Meteorologists Try Kylie Jenner's Weather Collection


  1. As/Is

    As/Is11 months ago

    Get the products here: We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

  2. Francesca Van Horn

    Francesca Van Horn10 months ago

    My name is Francesca

  3. M RG

    M RG11 months ago


  4. PottsProngs

    PottsProngs11 months ago

    As/Is I appreciate the honesty, it makes me more willing to watch these slightly more ad oriented videos

  5. Gabou Rioche

    Gabou Rioche11 months ago

    As/Is niiiiiiiice

  6. x

    xMonth ago

    It is going to be stormi in the north of Chicago. What a dream! But is it really true?

  7. Meghan Holloway

    Meghan Holloway4 months ago

    The girl on the left reminds me of kylie just a tiny bit

  8. Sarcasm Entries

    Sarcasm Entries6 months ago

    Now I know where stormie came from okurr

  9. Reese Anderson and Company

    Reese Anderson and Company7 months ago


  10. Emmy Marty

    Emmy Marty8 months ago

    Carbohydrate survival thing article somewhere theme sense surgery above come heaven.

  11. Maxinne Roseño

    Maxinne Roseño9 months ago


  12. Hikaru Amv

    Hikaru Amv9 months ago

    The tea has been spilled

  13. bottledwater

    bottledwater9 months ago


  14. Sarai Wynn

    Sarai Wynn9 months ago


  15. h a r s a m y a

    h a r s a m y a9 months ago

    So I basically got clickbaited into watching an ad

  16. Spike *

    Spike *10 months ago

    I thought we stoped saying “on fleek” 4years ago.

  17. Sara Key

    Sara Key10 months ago

    Justine is just sooooo fake to Francesca Justine:"I wanted to do this with this loser just to look hotter by comparaison"

  18. iM nOt A rAt

    iM nOt A rAt10 months ago

    now i wanna play Fortnite 🌪🌦

  19. ItsJustAlexa

    ItsJustAlexa10 months ago


  20. sushitan

    sushitan10 months ago

    *see’s army’s in the comment section*

  21. Isabelle Williams

    Isabelle Williams10 months ago

    Who else when they heard strade they thought of trish strade

  22. *Oeukit *

    *Oeukit *10 months ago

    The eyeshadow looks chalky and the black lipstick looked awful. But I loved the nude lipstick one.

  23. helen on ice

    helen on ice10 months ago

    I cringed so much when she said that the h💿l💿 was iridescent.

  24. I need Friends

    I need Friends10 months ago

    Did he just call holo erradesint

  25. Bella Rain

    Bella Rain10 months ago

    Buzzfeed running out of ideas

  26. Jillian Bulger

    Jillian Bulger10 months ago

    Is it just me or are they really pretty


    ELODIEBEAUTY10 months ago


  28. Aliesey

    Aliesey10 months ago

    Is it the weather collection because of Stormi?? Or am I thinking of something completely different

  29. AnaAzarath

    AnaAzarath10 months ago

    the makeup sucks, these girls are CLEARLY fake. nope, plastic bitches, classic buzzfeed waste of time. shut down the channel already.

  30. awsmsauce 08

    awsmsauce 0811 months ago

    2:21 lol

  31. ChloeCrafts

    ChloeCrafts11 months ago

    who else remembers this old youtube name? (boldly) I miss it

  32. julcia krolowa

    julcia krolowa11 months ago


  33. Milky.grunge x

    Milky.grunge x11 months ago

    She stole the yellow from Rihanna 😩

  34. flarecat!

    flarecat!11 months ago

    I would never buy it but I enjoyed the video lol!

