McDonald's New Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder (Reed Reviews)


  1. armando dane

    armando dane7 days ago

    Just get a mcchicken and a quarter lb patty on the side 2.50$

  2. Jared Storch

    Jared StorchMonth ago

    You look like Jim Carreys best friend from the Truman show.

  3. starlite556

    starlite5562 months ago

    I had it and it did not taste any different than the original one . It also looks like the burger had become smaller . If McDonald's Big Mac's keep getting any smaller you will need a magnifying glass to find them.

  4. Tom Spencer

    Tom Spencer2 months ago

    This is seonkyoung longest background music....

  5. Robert Montoya

    Robert Montoya2 months ago

    Everytime I see a new review for the new double quarter pounder I go and buy two

  6. Alex Figgins

    Alex Figgins3 months ago

    It is I went to mc Donald's two days in a row and the next day the new burger came out it was way better when you got the old one the day before so the taste is even more fresh

  7. Monica Gebeau Martin

    Monica Gebeau Martin3 months ago

    I didn't care for it myself. I thought it had a saltier, more artificial taste added. Newer isn't always better.

  8. Mike Lawton

    Mike Lawton4 months ago

    Fresh BLACK angus beef reed Just like the ex used to love

  9. Lary observer

    Lary observer4 months ago

    Dude you suck at talking .tipical white dude

  10. WorldBreaker Hulk

    WorldBreaker Hulk4 months ago

    Hmm so how is it not frozen do they just leave the raw meat somewhere?

  11. yyy yy

    yyy yy4 months ago

    McDonalds is not fresh ..just saying.

  12. Deborah Overton

    Deborah Overton5 months ago

    Dum motha fucks still lifting the bun up stop doing that on reviews it fucks up a good burger......

  13. Musicmann1022

    Musicmann10225 months ago

    Had to pull over n parking lot - they cooked my burger stat. The inside burger reminds me of a Five Guys burger. The toppings seemed the same. The bun was identical to me. I don't like Big Mac with all the sauce running everywhere. So I will still get the QP burger or double cheeseburger.

  14. john jackson

    john jackson5 months ago

    Man u suck

  15. Little Deuce Wolf

    Little Deuce Wolf5 months ago


  16. Adrian Perez

    Adrian Perez5 months ago

    Their new patties are worse. Super salty. I just got their new bacon burger and it's the same...nasty...but I'll still eat it lol. It's closer to 10$ here for meal

  17. LovinMommyLife

    LovinMommyLife6 months ago

    I’ve been too spoiled with Culver’s to even try this. I don’t like the taste of any McDonald’s burgers.

  18. LHM

    LHM6 months ago

    I actually like the new taste. The meat is definitely fresher and juicier. A tip of advice: Order the Quarter Pounder at a busy McDonald's, as the flavors are even more intense as the burger will be recently cooked. Other McDonald's will serve you a burger that has been cooked a while ago.

  19. ImYirRealDa

    ImYirRealDa6 months ago

    Then Malcolm came along 😂😂😂

  20. I want you to play a game

    I want you to play a game6 months ago

    Thicker, Hotter, Juicer, More irresistible.

  21. Ed Brookshire

    Ed Brookshire6 months ago

    You're seriously not going to eat that are you throw it away and eat the Box it's better for you

  22. Dylan Garcia

    Dylan Garcia6 months ago

    I got one a couple days ago, and it was a 9/10 except the cheese and onions gives it the old flavor. But it was way better than I remember it to be!

  23. Payback !

    Payback !6 months ago

    where are the new nutrition facts they took them off the box

  24. chefpete1978

    chefpete19786 months ago

    McDonald's has fresh beef now? Haven't eaten there in many years.

  25. Goldcoregurl89

    Goldcoregurl896 months ago

    I am not a fan of the new quarter pounder. I loved them originally so when I get a "hankering" for one...i know it won't cure it. It's pretty unfortunate. But, if it's better for you then i understand. But, I just don't like it personally.

