Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War -- "Family" Featurette


  1. Michely Mora

    Michely MoraDay ago

    Ahhh Sherlock and Sherlock.....

  2. rio20d

    rio20d2 days ago

    Thor: Are you mocking me? Starlord:................are you mocking me?.....

  3. Ihemba Simon Denzel

    Ihemba Simon Denzel4 days ago

    Shout out if you are a Robert Downy (Iron Man) fan...


    SURESH GUPTA7 days ago

    part of the Journey to the Endgame trailer

  5. What am i doing here?

    What am i doing here?10 days ago

    Lol they edited out the part where star lord puts up the middle finger

  6. Gaming legend

    Gaming legend13 days ago

    Please don't thor in avenger 4 I Am biggest fan of thor

  7. Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.

    Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.26 days ago


  8. TitanPlay's 17

    TitanPlay's 1727 days ago


  9. PradyaClips Lestari

    PradyaClips Lestari27 days ago

    1:55 R.I.P Stan Lee

  10. Brandon Essix

    Brandon Essix2 months ago

    It was so sad that spiderman wasgone😣😥😦😢

  11. no username

    no username2 months ago

    I cried after the movie...

  12. Mayank Kumar

    Mayank Kumar2 months ago

    Please Stephen - Super Hero Actor from India 🇮🇳, ONLY 2 Actor who deserves Hrithik Roshan or John Abraham. SRK no way. Ra-one was the super flop film of his.

  13. Hulkavegur !

    Hulkavegur !2 months ago

    Wtf Nebula is so hot

  14. Heaven s world

    Heaven s world2 months ago

    tell me about avengers 4 plz

  15. Mark Walters

    Mark Walters2 months ago

    it's about avengers. You're welcome.

  16. This Picture Is My Family

    This Picture Is My Family3 months ago

    My Dad said after Avengers 4 he’s probably going to stop watching Marvel Movies I never really thought he would say that because he knew Marvel for so long and it’s been a part of my childhood

  17. The Lockhart Notion

    The Lockhart Notion3 months ago

    Everyone of our favorite heroes are coming together to fight the real threat.

  18. Toon J

    Toon J3 months ago

    1:28 Wait, did they use CGI for his finger ?

  19. Mark Walters

    Mark Walters2 months ago


  20. otto von ottsville

    otto von ottsville3 months ago

    The question is, why is marvel so good and dc so BAD, everywhere and always? Is it really that hard to find competent writers? Or is dc writing down to really dim audiences? Supergirl for instance could be really good but it STINKS. Why?

  21. Shaikh Hasnain

    Shaikh Hasnain3 months ago

    1:33 behind rdj shuris lab and in avengers4 rdj has blonde hair and gray beard

  22. masoka time

    masoka time3 months ago


  23. Gaurish patil

    Gaurish patil4 months ago

    robert has guns, 0:50

  24. RG Star GAMER

    RG Star GAMER4 months ago

    star lord Peter qill Like like likeeeeeeeeee !!!!

  25. galih_rahmats

    galih_rahmats4 months ago

    Hope i can work with y'all v:

  26. Mr. PKG

    Mr. PKG4 months ago

    Who else wanted to be in a Marvel movie just after seeing this?😭

  27. steven freeman

    steven freeman4 months ago

    Starlord didn't save the world he kill it

  28. Mark Walters

    Mark Walters2 months ago

    As same as Thor.

  29. Spider Man

    Spider Man4 months ago

    I will miss Robert Downey Junior after he leaves

  30. Spider Man

    Spider Man4 months ago

    Chris is so funny

  31. ririair

    ririair4 months ago

    i'm so sad after watching this - RDJ is literally saying his goodbyes ;( tony is most definitely not going to survive A4

  32. Gaming 4Life

    Gaming 4Life4 months ago

    Chris Evans???

  33. Zack Abdulbaki

    Zack Abdulbaki4 months ago

    no chris evans?

  34. Thaddeus O'Neill

    Thaddeus O'Neill4 months ago

    whoa Karen Gillan is nebula. I did not see that comeing.

  35. Subhannita Sarkar

    Subhannita Sarkar5 months ago

    Love you all

  36. Dr Konara Kusumarathna

    Dr Konara Kusumarathna5 months ago


  37. Necus Gamer

    Necus Gamer5 months ago

    Yo quiero conocer a todos los Avengers incluyendo Incluyendo a Star lord

  38. Necus Gamer

    Necus Gamer5 months ago

    stahler mi mamá está enamorado de ti

  39. salz salz

    salz salz5 months ago

    For spider-man far from Home: liam Neeson as Electro!

  40. Sister SNATCHED

    Sister SNATCHED5 months ago

    I’ve already watched this but the trailer still makes me smile

  41. Grace Killey

    Grace Killey5 months ago

    This cast...I love how they are like a family:) I get a little misty thinking about it too!

  42. James Bray

    James Bray5 months ago

    If I was and Adventure my name would be the American spider

  43. Paxton Romo

    Paxton Romo5 months ago

    I don’t feel so good...

  44. Beanie Boo Sparkle

    Beanie Boo Sparkle5 months ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaa Tour

  45. Natalia

    Natalia5 months ago


  46. Saleh Syed

    Saleh Syed5 months ago

    It's weird seeing Peter quil thinking he'll save the world when he ends up destroying it.

