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Messi - Suarez - Neymar | MSN ► Skills & Goals 2015/ 2016 HD



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    FEEL MY STYLE is sick

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    Messi is my heart

  8. miguel cuevas

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  9. Davi Ribeiro

    Davi Ribeiro2 days ago

    Melhor trio de ataque do mundo

  10. wasiur rahman

    wasiur rahman4 days ago

    we want msn back!!!

  11. jimmy laa

    jimmy laa4 days ago

    Neymar should stay, Messi is about to give him lead Barca. but he prefer to join PSG for main role and money that is his big mistake. no patience.

  12. Ruslan Becker

    Ruslan Becker6 days ago

    It's obvious Neymar Jr. A favorite player to editor that video Anyway good one


    INDRAJIT GHOSH7 days ago

    Messi is best...

  14. Pujan Pandit

    Pujan Pandit7 days ago

    Old day are so happy to watch football

  15. mr jhoston tarazona

    mr jhoston tarazona7 days ago

    Eran los mejores hasta que la cago neimar

  16. Vc não sabe nem eu

    Vc não sabe nem eu9 days ago

    Latinos americanos! !!!

  17. Silvano Rukera

    Silvano Rukera10 days ago

    Neymar and hazard and ronaldo hi play so nice

  18. Moussa Sall

    Moussa Sall10 days ago

    MSN 2018

  19. Gerard Vega

    Gerard Vega11 days ago

    I'm crying 😭😭😭

  20. Angelo Battaglia

    Angelo Battaglia12 days ago

    When you know it will be a good Messi video because of the soundtrack.

  21. Moreira Moreira

    Moreira Moreira13 days ago

    Melhor época de Neymar.

  22. lé cu

    lé cu17 days ago

    My favorite trio in football

  23. Francisco Ibarra

    Francisco Ibarra19 days ago

    El mejor video de la msn que eh visto 👏👏👏

  24. Francisco Ibarra

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  25. GSMW

    GSMW22 days ago

    One of the greatest trio's to ever walk the pitch

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    wenj t23 days ago

    so amazing msn

  27. Mateus Torres

    Mateus Torres25 days ago

    Foi melhor trio do mundo

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    3:33 Lol

  29. ZekoFX'

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    Des frissons

  30. Eric cuellar

    Eric cuellar28 days ago

    This is best team ever my life with MSN than MSDC 😊😢

  31. sincero andres

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    uruguay argentina brazil bamos suarez messi neymar

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  34. Aboobacker Nihal

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    who's the best

  35. Aboobacker Nihal

    Aboobacker NihalMonth ago

    now BBA bale benzema and asensio MSC messi suarez coutinho

  36. Aboobacker Nihal

    Aboobacker NihalMonth ago

    The end of BBC and the end of MNS

  37. Ruddy Andy

    Ruddy AndyMonth ago

    que golasos de messi de neymar y suarez


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  39. Denislav Rusev

    Denislav RusevMonth ago

    I wanna see this happen with Coutinho... VAMOS BARCA!

  40. AHMED 2

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  41. Roger Martinez

    Roger MartinezMonth ago

    The best trio in the football history. They are beasts, really unstoppable.

  42. Matheus Alves

    Matheus AlvesMonth ago

    Slc os cara rabisca messi e Neymar kkk

  43. Akber Sheikh

    Akber SheikhMonth ago

    neyma is the 2018 fifa bolod of d year sure give

  44. Huehue BR

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  45. casa nova

    casa novaMonth ago

    Neymar+ messi= fusão haaaaaa sayajin

  46. MSN Official

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    this is me!!!!