  26. db happiness

    db happiness6 months ago


  27. H.M. Sweeny

    H.M. Sweeny6 months ago

    This burger is most definitely the best McD burger

  28. David Malinovsky

    David Malinovsky6 months ago

    I had one recently, the beef patty I thought tasted good but the bun was stale. Could be a location issue. I'll have to try it again at another store.

  29. Joe M

    Joe M2 months ago

    The buns are kept frozen now ...takes up the whole GD freezer ...real p in the a

  30. Charisma_XP

    Charisma_XP6 months ago

    Really asshole? Like nobody knows what a quarter pounder taste like. MReporter is garbage now.

  31. Mariah Kovac

    Mariah Kovac6 months ago

    Is it as good as fucking smokey ;))))))

  32. la cachiporra

    la cachiporra6 months ago

    Gonna have to compare this to the quarter pounder from BK.

  33. steveo288

    steveo2886 months ago

    Reviewing a hamburger shouldn't take 8 minutes. Is it more interesting making the videos longer? I don't think so.

  34. Andre Coleman

    Andre Coleman6 months ago

    that's called a neck burp

  35. Lisa Schnelle

    Lisa Schnelle6 months ago

    It was kind of disgusting. WAY too salty and greasy.

  36. Leroy Joneses

    Leroy Joneses6 months ago

    I don't think that pain was from a held in burp. Probably a mini stroke from the burger

  37. Wayne Lee Ramsden

    Wayne Lee Ramsden6 months ago

    in the uk the quarter pounder seemed to get smaller and smaller over i hope this is a thing in the uk too.

  38. Damienn KNOX

    Damienn KNOX6 months ago

    I usually get mine with no mustard an ketchup so they can make it fresh

  39. Noah the Boa

    Noah the Boa6 months ago

    The first day I had this I got food poisoning

  40. Stephen

    Stephen6 months ago

    I just tried one for the first time and definitely preferred it over the old style. I found it a bit more tender (less gristly) than the original. It tastes more like a homemade burger (using fresh ground 80/20 chuck). I think I'll favor a Quarter Pounder over BK's Whooper going forward. It's tough to finish a Whopper without it falling apart.


    DEXTER HIGGS6 months ago

    Watching you eat makes me sick to my stomach!

  42. Michael E.

    Michael E.6 months ago

    If youre ever looking for nostalgia, Hawaii still frozen along with our pies still being fried

  43. CCTV Thomas

    CCTV Thomas6 months ago

    Michael E. I miss those fried pies they was so delicius the baked pies are discusting!

  44. DeVaughn Currie

    DeVaughn Currie6 months ago

    Never hold it in

  45. Randy Guess

    Randy Guess6 months ago

    What is the music?

  46. Jguy365

    Jguy3656 months ago

    It is sooo much better. It tastes like a real burger. Before, all I could taste was the seasoning. Now, it has actual meat flavor.

  47. gibbyh65

    gibbyh656 months ago

    9min for a review, get to the point then,,,dont need to hear your lips smack either,,

  48. Mr. Whiskers

    Mr. Whiskers6 months ago

    Juicy cheese? Is that a thing? Closest thing I can think of is the liquid nacho cheese. Is that what you were referring to when you said _juicy cheese_ ?

  49. Gene Guilford

    Gene Guilford6 months ago

    Shaking your head and saying “it’s different,” without telling us how it is different isn’t helpful

  50. Jason Jones

    Jason Jones6 months ago

    Try the checkers big birtha

  51. Lumiére Darlin’

    Lumiére Darlin’6 months ago

    I will only watch YOUR review on this because I knew it was your fav to begin with which makes your opinion hold more weight 🙂

  52. LexTheRanger

    LexTheRanger6 months ago

    I like the Quarter Pounder BLT alot more.

  53. Skip Nasty

    Skip Nasty6 months ago

    You should review an iron for that shirt.

  54. Harmless

    Harmless6 months ago

    OML the first Food reviewer that eats with there mouth close ily! EVERYONE SUB TO THIS MAN!!

  55. Autumn

    Autumn6 months ago

    It is wet!!!

