Melting Every Lipstick From Sephora Together


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard8 months ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! i know, this is the worst makeup science yet! Make sure to comment below if you want a tube, and check out Quidd if you want some of them Crusty gifs: . what do you think of the color?? Disclaimers: 1) We washed our hands every time we handled the lipsticks and essentially boiled the lipsticks on the stove as well. 2) We wore latex gloves and used almond oil when removing the lipsticks from their molds. 3) Please leave your twitter or insta handle in your comment, so we can contact you! 4) We can only ship to North American subscribers this time around (since we have so many to ship).

  2. Nikachii

    Nikachii3 days ago

    Safiya Nygaard I want one!!

  3. Sindy Hou

    Sindy Hou16 days ago

    Am I too late? @thehoubeforebros and I think it should be called a Roses Thorn

  4. Tina Belcher

    Tina Belcher3 months ago


  5. Jay1815 Villa

    Jay1815 Villa5 months ago


  6. Jay1815 Villa

    Jay1815 Villa5 months ago


  7. Janine Morris

    Janine Morris37 minutes ago

    I would name the lipstick Blossom Berry Punch. Just because the lipstick has this berry red and punch pink tones to it.

  8. FNAF PlushieDoctor

    FNAF PlushieDoctorHour ago




    Girl!!! This is madness😂😂

  10. Arpan Pandher

    Arpan PandherHour ago

    “The Blood of my Enemies” so when someone asks what lipstick you’re wearing you can just casually answer and walk away. (if the giveaway’s still happening @arpandher)

  11. Tae Tae

    Tae Tae2 hours ago

    who’s here after the engagement 🥰

  12. The Daywalker

    The Daywalker2 hours ago

    I think you should call it mixed-paradise

  13. Sunny Shadow

    Sunny Shadow2 hours ago

    I’m so happy they are getting married

  14. Scissor Queen

    Scissor Queen2 hours ago

    What an absolute waste of money!!

  15. Andrew Garcia

    Andrew Garcia3 hours ago

    Idk why 8:12 is funny to me 😂😂

  16. Tara Alonzo

    Tara Alonzo3 hours ago

    Name: Every Berry Kissed and Dissed. ig @taraalonzo91

  17. Jennifer lara

    Jennifer lara3 hours ago

    HI I want to enter the giveaway if its still posible , i think you should name it pigment dust. and my Instagram and Twitter is @jenniferlara321

  18. 100 subscribers With no videos?

    100 subscribers With no videos?3 hours ago

    Try only using the unusual colors

  19. Sabrina Joseph

    Sabrina Joseph3 hours ago

    You suck and you smell like pop like so much ok

  20. Grace Olson

    Grace Olson3 hours ago

    32% of your videos posted have more views than people subscribed to you! Your MReporter channel is such a feat, Safiya. You are such an inspiration.

  21. Sandra Sanchez

    Sandra Sanchez4 hours ago

    Cool ape Insta- @sandrizzel

  22. Paran

    Paran4 hours ago

    Can your sponsors pay my tuition?

  23. Kwwe Cousins

    Kwwe Cousins4 hours ago

    You are soooo A axing I love you

  24. Hailey Koranda

    Hailey Koranda4 hours ago

    2:03 she has 396 text messages😳😂

  25. datzme 78

    datzme 785 hours ago

    Pink overload dark side.

  26. Tessa Walker

    Tessa Walker5 hours ago

    i think the name should be "The Crazy Lips" or something

  27. Whitney Alcanter

    Whitney Alcanter5 hours ago

    It’s so satisfying

  28. Samantha Nicole

    Samantha Nicole5 hours ago

    I subscribed and the name should be dark rose

  29. Hannah Lexer

    Hannah Lexer6 hours ago

    I think you should name it the one-coat dark shade lipstick. @hlexer247.

  30. Kawaii Gacha Kitty

    Kawaii Gacha Kitty6 hours ago

    I no no one will ever add me or follow me on these things but why not? My Snapchat:bellawellaplayz Ditty.It:KawaiiGacha666

  31. Char Clark

    Char Clark6 hours ago

    Cool 😎

  32. Olivia Lusk

    Olivia Lusk6 hours ago

    it should be razz a ma tazz (insta/twitter is @livielivoflivs!)

