Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War -- "Family" Featurette


  1. Matt M

    Matt M9 hours ago

    How is yondu their if he died in guardians of the galaxy 2

  2. joseph frank

    joseph frank11 hours ago

    I am surprised Thor did not bust out laughing.

  3. angel bandoch

    angel bandoch13 hours ago

    Quill funk me man 🤣

  4. Justin Reid

    Justin Reid15 hours ago

    This is a man

  5. PỺO's MƎᴻTɐʟ MƎʟTdowɴs

    PỺO's MƎᴻTɐʟ MƎʟTdowɴs17 hours ago

    Robert Downey Jr. lucked out *BIG TIME!* That's 4 sure. Good for him and good for us.

  6. Arturo Gonzalez

    Arturo Gonzalez20 hours ago

    RDJ confirmed hes dying in infinity war 😭😭😭

  7. St- Valantyne

    St- Valantyne22 hours ago

    Tony’s not the only one who got a lil misty. Goddamnit I said I wouldn’t cry! I love you guys! 😭😭😍😍

  8. Sumaya Alfaaz

    Sumaya Alfaaz22 hours ago

    RDJ is sooooo awesome. GOD BLESS Y'ALL😘😘😘

  9. diggism

    diggismDay ago

    Mark Ruffalo could not have said it better. RDJ is definately the Godfather of the MCU.

  10. Metalizer

    MetalizerDay ago

    Thor without the hair isn't Thor.

  11. Javac

    JavacDay ago

    got all giddy and started tearing up with joy

  12. Ted Ng

    Ted NgDay ago

    Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Chris Pratt Anymore???

  13. hpa2005

    hpa2005Day ago

    This movie is going to be a grand slam.

  14. Fernando Muzquiz

    Fernando MuzquizDay ago

    7 days!!!!

  15. Tony Garcia

    Tony GarciaDay ago

    3 Chris's


    GUTZ RAGEDay ago

    Iron man made this happen

  17. some dude

    some dude2 days ago

    That thumbnail "Thor...where's the door hole? "

  18. hao Yu

    hao Yu2 days ago

    emm...Who could tell me what does the words CumberBatch say "I have a bit of a bucket" and "someone's worth practice" mean ? My English is not very good.

  19. Ivan Gomez

    Ivan Gomez2 days ago

    I wonder If Cumberbatch had problems with Pratt or maybe something else.

  20. Brenton Pearce

    Brenton Pearce2 days ago

    RDJ “I lucked out”.....confirmation that Iron Man dies in Infinity War :(

  21. Koala Tay

    Koala Tay2 days ago

    god they are all such amazing people.

  22. Will O Polis

    Will O Polis2 days ago

    What's up with all of the actors named Chris? Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt...

  23. tag2847

    tag28472 days ago


  24. Richard Compton

    Richard Compton2 days ago

    I know it sounds absolutely wrong, but I somehow don't think I'd be upset if they killed off Cap or Iron Man in this movie. Thor and T'Challa however...I might start a riot.

  25. Monika Główka

    Monika Główka2 days ago

    Omg !! Give me thaat😩🙊cant wait!!🔥🔥🔥

  26. Asad Khan

    Asad Khan2 days ago

    It's the best time to be alive.

  27. Onkar Singh

    Onkar Singh2 days ago

    only 8 days left omg!

  28. NPC 001

    NPC 0013 days ago

    Oh my Ghaaad, it just hit me.. I already bought a ticket for April 25... and the 25th is already next week!!!

  29. Andrei Balandra

    Andrei Balandra3 days ago

    Chris, Chris, Chris, Tom, Tom

  30. Chiara Dell'Orto

    Chiara Dell'Orto3 days ago

    I saw Robert with Dr Strange’s cloak of levitation at some point!!!

  31. High Beats

    High Beats3 days ago

    Tony Stank 😂

  32. BlueGang The men in blue

    BlueGang The men in blue3 days ago

    I'm batm..... Sorry!!! I'm the Hulk. 👌

  33. Sister Tubers

    Sister Tubers3 days ago

    SO IS PEPPER IN THIS?????????????????

