McDonald's Signature Crafted Sriracha Burger - Food Review


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    TheReportOfTheWeekYear ago

    Reupload of the original.

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    Sirak Haile4 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek h J HDMON

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    johnny hernandez5 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek be for real dude are you like a hundred years old but are super intelligent and have found the fountain of youth and decided to do food reviews? 😁🤔

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    Nacho_Cheeze5 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek do u have a girlfriend just wondering?

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    TheReportOfTheWeek good vid and nice background

  6. swt

    swt9 days ago

    This is the best sandwich in mcds. Now its gone 😢😭

  7. Matteo Bannatyne

    Matteo Bannatyne10 days ago

    Is this guy a girl?

  8. Amber Cone

    Amber Cone16 days ago

    If I only had one wish...that wish would be to know reviewbrahs actual human age...I'm bamboozled.

  9. Gabe Noose

    Gabe Noose20 days ago

    Watch with subscripts, it’s comedy gold

  10. Based Bismarck

    Based Bismarck22 days ago

    1:18 "*Vietnam flashback of horrible sandwiches*"

  11. Robert Kinoy

    Robert KinoyMonth ago

    Watch this with captions on and thank me later.

  12. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed AliMonth ago

    This is every old timer’s spirit animal

  13. Samuel Roberts

    Samuel RobertsMonth ago

    You should really do this for a job!

  14. Andreea

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    5:21 TURN THE SUB ON

  15. Dennis Dicicco

    Dennis DiciccoMonth ago

    Son is shaking like he got the dt's

  16. fortnite manchild

    fortnite manchildMonth ago

    Starbucks water ftw

  17. KatSturdevant123

    KatSturdevant123Month ago

    This guy was definitely born in the wrong generation and I love it.

  18. willian castaneda

    willian castanedaMonth ago

    dignified sipping @ 3:22

  19. Lance Tieger

    Lance TiegerMonth ago

    The habanero ranch was much better.

  20. dc74156

    dc741562 months ago

    That face of his when the shortwave radio played NOTHING I bet he's all like WHERE THE TRUCK IS THE MUSIC

  21. Graublitz

    Graublitz2 months ago

    I swear Reviewbrah is actually a time traveller from the 1950's stuck in our time.

  22. Joe Ruiz

    Joe Ruiz2 months ago

    I'm sure the radio disrupted his excitement for the burger and his taste buds. Damn that shortwave radio really threw him for a loop!

  23. The Imprimere

    The Imprimere2 months ago

    SNORE! You talk way to long to get to the review, you lack excitement, and you're swimming in your dad's suit!

  24. FuckFace DeadInside

    FuckFace DeadInside2 months ago

    dude probably loves his grandparents. this dude is awesome

  25. FuckFace DeadInside

    FuckFace DeadInside2 months ago

    it's very Hhot

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    Man i just love your "foooooodddd review" 😊😊

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    I love your videos, don’t stop making them!

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  29. Average Person

    Average Person2 months ago

    *_0:51_**_ "Sack."_*

  30. Guy

    Guy2 months ago

    It looks like he has a green screen in the background

  31. Mike Allen

    Mike Allen2 months ago

    I like your 1930s-ish fashion and cadence. Found your channel a few days ago and subscribed today... Im hooked I tell ya... now look here see... I've had just about enough outta you... what's the word on the streets? 🤣

  32. Shuji Yamada

    Shuji Yamada2 months ago

    This review unlike the burger was straight fire

  33. Lord Jroy

    Lord Jroy2 months ago

    Watching this at 10:30 at are you so classy........WHY ARE YOU SO F-ING CLASSY??? You make eating a hamburger are amazing Reviewbrah.....

  34. AER

    AER2 months ago

    Someone please make a meme with the radio

  35. JustZach

    JustZach3 months ago

    The music is *G W E E N*

  36. jld3229

    jld32293 months ago

    Great review! At least the burger box was nice!

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    im going in

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    Noob kuy

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    A You3 months ago

    This kid is COOL AS FUCK, Not as cool as his Chalice though. Keep me coming ReviewBruh!!!

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    Even if i try to hate him (mind u do dont hate things) i cant think of a way to do so...

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    The closed captions! They are hilarious!

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    if you hold your thumb halfway over the phone speaker, it sounds like he talks through the radio lol

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  46. Official Regina George

    Official Regina George4 months ago

    "is that the offspring?" 😂😂

  47. Noah Zimmerer

    Noah Zimmerer4 months ago

    I know a girl that definetly is the female version of reviewbrah Except she can laugh


    DISCO BISCUIT4 months ago



    RANDOMENESS Guy4 months ago


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    Rev says desu

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    Subtitles are M A G N I F I C I E N T

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    Ur awesome

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    McDonald's ad before this, coincidence or not? Hmm...

