Michelle Beadle goes off on Kawhi Leonard: He is coming off as an ‘obnoxious diva’ | Get Up! | ESPN


  1. Ben Sisko

    Ben Sisko7 days ago

    I cringe every time she opens her mouth. It sounds like she was talking about her damn self.

  2. travisz11

    travisz1110 days ago

    She says it how it is. I love it. You nut huggers need to jump off His dick

  3. jacqueline walsh

    jacqueline walsh10 days ago

    Why is she worthless as a fan she has the right to say her opinion she’s right Kawhi is obnoxious

  4. JT

    JT11 days ago

    Michelle Beadle needs her #metoo moment. So she can shut the fuck up.

  5. Darrin Rentruc

    Darrin Rentruc14 days ago

    Micheal Beadle should be fired, She knows nothing and is only there because of her sex. Total affirmative action bullshit that has no place in sports.

  6. 93kf

    93kf19 days ago

    Lmao Michelle Beadle is a legit Spurs fan, and she's mad as fuck.

  7. The Zachsquatch

    The Zachsquatch19 days ago

    Fuck Kawhi

  8. Danny L

    Danny L20 days ago

    Stupid white CUNt shut fuck up ..

  9. Luis Cebreros

    Luis Cebreros20 days ago

    And he went as soon as they got what they wanted for him nicely said beadle lol

  10. drlee2

    drlee221 day ago

    I actually kind of liked the Spurs until I found out that Michelle Beadle was their #1 fan.

  11. Paul Beduhn

    Paul Beduhn24 days ago

    More leftist propaganda. 👎

  12. Ivan Tomic

    Ivan Tomic25 days ago

    He stayin in 6ix...lol

  13. done doda

    done doda25 days ago

    She do watch NBA right? Commence hissy fit 3-2-1 2:40

  14. Mortal 89

    Mortal 8927 days ago

    Shut up beadle and take this purple D 🍆

  15. Deiontae Burnett

    Deiontae Burnett28 days ago

    How the hell is Kawhi coming off as a diva? The Spurs lied to him about his injuries and he only played 9 games last season and averaged like 15 points and then the Spurs get mad because he wanted to go to Los Angeles to be with his family. Ask yourself who is the real diva's

  16. Ralph Rivera

    Ralph RiveraMonth ago

    Jalen.....what an idiot

  17. Raul Salazar

    Raul SalazarMonth ago

    Glad to hear Mitchell to tell the truth cause I was saying long time ago and was born in San Antonio and love the spurs but kawhi is a traitor and a bum ad far ad I am concerned and should be dumped and gotten rid of as soon as possible, loser!!

  18. Drew Bledsoe

    Drew BledsoeMonth ago

    Michelle speaking for the fans! Jalen keeping it real for the media.

  19. Al

    AlMonth ago

    Michelle Beadle sound's butt hurt.

  20. Jaimon Mark

    Jaimon MarkMonth ago

    When kawhi is in the mvp conversation then all these people what a great player he is.

  21. AliensAnonymous

    AliensAnonymousMonth ago

    If Kawhi an ounce of integrity he would give the Spurs back 19 mil he sucked outta their cks.

  22. AliensAnonymous

    AliensAnonymousMonth ago

    One was hurt, one stubbed their toe.

  23. keef davis

    keef davisMonth ago

    Alien, Strousburg should give back the $ he stole?

