Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer


  1. Sanjay Das

    Sanjay Das33 minutes ago

    This is one well crafted trailer!

  2. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith33 minutes ago

    She said this wasnt made for white dudes, so ill be glad to premiere this in my living room opening night 👍

  3. ホームズ

    ホームズ33 minutes ago


  4. Esha Bhardwaj

    Esha Bhardwaj33 minutes ago

    Disappointed. High expectations.

  5. Yusuff Husin

    Yusuff Husin34 minutes ago

    Tak sabar nak tggu

  6. silena197

    silena19734 minutes ago

    #1 on trending 🔥🔥🔥


    HINGMINASHI EIKHOI34 minutes ago

    The actress is a little bit boring for me!

  8. BrutalInsane

    BrutalInsane34 minutes ago

    Remember when Jude law used to make good original movies instead of this simple minded bullshit?

  9. ItsHusain

    ItsHusain34 minutes ago

    Cant wait for Avengers infinity war 2 😴

  10. EpicPx

    EpicPx34 minutes ago

    Omg I am so proud of myself I was one of the top 500 k views (1hour after it was released)

  11. NoxDeadly

    NoxDeadly34 minutes ago

    I’m getting strong sitcom vibes from this trailer

  12. gingersleep

    gingersleep34 minutes ago

    Feminism = anti-fun.

  13. Padmashri Saravanan

    Padmashri Saravanan34 minutes ago

    1:43 the killing bgm it's really awesome

  14. Opmaster

    Opmaster34 minutes ago

    The old lady is probably a scroll / skroll correct my spelling lmao

  15. gagnashdiak x

    gagnashdiak x34 minutes ago

    Wow, this looks like shit!

  16. istva kohanec

    istva kohanec34 minutes ago

    I will watch the movie just because Agent Coulson is in it 😃😃😃

  17. Kaustubh Sonarkar

    Kaustubh Sonarkar34 minutes ago


  18. Kshitij Sahdev

    Kshitij Sahdev34 minutes ago

    Boooooring But I'll still watch it smh

  19. Turhaturpa

    Turhaturpa34 minutes ago

    1:20 She's going to see the manager with her homies. Look at that facial expression, lmao

  20. ema93a

    ema93a34 minutes ago

    Not what I was expecting but equally exciting.

  21. Connor Oshay

    Connor Oshay34 minutes ago

    Captain Marvel,....the ultimate Feminist Mary Sue that will push the Avengers aside and kill Thanos and all white men,....MARVEL JUST DIED!!!

  22. Indian Battle Hound

    Indian Battle Hound34 minutes ago

    1:40 Who is that ?

  23. Noah Joseph

    Noah Joseph35 minutes ago

    The only amazing part 1:45

  24. Azmir Aziz

    Azmir Aziz35 minutes ago

    What a boring hero. Seems uninteresting. But I'll go and see it anyway when it's out. There's nothing good to anticipate since after avanger infinity war.

  25. aus741LX

    aus741LX35 minutes ago

    I don't know why but every time I see Brie Larson's face I'm reminded of Lena Dunham

  26. MCOC Gaming471

    MCOC Gaming47135 minutes ago

    *Thanos has left the chat*

  27. Brandon Hero Fan Robinson

    Brandon Hero Fan Robinson35 minutes ago

    Looking forward to this can't wait to see the Kree/Skrull War and this may not happen but when Disney and Fox get the deal settled i would love to see CaptainMarvel fight the Brotherhood of Mutants and go head to head with Rouge, (Marie) since thats how Marie gained the abilities of Super strength and Flight.

  28. Flab Quiz

    Flab Quiz35 minutes ago

    Oh, Heeeeeyeeeeaaaaaallll yasssss!!

  29. Evert Chin

    Evert Chin35 minutes ago

    uh... this is not in 21:9 aspect ratio?

  30. Bizarre4

    Bizarre435 minutes ago

    Muse -ruled my secrecy plagiarism ? )

  31. Videos Funny In The Word

    Videos Funny In The Word35 minutes ago

    indonesia mana bilang hadir ke

  32. yasa' Muhammad

    yasa' Muhammad35 minutes ago

    Im watch in 720

  33. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

    Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu35 minutes ago

    Marvel need to upgrade for the second trailer..this one feels like boring

  34. Thug Rose

    Thug Rose35 minutes ago

    Looks ehhh, think I'd rather see Shazam

  35. Pakela

    Pakela35 minutes ago

    She was wearing a agents of shield hat but I thought Sheila is done

  36. Barack O. Llama

    Barack O. Llama35 minutes ago

    Not being sexist or racist here, however, you know this movie will get good ratings (same as bp) because there is a woman as the leader, instead for bp it was someone of different race to the ones told before.