  56. Autumn

    Autumn6 months ago

    Though I like it better.

  57. Sean Rosas

    Sean Rosas6 months ago

    Bro this might sound weird but after watching you eat that makes me want to go get one :-) great food review.

  58. Michael Em-El

    Michael Em-El7 months ago


  59. Pacific Heights

    Pacific Heights7 months ago

    Gross. I do not want to hear from a weird looking albino talking about getting acid reflux symptoms in his neck.

  60. Paranormal Aktivity

    Paranormal Aktivity7 months ago

    This guy does the food review, holds burp in, injures neck. Lol

  61. Aesthetic Athlete

    Aesthetic Athlete7 months ago

    How does it compare to the monster thick burger I saw you review before?

  62. James Reddington

    James Reddington7 months ago

    Reviewbahs dad

  63. tyronedapimp

    tyronedapimp7 months ago

    Wow. I just found Bobby Flay long lost southern lil brother!!!!

  64. Jason

    Jason7 months ago

    Fresh "beef".

  65. leafmixer

    leafmixer7 months ago

    Any difference in taste for texture is nothing more than a marketing campaign. I just had one it's a little bit hotter than usual because probably not sitting under the heat lamp for as long but I've had a hot one before that. Don't really see or taste any huge difference. It's the same Quarter Pounder.

  66. Christopher A

    Christopher A7 months ago

    I’ve tried this burger a cpl times & frankly, it’s NOT as good. The meat is “ Thick & Juicy “ but, it tastes off. The flavor isn’t as pleasant as the old burger, I’ll take a Whopper or a Frisco Burger over this new burger at McDonald’s...

  67. Jordan Vallejo

    Jordan Vallejo7 months ago

    I love double quarter pounders.

  68. RedPillorBluePill

    RedPillorBluePill7 months ago

    I used to love DBL Qp's back in the day but they turned dry and chewy. Not they are back, hotter, jucier, and melts in your mouth

  69. Spade

    Spade7 months ago

    So it tastes like a real burger and not one with a bunch of preservatives.

  70. Jacqueline Laster

    Jacqueline Laster7 months ago

    I had one of these yesterday, it was SO good!

  71. 5argeTech /\

    5argeTech /\7 months ago

    Sorry mate! I just watched Gordon Ramsay cook some burgers on a Home Grill....McDonalds can't touch his burgers.

  72. John Paradise

    John Paradise7 months ago

    You should never suppress a burp. (Also, avoid Quarter pounders! Of any kind!)

  73. Thomas dragon

    Thomas dragon7 months ago

    You gotta try the sourdough king from bk

  74. AngelosWanted

    AngelosWanted7 months ago

    What I don't believe is that ppl still eat this garbage and think it's better for you. Go to the store, buy grass fed beef, make a mixture at home and cook it yourself. That's healthy and non processed. Not like this garbage....

  75. Beau

    Beau7 months ago

    AngelosWanted yes because the food you buy at the store is definitely not processed...

  76. jmess63

    jmess637 months ago

    Tastes like a Wendys single or double

  77. Tim Perilloux

    Tim Perilloux7 months ago

    Good review. Check out Numbersixwithcheese food review channel...some funny guys.

  78. Steven Ricchezza

    Steven Ricchezza7 months ago

    Quarter. Pounders are people.....

  79. Craig Farrell

    Craig Farrell7 months ago

    That slider looked tasty.

  80. Cardistry

    Cardistry7 months ago

    Dude the burger is amazing

  81. Chrus B

    Chrus B7 months ago

    The new beef is really good, but I'll take the old one.

  82. Matt O'Brien

    Matt O'Brien7 months ago

    I'll have to try this..... Looks good!

  83. cccckxcckeo

    cccckxcckeo7 months ago

    This burger is sex. McDonald’s is on to something... if they can switch all the burgers to this beef they will be on top

  84. Tammie Willard

    Tammie Willard7 months ago

    Love the music! Hate the burger

  85. john collins

    john collins7 months ago

    Attention stay away from the burger it causes neck spasms😂

  86. Melissa Onorati

    Melissa Onorati5 months ago

    john collins oh ok lol

  87. john collins

    john collins5 months ago

    Melissa you have to watch the video to get it.

