Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell - America's Got Talent 2018


  1. Alvin Pagan

    Alvin Pagan5 hours ago

    The man was sent from God and so was his voice for that pure heart. God is very pleased with souls like his.

  2. prince crid

    prince crid5 hours ago

    Stop having kids!

  3. Houa Lee

    Houa Lee8 hours ago

    I’m in love with you ❤️

  4. Johan Afiq Haron

    Johan Afiq Haron9 hours ago

    This is so touching..

  5. julie johnson

    julie johnson16 hours ago

    Michael Ketterer and family, I still love y'all no matter what people are saying or thinking about you. Every single person on earth have issues. But is only God Almighty that covers our issues... Simon Cowell never made a mistake when he said: "there's something about your voice"... Keep singing Michael Ketterer, you will overcome every temptation. Thanks Simon Cowell and other judges. 👍👍

  6. جميلة,

    جميلة,Day ago

    2:55 comme si parfait bravoooooo

  7. Özgür AKPINAR

    Özgür AKPINARDay ago

    02:56 make the speed 0.25 and see Simon's face.

  8. Özgür AKPINAR

    Özgür AKPINARDay ago

    02:53 this part doesn't exist in the original song, right? It's hauntingly beautiful.

  9. Cro Army

    Cro ArmyDay ago

    This man is reason why i belive in humanity!!

  10. รุชยา ทวาศิริ

    รุชยา ทวาศิริDay ago

    I watch this video many times and every time i watch i have to cry..this its really good man.. From..Thailand.

  11. Malibu Betoni

    Malibu BetoniDay ago

    What name song one?

  12. rahma amrani

    rahma amrani2 days ago

    his voice melted my poor aching heart amazing

  13. liil88

    liil882 days ago


  14. Jiří Burián

    Jiří Burián2 days ago

    amazing and very touching...more people like him on the earth

  15. Amy Toebak

    Amy Toebak2 days ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the song??

  16. Kool.Kaitie

    Kool.Kaitie3 days ago

    I’m shaking

  17. Lag Evolved

    Lag Evolved4 days ago

    Anyone else get goosebumps at 2:52

  18. skyclimber7

    skyclimber74 days ago

    need more people like him in this world more like him to replace the selfish piss offs that support evil in this world...you know who you are...

  19. Esoteric Ray

    Esoteric Ray4 days ago

    Waiting for an album. Agt winner or not. Dude I want more songs from you!

  20. Rajitha Dasanayaka

    Rajitha Dasanayaka5 days ago

    That man is an angel..

  21. Shane Hambleton

    Shane Hambleton5 days ago

    This man and his wife, they will truly and I mean truly graduate life with HONORS! If we are ever visited from a higher intelligent life form I truly and genuinely hope they are the examples given for humanity. I can only hope and pray. God speed your one of the great ones!!

  22. Jiří Burián

    Jiří Burián5 days ago

    i wish him to reach everything he wanna coz he's amazin' and special! very touching and i wish the children the best with their super dad.

  23. Aaliyah Brown

    Aaliyah Brown6 days ago

    I am suddenly in tears now

  24. Rca Chhakchhuak

    Rca Chhakchhuak6 days ago

    Michael i like you..You are very special

  25. Petra Hindersmann

    Petra Hindersmann7 days ago

    When I see all these talets, agan and again, it might be new and new old talet being able to do all the fasions, or just bein creative! and so on and on and on! All can be plenty, be ope for what might come!

  26. Shahkrit Suansimpark

    Shahkrit Suansimpark7 days ago

    What's song?

  27. Hiba Tufail

    Hiba Tufail6 days ago

    To love somebody by michael bolton.

  28. Almendo thuber's

    Almendo thuber's8 days ago

    the beautiful voice

  29. Paradox Gaming

    Paradox Gaming8 days ago


  30. Emiliano Cantú

    Emiliano Cantú8 days ago

    Song name??

  31. Ravenill Danao

    Ravenill Danao6 days ago

    To love somebody.

  32. Lia Martinez

    Lia Martinez8 days ago

    I cried.