  47. Harnoor Singh

    Harnoor SinghMonth ago

    The main thing that made them the best trio is that they all were extremely unselfish no matter who scored goal it was like if they themselves scored

  48. Ranti Ayu Ningsih

    Ranti Ayu Ningsih2 months ago

    skill kelas bngt

  49. Mohammed Razin

    Mohammed Razin2 months ago

    Massi naymar

  50. Zindy Curiales

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  51. Zindy Curiales

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    Feliz Növbə İdeologiya a london 3

  52. ZekoFX'

    ZekoFX'2 months ago

    old days

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    ZACHARY2 months ago

    🔥Suárez 💙 Talento Humildad Fuerza Garra Las Bolas bien puestas EL MEJOR 9 DEL MUNDO

  55. Mayank Dahiya

    Mayank Dahiya2 months ago

    MESSI , NEYMAR , SUAREZ shield of barcilona

  56. Angastaco Salta

    Angastaco Salta2 months ago

    Agan mas vídeos de fútbol cn esa musica

  57. Eric Shao

    Eric Shao2 months ago

    We lost the msn but got a new team

  58. Marisol Sepulveda

    Marisol Sepulveda2 months ago

    Messi y neymar los mejores suares mas o menos

  59. ᄒᄒ Coraçaon

    ᄒᄒ Coraçaon2 months ago

    Messi es el Rey del un arte como joga...tecnica unica....saludos de uruguay....

  60. forca barca Messi is the best

    forca barca Messi is the best2 months ago


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  62. EnzNelson2018

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    Melhor trio de ataque da HISTÓRIA!

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    MSN 💔 😭😭😭

  64. Larissa Manoela

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    Kylo Ren v

  65. TheDragonOfBlood9

    TheDragonOfBlood92 months ago

    neymar missed this bromance!


    ARUNAVA MALLICK2 months ago

    Suarez is a legend

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  68. Pushplata Goel

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    Hit like if you want to see Neymar vs Suarez in world cup semifinal

  69. vinayan v

    vinayan v2 months ago

    Deadly combo

  70. Ferhat Arduç

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  71. ashish ghale

    ashish ghale2 months ago

    Handsome my Neymar and lovely messi 🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐🌸🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹luv you so much baby

  72. Mahmud Mahmudd

    Mahmud Mahmudd2 months ago

    Messi neymar suarez sind die besten

  73. songs Patel

    songs Patel2 months ago

    ronaldo is best

  74. Akira Nguyen

    Akira Nguyen2 months ago

    what is song?

  75. Yossef Mohammed

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    احرف ثلاثة شوفتهم


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  78. FzL TV

    FzL TV2 months ago

    ronaldo takes 5 moves to go through 1 defender but mess takes 1 moves to go through 5 defenders

  79. `Paan- Sniper`z

    `Paan- Sniper`z2 months ago

    Miss messi 2016

  80. GiorgosproX007

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    xD 2016

  81. Angela Ngo Ndouga

    Angela Ngo Ndouga3 months ago

    I love you neymar ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  82. Patrick Bae

    Patrick Bae3 months ago

    Best football trio ever

  83. TC gamer george

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  84. P1uXXin trbl

    P1uXXin trbl3 months ago

    Lastly they named "history" nowhere this triple don need any modifier

  85. Adlane Otm

    Adlane Otm3 months ago

    What is the name of the song used in the video

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  87. Bruce Slajvic

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    3:09 lol wtf

  88. Eugenio Meza

    Eugenio Meza3 months ago

    That's not the MSN song

  89. DjRaboz

    DjRaboz3 months ago

    They were very unstoppable

  90. Khansa Shahid

    Khansa Shahid3 months ago

    Suarez 9 Messie 10 Neymar 11 Best attacking pair

  91. K M

    K M3 months ago

    Love Barcelona.

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    acabou por causa do ney

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    This is Alex I love you

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    any 2018 fans 😅😅😅

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  99. Dylan Harkins

    Dylan Harkins4 months ago

    The greatest trio! Sad that they no longer play together...

  100. Man.gamer Man.gamer

    Man.gamer Man.gamer4 months ago

    Messi Neymar Suares best frends

  101. ONEK1nG,,

    ONEK1nG,,4 months ago

    Messi naymar end suárez has so cool skills

  102. Ungurean Rebeca

    Ungurean Rebeca4 months ago

    Like for MSN! Like for Neymar!

  103. Hanadi Hadi

    Hanadi Hadi4 months ago

    I love Neymar

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