Melting Every Lipstick From Sephora Together


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard3 months ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! i know, this is the worst makeup science yet! Make sure to comment below if you want a tube, and check out Quidd if you want some of them Crusty gifs: . what do you think of the color?? Disclaimers: 1) We washed our hands every time we handled the lipsticks and essentially boiled the lipsticks on the stove as well. 2) We wore latex gloves and used almond oil when removing the lipsticks from their molds. 3) Please leave your twitter or insta handle in your comment, so we can contact you! 4) We can only ship to North American subscribers this time around (since we have so many to ship).

  2. Maria Perea

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  3. Liz luna

    Liz luna2 months ago

    Safiya Nygaard i want a tube if they are still available 😁

  4. Lornaloo25

    Lornaloo252 months ago

    Safiya Nygaard I would love one plz

  5. Aj Perea

    Aj Perea2 months ago

    insta: ajperea_7 call it “safire”

  6. Miya Hockenhull

    Miya Hockenhull2 months ago

    Can I please get one?!?! @MyBellaVoce - Instagram

  7. Cheska Chingu

    Cheska ChinguMinute ago

    Im hurt 💔

  8. Indro Cringe

    Indro CringeMinute ago

    The difference in number of lipsticks is probably because the ones from the store were smaller and the moulds had larger capacity.

  9. Ayla A

    Ayla A18 minutes ago

    Shmall at 8:20😕

  10. Ultimate Shipmaker

    Ultimate Shipmaker19 minutes ago

    Welp, guess the mixer is another ingredient

  11. Liliana Lutz

    Liliana Lutz40 minutes ago

    @Californiana92 IG

  12. Liliana Lutz

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  13. alex Duran

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  14. Lexi Edwards

    Lexi Edwards50 minutes ago

    The cotton candy bubblegum lipstick

  15. Janis Garcia

    Janis Garcia57 minutes ago

    Big Bertha🤣



    I think you should call it dark cherry or midnight red

  17. Karlee McAvoy

    Karlee McAvoyHour ago

    Lip Cove!!

  18. Ingrid Burgess Torres

    Ingrid Burgess TorresHour ago

    Ohh God i Miss thissss i would love to received one of this frankberry lipsktip

  19. Kisses 104

    Kisses 104Hour ago

    Berry Bomb

  20. Kid Unicorn

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  21. Valeria Monteagudo

    Valeria MonteagudoHour ago

    I think the name should be dusty berry, diversity, fruta. My insta is val.estefa((,:

  22. Chi’s GAMING!!

    Chi’s GAMING!!Hour ago

    This is such a stupid waste but I still love u

  23. Shanice Aaliyah

    Shanice Aaliyah2 hours ago

    Saaaad whatcha do

  24. Melanie Tauchert

    Melanie Tauchert2 hours ago

    @melanietauchert is my insta dusk cranberry

  25. Addison Griffin

    Addison Griffin2 hours ago

    You should name is funky lips

  26. Cringy Me

    Cringy Me2 hours ago

    it should be called safiya

  27. Seerit Parmar

    Seerit Parmar2 hours ago

    My name is Seerit and i thing we should name it Safiya blue

  28. nida shah

    nida shah2 hours ago

    she should give those lipsticks to sophora a they should sell them

  29. SahmTheGrill

    SahmTheGrill2 hours ago

    I feel so bad about missing this giveaway, the lipstick looks awesome but it would have been an amazing memento too!

  30. Aubrey Hasse

    Aubrey Hasse2 hours ago

    Name the lipstick bright beauty

  31. Amy Donald

    Amy Donald2 hours ago

    Safiya rose

  32. Hannah Picchi

    Hannah Picchi2 hours ago

    Maroon Cacoon

  33. Yuuki San

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  34. Ellen Walker

    Ellen Walker2 hours ago

    I wish I could do it❤

  35. Ellen Walker

    Ellen Walker2 hours ago

    So satisfying!!

