Melting Every Lipstick From Sephora Together


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard5 months ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! i know, this is the worst makeup science yet! Make sure to comment below if you want a tube, and check out Quidd if you want some of them Crusty gifs: . what do you think of the color?? Disclaimers: 1) We washed our hands every time we handled the lipsticks and essentially boiled the lipsticks on the stove as well. 2) We wore latex gloves and used almond oil when removing the lipsticks from their molds. 3) Please leave your twitter or insta handle in your comment, so we can contact you! 4) We can only ship to North American subscribers this time around (since we have so many to ship).

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  4. Jay1815 Villa

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  5. Maria Perea

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  6. Liz luna

    Liz luna4 months ago

    Safiya Nygaard i want a tube if they are still available 😁

  7. Tanya Grace Fetherolf

    Tanya Grace Fetherolf27 minutes ago

    @tanyaarox. This is cool I would love a lipstick!!

  8. Kevin Cooper

    Kevin Cooper32 minutes ago

    Cram berry

  9. trisha kisha vlog

    trisha kisha vlog49 minutes ago

    Nagsasayang lang sya

  10. vella

    vella55 minutes ago


  11. Anton Francis

    Anton FrancisHour ago

    shopia its like shephora or shaphire can i have the liptick

  12. Izzy Latimer

    Izzy LatimerHour ago

    Rainbow rainbow rainbow

  13. Dawn Rogers

    Dawn RogersHour ago


  14. Those Aquatic Chickens

    Those Aquatic ChickensHour ago

    It should be called "Berry Bomb" or "lipsploshion"or "the mix stick"

  15. Those Aquatic Chickens

    Those Aquatic ChickensHour ago

    Oooooooooooooo!!!!!that lipstick was soooo cool and beautifully colored

  16. candy corn joe 77

    candy corn joe 772 hours ago

    give me one

  17. Katrina Kerr

    Katrina Kerr2 hours ago

    The crazy shade

  18. Dalia Soto

    Dalia Soto2 hours ago

    This was a great video!

  19. Prince Simmer

    Prince Simmer2 hours ago

    Tyler's so cute!

  20. Akasha Crowley

    Akasha Crowley2 hours ago

    Purple Fuego Lips

  21. aaliyah Valenzuela

    aaliyah Valenzuela3 hours ago

    Maroon berry

  22. Uniqueorn Sparkle

    Uniqueorn Sparkle3 hours ago

    Isn’t she the girl from as/is??

  23. Niesha Wizeowll

    Niesha Wizeowll3 hours ago

    It actually made a really nice color

  24. KoOL DudE

    KoOL DudE3 hours ago

    Name it 'Perfect Plum'

  25. La Tonya Taylor

    La Tonya Taylor3 hours ago

    Ready and red so you would would say reddy hahahahha ha ha get? No oh ok

  26. Catherine Watson

    Catherine Watson3 hours ago

    Name idk yet I got it red tiger

  27. Emely Benitez

    Emely Benitez4 hours ago

    I subscribe

  28. Angelracer678

    Angelracer6784 hours ago

    Red Berry baby


    AllergyControl@hotmail.com4 hours ago

    Purple fairy

  30. Francesca Wright-Parkes

    Francesca Wright-Parkes4 hours ago

    omg you should call it all of em so then when some one askes you what kind of lipstikc you are wearing you can say all of em

  31. Iliana Cardoso

    Iliana Cardoso4 hours ago

    They have so much extra lipstick on the knife!!! I just want them to rub or smear it of the pot!!

  32. ShowTime Tv

    ShowTime Tv4 hours ago

    Im a game of thrones fan so "red keep" "mother of Dragons" other names "dark terrors" "dark knight" " eve" "forbidden" "july" "love struck" Insta: Trueimagination

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  34. Yukiko Cold Snow

    Yukiko Cold Snow4 hours ago

    Ese es, definitivamente el lipstick más caro de Sephora (y el mundo)

  35. Marta Hadlock

    Marta Hadlock5 hours ago

    Ik I'm probably too late to get one, but if you have any more I really want one. My insta is marta.hadlock

  36. mathshop24

    mathshop245 hours ago

    But how much money was it? I need to know.

  37. Cinnamon Obscura

    Cinnamon Obscura5 hours ago

    So interesting!

  38. Natsuki Tsundere

    Natsuki Tsundere5 hours ago

    I don't like makeup but.. I watched this to watch the death and torture of the lipstick. I was real satisfied when the pink ones died. Oki I'm transgender/a massive tomboy XD

  39. Mizako 96

    Mizako 963 hours ago

    Natsuki Tsundere Sorry for sounding rude but its just you claim to be trans but yet you have no idea of what gender dysphoria is or that the idea of it is clearly not even close to being a tomboy. You aren’t trans. Like 90% of people who claim to want to be the opposite sex as children grow out of it. And you will too. Considering you think it’s equal to being a tomboy, you just sound like a girl whose trying too hard to reject girly things.

