Metro Boomin Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


  1. Do We Have A Problem?

    Do We Have A Problem?14 hours ago

    Metro needs to go to sleep he spund tired

  2. Lol alright sis

    Lol alright sis2 days ago

    Just seeing the pyramid piece alone, shows how he got those jewerly.


    SESE SESE4 days ago

    I love how calm he is it's attractive😭

  4. 6pack47

    6pack475 days ago

    Lemme know where u got this Russian outfit

  5. Yorri Amo

    Yorri Amo5 days ago

    Only clicked on this video to see the comment section about all the Illuminati comments

  6. Young Phoenix

    Young Phoenix5 days ago

    If Young metro don’t trust you I’m gon shoot you

  7. Jude Skye

    Jude Skye6 days ago

    I think he should of got his money back they are pisspour quality

  8. Kalstin Lewis

    Kalstin Lewis7 days ago

    Bouminatiiii !!! ☠️ illuminati

  9. Lil Something

    Lil Something7 days ago

    _if young metro don’t trust you im gon shoot’ya_

  10. English _Muffin

    English _Muffin8 days ago

    So boomin is part of the illuminati ? ;(

  11. Nico

    Nico8 days ago

    gunner cameo essential

  12. Amina Veladžić

    Amina Veladžić8 days ago

    He has that triangle with an eye on it he is in the illuminati

  13. Mista Schlick

    Mista Schlick10 days ago

    And how much you give back to the community?

  14. Tobias Kristiansen

    Tobias Kristiansen10 days ago

    Is he related to micheal b Jordan because they look alike

  15. Lil Taq

    Lil Taq11 days ago

    he looks like Michael B Jordan

  16. Will Lancer

    Will Lancer11 days ago

    Doesn’t he kinda look like Micheal B. Jordan

  17. FabulouslyMe1

    FabulouslyMe112 days ago

    Cartier vision

  18. FabulouslyMe1

    FabulouslyMe112 days ago

    Get 21 on this sho

  19. Logan Camron

    Logan Camron12 days ago

    Metro booming literally carries these rappers nowadays

  20. Derrick Robinson

    Derrick Robinson12 days ago

    Do nba youngboy and migos


    GOLDENFREDDY15 days ago


  22. deborah jean

    deborah jean15 days ago

    He looks like Michael b. Jordan😨

  23. Игорь Мелентьев

    Игорь Мелентьев16 days ago

    А на куртке написано:На РУССКОМ Стиль;+)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Aidan Petriken

    Aidan Petriken16 days ago

    Yung metro boomin want some more nibba (im not black so i said nibba)

  25. B yah he b LinDan musick

    B yah he b LinDan musick17 days ago

    Salute to you sir thank you for the drum kit for the kick drum secrets much love and thanks to Tm88 with the 808$ ❤️ you guys

  26. Daniel Medina

    Daniel Medina17 days ago

    When he said “pow or what ever” got me dead 💀

  27. Fortnite Streams Kanallal

    Fortnite Streams Kanallal18 days ago

    Гоша Губкинский!

  28. Pepe Frog

    Pepe Frog19 days ago


  29. DeleAlli

    DeleAlli19 days ago

    Metro Boomin wants some more jewelrys

  30. Никита Юриков

    Никита Юриков19 days ago

    Стиль) они там вообще не втыкают что такое рашка

  31. Stīvs Gailis

    Stīvs Gailis19 days ago

    metro boomin wants some more

  32. dat boi

    dat boi20 days ago


  33. DertyDerty Ejjy

    DertyDerty Ejjy22 days ago


  34. Vendrix

    Vendrix23 days ago

    ahh another illuminati puppet

  35. The King Russell

    The King Russell23 days ago

    2:03 That Cardinals chain ayeee.💎💥

  36. leonel loera

    leonel loera23 days ago

    Get quavo on there

  37. Ike Hewitt

    Ike Hewitt24 days ago

    I'm going to St. Louis 😁😁😁😀😀😀😁😇😁😆😁😀😆😝😜😢😬😧😱👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦😼

  38. xXxK !

    xXxK !25 days ago

    Why Elliot look like he Photoshoped next to metro? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  39. lamodenior

    lamodenior26 days ago

    It also represents african diamond slavery...killings...families being broke... minor refugees.

  40. Logan Seyfred

    Logan Seyfred26 days ago

    bruh he looking exactly like killmonger only smaller

  41. Ethan Morales

    Ethan Morales26 days ago

    never heard his voice till today

  42. Moritz Lukas

    Moritz Lukas27 days ago

    yall gotta get him out of retirement

  43. Backpack Girl

    Backpack Girl27 days ago

    Eww 😷

  44. Justin Tai

    Justin Tai28 days ago

    Metro Boomin want some more

  45. bhhh

    bhhh29 days ago


  46. Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson29 days ago

    What undershirt does he have on

  47. vibeswith trinaa

    vibeswith trinaaMonth ago

    He is🤤🤤😍😍😍😍💦


    LIL JAQUANMonth ago


  49. Ashaunti Kirkland

    Ashaunti KirklandMonth ago


  50. Valerij Röh

    Valerij RöhMonth ago

    All the jewerly in the world won't bring true happiness thoh :/ (same with drugs)

  51. evan derickson

    evan dericksonMonth ago

    That's Michael B Jordan

  52. April Smith

    April SmithMonth ago

    Are him and mbj brother not for real but like holly

  53. Wyatt Spaulding

    Wyatt SpauldingMonth ago

    I wish they did x

  54. Frances Ratchford

    Frances RatchfordMonth ago

    This is so cool that a rapper was acually born in Missouri cuz we don't get a lot of fame like other states and he grew up in St. Louis! Where I was born.