  88. Melissa Onorati

    Melissa Onorati5 months ago

    john collins why?

  89. Stephany R

    Stephany R7 months ago

    john collins lmfao

  90. jackmack5173

    jackmack51737 months ago

    nice review

  91. Tobey Starburst

    Tobey Starburst7 months ago

    Great review man.

  92. Tobey Starburst

    Tobey Starburst7 months ago

    I can definately tell a difference loved it.

  93. James Veach

    James Veach7 months ago

    Wow you won't do that again wil -yee

  94. William Davenport

    William Davenport7 months ago

    Shit your mouth, and go to Five Guys burger and fries and try real good you rebellious fuck!

  95. pokeatrick

    pokeatrick7 months ago

    That wasn't your burping it was one of veins getting clogged up lol

  96. Ronald Donjuan

    Ronald Donjuan7 months ago

    Woah different taste... I got to try it out. Nice review.

  97. Michael K

    Michael K8 months ago

    Chewing Red Man

  98. Alex Miller

    Alex Miller8 months ago

    I've been told this patty is similar to the patty served at Five Guys. Can someone tell me if this is true or not?

  99. ramon carter

    ramon carter7 months ago

    yeah more on a wendys level

  100. Teh Fabled

    Teh Fabled7 months ago

    Alex Miller its more like wendys quality give or take

  101. Trespasser249

    Trespasser2498 months ago

    i always get the double quarter pounder with mac sauce and extra pickle and its so tasty

  102. Larry Mellerbe

    Larry Mellerbe8 months ago

    Do u have a Culver's near u reed

  103. Larry Mellerbe

    Larry Mellerbe6 months ago

    casualgamerreed You should try Culver's

  104. Larry Mellerbe

    Larry Mellerbe8 months ago

    casualgamerreed Damn... those burgers with the Wisconsin cheese are some of the best burgers on this planet. If u get a chance take a bite out of the delicious mushroom and Swiss with the Wisconsin double Swiss cheese! You won't look back

  105. casualgamerreed

    casualgamerreed8 months ago

    Larry Mellerbe no

  106. Larry Mellerbe

    Larry Mellerbe8 months ago

    Thicker than Malcolm's BBC. I'll be damned

  107. zakelwe

    zakelwe8 months ago

    Good review as always, good to know it does actually taste different. Perhaps they should do both so people can do their favourite? A double with both types together would be interesting, secret menu item :)

  108. max powers

    max powers7 months ago

    Lol whats wrong with you "ya can i have a lower quality drier patty please, i just dont like good food?"

  109. New Fast Food

    New Fast Food8 months ago

    zakelwe haha. That would definitely be interesting! I suppose you could special order it. Just call a day ahead and tell them to throw a patty in the freezer overnight. 😁

  110. Diagnol Snakeskin

    Diagnol Snakeskin8 months ago

    I can honestly say that you're the only reviewer I trust

  111. Monster Energy Mike

    Monster Energy Mike8 months ago

    I'm dying for an Eva Angelina review on here likely won't happen though so pls review Gobstoppers, nerd rope or runts

  112. Rick Grimes Gaming

    Rick Grimes Gaming8 months ago

    Reed please Review Monster Ultra Zero or Review McDonalds Sprite Mixed Berry Review please

  113. Noah Casey

    Noah Casey8 months ago

    Review either the big mac from McDonald's or Kentucky fried chicken from KFC

  114. New Fast Food

    New Fast Food8 months ago

    Noah Casey The Classics

  115. CJ Cutter

    CJ Cutter8 months ago

    Eating a whopper watching!

  116. Corn Fed

    Corn Fed2 months ago


  117. King Savage

    King Savage2 months ago


  118. william mize

    william mize5 months ago

    wha wtf really

  119. Cdpridg

    Cdpridg8 months ago

    Quarter pounder always been my favorite never the Big Mac but why hasn't it always been this suppose to be