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    this is my favourite video from you

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    Is that the off spring

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    I want this man to have my babies, even though I'm a guy

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    those subtitles tho

  59. Salty Spitoon

    Salty Spitoon5 months ago

    They were crispy onions.

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    I'm here coz of pewdiepie

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    5:10 👌

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  63. Katie Buckley

    Katie Buckley5 months ago

    This review is bizarre. I feel like I'm watching an episode of Black Mirror as I watch a guy listen to AM eating McDonalds from my smartphone.

  64. Elizio Dsouza

    Elizio Dsouza5 months ago

    He's mr.beans brother

  65. Elizio Dsouza

    Elizio Dsouza5 months ago

    You ear too much of junk food u would look like a unhealthy rat

  66. Damien Newman

    Damien Newman5 months ago

    The crispy chicken version of this sandwich was leaps and bounds better than the burger in my personal opinion.

  67. BA -Arts

    BA -Arts5 months ago

    that stare of disappointment HAHAH hilarious 😂👌🏻

  68. Spit Dragon

    Spit Dragon5 months ago

    It's called an "Antenna"...

  69. valkyrie rocket

    valkyrie rocket5 months ago

    turn on captions lol

  70. Filthy dubbbz

    Filthy dubbbz5 months ago

    Subtitles at 7:22: "*obliterates sandwich*" "*sandwich defeated*" "*turns radio-chan off*" "*the creator cleans himself*" "*napkin obliterated*"

  71. Crowborn

    Crowborn5 months ago

    turn on subtitles guys, its worth it

  72. Truu Kom

    Truu Kom5 months ago

    Maybe try to point the damn antenna up...

  73. Pug

    Pug5 months ago

    Do they still sell this burger

  74. Andres Saldana

    Andres Saldana5 months ago

    Those are sriracha burger seeds.

  75. Blond Gourmandises

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    this suit really fits you

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    James M10795 months ago

    Teach how to become a God

  77. 1977Postal

    1977Postal5 months ago

    I enjoy your reviews very interesting. I must say I’m more health oriented I work out and I don’t eat this kinda food. Can you do a review on a chipotle Chicken bowl??

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    you tube5 months ago

    Looks 14 but sounds 69

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    How shakey can he be

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  81. shorfan

    shorfan5 months ago

    Whenever he criticizes the food I feel like he’s criticizing every fault I ever did in my life.

  82. crabbyninja

    crabbyninja5 months ago

    The subtitles at 5:20 are amazing

  83. Jon Arbuckle

    Jon Arbuckle5 months ago

    What the hell is up with those subs? Who did them? I don’t understand.

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    Dang! looks so hottt!!!!

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    Angelo James Mordini5 months ago

    This man is amazing

  86. Jhonny Cage X Rage

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    5:24 When your girlfriend says *"i haven't had my period in two months"*

  87. 1 0

    1 05 months ago

    I stopped worrying right around 3:28

  88. Monsieur.

    Monsieur.5 months ago

    the madman wears a full suit in hundred degree weather what is in that water?

  89. Jordan King

    Jordan King5 months ago

    Radio buzzes😐 😂😂😂😂

  90. Jordan King

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    So I don't overheat and die on camera😂😂😂

  91. Jordan King

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    Your an Awesome MReporterr and Guy keep up the great work!!!

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    Takes off rapper yeeet😂😂😂

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    I love this kid

  94. Donkerito Gaming

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    9:43 “I was able to discern that these were not the offspring of this sandwich.” -reviewbrah

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    Reviewbrah the type of dude to overheat and die without his Starbucks water.

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    You should let me give you a happy fun time with my mouth

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    Wtf did I just watched why is this in my recommendations

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    You've seen God himself.

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    Pøisønøus Cream Filled Dønut5 months ago

    I admire every single bit of him, but I’d just like to put it out there, he has absolutely beautiful hands.


    ROYAL DR1FTER5 months ago

    Review brah is that a green screen or your yard?

  101. FunnyDucky

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    I got a McDonalds ad

  102. Gonzalo Manzano

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    I like the color of that suit

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    Sesame seed buns for The Working Man.

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    This kid is too weird 🙃

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    You think it’s hot I live in Australia it’s really hot

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    Good job review brah keep up the great videos I show much appreciation.👍👍