Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer


  1. Bhien 17

    Bhien 1745 minutes ago

    Who will win ? Capten Marvel vs Thanos vs Kratos 😁😁✌️

  2. Teaching Hub

    Teaching Hub45 minutes ago

    Waiting for end game trailer😍

  3. HuzzyBoii

    HuzzyBoii45 minutes ago

    Why is Captain Marvel not a black trangender apache helicopter?! I'm offended

  4. vinayak surya narain

    vinayak surya narain45 minutes ago

    Very disappointing trailer. I was hyped for the trailer and all that is gone.and Kevin fiege bullshit.

  5. Raging Phoenix

    Raging Phoenix45 minutes ago

    'I am not what you think I am'.Too cliched.😐

  6. M Samet K

    M Samet K45 minutes ago


  7. Manivannan c

    Manivannan c45 minutes ago

    Who are here in the first 24 hrs

  8. keyur khare

    keyur khare45 minutes ago

    Like the comment who is Very very excited about this movie...?

  9. Remesh Kesy Kesy

    Remesh Kesy Kesy45 minutes ago

    her she attacked the old lady!!!!!

  10. Blue BoomPony

    Blue BoomPony45 minutes ago

    If the superhero industrial complex wants to wow me, make these into films or, better, series. - Irredeemable - Doom Patrol - Astro City

  11. Mr S

    Mr S45 minutes ago

    #1 trending Malaysia

  12. Oggymessi Lionel

    Oggymessi Lionel45 minutes ago

    0.57 TITAN?

  13. Jpxfrd Alex

    Jpxfrd Alex46 minutes ago

    She hot

  14. Hair of the Dog

    Hair of the Dog46 minutes ago

    So do we still call Captain America 'Cap? Or do we say male 'Cap? Or do we just stop calling him 'Cap? This feels like the end of an era...

  15. Bujinisis089

    Bujinisis08946 minutes ago

    Mehhh... Only way I'll see this is it's for free.

  16. Maria Woodruff

    Maria Woodruff46 minutes ago

    This trailer is kind of a let down for me, after infinity war, just to go back like 30years when fury had both eyes. Idk, it just goes off on another limb and I need a4, not a grandma punching girl with amnesia.

  17. Gary Stevens

    Gary Stevens46 minutes ago


  18. alexthemaster 40020

    alexthemaster 4002046 minutes ago

    Omg whhy 2019

  19. Sentient Thundertank

    Sentient Thundertank46 minutes ago

    Did they even bother with de ageing tech on Sam Jackson? That guy is eternally young, like he's an immortal with a 40 year olds face.

  20. Black Shinobi

    Black Shinobi46 minutes ago


  21. Agent Washington

    Agent Washington46 minutes ago

    No thanks.

  22. Made in German

    Made in German46 minutes ago

    Bin ich der einzige deutsche ? 😞😂

  23. Movie Games

    Movie Games46 minutes ago

    Me knowing nothing about Captain Marvel, this feels like an exact copy of Superman. Alien living on Earth defending her new planet against other aliens?

  24. Great Epic Games

    Great Epic Games47 minutes ago


  25. Nadya Putri M

    Nadya Putri M47 minutes ago

    #1 in Indonesia

  26. The Humming Prince

    The Humming Prince47 minutes ago

    oh... a serious marvel movie

  27. Sundareesh Praveen

    Sundareesh Praveen47 minutes ago


  28. Joshua Cee

    Joshua Cee47 minutes ago

    Thanos is not seen in the trailer. It just focus to captain marvel ♥

  29. A Person From Earth

    A Person From Earth47 minutes ago

    the trailer aint really enticing but eh atleast shes here

  30. Taha Eren ÇAVUŞOĞLU

    Taha Eren ÇAVUŞOĞLU47 minutes ago


  31. Aɢeɴт Cαrтer, Mαrɢαreт

    Aɢeɴт Cαrтer, Mαrɢαreт47 minutes ago


  32. Subham Roy

    Subham Roy47 minutes ago

    its GREAT

  33. 916 neighborhood watch

    916 neighborhood watch47 minutes ago

    This is the worst casted character in the MCU probably ever.

  34. Alpha Killer

    Alpha Killer47 minutes ago

    Go get 'em tiger! Show dat grandma not to fuq with u! ⚡️⚡️

  35. Jimmy Durmody

    Jimmy Durmody47 minutes ago

    boring woman = boring film...