  24. Joey D

    Joey DMonth ago

    Love her

  25. Cecilia Martinez

    Cecilia MartinezMonth ago

    She's just pissy because she's a Spurs fan and is angry he didnt wanna be there anymore. Leeading up to this she was really confident this would resolve itself, now that Kawhi gone she is letting her bias show and thats almost as bad if not worse than how Kawhi dealt with this whole situation

  26. Christian

    ChristianMonth ago

    Michelle Beadle is an entitled bitch. Id like to see her reaction if her employers tried to make her play while still injured and let another teammate play with a torn groin cuz the medical staff is so incompetent


    RICH TV LIVEMonth ago

    Very odd situation here

  28. Daniel Jaimes

    Daniel JaimesMonth ago

    He don’t wanna carry those old ass Spurs he’s gonna waste his real prime

  29. Liberty

    LibertyMonth ago

    Wow, an Michelle called Lavar Ball a bully. Kawhi has said nothing and like a media bully all she does is slander his name across the network. *Michelle Bully Beadle.*

  30. 1 Proud American

    1 Proud AmericanMonth ago

    Michelle's a 100% correct... I live in San Antonio. I'm not a pop fan but I love our Spurs. After hearing about all of kawhis childish tantrums spoiled BS, WE'RE HAPPY TO GET RID HIM. He's never been a team player and never will be. He poisoned our team. When he comes back and plays us. Most of his points will be from free throws off HARD FOULS! San Antonio is a proud city and kawhi has done us wrong. Pay backs a bitch!


    DINO CRUZMonth ago

    maaannnnnn... shut up Beadle you beatle

  32. damn beezy

    damn beezyMonth ago

    A wise man once said nothing at all

  33. jalen avery

    jalen averyMonth ago

    At the 0:00 mark just pause the screen and look at the look she is giving Jalen. She can't stand black men/people and thinks lesser of them

  34. jalen avery

    jalen averyMonth ago

    Michelle Beadle is a racist entitled person. I don't know if anyone catches how she talks about players, but she is the very definition of white privilege. When she told Jalen Rose that he was giving the players to much credit in terms of putting injury news out there etc, I don't know if anyone caught how condescending she was being. I wish Jalen would correct/check her on that stuff at least once. She can call someone dumb, but in other words, but Stephen A can't say a woman shouldn't hit a man either. smh

  35. godreefa

    godreefaMonth ago

    The first thing Michelle said was...."he's still cashing checks right"...she mentioned lack of respect and audacity....and then she mentioned him cashing his18 million dollar check …..lol..she mad...for more than just the comments he is making

  36. Teleplace2

    Teleplace2Month ago

    18 mil $$ checks. That women wants that money bad; she's obsessed.. She doesn't belong in sports. Soap Opera's maybe?? He's his own Man. Believe Dat' More people should be themselves, & not follow (grown-folks)" pier pressure..

  37. Teleplace2

    Teleplace2Month ago

    Cashing checks?? I work for u! You don't own me. What I do on my time is my business Fool !"

  38. d.u.g. Drilly

    d.u.g. DrillyMonth ago

    just be patient and see what he has too say.

  39. Omaar Aziz

    Omaar AzizMonth ago

    Michele Beadle Is Acting As If She Owns Kawhi Leonard, Face The Cold Hard Facts, Leonard Doesn't Want To Be There In San Antonio, Now Deal With It. Its Beadle Who's Acting Like The Spoiled (Brat) Leonard Has Said He Wants Out, He's Out, I Could Give A Rat's Backside About Beadle Throwing A Hissy Fit Over Leonard's Choice. Leonard Landing In Toronto Raptors Organization Is A Great Landing Spot. Damn What (Brat) Beadle Says About A Man Who'll Always Make Far More Money Than She Could Ever Dream Of Making. He's Won An NBA MVP Finals Trophy, Vs LeBron James, An He's Going To Make 191 Million More, If He Stays In Toronto, It's All Good For Leonard

  40. cutepinkbandanaman

    cutepinkbandanamanMonth ago

    This is getting silly. Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs have an NBA player contract. There's a lot of obligations in that contract for Leonard and the Spurs organization can penalize Leonard in various ways or even sue, if they feel Kawhi Leonard isn't doing an acceptable job meeting the terms agreed upon in the contract. The Spurs front office probably had plenty of information on Leonard if they were happy to pay millions of dollars despite the man not taking part in most scheduled team events. Greg Popovich finding a way to not answer questions is normal, him talking about a player at length usually means the guy is out of the team. The only way that silence towards media members last season hurts the Spurs or Kawhi Leonard is that Leonard is getting a little bit less money in his next shoe deal.

