Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell - America's Got Talent 2018


  1. mary negn

    mary negn9 minutes ago

    i just love simon

  2. Mardan Juníor

    Mardan Juníor20 minutes ago

    Behinded good father has it's The power of Family (Love) :( ❤

  3. Mardan Juníor

    Mardan Juníor28 minutes ago


  4. Lalacandy

    Lalacandy54 minutes ago

    Compare this to Keith from American Idol. You’re going to laugh your head off.

  5. Ranahya Ragin

    Ranahya Ragin57 minutes ago

    buddy’s fine 😍😍😍😍😍

  6. the prince

    the princeHour ago

    Nice feel...

  7. Sylith242

    Sylith242Hour ago

    Good lord this guy is a mastermind adopting 6 children only to grab the golden buzzer ! Well played

  8. Monkeycurler

    MonkeycurlerHour ago

    I could honestly listen to a whole album by him. Unusual for me to be able to say that.

  9. handsome lover

    handsome loverHour ago

    I hope he wins. His beautiful soul won my heart.

  10. Deborah Ng

    Deborah Ng2 hours ago

    My skin is cleared, my anxiety is gone, my grades are all As, I am motivated to exercise everyday, I am gonna start a charity organisation. This is beautiful!!! This is realllllll music:)

  11. haseenah tayar

    haseenah tayar2 hours ago

    its not just his voice hes good looking as hell

  12. Rebecca Brown

    Rebecca Brown2 hours ago

    James Arthur of america

  13. Rebecca Brown

    Rebecca Brown2 hours ago

    What a guy

  14. Michael Harry Witarsah

    Michael Harry Witarsah2 hours ago

    I wish I had a father like him, but sadly the world isnt as beautiful as fairy tales, thats coming fr a fostered kid that has been through a lot. I really wish this guy and his family all the happiness in the world

  15. Michael Francis Teves

    Michael Francis Teves3 hours ago

    this is one of the best golden buzzer, voice, meaning and reality... i dont know why my eye tear... thank you sir for taking care of those cute children... you nailed it!

  16. arvintdu

    arvintdu3 hours ago

    Amezing amezing sing by Michael Ketterer my fevrote song

  17. Dylan Verran

    Dylan Verran3 hours ago


  18. Dylan Verran

    Dylan Verran3 hours ago

    Haha your kid is in a wheel chair

  19. Ming Lee

    Ming Lee2 hours ago

    hahahaha funny xd much fun - he has he kid in a wheelchair lul hehehehh so funny !!!11111eleven

  20. Dylan Verran

    Dylan Verran4 hours ago


  21. My Lovely

    My Lovely4 hours ago


  22. Biniam Daniel

    Biniam Daniel4 hours ago

    Waaaaaaaaw I don't have words to describe how beautiful voice he has........

  23. UltimatePrinceofBB

    UltimatePrinceofBB4 hours ago

    Just a note to some people: A sob story is a lot different than an inspirational story

  24. avelinojohneerose

    avelinojohneerose4 hours ago

    I'm falling for him because of his eyes .😀😁😀😁

  25. Brittany Moss

    Brittany Moss5 hours ago

    Bless him! Awesome voice. I felt that!

  26. CHHIN Sras

    CHHIN Sras5 hours ago

    He put his soul with the song

  27. Khimberly Love Alcantara

    Khimberly Love Alcantara5 hours ago


  28. Joao Clauder

    Joao Clauder5 hours ago

    Nossssa que voz linda 😄

  29. Tane Donaldson

    Tane Donaldson5 hours ago

    And the lord said “Let there be light”

  30. Vanessa Anne

    Vanessa Anne5 hours ago

    I'm crying!!! 😭😭😭

  31. George Ortiz

    George Ortiz5 hours ago

    Is that anthony from smosh???

  32. A.J .L

    A.J .L5 hours ago

    Wow thankyou for making me cry it’s been years

  33. Connie Lee

    Connie Lee5 hours ago

    Amazing Voice!!!

  34. Sierra lu

    Sierra lu5 hours ago


  35. yupmonk3yzrul3

    yupmonk3yzrul36 hours ago

    I love him.

