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Michael Jackson - Behind the Mask


  1. EconomicsMate Gaming

    EconomicsMate Gaming32 minutes ago

    Proof that the legend himself is not really gone, he's just busy producing music behind the scenes... 😭😭 his music will always be with us... Long live the king

  2. Nicole Souza

    Nicole Souza47 minutes ago


  3. kim Mero Fuentes

    kim Mero Fuentes49 minutes ago

    Sólo quiero llorar tengo emociones encontradas .

  4. Kregory Floyd Alatiw

    Kregory Floyd Alatiw50 minutes ago


  5. Serviteur De Kibo Dz

    Serviteur De Kibo DzHour ago

    NO DEAD ?!

  6. skylande35 The best player in tf2

    skylande35 The best player in tf258 minutes ago

    Serviteur De Kibo Dz ses une ancienne avec un clip seulement

  7. skylande35 The best player in tf2

    skylande35 The best player in tf259 minutes ago

    Serviteur De Kibo Dz si il et mort

  8. Zaza جبوري

    Zaza جبوريHour ago

    اكفر هذا موميت شوينزل اغاني يل كاظم

  9. EinfachKhalil

    EinfachKhalil2 hours ago

    He is dead how he can sing?

  10. ImNerscoFx TM

    ImNerscoFx TM2 hours ago

    Wtf he alive

  11. Ale Tanquia

    Ale Tanquia2 hours ago

    Es lo mas me encanta 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  12. Martin Testa

    Martin Testa2 hours ago

    Sigue vivo queeee wtf


    AZTEKSOL RIVAS2 hours ago

    Mk ultra😎

  14. bastian calderon

    bastian calderon2 hours ago

    He,s back

  15. MopTop

    MopTop2 hours ago


  16. cablefetish

    cablefetish3 hours ago

    This is sooo not Michael Jackson (Yellow Magic Orchestra cover BTW). This sounds and looks like what Michael tried to expose and break free of before he was killed; the "mansion parties", "Eyes Wide Shut" kind of creepiness and disgust. Let Michael rest in peace - quit monetizing from his legacy, quit enslaveing him to "the rhythm" even after death as a holographic puppet. Sick and tired of seeing good people of fame who has passed away being caricaturized and sold by the pound, especially when it's the industry itself that defamed and killed them for saying too much or pulling a big "fuck you" move.

  17. Nony Korka

    Nony Korka3 hours ago

    I miss him so much

  18. Adrenaline Rush

    Adrenaline Rush3 hours ago

    Although he is gone his legendary music will live on

  19. Thunderbender

    Thunderbender3 hours ago

    Olum bu adam ölmedi mi?

  20. Dj M

    Dj M3 hours ago

    No que estaba muerto?

  21. MaykonL

    MaykonL2 hours ago

    Dj M a musica ja existe, os produtores do michael jackson fizeram uma homenagem

  22. Zipporah Tanui

    Zipporah Tanui3 hours ago

    So ...Mr Michael is alive?

  23. eliot Vega

    eliot Vega4 hours ago

    A pesar de que el Rey del Pop murió siempre seguirá siendo Inmortal.

  24. yassou Mitrovic

    yassou Mitrovic4 hours ago

    2013/2018/RIP 😭

  25. yassou Mitrovic

    yassou Mitrovic4 hours ago

    RIP 2018

  26. Tyane Gnagra

    Tyane Gnagra4 hours ago

    I love you Mickeal Jackson 💗 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😘❤️💕💖💝💞💋💓😘❤️💕💖💞💓💕❤️😘😘

  27. Ohhshi

    Ohhshi4 hours ago

    What the fuck?? u still alive???

  28. Matías Risso

    Matías Risso5 hours ago


  29. Cipriano Maldondo

    Cipriano Maldondo5 hours ago

    Será posible?

  30. Cipriano Maldondo

    Cipriano Maldondo5 hours ago

    What is impossible two weeks later is alive Michael Jackson?

  31. Sheira FGS

    Sheira FGS5 hours ago


  32. carlos tiberi

    carlos tiberi5 hours ago

    Hijo de perra sigues vivo

  33. blackout

    blackout6 hours ago

    I'd die to go see him

  34. Rafa Craft

    Rafa Craft6 hours ago

    He lifeeeee

  35. Ingrid Jimenez

    Ingrid Jimenez6 hours ago

    Sony, please respect the memory of Michael, let him rest in peace! I don't see as a tribute 😕

  36. Coraline Moonwalker

    Coraline Moonwalker6 hours ago

    🕴️I love 🖤👑Michael Jackson🖤👑

  37. Riquelme 303 game Michael Jackson

    Riquelme 303 game Michael Jackson7 hours ago

    Alguem br qm sera 4:00

  38. James Chavez

    James Chavez7 hours ago

    I would pay millions just to see MICHAEL JACKSON 😭😍

  39. Diamond _Skylight

    Diamond _Skylight7 hours ago

    How is he uploading?


