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Meghan Trainor - Let You Be Right (Official Music Video)


  1. deepak magdum

    deepak magdum4 hours ago

    My favourite song .....this awesome. ...

  2. Simona Konikova

    Simona Konikova17 hours ago


  3. iiiɦɑiʆy pѳรt

    iiiɦɑiʆy pѳรtDay ago

    What let you be right means: Meghan: NO 2+2=4 😂 Boi: NO ITS 5 Me in my mind: lol great comment lol

  4. Alexyia cruz

    Alexyia cruz2 days ago

    who else meghan is ROCKING THAT PINK HAIR

  5. Bruno Senna

    Bruno Senna2 days ago

    Love 😍😍😍

  6. bd8026

    bd80262 days ago


  7. bd8026

    bd80262 days ago

    If momma ain’t happy 😃 nobody’s happy! ☹️

  8. 연경팬

    연경팬2 days ago

    I love you♡♡

  9. iiXMak KayXx

    iiXMak KayXx3 days ago

    This is coping ariana grandes music vids to her tears left to cry and 7 rings

  10. Stephanie Coull

    Stephanie Coull3 days ago

    I'm listening to her songs every single night and morning 😇 voice of an angel good job maghan Trainor

  11. Laura Weatherford

    Laura Weatherford3 days ago

    How could anyone forget that they love her she's adorable and full of inspiration and personality 💞😍

  12. carlton matlock

    carlton matlock4 days ago

    Megan trainor got pretty lips

  13. mohammed mohammed

    mohammed mohammed4 days ago


  14. Sagiri

    Sagiri5 days ago

    This song deserved so much better 😪

  15. Kiki Kitty

    Kiki Kitty5 days ago

    Looks like the next Billie elish

  16. Ahmed Hathout

    Ahmed Hathout5 days ago

    This song deserved to be a hit.

  17. ricardo Dias Teixeira

    ricardo Dias Teixeira5 days ago

    Well actually i don't like this music 😔😔 normally i like her musics but not this time

  18. csgnjaxnc

    csgnjaxnc5 days ago

    2 words..she's baddd.!

  19. Chloé Sordoillet

    Chloé Sordoillet5 days ago

    0:24 she says "foolish" like the song in her new album

  20. cheletteitb

    cheletteitb6 days ago


  21. HeyItsAnime

    HeyItsAnime6 days ago

    She lost so much weight!!


    JDOGFTW6 days ago

    her butt wow.

  23. Jose M. Chang L.

    Jose M. Chang L.7 days ago

    Great song and great video. I heard the song and loved it, but in combination with the video it's a perfect Match. Also Meghan is really attractive, sexy and beautiful, and great dancer. Keep Up! Image designer also diserves a lot of credit!!! Long time without loving everything form a song. This i do!

  24. randy martinez

    randy martinez7 days ago

    Is 27 still Young

  25. Nazperi Babanli

    Nazperi Babanli7 days ago

    She needs only some attention

  26. Karla Butler

    Karla Butler8 days ago

    Meghan i a M sutch a big fan i would be soooooooooooo happy if You liked this comint love you

  27. Haneen Gaming

    Haneen Gaming8 days ago

    My favorite part of Meghan is she has a 1900s and 2000s vibe in her songs

  28. José camilo Martínez medrano

    José camilo Martínez medrano8 days ago


  29. Dana Mohmmad

    Dana Mohmmad10 days ago

    Omg I love it😍😍😍😍

  30. Azure Flute

    Azure Flute10 days ago

    Shes flop

  31. Bekah Sp

    Bekah Sp11 days ago

    SPICE GIRLS SHOUTOUT? It has to be!

  32. Brandon Harris

    Brandon Harris11 days ago

    This ish funky!!

  33. Komal Suthar

    Komal Suthar11 days ago

    Meghan trainer best song ever, my fvrte song

  34. Paul Pinongcos

    Paul Pinongcos11 days ago

    Body pump music.

  35. Alicia Melo

    Alicia Melo11 days ago

    I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My song!

