Mikaela Astel Blooms on "Electric Love" - The Voice Blind Auditions 2019


  1. Pratikshit Nanda

    Pratikshit Nanda56 minutes ago

    This girl may win, she has magic in her voice

  2. Anonymous Fan

    Anonymous FanHour ago

    Finally someone young that looks like her age😁

  3. Trendu

    TrenduHour ago



    CARLOS BLUE4 hours ago

    Astel ur awesome tone i love it

  5. steven doan

    steven doan4 hours ago

    She is my favorite so far. Her voice is crazy and has a unique sound.

  6. Bon Appetit

    Bon Appetit4 hours ago

    Electric Love - BORNS Candy She's sweet like candy in my veins Baby, I'm dying for another taste And every night my mind is running around her Then it's getting louder and louder Baby you're like lightning in a bottle I can't let you go now that I got it All I need is to be struck By your electric love Baby, you're electric love Electric love Drowning You make my heart beat like the rain Surround me Hold me deep beneath your weight And every night my mind is running around her Then it's getting louder and louder and louder Baby you're like lightning in a bottle I can't let you go now that I got it All I need is to be struck By your electric love Baby, you're electric love Electric love Rushing through me I feel your energy rushing through me I feel your energy rushing through me Baby you're like lightning in a bottle I can't let you go now that I got it And all I need is to be struck By your electric love Baby you're electric love Baby you're electric electric

  7. ujana Chakma

    ujana Chakma5 hours ago

    Am I the only one who watches it more than 10x a day since they uploaded it.

  8. Salonee Chedumbrum

    Salonee Chedumbrum7 hours ago

    Wow that's a cuty voice

  9. PaperHeart1124

    PaperHeart11248 hours ago

    can we get a full cover pls 😭

  10. Cathy Zeng

    Cathy Zeng8 hours ago

    How did I not listen to this audition earlier bc omg her voice!! Reminds me of Holly Henry a little.

  11. aye dom

    aye dom9 hours ago

    I’m obsessed with this song, and WOW, was she amazing. ❤️

  12. Tahlia Birrell

    Tahlia Birrell9 hours ago

    Half of these views are from me

  13. Marie O

    Marie O9 hours ago


  14. Peniamina Farani

    Peniamina Farani9 hours ago

    she kinda sounds like Grace Vanderwaal !

  15. chucky cromers

    chucky cromers10 hours ago

    Kelly is the legend

  16. Imbo Chishi

    Imbo Chishi10 hours ago

    I think she can win this thing 🤩🤩.

  17. Klumsy Kenzie

    Klumsy Kenzie10 hours ago

    Kelly got so excited

  18. leaf falling

    leaf falling11 hours ago

    Shesssss soooo cutesee and gooood

  19. Emily chang

    Emily chang11 hours ago

    c h i l l s

  20. BRODIE

    BRODIE12 hours ago

    Lana del Rey vibes

  21. Alejandro Solano

    Alejandro Solano12 hours ago

    I’m calling it. She wins

  22. Rory Summerville

    Rory Summerville12 hours ago

    Calling it right now, season 16 winner right here.

  23. gypsy rain

    gypsy rain13 hours ago

    She sang Garrett BØRNS' song Beautifully , it is Great to see His song being sung here :)

  24. wig flew

    wig flew13 hours ago

    Tell me why I thought this was Avery from Dog with a Blog from the thumbnail...

  25. Jacob Saunders

    Jacob Saunders13 hours ago


  26. Somer. Rae.

    Somer. Rae.14 hours ago

    The “running around her” at the beginning r/ got me

  27. ava kaplan

    ava kaplan14 hours ago


  28. Daniel Trujillo Llame

    Daniel Trujillo Llame14 hours ago

    Spoiler Alert: . . . . . The Bundys vs Mikaela.... The winner of the battle is Mikaela

  29. K ø ø k n e s s

    K ø ø k n e s s15 hours ago


  30. krysta Anthony

    krysta Anthony16 hours ago

    Reminds me of Grace Vanderwaal

  31. Giulio DaVinci

    Giulio DaVinci17 hours ago

    Blake and Adam have too much earhair... Because they didn't turn

  32. Jeremy Tanguay

    Jeremy Tanguay17 hours ago

    I thought I was listening to AURORA. PLEASE DO THIS AGAINNNN

  33. Aria Moon

    Aria Moon17 hours ago

    Why does her voice remind me of Melanie Martinez 😂 ❤️ She’s adorable and her tone is so soft and soothing

  34. Slippery

    Slippery18 hours ago

    I'm just going to say that I think this is the best blind audition ever.

