Metro Boomin Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


  1. Артур Ахьямов

    Артур Ахьямов2 hours ago


  2. Hannie And jenzie

    Hannie And jenzie5 days ago

    Smoothhhh giooooo

  3. Jacques Williams

    Jacques Williams10 days ago

    What’s that shirt though??

  4. Deshawn Moore

    Deshawn Moore12 days ago

    My dad was friends with Metro when he was young I know it because they went to the same school in St.Louis!

  5. A- Bucks

    A- Bucks16 days ago

    Killing the game 🔥🔥

  6. callmejeph

    callmejeph16 days ago

    what’s the instrumental at 3:35?

  7. Random Vids

    Random Vids18 days ago

    What's the brand he is wearing???

  8. Zane Kim

    Zane Kim6 days ago

    Heron Preston

  9. Bob Dagher

    Bob Dagher18 days ago

    where is floyd money mayweatherrr ???!!!

  10. stan khalifa

    stan khalifa18 days ago

    What was the beat name when he shows boomin pendent

  11. Rich Burmond

    Rich Burmond18 days ago

    those ''iced out'' watches are so ugly lol. Just get a clean 100k rolex without the ice

  12. Bogdan Kukin

    Bogdan Kukin19 days ago

    Есть это видео с русским переводом

  13. StarGanstar

    StarGanstar20 days ago

    Yung gunner

  14. /\/\utt33

    /\/\utt3324 days ago

    6:45 elliot lowkey looking the pendant like imma snatch this when he ain't looking

  15. cj

    cj26 days ago

    Man looks like Damian Lillard lol

  16. Spencer Dawson

    Spencer Dawson26 days ago

    Are his chanins and stuff diamond, because he keeps saying white gold and I don’t know if he’s talking about the chain part with diamonds on it or is the whole thing white gold

  17. Azam 21247123

    Azam 2124712328 days ago

    He's a likeable guy

  18. Uzouma

    Uzouma29 days ago

    why metroboomin look like michael b jordan?

  19. SimilarProduct

    SimilarProductMonth ago

    He has got nice teeth.

  20. John Smith

    John SmithMonth ago

    dumb vid.

  21. justin calhoun

    justin calhounMonth ago

    metro flat earther confirmed

  22. Eman Baca

    Eman BacaMonth ago

    I feel him I only wear white gold and some regular gold

  23. Spencer Dawson

    Spencer Dawson23 days ago

    Eman Baca ok thanks man

  24. Eman Baca

    Eman Baca23 days ago

    Spencer Dawson Hey bro yah he means like the gold is white but he still puts dimonds on it

  25. Spencer Dawson

    Spencer Dawson26 days ago

    Eman Baca hey, I don’t know much about jewelry, but when he says his stuff is white gold does he mean the whole chain? Or what I’m wondering is r there diamonds on it because idk if that’s what white gold is

  26. Simple Head

    Simple HeadMonth ago

    Keep it up Metro Ill meet you soon when I make it

  27. James R

    James RMonth ago

    Simple Head you ain't making it anywhere

  28. LAS

    LASMonth ago

    Whats that beat at the start

  29. The big laker fan

    The big laker fanMonth ago

    I like how doesn't stack 14000 chains like other artists

  30. Scarce Hyperion

    Scarce HyperionMonth ago

    Best producer working right now.

  31. spotlight lib

    spotlight libMonth ago

    quait cool

  32. Travon Prisock

    Travon PrisockMonth ago


  33. Abdur Rahman Onik

    Abdur Rahman OnikMonth ago

    young metro young metro young metro

  34. Bruno Jetski

    Bruno JetskiMonth ago

    Metro has super Clean skin

  35. Wade aminute

    Wade aminuteMonth ago

    The Nautilus is fire

  36. More everything

    More everythingMonth ago

    Yo get Dj khaled, it would be fun

  37. Samuelthegamer2005

    Samuelthegamer2005Month ago

    Is everyone just gonna ignore the fat that he has a chain which got the illuminati symbol and say CEO under I now it's his label but what the heck 💯✌

