Michael Shannon Puts $2.10 in Coins Up His Nose | Secret Talent Theatre | Vanity Fair


  1. Scott Jenkins

    Scott Jenkins4 months ago

    Upon the years of this coins' circulation, I do wonder, has it ever rested within the sterns of Michael Shannon's nostril?

  2. carl hiller

    carl hiller5 months ago

    You can see he just wanted it to be over😂😂😂

  3. Sandy lucian

    Sandy lucian7 months ago

    luv Shannon!!

  4. Younes Younes

    Younes Younes7 months ago

    Bravo ice man

  5. Louise Christensen

    Louise Christensen7 months ago

    Michael Shannon did wha t

  6. Hailey Wilson

    Hailey Wilson8 months ago

    Pregnancy cope killer event own bottle basic particular opportunity emphasize reality.

  7. Andrina Dixen

    Andrina Dixen8 months ago

    this is one of the strangest videos i've seen and i watched a jake paul vlog

  8. Arnold May II

    Arnold May II8 months ago

    Thats an interesting place to keep your change

  9. Rum Ham

    Rum Ham8 months ago


  10. Cody Nelson

    Cody Nelson8 months ago

    I love Michael Shannon. Every time he talks or even moves, he gets weirder and weirder.

  11. Selleswiet

    Selleswiet8 months ago

    He washed his hands before this, but not after. Doing both before and after is a weakness of character.

  12. What's up Dude

    What's up Dude9 months ago


  13. rookie tiwaree

    rookie tiwaree9 months ago

    This dude never gets enough credit for almost anything he does and it makes me sad. I love you Shan, you weird and wonderful creep!

  14. Bruce Yami

    Bruce Yami9 months ago

    Let me double check!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  15. Yiping

    Yiping9 months ago

    I wouldn't have laughed this hard if it were somebody else. Only Michael Shannon.

  16. Jú Barbosa

    Jú Barbosa9 months ago

    Yiping honestly lmao

  17. vtanisstoll1321

    vtanisstoll13219 months ago

    How does one come to discover this talent? I like M Shannon, but dude, wtf?

  18. José González

    José González9 months ago

    WTF hahahahah

  19. Stefano Gomez

    Stefano Gomez9 months ago

    So many people touch coins... that's gross af

  20. DV 8

    DV 810 months ago

    K asko

  21. UrsusArtifex Colfuck

    UrsusArtifex Colfuck10 months ago

    I love this video

  22. Everton D'Sousa

    Everton D'Sousa10 months ago

    My Zod 👏👏😢😢😍😍

  23. Jose Taylor

    Jose Taylor10 months ago


  24. Large Tony

    Large Tony10 months ago

    I’ve hung out with Michael a few times. Not only is he hilarious, he’s very sweet and a brilliant musician.

  25. Mary

    Mary10 months ago

    “Oh, there went one in my brain.” Love his dry humor. Lol

  26. Rindy89

    Rindy897 months ago

    Mary He maybe is like Homer Simpson, if you know what I mean

  27. takyon takyon

    takyon takyon10 months ago

    why is he like this

  28. Maudy Puteri Agusdina

    Maudy Puteri Agusdina10 months ago

    Oh... bird

  29. Cameron Moody

    Cameron Moody10 months ago

    So tide pod challenge anyone????

  30. Jimmy Delaney

    Jimmy Delaney10 months ago

    Oh, a bird.

  31. Official Bigo Live New

    Official Bigo Live New10 months ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-LGHIt4V9mFk.html see this

  32. Elizabeth Karn

    Elizabeth Karn10 months ago

    I'm equal parts confused and impressed. I mean, how did he discern that this was a talent in the first place?

  33. DoctorBarbarian

    DoctorBarbarian10 months ago

    This is mesmerizing.

  34. phantom12321800

    phantom1232180010 months ago

    His bone-dry humor is fantastic.

  35. T10 Titan

    T10 Titan10 months ago

    Fairly more like extremely

  36. TheLizzifer

    TheLizzifer10 months ago

    Wow. That booger though...

  37. jimboa20

    jimboa2010 months ago

    It's not impressive to fit a dime in your nose, but it's impressive to have it STAY in your nose while you play 😁

  38. outintheseasharkman gi

    outintheseasharkman gi10 months ago

    Phil brought me here....anyone else? ;)

  39. Ron Davis

    Ron Davis10 months ago

    think about how many people have touched a single coin since it was created

  40. That Girl Wearing Glasses

    That Girl Wearing Glasses10 months ago

    Honestly, this is just as bad as people eating those tide pods online. Why are u guys doing this?

  41. Bnuuies

    Bnuuies10 months ago

    Are we sure he's an adult? He's acting like a 2-year-old... Either that or he's high... -_-

  42. Tracy Galicia

    Tracy Galicia10 months ago

    I wonder how he found this talent.

  43. Killingglorie

    Killingglorie10 months ago

    what a wonderful man

  44. Alexandra Volgina

    Alexandra Volgina10 months ago


  45. Aly

    Aly10 months ago

    Shouldn’t his secret talent be piano? Haha

  46. Juan Rocha

    Juan Rocha10 months ago

    yeah but I guess it's more difficult to find an actor who doesn't play piano

  47. da96103

    da9610310 months ago

    Shannon nose best.

  48. luckyDancer100

    luckyDancer10010 months ago

    Casually plays the piano with 2 dollars up his nose. I can only dream of becoming this talented.

  49. BronnStar

    BronnStar10 months ago

    so cool.., saw him in 12 Strong, he's good also on war movies..

  50. Tim Mahler

    Tim Mahler10 months ago

    Where have I seen him?

  51. inspirefolie

    inspirefolie10 months ago

    Quality video. This is the kind of content I like to see. 👍😐

  52. Emily hancock

    Emily hancock10 months ago

    so nonchalant 😂

  53. ellabellaluna

    ellabellaluna10 months ago

    I lub him

  54. Rhiannon Jones

    Rhiannon Jones10 months ago

    Nothing hotter than this.

  55. Google Chromagnon

    Google Chromagnon10 months ago


  56. don'tknowhowitgottothispt.

    don'tknowhowitgottothispt.10 months ago


  57. samlovesu

    samlovesu10 months ago

    Michael Shannon in a suit and bow tie, shoving change into his nose, and playing piano........ That’s lit af

  58. Macieks300

    Macieks30010 months ago

    I'd sell my house to get that $2.10

  59. don'tknowhowitgottothispt.

    don'tknowhowitgottothispt.10 months ago

    This dude is amazing lol. Hope he washed those quarters beforehand!

  60. Sara Dickson

    Sara Dickson10 months ago

    I love how always unconcerned he is in any interview I’ve seen him in.

  61. Friday Stranger

    Friday Stranger10 months ago

    Zod's secret power

  62. v1d300

    v1d30010 months ago

    He almost never looked at the camera.

  63. Roberto Richardson

    Roberto Richardson10 months ago

    Wonderful actor...amazing magician!! Michael is a national treasure

  64. Just Loveeelly

    Just Loveeelly10 months ago

    amazing stuff