  34. Chimcharfan1

    Chimcharfan13 days ago

    Then we have to wait a year for the next part damn it

  35. ana colata

    ana colata3 days ago

    I’m gonna cry like crazy when iron man dies. Robert can’t be replaced.

  36. Avery Rodriguez

    Avery Rodriguez3 days ago

    we love you Robert and the rest of the cast and crew thank you so much

  37. dazaimaru

    dazaimaru3 days ago

    This gets me way too excited. THE MOVIE BETTER BE LIKE FOUR HOURS LONG

  38. TheRomanDeRomanShow

    TheRomanDeRomanShow3 days ago

    No Tom...

  39. Mark May

    Mark May3 days ago

    Gwyneth Paltrow looks 10 years older for every movie she is in. Soon she could play RDJ's mother.

  40. Renault 10

    Renault 103 days ago

    star lord is like the clown marvel


    THE PC ZONE3 days ago

    🔟 DAYS

  42. jdom 31

    jdom 314 days ago

    Chris Hemsworth is so freaking hot!

  43. MSC Ke Videos

    MSC Ke Videos4 days ago


  44. Saloni Sharma

    Saloni Sharma4 days ago

    Did he just say he "lucked out"... He's going.... Nooooooooooooooo 😭 It hurts!!!!! 😭😭😭 I'm crying 😭😭😭😭😭

  45. Shakir

    Shakir4 days ago

    Can this movie be more than 10 hours. I mean by any chance. Otherwise I am going to watch this again and again and again...

  46. Hossenpheffer

    Hossenpheffer4 days ago

    A family that prevents mass genocide together, stay together... Hopefully?

  47. Naiel

    Naiel4 days ago

    Thor: *gives manly embrace* Star Lord: "Ugh, his huge" I'm going to die happy.

  48. The ApeX Dude

    The ApeX Dude4 days ago

    I don't know how it's like a lifetime for them cause its just three movies they all have been together....I mean think about the team of fast and furious....

  49. Young Jedi

    Young Jedi4 days ago

    How Do I MEET Tom Holland?

  50. iftekhar Ahmad

    iftekhar Ahmad4 days ago

    Why captain not in this trailer ?

  51. Livie R.

    Livie R.4 days ago

    Still don’t see Hawkeye... just saying...

  52. slicer940

    slicer9404 days ago

    When all of Hollywood gets put into one movie.



    Damn nebula 😍

  54. sarthak kotnala

    sarthak kotnala4 days ago

    wtf yaar kb release hogi???

  55. Rahul Laddha

    Rahul Laddha4 days ago

    Still need to pause and read subtitles when cumberbatch talks

  56. Luchino - League of Legends

    Luchino - League of Legends4 days ago

    Stfu about women already oh my god

  57. Brandon Rxs

    Brandon Rxs4 days ago


  58. Perri Mitchell

    Perri Mitchell4 days ago

    cant wait!

  59. Tom P

    Tom P4 days ago

    My dick is erect

  60. Rafiki27

    Rafiki274 days ago

    Is RDJ a CumberBitch now?

  61. Sean

    Sean5 days ago

    God I can’t wait. I remember seeing iron man in theaters for the first time. I love marvel

  62. Pogo2K

    Pogo2K5 days ago

    I'm not a fan of that hair color on Elizabeth.

  63. didie didie

    didie didie5 days ago

    OMG.. cant wait!!!!!!

  64. Aghast Font

    Aghast Font5 days ago

    Damn it, the girl who waited and the consulting detective from 221b Baker st. They grow up so fast. T^T


    FORTNITE FUN5 days ago

    Can't wait 11 days to go

  66. Emidio Diamanti

    Emidio Diamanti5 days ago

    che spettacolo!

  67. N D Lords Hands

    N D Lords Hands5 days ago

    So glad you "lucked out".