  36. Matt Clint

    Matt Clint7 hours ago

    Like Calum Scott Golden buzzer💝

  37. poopie

    poopie7 hours ago

    What song is this BTW? Or is it a solo song he made?

  38. Ruatpuii Chhakchhuak

    Ruatpuii Chhakchhuak7 hours ago

    Beautiful soul❤️❤️

  39. Rajeev Kumar

    Rajeev Kumar8 hours ago

    I think he is gonna win this show.

  40. John Clark

    John Clark8 hours ago

    Simon is the ultimate professional - whatever you think of him he wouldn't put someone through with a golden buzzer just because they have a heart-warming story to tell. This guy is a great singer and deserves his chance to make it big. His back-story will of course help because personality is important. Good luck to him

  41. JohnPaul Dixon

    JohnPaul Dixon8 hours ago

    Even without his incredible vocals it is glaringly obvious that Michael is one special man. I'm sure his wife also is an amazing human, he doesn't raise six children on his own don't forget. His speech before he sang was heartfelt and is a sign of the type of individual he is. Then his voice, oh WOW, incredible. I've heard this song, one of my favourites, sung by so many vocalists but I don't recall anyone covering it on either BGT or AGT before him ... and his rendition surpasses any other, in my opinion. Bravo, Michael.

  42. Carlos Ortega

    Carlos Ortega8 hours ago

    damn simon is fat...

  43. Hanibaltherogue

    Hanibaltherogue9 hours ago

    Man that was beautiful! İ would totally spend money on his album...

  44. Jésus Gaming

    Jésus Gaming10 hours ago

    WOW ! This guy has such an amazing voice ! Crazy !

  45. Al Novice

    Al Novice10 hours ago

    With a golden heart

  46. Victor Gaming

    Victor Gaming11 hours ago

    What song did he sing

  47. Lion Tribe of Judah

    Lion Tribe of Judah11 hours ago

    Beautiful..and moving. He is one of a kind..I agree..golden for sure!

  48. Puggle Avocado

    Puggle Avocado11 hours ago

    I’m adopted and I’m crying when he told me his kids are from foster care 😭

  49. Lonna Spencer

    Lonna Spencer11 hours ago

    wow dad wow

  50. Jon

    Jon11 hours ago


  51. nobody

    nobody11 hours ago

    He's a star. Absolutely incredible voice!

  52. Josh Casallas

    Josh Casallas12 hours ago

    Anyone know what kind of eyeglasses those are?

  53. Yandz Yandz

    Yandz Yandz12 hours ago


  54. Waffy Narek

    Waffy Narek12 hours ago

    Handsome Boy and nice voice.like it.

  55. SplashGodDev x

    SplashGodDev x12 hours ago

    He reminds me of shinedown

  56. altareggo

    altareggo13 hours ago

    He took a good song then he OWNED it!!! He made his own: that's what a great performer does.

  57. who cares eat pizza and get fat

    who cares eat pizza and get fat13 hours ago

    I have chills !!!!

  58. Nurdin Ibrahim

    Nurdin Ibrahim13 hours ago

    Congrat ..simon good people

  59. Paul M.

    Paul M.13 hours ago

    I would say he truly understand the real love. It's ovious...

  60. L Unleashed

    L Unleashed13 hours ago

    I see Calum Scott in him

  61. Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael

    Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael13 hours ago

    4:25 was the peak of my emotion. Damn! This genuine and authentic expression got me.

  62. Enoch ##

    Enoch ##14 hours ago

    It’s rare to find real people like him theses days

  63. imBuzzed Reviews

    imBuzzed Reviews14 hours ago

    God Bless Simon...

  64. Venkatesh.v Vrenk

    Venkatesh.v Vrenk14 hours ago

    dream come true 😀😀😀

  65. SevenSundayGirls 7

    SevenSundayGirls 715 hours ago

    The sob stories normally fool the judges, but Simon doesn’t care too much. Yet he was surprised at 6 children, with or without the sob story, this man truly has a gift.

  66. MusicalFool 909

    MusicalFool 90915 hours ago

    Uncle Phil watching in the background at 3:07.