  33. Ashdub101

    Ashdub1016 hours ago

    Who is watching this after they got engaged?!

  34. Jani Coleman

    Jani Coleman7 hours ago

    And the end is just stupid

  35. Jani Coleman

    Jani Coleman7 hours ago

    Those lip sticks coast more than my mama”s pay check

  36. Mrs J

    Mrs J7 hours ago

    I would love one 😀. Name : Pop 😉

  37. Trevor Edwards

    Trevor Edwards7 hours ago

    I think you should name it very berry

  38. Jani Coleman

    Jani Coleman7 hours ago

    Waste of money

  39. Julianna Sanchez

    Julianna Sanchez7 hours ago

    I think the name should be The Raspberry Bomb

  40. Tori Sells

    Tori Sells7 hours ago

    I think you should call the Frankel first lips is pigment pick and I am subscribed to your MReporter channel

  41. cc cookie cc

    cc cookie cc8 hours ago

    it should be called fruity explosion

  42. Sheri Hultman

    Sheri Hultman8 hours ago

    mega lipstick or Sephora mega lipstick

  43. crazy ideas

    crazy ideas8 hours ago

    Orchid pink should be the name

  44. Callie Tabor

    Callie Tabor8 hours ago

    Frankenberry Shine like if u agree

  45. Keera Chinkoo

    Keera Chinkoo8 hours ago

    It should be named Sephora Overdose Dusty Plum. Sephora Overdose being the brand.

  46. Lerdong Odol

    Lerdong Odol8 hours ago

    8:14 me when anyone tries to talk to me

  47. Jazmyn Schneider

    Jazmyn Schneider8 hours ago

    You should call it Santa baby

  48. Willow Gaw

    Willow Gaw9 hours ago

    *is it just me or is this video really satisfying??* *just me..okay*

  49. Anna Wiley

    Anna Wiley9 hours ago

    Rasbary bomb

  50. barbara handshaw

    barbara handshaw9 hours ago

    Once apona time I hates this channel I like it sometimes%

  51. Sienna Riches

    Sienna Riches10 hours ago

    I subscribe and turned on notifications

  52. Cindy THIGPEN

    Cindy THIGPEN10 hours ago

    All about berries

  53. Presley Barrett

    Presley Barrett11 hours ago

    They got married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Presley Barrett

    Presley Barrett6 hours ago

    I really don't care

  55. Banana Thomason

    Banana Thomason8 hours ago

    Presley Barrett they are engaged not married yet

  56. Summer Webster

    Summer Webster11 hours ago

    Can I have a shoutout/lipstick please

  57. Ayesha J

    Ayesha J11 hours ago

    Just thinking about how much this must have cost gave me chest pains

  58. Alyssa Bell

    Alyssa Bell11 hours ago

    I want one

  59. Grace 1816

    Grace 181611 hours ago

    it should just be calls frankenfora lipstick btw i live in germany

  60. Andi Animates

    Andi Animates12 hours ago

    Who’s here after the engagement? 💍

  61. Diamond MSPShine

    Diamond MSPShine12 hours ago

    This pained my heart so hard😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  62. Elisabeth Sofie Solbakken

    Elisabeth Sofie Solbakken12 hours ago

    Or sweet cherryberry

  63. Elisabeth Sofie Solbakken

    Elisabeth Sofie Solbakken12 hours ago

    The lipsticks name could be sweet cherry

  64. Milosija Golubovic

    Milosija Golubovic12 hours ago

    Shiny pink 💖

  65. Puppy Pj

    Puppy Pj13 hours ago

    I’m a new subscriber and you should name the lipstick Sephora mixed bom And my Instagram is puppy_pj123

  66. Just Brooklyn

    Just Brooklyn13 hours ago

    It’s so pretty call it cherry to my berry

  67. Just Brooklyn

    Just Brooklyn13 hours ago

    13:14 thank me later

  68. Addison Hudnall

    Addison Hudnall13 hours ago

    She should call it "Tyler's Sleeve" because that is now the color of Tyler's sleeve.

  69. Gacha Monkey

    Gacha Monkey13 hours ago

    Can you do a video on how to pronounce your last name? ( not meant to be mean)

  70. Mary Ravenpuff

    Mary Ravenpuff8 hours ago

    "Hello friends and welcome back to another video. So today, we are going to learn, by popular demand, how to pronounce my last name. It is spelled "Nygaard" and it's pronounced niy-gard. Be sure to smhash the like button and to smhash that subscribe button."