  38. B.B.N SOSA

    B.B.N SOSAMonth ago

    get youngboy on here

  39. 1,000 subs with no vids? __

    1,000 subs with no vids? __Month ago

    He look like Michael b Jordan

  40. Jesse Diaco

    Jesse DiacoMonth ago

    You need trippie, uzi, or Soulja on here or the series ain’t conplete

  41. Qwertzy

    QwertzyMonth ago

    Whats his shirt it looks fye 🔥🔥🔥

  42. Alexandr Dreev-Drv

    Alexandr Dreev-DrvMonth ago


  43. Juan Pablo Pérez

    Juan Pablo PérezMonth ago

    "If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gonna shoot you". -Future

  44. LizeFX

    LizeFXMonth ago


  45. Susi Playz

    Susi Playz2 months ago

    get playboi carti on hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  46. GG Dubs

    GG Dubs2 months ago

    Stl reppin

  47. Charlie Gerhart

    Charlie Gerhart2 months ago

    The jubilee bracelet is something new that they are doing???? Noo

  48. feelliixx L

    feelliixx L2 months ago

    That heron outfit🔥

  49. Will D

    Will D2 months ago

    Metro bought two pateks Boom

  50. Atomic

    Atomic2 months ago

    стиль :)

  51. Sage Storm

    Sage Storm2 months ago

    Lot of jealous ppl on here lmao

  52. Chocktae Bolanca

    Chocktae Bolanca2 months ago

    I thought about this, it’s seems so normal but can you imagine seeing a white person with a voice this deep. It’s seems so normal until you imagine a young while dude with a voice like that. Insane

  53. Roman -man

    Roman -man2 months ago


  54. Allaijah Mariah

    Allaijah Mariah2 months ago

    Metro voicee 💖💖💖💖💖😍😍❤❤

  55. Nima

    Nima2 months ago

    The Cartier bracelets are scratching the royal oak! #Tragedy

  56. Cloutgodleo

    Cloutgodleo2 months ago

    i bet he made the beat for this video.

  57. itsyaboyjacklockwood1234

    itsyaboyjacklockwood12342 months ago

    Metroboomin wants some more

  58. OG Skopljak

    OG Skopljak2 months ago

    I wish metro boomin played Black panthers brother in the movie

  59. Albert Sum

    Albert Sum2 months ago

    Its crazy I was in the same classroom as this dude. PNH. All the Saint Louis people know what that is.

  60. Bryan Cerro

    Bryan Cerro2 months ago

    Everyone selling there soul in the industry😨

  61. Miki Minach

    Miki Minach2 months ago

    the custom 3d ones aren't even nice the small subtle ones look better

  62. Lucas Tzouroutis

    Lucas Tzouroutis2 months ago

    Lil skies would be good on here

  63. Karan Sumbaly

    Karan Sumbaly3 months ago

    Insane Jury game lmao

  64. tia goins

    tia goins3 months ago

    if metro dont trust you imma shoot ya fr .3.

  65. Chief Mustard

    Chief Mustard3 months ago


  66. Sxvillx 1CON1X

    Sxvillx 1CON1X3 months ago

    Has anybody noticed the Illuminati

  67. Roman Holguin

    Roman Holguin3 months ago

    Yeagh this is my Jery😂😂

  68. Vincent Rhyzer

    Vincent Rhyzer3 months ago

    Boominati.....triangle with one eye in the's obvious

  69. Huh Mann

    Huh Mann3 months ago

    Kings did not and don't pay for jewelry

  70. Anish Naik

    Anish Naik3 months ago

    Who was the first person on the GQ on the rocks?