  33. Choi YoungJae

    Choi YoungJae8 days ago

    Soy fan de la vida de Michael

  34. Zarkon

    Zarkon8 days ago

    2:51, that girl is beautiful...pretty lady

  35. Jose Leal

    Jose Leal9 days ago

    hes on united pursuit

  36. Amina raed

    Amina raed9 days ago

    I'm speechless, his voice OMG😍😭

  37. Proolux

    Proolux9 days ago

    Someone put this on Spotify please

  38. Whistle Blower Cindy

    Whistle Blower Cindy10 days ago

    this seems like a genuine foster family. so sweet

  39. David Steinbring

    David Steinbring10 days ago

    This guy has so much Love.He shares that Love not only for his Family,But to every one else.I know it's been awhile,But that doesn't mean that his Love isn't still there.I wish to say thank you for sharing your Love to All of us!! You are a Very nice Man!I mean that.God bless You and Your family...Side Note..I'm using my partners E Mail for now...Just putting it out there.That way you know it's me and not my partner.

  40. A.C. Fernandez

    A.C. Fernandez10 days ago

    I love this song and his rendition was brilliant!

  41. Natalie Jenkins

    Natalie Jenkins10 days ago

    i rooted for him but he got cut on number 5

  42. Natalie Jenkins

    Natalie Jenkins10 days ago


  43. Bart De Jong

    Bart De Jong11 days ago

    Love it how the face changes at 2:57

  44. lukatore123

    lukatore12311 days ago

    Is this real? Is this man REAL??? It's like Hollywood screenwriter wrote screenplay for this.


    ALAN BROWN11 days ago

    He is a pig of a man who has been accused of domestic violence Hahaha! Typical American man in other words!!!

  46. gowreesh nath

    gowreesh nath11 days ago

    I love him and he's hot but.... He's really pitchy. And he got the 5th place and I was shocked! Like how in the world he got above of Michael and Glennis?

  47. Mustafa Raza

    Mustafa Raza11 days ago

    1 like For Simon 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  48. Amy Thompson

    Amy Thompson12 days ago

    It's weird now knowing about the domestic violence case....

  49. always loved

    always loved12 days ago

    This man singing this song made me cry also.

  50. Adedoyin Atobatele

    Adedoyin Atobatele12 days ago

    I can't get tired of this!!!

  51. mixmax eat

    mixmax eat12 days ago

    Nice voice as well.....he and his wife have a big heart, amazing. Hope for people who dislike have a good thing for they life

  52. HyperLyon

    HyperLyon13 days ago

    2:53 wow just wow

  53. GoodNight

    GoodNight13 days ago

    Does anybody know his instrumental ?

  54. Devie Dolphay

    Devie Dolphay13 days ago

    By far the best golden buzzer! Thank you Simon!!

  55. Johny Pachuau

    Johny Pachuau13 days ago

    I respect this guy so much and salute him .. He is an amazing human being

  56. Blaise Carlson

    Blaise Carlson13 days ago

    AGT is so rigged this man should’ve gotten at least top three

  57. banished4eva

    banished4eva13 days ago

    i was just imagining how amazing it must be to hear this live

  58. Geo Kar

    Geo Kar13 days ago

    Can’t find this beautiful song though

  59. Lilly Brydone

    Lilly Brydone14 days ago

    he is amazing at singing i am so glad that he got the golden buzzer because if he did not i would be so so suprised !!!!!!!!

  60. Destiny Lopez

    Destiny Lopez14 days ago

    He can be my nurse 😍😍💦

  61. Emma Bouterey

    Emma Bouterey14 days ago

    What’s the song

  62. Colin Jennings

    Colin Jennings14 days ago

    What's the song

  63. Michel Meijer

    Michel Meijer14 days ago

    4:24 who sings that? Raw voice. It’s not Michael Bolton or the Bee Gees

  64. Flower Hobi

    Flower Hobi14 days ago

    I heard he was arrested because of domestic violence. What happened?

  65. Kate Rose

    Kate Rose15 days ago

    Who cut onions 😭

  66. Visual Effects

    Visual Effects15 days ago

    I’m crying

  67. Brianna X

    Brianna X15 days ago

    His outlook on everything is beautiful❤️

  68. Friendly Giant

    Friendly Giant15 days ago


  69. Pakbro Gaol Alecxt AD

    Pakbro Gaol Alecxt AD15 days ago

    very inspiring ... thank you for your golden buzzer Simon

  70. chad johnson

    chad johnson15 days ago

    100% fake

  71. Zrsch 4lifetime

    Zrsch 4lifetime15 days ago

    2:53 reply again

  72. Kathy Larios

    Kathy Larios16 days ago


  73. Bryan T

    Bryan T16 days ago

    Turns out he isn’t such a nice guy

  74. Tykz Samson

    Tykz Samson17 days ago

    ..ive watched this audition of him a couple times.... but still... goosebumps.. evrytime i am watching this... 😨

  75. Destanee Burgess

    Destanee Burgess17 days ago

    goosebumps every time! Cannot wait to see what he has in store for him !

