have made this season. She is so much better than Celia, Jacob, Lisa, Betsy, Kim, and many of the others that are still in the competition.

  66. Slice of Life ssjj

    Slice of Life ssjjMonth ago

    I only came back to hear this version. What unique, pretty voice! Only Hope, wish there was more music from her. Wish there were songs, music. Pretty cool & sad too😔

  67. An

    AnMonth ago

    How did she get out though

  68. Yadira Venzor

    Yadira VenzorMonth ago


  69. tomii eames

    tomii eamesMonth ago

    oh my gosh this is so beautiful i LOVE

  70. Paul Alejandrei

    Paul AlejandreiMonth ago

    She looks like Tracy in How I Met Your Mother! Ted's wife 💕😍

  71. meera walia

    meera waliaMonth ago

    I listen to this everyday, it just makes me so happy!

  72. Peyton Cole

    Peyton ColeMonth ago

    Wow 😲

  73. rizada

    rizadaMonth ago


  74. Laura Garcia

    Laura GarciaMonth ago

    thats so beautiful

  75. Lisa Manson

    Lisa MansonMonth ago

    Yes she is going to be a star! shine on!

  76. Adrian Sanchez

    Adrian SanchezMonth ago

    She should’ve went with John

  77. Adrian Sanchez

    Adrian SanchezMonth ago

    I wanted to hear her in the cross battles 😖

  78. Haidyn Rose

    Haidyn RoseMonth ago

    She’s amazing!!

  79. Smiley L

    Smiley LMonth ago

    She should have picked John.

  80. Steve Tagusa

    Steve TagusaMonth ago

    she deserves a comeback T_T

  81. Alpha Red

    Alpha RedMonth ago

    The Winner of the Voice people!

  82. Emma Gordon

    Emma GordonMonth ago

    Ahhh whys she so cute

  83. benjamin oteko

    benjamin otekoMonth ago

    Wt actual f

  84. Pineapplegirl15

    Pineapplegirl15Month ago

    I wonder if Mikaela would still be in if she would've picked John. 🤔

  85. ultimate lamar

    ultimate lamarMonth ago


  86. Svetlana Ugoleva

    Svetlana UgolevaMonth ago

    this is insaneee, kinda prefer it to the original, only me? ^

  87. Tatiana Delphine Sy

    Tatiana Delphine SyMonth ago

    shes so good!!!

  88. Lazybuddy

    LazybuddyMonth ago

    I stopped watching this season after she was eliminated

  89. Selena Brooks

    Selena Brooks18 days ago

    Well she has a youtube channel so if you want to hear more from her that would be the place to search😀

  90. Sarah OBrien

    Sarah OBrienMonth ago


  91. Astrid Peeples

    Astrid PeeplesMonth ago

    This young girl is beautiful, talented and I'm in awe of her voice. She should have been stolen! Or, invited back in the Comeback Stage. I wish her the best in her truly magical journey. I hope she comes back next year to win The Voice. ❤️

  92. Slimeslayer 27

    Slimeslayer 27Month ago

    And next up on contestants who are better than judges......

  93. Edvanielly Alves

    Edvanielly AlvesMonth ago

    She looks magical singing.

  94. Tasnim Cheniki

    Tasnim ChenikiMonth ago

    omg this is so beautiful ❤

  95. Boop Bop

    Boop BopMonth ago

    can't wait to watch her against jej

  96. Emma Farrar

    Emma FarrarMonth ago

    Please record this! I would def buy it!

  97. ally r

    ally rMonth ago

    can she go on apple music already so i can play all her songs on repeat !

  98. My Heart Travels

    My Heart TravelsMonth ago

    Unique & Beautiful Voice😚💖 Love her!!!!! Awesome Performance!!! What a loss😞😔😪😞😔Love her in this genre!! Mikaela has pretty Voice! I do replay this video over & over & over again. Wish she had more solo performances 🌠. Love indie for her other genres too! Would like to hear more. Cute ensemble, dress, style, instrument & "Voice" Perfect package💝 I watch often, only to Wish I could hear more🌠 She's a darling & natural deal, bet all the little ones would've loved her🤗

  99. Xinyi Tan

    Xinyi TanMonth ago

    Wow, that tone!

  100. Himangshu Kalita

    Himangshu KalitaMonth ago

    Well I am broke but if she drops a CD, I will instantly buy it!

  101. Karlie

    KarlieMonth ago

    I was really sad when she was put up against The Bundeys. I honestly think that was sort of unfair...but I’m bias. If she was still in the competition I would totally be rooting for her until the end. Really, her voice is totally amazing💙

  102. amanda delgado

    amanda delgadoMonth ago

    *robbed. mikaela was robbed.*

  103. Sophia Ducreux

    Sophia DucreuxMonth ago

    She sounds like Aurora

  104. You Know Me?

    You Know Me?Month ago

    I'm still mad at Kelly!!!!