  71. casey Ri

    casey Ri3 months ago

    Lowkey he look like Micheal B Jordan 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️

  72. cash brown

    cash brown3 months ago

    U need the colored stones,look nice but the colors are it,nice

  73. Will

    Will3 months ago

    Jubilee is not something new Rolex is doing. That’s been around for decades. These guys don’t have any clue what they’re talking about.

  74. Chanyeols SebootyCrack

    Chanyeols SebootyCrack3 months ago

    I couldn't take things of my boyfriend like not nothing especially if it's expensive I just feel uncomfortable and bad even if it's band merch I just feel bad idk why I just can't take things of people ...even my perants 😖

  75. Chanyeols SebootyCrack

    Chanyeols SebootyCrack3 months ago

    here's me flexing on a 2 pound choker 😂. .😖

  76. Herr Vorragend

    Herr Vorragend3 months ago

    pearls for the pigs. perfect example, nothing to do with race, all with culture. stupid no-taste-at-all subculture.

  77. Unspecified

    Unspecified3 months ago

    that rolex wasn't a presidential idiots... No day window #1 .

  78. Unspecified

    Unspecified3 months ago THIS LINK he says its a presidential... NO IT ISN'T! It's a DATE model with no window for the day. so it is not a presidential daydate, or presidential at all.

  79. Lamar Scott Jr

    Lamar Scott Jr3 months ago

    Get chief keef on this joint, definitely got some good jewelry

  80. women respecter

    women respecter3 months ago

    I honestly think he has one of the best jewelry collections since gucci mane

  81. Ghosts

    Ghosts3 months ago

    you grow up in the hood eating top ramen and ketchup sandwiches, you gonna let the world know where you stand now.

  82. Виталян Катян

    Виталян Катян3 months ago


  83. GhostBoy_x2

    GhostBoy_x23 months ago

    Do Chris brown please

  84. graysxn j

    graysxn j3 months ago

    literally everything is iced out

  85. jc83627

    jc836274 months ago

    even when they talk they still mumble like if u agree

  86. SPizzle

    SPizzle4 months ago

    I love metro but icing out a patek like that should be absolutely illegal

  87. Kellyjean

    Kellyjean4 months ago

    His teeth are perfect

  88. Haxperten

    Haxperten4 months ago

    Metro boomin want some more

  89. 2Lyrical

    2Lyrical4 months ago

    diamonds aren’t even worth that much, tbh they are barely worth anything

  90. prod. Retreaux

    prod. Retreaux4 months ago

    in love with that wave pendant

  91. Redneck YT

    Redneck YT4 months ago

    I respect this artist so much because he understands that wearing all your jewellery at once just ruins it, and all the artists out there be tryna wear 10 huge pendants at once.

  92. Imran Metkarimov

    Imran Metkarimov4 months ago


  93. juan munoz

    juan munoz4 months ago

    This foo looks like Micheal B Jordan

  94. Zuki

    Zuki4 months ago

    someone please link me that jacket & pants or the brand at least

  95. Sam Shipton

    Sam Shipton2 months ago

    Heron Preston

  96. J H

    J H4 months ago

    This is hilarious. It's satire right?

  97. Frags

    Frags4 months ago

    Repping St. Louis🤘🏿

  98. Noluthando Daki

    Noluthando Daki4 months ago

    He got such good looking hands

  99. James Gritl

    James Gritl4 months ago

    hey what’s the song called at 0:11

  100. Smile

    Smile4 months ago

    is this Michael b jordans brother?

  101. Ruby Armitage

    Ruby Armitage4 months ago

    Booming always looking badd 😍😍🤤🤤

  102. Fair ;3

    Fair ;34 months ago


  103. Boi wot

    Boi wot4 months ago

    Next do his bandanna collection

  104. JustBranden Tv

    JustBranden Tv4 months ago

    Stl gang

  105. DmNd_ Hypher

    DmNd_ Hypher4 months ago

    *metro boomin loves his jurry*

  106. Kevin Quick

    Kevin Quick4 months ago


  107. Bughatii

    Bughatii4 months ago

    We got London on the Track