    EPICMONKEY V27 hours ago

    *1 like = 1 respect*

  41. carlota ochoa

    carlota ochoa7 hours ago

    Me encanta pero no es nada como el 😊

  42. Cihan Demirerr

    Cihan Demirerr7 hours ago

    How did you share this? Aren't you dead?

  43. Chastidee

    Chastidee7 hours ago

    I like the song better than the video.

  44. Gabriel Sheen

    Gabriel Sheen8 hours ago

    Produção e o Elenco desse vídeo tá de Parabéns,Muito Bom

  45. LilGame Emerson

    LilGame Emerson8 hours ago


  46. Luz marina Romero

    Luz marina Romero8 hours ago

    Michael i love You very much! Soldiers of love ! 🍎😍

  47. Its angel-chan and Mimi-chan

    Its angel-chan and Mimi-chan8 hours ago

    Ummm two weeks ago!!!! Hes still ALIVE!!!!!

  48. Mireya Orozco

    Mireya Orozco9 hours ago

    2:04 I thought she stuck up the middle finger lol

  49. Mj Pang Khong Kiem

    Mj Pang Khong Kiem9 hours ago

    the king of pop michael jackson forever

  50. Карина К

    Карина К9 hours ago


  51. Ethan Milliman

    Ethan Milliman9 hours ago

    this boi is dead

  52. Man With A Million Names

    Man With A Million Names10 hours ago

    Mila j too


    CENTURYO™10 hours ago


  54. Antanis

    Antanis10 hours ago

    Nunca pervertiréis la imagen de Michael. NUNCA.

  55. Ngoc Doanh Vu

    Ngoc Doanh Vu10 hours ago

    michael jackson died in 2009 so why is he still out on michael jackson video? Michael Jackson is still alive; _; please tell him alive

  56. Jose Rebelo

    Jose Rebelo10 hours ago


  57. fluffy kiddo

    fluffy kiddo10 hours ago

    Michael truly is the king of pop, even if he left this world too soon. I'll make sure never to forget him. This song is amazing, just like many of his other songs. Rest in peace, MJ! We'll always love you! 💓💘❤💟💌

  58. Agnès Lemarchand

    Agnès Lemarchand11 hours ago

    Mais il est pas mort mickeal jackson

  59. Kirkland Leroy

    Kirkland Leroy11 hours ago

    For the 6 + thousand people that disliked this yall must have been dropped as a baby 😂

  60. Man With A Million Names

    Man With A Million Names11 hours ago

    I'm sick to my stomach scared

  61. Anna Kanna

    Anna Kanna11 hours ago

    What! Michael Jackson still Alive???

  62. Kevsergül ARMY

    Kevsergül ARMY12 hours ago

    haa? michael jackson ölmedi mi?

  63. Angelina Alice

    Angelina Alice12 hours ago

    Michael Jackson is in our heart. he'll never leave us. I believe that from my heart. Plz never let him die. We all love him. The person in the world.

  64. This is it Real

    This is it Real12 hours ago

    Michael Jackson is Back

  65. bike 15

    bike 1512 hours ago

    So sad but legend never wil be dead

  66. Keon Does Stuff

    Keon Does Stuff13 hours ago

    I like the name but I want it to be “Michael Jackson: I’m Back” or Michael Jackson: The Comeback


    CHIPSME13 hours ago

    woahh.. I was too dumb to think that Michael Jackson is alive. But eh.. That wont happen at all.

  68. MT LOVE

    MT LOVE13 hours ago

    Estate sucks

  69. Lottie Vanderhoorn

    Lottie Vanderhoorn14 hours ago

    the best man in the world !💛

  70. Man With A Million Names

    Man With A Million Names14 hours ago

    Love you ..

  71. elena bokabo

    elena bokabo15 hours ago

    Holy god

  72. MariioGamerOMG

    MariioGamerOMG15 hours ago

    The Pop's king!