  71. Aayushee Khanna

    Aayushee Khanna11 hours ago

    I too want to know

  72. Anja Norendal

    Anja Norendal14 hours ago


  73. Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith14 hours ago

    Name it cherry plum

  74. Mojo Logo

    Mojo Logo14 hours ago

    Good name

  75. Saanvika Polasa

    Saanvika Polasa14 hours ago

    Waste of darn lipstick

  76. Snazzical Bean

    Snazzical Bean15 hours ago

    skskskksksksksks i love you guys

  77. Swapna Majumdar

    Swapna Majumdar15 hours ago

    I love it

  78. Mark Goerdt

    Mark Goerdt15 hours ago


  79. Jessica Rogers

    Jessica Rogers15 hours ago

    if you pause it on time at 6;12 and 6;14 t is funny

  80. Mark Goerdt

    Mark Goerdt15 hours ago


  81. Mark Goerdt

    Mark Goerdt15 hours ago

    Cakle berry

  82. Mark Goerdt

    Mark Goerdt15 hours ago


  83. Shelby Morehead

    Shelby Morehead15 hours ago

    berry frank

  84. Mark Goerdt

    Mark Goerdt15 hours ago


  85. Mark Goerdt

    Mark Goerdt15 hours ago


  86. tassyla rezende

    tassyla rezende15 hours ago

    chery clare

  87. Me with Sleepy mom

    Me with Sleepy mom16 hours ago

    Magical lipstick because first it was a li'l bit looking like violet but at the end of the day it was almond pink!.

  88. deyostoy

    deyostoy16 hours ago

    Just watching you go balls to the wall in a Sephora was OVERWHELMINGLY satisfying. But totally relatable when you were silently praying your credit card would work xD

  89. Bre Norman

    Bre Norman16 hours ago

    Cherry pink lip stick

  90. lnlyrd

    lnlyrd17 hours ago

    Frank-cisco. The berry reminds me of the Golden Gate Bridge and the gloomy weather~

  91. TrasherBiner

    TrasherBiner17 hours ago

    So, this is Sephora ad. Got it.

  92. kendall marks

    kendall marks17 hours ago

    smashin' berry

  93. Madeleine Botha

    Madeleine Botha17 hours ago

    Name it Berry bom Purple style Gang bang Liftle Berry bang

  94. Comedy Artist

    Comedy Artist17 hours ago

    Berry stein

  95. Rebecca Nadanba

    Rebecca Nadanba18 hours ago

    Why didn’t you guys pull them out instead of ruining your knives

  96. honest Abe

    honest Abe18 hours ago

    Plum red

  97. mariapovoas

    mariapovoas19 hours ago

    i think berry plum

  98. usha shivnarayan

    usha shivnarayan19 hours ago

    The nude matte red

  99. Gianna Williams

    Gianna Williams19 hours ago

    PhamePhora hope you like my name! sadly don't have twitter.. *ps. I'm 11*

  100. Sami Johnstone

    Sami Johnstone19 hours ago

    Who’s watching after saf and Tyler are engaged

  101. Anna Wood

    Anna Wood19 hours ago

    Would love a lipstick but I think I’m a bit late ☹️

  102. Charlotte Fitz Gibbons

    Charlotte Fitz Gibbons20 hours ago

    peach plum

  103. Jisela Amezquita

    Jisela Amezquita20 hours ago

    I’m wondering how there wasn’t a single yellow lipstick out of all those lipsticks🤔🤔

  104. Ellie Woodard

    Ellie Woodard20 hours ago

    Purple plum

  105. Kevin Slayton

    Kevin Slayton20 hours ago


  106. Cydney Robison

    Cydney Robison20 hours ago

    nude a tooty

  107. Vanessa Lally

    Vanessa Lally20 hours ago

    Who else is just watching Safiya and Tyler videos after he engagement?

  108. Paige Aguilar

    Paige Aguilar20 hours ago

    Red wine

  109. Nocta Lucia Caelum

    Nocta Lucia Caelum21 hour ago

    i wish i could have one of these...i like ur video...i will try it one day too but not with so many