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  1. Mundo Ao Contrário

    Mundo Ao Contrário4 days ago

    boa musica (good music)

  2. Elasticgirl Helen Parr

    Elasticgirl Helen Parr12 days ago

    Wow Meghan you're rocking it this year!

  3. - Лелик-

    - Лелик-18 days ago

    Sale: 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 Есть кто то русскоговорящий? 💜

  4. Itzmei Sanchez

    Itzmei Sanchez21 day ago

    I mean September 15

  5. Itzmei Sanchez

    Itzmei Sanchez21 day ago

    Cant wait for September 14

  6. Jon Lee

    Jon Lee26 days ago

    Meghan trainor 💕😘❤️ I love you

  7. Anya Castro

    Anya Castro27 days ago


  8. Gina Ortiz

    Gina Ortiz28 days ago

    Love that outfit tho

  9. Just Be Fit 4 Life

    Just Be Fit 4 Life28 days ago

    I love your sunglass 😀😁

  10. Just Be Fit 4 Life

    Just Be Fit 4 Life28 days ago

    By the way I am Reine 😁

  11. Cara Kerner

    Cara KernerMonth ago

    My grandma absolutely love this song 😂

  12. Luiz Felipe

    Luiz FelipeMonth ago

    criativiade !!!!DEZ!!!!

  13. Luiz Felipe

    Luiz FelipeMonth ago

    i don't know dance,but i know sing perfectily

  14. Abisay FA

    Abisay FAMonth ago

    Pls Meghan next single

  15. Tabitha Williams

    Tabitha WilliamsMonth ago

    I like how you changed her style to holographic and rainbows and glitter because my sister loves all of those things

  16. Fiona Graber

    Fiona GraberMonth ago

    this needs WAY more than 45k likes!!! im offended


    PANDA LOLLYPOP SkarisMonth ago

    Can't Dance

  18. Christian Tapiz

    Christian TapizMonth ago

    as a fan of meghan i think this song is going to be a big hit song 😊

  19. Angel Morgado

    Angel MorgadoMonth ago

    When your friend wants to dance with you, But you said this... "I Can't Dance"

  20. soazig lescop

    soazig lescopMonth ago


  21. ZN [Zion Nightcore]

    ZN [Zion Nightcore]Month ago

    The next video will be this and it will be crazy *Get ready !!!!*

  22. Ahmed Mejri

    Ahmed MejriMonth ago

    Zion Nightcore who told you this ??

  23. Matthew Maguire

    Matthew MaguireMonth ago

    The title makes it looks like it’s saying our queen can’t Dance lol👸🏼

  24. Gamer_Forever28

    Gamer_Forever28Month ago

    her song are the best! dislike if u dont agree and like if u do, reply your reason! or...dont.... i really dont care.... :P

  25. Ana Alvarez

    Ana AlvarezMonth ago

    Did you she photoshop her body?

  26. Anna Akhmadullina

    Anna AkhmadullinaMonth ago

    Love is blind. Meghan girl take off that mask! He's probably NOT WORTH IT!

  27. Roque Porto Rodríguez

    Roque Porto RodríguezMonth ago

    i think this song is good...

  28. Zoe Bell

    Zoe BellMonth ago

    love it sooooooooooo . much stuck in my head🙂

  29. LA LA LA LA

    LA LA LA LAMonth ago

    Meghan please accept my request please make a video of this song

  30. Gery Cake

    Gery CakeMonth ago

    Love it 😍

  31. Adriana Fragata Da Silva

    Adriana Fragata Da SilvaMonth ago

    I LOVE YOU❤❤😘😍

  32. Kanna

    KannaMonth ago

    The new lady gaga

  33. Станислава Белобородова

    Станислава БелобородоваMonth ago

    Мне нравится эта пивица!

  34. Inayiah Latchison

    Inayiah LatchisonMonth ago

    I love the comeback that she has made it's so beautiful, brave, and just wonderful

  35. challenge time

    challenge timeMonth ago


  36. gacha girl 102

    gacha girl 102Month ago

    I love the song

  37. challenge time

    challenge timeMonth ago

    Sadeen Daoud Same

  38. Allyson Botello

    Allyson BotelloMonth ago

    Why did she delete it ????????

