Metro Boomin Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


  1. Karan Sumbaly

    Karan Sumbaly22 hours ago

    Insane Jury game lmao

  2. tia goins

    tia goinsDay ago

    if metro dont trust you imma shoot ya fr .3.

  3. Chief Mustard

    Chief Mustard3 days ago


  4. Saville Sopha

    Saville Sopha5 days ago

    Has anybody noticed the Illuminati

  5. Roman Holguin

    Roman Holguin8 days ago

    Yeagh this is my Jery😂😂

  6. Vincent Rhyzer

    Vincent Rhyzer10 days ago

    Boominati.....triangle with one eye in the's obvious

  7. Huh Mann

    Huh Mann10 days ago

    Kings did not and don't pay for jewelry

  8. Anish Naik

    Anish Naik11 days ago

    Who was the first person on the GQ on the rocks?

  9. casey Ri

    casey Ri12 days ago

    Lowkey he look like Micheal B Jordan 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️

  10. cash brown

    cash brown13 days ago

    U need the colored stones,look nice but the colors are it,nice

  11. Will

    Will14 days ago

    Jubilee is not something new Rolex is doing. That’s been around for decades. These guys don’t have any clue what they’re talking about.

  12. Chanyeols SebootyCrack

    Chanyeols SebootyCrack19 days ago

    I couldn't take things of my boyfriend like not nothing especially if it's expensive I just feel uncomfortable and bad even if it's band merch I just feel bad idk why I just can't take things of people ...even my perants 😖

  13. Chanyeols SebootyCrack

    Chanyeols SebootyCrack19 days ago

    here's me flexing on a 2 pound choker 😂. .😖

  14. Herr Vorragend

    Herr Vorragend21 day ago

    pearls for the pigs. perfect example, nothing to do with race, all with culture. stupid no-taste-at-all subculture.

  15. Unspecified

    Unspecified22 days ago

    that rolex wasn't a presidential idiots... No day window #1 .

  16. Unspecified

    Unspecified22 days ago THIS LINK he says its a presidential... NO IT ISN'T! It's a DATE model with no window for the day. so it is not a presidential daydate, or presidential at all.

  17. Lamar Scott Jr

    Lamar Scott Jr22 days ago

    Get chief keef on this joint, definitely got some good jewelry

  18. women respecter

    women respecter22 days ago

    I honestly think he has one of the best jewelry collections since gucci mane

  19. Ghosts

    Ghosts24 days ago

    you grow up in the hood eating top ramen and ketchup sandwiches, you gonna let the world know where you stand now.

  20. Виталян Катян

    Виталян Катян24 days ago


  21. GhostBoy_x2

    GhostBoy_x225 days ago

    Do Chris brown please

  22. graysxn j

    graysxn j27 days ago

    literally everything is iced out

  23. jc83627

    jc8362727 days ago

    even when they talk they still mumble like if u agree

  24. SPizzle

    SPizzle29 days ago

    I love metro but icing out a patek like that should be absolutely illegal

  25. Kellyjean

    Kellyjean29 days ago

    His teeth are perfect

  26. Haxperten

    HaxpertenMonth ago

    Metro boomin want some more

  27. Majin Jiren

    Majin JirenMonth ago

    diamonds aren’t even worth that much, tbh they are barely worth anything

  28. prod. Retreaux

    prod. RetreauxMonth ago

    in love with that wave pendant

  29. Redneck YT

    Redneck YTMonth ago

    I respect this artist so much because he understands that wearing all your jewellery at once just ruins it, and all the artists out there be tryna wear 10 huge pendants at once.

  30. Imran Metkarimov

    Imran MetkarimovMonth ago


  31. juan munoz

    juan munozMonth ago

    This foo looks like Micheal B Jordan

  32. Zuki

    ZukiMonth ago

    someone please link me that jacket & pants or the brand at least

  33. Jon H

    Jon HMonth ago

    This is hilarious. It's satire right?

  34. FortniteGod

    FortniteGodMonth ago

    Repping St. Louis🤘🏿

  35. Noluthando Daki

    Noluthando DakiMonth ago

    He got such good looking hands

  36. James Gritl

    James GritlMonth ago

    hey what’s the song called at 0:11

  37. Nolly Ntuli

    Nolly NtuliMonth ago

    is this Michael b jordans brother?

  38. Ruby Armitage

    Ruby ArmitageMonth ago

    Booming always looking badd 😍😍🤤🤤

  39. Fair ;3

    Fair ;3Month ago


  40. Boi wot

    Boi wotMonth ago

    Next do his bandanna collection

  41. JustBranden Tv

    JustBranden TvMonth ago

    Stl gang

  42. DmNd_ Hypher

    DmNd_ HypherMonth ago

    *metro boomin loves his jurry*

  43. Kevin Quick

    Kevin QuickMonth ago


  44. J J

    J JMonth ago

    We got London on the Track

  45. Vlad Alexander

    Vlad AlexanderMonth ago

    Thanks jacket is dope. Style.....

  46. Jess Keough

    Jess KeoughMonth ago

    Metros hands down


    QUACK DUCKERMonth ago

    Came back after that fire album🔥🔥

  48. Cooper Carr

    Cooper CarrMonth ago

    Elliot dresses like a 14 year old with rich parents

  49. Wyman Whyman

    Wyman WhymanMonth ago

    I respect the Darth Vader one .

  50. ìkkí

    ìkkíMonth ago

    Free Metro !

