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McMahon & Bryan continue to disagree en route to turbulent main event: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 2, 2018


  1. DcruzMON

    DcruzMON4 months ago

    Wtf is the title supposed to mean?

  2. Jhan Gaming & More

    Jhan Gaming & More5 months ago

    Well AJ Styles really followed his new years resolution

  3. Alisha Naaz

    Alisha Naaz5 months ago

    AJ styles Will long time WWE Champion


    HORROR REVIEWS6 months ago

    666k veiws

  5. Better Than You

    Better Than You7 months ago

    Wtf happened to the title of this video

  6. paradicemagicgirls mylove music

    paradicemagicgirls mylove music7 months ago

    😂😂😂😁😂😂por eso me cae tan mal es geminis y yo soy leo veo sus dobles intenciones

  7. Sean Montgomery

    Sean Montgomery7 months ago

    That was a poor decision by GM Bryan.Now granted,he tries to be the best GM,however in my opinion,they should've made the WWE Championship match @Royal Rumble a Triple Threat Match.I say,Go AJ Styles,that's right,AJ goes in the ring champion and comes out of the ring still WWE champion.

  8. The Vlog Kid

    The Vlog Kid8 months ago


  9. wwekhan tv

    wwekhan tv8 months ago

    open to the link and baby funny videos 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  10. Truly Makel

    Truly Makel8 months ago

    I don't even watch WWE anymore, but I still know when to see the bigger picture. Daniel isn't turning heel. Shane is. He's gonna be the new & improved, evil spawn of his dad. This is all a set up for Daniel Bryan's in ring return.

  11. Bedir Ascioglu

    Bedir Ascioglu8 months ago

    Daniel Bryan legend

  12. Tyler Docwra

    Tyler Docwra8 months ago

    Daniel thinks he's the boss of everything

  13. Tyler Ryan

    Tyler Ryan8 months ago

    This has just become stupid I think that honestly Shane should fire daniel

  14. Sai Kiran

    Sai Kiran8 months ago

    Brayan is worrest general manager of smack down

  15. alexeo smith

    alexeo smith8 months ago

    Someone tell aj styles to cut his hair he suited short hair NWA wrestling I’d rather watch

  16. Heart92a

    Heart92a8 months ago

    Daniel stop shouting like a little girl while talking..

  17. Friend Jdnd

    Friend Jdnd8 months ago

    What’s the title

  18. revsynzac

    revsynzac8 months ago

    Bring back punk

  19. Sammy

    Sammy8 months ago

    Where did the title redesign go?

  20. Isabel Zellmann-Rohrer

    Isabel Zellmann-Rohrer8 months ago

    Shane is actually...pretty reasonable here.

  21. MR. JAURA

    MR. JAURA8 months ago

    THANKS for this to promot me

  22. Josh G

    Josh G8 months ago

    It is surely leading to daniel comeback. Wrestlemania shane vs daniel

  23. Джон Сина

    Джон Сина8 months ago

    Aj styles

  24. Diljit Dosanjh

    Diljit Dosanjh8 months ago

    Raw is better than Smack down live



    I don't but sometimes gone wrong in that match ....if u also feels the same ? We are correct.

  26. Lutfi Said

    Lutfi Said8 months ago


  27. Yohan Pramuditha

    Yohan Pramuditha8 months ago

    bryan is growing hair and beard..looks like he's ready to fight.... a surprize return at rumble?

  28. Maurox Arboleda

    Maurox Arboleda8 months ago

    Bryan as GM of Smackdown SUCKs!!!!!

  29. Random Funny Things

    Random Funny Things8 months ago

    What is this Rusev day?

  30. Tim Brown

    Tim Brown8 months ago

    I want that hard to follow hoodie

  31. Carlos Santana

    Carlos Santana8 months ago

    *Shane Mcmahon* *Vs Daniel Bryan* *Wrestlemania 34* *CONFIRMED*

  32. Akaas Jahangeer

    Akaas Jahangeer8 months ago

    # Logan paul

  33. Adrian M-D

    Adrian M-D8 months ago

    New year's resolution: BEAT UP JOHN CENA!