  67. Mr Pokiesmeister

    Mr Pokiesmeister15 hours ago

    Ok faith in humanity has been restored! Awesome!

  68. Cookie C

    Cookie C15 hours ago

    Now that's how you deliver a song!!

  69. Korina Katherine Angelo

    Korina Katherine Angelo16 hours ago


  70. Noah Cline

    Noah Cline16 hours ago

    If only this song was on spotify

  71. jhona jhax

    jhona jhax16 hours ago

    Qual o nome desta música ?

  72. Jaling Hoffner

    Jaling Hoffner16 hours ago

    He's progressively getting more attractive.

  73. AnthonyFromWilson

    AnthonyFromWilson16 hours ago

    This guy looks like Logic

  74. Faith Ameed

    Faith Ameed17 hours ago

    Im a nurse and Im so proud of him 😇 bless him and his family. #humanityisstillalive



    OMG! The tears.

  76. Brittani Worshim

    Brittani Worshim17 hours ago

    wats the name of this song

  77. LooveSweetheart

    LooveSweetheart17 hours ago

    It’s hard to believe that there is this kind of people who still exist, he’s like the man version of Angelina Jolie, and more, he’s open, no discrimination, he doesn’t look down on people and the disabled one. I think if he wins AGT, he’s going to adopt more children and will continue to help people. So I think, this time, he should be the winner. Peace to this world.

  78. Jeff Suttles

    Jeff Suttles18 hours ago

    Way too much vibrato. It's distracting.

  79. Murmurations

    Murmurations19 hours ago

    Speechless. Amazing.

  80. Cindea Mulholland

    Cindea Mulholland19 hours ago

    What a beautiful voice beautiful family and beautiful being!

  81. Beyond My Wildest Dreams

    Beyond My Wildest Dreams19 hours ago

    Amazing amazing

  82. Steven Cheney

    Steven Cheney19 hours ago

    This gets better every time I watch it. I hope your dreams come true, because as a human you have won! Thank you for this.

  83. Clover Sun

    Clover Sun20 hours ago

    God bless your family sir.. Love from malaysia ..😘😘😘

  84. Clover Sun

    Clover Sun20 hours ago

    God bless your family sir.. Love from malaysia ..😘😘😘

  85. TONY LAZ

    TONY LAZ20 hours ago

    We´ve got the WINNER........................................

  86. sam kam

    sam kam20 hours ago

    He is an angel on our planet!

  87. Aditya Jha

    Aditya Jha20 hours ago

    Can somebody please tell me which song was this?

  88. Sheeza Mann

    Sheeza Mann20 hours ago

    good lord.....where did he come from????.......adult contemporary hits left and right......GOOD LUCK TO YOU.....

  89. Sheeza Mann

    Sheeza Mann20 hours ago

    I WISH I had a dad like that

  90. Violet Fegan

    Violet Fegan21 hour ago

    OMG! The timbre of his voice brings tears to my eyes.

  91. Ryan Davies

    Ryan Davies21 hour ago

    Name of song? Please

  92. Lily Stevens

    Lily Stevens20 hours ago

    Ryan Davies idk sorry

  93. HDsharp

    HDsharp21 hour ago

    Sorry that that voice wasn't special, just above average.

  94. simonthawng zabawi

    simonthawng zabawi22 hours ago

    What’s the name of the song??

  95. Cai Cai

    Cai Cai22 hours ago

    Full on chills 👌🏽

  96. Alejandra Martinez

    Alejandra Martinez23 hours ago

    if voice is so impressive, clean and perfect vocalizations😨🙌🏼🙌🏼💖💖👏🏻👏🏻

  97. SINKIE DAKID 062 3346141

    SINKIE DAKID 062 334614123 hours ago

    wow 🔥🔥🔥 flame ✌✌

  98. RamIak

    RamIak23 hours ago

    His voice is so authentic. Brilliant!

  99. Melany m

    Melany m23 hours ago

    Gosh what beautiful eyes he got

  100. Luke Hsu

    Luke HsuDay ago

    what is this song so good.he touched my heart by his voice

  101. Abigail Graham

    Abigail GrahamDay ago

    He's giving me bruce banner vibes idk why