  36. Erwan Boizer

    Erwan Boizer12 days ago


  37. Асель Рахманкулова

    Асель Рахманкулова12 days ago


  38. shotgunswj

    shotgunswj12 days ago

    Musics going back to good

  39. Big Foot Legend

    Big Foot Legend13 days ago

    She’s ugly! How can anyone like her! She looks like sh*t!!!! Only a gay person would like her! I could stare at my own poop longer than her!

  40. E Wall

    E Wall12 days ago

    Then why are you here? You're so GAY

  41. Valen

    Valen13 days ago

    Shut up, Meg.

  42. Anahanjo xx

    Anahanjo xx13 days ago


  43. Valentin Köhlet

    Valentin Köhlet13 days ago

    Is this on her new ep ?

  44. manuel colome

    manuel colome14 days ago

    Welcome to my house México 🇮🇹like 2019 presenté 😎

  45. Diego Merino Davalos

    Diego Merino Davalos14 days ago


  46. Nikki Hitchcock

    Nikki Hitchcock14 days ago

    Plz make more music videos

  47. Gabrielle O'Connor

    Gabrielle O'Connor14 days ago

    love the hair

  48. Mr. Gwapito

    Mr. Gwapito14 days ago

    She’s flopping because she’s not that interesting anymore and her songs now are not as memorable as her hits before. If she wants to stay in the game she should go back to her do-wop era.

  49. BillNavy1

    BillNavy114 days ago

    Coming tomorrow join!!! 😍😍😍 #TheLoveTrainEP #Megatronzzz𝕋𝕙𝕖-𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖-𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕟-EP-256586881926408

  50. Angelina Tual

    Angelina Tual15 days ago

    The day of my birthday ❤️👌🏻

  51. Zoe

    Zoe15 days ago

    This song is awesome!!

  52. Gustavo Henrique

    Gustavo Henrique15 days ago

    Sakura haruno?

  53. くるみくるみ

    くるみくるみ15 days ago


  54. Frank Huang

    Frank Huang16 days ago

    This song is which makes me to buy Sony mdr-xb950n1 headphone. Both song and headphone have really good bass.

  55. raphie tras87

    raphie tras8716 days ago

    I need Treat Myself out now!!!!!!

  56. raphie tras87

    raphie tras878 days ago

    Martín16 I’m sad Trat Myself was cancelled because it could of been her comeback album

  57. Matt43

    Matt4315 days ago

    Possible you knew this information before, but she canceled Treat Myself for a new EP call: The Love Train, and it will be out this friday. Hope this information helped you a little. 😉

  58. Mike Spenser

    Mike Spenser17 days ago

    Wanna let me be right? But what if I am right then that would make Meghan Tumblr WRONG! Play at 1.25 speed hilarious!

  59. Shayna Dorsey

    Shayna Dorsey17 days ago

    I love this song! How have I not seen the video? I didn’t even know it had one!

  60. The Rose Cats

    The Rose Cats17 days ago

    The people who disliked meant dis I like!! Keep on going with the great work!!

  61. Ivan Ivanov

    Ivan Ivanov17 days ago

    I like this song

  62. Hakan Dursun

    Hakan Dursun17 days ago

    Very nice !

  63. Kelley Montgomery

    Kelley Montgomery18 days ago


  64. Kelley Montgomery

    Kelley Montgomery18 days ago

    i l u lol imean love*

  65. Kelley Montgomery

    Kelley Montgomery18 days ago

    DO ITT GIRL :3

  66. YOUR T R A S H

    YOUR T R A S H18 days ago

    2019 I can't stop listening, HELP.

  67. Chefbran1

    Chefbran116 days ago

    I can't either tbh, I'm desperately waiting for the treat myself album to come out!

  68. PurpleGirl BR

    PurpleGirl BR18 days ago

    2019 :p

  69. Josiane Dos santos

    Josiane Dos santos18 days ago

    This song is beautiful

  70. aja hendry

    aja hendry18 days ago


  71. Meley Huseynlı

    Meley Huseynlı18 days ago


  72. Lộc Nguyễn Tấn

    Lộc Nguyễn Tấn19 days ago

    Like it

  73. happy diamonds

    happy diamonds19 days ago

    This song is awesome!!