  55. Jordan Stewart

    Jordan StewartMonth ago

    Future and young thug collection !

  56. Tanika Love

    Tanika LoveMonth ago

    Metro boomin best rappers of 2018

  57. dre day

    dre dayMonth ago

    Oh k i $ee you. Boomin

  58. Timothy Towle

    Timothy TowleMonth ago

    *Metro Boomin Want Some More*

  59. j beatz

    j beatzMonth ago

    if young metro doesn't trust you i'm gon shoot you

  60. it'santhony_ pell

    it'santhony_ pellMonth ago

    Get trippie redd on here

  61. Tom Small

    Tom SmallMonth ago

    My xbox gamertag is Metro Hooping sometimes they call me hopping or boomin

  62. arthur bellington Googlecalendar

    arthur bellington GooglecalendarMonth ago

    geesus what an ignoramus

  63. Slime Beats

    Slime BeatsMonth ago

    Let me hold a chain bro 💎💎💎💎😋

  64. Wot In Tarnation

    Wot In TarnationMonth ago

    *Metro want more*

  65. Yb fans Only

    Yb fans OnlyMonth ago

    If young metro don’t trust u I’m gone shoot you

  66. Lay slays

    Lay slaysMonth ago

    He gave it to his girlfriend

  67. Vincent Mauron

    Vincent MauronMonth ago

    That Royal Oak Openworked is truly beautiful

  68. Royce -Paks- Williams

    Royce -Paks- WilliamsMonth ago


  69. sean smith

    sean smithMonth ago

    He smart you can tell that he bought the jewelry for a reason

  70. John B

    John BMonth ago

    Aye he like the Cardinals too

  71. Band Range

    Band RangeMonth ago


  72. 1 Eye 1 Tear

    1 Eye 1 TearMonth ago

    I feel him when he thinks as jewelry as a trophy

  73. David Nick

    David NickMonth ago

    He is A part of illuminati 😮 😯 😲😱

  74. Nitroinsincere _

    Nitroinsincere _Month ago



    BLACK DUDEMonth ago

    Does anyone know the song in the background at the beginning?

  76. Narmeen Shehadi

    Narmeen ShehadiMonth ago

    hes so cute omg. he gives me michael b jordan vibes

  77. Dylan Kawana

    Dylan KawanaMonth ago

    I hate the way most rappers pronounce “jewelry”.

  78. Nathanial Johnson

    Nathanial JohnsonMonth ago

    FINISH THE SENTENCE RIGHT ANSWER NOT ALLOWED if young metro don't trust you

  79. Raven

    RavenMonth ago

    Migos on the show gon be over 30 minutes cuz 3 mfckers with too much ice.

  80. Raging Baby

    Raging BabyMonth ago

    I like this because Metro actually knows what he's talking about a bit. Doesn't just say the price.

  81. Cris I.V.Y

    Cris I.V.YMonth ago 300k+ views enjoy its growing

  82. Thomi

    ThomiMonth ago


  83. Pretty Flacko

    Pretty FlackoMonth ago

    Imagine how the goldiggers will react to this

  84. Infinite bomb

    Infinite bombMonth ago

    dislike are hatters

  85. Dylan Balinda

    Dylan BalindaMonth ago

    Metro Boomin want some more...

  86. cee dee

    cee deeMonth ago

    Flying on the water like a Jetski

  87. James Gritl

    James GritlMonth ago

    Hey guys what’s the music called in the intro

  88. Carteezy Official

    Carteezy OfficialMonth ago

    “Just a couple Cartier bracelets”

  89. Xympt

    XymptMonth ago


  90. who ever threw that paper, yo moms a hoe 1

    who ever threw that paper, yo moms a hoe 1Month ago

    *illuminati Music plays*

  91. Yvngtrap 23

    Yvngtrap 23Month ago

    Metro boomin want some more

  92. see J vee

    see J veeMonth ago

    Yall gotta make UZI episodes

  93. Mr Meowster

    Mr MeowsterMonth ago

    A migos jewelry collection video would just be a 2 hour long marathon

  94. Jacobz3n

    Jacobz3nMonth ago

    Yachty has more

  95. diego salvatierra

    diego salvatierraMonth ago

    Does anyone knows what is jacket metro boomin is wearing called ?

  96. SAD- XXX

    SAD- XXXMonth ago

    Metro look like Kill Monger

  97. Der Klausmann

    Der KlausmannMonth ago

    whts the name of the jacket he is wearing?

  98. Raghav Chirimar

    Raghav ChirimarMonth ago

    That AP skeleton with all the diamonds is not white gold AP dont make that model in white gold... its stainless steel im sure metro made a mistake

  99. Sumi Balumi

    Sumi BalumiMonth ago

    This my favourite collection

  100. Michael Aguilar

    Michael AguilarMonth ago

    I like this guy jewelry style dope af