  39. Elijah Balza

    Elijah BalzaMonth ago

    Allyson Botello delete what???

  40. My Toy Channel

    My Toy ChannelMonth ago

    I have an opera voice do you guys think I can be like Meghan Trainor Someday?

  41. Charles Carlisle

    Charles CarlisleMonth ago


  42. Sherlon Bartenbach

    Sherlon BartenbachMonth ago

    Great song!!!!

  43. rebeca bellorin totesautt

    rebeca bellorin totesautt2 months ago


  44. rebeca bellorin totesautt

    rebeca bellorin totesautt2 months ago

    Meghan I love your songs, I will always be your fan


    EMIRIANOROCHA2 months ago

    well even megan sings the same kind of music .. were is the inovation?

  46. Anne aldc

    Anne aldc2 months ago

    I already know the lyrics to this song I listen to it everyday! 😂

  47. David Johnston

    David Johnston2 months ago

    Every song is different in it's own way good nice little lady. Thank you

  48. Zoella Caylen

    Zoella Caylen2 months ago

    next single + mv please babe!? 😩💖😍

  49. Ivonne Yajaira Cuevas Barradas

    Ivonne Yajaira Cuevas Barradas2 months ago

    Meghan release a video of this song!!!😘😘💖💖💖💖

  50. Felipe Holidays

    Felipe Holidays2 months ago

    Where is the video

  51. David Johnston

    David Johnston2 months ago

    She's a good dancer . Nice pretty women.....right to the heart of me....

  52. Worldwide handsome K-pop

    Worldwide handsome K-pop2 months ago

    Your so pretty!!!!!!

  53. Larrisa GL

    Larrisa GL2 months ago

    Can't Dance

  54. Will Michael

    Will Michael2 months ago

    ...if you cant daaance... breakdown. Love it

  55. Juliana Eligio

    Juliana Eligio2 months ago


  56. Smj J

    Smj J2 months ago

    The starting is dope

  57. Joaquin Cardenas

    Joaquin Cardenas2 months ago

    S H E I S P E R F E C T. A N D I L O V E H E R S O M U C H

  58. forever hope

    forever hope2 months ago

    Good vocals, girl!

  59. Chris Oleksyn

    Chris Oleksyn2 months ago

    Show me please

  60. Ed sheeran die heart fan aradhya singhi

    Ed sheeran die heart fan aradhya singhi2 months ago

    Make it's video please

  61. Reading_Sydney

    Reading_Sydney2 months ago

    I like the videos more when she is dancing. Get it? "Better When I'm Dancing"? Wow. Though crowd. JK

  62. Wender de souza

    Wender de souza2 months ago

    Loved this video...👏👏❤

  63. Alyssa Dawson

    Alyssa Dawson2 months ago

    love this song

  64. Sofia Marques

    Sofia Marques2 months ago

    Love this song😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  65. Xela Madrid Nuñez

    Xela Madrid Nuñez2 months ago

    Está Canción merece un vídeo Plisssssssssssss #MeghanTrainor #Can'tDanceNextVideo #Cant'DanceNextVideo #Cant'DanceNextVideo #Cant'DanceNextVideo #Cant'DanceNextVideo #Cant'DanceNextVideo #Cant'DanceNextVideo

  66. Kevin dominguez

    Kevin dominguez2 months ago


  67. Dason Lee

    Dason Lee2 months ago

    This song has sponsored at Fifa World Cup Russia 2018.

  68. Isabella Caruso

    Isabella Caruso2 months ago

    best song

  69. Isabella Caruso

    Isabella Caruso2 months ago

    im in love with this song...i cant stop listening to it

  70. Snowii!

    Snowii!2 months ago

    Nah nah, don't stop.