  36. Natalia Polska123

    Natalia Polska1232 hours ago

    I live in Europe So fuck

  37. summer saintonge

    summer saintonge3 hours ago

    love you

  38. Savage Pro

    Savage Pro3 hours ago

    We got NUDES quote on quite NUDES (;

  39. Taylar Sanders

    Taylar Sanders3 hours ago

    Happy birthday July 16

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  41. Angelina Anamari

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    Nicey look

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    My Insta is @heyimbrooke13. I'm so surprised that you got 14M views on this video.

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    smack and wack

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    My insta is @maddiexyocum

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    Shadow’s blood

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    Barry blast

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  48. M H

    M H4 hours ago

    i did the same thing but i'm 9 years

  49. Leticia Salazar

    Leticia Salazar4 hours ago

    what a awesome name

  50. hayley shimmer

    hayley shimmer4 hours ago

    im wondering why tyler is in so many videos omg

  51. Nimisha Amrutham

    Nimisha Amrutham4 hours ago

    I’m a little late but I think the name should be Berry Bomb because it’s a berry color and so much lipsticks were used

  52. Olivia Lancaster

    Olivia Lancaster4 hours ago

    I have a great name: dusty plum.... My Ig and twitter are both @liv_shea03

  53. kitty cutie 123

    kitty cutie 1234 hours ago

    Just subscribed

  54. Lilia Ortega

    Lilia Ortega4 hours ago

    i would name it sephstick lol

  55. Michelle 123

    Michelle 1234 hours ago

    noooo all those lipsticks .lipstick murder

  56. Maddy Loves Corgis

    Maddy Loves Corgis4 hours ago

    Why do I want to bite into one of the lipsticks

  57. Chloe Bussey

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  58. Rachel Snyder

    Rachel Snyder5 hours ago

    Smatch is my suggestion

  59. Trash In A Hoodie

    Trash In A Hoodie5 hours ago

    I want one please!!!!

  60. Sad Girl

    Sad Girl5 hours ago

    Safiya saphora red

  61. AnimeKittyGirl Bunnies

    AnimeKittyGirl Bunnies5 hours ago

    Plum Berry DL

  62. Melanie Draws

    Melanie Draws5 hours ago

    6:42 HAHA GET IT RED-DY :>

  63. Riley Ann

    Riley Ann5 hours ago

    I now a name berry and i live North America


    CHENXING WANG5 hours ago

    IG:dianawanggg 😍

  65. The crafty unicorns

    The crafty unicorns6 hours ago

    I think you could call it Berry Fusion or Frankenberry or PhusionPhora my Twitter: @LaurenAberneth4

  66. The crafty unicorns

    The crafty unicorns6 hours ago

    I'm From uk so NOOOOO!!!!

  67. Mimi Golphin

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    Annoying orange Get it Lol

  68. The crafty unicorns

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    are U active now

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    Its my birthday can I have a like

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  71. kyleeworld

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    i what the lipsstick and i do not have a twitter of insta so if posibel contact me on youtube meseging or something

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    Subscriber going on 1 year:)Names:Crusty Plum,Purrrty Pluum💕(Live in North America)

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    Ohh I know u ur bf is so hot

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    Ultimatum / Flourish / Gracious / Safiya Insta: @spencewey Twitter: @spencerweyer

  75. Bayla Bear

    Bayla Bear7 hours ago

    I think you should name it Plum Perfect i have snap not insta but my snap is lmcbain46

  76. Kailey White

    Kailey White7 hours ago

    I live in North America shmash

  77. heather herdman

    heather herdman7 hours ago

    The giveaway totally already ended but if u decided to name it like the Arwen or Eowyn (because of the reference earlier) that would be awesome .. it’s nice to see some one who enjoys both the lord of the rings and make up as much as I do ❤️❤️

  78. Summer Williams

    Summer Williams7 hours ago

    I hate you

  79. Katie _Hugs

    Katie _Hugs7 hours ago

    Name is........ I am the globglogabgakab The schwabboldabblewabble gabbleflebablabablab I'm full of schwibbleglibblekind I am the yeast of thoughts and mind Schwabbledabbleglibbeglabbe schwibbleschwabglab Dibbledabble Schwibbleschwabble Glibbleglabschwab Schwabbledabbleglabbe Schwibbleschwabdab Dibbledabble Schwibbleschwabble Glibbleschwabglab OHHH HAHAHHA MMM SPLENDID Simply delicious :D OHHH HAHAHAHA I'm to lazy to do the rest.. :P

