Metro Boomin Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


  1. Jose Almanza

    Jose Almanza17 hours ago

    Get CJ So Cool on here

  2. Hyper Clout

    Hyper CloutDay ago


  3. Bentley 224

    Bentley 224Day ago

    Get. 69ine on here


    LLGS ELEMENT3 days ago

    Ap skeleton idnt white gold its stainless steel

  5. Tony Young

    Tony Young3 days ago

    bro i did not know that his voice sounds like that

  6. brenda Gantt

    brenda Gantt5 days ago

    This guy looks like Michael b Jordan on black panther

  7. Alin V

    Alin V5 days ago

    The Devil is Alive 👹

  8. Debra Dukes

    Debra Dukes5 days ago

    Beautiful pieces Love the watches and very different styles Nice.Deb👍✌

  9. Walid Ukt

    Walid Ukt5 days ago

    You gotta love metro

  10. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez5 days ago


  11. The brein Lapa

    The brein Lapa6 days ago

    Кофта стиль :)

  12. Zay Berg

    Zay Berg6 days ago

    too bad he retired

  13. Pancakesand Milk901

    Pancakesand Milk9017 days ago

    this man has the best ice in the game🙄😏👌💯🔥

  14. MS Team

    MS Team8 days ago


  15. Mason Goldwater

    Mason Goldwater9 days ago

    The Weeknd one the best piece

  16. artichokez

    artichokez9 days ago

    he does realize the illuminati are luciferians right.. lol.. kinda clashy with the cross piece

  17. FrenzyBoi

    FrenzyBoi10 days ago

    Metro Boomin want some more

  18. tshiamoyaboi ii

    tshiamoyaboi ii10 days ago

    Travis scltt

  19. tshiamoyaboi ii

    tshiamoyaboi ii10 days ago

    Travis Scott

  20. tshiamoyaboi ii

    tshiamoyaboi ii10 days ago

    U guy's must get travis Scott

  21. Lil Yungster

    Lil Yungster11 days ago

    E L L I O T

  22. Gabriel Hornstrup

    Gabriel Hornstrup12 days ago

    Mumble rap more like mumble talk

  23. Ike Mitchell

    Ike Mitchell13 days ago

    dang i wish i had *j e w r y* like metro boomin

  24. Lazy K

    Lazy K14 days ago

    Sorry but when someone say that they look at themselves as a king... imma dislike! you aint a king

  25. Robbie Krause

    Robbie Krause15 days ago

    When you mispell "icy" as "icey" on a hundred thousand dollar pendant

  26. dragon tamer

    dragon tamer13 days ago

    Man you are stupid. That was the name of Gucci's old label before he got locked up. He explains it in the video

  27. Nayol Cephus

    Nayol Cephus15 days ago

    just bring QUAVO!

  28. I HATE YOU!!!

    I HATE YOU!!!15 days ago

    1:16 illuminati

  29. Davanti lee

    Davanti lee15 days ago

    Metro look like he could be Micheal B Jordan brutha

  30. P Dawg

    P Dawg16 days ago

    He gave one to his girlfriend so cute

  31. Aidan

    Aidan16 days ago

    get trippie

  32. Angel Gjuraj

    Angel Gjuraj17 days ago

    do trippie redd

  33. Astro Ross

    Astro Ross18 days ago

    Just another illuminati sellout boominati.....illuminati!! Wake up people!!!!!

  34. Matthew Hater

    Matthew Hater18 days ago


  35. Marx Farx

    Marx Farx19 days ago

    Metro one of the only people doing this who doesn’t feel the need to flex the price. He real.

  36. Practical Ben

    Practical Ben19 days ago

    what clothing line is that?

  37. StrangeClouds

    StrangeClouds21 day ago

    That Vader piece dope.

  38. bean the don

    bean the don21 day ago

    Micheal B Jordan if he was a rapper

  39. MA3IO

    MA3IO22 days ago

    If u metro boommin trust i gon shoot u

  40. randa tm

    randa tm22 days ago

    Can you please get uzi on here pleeeaaase

  41. frank mundo

    frank mundo23 days ago

    Hey got the all seeing eye with CEO on it is this a gtav5 reference?

  42. Marc Sherwen

    Marc Sherwen23 days ago

    boominati chain(illuminated).... ur a slave congratulations u smart blk man ...I think u forget what chains represent to blk folks

  43. Alexey Zakharov

    Alexey Zakharov23 days ago

    Кофта стиль?

  44. Odee reese

    Odee reese24 days ago


  45. Dino Francis

    Dino Francis25 days ago


  46. Nick Zelner

    Nick Zelner25 days ago

    everyone who gave metro a gift is an inspiration also metro !! bless uppp

  47. Johanna Paez

    Johanna Paez26 days ago

    The migos

  48. Lily Robertson

    Lily Robertson26 days ago

    Michel b Jordan is that you haha

  49. Ace Beats

    Ace Beats26 days ago

    Lowkey metro should start rappin

  50. Marcale Bonds

    Marcale Bonds27 days ago

    Kodak Black next

  51. Trapper The Money

    Trapper The Money27 days ago

    Am I the only one who feels like they personally know metro

  52. Suscept

    Suscept27 days ago

    That boomin (cartoonish pow) necklace is so dope

  53. R3Cord!me Влад

    R3Cord!me Влад29 days ago

    Какого он в русских шмотках?))