  51. Mo Durrani

    Mo DurraniMonth ago

    Who came back here after the new album?

  52. Malcolm Watson

    Malcolm WatsonMonth ago

    "Rings or some sh**!" Hahaha

  53. BiggQue

    BiggQueMonth ago

    ST LOUIS!!!!!!!!!

  54. Toasted Sock

    Toasted SockMonth ago

    He’s in everyone’s playlist

  55. Francis Benoit

    Francis BenoitMonth ago


  56. PokeNickLv35

    PokeNickLv35Month ago

    please make an episdoe for eliate

  57. Deadassmyguy

    DeadassmyguyMonth ago

    I’m revisiting after the new “not all heroes wear capes”⭐️

  58. xWcB Santiago

    xWcB SantiagoMonth ago

    I like how Metro was like the only person to not brag about how much everything cost him.

  59. Zion Torrence

    Zion TorrenceMonth ago

    Get nba youngboy on here plese

  60. Miliša Milanović

    Miliša MilanovićMonth ago

    looks like michael b jordan

  61. Raheem YT

    Raheem YTMonth ago

    4:31 Flight reacts

  62. Raheem YT

    Raheem YTMonth ago

    Fresh fit

  63. Abid Haidar

    Abid HaidarMonth ago

    What his jacket brand

  64. Lwazi Mabi

    Lwazi MabiMonth ago

    If young metro don't trust you I'm a ....

  65. chase chang

    chase changMonth ago

    what is he wearing theyr really cool

  66. Jose Almanza

    Jose Almanza2 months ago

    Get CJ So Cool on here

  67. Hyper Clout

    Hyper Clout2 months ago


  68. Bentley 224

    Bentley 2242 months ago

    Get. 69ine on here


    LLGS ELEMENT2 months ago

    Ap skeleton idnt white gold its stainless steel

  70. Tony Young

    Tony Young2 months ago

    bro i did not know that his voice sounds like that

  71. brenda Gantt

    brenda Gantt2 months ago

    This guy looks like Michael b Jordan on black panther

  72. Alin V

    Alin V2 months ago

    The Devil is Alive 👹

  73. Debra Dukes

    Debra Dukes2 months ago

    Beautiful pieces Love the watches and very different styles Nice.Deb👍✌

  74. Walid Ukt

    Walid Ukt2 months ago

    You gotta love metro

  75. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez2 months ago


  76. The brein Lapa

    The brein Lapa2 months ago

    Кофта стиль :)

  77. Zay Berg

    Zay Berg2 months ago

    too bad he retired

  78. Pancakesand Milk901

    Pancakesand Milk9012 months ago

    this man has the best ice in the game🙄😏👌💯🔥

  79. MS Team

    MS Team2 months ago


  80. Mason Goldwater

    Mason Goldwater2 months ago

    The Weeknd one the best piece

  81. artichokez

    artichokez2 months ago

    he does realize the illuminati are luciferians right.. lol.. kinda clashy with the cross piece

  82. Happy Carti

    Happy CartiMonth ago

    But it doesn't represent the illuminati, Its representing his record label. I'm pretty sure he chose the pyramid because he was influenced by the illuminati being a group like his record label is so he made his own variation on it with no ill intentions. Just a thought

  83. FrenzyBoi

    FrenzyBoi2 months ago

    Metro Boomin want some more

  84. tshiamoyaboi ii

    tshiamoyaboi ii2 months ago

    Travis scltt

  85. tshiamoyaboi ii

    tshiamoyaboi ii2 months ago

    Travis Scott

  86. tshiamoyaboi ii

    tshiamoyaboi ii2 months ago

    U guy's must get travis Scott

  87. Lil Yungster

    Lil Yungster2 months ago

    E L L I O T

  88. Gabriel Hornstrup

    Gabriel Hornstrup2 months ago

    Mumble rap more like mumble talk

  89. ike

    ike2 months ago

    dang i wish i had *j e w r y* like metro boomin

  90. Lazy K

    Lazy K2 months ago

    Sorry but when someone say that they look at themselves as a king... imma dislike! you aint a king

  91. Robbie Krause

    Robbie Krause2 months ago

    When you mispell "icy" as "icey" on a hundred thousand dollar pendant

  92. dragon tamer

    dragon tamer2 months ago

    Man you are stupid. That was the name of Gucci's old label before he got locked up. He explains it in the video

  93. Nayol Cephus

    Nayol Cephus2 months ago

    just bring QUAVO!

  94. I HATE YOU!!!

    I HATE YOU!!!2 months ago

    1:16 illuminati

  95. Davanti lee

    Davanti lee2 months ago

    Metro look like he could be Micheal B Jordan brutha

  96. saura

    saura2 months ago

    He gave one to his girlfriend so cute

  97. Aidan

    Aidan2 months ago

    get trippie

  98. Angel Gjuraj

    Angel Gjuraj2 months ago

    do trippie redd

  99. Astro Ross

    Astro Ross2 months ago

    Just another illuminati sellout boominati.....illuminati!! Wake up people!!!!!

  100. Matthew Hater

    Matthew Hater2 months ago


  101. Marx Farx

    Marx Farx2 months ago

    Metro one of the only people doing this who doesn’t feel the need to flex the price. He real.

  102. Practical Ben

    Practical Ben2 months ago

    what clothing line is that?

  103. StrangeClouds

    StrangeClouds2 months ago

    That Vader piece dope.