MAVIC 2 PRO + ZOOM vs. MAVIC 1 - is it worth the $$$ ?


  1. CaseyNeistat

    CaseyNeistat8 months ago

    just want to apologize in advance; Dan was unable to complete the Tech Review Tuesday intro for this weeks episode. fingers crossed he has it done next week!

  2. MOPAR 300

    MOPAR 3002 months ago

    CaseyNeistat can you bless me with one of your older drones? Please

  3. Jennifer Avalos

    Jennifer Avalos3 months ago

    How many drones do you have

  4. Andre Qualls

    Andre Qualls4 months ago

    I see you got another mavic pro after losing your last one after the chopper ride back from the airport

  5. Sheran bro

    Sheran bro5 months ago

    I like Drone but...

  6. Ray Kelly

    Ray Kelly20 hours ago

    I will be getting a Mavic one day. Happy with my P4 for now.

  7. Matthew Rivera

    Matthew Rivera2 days ago

    Can I have one !!! Lol thanks

  8. Jir8i

    Jir8i2 days ago

    I got some Mavic 2 Pro footage on my Channel and would be happy if you check it out and help me a bit :)

  9. Χρηστος Αθανασιου

    Χρηστος Αθανασιου2 days ago

    Men!! Come on... respect your drone...

  10. Dane Wiley

    Dane Wiley23 hours ago

    Χρηστος Αθανασιου u saw him breaking the camera at the end trying to put on the lenses protector?

  11. Nicolai Dalin

    Nicolai Dalin4 days ago

    Hey Casey why don't you use the mavics more???

  12. stewheelie

    stewheelie4 days ago

    Just watched a review on the Pro vs the Zoom low light, night flying, the Pro eats the Zoom. So if day time, I would go Zoom, if night time shots were a major issue, I would go Pro.

  13. Great World of Fishing

    Great World of Fishing9 days ago

    Does Mavic 2 have return home feature ? Just wondering

  14. mavicjoe

    mavicjoe8 days ago

    Great World of Fishing yes


    ITSURBOIXD9 days ago

    I dont get it. What is all this 368 stuff

  16. XdClownz

    XdClownz11 days ago

    I Kinda think that the mavic 1 looks the best

  17. Roger St martin

    Roger St martin15 days ago

    A 40 something year old man that rides a skateboard and has a bunch of 10 year old subscribers. No thanks.. going back to captain drone.

  18. daenasty caezar

    daenasty caezar19 days ago

    Hi casey can u give 1 drone for me.

  19. Ryan Corcoran

    Ryan Corcoran19 days ago

    Which drone is recommended if I want to sell work one day and become Part 107 certified: spark, air, pro platinum?

  20. Diamond Boi

    Diamond Boi22 days ago

    1:55 I had the same problem lol


    THE DAF FAMILY22 days ago

    I love DJI drones I went from the spark to the mavic pro platinum and the upgrade was amazing even though I still love my spark. I haven't flight the mavic 2 or zoom but I will probably wait and purchase the inspire 2 or 3 instead of the zoom and mavic 2 just my personal opinion.

  22. К_видео

    К_видео22 days ago

    I can't imagine Casey studying for the Part 107 exam.

  23. nozrati

    nozrati22 days ago

    In my opinion, quality of Mavic 2 Pro is much better than the zoom. The zoom does give you the ability to shoot in its own unique way. I love that vertigo effect but I can live without it. I’d much rather get insane high quality footage. Ideally, it would be great if the two models were combined. Maybe we’ll get that in a future model.

  24. Rellmoney love yall day today

    Rellmoney love yall day today23 days ago

    Hi can I get one ....... for u

  25. Ryan  Yoder

    Ryan Yoder23 days ago

    That knife you used is not legal in New York

  26. Loading Last Name

    Loading Last NameMonth ago

    How old is this guy...? Dresses like he still "hangs" at the mall.

  27. cgtalk !

    cgtalk !Month ago

    Why does the mavic pro 2 have a stutter to the 4k video compared to the original mavic? Like not enough bandwidth. Anyone know? Good example is at 7:45

  28. Faiz Khan

    Faiz KhanMonth ago

    Nice video

  29. Alex Oas

    Alex OasMonth ago

    I've been debating over which of these 3 to choose from for months now. Super helpful video. Thank you! The only thing attracting me towards the 1st generation Mavic is that I can mount an Insta360 One X to it using a legitimate attachment accessory. But then there's the Pro 2 with the 1" sensor... and then there's the 2 Zoom with zoom function for some awesome aerial dolly zooms... Really want to mount a 360 camera to a drone without having to jury rig it, but also have better quality image than the 1st gen Mavic. Even after watching this, it's hard to decide.