  34. H.4.R.M To

    H.4.R.M To8 months ago

    believe it or not, Shane got his balls tased by Kane

  35. Dos Orosa

    Dos Orosa8 months ago

    He sounds like stone cold

  36. II SP33DYR33DY II

    II SP33DYR33DY II8 months ago


  37. charliethesavage204 lil_peep104

    charliethesavage204 lil_peep1048 months ago

    Shane mahon vs Daniel Bryan fight

  38. C LK

    C LK8 months ago

    daniel bryan doesn't deserve to be there

  39. thefungamerguy

    thefungamerguy8 months ago

    How about Sami vs Owens for #1 contender against AJ

  40. Eid Muhammad ElAzzay

    Eid Muhammad ElAzzay8 months ago

    اريد هذا المقطع مترجم

  41. Ali Zoraiz Hassan

    Ali Zoraiz Hassan8 months ago

    Daniel Bryan makes Brie Bella go "yes, yes, yes,"

  42. Adam Parker

    Adam Parker8 months ago

    Is daniel bryan getting his wrestling beard back??

  43. Gaelek13

    Gaelek138 months ago

    Hey Shane! Where the blue hell were you when Jinder Mahal had interference after interference after interference in his title matches over the 6-months he was WWE Champion?! Y'know...since you hate interference in important matches so much. #storylinestupidity

  44. loriparker666

    loriparker6668 months ago

    Daniel Vs Shane at Wrestlemania!!!!!!! YEP! YEP! YEP!

  45. BlazeEpsilon

    BlazeEpsilon8 months ago

    Daniel Bryan is slowly turning heel.

  46. Queen Kyla

    Queen Kyla8 months ago

    They need to stop bickering like toddlers that's annoying

  47. Jahongir Abdurafikov

    Jahongir Abdurafikov8 months ago

    There is my prediction for upcoming WrestleMania. Shane vs Brayn

  48. Balázs Homoki

    Balázs Homoki8 months ago

    Daniel vs Shane WM 34

  49. Nicklous Kalian

    Nicklous Kalian8 months ago

    Donald Bryan ko sami need to get fired

  50. ankur pal

    ankur pal8 months ago

    I want finn balor to win the royal rumble. Nd fight aj at wrestlemania.huge draft

  51. Dielan Island

    Dielan Island8 months ago

    "What could possibly go wrong" - foreshadowing much?

  52. Dreampratik Dp

    Dreampratik Dp8 months ago

    AJ is the guy WWE can't hate ! But I still miss his TNA moves !

  53. Goran Azizi

    Goran Azizi8 months ago

    I like shans shoe

  54. Noah

    Noah8 months ago

    Glad to see the crowds have gotten better

  55. El Übermensch

    El Übermensch8 months ago


  56. derek hoover

    derek hoover8 months ago

    Winner runs smackdown

  57. derek hoover

    derek hoover8 months ago

    Shane vs Daniel Bryan WrestleMania

  58. Bobby Millross

    Bobby Millross8 months ago

    Daniel Bryan has made wwe rubbish

  59. Bryan Gonzalez

    Bryan Gonzalez8 months ago

    Happy Boxing Day everyone!

  60. Ali Ahmad

    Ali Ahmad8 months ago

    Smack down is getting bore now plz do something

  61. ObsessiveFanboy

    ObsessiveFanboy8 months ago

    AJ deserves to walk into WM as the WWE champion, and he deserves to walk out of WM as the WWE champion.

  62. David "Teaspoon" Hulett

    David "Teaspoon" Hulett8 months ago

    Shane vs. Daniel Bryan

  63. Ijhzen Ijhzen

    Ijhzen Ijhzen8 months ago


  64. Bharat Hiralall

    Bharat Hiralall8 months ago

    Shane u r too soft for Daniel. Fire him, he's favorite of Sami j Kevin that's y he put them in a handicap match for his title. Both of them deserve none.

