Melting Every Lipstick From Sephora Together


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard7 days ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! i know, this is the worst makeup science yet! Make sure to comment below if you want a tube, and check out Quidd if you want some of them Crusty gifs: . what do you think of the color?? Disclaimers: 1) We washed our hands every time we handled the lipsticks and essentially boiled the lipsticks on the stove as well. 2) We wore latex gloves and used almond oil when removing the lipsticks from their molds. 3) Please leave your twitter or insta handle in your comment, so we can contact you! 4) We can only ship to North American subscribers this time around (since we have so many to ship).

  2. Ashlynn Butler

    Ashlynn ButlerDay ago


  3. Butterfly Baby

    Butterfly BabyDay ago

    Safiya Nygaard cranberry dust Instagram: dont have one or twitter.

  4. Grim Salad

    Grim Salad7 days ago

    Lmao why not? My IG is grimsalad. Name suggestions... Safora? Smashberry?

  5. kitkat kittykat

    kitkat kittykat7 days ago

    Hi saf! I would like a lipstick! Twitter: @ topgun9744. My name for the lipstick is the fiery purple gnash

  6. Kaitlyn Finstuen

    Kaitlyn Finstuen7 days ago

    Safiya Nygaard I think you should name the lipstick Arabella Berry (sorry I’m not creative) my insta handle is; k_finstuen.27

  7. anything by ella

    anything by ella4 hours ago

    Just name it frankenfora

  8. DIY Animal Lover

    DIY Animal Lover4 hours ago


  9. Seoshi Qurashi Y.T.P.

    Seoshi Qurashi Y.T.P.4 hours ago

    That's.....actually a very very pretty colour. Not sure what I was expecting but I have to commend the fact that you two managed to do all of this. I think after putting 40 or so lipsticks into the pot, I would probably give up. 😂😂😂😂 My insta is SUZAKI955.

  10. Sloane Climie

    Sloane Climie4 hours ago

    You should name the lipstick plum bum

  11. Madison Brown

    Madison Brown4 hours ago

    You should name it monster

  12. danielle garcia

    danielle garcia4 hours ago

    I think you should name it One Swipe Sally!

  13. ilovelacrosse3100

    ilovelacrosse31004 hours ago

    Twitter: @winnimane My name is Emily and I would love a lipstick!The color is absolutely beautiful!

  14. Naya J

    Naya J4 hours ago


  15. G- Sharp

    G- Sharp4 hours ago

    you should probably just go with Frankenphora... it sounds super cool :D

  16. digitalatbest 。

    digitalatbest 。4 hours ago

    this made me sad.

  17. Chloe Smith

    Chloe Smith4 hours ago

    i think this frankenphora lipstick should be called Desert Rose since it’s “dusty” and like dark pink🥀🥀

  18. Yakelin Castillo

    Yakelin Castillo4 hours ago

    I think you should Call it raspberry sheke

  19. Violet Mackey

    Violet Mackey4 hours ago

    I think a good name would be “dusk till dawn” because it’s really pretty, and is like a dusky kind of shade

  20. Violet Mackey

    Violet Mackey4 hours ago

    And I live in North America so I hope I win!

  21. Gracie Oswald

    Gracie Oswald4 hours ago

    i want one

  22. Noon Abuelgasim

    Noon Abuelgasim4 hours ago

    I just love that she is just so calm

  23. snazzy rainbows

    snazzy rainbows4 hours ago

    I subscribed and please may I have a lipstick and I think you should name it "Dusty Dawn" and my Twitter is uslessaccount.exe please may I have a lipstick - Snazzyrainbows

  24. Brianna Bodiford

    Brianna Bodiford4 hours ago

    Frankinberry @brianna.l.b

  25. Phallus Cranium

    Phallus Cranium4 hours ago

    yeet i am subbed. name suggestion: aradia (homestuck character and i i think the frankenphora lipstick is a close enough color to her token color). twitter: @phallus_cranium instagram: @phallus.cranium

