Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell - America's Got Talent 2018


  1. Mindy Rowen

    Mindy Rowen10 hours ago

    I love Noah...I have been following him for 10+ years. beautiful voice, he can sing ANYTHING!

  2. Luis Marquez

    Luis Marquez12 hours ago

    Is he still in the competition, did I miss his performance???

  3. Greg Kennedy

    Greg Kennedy15 hours ago

    This guy standing tall with the power and the grace of life!! What a audition. What a HERO.

  4. Carolyn Fathma

    Carolyn Fathma15 hours ago


  5. Kelsey Sharpe

    Kelsey Sharpe20 hours ago

    When my husband proposed to me we danced to his song "Seasons Change" mreporter.net/v/video-F7k5pqBVinA.html and ended up having it be our first dance on our wedding day. This man has an irrevocable gift from God! Can't wait to watch him in the lives!

  6. PastelleReborns

    PastelleRebornsDay ago

    He’s really good but I don’t think he’s very unique or special to any other singer on this show and in general

  7. Emerson Atomic

    Emerson AtomicDay ago

    He looks like a hotter logic and logic is hot

  8. samuel alvarez

    samuel alvarezDay ago

    He was my nurse at Choc !!! Michael thank you so much !!’n

  9. Della Coleman

    Della ColemanDay ago

    He has a bautiful soul and beautiful eyes to match

  10. Della Coleman

    Della ColemanDay ago

    I'm sorry , I misspelled beautiful.

  11. Illusion Gamer

    Illusion GamerDay ago


  12. Blandi

    BlandiDay ago


  13. Sal Fishman

    Sal FishmanDay ago

    His eyes...

  14. Айбек Аширбеков

    Айбек АширбековDay ago

    Song name pls?))

  15. Learning Life

    Learning LifeDay ago

    Why’d Simon walk on stage like that tho?! 😂😂😂😂 4:45



    Can someone say the song's name please!!

  17. Louise Brown

    Louise BrownDay ago

    Your singing is amazing OMG!! I couldn’t stop playing it!!! Given me goosebumps all over 😮😘

  18. Dragondeal 1

    Dragondeal 1Day ago

    Made it with an unique voice to his own song - well deserved golden buzzer, though I don't think he has a chance to win.

  19. Jarod Brock

    Jarod BrockDay ago

    I loved how when simon hit the gold buzzer both him and all the crow jumped for joy in sequence

  20. What New

    What NewDay ago

    please some one give me the song name ??

  21. Mindy Schaper

    Mindy SchaperDay ago

    Better every time I listen to it.

  22. India Thomas

    India Thomas2 days ago

    I’m getting goosies

  23. arf amnddn

    arf amnddn2 days ago

    What is title of this song that he sang???

  24. Ifet Carbz

    Ifet Carbz2 days ago

    what a nice man doing that for his children

  25. Shauna Asplint

    Shauna Asplint2 days ago

    Why is just this audition on MReporter I can’t get the show on tv so what is the deal is he still in it or no ??!!!!!

  26. m tajalle

    m tajalle2 days ago

    the lord is with you Michael....

  27. Wj O

    Wj O2 days ago


  28. LuMinRiN X3

    LuMinRiN X32 days ago

    Father of the decade right here, like if you agree!

  29. Linda Gardiner

    Linda Gardiner2 days ago

    My ultimate favourite , what a beautiful human being

  30. Kunde Kates

    Kunde Kates2 days ago

    A kind man.u deserve the best

  31. Introverted Soul.

    Introverted Soul.2 days ago

    What a beautiful human being. Inside and out.

  32. hansbryan ygot

    hansbryan ygot2 days ago

    Johny depp? whooa

  33. o j

    o j2 days ago

    this guy is my new idol in life, YOU ROCK DUDE

  34. Jarod Brock

    Jarod Brock2 days ago

    You could see every woman looking like thats what i want my man to do

  35. Jarod Brock

    Jarod Brock2 days ago

    My god that was beatuiful!! im thankful i got to see this it touched my heart and inspired me to live, dream and be happy im not able to have children and it burdens my heart every day bc i cant give my wife a child but wr can adopt.

  36. Robert Manetta

    Robert Manetta2 days ago

    It’s sick that the gold buzzer turns everything into slo mo

  37. Best Gamer

    Best Gamer3 days ago

    best of the best

  38. Maria Chirinos

    Maria Chirinos3 days ago

    I'm crying like a baby that was so beautiful....

