MAVIC 2 PRO + ZOOM vs. MAVIC 1 - is it worth the $$$ ?


  1. CaseyNeistat

    CaseyNeistat11 months ago

    just want to apologize in advance; Dan was unable to complete the Tech Review Tuesday intro for this weeks episode. fingers crossed he has it done next week!

  2. Active YouTube

    Active YouTube11 days ago

    Love your videos I am a huge fan, but I disagree that the spark if that far behind the others.

  3. Octav Kirill

    Octav Kirill2 months ago


  4. MOPAR 300

    MOPAR 3005 months ago

    CaseyNeistat can you bless me with one of your older drones? Please

  5. Jennifer Avalos

    Jennifer Avalos6 months ago

    How many drones do you have

  6. James Birney

    James Birney3 hours ago

    Why not stick with better camera on 2 pro and zoom in post?

  7. Yad .A

    Yad .A2 days ago

    I thought you rate them by practicality and quality

  8. Adam Legend

    Adam Legend3 days ago

    I hate you Casey, when I first saw your spark review, I litterally went and bought it. 5 days later the air came out, saw your review, bought it (sold the spark), now I'm 2.05 minutes into your video writing this, thinking.... should I continue? Theres a pattern here.... It's your editing! Brilliant👍

  9. Mr.Charlie The cockatoo

    Mr.Charlie The cockatoo2 days ago

    @Adam Legend fuck off dude, you shouldn’t depend on someone! It’s your fucking life do what you like!


    REVELATION6663 days ago

    Do your own research instead of depending on someone else's shit.

  11. Chrono Trigger

    Chrono Trigger5 days ago

    should update this for summer 2019... now we have some serious dji competitors. The autel evo, the fimi x8 se (same camera/gimbal as the mavic pro 1 at 1/2 the price), and the zino (4k 30fps but at the spark price point)

  12. Big david Bryan

    Big david Bryan5 days ago

    thanks for tha advice, Ive ugraded from the spark(i still love) to the zoom

  13. Big david Bryan

    Big david Bryan5 days ago

    and yes, the gimbal cover, sucks ass

  14. darci maher!

    darci maher!5 days ago

    Lay out all your dreams and show us

  15. Toxic Silent

    Toxic Silent6 days ago

    The old mavic I thought looked the best of the three and that the zoom was the least impressive

  16. James R Patterson

    James R Patterson6 days ago

    Thumbs up 😁 well produced! Comical, attention-getting, informative, and comparisons valuable!

  17. Greg Williams

    Greg Williams13 days ago

    On the Mavic 1 you needed to adjust the exposure or balance. It was set to dark

  18. Joseph Böhme

    Joseph Böhme15 days ago

    Casey, It is Hokum. Your tripod lets you put any damn camera on it that you want, Your Boosted board lets almost!! anyone climb on board, you car does not say no to children, dogs, eqiuipment, passengers, You can change wipers, lights tires paint ++++ so why can't hey just make a copter and add the camerasthat DJI offers why throw away a purrrfectly good drone just cause it was 1080 and fixed focus. Dump that camera send in an uograde, don't make the drone a dodo bird.

  19. Andreas Abrahamsson

    Andreas Abrahamsson15 days ago

    I don't understand why you put the ZOOM with a lower quality picture ahead of the PRO? Judging by your clips there is a massive difference in dynamic range and overall picture quality, and the PRO kills it. Sure, no zoom lens but still way better picture. I'd buy the PRO.

  20. Edilson de Matos Oliveira

    Edilson de Matos Oliveira16 days ago

    Hello Casey Neistat, I'm from your channel, I'm from Brazil and I'm in love with Mavic 2 PRO, a pity that I do not have the money to buy, I arrive in Brazil with a lot of tax, and I'm poor I do not have to buy just watching the videos and open-mouthed, I'm only in the dream to have one, but thanks for the explanation, an observation puts legend in Portuguese (laugh). Thanks.

  21. Vinay Kumar Vutukuru

    Vinay Kumar Vutukuru18 days ago

    Notice that the Mavic 2 zoom is placed in front of the phantom 4 pro and Mavic 2 pro🤔😡😡😡

  22. Svetainiu Kurimas

    Svetainiu Kurimas22 days ago

    STOP eating your nails!

  23. Bennett Marcelo

    Bennett Marcelo23 days ago

    dude is that a tesla? lucky bastard

  24. ShishakliAus

    ShishakliAus25 days ago

    What's the point of a 4k video when the camera is out of focus? Unfortunately had to thumbs down this video so that youtube doesn't fill my feed with muppets.

  25. tarn currie

    tarn currie25 days ago

    Use the inspire 3

  26. unrepeatable raddish

    unrepeatable raddish26 days ago

    if you have a mavic pro still, make sure you fly with nd filters.... it makes a HUGE difference If you have never flown using filters then try that first before thinking you just need to upgrade to see improvements.