  68. Yacine Boudella

    Yacine Boudella5 days ago

    You Call her Okoye I Call her Mechone

  69. Yathu prem

    Yathu prem5 days ago

    Where is captain Marvel and adam warlock??

  70. Shaumi Mehta

    Shaumi Mehta5 days ago

    Karen Gillan so fine!

  71. Abhijeet Singh

    Abhijeet Singh5 days ago

    Robert Downey Jr. is the Godfather 😍❤️ I don’t want him to die 🙄🙄

  72. 100 subs with no videos?

    100 subs with no videos?5 days ago


  73. Nirmala P

    Nirmala P5 days ago

    Wtf where's mah Peter.. yup... Peter Parker.... We need him C'mon...😟😟

  74. Saint Walker

    Saint Walker5 days ago

    Lol marvel sloppy second rate actor... Like the Glorified paperboy Stan lee.

  75. Kronos92

    Kronos925 days ago

    another superhero movie. Yippee

  76. bananabob456

    bananabob4565 days ago

    This is adorable

  77. chubipower

    chubipower5 days ago

    This made me a bit emotional... Can't believe it's the end of an era.

  78. Manoj kumar

    Manoj kumar5 days ago

    You marvel guys don't spoil that much. We want to watch movie in theaters not in trailers. Already so much scenes are spoiled.😭

  79. Carlo Oshima

    Carlo Oshima5 days ago

    Cumberbatch (Strange) and RDJ (Stark)=Facial Hair Bros!

  80. Kick ass

    Kick ass5 days ago

    best movie in the world (universe)

  81. Vanessa Wong

    Vanessa Wong5 days ago

    Almost all the Chris' are together

  82. Boooya Broncos

    Boooya Broncos5 days ago

    Who else is so pumped for this movie

  83. Sourish Suresh

    Sourish Suresh5 days ago

    Eagerly waiting for April 27th

  84. Darius homepro

    Darius homepro5 days ago

    disappointed with news infinity war will get censor for 7 minutes in indonesia. very disappointed..

  85. Angelina Baker

    Angelina Baker5 days ago


  86. Tipical teenage girl

    Tipical teenage girl5 days ago

    I can't wait see it but am also scard of people dieying

  87. Alyssa Kelley

    Alyssa Kelley5 days ago

    Anyone else think this sounds like a goodbye from RDJ?

  88. DazzlingGreenEyes

    DazzlingGreenEyes5 days ago

    Oh 100% Iron Man is gonna die in this one... If anything think Robert's end dialogue says that :3

  89. Diego Pujol

    Diego Pujol5 days ago

    I hope some idiot presidents/prime ministers/leaders don't end the world before Thanos does.

  90. Yoloman 354

    Yoloman 3545 days ago

    Hi marvel

  91. Much Love N Hugz

    Much Love N Hugz5 days ago


  92. Joshua Matta

    Joshua Matta5 days ago

    If Tony dies I will be boycotting all the other marvel movies

  93. Joshua Matta

    Joshua Matta5 days ago

    Ironman is one of the main reason these movies became successful. There is no fcuking way u would kill that character and expect no backlash

  94. Abigail Reese

    Abigail Reese5 days ago

    here before trending!!

  95. mary b

    mary b5 days ago

    "i get a bit misty thinking about it.. so you know i lucked out" IS THIS A PREMONITION.. PLEASE NO

  96. V5869

    V58695 days ago

    I think all of the actors named Chris should do the entire movie shirtless!!

  97. Noortje

    Noortje5 days ago


  98. Gagan Bhogal

    Gagan Bhogal5 days ago

    Cant wait😭😭😭

  99. alexandra coger

    alexandra coger5 days ago


  100. Richard Lam

    Richard Lam5 days ago

    I can't wait to see it because I seen all 3 The Avengers, Age of Ultron and Civil War.

  101. Phillip Williams

    Phillip Williams5 days ago

    where is Ant-Man in all of this