  36. Mr K.

    Mr K.47 minutes ago

    Wait did we just have a 2 captain marvel movie in 2019

  37. Stroud Rollyat

    Stroud Rollyat47 minutes ago

    Wow. Another underwhelming trailer for yet another butchered story.

  38. Agent Pixelord

    Agent Pixelord47 minutes ago

    So we ain’t gonna talk about how she just kicked an old ladies ass while it said Hero?

  39. Tashi wangdü

    Tashi wangdü47 minutes ago

    Maybe the first marvel movie in the new phases not to do a comedy. That's pretty good. Hope it's as good as wonder woman.

  40. Tuấn Quỳnh

    Tuấn Quỳnh47 minutes ago

    1:36 her hair look so cool😎😎

  41. Rosy Cavalier

    Rosy Cavalier47 minutes ago

    It's Brie Larson that's why it looks dull. 🙄

  42. Max Robert

    Max Robert47 minutes ago

    #1 on trending!


    ZLK ANGLWRTH47 minutes ago

    So why is she ugly, square faced and flat as a board again?

  44. SIRR Productions

    SIRR Productions48 minutes ago

    1:27 nice glass cockpit

  45. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi48 minutes ago

    She is the chosen one

  46. Saverior gaming

    Saverior gaming48 minutes ago

    But where is thanos

  47. W ON

    W ON48 minutes ago

    This would be such a great time for the X Men (or mutants) to be introduced into the MCU.

  48. afarensis

    afarensis48 minutes ago

    1:31 when Grandma calls someone else her favourite grand child

  49. Adhy Bae

    Adhy Bae48 minutes ago

    Stan Lee cameo, is he young ?

  50. Shaun OLSEN

    Shaun OLSEN48 minutes ago

    I honestly thought this was a fan made trailer. Well made, but still fan made.

  51. chickenisbae 03

    chickenisbae 0348 minutes ago



    NATHAN xxLOVESxxCG48 minutes ago

    Is this Green Lantern ?

  53. Ana Viloria

    Ana Viloria48 minutes ago

    #1 on philippines

  54. Sky. K

    Sky. K48 minutes ago

    If they were planning on bringing someone super powerful in the MCU, they should have done it much sooner. What I wanted to see in Avengers 4 was the characters I've grown familiar with and love come back together to overcome their previous defeat and win against Thanos. Instead a stranger(I know Cap. Marvel is in the comics, but I don't read them so I'm seeing this strictly from the MCU standpoint) suddenly appears *right before* Avengers 4 and advertisements are like 'btw she's probably the strongest and the key to defeating Thanos' as if we should be happy about a deus ex machina.  Hopefully I'm wrong and she's a likeable character with balanced powers, but so far it's meh. The trailer doesn't nearly have me sold.

  55. Amal Edward

    Amal Edward48 minutes ago


  56. Haise Sasaki

    Haise Sasaki48 minutes ago

    1:44 when someone calls u stupid

  57. prasanna Sundar

    prasanna Sundar48 minutes ago

    Nick fury eyes😅😅

  58. SethÜpathi ft

    SethÜpathi ft48 minutes ago

    If Tom Holland is left

  59. Erik Hunt

    Erik Hunt48 minutes ago

    Did she just slap someone’s grandma

  60. E N

    E N48 minutes ago

    she can move a planet btw

  61. Gerian Lazuardi.

    Gerian Lazuardi.48 minutes ago

    BRIE LARSON !!! Thumbs UP

  62. Joshua Cee

    Joshua Cee48 minutes ago

    Wooh. Been waiting for this ♥♥

  63. Johannes

    Johannes48 minutes ago

    Of course it’s a woman!

  64. Haise Sasaki

    Haise Sasaki49 minutes ago

    oh no my poor Thor no

  65. The Undead Vlogger

    The Undead Vlogger49 minutes ago


  66. Rosy Cavalier

    Rosy Cavalier49 minutes ago

    Sorry, it looks dull.

  67. Dr.Cunning

    Dr.Cunning49 minutes ago

    Bye bye Mr.Thanos!! 👋

  68. Deva Raj

    Deva Raj49 minutes ago

    Wait... for avenger 4😣

  69. Kawaii ___

    Kawaii ___49 minutes ago

    23 hours and its already 19Views ?? Damn !