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  81. Meara Pennak

    Meara Pennak8 hours ago

    Hmm how about Crandberry Love or Beauty Crandberriez

  82. DoinhThingsZoyaWay Harris

    DoinhThingsZoyaWay Harris8 hours ago

    i pick Magical for the name of the lipsticck

  83. Avrum Cooper

    Avrum Cooper8 hours ago

    Mega orchid lipstick

  84. Azyr ia

    Azyr ia8 hours ago

    I live in North America! I’m from Costa Rica,...but idk if it’s to late for the giveaway

  85. _MoonlightSonata_

    _MoonlightSonata_9 hours ago

    Random person: Wow! That’s such a gorgeous color on your lips! What lipstick is that? Me: Oh... y’know... just every lipstick color in existence from Sephora mixed together into one entity. Random person: I’m sorry. What...?

  86. Abbys Trend

    Abbys Trend8 hours ago

    _MoonlightSonata_ lol

  87. Alicat Ma

    Alicat Ma9 hours ago

    Can I still enter? I really wanna say Frakenberry but with all the hate going around nowadays everyone will say I copied that name. So I'll call it either The Berry Bunch or Frakenfusion. Insta handle: alicat1o1 or sandbox_art_and_more_18

  88. Ella Graham

    Ella Graham9 hours ago

    I don't have a Instagram or a Twitter can I still enter?? I have a MReporter channel I think the name should be berry pretty I subscribed 2

  89. Maria ILIUȚĂ

    Maria ILIUȚĂ10 hours ago

    Your teeth are everything.

  90. Angeleen Bahadur

    Angeleen Bahadur10 hours ago

    Magical magenta

  91. KaoruIseul

    KaoruIseul10 hours ago

    Instead of melting them and mixing things, send them all to me, it hurts me to buy anything after i see prices and the saving mode kicks in XD

  92. Stop Motion

    Stop Motion10 hours ago

    Can I have a tube lol

  93. min hoseok

    min hoseok11 hours ago

    10:32 that duo lipstick :( I always want it

  94. carmen elliott

    carmen elliott11 hours ago

    Call it the Frankien queen lipstick

  95. Abigail Woodward

    Abigail Woodward11 hours ago

    I'd name it Meltdown! My insta is

  96. Zeynep Uzun

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  97. Princess Neko - Chan

    Princess Neko - Chan13 hours ago

    Hey there, I can't really participate since I'm from Germany, but I wanted to post my ideas anyways :3 So, how about Sephoras Monster Lipstein or Frankenstick The Melting Or just simply AMAGEDON :D

  98. Vulpix Lover 1087

    Vulpix Lover 108713 hours ago

    The lipstick is pretty and it like is kinda nude and unnatural

  99. hannah And Abbey

    hannah And Abbey13 hours ago

    Cranberry sauce

  100. Samanta the cat lover

    Samanta the cat lover13 hours ago

    I REALLY want one lol

  101. Abigail blake

    Abigail blake13 hours ago

    Or frakenberry

  102. Abigail blake

    Abigail blake13 hours ago

    It should be dusk beauty

  103. shabba warda

    shabba warda13 hours ago

    Lipstick factory lol

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  105. DerRpY FARTSS NUB

    DerRpY FARTSS NUB13 hours ago

    11:02 my day is good now, its so say is dying. omg! Did i just wrote that? XD

  106. DerRpY FARTSS NUB

    DerRpY FARTSS NUB13 hours ago

    Where does safiya live? Lol england, germany. Or America?

  107. DerRpY FARTSS NUB

    DerRpY FARTSS NUB13 hours ago

    Wich is how i like them.

  108. Min Yoongi

    Min Yoongi14 hours ago

    All i'm thinking about throughout the video is....."moneyyyyy😭is fucking wasted"

  109. Wulfy the wolf

    Wulfy the wolf14 hours ago

    I live in Finland... Im sad...