  40. Natsuki Tsundere

    Natsuki Tsundere3 hours ago

    Well. 1. I don't go on Tumblr. 2. I have low self esteem thanks for lowering it. It hurts to also fake a smile hope you know that. 3. Yes. I may be a child but it's not right to have to call someone ignorant. Some people mock me for no reason. Please. Just don't be rude. Nobody deserves it. Have a good night/day. And I am transgender. I want to be a boy so badly but I know it won't happen. Call me a liar all you want but I still want to be a boy..

  41. Mizako 96

    Mizako 963 hours ago

    Natsuki Tsundere Wow you’re ignorant. You’re clearly just a child who spends too much time on Tumblr. You have no idea what you’re even saying. It’s sad really, pretending you have a mental illness for attention.

  42. Natsuki Tsundere

    Natsuki Tsundere3 hours ago

    +Mizako 96 Ik. XD I wanna be a boi-- yet I hate girly things. So both? XD..

  43. Mizako 96

    Mizako 963 hours ago

    Natsuki Tsundere Transgender and tomboy are not the same thing bro. To be trans you need to have gender dysphoria which is a mental illness. Being a tomboy is a girl who’s not into girly things. You can’t really compare the two or say they’re similar. You kinda just sound like you want to say words without actually knowing what they mean. 😒

  44. Lindsay Parker

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  45. salim games سالم قيمز

    salim games سالم قيمز6 hours ago

    Omg!!😰😰😰😰😰 The way she cuts the lipstick😥😥 Ugh this torture is reaalllll

  46. lucy jones

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  47. rohbab rose

    rohbab rose6 hours ago

    But why😖😬

  48. Erica

    Erica6 hours ago

    What did I just watch. I don’t even wear makeup but it looks fun

  49. Dana D

    Dana D6 hours ago

    I just came across your page, and find you hilarious. I try to keep my subscription channels down, but I had to add you. I see it's been several months since you posted it, but what about Trash Talk as a name?

  50. georgi dimitrov

    georgi dimitrov7 hours ago

    Please give me one lipstick please I never get any stuff like gifts MReporterrs🐰🐰🐹🐹🐭🐭🐱🐱🐶🐶🦊🦁🦄🐴🐥🐈❤️🧡💛💚💙😛😘😍😋😜😜

  51. Michaeli Reefe

    Michaeli Reefe7 hours ago

    Next time use a double boiler, so you don't risk frying them lol.

  52. Charity Carawan

    Charity Carawan7 hours ago

    It should be called pearly pink

  53. Sophia Hunsberger

    Sophia Hunsberger7 hours ago

    I think it should be called marronastasia and I don’t have twitter or insta so can you email me? If I get the giveaway

  54. Mizako 96

    Mizako 963 hours ago

    Sophia Hunsberger Lmao it was 5 months ago. Like hell she’d have any left.

  55. Bubi Gail

    Bubi Gail7 hours ago

    Glamour puff or sugar peach


    HANNAH BRYAN7 hours ago

    I know I'm really late but I think it should be called I like you berry much!

  57. Mariyam Faiha

    Mariyam Faiha8 hours ago

    Can you make them and send it in to maldives.

  58. Elif Organgil

    Elif Organgil8 hours ago

    Mal mısın

  59. sierra pacheco

    sierra pacheco8 hours ago

    19 million views?! You go girl!!

  60. swez stha

    swez stha8 hours ago

    You have no work..godddd!!!!!!

  61. Mizako 96

    Mizako 963 hours ago

    Cause she can afford it? Stop bitching.

  62. swez stha

    swez stha8 hours ago

    I love you but this video is idk so why on earth would you do that 😩

  63. Brittany Ball

    Brittany Ball8 hours ago

    Unicorn blood INstagram: msball1990

  64. janayah Mann

    janayah Mann9 hours ago

    Cranberry pop

  65. Samantha Grant

    Samantha Grant9 hours ago

    so much lipstick wasted to make one colour!!!!

  66. Namuun Ulziibilegt

    Namuun Ulziibilegt10 hours ago

    Namuun Ulziibilegt

  67. Brooke Deen

    Brooke Deen11 hours ago

    lol - this made me laugh! So funny!