  70. THUG ME

    THUG ME49 minutes ago

    I thought captain marvel was shazam😳

  71. Baby Groot

    Baby Groot49 minutes ago

    I am groot...

  72. Harsh Lahoti

    Harsh Lahoti49 minutes ago

    Wow, so we have a superman in Marvel its just that this ones female.

  73. ibnu wahyudi

    ibnu wahyudi49 minutes ago


  74. Wasif Kamal

    Wasif Kamal49 minutes ago

    Samuel jackson gonna steal the show!

  75. ETAJI ArtMan

    ETAJI ArtMan49 minutes ago

    I Love Wonder Woman

  76. Carissa Mitchell

    Carissa Mitchell50 minutes ago

    1:58 The face when you get trolled

  77. Sandi Boy

    Sandi Boy50 minutes ago


  78. Nick B

    Nick B50 minutes ago

    Female super hero movie. You know its going to be awful

  79. DIG 26

    DIG 2650 minutes ago


  80. KasaiFlameGaming MINECRAFT

    KasaiFlameGaming MINECRAFT50 minutes ago

    Captain marvel will kill Thanos and use soul stone to return Spiderman,Doc Strange and etc

  81. Nguyễn Đình Ngọc ROBLOX gamimg

    Nguyễn Đình Ngọc ROBLOX gamimg50 minutes ago

    Wow, this vids view is"mutating"

  82. S H

    S H50 minutes ago


  83. Jonathan Velazquez

    Jonathan Velazquez50 minutes ago


  84. Bennet Fan

    Bennet Fan50 minutes ago

    There's no fight scene wtf?!!!

  85. erodoeht

    erodoeht50 minutes ago


  86. DillPickletheman - Gaming & More

    DillPickletheman - Gaming & More50 minutes ago

    At 0:39 You see Nick Fury Holding something on his eye.

  87. DC Dhanus creations

    DC Dhanus creations50 minutes ago

    east or west marvel is the best... marvel fans give reply

  88. annabelle r

    annabelle r50 minutes ago

    sis snapped

  89. Yacine Boudella

    Yacine Boudella50 minutes ago

    So we're getting two Captain Marvel movies in 2019 !!!

  90. shaj ali

    shaj ali50 minutes ago

    y does marvel make movies much better then DC...... compare this trailer with shazzam...... he looks like a fuking fat power ranger.

  91. Russell Ribli

    Russell Ribli50 minutes ago

    i expected her voice to be lower

  92. KingWaffle_01

    KingWaffle_0150 minutes ago

    I hope this movie is better than the hype. This female superhero movie needs to be done properly. If Captain Marvel is a feminist in this movie, don't make her be like "men are disgusting pigs and don't deserve to lick the dirt off my boot" rather have her come off as " I'm just as good as anyone else here and let me show you why I deserve to be here" equality is not making the oppressors feel inferior, rather letting them know that you are equal to them. Equality root word EQUAL. With that being said, Marvel, don't sacrifice good writing for making her bent on being seen as equal. What I mean by that? Write an incredible story that incorporates her desire to be seen as just as good as anyone else. Marvel is known for making awesome stories. Heck, they made Ant-Man a movie to enjoy. Freaking ANT-MAN. And they made TWO of those. They did Black Panther well with potraying how we black people want to be seen, now lets see how they handle women w Captain Marvel.

  93. Shaheena Parveen

    Shaheena Parveen51 minute ago

    watched again to be sure "IS IT FAN MADE"

  94. Red

    Red51 minute ago

    1:48 Nani!!

  95. Ahmad Maulana Ghufar

    Ahmad Maulana Ghufar51 minute ago


  96. xgamester2668x

    xgamester2668x51 minute ago

    I don't like thiss its looks sketchy🙄

  97. Choco 123

    Choco 12351 minute ago

    What kind of lame shit is that? This trailer is boring I thought that captain marvel was going to appear on infinity war 2 not some spin off ass origin story just to bait us and get more money while delaying the part 2

  98. Taqi Mollah

    Taqi Mollah51 minute ago

    Meh. Looks alright... probably not the best . Fantastic Four production vibes.

  99. Acap

    Acap51 minute ago

    She will whoop Thanos Ass

  100. alexis machin

    alexis machin51 minute ago

    And ant-man