  41. Bracey Johnson

    Bracey JohnsonMonth ago

    White women can’t stand when things don’t go there way lmao, you’d think Kawhi assaulted her the way she went off 😂😂😂

  42. Heavenkept

    HeavenkeptMonth ago

    Tell them Michelle!

  43. daniel lozano

    daniel lozanoMonth ago

    Fuck Kawhi Leonard speak for yourself lil bitch I'm glad your gone and we got DeRozen

  44. George Karram

    George KarramMonth ago

    michelle beadle is sooo pretty

  45. Jahleel Williams

    Jahleel WilliamsMonth ago

    Show me one clip or quote that Kwahi said or talked anything about this entire business deal. The media and Beedle is fake and racist. Kwahi has not said a word. You see how the media made up these stories about Kwahi and told the world what he is thinking and they never talked to him. He has not said a word this entire business transaction. The problem is Kwahi seen how Boston did Isaiah when he got hurt. Kwahi set out and said you not doing me like that. When black people do smart business it's how dare you choose what you want to do with your life. This is fake news and fake TV , these people on our land killing us and dictating to us what we as Hebrews can do! I'm talking spaniards and Grecians. Wake up Hebrews. We don't need them they need us! Shalom

  46. 00Mindi00

    00Mindi00Month ago

    Spurs are my team. I LOVED Kawhi, man. Like many Spurs fans I thought he was our next era. The way he’s conducted himself the last year is DISGUSTING. It’s as un-Spur as you could get. This idiot has ruined his career before it even took off. He won’t get a max next OS, I’d be surprised if he really performs in TOR. This whole thing leaves a shitty taste in my mouth man. Beadles words? SHE HIT THE NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD. Couldn’t agree with her more.

  47. Adrian Chamberlain

    Adrian ChamberlainMonth ago

    Beadle!!! bringing the smoke!!🔥🔥🔥💨💨💨

  48. Roger Hernandez

    Roger HernandezMonth ago

    I love u michelle beadle he is a ho let tht fool go now he dont wanna play with lbj he should glad to play with lbj

  49. phil game

    phil gameMonth ago

    Michelle, spot on!!! ..

  50. Baron Lane

    Baron Lane2 months ago

    The anti-Timmy

  51. Sole Search

    Sole Search2 months ago

    Michelle hit it on the dot

  52. oley musa

    oley musa2 months ago

    I dont like kl behavior.

  53. Rob Conner

    Rob Conner2 months ago

    She's right. And I want to ease her pain with kisses.

  54. H M

    H M2 months ago

    Ok stop taking shots at Kawhi! Michelle is salty af and needs to keep her biased opninon to herself. Like Pop said he doesn’t care about the money he just wants to play and be happy about it. Regardless Kawhi gave his best to the Spurs n they need to thank him for his great work. Plus I think Leonard will be happy in Toron

  55. Thorgard Haugen

    Thorgard Haugen2 months ago

    Kawhi you just made the worst move of your life....

  56. JYPark14

    JYPark142 months ago

    4:28 shut the hell up salty ass if he balling then they ain't care

  57. LeBaron King

    LeBaron King2 months ago

    It sad that this no talented woman trying to talk basketball and can't dribble or has she ever played High School ball? You should just sit there and jock the show for the NBA Hall of Fame announcers'. that's funny she goes' off on Kwahi, Please.

  58. josh

    josh2 months ago

    Surprised Jalen didnt slap this bitch

  59. reason18

    reason182 months ago

    Why does this hating ass bitch still have a job? She CLEARLY hates athletes. She doesn't know shit about sports or athletes. This self serving, hypocrite bitch is old and bitter. I'm sick of her bringing her bitterness and hatred to work. Bitch, the athletes are NOT the problem! They are the reason you even have a fucking job. YOU are the problem! Kill yourself!