  26. Courtney Triplett

    Courtney Triplett4 hours ago

    Dusty Bombshell Franken Cranberry Call the Bank Instagram: cetrippy

  27. Shynia Brossette

    Shynia Brossette4 hours ago

    I think it should be named "Scentist". The scent of the lipsticks and then the fact that you are the bad make up scientist. Instagram: 0418_youngforever

  28. Ana Rojo

    Ana Rojo4 hours ago

    call it franken-sunrise ❣

  29. Sarah Ehrlich

    Sarah Ehrlich4 hours ago

    name: the innovative shade or safiya’s shade :) instagram: mijumax

  30. Ella and Jojo

    Ella and Jojo4 hours ago

    Plum Ginny

  31. Diana Marsan

    Diana Marsan4 hours ago

    Snozberry like from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory insta- DiMars21

  32. meigirl27

    meigirl274 hours ago

    Primrose promenade IG: reana_d

  33. I nct

    I nct4 hours ago

    I don't know why but I feel like it would be called something causal like Quinn. I don't know how I came up with that name but u like it. Also I like the name as THE FRANKENPHORA LIPSTICK already.

  34. Victoria Gonzalez

    Victoria Gonzalez4 hours ago

    i want a lipstick and i think it should be called the dustiest doppelgänger because although it looked like many many lipsticks, no lipstick could compare in terms of "dustiness" insta- victoriagonzalezzzz

  35. Olivia Cheng

    Olivia Cheng4 hours ago

    I think you should call it "A Rose by Any Other Name.". My instagram: thatoliviacheng_

  36. BRI DIY

    BRI DIY4 hours ago

    I wanna lipstick

  37. Camryn Lewis

    Camryn Lewis4 hours ago

    I think the name should be pink max or max pink let me know how to contact you for one. Of a fabulous color.thanks

  38. Alyssa Carreon

    Alyssa Carreon4 hours ago

    i really want the lipstick!!! name it dusty jam or mystique. insta: alyssaajoliee

  39. Valentina Wampamba

    Valentina Wampamba4 hours ago

    The SafiyaSephora Mega LipKit - Valentina (@yekaterina_mattel)

  40. BRI DIY

    BRI DIY4 hours ago


  41. AA0501 ayala

    AA0501 ayala4 hours ago

    I think it should be called Orchid kiss or bloody berry my Twitter @AAyssa2

  42. Lily Brookshire

    Lily Brookshire4 hours ago


  43. Olivia P

    Olivia P4 hours ago

    you should name it “dusty rose”

  44. Katelyn Coggins

    Katelyn Coggins4 hours ago

    Call it “Don’t Forget To Swatch” 😜💋💄 IG: @kacoggins

  45. emma wright

    emma wright4 hours ago

    Sapphire should be the name

  46. Shelbi Muzny

    Shelbi Muzny4 hours ago

    twitter@ _shelbi27 insta@ shelbi.27 you should name the lipstick just simply 603😂😂

  47. Tala Borden

    Tala Borden4 hours ago

    Honestly when watching this the only name I could think of was "Berry Safiya" like a pun. I think it's fitting.

  48. Randomgirl 96262

    Randomgirl 962624 hours ago

    How about 5000 shades of Sephora

  49. awsomeiolie&Samantha_beth -Roblox

    awsomeiolie&Samantha_beth -Roblox4 hours ago

    i think it should be ether NSB magenta or plum magenta

  50. Jessica P

    Jessica P4 hours ago

    Jessica I would name it sugar plum My insta: Jessicakittycat123

  51. mariah special

    mariah special4 hours ago

    Frankin fav lip

  52. Kayla Jean

    Kayla Jean4 hours ago

    I have the same bracelet :)