  35. Jenn C

    Jenn C19 hours ago

    I kept getting shivers when she sang, like this is so good 😨🙊

  36. Aspellian

    Aspellian19 hours ago

    Первое интересное исполнение в этом сезоне

  37. maddie woods

    maddie woods19 hours ago

    she’s so angelic 😍

  38. That Chair Over There

    That Chair Over There20 hours ago

    When she sings love and goes into falsetto ❤😢😍

  39. Sydpancakes 100

    Sydpancakes 10021 hour ago

    This girl needs so much more fans she’s amazing, I love her so much!!!

  40. Jenna Ellis

    Jenna Ellis21 hour ago

    I got goosebumps... She's amazing

  41. bella roja

    bella roja21 hour ago

    That was a standing O!!!! Cmon!!!!

  42. Cam and Minnepeg

    Cam and Minnepeg21 hour ago

    I was sorely disappointed this wasn’t Electric Love from Bob’s Burgers. 🐘 🧔🏼

  43. Dayvison Lucas

    Dayvison Lucas22 hours ago

    Que timbre e esse lindaaaa ❤️👏👏

  44. P J

    P J23 hours ago

    She is great naturally. So cute too!

  45. grace ravesloot

    grace raveslootDay ago

    This is how many times I replayed the first minute and a half of this video 👇

  46. Cali T

    Cali TDay ago

    😊love it

  47. oreobabe1020

    oreobabe1020Day ago

    I wanted her with blake

  48. Svenne

    SvenneDay ago


  49. Elisabeth hey

    Elisabeth heyDay ago

    She's gorgeous 😍

  50. Alli Spenceley

    Alli SpenceleyDay ago

    kelly is always surprised when she gets picked its great

  51. Gold Kabiling

    Gold KabilingDay ago


  52. asmaa el-hassan

    asmaa el-hassanDay ago


  53. lawrence sagini

    lawrence saginiDay ago

    she got the best voice , i wish miley would be still around she could have been her best coach

  54. Yavitsono Nakhro

    Yavitsono NakhroDay ago

    I can't wait for her album. Okay. Chills. 😍😍😍

  55. Dianna Echo

    Dianna EchoDay ago

    was this initiated with autotune HAHA?

  56. Garrett Hankins

    Garrett HankinsDay ago

    Not really into indie music. I personally dont think she will win, but she might considering that Chris Blue won.

  57. louisa escoton

    louisa escotonDay ago


  58. mister icad

    mister icadDay ago

    she’s gonna win

  59. Aubrey and Milo

    Aubrey and MiloDay ago

    If she doesn't win I'm going to cry

  60. Josie_Brown

    Josie_BrownDay ago

    She’s great!!

  61. temsumenla lkr

    temsumenla lkrDay ago

    I already predict tat she will be the winner💙💙💙💙💙👍👍👍👍💖💖💔 ........ Winner winner

  62. Scarra Kelp me

    Scarra Kelp meDay ago

    this is ..wow

  63. Beatriz Sá

    Beatriz SáDay ago

    YES! Some Børns

  64. Lalchhantluanga Ralte

    Lalchhantluanga RalteDay ago

    Im in love with her voice

  65. I_Dawg123

    I_Dawg123Day ago

    Well Kelly won this season now

  66. Dr_Derpinz

    Dr_DerpinzDay ago

    0:41 you’re welcome

  67. John Royston

    John RoystonDay ago

    Sounds great! But please for God sake stop with all the noise during the blind auditions. In part I couldn't even hear the audition. She has a cool vibe and a unique vibrato.

  68. Cool Guy Kent

    Cool Guy KentDay ago

    Why did I watch this twice and both times I found myself with a big smile on my face. Beautiful sound and awesome kid wish her the best in music she’s great.

