Messi - Suarez - Neymar | MSN ► Skills & Goals 2015/ 2016 HD



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  2. If not Why not

    If not Why not7 days ago

    Neymar and Grizzy r gonna sign for Barca

  3. VINICIØS Gamer

    VINICIØS Gamer4 months ago

    Vai dormir

  4. Zelldriss AMVs

    Zelldriss AMVs7 months ago

    Melhor trio da história do futebol!

  5. Mr Jei

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  6. Amit Kar

    Amit Kar2 days ago

    *MSN 2.0 Loading......*

  7. Muhammad Rizky

    Muhammad Rizky2 days ago

    Now MSG !!

  8. M W

    M W2 days ago

    NEY definetly brought the spice to this attack

  9. Shadiya Parveen

    Shadiya Parveen2 days ago

    This is mine favorite video on MReporter 🤝☄

  10. Football HDTM

    Football HDTM3 days ago

    nyc video bro

  11. Grn_ Trs

    Grn_ Trs3 days ago

    Legendary..the best trio in history! 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Solomon James

    Solomon James3 days ago

    MSN will never be the same because of Griezmann. Neymar should just sign for Manchester City!

  13. Zik Jr

    Zik Jr4 days ago

    Torcida do Barça está chateada com o Neymar mas espero ver o mlk com tudo torço por ele mlk jogar muito só quem acompanhou sabe que o mlk evoluiu muito infelizmente essa temporada caiu mas o futebol dele ainda tá vivo

  14. Cristian Camilo Munera

    Cristian Camilo Munera4 days ago

    la mejor delantera de la historia

  15. GB gaming

    GB gaming5 days ago

    Messi is the best

  16. Verdade e Justiça

    Verdade e Justiça6 days ago

    Messi no sonríe de la misma manera en que Neymar jugaba con él. Messi does not smile the same way Neymar played along with him. Messi não sorri da mesma forma de quando Neymar jogava junto com ele.

  17. Christian Jacques

    Christian Jacques6 days ago

    With the way this video starts I just get CHILLS EVERYTIME 😏😏😏

  18. Filip Juricki

    Filip Juricki6 days ago

    Like who wants Neymar back in Barcelona :)

  19. Marlon Oloo

    Marlon Oloo7 days ago

    Who is watching after Neymar return links

  20. Joao

    Joao8 days ago

    Pele y Garrincha > MSN

  21. •Trending RO•

    •Trending RO•9 days ago

    Good times😭😌

  22. Marco Antonio Mota De Souza

    Marco Antonio Mota De Souza9 days ago

    Só esperam a poeira abaixar pra Neymar Voltar

  23. Marco Antonio Mota De Souza

    Marco Antonio Mota De Souza9 days ago

    Que saudades

  24. Lockdown

    Lockdown10 days ago

    Damn 10 million views

  25. nooh way - im back!

    nooh way - im back!10 days ago

    who is here after the rumours about neymar coming back?

  26. Rosilda Ferreira de Oliveira

    Rosilda Ferreira de Oliveira11 days ago

    Vim do futuro pra dizer que eles voltaram meus amigos paz 👽

  27. Никола Маринов

    Никола Маринов14 days ago

    goodbye Neymar for Barcelona

  28. Mazzter Gaming

    Mazzter Gaming14 days ago

    Name song?

  29. neil menezes

    neil menezes14 days ago

    Neymar is coming back !!!

  30. Kylian Mbappe

    Kylian Mbappe14 days ago

    Like =msn Comment =bbc

  31. xX90sWereTheDaysxX

    xX90sWereTheDaysxX15 days ago

    If Barcelona sign Neymar this will be deadly!

  32. Alberto Fabián Carabajal

    Alberto Fabián Carabajal15 days ago

    The best three

  33. Jesús De Nazaret

    Jesús De Nazaret17 days ago

    Vengo del futuro Neymar vuelve al barca :v

  34. Darwin Stalin

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    Jesus creo en ti

  35. Tomas Matias Cimadevilla

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  36. Franklin de melo

    Franklin de melo17 days ago

    O Retorno do MSN, parece até filme.. aguarde planeta bola ⚽️💪🏻

  37. Bozkurt -WCM

    Bozkurt -WCM18 days ago

    2017- Neymar= I’m Leaving Barcelona 2019- Neymar= I’m Back Barça 😢


    -SNİPEROTOROSH -17 days ago

    Bozkurt -WCM yes bro

  39. Boi Stop

    Boi Stop18 days ago

    Would have won much more if it weren't for Real Madrid's and Ronaldo's dominance in the past 5 years. One of the greatest attacking trios I have ever seen in modern football.

  40. Ricardo Augusto

    Ricardo Augusto18 days ago

    TRIO MSN ta voltando ihuuuuuuu saudades desse tempo.

  41. Dave M

    Dave M18 days ago

    Whoever it is that edited this video, they did a pretty shitty job. It starts out with 2 minutes of nothing. The players just smiling or walking. All in slow motion as if that somehow makes it better. Then during the rest of the video the editor shows half highlights and an equal half of the players celebrating. Again in slow motion as if that is so awesome. The worst thing about this video is that the person chops up the highlights with different camera angles. So you can never just watch the damn highlight all the way through and appreciate it. The highlight starts from one camera angle, then the person completely changes the angle mid-highlight for a second or two, and then changes the camera angle completely again! So every highlight is chopped up and you can’t enjoy it. Absolutely bizarre!

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  44. Ромал Мустафаев

    Ромал Мустафаев19 days ago

    9,10,11 S.M.N

  45. X Devil

    X Devil19 days ago

    Messi suares griezmann neymar best attack in the history of football😍😘🥰🤩🤑 Vamos barća

  46. Alfred Lavold Svendsberget

    Alfred Lavold Svendsberget20 days ago

    Neymar please come back to Barca!😭

  47. dns peter

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    MSN 2019 are BACK!!!

  48. Бахромбек Арзиев

    Бахромбек Арзиев20 days ago

    🇦🇷🇧🇷🇺🇾🇺🇿они проста сепер

  49. Rxstov I

    Rxstov I20 days ago

    So excited can’t believe there back this season

  50. Yazan AL-Bzour

    Yazan AL-Bzour20 days ago

    MESSI and coutinho Liverpool 4-0 Roma 3-0 MESSI and neymar 6-1 psg

  51. João Eduardo Marcotti

    João Eduardo Marcotti20 days ago

    Coutinho não jogou contra roma

  52. I Like YouTube.

    I Like YouTube.20 days ago

    Simply the Greastest front 3 ever... Neymar the trickster and skilfull maestro. Suarez the speedstar and clinical finisher Messi the dribbler and Playmaker of assits.

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  54. Taufiq Er

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    Mereka akan kembali tahun ini

  55. Eli Central

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    Espero vuelva Ney y nos regalen otra vez este futbol

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