  71. xjana.zhx

    xjana.zhx2 months ago

    This outfit and her hair give me this cool queen vibe 😂👸🏼

  72. Avet Muradian

    Avet Muradian2 months ago

    Why are people doing dislikes to the song like this and an artist like this. Meghan is sooo amazing❤😍😍❤ #treather

  73. PuppyMonkeyBaby

    PuppyMonkeyBaby2 months ago

    Can’t dance is my favorite song off alll time

  74. Aria Smith

    Aria Smith2 months ago

    Thanks again looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Aria Smith

    Aria Smith2 months ago

    What time are you thinking

  76. 真宵にゃー八九時

    真宵にゃー八九時2 months ago

    She is very cool and very cute!!❤❤❤

  77. RochiiLu De Mtd

    RochiiLu De Mtd2 months ago

    make it single plis

  78. Anais C

    Anais C2 months ago


  79. Sócrates Wish

    Sócrates Wish2 months ago

    Photoshop puro nessa capa, inclusive ruim e música igualmente ruim kkk é difícil acreditar que essa é a mesma cantora de All About Bass!

  80. Swift Food

    Swift Food2 months ago

    1:15 the vocals !

  81. Family Vlogs

    Family Vlogs2 months ago

    Me:I can't dance ... Meghan: keep it eyes on me😎 Me: that has nothing to do with dancing tf...😂 Megan: don't stoop...😀 Me:*Looks at my feet* Damn 🤔😂

  82. Caticus

    Caticus2 months ago

    Yo this was published on my birthday 😁

  83. Annie Philip

    Annie Philip2 months ago

    well mine is BTS and BLACKPINK and also SEVENTEEN

  84. Annie Philip

    Annie Philip2 months ago

    favorite bands

  85. Umut Karabacak

    Umut Karabacak2 months ago

    THIS SONG FUCC'S ME UP !! I start with a slight tapp-a of the foots, before you know it that rhythm & funkk travels up the legs and causes the hips to wiggle at that point I begin to lose all control, and lose myself in the MUSIC!!!!!!!

  86. gaming with leylani

    gaming with leylani2 months ago

    I LOVE HER OUTFIT!!😙😍😍😍😘😗

  87. rebeca bellorin totesautt

    rebeca bellorin totesautt2 months ago

    how cool is this song

  88. kuak1794

    kuak17942 months ago

    0:47 ❤️

  89. Lena Kallenbach

    Lena Kallenbach2 months ago

    I Love you Meghan ❤️

  90. 尚崇如

    尚崇如2 months ago

    I want to see this song's MV please~~~~~ you are so prettyდდდდდ

  91. Victoria Hughes

    Victoria Hughes2 months ago

    well this is a bop

  92. Helloise

    Helloise2 months ago

    Salut les gens j’aime les pommes de terres ♥️(abonnez-vous à ma chaîne)😘🇳🇴

  93. Hatsune Miku MMDER

    Hatsune Miku MMDER2 months ago

    This must to be on Just Dance 2019

  94. Budou Chan

    Budou Chan3 months ago

    Love this song ❤️

  95. Angel Morgado

    Angel Morgado3 months ago

    If I was at the party with Meghan Trainor, Some people might say "I Can't Dance" #AwesomeAngel & #CantDance

  96. Fie McGeeney

    Fie McGeeney3 months ago


  97. alin dragan

    alin dragan3 months ago

    dont stop

  98. Iris Beatriz

    Iris Beatriz3 months ago

    Its sond like Forever 21 songs

  99. nerds and lollipops lol #Beliber

    nerds and lollipops lol #Beliber3 months ago

    Yessss!!! Queen in da House!!!!!

  100. Erica Lauren Horn

    Erica Lauren Horn3 months ago

    Love 💕

  101. Stella Meghan Zviedre

    Stella Meghan Zviedre3 months ago

    Love this

  102. MrsMermaid2000

    MrsMermaid20003 months ago

  103. Lyla Prescott

    Lyla Prescott3 months ago

    I love this song it def makes me wanna roll my hips and don’t stop hehe

  104. LA LA LA LA

    LA LA LA LA3 months ago

    When will the video be released