  74. Eyes to the Soul

    Eyes to the Soul19 days ago

    *Ariana Grande has entered the chat* *Ariana Grande has left the chat*

  75. CenturionMBT24

    CenturionMBT2419 days ago

    I detect ace of base vibes. That’s just me though

  76. Arthur Curry

    Arthur Curry19 days ago

    Ariana Grande called

  77. Cecilia Serna

    Cecilia Serna20 days ago

    Rocking that pink hair

  78. Talia Goldie

    Talia Goldie20 days ago

    You suck

  79. Nessa Rose

    Nessa Rose20 days ago

    Meghan is so underated!

  80. nadia kby

    nadia kby20 days ago


  81. 4zemood

    4zemood20 days ago


  82. Noelle S.

    Noelle S.20 days ago

    20019 you are really pretty ❤ youre songs are creacy but so cool i love you

  83. Brianna Branovits

    Brianna Branovits22 days ago

    This song is so catchy damn i love it so much

  84. rania d'msp

    rania d'msp22 days ago


  85. Candles ;3

    Candles ;323 days ago

    Meghan Trainor is still so young. Most likely more stuff to come. 😍😍😍

  86. Tiffani Whillans

    Tiffani Whillans23 days ago

    Your the best singer like ever

  87. irving misael

    irving misael24 days ago

    i like her music, she is bringing back the real meaning of the music.

  88. Lauren Alaina is The Queen Of Country

    Lauren Alaina is The Queen Of Country25 days ago

    I think Meghan Trainor Songs are better then what Ari released. Who Agree's. If you don't agree with me then don't comment to say rude shit okay this is my opinion !!!

  89. E Wall

    E Wall12 days ago

    Maybe Meghan are better

  90. Tacocarracecat213312 Derp

    Tacocarracecat213312 Derp25 days ago

    Meghan trainor, you are the best singer ever! My classmates have made fun of me cuz I am a boy listening to your music. I have been a fan of your music ever since 2013.

  91. Naomi Wolfe

    Naomi Wolfe25 days ago

    You’re so pretty.

  92. Teodora Kiš

    Teodora Kiš25 days ago


  93. Kailah Matthews

    Kailah Matthews26 days ago


  94. julixne julixne

    julixne julixne26 days ago

    Body pump track 9 you know 😏

  95. Lucian Hayward

    Lucian Hayward26 days ago

    We Love You Meghan

  96. Ella Louise Hitchins

    Ella Louise Hitchins26 days ago

    Love Meghan trainor she is the best to glad that u found here about 4 years ago

  97. Rodrix

    Rodrix27 days ago

    Meghan i'm sad because now you don't get the views that you had 2 yeats ago but that makes me feel bad because I rly like you, I think i have a solution, in a video clip be a little polemic show a little more of you, some singers still famous because that, Just a idea, hope you get famous again

  98. Rodrix

    Rodrix27 days ago

    Like a twerk with shorts but a music with rith like 'your lips are movin' yah, I still hearing that

  99. MusicalHits

    MusicalHits27 days ago

    Where is her new album

  100. - Buehmann

    - Buehmann27 days ago

    Any news yet about wether the album is or isn't going to be released? As far as I'm concerned, since I read that all of the singles were flops, the album won't be released.

  101. Bouncy Wolf

    Bouncy Wolf28 days ago

    Love the colors💓

  102. NaJi Alsubaie

    NaJi Alsubaie29 days ago

    i love that dance so much i love you

  103. kenneth rohde

    kenneth rohde29 days ago

    SA oled mutunut aga Lahe laul 😎

  104. Kevin Kurz

    Kevin KurzMonth ago

    She sang better songs. Decade after decade the music keeps getting worse because it gets more auto tuned and electric and the rhythms get all monotone. When will the rest of us get bored of this modern music, the music is starting to suck.

  105. stephanie trudell

    stephanie trudellMonth ago

    Great song with an epileptic camera man.

  106. BM love Fırat

    BM love FıratMonth ago

    I love you

  107. boy trigger6

    boy trigger6Month ago