  35. Katie G.

    Katie G.11 months ago

    I like more neutral shadows so this was just....... a lot

  36. Jake Joseph

    Jake Joseph11 months ago

    The way they swatched the eye shadows made me cringe

  37. Lauren O'Leary

    Lauren O'Leary11 months ago

    That black lipstick actually looks really good on her

  38. Jennielyn Santos

    Jennielyn Santos11 months ago

    I like how the subtitles say "funky music" like someone needs to read that

  39. Peyton Caza

    Peyton Caza11 months ago

    This is great 😂

  40. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe11 months ago

    I wonder who gets the makeup when their done? 🤔

  41. Just Molly

    Just Molly11 months ago

    That intro made me cringe so baddd

  42. Autumn Rhorer

    Autumn Rhorer11 months ago

    Who else cringed when she dragged the highlighter on her cheekbone?😖

  43. Jazmin Dorado

    Jazmin Dorado11 months ago

    Hold up did she just say iridescent packaging 😱a true holosexual would never

  44. Keyla Chips

    Keyla Chips11 months ago

    When u try to get on Kyle's pr list

  45. Jordana Halpern

    Jordana Halpern11 months ago

    Are they Long Island NY meteorologists?

  46. Hana Odelia

    Hana Odelia11 months ago


  47. That One Bitch

    That One Bitch11 months ago

    I’ve always hated news people, but I kinda like the girl on the right

  48. St0rmy

    St0rmy11 months ago

    Im just pissed because my user has always involved the word Stormy im known as stormy and dam kylie named her daighter stormi ;_;

  49. FlashBack Mary

    FlashBack Mary11 months ago

    This collection looks okay, but however, the eyeshadows looked super chalky oml

  50. Jenna Klinghoffer

    Jenna Klinghoffer11 months ago

    Cringe level 9000

  51. katie jane

    katie jane11 months ago

    I clicked out when they said “on fleek”

  52. Stephasauurus

    Stephasauurus11 months ago

    Hot dang they are both absolutely gorgeous and I'm jealous

  53. Nolhan Vasseur

    Nolhan Vasseur11 months ago

    function land down iheil hide stem dependent worth out survivor last mean.

  54. Najwa Hazwani

    Najwa Hazwani11 months ago

    That transition after the highlighter got me screamingggg omg 😂

  55. rkgk1517

    rkgk151711 months ago

    This video would have been way better if they wore it doing a report, went outside and tested it against weather, even talked about how weather concepts relate... you really could have just hired two pretty women off the street to test makeup in your studio, and it would have effectively been exactly the same as this video. This is so stale.

  56. I stan more groups than my mom's age

    I stan more groups than my mom's age11 months ago


  57. Celeste Whiteside

    Celeste Whiteside11 months ago

    The girl on the left should wear that to work I bet everybody would be like YAAAAS GURL

  58. Ave Vee

    Ave Vee11 months ago

    This is sort of stupid. But I like makeup reviews so....

  59. bob.

    bob.11 months ago

    0:20 why tho😂

  60. Hailey Deer

    Hailey Deer11 months ago

    1. The eyeshadows has no pigment 2. The eyeshadows are chalky and look like a kids play makeup set. 3. This was more of a review from beauty gurus 4. I was expecting the meteorologists to see if the names matched the color not if the pigment was good or if it covered well 5. It’s buzzfeed what do you expect

  61. Babyygirlmel

    Babyygirlmel11 months ago

    The one in the red looks like Kylie Jenner

  62. Maddie Hanley

    Maddie Hanley11 months ago

    when u said meteorologist i thought it would be an actual scientist and not just a reporter

  63. Leilani H

    Leilani H11 months ago

    meteorologists are always so beautiful/handsome smfhh

  64. Viridiana Moreno

    Viridiana Moreno11 months ago

    GeT ThEM On kyLiES Pr lIsT

  65. a d d i e n i c o l e

    a d d i e n i c o l e11 months ago


  66. Pine Cone

    Pine Cone11 months ago

    My actual full name is violet moon Flores so I low key freaked out when she said the liquid eye was called violet moon

  67. d alb

    d alb11 months ago

    those colours are so chalky, I've had bad experiences with Kylie cosmetics so not worth the customs and shipping fees to get them in the UK

  68. OhFudge shitzhu

    OhFudge shitzhu11 months ago

    Can you do more with women of different jobs for stuff?