  60. Donal Thoms-Cappello

    Donal Thoms-Cappello2 months ago

    You're a spurs fan Michelle calm down

  61. J. Noyo

    J. Noyo2 months ago

    Kawhis teammates will always know in the back of there mind that this diva douche bag could bounce at any time.the moment Kawahi doesn't like how his teammates talked to him or how his couch gave him a dirty look,out he goes,kawhi goes missing.i believe this will play apart of any team he goes.its called his integrity or lack of I should say,it's about his lousy character,his thin skin n his lousy personality.this will most definitely effect kawhi n his teammates whoever they may be

  62. J. Noyo

    J. Noyo2 months ago

    I've lost all respect for kawhi.

  63. John Johnson

    John Johnson2 months ago

    U mad Michelle?

  64. VishalHussain

    VishalHussain2 months ago

    Michelle Beadle is a Spurs fan. She can shut her behind up, her opinion is biased AF.

  65. Antonio Tucker

    Antonio Tucker2 months ago

    People Tin to forget that Kawhi Leonard already has defeated LeBron James head-to-head in the first championship that they played against the Spurs against the Miami Heat Kawhi Leonard was the MVP of that series I don't see how people keep forgetting all of the great things that this young man has accomplished already in basketball there is Kevin Durant and there is LeBron James and then there's Kawhi Leonard in my opinion the three best basketball players in the NBA today and throughout the world sports fans around the world and analysts should give Kawhi Leonard the credit that he has earned as a basketball player in the NBA he has did all of the entitlements necessary to say that he is one of the greats of the NBA today no question about it and nobody can tell me different!

  66. Paul Schmich

    Paul Schmich2 months ago

    The Spurs and Popovich made Kawhi Leanord. We will all see that very soon. I guarantee it

  67. Sound Therapy

    Sound Therapy2 months ago

    he gets paid millions of dollars....and everyone knows his name. sounds like a diva to me. who r u again lady?

  68. Devil fucker 1

    Devil fucker 12 months ago

    He doesn't want to play for ss so trade him why does it bother any one more specially this chick

  69. Art Dog

    Art Dog2 months ago

    Does Michelle realize Leonard is still in the league. Personal attacks like that tend to come back and haunt.

  70. Enrique G

    Enrique G2 months ago

    Kawhi a bitch.

  71. JoshJay Vee

    JoshJay Vee2 months ago

    Aaaaannnnnd he’s in Canada

  72. Isiah Smith

    Isiah Smith2 months ago

    Last public comment Kawhi made when asked if he would finish his career as a Spur "Yeah. For sure.” Tell me how that makes him an "obnoxious diva" ? . . . guess she knows something I don't . . guess it takes one to know one.

  73. Chico Roma

    Chico Roma2 months ago

    You can feel the trumpster coming out of this broad she a female will Cain 🧐

  74. Misskt15

    Misskt152 months ago

    Boodle blame spur for not trading him early stupid!!!

  75. Nadine Foye

    Nadine Foye2 months ago

    She spoke facts 👏👏

  76. Fab

    Fab2 months ago

    Thank you very Michelle on behalf of most Spurs fan including myself. Finally someone out there told it exactly as it was. 👏. I hope Kawhi watched this and realises the mess both he and his uncle left behind as he boards that flight to Toronto.

  77. ghy76764

    ghy767642 months ago

    Another bitter spurs fan in the media

  78. Nick Najibi

    Nick Najibi2 months ago

    I wanna Marry her now. She spoke the truth. Damn she’s so fly to me now!

  79. Mehding

    Mehding2 months ago

    Michelle Beadle! you re my new Idol! i couldnt say better myself, to exprime the same opinion, what a fucker! spurs gave him everything and to threat them like that! i was a fan of him, now i hate this guy badly, just good to cash checks in, . I expect him to think about money value of each play, when he score, he thinks money, no the score, just how many i ll can ask that to this assist, of block or whatever he didnt play a year, to put spurs in trash , so they resigned him for max, but pop say ,NONONO im a war veteran i dont accept unacceptable

  80. Fredrick Williams

    Fredrick Williams2 months ago

    Handle your business Kawhi. If they wanted to trade him and he didnt want to be traded they would still do what is considered best for the team. So do what's best for you/the player. Damn Beadle and fan girlism.