  30. The Blue Shirt Kid

    The Blue Shirt KidMonth ago


  31. Delaypat

    DelaypatMonth ago

    Maybe one day I'll get a zoom... When I'm until then, I will fly the ultra cheap holy stone line up... Please send me one. Lololol

  32. Kris Sutherland

    Kris SutherlandMonth ago

    In my opinion, the mavic air is still the best drone for it's money. If you compare the footage from the air and the mavic 2 zoom and pro, the mavic 2 is not worth the money. The only negative on the air is that it has no occusync. The zooming function is nice, but, it's a drone, it can fly closer.

  33. compilations compilations

    compilations compilationsMonth ago

    pls answer quickk notice!! plss is this sponsored or you buy it plsss im curious hahaha ok?

  34. VistarCreative

    VistarCreativeMonth ago

    Dude! Quit banging your gear around! It's driving me crazy!

  35. Mohammad Ehtsham

    Mohammad EhtshamMonth ago

    1:55 lmao I love how he kept that in the video

  36. Ahsan Bukhari

    Ahsan BukhariMonth ago

    Is paid promotion of DJI's less selling Mavic Zoom.

  37. Jimmy Painter

    Jimmy PainterMonth ago

    Dude ... I still can't get over your ability to cut and edit like you do. Makes me wanna give in and quit since I will never get to come and partake in "Casey's school of Video". You have an art that is unsurpassed. Please bring yourself and the family to Nashville and I will put you up and we will hit all the freezing coolest of places you can hit while you're here. Love the reviews almost makes me with I had of bought a Mavic but then I fly my Inspire and dream of an X5 Raw upgrade. Maybe someday .. I'll buy an Inspire 2 when the 3 comes out and they get cheaper. I do think I'll upgrade my Tello to a Spark or a good used Mavic later on. Can never have too many toys ... right ???

  38. Jimmy Painter

    Jimmy PainterMonth ago

    P.S. I have lots of Kayaks, motorcycles, and even a boat if you hurry.

  39. Cray Cray

    Cray CrayMonth ago

    The chart needs work, I don’t agree with it at all. I do enjoy your videos. How is a $1000 drone cheap? To the common person that’s a lot of money.

  40. Norman Zeb

    Norman ZebMonth ago

    Thank You

  41. Steve Arnold

    Steve ArnoldMonth ago

    any thoughts on the DJI controller versus using your phone???

  42. Cooper Fellows

    Cooper FellowsMonth ago

    Casey, What type of Maker do you use to write on your products? I need something like that.

  43. Dakoolguy111

    Dakoolguy111Month ago

    He puts the Mavic 2 Pro above the Phantom 4 even though it is only $50 cheaper... and puts the mavic 2 zoom to the right of the mavic pro and phantom 4?!

  44. Maxime Marjollet

    Maxime MarjolletMonth ago

    His chart doesn't make much sens but you can get the point anyway lol

  45. Friend Built

    Friend BuiltMonth ago

    All you need is the spark. Can get cool shots for 400

  46. Nunya Bizness

    Nunya Bizness2 months ago

    Your office or house - OMG!!! I would never leave - nice setup

  47. Pablo Escobar

    Pablo Escobar2 months ago

    You put that Air too low on the quality spectrum. I would have centered it right smack in the middle of the chart

  48. Ben Johnston

    Ben Johnston2 months ago


  49. BastardSquad

    BastardSquad2 months ago

    Finally. A comparison video that I can understand. Cheers dude. What would be ideal though is a low light comparison?

  50. Vitality Massage

    Vitality Massage2 months ago

    Why didn't we get to see it zoom in and out?

  51. Vinny Osborne

    Vinny Osborne2 months ago

    If CN paid for them rather than get them as free Samples; maybe he wouldn't throw them all over the table?

  52. Greg Kellerman

    Greg Kellerman2 months ago

    Still has that slight horizontal bowing effect.

  53. Armored Drones

    Armored Drones2 months ago

    the way you treat the hardware is fucking unreal. plus fucking up flying for the rest of us like going through new york? idiot

  54. Rinku Pinku

    Rinku Pinku2 months ago

    Give me plz

  55. MK Productions

    MK Productions2 months ago

    Who's driving the car?!