  39. Jagediswaran Rajandran

    Jagediswaran Rajandran3 days ago

    what's the song called?

  40. samira saidi

    samira saidi2 days ago

    to love somebody

  41. Chisels

    Chisels3 days ago


  42. Chisels

    Chisels3 days ago

    he’s great, he came to my school- northcutt which is where one of his sons used to go to :D

  43. windsongshf

    windsongshf3 days ago

    Instant goosebumps!

  44. sofía

    sofía3 days ago

    i love him

  45. Dylan Noe

    Dylan Noe3 days ago

    Song ??

  46. samira saidi

    samira saidi2 days ago

    to love somebody

  47. \\ JavCabGon //

    \\ JavCabGon //3 days ago

    What was that song he sang?

  48. samira saidi

    samira saidi2 days ago

    to love somebody

  49. Abdulrahman Ismail

    Abdulrahman Ismail3 days ago

    Just an amazing soul!

  50. Givary Lubis

    Givary Lubis4 days ago

    they changed the thumbnail

  51. Fanny Wilkening

    Fanny Wilkening4 days ago

    Great voice and it is so emotional 😔🙃

  52. rahadian agni

    rahadian agni4 days ago

    I want to be a father who has a heart like him for my child

  53. Papuan Killer

    Papuan Killer4 days ago

    this man is a hero. I think he used Ultra-instinc like Goku did. Because the eyes are same. :D

  54. citra permana

    citra permana4 days ago

    OMG.... I am crying for this story 😭😭😭, what an amazing person, like an angel, great Father, nice, lovable.. so speechless. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  55. Ashok Debnath

    Ashok Debnath4 days ago

    hez my favourite !! wowza.

  56. 3 Crazy Crafty Cousins!

    3 Crazy Crafty Cousins!4 days ago

    I hope he wins

  57. Random Guy 001

    Random Guy 0015 days ago

    Michael Ketterer You dont know what its like to listen to you

  58. Reality Talks

    Reality Talks5 days ago

    Tony Stark is here

  59. Jules Im Fairly Local Ive Been Here The Whole Time

    Jules Im Fairly Local Ive Been Here The Whole Time5 days ago

    I'm not crying. I swear.

  60. Felix Fredie

    Felix Fredie5 days ago

    Sometimes action speaks louder that words

  61. Semirah Garcia

    Semirah Garcia5 days ago

    1:40 Edit: Replay button lol

  62. Dee G

    Dee G5 days ago

    This guy is amazing! I already want to buy his playlist CD from you tube! Where do I get it? I am hoping he takes it all.

  63. Cory Coulter

    Cory Coulter5 days ago

    I hope he wins it all

  64. Christian Halsey

    Christian Halsey5 days ago

    I watched this video 5 times and cried every time. How do people dislike such an inspiring and emotional video?

  65. Laurie Desaulniers

    Laurie Desaulniers5 days ago

    The part where he talks about where his kids come from was cut out but if you have a chance it makes this even more emotional

  66. Lay Wyd

    Lay Wyd5 days ago

    Im gonna cover it to for my father

  67. Miss Boss

    Miss Boss5 days ago

    Whats Song is this?

  68. samira saidi

    samira saidi2 days ago

    to love somebody

  69. Andrea Plata

    Andrea Plata5 days ago


  70. Timah

    Timah5 days ago

    where did he get that flannel tho

  71. crazy kids

    crazy kids5 days ago

    I hope he wins

  72. BC VC

    BC VC6 days ago


  73. Tran beer

    Tran beer6 days ago

    "When you surviving, you can't dream!"

  74. bananapie

    bananapie6 days ago

    He is cute

  75. Blivantel

    Blivantel6 days ago

    w8 he's hot

  76. James yuck-bopolz

    James yuck-bopolz6 days ago

    ooouch! my heart aches and tears follows...Godbless Michael and Godspeed

  77. KIM M

    KIM M6 days ago

    Godbless you sir and your family.

  78. Benita Malaj

    Benita Malaj6 days ago

    OMG his voice 😍😍😍

  79. Faith Wangari

    Faith Wangari6 days ago

    Father of six🤗🤗🤗... You really are an inspiration to many and especially how you handled that song...