  65. Luis Garcia

    Luis Garcia8 months ago

    PLEASE GET RID OF DANIEL BRYAN! #wasteofwwespace

  66. Camille Hans-Refior

    Camille Hans-Refior8 months ago

    Daniel bryan is a joke as manager of Sd live now...😈😠😤

  67. Martin Awad

    Martin Awad8 months ago

    Aj: ,,It's a new year.." Me: YES IT IS

  68. DwarvishPasty

    DwarvishPasty8 months ago

    Daniel Bryan makes me cringe when he talks , he has the full tones of a social justice warrior

  69. Mahdi Ahmadi

    Mahdi Ahmadi8 months ago

    Ahm.. Ahm mr Daniel I think Shane is the commissioner of the SD live not you to fix matches

  70. Crazycadegamer 77

    Crazycadegamer 778 months ago

    I met aj styles

  71. Warren Gabriel

    Warren Gabriel8 months ago

    My good, its insane how over D.Bry is still after all this time. What a natural

  72. Izaan Mahmood

    Izaan Mahmood8 months ago

    Happy new year Aj

  73. Dr. Alex Karev

    Dr. Alex Karev8 months ago

    I m eat

  74. GT Jujue

    GT Jujue8 months ago

    I'm scared because I think AJ Styles will not win this match and will lose its title ...

  75. Vickie Guerrero

    Vickie Guerrero8 months ago

    How come the wwe title looks different couple of weeks ago....

  76. Skew Pew

    Skew Pew8 months ago

    I'd quit my job just to see Daniel Brian vs Aj Styles in a 1 hour Ironman match!!

  77. The Phenomenal One

    The Phenomenal One8 months ago

    AJ Styles the best wrestler of 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 🏆🏆🏆🏆

  78. Shubham Dhruv

    Shubham Dhruv8 months ago

    Rock vs Randy Orton : don’t want anything else

  79. Pro Jey96

    Pro Jey968 months ago

    Happy Rusev Year

  80. Jaakeee

    Jaakeee8 months ago

    Ya notice how in the title it says "McMahon" ? I mean, I know that's his last name but doesn't "McMahon" kinda resemble Mr McMahon? Are they trying to turn Shane into another Mr McMahon, or are they going to turn Daniel Bryan heel? *I wanna know!*

  81. drugstoremarc

    drugstoremarc8 months ago

    AJ deserves a Wrestlemania win. He has been a good company man and the WWE has treated him well. But this year he truly deserves it

  82. D4rkenesse YT

    D4rkenesse YT8 months ago

    bryan hell?

  83. Harpreet Singh

    Harpreet Singh8 months ago

    Daniel Bryan is growing his hair back. Return confirmed?!

  84. gord alvaro

    gord alvaro8 months ago

    Aj styles is my van

  85. WWE2K18 Stories

    WWE2K18 Stories8 months ago


  86. Jake Ketter

    Jake Ketter8 months ago

    My God I can't take my eyes off AJ while he speaks with that title around his waist.


    BURGER YUM8 months ago

    My prediction cena enters rumble as 30 wins rumble at wrestle mania he wins against styles however next pay per view styles wins it back then at summer slam cena gets it back and keeps it till wrestle mania 35

  88. John Cena

    John Cena8 months ago

    Daniel Looks like Captain AMERICA...IW

  89. Haris

    Haris8 months ago

    McMahon and Bryan? You mean Shane and Daniel? Lol.

  90. The lonely gamer

    The lonely gamer8 months ago

    Did you guys notice someone in the crowd wearing a happy Rusev day shirt at the beginning

  91. Gerry Brown

    Gerry Brown8 months ago

    Nakamura will win the royal rumble

  92. Norliza Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ali

    Norliza Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ali8 months ago

    Happy Rusev Day😍😍😍 I like WWE so much💪💪🎊🎉🎉

  93. Mootje

    Mootje8 months ago

    Aj styles vs daniel bryan (LIKE)

  94. desh1oak

    desh1oak8 months ago

    Yess movement into yep movement lmoa😂😂

  95. aditya mukherjee

    aditya mukherjee8 months ago

    My New Years Resolution is to be better at Games

  96. desh1oak

    desh1oak8 months ago

    Yess movement into yep movement

  97. john cena

    john cena8 months ago


  98. john cena

    john cena8 months ago

    Daniel Bryan vs Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 34

  99. john cena

    john cena8 months ago

    That fist bomb