  73. Darrecc Herron

    Darrecc Herron15 hours ago

    Omggggg the chorography is horribleeee and sooo commercial!! Doesn’t complement Michaels moves at allll!!!!! Have the videos focus point on what he loves best children , animals, and Peter Pan ect. I would love to even see Macaulay Culkin , his kids, and/or Dianna Ross on here SOMETHING. This video doesn’t show the true essence of Michael Jackson AT ALL!!!! 👎 👎 👎

  74. Татьяна Яценко-Степанова

    Татьяна Яценко-Степанова16 hours ago



    SMASH BROS GAMING16 hours ago

    And on his blood on the dance floor cover he is telling us about 9/11 the background Is New York and his hand are pointing at 9 and 11 so that the time was 8.50 and the smoke is the smoke after the towers fell but look at his hands there's handcuffs he's saying he is not in control of him there trying to kill him and he died on June 25 2009 jesus born on 25 and 2+5 is 7 so he was saying he was going to died on June 25 2009 but he know it back then but we never I cried because we had a shot to safe him RIP THE KING OF POP MICHAEL JACKSON


    SMASH BROS GAMING16 hours ago

    Everyone I just now find out that when he wrote this song for a reason if u look 1.40 to 1.44 on they dont really care about us he is saying that he is going to die soon but trying to stop it

  77. Supreme Kidda

    Supreme Kidda17 hours ago

    Michael you will stay king of pop

  78. Supreme Kidda

    Supreme Kidda17 hours ago

    Michael you aren't dead there is no such thing as death you still live and everybody that sees this comment look up patty talking to Michael Jackson

  79. Supreme Kidda

    Supreme Kidda17 hours ago

    I love you Michael jackson I try to talk to you everyday through the talks I have with myself

  80. Thunder Ultra Beast

    Thunder Ultra Beast17 hours ago


  81. Killer Keemstar

    Killer Keemstar13 hours ago

    New-ish. This was filmed after his death.

  82. obed eduardo

    obed eduardo17 hours ago

    France 🇫🇷??

  83. GoldenHawkVII

    GoldenHawkVII18 hours ago

    How do they get these songs if he’s dead? Were these songs he was working on or what?

  84. Killer Keemstar

    Killer Keemstar13 hours ago

    His estate own the rights to his work.

  85. Axel Enrique

    Axel Enrique18 hours ago

    Illuminati :/

  86. Wevertton Vieira

    Wevertton Vieira18 hours ago


  87. Rafi La Chalpa Oficial HD

    Rafi La Chalpa Oficial HD19 hours ago

    No viera visto este video, El Rey 👑 Del Pop Vive❤️

  88. Tyrant Moore

    Tyrant Moore19 hours ago

    This Legend became a God.

  89. Adriana Cruz

    Adriana Cruz19 hours ago

    Qué este video no había salido ya antes?

  90. SupremeKinq Erhrethtr

    SupremeKinq Erhrethtr19 hours ago

    I thought this nigga died lol

  91. junchito sN05

    junchito sN0519 hours ago

    You are alive 😭😭😭 yes yes

  92. Noor Azman

    Noor Azman20 hours ago

    Hey michael did you just dead if you dead i can't stand this some body say you dead i hate you micheal😢😭

  93. SeñorDiego

    SeñorDiego20 hours ago

    Que pedo no que estaba más muerto que la abuela coco :/

  94. Eduardo 124

    Eduardo 1248 hours ago

    No seas boludo, es una cancion vieja que nunca sacaron, sentido comun

  95. Britney senpai

    Britney senpai20 hours ago

    michael esta vivo o que

  96. Samanta Medrano Gutiérrez

    Samanta Medrano Gutiérrez21 hour ago

    El rey del pop ❤ unico! Perfecto !

  97. TV Os Invocados

    TV Os Invocados21 hour ago


  98. enzo sarrubbi

    enzo sarrubbi21 hour ago

    Non è morto

  99. David Kennedy

    David Kennedy21 hour ago

    Brasil, quer ver vc de novo nos palcos.

  100. Br0zx

    Br0zx21 hour ago

    Que demonios haces aqui Fred ? >:v

  101. Sara Campos

    Sara Campos21 hour ago

    I can love any song as long as it has MJ's voice.... It could be reggeaton and I still would hear it

  102. Smeebles

    Smeebles21 hour ago

    I was in shock when I saw this MJ will never die

  103. victor cervantes

    victor cervantes21 hour ago

    Me love

  104. Jeffrey plays Roblox and videos

    Jeffrey plays Roblox and videos21 hour ago

    He's alive!!!

  105. victor cervantes

    victor cervantes21 hour ago


  106. SOFIA PM

    SOFIA PM21 hour ago

    like si nunca conociste a michael jackson