  53. JustMyLife

    JustMyLife4 hours ago


  54. Sarah Ludemann

    Sarah Ludemann4 hours ago

    I think that the lipstick should be crusty’s toebeans. I think they fit the color of a cats paw pads well! Especially since I have my cat on instagram @jade.the_fatty and I see hers on camera all the time

  55. Jazmin

    Jazmin4 hours ago

    It should be called: Not Your Average Berry (: insta: xx.jls

  56. Ashlan Chenoweth

    Ashlan Chenoweth4 hours ago


  57. Ashlan Chenoweth

    Ashlan Chenoweth4 hours ago

    Because quid made it possible

  58. Nannette McDaniel

    Nannette McDaniel4 hours ago


  59. Hannah Smith

    Hannah Smith4 hours ago

    "Quidd's Money"

  60. Iris Yajaira

    Iris Yajaira4 hours ago

    RB lipstick limited edition by Safiya Nygaard, instagram: irisstaysgold

  61. Lauren Morales

    Lauren Morales4 hours ago

    You should name it “Safitoffe”

  62. Emily Dyer

    Emily Dyer4 hours ago

    The all and all lipstick

  63. Niftynicole 101

    Niftynicole 1014 hours ago

    Safraken red!!!! Just an odd name mix with safiya and frankenphora❤❤❤ Insta: nicole_sun101

  64. Sammyyam

    Sammyyam4 hours ago

    It should be called Safberry. My twitter is @sammyyam2

  65. Wea Gel

    Wea Gel4 hours ago

    u shouldve donated all that money to the homeless ppl smh

  66. Wea Gel

    Wea Gel4 hours ago

    oh well. the things ppl would do for views and likes

  67. Kaitlyn! At The Disco

    Kaitlyn! At The Disco4 hours ago

    I’d like one! IG: Kaitlyn._.goetz Twitter: Franks_yeemo

  68. Jenny B

    Jenny B4 hours ago

    So I don’t live in North America but I think it should be called Safora

  69. Emma Lang

    Emma Lang4 hours ago

    I think a good name would be 'Mixed Berry'. (Get it? Because it's all mixed together? And it's berry-colored? I'll see myself out.) @Stereotype_Nerd on Twitter :)

  70. Ashlynn Baber

    Ashlynn Baber4 hours ago

    My insta is @ashes_is_the_name

  71. Jaimi Alexa

    Jaimi Alexa4 hours ago

    Pinky promise @jaimi.destefano

  72. Maritza Jimenez

    Maritza Jimenez4 hours ago

    I will name it 603 lip sticks

  73. Ashlynn Baber

    Ashlynn Baber4 hours ago

    I would name the lipstick Shanaenae

  74. gianna

    gianna4 hours ago

    safora twt: @/moominzl

  75. Yakelin Castillo

    Yakelin Castillo4 hours ago

    I subscribed👍🏻

  76. AlinaWinnie

    AlinaWinnie4 hours ago

    muddled magenta

  77. TCUgamingonline

    TCUgamingonline4 hours ago

    or you can name it the tone down brown

  78. Lps Destiny

    Lps Destiny4 hours ago

    The rainbow

  79. Mariah Lacey

    Mariah Lacey4 hours ago

    Jackpot, is what I would call the lipstick because it’s every lipstick a person could dream of having so its like winning the jackpot of lipsticks. Instagram is @mariahlacey Twitter is @mariahlacey11

  80. soorinx

    soorinx4 hours ago

    dark berry pop! it looks like a fruity/dark berry colour

  81. Trin Votra

    Trin Votra4 hours ago

    Phora storm

  82. Nour Hassan

    Nour Hassan4 hours ago

    Very berry

  83. Cat Girl1300

    Cat Girl13004 hours ago

    Dusty Frank :)

  84. erma mamoo

    erma mamoo4 hours ago

    Why tho

  85. Sasha Owen

    Sasha Owen4 hours ago

    even though I'm not entering the giveaway (almond allergy), I have a name for all of this franken makeup stuff: Mary Shelley Cosmetics If someone else already came up with this sorry I didn't see ur comment

  86. •Arrow •

    •Arrow •4 hours ago

    A berry good time😹😹

  87. Prototype .-.

    Prototype .-.4 hours ago

    The name should be frankinform

  88. sscherry77

    sscherry774 hours ago

    " It's Alive " for the color name lolInstagram sscherry77 I so would like to know how much this whole thing cost start to finish and what that would make for each tube . Oh and I really would love to have one .... Very much . Thanks so much great job .