  68. Sadiya Shahriar

    Sadiya Shahriar11 hours ago

    I think my mom has the same lipstick

  69. Ali Magsi

    Ali Magsi11 hours ago

    Waste of money and lipsticks

  70. Mizako 96

    Mizako 963 hours ago

    Ali Magsi Her money dipshit

  71. Swetaa k

    Swetaa k12 hours ago

    @ 7:49 😢....Don't melt them....Give me some..Their colors are so gud

  72. Hamna Ali

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  73. Cassy 5k

    Cassy 5k13 hours ago

    6 m d'abonnés à une telle merdeeeee serieux

  74. Ezza Bella

    Ezza Bella13 hours ago

    It's a really nice lipstick No one ever ships to Australia Also I think Ash Rose would be a nice name idk

  75. Storm T

    Storm T13 hours ago


  76. Arti Sawant

    Arti Sawant14 hours ago

    this is inhuman !! .. so much painnn

  77. Antonia

    Antonia14 hours ago

    i wish i had that amount of money to use it for something...idk...USEFUL!

  78. alexa may

    alexa may14 hours ago

    Maybe you can sell that lipsticks

  79. Serena Ruckert

    Serena Ruckert15 hours ago

    "Sephora Aurora" as in Aurora Borealis that is many colors if cant use name Sephora then Just Aurora :-) and I love the color hope im 1 of the lucky winners

  80. Erkoc Family

    Erkoc Family16 hours ago

    I subed

  81. melody perias

    melody perias17 hours ago

    wow! awesome 😍😮 #LipstickLover💄❤💋

  82. Abby Ardiente

    Abby Ardiente17 hours ago

    How expensive was all of those😱😵

  83. Nazz M.

    Nazz M.17 hours ago

    Hi Safiya, Do you have any lipsticks left? I don't have Twitter or Instagram...

  84. Ana Luisa :D

    Ana Luisa :D18 hours ago


  85. Jess D

    Jess D18 hours ago

    How’s much did u pay for all of the lipsticks x

  86. Lia Moon

    Lia Moon18 hours ago

    Some people evan call me lippy

  87. Lia Moon

    Lia Moon18 hours ago

    Omg my life is lipstic

  88. dan f

    dan f19 hours ago

    name it "the crucidix" Ig: offpaleyellow

  89. Monique Smith

    Monique Smith19 hours ago

    You’ve probably given away all the lipsticks but I would call it “ThingaMaBobber.” 😜

  90. Kohl Pierce

    Kohl Pierce20 hours ago

    this is one of the best videos. it's so insane I love it.

  91. Touka Chan

    Touka Chan20 hours ago

    Coloer mix

  92. Lissy London

    Lissy London20 hours ago

    I love that colour of the final frankenfora lipstick! You really need to get Sephora to actually make that exact colour and name it the Sephora/ Safiya Special!

  93. Justice Hurlburt

    Justice Hurlburt21 hour ago

    Dusty rose I just love the color and it's long lasting

  94. Mizako 96

    Mizako 963 hours ago

    Justice Hurlburt Dusty Rose color doesn’t look like that at all. You can’t name something after a color and it’s a completely different one.

  95. Justice Hurlburt

    Justice Hurlburt21 hour ago

    I so want some of them I love the color

  96. sze wan ho

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  97. izzywizzyfilms

    izzywizzyfilms21 hour ago

    Call it the "Secret Magenta" or something close to that... I don't

  98. Lynnette Hernandez

    Lynnette Hernandez22 hours ago

    give me I #lip stick give me!

  99. Rebeccah Porter

    Rebeccah Porter22 hours ago

    Glamour in style My Instagram is rebeccah53

  100. Omnom Bacon

    Omnom Bacon22 hours ago

    Average of what, $30 per lipstick? Over 600 of them... That's over $18k. Damn.

  101. Ana Salinas

    Ana Salinas22 hours ago

    Berry lipstick

  102. Peyton Huston

    Peyton Huston22 hours ago

    is this still happening?

  103. Lilian Howard

    Lilian Howard23 hours ago

    Oooh I want one!

  104. Clare123

    Clare12323 hours ago

    its my birthday

  105. Carly Crawford

    Carly Crawford23 hours ago

    Name Idea: Crusty's Dusty Rose Lipstick *I'm probably so late to the game* *I also live in the US*

  106. Hott two

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  107. Julie Gamer

    Julie GamerDay ago

    when your in the car for a long time😂😂😂😂

  108. Skelloween

    SkelloweenDay ago

    I clicked on this video because I like melting stuff. Very fun!

  109. Lexy Sumahit

    Lexy SumahitDay ago

    Mixed berry maroon

  110. Leslie Guerrero

    Leslie GuerreroDay ago

    I hate you SAFIYA NYGAARD

  111. Gia’s Life

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  112. 승민

    승민Day ago

    Since it's a FrankenPhora creation, why not call it The Mary Shelley or The Creature as the monster is called in the novel?

  113. Ruth Laguerre

    Ruth LaguerreDay ago

    10:48 😂

  114. Kim Pilcher

    Kim PilcherDay ago

    I want one pleeeessss

  115. Natalie Korioth

    Natalie KoriothDay ago

    (Riverdale inspired name)Betty Blossom since its a pink-red color and Betty Cooper wears pink lipstick and cherl Blossom wears red lipstick