  27. Cowboy QI

    Cowboy QI29 days ago

    I want to buy this

  28. Con de Kirk

    Con de KirkMonth ago

    HIDEOUS waves at 4:41. what is that awful shit....

  29. California Bassin TV

    California Bassin TVMonth ago

    Awesome review. I appreciate you comparing the older models as well 👍

  30. Kevin S

    Kevin SMonth ago

    I just wonder 🤔you say the last time the same about the drone last time you said the mavic air is the one who you will carry from now on in your backpack lol dji I pay you to much 😂🤣

  31. Gap

    GapMonth ago

    I guess if its daylight, there isn't much of a difference and in low light the Inspire 1 and 2 blows all of them out of the water.

  32. Luis Canino

    Luis CaninoMonth ago

    I like the zoom much better, and to have a pro with no zoom capabilities is terrible for the upgrades and money. The picture quality between the pro 2 and zoom 2 is negligible, the zoom sells it.

  33. Richelle Heina

    Richelle HeinaMonth ago

    love the zoom cause you can take some sick shots with it but the quality on the pro is noticeably better

  34. Ken’s PAD - photo audio digital

    Ken’s PAD - photo audio digitalMonth ago

    In Canada flying drone is illegal without a permit, $5000 fine

  35. Ken’s PAD - photo audio digital

    Ken’s PAD - photo audio digitalMonth ago

    @Ben MaxStamina Get the drone license, it's now a specialty service

  36. Ben MaxStamina

    Ben MaxStaminaMonth ago

    Ken’s PAD - photo audio digital i feel you! it sucks eh?

  37. •CJPLAYS_• •z4pnoob•

    •CJPLAYS_• •z4pnoob•Month ago

    For Casey 399$ is super cheap daaaaammmnnn

  38. Amar Faris

    Amar FarisMonth ago

    can give me a drone because i can not afford it ... from the first i saw your review about drone

  39. cristian lag-ey

    cristian lag-eyMonth ago

    So I will buy mavic zoom

  40. Asley Magpatoc

    Asley MagpatocMonth ago

    Can i have one of your dji spark ❤️🎁🙏🏻

  41. Anonymi

    AnonymiMonth ago

    3:30 This guy is an incredible driver

  42. Memeboi

    MemeboiMonth ago

    Anonymi 😂 He’s so good that he doesn’t need to put his hands on the wheel 😂

  43. Patrick Allyn

    Patrick AllynMonth ago

    The zoom function seems a little odd to me. Shoot in 4k ---> 1080 timeline = embedded zoomability

  44. Yürïx Möntanø

    Yürïx MöntanøMonth ago

    Wish I had one of that too😥☹️

  45. Alex ander

    Alex anderMonth ago

    DJI 0 competitor in the markt ..

  46. Kenny Wheelus

    Kenny Wheelus2 months ago

    They already have another mavic drone called the platinum an also the enterprise, I believe the enterprise is there newest one,firefighters are testing them with the features an with the inferred camera ability to find missing persons sn check gor hot spots

  47. Kenny Wheelus

    Kenny Wheelus2 months ago

    Cassy bro I love the zoom.

  48. Quintin Haus

    Quintin Haus2 months ago

    Very biased review

  49. Brooklyn Freeman

    Brooklyn Freeman2 months ago

    I have the first mavic and still love it and use it all the time

  50. rob b

    rob b2 months ago

    people you cant trust ANYTHING Neistat says as he PAID for his opinions.. same as Mckinnon.



    Cant wait to get one so I can get my fly over shots for this years Scottish castle videos

  52. matus201

    matus2012 months ago

    Did you try to hammer the lens cover on? I don't think you're using enough force...

  53. theoldschoolgames

    theoldschoolgames2 months ago

    Mavic 2 pro seems laggy

  54. Huda Official

    Huda Official2 months ago


  55. DJI Drones and Stuff

    DJI Drones and Stuff2 months ago

    I know I’m probably 1 out of a few million people asking you questions, and this is an old video, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut........just wondering what kind of marker or pen you used to mark your Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom. Thanks man! Love your videos!

  56. D Tekk Pro

    D Tekk Pro2 months ago

    Stop abusing ur tech 😂 I get u don’t wanna waste time but just don’t abuse it like that

  57. Tito celular

    Tito celular2 months ago

    hi can you give me a drone dji? I live in Miami Florida

  58. Ray Kelly

    Ray Kelly2 months ago

    I will be getting a Mavic one day. Happy with my P4 for now.

  59. Matthew Rivera

    Matthew Rivera2 months ago

    Can I have one !!! Lol thanks

  60. Jakob Turnup

    Jakob Turnup2 months ago

    I got some Mavic 2 Pro footage on my Channel and would be happy if you check it out and help me a bit :)