  69. Cassidy Tipton

    Cassidy TiptonDay ago

    Woooowww that was amazing!!

  70. Carsyn Newton

    Carsyn NewtonDay ago

    Wish her audition was longer! Can’t wait to see her in the battle rounds

  71. Raphaelus13

    Raphaelus13Day ago

    Anyone else knew how she sounded just by the picture?

  72. gnomecookie

    gnomecookieDay ago

    AGT 2016 winner Grace VanderWall already covered this style of singing. I know a lot of people still like it but personally I'm so over it. It's just generic sounding at this point.

  73. Jason D

    Jason D13 hours ago

    +gnomecookie honestly now that I listen to more of her youtube ones, I am noticing it may just be that her voice is different in the past half year or so. But I personally love her tone in this and think her voice is even better than at earlier points.

  74. gnomecookie

    gnomecookie14 hours ago

    +Jason D I look forward to her next performance then. I'm hoping to hear her real tone. Thanks for the mention, I'll check her YTC out👍

  75. Jason D

    Jason D16 hours ago

    she doesn't ONLY sing this way. Her youtube vids sound quite different on some of them.

  76. Talia Barraza

    Talia BarrazaDay ago

    She gives me HUGE aurora vibes!!😍

  77. isabella

    isabellaDay ago

    dang she’s in my grade i feel so uselesss

  78. Delusional-Shadow

    Delusional-ShadowDay ago


  79. TheAwkwardType Talks.

    TheAwkwardType Talks.Day ago

    Yes this is talent!

  80. lisa murphy

    lisa murphyDay ago

    She has just made me become obsessed with this song 🙌🏼

  81. AKH319 HHH

    AKH319 HHHDay ago

    The camera wasn’t on her beautiful face enough! So many wide shots it’s annoying

  82. em

    emDay ago

    Sounds like Julia Michaels

  83. shawn3458

    shawn3458Day ago

    What a sweetheart - with a sweet voice.

  84. Joyce Chijioke

    Joyce ChijiokeDay ago

    She's so cool

  85. Joyce Chijioke

    Joyce ChijiokeDay ago

    I'm gonna lookout for this girl in this competition. Her voice is so refreshing.

  86. Daisy Marie

    Daisy MarieDay ago

    I love her so much

  87. Margherita Barillá

    Margherita BarilláDay ago

    Grace wanderwall vibezzzz

  88. John May

    John MayDay ago

    I loved this. So unaffected and natural.

  89. Tyler Fox

    Tyler FoxDay ago

    This is so fire

  90. Stephanie V

    Stephanie VDay ago

    i cant seem to stop watching this video

  91. Nadia Shami

    Nadia ShamiDay ago


  92. Hi Shisters

    Hi ShistersDay ago

    i keep coming back to this video 😍

  93. sky peters

    sky petersDay ago

    She reminds me of Janet Devlin and Holly Henry. I don’t get why holly didn’t make it past the first round

  94. Lam Phạm Ngọc

    Lam Phạm NgọcDay ago

    holy moly why do i feel like christmas?!!?!?!?! her voice is sweet like candy

  95. Skjaldmær

    SkjaldmærDay ago

    Wow...I’m usually not into this kind of music, but her voice is so on point! It’s such a happy, soothing voice.

  96. Savannah Jones

    Savannah JonesDay ago

    The real question is when will this be on itunes

  97. Justin Jimmy

    Justin JimmyDay ago

    2.3 Million views😍

  98. sophia collins

    sophia collins2 days ago

    she has so much voice control !! definitely favorite of the season.

  99. Muhammad Nur Irfan

    Muhammad Nur Irfan2 days ago

    She was pairing with the Bundy's in the battle

  100. yudhisr

    yudhisr2 days ago

    the next Taylor Swift

  101. Paolo Adan

    Paolo Adan2 days ago

    Where is the full version of her music

  102. Dima Nadweh

    Dima Nadweh2 days ago

    Best audition I’ve seen this season ✋🏻 I really hope you win ♥️♥️

  103. Bagus Kurniawan

    Bagus Kurniawan2 days ago

    Kelly will win this kid maybe