  56. Alex MH

    Alex MH2 months ago

    I felt nervous with that roller coaster shot! I felt like you shouldn't have flown over the track at all just got forbid anything happened....also, the question is not what DJI drone should I buy, it's what DJI drone can i afford! Because if money was no object to me, I would mist likely buy the highest spec Matrice! But as circumstances are at the moment I have the Mavic Air. I am however looking to see if I can find a bargain mavic 2 pro, because that thing looks incredible! And it's got about a 10 mile round trip range on it!

  57. AbsoluteXero

    AbsoluteXero2 months ago

    night time performance???

  58. Alex Dunda

    Alex Dunda2 months ago

    Yea but considering that you can still get a refurbished Mavic Pro for $650 is a stellar deal and to me should be the best for consumers and should be the best cost for performance.

  59. Lucasbreno2000

    Lucasbreno20002 months ago

    Gostei muito do seu vídeo, pena que no meu País as taxas são altas e com isso fica caro para adquirir um Mavic 2 zoom. Quem sabe um dia poderei ter um. Mas continue mostrando para nós seu trabalho que está muito bem feito e engraçado. Forte abraço. Gilberto Campos.✌✌✌

  60. brett wood

    brett wood3 months ago

    Casey your videos are the best I've been watching your videos for years All ways loved your reviews and unboxing I wish I could afford one of these DJI mavics one day I guess. love your videos

  61. Görkem Hacıoğlu

    Görkem Hacıoğlu3 months ago

    Wrong choice Casey :(

  62. Mohu Alsharaf

    Mohu Alsharaf3 months ago

    Have you checked out the Hubsan Zino drone yet?! You should review it!

  63. Gotenham

    Gotenham3 months ago

    Your chart for the price makes no sense

  64. David Boucher

    David Boucher3 months ago

    You should review the Parrot Anafi. It’s a Budget 4K drone

  65. Emo666Cali

    Emo666Cali3 months ago

    its hard to do a vs with a Weiner in your @$$, lolz

  66. Knight Austin Resurreccion

    Knight Austin Resurreccion3 months ago

    I would like to have a drone my mom and dad cant afford one i love tour channel I’m having fun watching your drones please thanks

  67. Mike L

    Mike L3 months ago

    How often were your drones higher than 400 ft? How often did you fly over people?

  68. whereverimayroam

    whereverimayroamMonth ago


  69. Five Inches

    Five Inches3 months ago

    Awesome review, great videos I just subscribed, I want you to know I bought I Mavic 2 based on this video, it’s been amazing done some crazy shots I could not have done before with my phantom 4 pro.

  70. Martin Plantak

    Martin Plantak3 months ago

    Hay Casey love your videos,do you have maybe one drone that you can send it to me in Croatia,please? I am youst asking :)

  71. Javier Puente

    Javier Puente3 months ago

    Mavic pro 1 looks under exposed I've fly both of them and they look exactly the same obviously they got paid for this so they can make the old one no so good looking hahahahahahah

  72. TheDreadHeadVlogger

    TheDreadHeadVlogger3 months ago


  73. john camacho

    john camacho3 months ago

    Casey can I PLEASE trade in my drone with a Dji because I really want it bad but it’s very expensive, I have a 3dr solo drone with all the accessories

  74. DestinationTruth

    DestinationTruth3 months ago

    Thanks for the awesome reviews Casey! I needed an opinion I scan trust!

  75. MT Productions

    MT Productions3 months ago


  76. Alexander Gomes

    Alexander Gomes3 months ago

    I hate it how you handle tech products

  77. Josh Andreacchio

    Josh AndreacchioMonth ago

    I would send Casey new tech just to test how rugged it is. If he doesn't break it during the unboxing, it passes the final QA "C.N." test. I'd even print it on the marketing material. Maybe even create an entire association that tests products and gives them a "C.N." rating based on how many hours he was able to keep it in his possesion before he smashed it to bits. I'd imagine the mavic 2 probably has around a "C.N. 14.5" rating. 14.5 hours before he manages to crush the camera and gimbal trying slam the cover on it repeatedly.