  54. MR. HI-DEF

    MR. HI-DEF29 days ago

    He’s on that free masonry wave

  55. PhenomenalBomb

    PhenomenalBombMonth ago

    I need to see one with Floyd mayweather

  56. Clutch Riderz

    Clutch RiderzMonth ago

    His collection humble asf cause what song isn’t he part of?

  57. Clutch Riderz

    Clutch RiderzMonth ago

    Didn’t find out what metro booming looked like or sounded like until today 09/20/18

  58. Official J.O.B Jaheim Bynum

    Official J.O.B Jaheim Bynum18 days ago

    Clutch Riderz 10/01/18

  59. Dustin Atwell

    Dustin AtwellMonth ago

    Metro has the coolest jewelry collection

  60. Ralph -y

    Ralph -yMonth ago

    humble,chill,talented,clean-look. This guy amazing

  61. Trev Madeit

    Trev MadeitMonth ago

    Y’all gotta do uzi

  62. Бродяга 007

    Бродяга 007Month ago

    Стиль йопта.

  63. Thiên Quang

    Thiên QuangMonth ago

    0:11 can somebody tell me the name of this beat 😭😭😭

  64. Yxng Ansem

    Yxng AnsemMonth ago

    Whats that suit he got on i want it

  65. Jin Lee

    Jin LeeMonth ago


    QUACK DUCKERMonth ago

    Sad that he retired... Now Tay Keith is coming out with bangers.

  67. огнетушитель _

    огнетушитель _Month ago

    2 million dollars in jewelry

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    Gutta Gang VisualsMonth ago

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  69. TRILL XO

    TRILL XOMonth ago

    New legend, i hope he dont left muzic...

  70. Jermaine Hippolyte

    Jermaine HippolyteMonth ago

    this dude looks like apllo creeds son

  71. Дмитрий

    ДмитрийMonth ago

    Стиль на кофте к шеи


    KLEVARE LLCMonth ago

    Jubilee band is something new? C'mon son...

  73. Adam Means

    Adam MeansMonth ago

    metro booming went to my high school

  74. Kamal Karchut

    Kamal KarchutMonth ago

    Dr Dre of this generation

  75. Mr. Jack A$$

    Mr. Jack A$$Month ago

    5:13 presidential is a day date, that is a date just

  76. Lakewood Lando

    Lakewood LandoMonth ago

    2 of his chains are fake I noticed

  77. Emmett Smith 111

    Emmett Smith 111Month ago


  78. MrDumesday

    MrDumesdayMonth ago

    Metro is that dude and his collection cost more than I can afford but it's garbage. Where's the class?

  79. Fading Vinss

    Fading VinssMonth ago

    METRO BOOMIN WANT SOME ORE Because diamond is an ore....

  80. ryan Kj

    ryan KjMonth ago

    Do it with chief keef

  81. Michael Exman

    Michael ExmanMonth ago

    So like you said it’s trophies not jewelry. You could not make me wear that with a crowbar.

  82. IML WAY

    IML WAYMonth ago

    This man a legend for real

  83. marry me nicki minaj

    marry me nicki minajMonth ago

    Sheeeeeshhhhhh wat a hotty😍

  84. slim Doc's

    slim Doc'sMonth ago

    So icy boy he was there with guwop at the beginning now look he doing him

  85. slim Doc's

    slim Doc'sMonth ago

    Metro getting it $$$$$ and he's still young

  86. -IKARI-

    -IKARI-Month ago

    They need to stop playin n get uzi on

  87. Глеб Шакиров

    Глеб ШакировMonth ago


  88. Gage Ware

    Gage WareMonth ago

    He kinda looks like Michael B Jordan

  89. CBT

    CBTMonth ago

    He looks like if Damian Lillard and Michael B Jordan had a child.

  90. washington george

    washington georgeMonth ago

    whats his jacket say?

  91. 『Fedis』

    『Fedis』Month ago

    if young metro dont trust you he gon' shoot you

  92. Gunner Dohrenwend

    Gunner DohrenwendMonth ago

    Metro boomin looks like a skinnier Michael b Jordan

  93. N.E.S DJOE.E

    N.E.S DJOE.EMonth ago

    ..Metro 8oomin want svm mo' slitha ! (DE8ITIZED)


    THOT PATROLMonth ago

    Metro boomin want some more diamonds

  95. Franck B

    Franck BMonth ago

    he likes jewlery like my gradma

  96. огнетушитель _

    огнетушитель _Month ago

    1 million dollars in jewelry

  97. BigDaddyD

    BigDaddyD2 months ago

    Nobody gonna say nun about this dude having an illuminati pendant 😐

  98. Matheus Hambuda

    Matheus Hambuda2 months ago

    He got robbed when he left.

  99. galeevdavid11

    galeevdavid112 months ago

    Eah СТИЛЬ

  100. Do We Have A Problem?

    Do We Have A Problem?2 months ago

    Metro needs to go to sleep he spund tired

  101. SESE SESE

    SESE SESE2 months ago

    I love how calm he is it's attractive😭

  102. 6pack47

    6pack472 months ago

    Lemme know where u got this Russian outfit