  81. amazinghorse1

    amazinghorse12 months ago

    Get back in the kitchen

  82. King Quan Da Vet

    King Quan Da Vet2 months ago

    Basically single handily beat Miami. Now he’s a diva.

  83. Robert Salazar

    Robert Salazar2 months ago

    so are you Michelle you obnoxious diva...who are you to criticize...well since you wanna criticize..I should too Michelle Beadle coming off as a Dumb Diva

  84. Alex

    Alex2 months ago

    Wtf, literally anyone can do Michelle Beadles job better than her. Talking down to a guy just because he doesn't speak much? Because he doesn't want to talk to people like her, who have clearly zero respect? It's pathetic. Kawhi will always be one of my favourite players. She sounds like that ex-girlfriend everybody hates

  85. QuiseDawg 19

    QuiseDawg 192 months ago

    She should look at how Danny Ainge done Isaiah Thomas and criticize him as well. Don’t get mad because players are taking their career in their own hands. IT just signed for veterans league minimum because of nvm...Kawhi keep doing you brother to hell with Michelle Beadle

  86. QuiseDawg 19

    QuiseDawg 192 months ago

    See how the raptors just did Derozen I mean come on that shit foul. She keeping that dirty mouth closed about that though

  87. jay24077

    jay240772 months ago

    Beadle who are you? Who cares if you don’t root for kawhi! Who are you again? Shut up

  88. Agent MJ

    Agent MJ2 months ago

    Kawhi ain’t your slave!

  89. Antman Jones Jr

    Antman Jones Jr2 months ago

    ESPN is the sports equivalent of CNN

  90. um me

    um me2 months ago


  91. robp210

    robp2102 months ago

    Shes right

  92. Ajani

    Ajani2 months ago

    She sounds like one sour bitter b!tch..

  93. Kenneth Davis

    Kenneth Davis2 months ago

    Who is she to tell a grown man what he has to do. The last time I heard Kawhi Leonard has a contract with the spurs. Her opinions are not in his contract. This is a opinion show so she has the right to sound as stupid and racist and she likes

  94. Crystalis Dota

    Crystalis Dota2 months ago

    i lost respect for everyone on this panel after this Video... Kawi is a human being ; learn to respect him. he is not Spurs' slave

  95. Michael X

    Michael X2 months ago

    Bitch, my thigh hurts!

  96. Captain Snake

    Captain Snake2 months ago

    Why u guys asking a guy to do now what he has never done?

  97. Christopher Emile

    Christopher Emile2 months ago

    Michelle is right though

  98. ErenGaming

    ErenGaming2 months ago

    He doesn’t talk. How do you know what’s going on, on his side?

  99. renaldojason

    renaldojason2 months ago

    I root for Leonard

  100. coo-coo kachoo

    coo-coo kachoo2 months ago

    Why do people think that Kawhi Leonard owes everyone an explanation? Was there a clause in his contract that compels him to do so? I don't think so...

  101. Mr Slate

    Mr Slate2 months ago

    Michelle Beadle is a cute racist

  102. haile 89

    haile 892 months ago

    he's cashing in those checks b/c he earned that contract and brought a championship. And it's not like Kawhi changed his personality by not talking, he never talked. I don't understand how these reporters can come to a conclusion when quite frankly NOBODY KNOWS WHATS GOING ON....JUST SPECULATIONS.

  103. Yomi Sangodeyi

    Yomi Sangodeyi2 months ago

    Popovich is the reason Kwahi don’t want to play for the Spurs. Pop has a disrespectful ways of communicating with players and most of them do not like it.