  76. Asbjørn Madsen

    Asbjørn Madsen17 days ago

    the ones who disliked this video are idiots!!!

  77. NeonShotBoi

    NeonShotBoi18 days ago

    This dude went to the school I go to now in Tennessee

  78. OnTopOfMy Dadsdick

    OnTopOfMy Dadsdick18 days ago

    Simon must really regret giving this guy a golden buzzer now lmao.. he recently got arrested for abusing his wife

  79. Mary Horton

    Mary Horton18 days ago

    Let him be nobody's perfect he's still a good man and you can tell he and his wife are in love we all fall out !!!! That's life !!!!!

  80. sophie rod

    sophie rod18 days ago


  81. Alexandra Mercedes Sanchez

    Alexandra Mercedes Sanchez18 days ago

    What is the name of the music that he sings? Tell me please

  82. Mhay PM

    Mhay PM19 days ago

    I love him.

  83. Nina Toombs

    Nina Toombs19 days ago

    You disappointed me so much for the arrest regarding domestic violence. You being a mental health psychiatric nurse with 5 of your 6 kids being in foster care.

  84. Kelli Mitchell

    Kelli Mitchell19 days ago

    I cried

  85. lets GO

    lets GO19 days ago

    Wat a voice..

  86. ch908737

    ch90873719 days ago

    @ 5:00 the kid gave a look like "oh crap, everyone is buying into this guys act". @ 5:02 Michael goes down and tells him "say anything, and you're dead"

  87. ch908737

    ch90873719 days ago

    Lol! "Safe" environment... Riiiiiiiiiight....

  88. Gail Slosser

    Gail Slosser19 days ago

    Garth Brooks was premature in dropping him from the concert! Garth needs to Man Up and revisit his decision to ban him.

  89. thomas labarbera

    thomas labarbera19 days ago

    Hes the singer for United pursuit

  90. David Ness

    David Ness19 days ago

    Didn't like his sound but kudos to him for the man that he is.

  91. Vaibhav Bhargava

    Vaibhav Bhargava19 days ago

    Which song is being played at the background from 4:16 ?

  92. Hi im Crax

    Hi im Crax20 days ago

    Is that an original?

  93. Tanguy Cossoul

    Tanguy Cossoul20 days ago


  94. chrystie smith

    chrystie smith20 days ago

    Smh I'm not gonna judge him because it's not right and not my place to. I don't believe any of it. No one knows what happened. Hopefully he will have the chance to tell his side of the story. I for one would like to know his side of it.

  95. Timothy Niemann

    Timothy Niemann20 days ago

    God bless that man.

  96. asianmale30

    asianmale3020 days ago

    some safe environment you provide. he looks like someone that has a very dark side.

  97. asianmale30

    asianmale3019 days ago

    That's my opinion and necessary. He played the sad back story to try to win . Don't be all fake and then a few days later gets arrested .

  98. julie johnson

    julie johnson20 days ago

    God bless you greatly Simon 👍👍

  99. B Jani

    B Jani20 days ago

    a pathetic violent man who played the good man

  100. brenda ferreira

    brenda ferreira20 days ago

    i know what he did is wrong and i know he got arrested but i still think he has an amazing voice.

  101. Amal Abdulle

    Amal Abdulle20 days ago

    ‘Pediatric mental health nurse’ : tears!!

  102. Miatta Kamara

    Miatta Kamara20 days ago

    Baby you don't know what it's like ......., just the way that I you.... I love this song......

  103. Of Legend I Am Born

    Of Legend I Am Born20 days ago

    AHAHAHAHAHA I just watched this video like a week ago (first time seeing him) and thought, watch them find out this guy is lying or hiding something like some of the other people who've appeared. CALLED IT. Enjoy your past 15 mins of fame, abuser.

  104. Of Legend I Am Born

    Of Legend I Am Born19 days ago

    Hope 777 Doesn't matter if he's innocent honestly. Dude is screwed because of the story itself. Court of public opinion will always associate him with "abuse" now. Couldn't have happened to a "nicer" guy, lol.

  105. Lunar 0

    Lunar 019 days ago

    Ok but why would you be happy?