  37. Maraden Siregar

    Maraden Siregar36 minutes ago

    Captain Marvelina if it's a girl and Captain Marvelino if it's a boy

  38. Naveen Rajalwal

    Naveen Rajalwal36 minutes ago



    HINGMINASHI EIKHOI36 minutes ago

    I don't like this trailer unlike others

  40. Roland Herbert

    Roland Herbert36 minutes ago

    Damn people really tearing Brie and the trailer itself apart.

  41. nishadece

    nishadece36 minutes ago

    Oh beautiful

  42. the orbital dutchman

    the orbital dutchman36 minutes ago

    this sucks

  43. William Baumann

    William Baumann36 minutes ago

    What a bunch of winers. Wait for the movie, then decide.

  44. Sam Waterhouse

    Sam Waterhouse36 minutes ago

    This is the first time watching one of these many marvel trailers that I feel I’m not watching a Marvel blockbuster but instead a Netflix show. Perhaps it’s like Star Wars and the fans are getting some fatigue as we just had infinity war that was a massive film and now this, which just feels cheap and boring and gives impressions of the green lantern film.

  45. Ivan Rodruguez

    Ivan Rodruguez36 minutes ago

    Not excited lol

  46. Mehmood Ali

    Mehmood Ali36 minutes ago

    It will be a flop i think so

  47. Aj Rollo

    Aj Rollo37 minutes ago

    I hope the entire movie just has a constant crescendo as a soundtrack. Just two hours of super loud orchestra hits with no context.

  48. Muktesh Kumar

    Muktesh Kumar37 minutes ago

    This trailer gave me freaking goosebumps!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😯😯😯😯😯 Sooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!........

  49. Tosif Ansari

    Tosif Ansari37 minutes ago

    where is Shahrukh khan

  50. Rupen Sen

    Rupen Sen37 minutes ago

    Where's the Avengers?

  51. Aiden Rawlins

    Aiden Rawlins37 minutes ago

    Please don't go victim mode marvel we know she's a female you don't need to put it in big bright words.

  52. Gilang Rizqy R

    Gilang Rizqy R37 minutes ago

    DC Fanboys tries to cheer themselves by saying this movie is a Garbage.

  53. darblackraven

    darblackraven37 minutes ago

    sorry, im not hyped

  54. Doctor Manhattan

    Doctor Manhattan37 minutes ago

    This looks kinda trash

  55. Cynthia Tanaka

    Cynthia Tanaka37 minutes ago

    I really2 cant waitttttt!!!! Whos same with meeee?????

  56. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan37 minutes ago

    Is her can defeat Thanos ?

  57. mamata havnur

    mamata havnur37 minutes ago

    Oh 😍 😱 rip old lady 🙏

  58. Glyph 123

    Glyph 12337 minutes ago

    Now this is why the MCU is the best Cinematic Universe of all time!

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    งานออนไลน์ หาเงินออนไลน์ TV37 minutes ago

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  60. alexandre veitsman

    alexandre veitsman37 minutes ago

    The younger Samuel L. Jackson is the only thing which impressed me in this trailer///

  61. Ivan Henley

    Ivan Henley38 minutes ago


  62. p r o g r e s s i v e

    p r o g r e s s i v e38 minutes ago

    Brie was great in Room but WTF her acting looks all kinda awful in this trailer. Pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to sit through the whole movie, that was painful enough.

  63. Piyush Singh

    Piyush Singh38 minutes ago

    I don't like this thing

  64. themoewclub. 95

    themoewclub. 9538 minutes ago

    There was an idea

  65. nets freak

    nets freak38 minutes ago

    Lit ar

  66. The Void

    The Void38 minutes ago

    -The movie will be out the streets in 8 march 2019 Every like the comment will get it will decrease the date of the movie one day Let's go (iam going to like my own comment) it's 7 march now 1 like = on day before the movie hits the streets

  67. issa aroch

    issa aroch38 minutes ago

    So i dont get where infinity war is involved with this like am i gonna wait a whole year to find out what happens cause im really pissed off about the ending of infinite war

  68. Tetsu Hatano

    Tetsu Hatano38 minutes ago

    It couldn’t have been something like “discover what makes her a true marvel” I feel like that’d be more appropriate in this case