  89. Sophie Johnson

    Sophie Johnson4 hours ago

    My name suggestion for this lipstick is "Electronic Talking Dream Date." Insta handle: @ohoksophie

  90. Hannah Hill

    Hannah Hill4 hours ago

    Buckleberry!! @hannah.hill81-insta

  91. Katie Nippa

    Katie Nippa4 hours ago

    insta- ktnippa twitter- katieektt i would name it the frankenmash! reminds me of “the monster mash” song but add franken instead. i loveeeee the color!

  92. Olivia Stephone

    Olivia Stephone4 hours ago

    Wanna Shmash? (Lipstick name) Insta: Ollie.steph2

  93. lily hc

    lily hc4 hours ago

    you should definitely name it dusk or something similar!! Instagram: lilyy_hc

  94. Queen Marlene

    Queen Marlene4 hours ago

    It should be called the omega ... my ig.. marleymarl_s

  95. Kristine Linton

    Kristine Linton4 hours ago

    Crusty’s desire 😸😺 @lintonion_kg

  96. AngelCabangon

    AngelCabangon4 hours ago

    @Aangelcabangon - Instagram! Hopefully I can try out your lipstick creation💖

  97. Megan Clark

    Megan Clark4 hours ago

    I would name it "Gloria." My insta is @megantheluminous !!

  98. cat hallet

    cat hallet4 hours ago

    Please can I have one of your lipsticks I have subscribed for agesss XXX and notifs are on . Also that it soooo my colour xxxxxx

  99. Holly Ward

    Holly Ward4 hours ago

    I want a tube and the name I pic is Supreme and my Instagram is holly-marie266

  100. Virginia Stirewalt

    Virginia Stirewalt4 hours ago

    I don’t have an Instagram so I don’t know if I’m eligible for the giveaway, but regardless I love you Saf, your channel, and your endless creativity! Here are my name suggestions for the lipstick: 1. “Safiya Sunrise.” Like a tequila sunrise only better because duh, it’s Saf. 2. MReporterrry.... MReporter. Berry. Berry colored. You get it. I also honestly just like “Frankenphora” as a name too. Has a nice ring to it! ❤️💄

  101. Kristine Linton

    Kristine Linton4 hours ago

    First blood prince ❤️❤️! Insta @lintonion_kg

  102. Italy Elizondo

    Italy Elizondo4 hours ago

    A mixture if your name and Tyler’s name would be great Instagram:Xo_monse_ox Twitter:italyitaly15

  103. Chara Napstablook

    Chara Napstablook4 hours ago

    A Mistake, that's the name.

  104. Presley Robinson

    Presley Robinson4 hours ago

    I think it should be named "Dusty Berry" Love yall so much!! I WOULD LOVE A TUBE I don't really have any lipsticks so you would make my day!! Instagram username: presley174

  105. Ellen,

    Ellen,4 hours ago

    Lipstick should be called 'Bankruptcy 101'

  106. Anna Duncan

    Anna Duncan4 hours ago

    Twitter: AnnaSux_ Insta: Anna_Sux

  107. Jennifer Martinez

    Jennifer Martinez4 hours ago

    50 shades of berriesTwitter- @560JenInsta- Jennifer_560

  108. Laydee Essence

    Laydee Essence4 hours ago

    Love this video and your channel.... How about Mystisk IG: Laydee_Essence1