  78. Maria Luz Brazas

    Maria Luz Brazas3 months ago

    Can you give me a drone plsssssssss

  79. Kenn Pryor

    Kenn Pryor3 months ago

    simply put THANKS for yor no BS reviews it ... all the other stuff like flight time, dolly zoom and so on is simple to figure out depending on needs. My expieiance is one year flying magic pro 1....47 hours of flight time

  80. RockyGaming

    RockyGaming3 months ago

    13,238k dollars left in a taxi😂😂😂

  81. dogs n drones

    dogs n drones3 months ago

    I feel like Casey needs to adjust the iso and quality of each of them

  82. dkilig

    dkilig3 months ago

    dji真的是一个非常牛逼的公司,mavic pro一代真的挺棒,缺点就是画质硬伤,第二代改进了,价格也提升到1万人民币,真羡慕这帮欧美人买个无人机就像买个玩具一样,几百刀对你们来说都是小钱

  83. Andrew Le

    Andrew Le3 months ago

    Seeing all those drones spread out like that reminds me of snowcrabs lol deadliest catch

  84. Lil McCluck

    Lil McCluck3 months ago

    Wait a minute a drone that is 799 is more expensive than a 999 dollar drone lol

  85. Donnie johnson

    Donnie johnson3 months ago

    I only payed $800 for my original mavic in the spring of 2018 brand new at best buy so I don’t think the 2 is that much better considering the price gap and the original mavic has the zoom feature but only when shooting in 1080p

  86. usa maxmax

    usa maxmax3 months ago

    Very generic review.

  87. Al Paca

    Al Paca3 months ago

    Wait, how does the $999 drone go higher than a $799 drone in terms of cheapness?

  88. Si Mon 2

    Si Mon 23 months ago

    I’ve already damaged the gimble trying to put that plastic cover on !! Shit !

  89. Lee Rike

    Lee Rike3 months ago

    suggestions for making the image of Pro 1 more light like pro 2?

  90. Necdet Duman

    Necdet Duman4 months ago

    amk eline aldığın alete önce bi iyi davran . güzel bak anasını siktin makinenin

  91. Michael Mauk

    Michael Mauk4 months ago

    Ok now is the time for me to decide which one the zoom or the pro-CaseyNeistat is the zoom still your favorite?

  92. F3ARHappy

    F3ARHappy4 months ago

    Your intros are the greatest things ON THE PLANET!!! 🌏 👍👌


    MRMADDEN&2K4 months ago

    Props on 10 mill I’m tryna get started on MReporter but idk where to start there is so much to talk about and do. I have a decent camera and ok audio but what should I do?

  94. Signal Pig

    Signal Pig4 months ago

    The Mavic Air is still the best travel drone 4me. Left pocket: Controller. Right Pocket: Mavic Air. 😉

  95. StaticTube Matic

    StaticTube Matic4 months ago

    Thanks for the video brother, it helped me 10 fold.

  96. Advising ShamWow

    Advising ShamWow4 months ago

    So is this the 1st magic pro versus the mavick pro to? Or are both of these mavic 2 pros, but one has an extra zoom lens? Cause the beginning of the video you said they were both mavick pro 2

  97. muzikmon2267

    muzikmon22674 months ago


  98. Joe Musquiz

    Joe Musquiz4 months ago

    Great review. If Money was not a problem. Which DJI is the best for a Corporate Beginner Drone?

  99. Ronny Phi

    Ronny Phi4 months ago

    and also the way he throws the mavic air

  100. Ronny Phi

    Ronny Phi4 months ago

    the way he throws the spark down tho 2:25

  101. B Drones

    B Drones4 months ago

    When was the last time you actually paid for a drone?

  102. Christian Skylv

    Christian Skylv4 months ago

    "Where did i put the [drone]?" *lifts up piece of paper to check* Says something about the size of todays drones:))

  103. NanoPixel Studio

    NanoPixel Studio4 months ago

    Ahh, the good ole dirty frank from Coney Island!

  104. miggidymalks

    miggidymalks4 months ago

    Haha how rough is this guy..

  105. Henrique Montalvão

    Henrique Montalvão4 months ago

    dude, the sound and music is atrocious

  106. Joseph Böhme

    Joseph Böhme4 months ago

    Casey looking at the footage there was absolutely no detail on your youtube 1080 download, that made me think back of film, I am waiting for a greater old world 6x6cm quality we used to accept as standard. All video is still not there, but neither are the audience. as you say equipment takes a back seat to story and edits.


    DRONE MASTER4 months ago

    The mavic 2 zoom looks the best the background music is horrible

  108. speedingtube

    speedingtube4 months ago

    Mavic 1 footage is so much smoother @7:43 Pro and Zoom both showing lag @8:08 Mavic 1 wins here for me, just need to adjust the light levels in the edit.

  109. Nasional

    Nasional4 months ago

    ok we go it, you're rich, you dont give a fuck about your gear!

  110. Videos Infinitum

    Videos Infinitum4 months ago

    I have to say, the colors look a lot more vivid when unedited .