  69. Inifinty War Survivor

    Inifinty War Survivor11 months ago

    The second girl looks so nice in that black lipstick

  70. liljadawada

    liljadawada11 months ago

    The eyeshadow were horrific 😭

  71. Queen_kat _

    Queen_kat _11 months ago

    Kylie is so overrated, what are they talking about saying she's "a style icon". "It's original". Boi. Get your head out of the clouds 😂😭

  72. Elle Woods

    Elle Woods11 months ago

    These women are so beautiful 😍

  73. Chloe Luthi

    Chloe Luthi11 months ago

    seal it with blood

  74. Stol Bobo

    Stol Bobo11 months ago

    Buzzfeed trying to stay on Kylies PR list for 2 minutes straight

  75. sophia martin

    sophia martin11 months ago

    At 2:21 she was working too hard..

  76. Dian Putri Retnosari

    Dian Putri Retnosari11 months ago

    This is so irrelevant.

  77. Hugo Ruiz

    Hugo Ruiz11 months ago

    do the new katy perry cover girl collection please

  78. //lowkey.edits\\

    //lowkey.edits\\11 months ago

    2:17 she's stealing your brand Taylor😂

  79. Awkward Potato

    Awkward Potato11 months ago

    The one on the left looks like Kylie

  80. Sundus

    Sundus11 months ago

    running out of ideas

  81. Sofia Jiles

    Sofia Jiles11 months ago

    Why are they both so pretty??!!!?? 😩

  82. Crying Melody

    Crying Melody11 months ago

    ummm no?

  83. NCTingles 127

    NCTingles 12711 months ago


  84. Butterpican

    Butterpican11 months ago

    Check out this app 👉 ... It pays for walking

  85. persil corny

    persil corny11 months ago


  86. taekochi

    taekochi11 months ago

    0:20 sheesh

  87. Jalyn Santos

    Jalyn Santos11 months ago

    I can't wear make up any way when I get older so it doesn't matter

  88. Hermione Simmer

    Hermione Simmer11 months ago

    This is.. Just... I have no words smh

  89. Kayla Morrisey

    Kayla Morrisey11 months ago


  90. Corrine M

    Corrine M11 months ago

    Loved the Long Island shoutout

  91. Mary Catherine

    Mary Catherine11 months ago

    Ahh they were on Long Island. I live there. Sorry I got excited.

  92. Rylee Boy

    Rylee Boy11 months ago

    I think they just want free makeup 😂 💄

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    Francis Velez11 months ago

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  94. Kate Loyd

    Kate Loyd11 months ago


  95. Betty Perez

    Betty Perez11 months ago

    0:22 scary right like if think so

  96. Shaye Enright

    Shaye Enright11 months ago

    “Would you wear this on air?” “No” Oh 😂😂

  97. Something Edgy

    Something Edgy11 months ago

    2:20 lolllllllll😂😂😂😂

  98. Beda Bellebono

    Beda Bellebono11 months ago

    The eyeshadow palettes look horrible, plus they swatched really powdery. Nope.

  99. Ruth Mekuria

    Ruth Mekuria11 months ago

    It is really weird how meteorologists all have the same rise and fall in their voice when they say the weather, the ladies and guys you have to be taught to speak in that manner or does it just help keep your pace?😅

  100. Noof K

    Noof K11 months ago

    Why are kylie’s swatches are always boom and pigmented but in real life..

  101. Erta Pulaj

    Erta Pulaj11 months ago

    YO Day Dream

  102. Jena

    Jena11 months ago

    Omg they’re both so cute how can I be them

  103. Eva. Str.

    Eva. Str.11 months ago

    When I saw the name Daydream on the highlighter palette I started thinking of JHope. I'm BTS trash omg

  104. chubi

    chubi11 months ago

    this is the content I'm subscribed for