Meghan Trainor Explains Her Instagram Photos | Vanity Fair


  1. Eliise Tüür

    Eliise TüürMonth ago

    3:13 my heart skankwkw😭

  2. Donut Boy

    Donut BoyMonth ago

    She’s cute

  3. Kiyah Hall

    Kiyah HallMonth ago

    meghan & her mommy aww

  4. Autumn Waters

    Autumn Waters2 months ago


  5. Mary Hope

    Mary Hope4 months ago

    Ellen is 60?!?!?!?!?!?! Since whennnnnnnnnn

  6. Ley Puth Trainor

    Ley Puth Trainor4 months ago

    "And that was like the moment, she was ever 'just a girlfriend. '" OMFL I'M CRYING HARD

  7. Phương Thảo Hoàng

    Phương Thảo Hoàng4 months ago

    MeGaTrOnIc MuSiC hey there pizza potter gal🙋

  8. Anna G

    Anna G4 months ago

    wait. ELLEN IS 60? I THOUGHT SHE WAS 50!

  9. Sailesh Das

    Sailesh Das4 months ago

    Megan why you look like you about to rob a Papa John's?

  10. MrsRemy Khuu ma

    MrsRemy Khuu ma4 months ago

    So cute awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  11. Mohamed grandé

    Mohamed grandé4 months ago

    we need Ariana Grande

  12. Amy M

    Amy M4 months ago

    Sweetest person on Earth

  13. sajra m

    sajra m4 months ago

    she kinda talks too much

  14. Ellizabeth Emmi

    Ellizabeth Emmi4 months ago

    03:59 Yeah😆😆 cute

  15. musko harper

    musko harper4 months ago

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  16. Radica Dimova

    Radica Dimova4 months ago

    Aw she's so cute

  17. Destynee Sandifer

    Destynee Sandifer5 months ago

    Her mom looks like she could be her sister.

  18. shine bright

    shine bright5 months ago

    Iggys one was better

  19. KartoffelHundin

    KartoffelHundin5 months ago

    Meghan Tumblr

  20. Laila Harris

    Laila Harris5 months ago

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  21. Weirdflower

    Weirdflower5 months ago

    Supposed this doesn’t have more views lol

  22. John Nghakliana

    John Nghakliana5 months ago


  23. Tabassum Fariha

    Tabassum Fariha5 months ago

    What printer do you guys use ?

  24. Eliise Tüür

    Eliise Tüür5 months ago

    She is adorable

  25. Yung Fatazz

    Yung Fatazz5 months ago

    Daryl got all that spy kids money

  26. Eliise Tüür

    Eliise Tüür5 months ago

    Is money all you think about yeah he does get money bc he is a hard working man

  27. Aven Murray

    Aven Murray5 months ago

    She’s so cute

  28. Michelle

    Michelle5 months ago

    aw she’s so cute

  29. Radica Dimova

    Radica Dimova4 months ago

    Michelle me too

  30. Isabellearelle

    Isabellearelle5 months ago

    20th! Btw, you are so beautiful and cute!

  31. DanTheDilpickle #1

    DanTheDilpickle #15 months ago

    😍I love herr so muchhh!!

  32. Sol Julieta

    Sol Julieta5 months ago

    Is she still making music?

  33. Mary Philomena KV

    Mary Philomena KV4 months ago

    Shes is making no excuses gurl

  34. Eliise Tüür

    Eliise Tüür5 months ago

    Yeah she is

  35. Kelly B

    Kelly B5 months ago


  36. WritingWithINC

    WritingWithINC5 months ago

    Her mom looks so young!

  37. queen k

    queen k5 months ago

    hi... How are you? why are you still here?

  38. Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers5 months ago

    Meghan is so cuttiiieee! She is exactly like my best friend Nicole! Love you M Train!

  39. ScarlettP

    ScarlettP5 months ago

    Meghan and Daryl are so cute together

  40. ScarlettP

    ScarlettP5 months ago

    Meghan is so adorable Love her!!!

  41. Emma Mazza

    Emma Mazza5 months ago

    you can tell she is happy to become a wife ahah

  42. AxxL

    AxxL5 months ago

    meghan trainor is 176 times prettier than i am

  43. Mary Hope

    Mary Hope4 months ago

    AxxL same

  44. Lidya Gebremeden

    Lidya Gebremeden5 months ago

    AxxL Love yourself

  45. Unicorn Nina

    Unicorn Nina5 months ago

    AxxL ikr!!queen!!!💞😭💞😍👑👏😱

  46. M

    M5 months ago

    3:23 the comments on the ig pic...yikes

  47. Mauricio Trevino

    Mauricio Trevino4 months ago

    Anti Bulls**t ikr wtaf 😂

  48. Anti Bulls**t

    Anti Bulls**t5 months ago

    why would they even include those comments

  49. lonely boy

    lonely boy5 months ago

    M 😂😂😂

  50. 1222Tonia

    1222Tonia5 months ago

    Really cute!

  51. Emma Mazza

    Emma Mazza5 months ago

    i wanna more video of celebrites that explain their photos

  52. Cleo Rose

    Cleo Rose5 months ago


  53. Maddy Jorgensen

    Maddy Jorgensen5 months ago

    Do you guys think she likes saying the word fiance..

  54. Jac L.

    Jac L.5 months ago

    She's in love, let's let her be. I love when people are happy.

  55. Eliise Tüür

    Eliise Tüür5 months ago

    She does

  56. Hunter Moore

    Hunter Moore5 months ago


  57. Eliise Tüür

    Eliise Tüür5 months ago

    Meghan Elisabeth Trainor a grammy winner,songwriter and singer