  80. Supreme Mega Structure Builders Inc.

    Supreme Mega Structure Builders Inc.6 days ago


  81. Chia-Chun Hsu

    Chia-Chun Hsu6 days ago

    His vulnerability makes him that much likable and inspirational. *Thumbs up*

  82. AIB888

    AIB8886 days ago

    Wow, his video from 2011 with United Pursuit mreporter.net/v/video-JiXZYiyB1L4.html and this one from 2016 mreporter.net/v/video-F7k5pqBVinA.html and more on MReporter are awesome!! Been listening to them and the Google PLay Music in my car these past few days. So much emotion when he sings! So glad he came to AGT to show his kids that they too can go for their dreams.

  83. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique6 days ago

    "to love somebody

  84. froditus

    froditus7 days ago

    Simon is like "You are special... OK... let's make some money"

  85. varun pahil

    varun pahil7 days ago

    Voice nd feeling say a lot....magical...

  86. Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyen7 days ago

    AGT is letting their emotions blind themselves from hard working talent. If you haven’t watched shin lim, he’s an amazing, dedicated magician. Not trying to say that Michael isn’t dedicated, but give shin a closer look. Cause I can say for sure he works way harder than any of the golden buzzer winners this season

  87. Justin Tibbers

    Justin Tibbers7 days ago

    The world needs more kindness like this dude

  88. Adam Galbraith

    Adam Galbraith7 days ago

    The best act for agt 2018 along with tyra banks golden buzzer

  89. olle 101

    olle 1017 days ago

    The greatest ever!!!

  90. maddie warner

    maddie warner7 days ago

    I am so happy I hope he wins he took me out of care

  91. Agent Corba

    Agent Corba7 days ago

    What is name of song?

  92. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique6 days ago

    "to love somebody" by the bee gee's...michael bolton sang it too, later on

  93. PrinceJOJO 5155

    PrinceJOJO 51557 days ago

    Beautiful person and beautiful heart .

  94. Lydia Yang

    Lydia Yang7 days ago

    For some reason, I felt his story is NOT really. It seems like he made up the story, so he can gain attention from audience. Check the reaction of his foster care children. They didn't seem like excited when he got golden buzzer.

  95. Jenny wren

    Jenny wren4 days ago

    Lydia Yang Have you watched this video, just after the confetti started his 2 children were clasped to him, one looking so happy the other looked up at him. The little boy in the wheelchair didn't stop looking at him. Watch it again I would Also the environment was very strange to all of them adults included. I wonder how you'd act in the same situation?

  96. Lydia Yang

    Lydia Yang4 days ago

    Jenny wren That doesn't matter if he adopted the kids or not. If the kids are truly attached to him, you would see from their reactions. Kids reactions are most genuine and sincere. Compare to his wife's reactions and those kids, they are so different. You must never have someone who truly attach you, that's why you cannot distinguish the difference!!!

  97. Jenny wren

    Jenny wren4 days ago

    Lydia Yang PARDON, they're not foster he's adopted them. Watch the pre video it's been cut out on here. I think you need to get a life, you need one....

  98. First Second

    First Second7 days ago

    does anyone know what it's like?

  99. Timothy Brown

    Timothy Brown7 days ago

    2:54... straight goosebumps..

  100. H&C Duo

    H&C Duo7 days ago

    You all came here for 2:52 YOUR WELCOME

  101. Dylan o'shea

    Dylan o'shea7 days ago

    Right yes he's a great singer but can someone Id this bloody song pls

  102. karla ocampo

    karla ocampo7 days ago

    What’s the song called ???

  103. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique6 days ago

    "to love somebody" by the bee gee's...michael bolton sang it too, later on

  104. Faheem Mohammed

    Faheem Mohammed7 days ago

    I love to see good things happen too good people he is an amazing human being and those kids a so blessed to have parents like them 😊

  105. H Kumar

    H Kumar7 days ago

    being human and real is all that takes...taking care of foster children , some with special needs is no mean feet...best wishes ....

  106. Ivy Chan

    Ivy Chan7 days ago

    I just cried 5 times during this video, but i’m okay

  107. tonya dickerson

    tonya dickerson8 days ago

    I wanted some more

  108. awal mokoagow

    awal mokoagow8 days ago

    Simon is a nice person.....

  109. Jk Blake

    Jk Blake8 days ago

    One of the best and most inspiring audition that i have ever see! You really nailed it! Congrats! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  110. Joshi Jay

    Joshi Jay8 days ago

    Song name

  111. Joshi Jay

    Joshi Jay6 days ago

    Thank you

  112. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique6 days ago

    "to love somebody" by the bee gee's...michael bolton sang it too, later on