  69. Mariofil

    Mariofil38 minutes ago

    Wait did anyone saw Rononan at 1:32

  70. meet soni

    meet soni38 minutes ago

    1:31 incredible scene👐👐

  71. Mollie Plenzich

    Mollie Plenzich38 minutes ago

    I'm scrolling through and all I can see are negative comments, and it just makes me sad to see people bashing up a film from the teaser trailer. Of course, freedom of speech and all, you're more than willing to express an opinion, but so many people have written off this film before it's even begun! I, for one, think that Captain Marvel is going to be an integral character moving forward in the MCU (especially in A4), so this trailer was MADE to not reveal anything. I've also seen some people saying that this is gonna be terrible because it's a female lead, and I have no words for that, just a facepalm and furrowed eyebrows. If anything, give this a chance because of the amazing score I hear in the background - you can always count on the score to emotionally charge otherwise bland scenes. I'm excited for what's coming next, keep up the great work Marvel!

  72. professional gamer

    professional gamer38 minutes ago

    Somehow hitting a grandma make u a hero

  73. themoewclub. 95

    themoewclub. 9538 minutes ago

    She doesn't look to powerful than avengers

  74. nqi87

    nqi8738 minutes ago

    Didn’t Rogue from the X-men steal her powers?

  75. Space Life

    Space Life38 minutes ago


  76. GET BOY

    GET BOY39 minutes ago

    Yes oh f₹&@

  77. Lei Dan

    Lei Dan39 minutes ago

    Numba wan in nigeria


    PRIMA INTRO39 minutes ago

    #1 Indonesia

  79. Avery Linder

    Avery Linder39 minutes ago

    ITS HERE!!!! OMG YAYYYY ❤️💙❤️💙

  80. M. Fareez

    M. Fareez39 minutes ago

    That old lady must be from the Madagascar that beat Alex

  81. Zeynel Can

    Zeynel Can39 minutes ago

    Subscribe please?

  82. EEE ZZZ

    EEE ZZZ39 minutes ago


  83. Adarsh Jha

    Adarsh Jha39 minutes ago

    Didn't like it at all...

  84. Roland Herbert

    Roland Herbert39 minutes ago

    After seeing a year of candids, it is great to finally see the official trailer. This looks bomb af.

  85. Eva Kereru

    Eva Kereru39 minutes ago

    SON OF COUL!!!!

  86. Sanjit Biswas

    Sanjit Biswas39 minutes ago

    Marvel please This time world released date & India released date same i think!!!! Please please MARVEL Love you!!!

  87. Gunnar Cottle

    Gunnar Cottle40 minutes ago

    Hm. Looks interesting.

  88. miwaly ffe

    miwaly ffe40 minutes ago

    This is going to be worse than Green Lantern... Sorry but this is the truth... After the quality of Infinity War, this will be like Teletubbies...

  89. The Critical Drinker

    The Critical Drinker40 minutes ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Brie Larson has precisely one facial expression that she uses in every situation. She looks like she's smelled something vaguely unpleasant in an elevator and is trying to decide whether or not it's a fart. It's so distracting because the trailer otherwise looks awesome, but I just can't un-see this.

  90. Andrew Wilson

    Andrew Wilson40 minutes ago

    Wow looks soo... Naff.

  91. Tchalla King

    Tchalla King40 minutes ago

    Damm Grandma got rocked. Woah Marvel!!!! you are getting too dark

  92. Rafferty Adams

    Rafferty Adams40 minutes ago

    she slapped the wrinkles out of that granny

  93. Prasanth Naidu

    Prasanth Naidu40 minutes ago

    Captain marvel beat💪💪 Lucy😉😉

  94. liam wiliantara

    liam wiliantara40 minutes ago

    #1 indonesia

  95. Kuya Jairus

    Kuya Jairus41 minute ago

    Why did she hitbthe lady

  96. Alex Rednax

    Alex Rednax41 minute ago

    Wait, hold on. Could this be, if i’m thinking about this right, the first movie before the avengers and Marvel movies? (Not including Captain America.)

  97. Shivender vishawkarma

    Shivender vishawkarma41 minute ago

    The end was awesome

  98. Kira

    Kira41 minute ago

    Punching the elderly Ranking 1.Caleb City 2.Captain Marvel

  99. -Roblox- Master

    -Roblox- Master41 minute ago

    Feminists are gonna bag this movie

  100. isal 1

    isal 141 minute ago

    Waiting for this movie