  47. Manu Silvara

    Manu Silvara6 months ago


  48. iron man

    iron man6 months ago

    Are bhai koi Robert Downey Jr ke darshan Kara do

  49. Isabel Vieira

    Isabel Vieira6 months ago

    “Bruce Banner / Hulk” girl you know that’s a whole lie

  50. Pent Wend

    Pent Wend6 months ago

    He's a man😂😂😂 🇲-🇦-🇳

  51. Silent Killerz

    Silent Killerz6 months ago

    Man Avenger is incomplete without CAP.AMERICA

  52. Smitty Jjensin

    Smitty Jjensin6 months ago

    D u s t

  53. Marcos98

    Marcos986 months ago

    Quisiera ver una película del hombre araña y ant man vs venom

  54. Julius Madrow

    Julius Madrow6 months ago

    ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌Jesus Christ is the Son of God & promises you eternal life if you simply believe Him. He promised to also heal your body. (Just ask Him)

  55. Jc Parker

    Jc Parker6 months ago

    Chris Pratt is fat

  56. diiiva

    diiiva6 months ago


  57. Jasal Jasal

    Jasal Jasal6 months ago

    please realese dvd in malayalam language

  58. ichisuke ryu

    ichisuke ryu6 months ago

    Such a HUUUUGGGEEE cast!! My hair was rising! Goosebumps

  59. rovingraccoon 70

    rovingraccoon 706 months ago

    I am the biggest fan ever

  60. TheCoomer

    TheCoomer6 months ago

    I'm assuming the two Sherlocks did not get along..

  61. Bhim Singh

    Bhim Singh6 months ago

    Tum logo ne indian gods ko comics me kyu dikhya aur itna bura draw kiya hai ki dekhne ka man nhi kar raha

  62. Abu Sinan

    Abu Sinan6 months ago


  63. Alayne

    Alayne6 months ago

    This is so epic.

  64. Alayne

    Alayne6 months ago

    Danai is so cool my godess.

  65. Diegpro lol

    Diegpro lol6 months ago

    I want to be a Nova in avengers Infinity war part 2 please

  66. Dee StyPayHorSon

    Dee StyPayHorSon7 months ago

    "I lucked out." meaning he showed us his remarkable talent, humour and a big heart and forced us all to fell in love with him and now he can rule us by a simple wink

  67. SJJA S

    SJJA S7 months ago

    Rocket sniffing Thor hahaha

  68. Allen Logan

    Allen Logan7 months ago

    Karen is sooo....mmmm beautiful

  69. abel bail Rodriguez

    abel bail Rodriguez7 months ago

    Marvel es tu dios

  70. LadiesMan 2187

    LadiesMan 21877 months ago

    Where Was Happy In The Movie, Tony's Bodyguard

  71. sanjithA2

    sanjithA27 months ago

    who are watching this after infinity war

  72. Tony Rodriguez

    Tony Rodriguez7 months ago

    They must've had so much fun making this movie!

  73. The Unseen Movies

    The Unseen Movies7 months ago

    Loki dies and Gomora, she's not coming back. And Thanos snaps his fingers at the end and half the universe turns to dust, including Black Panther and Spider-Man, Tony doesn't die and Cap doesn't. Oh, Bucky dies first in the snap. And Vision dies. Like, permanent death. In Infinity War.

  74. Zahra Normansyah

    Zahra Normansyah7 months ago

    wait, cumberbatch said someone is boring, who is it?

  75. Basil moncy

    Basil moncy7 months ago

    He's the "GODFATHER"!✌

  76. East Sea

    East Sea7 months ago


  77. thanh nam nguyen

    thanh nam nguyen7 months ago


  78. Luke Green

    Luke Green7 months ago

    Star Lord And Thor They Look Like Bert And Ernie From Sesame Street. Thanks Mate. X

  79. fais Pakaya

    fais Pakaya7 months ago


  80. P100 _koz

    P100 _koz7 months ago

    Make an adam warlok movie

  81. stillwatersrundeep

    stillwatersrundeep7 months ago

    You know who the REAL progenitor of the MCU's success is? That casting guy who decided on RDJ as Tony Stark for Iron Man 1.

  82. stillwatersrundeep

    stillwatersrundeep7 months ago

    Did Happy Hogan have even one scene in the movie?

  83. imagination cousins

    imagination cousins7 months ago

    Que le den a gamora

  84. Rishi Hapawat

    Rishi Hapawat7 months ago

    He didn't die. 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺

  85. Samrashafi

    Samrashafi7 months ago


  86. Izaya

    Izaya7 months ago

    Can't really understand what Benedict Cumberbatch is saying about Chris Pratt??? I heard bucket's worth of something???

  87. プロOnixAdrian

    プロOnixAdrian7 months ago

    The MVP: Thor --- The one that ruined everything: Star Lord

  88. Hema Malik

    Hema Malik7 months ago


  89. Ahmad Arif

    Ahmad Arif7 months ago

    is it only me who thinks hulk was too humble in infinity war..

  90. SuperGogeta 9000

    SuperGogeta 90007 months ago

    Crisp rat lol

  91. Angely Nicole

    Angely Nicole7 months ago

    ugh, never loved a group of people more than the avengers cast

  92. DRXPlays

    DRXPlays7 months ago

    Going seeing it on saturdayLOL

  93. Kanna Aruki

    Kanna Aruki7 months ago

    Why is literally no one talking about how beautiful Karen Gillan is?

  94. DeusExMachina26

    DeusExMachina267 months ago

    Ilike marvelllllllllllllll

  95. AnimusFlux

    AnimusFlux7 months ago

    Its really hard to imagine anyone else playing Tony Stark. The part was made for RDJ.

  96. Nameless

    Nameless7 months ago

    Mark and RDJ hug was the cutest!

  97. red son

    red son7 months ago

    I hate Avenger I hate antman and I hate all marvel I'm going see DC universe

  98. Shipley_

    Shipley_7 months ago

    Basically everyone dies at the end of it. It is unclear why, or how, or even if they will come back. All we know is that Thanos is now plagued by guilt, and has aquired all 6 stones, and now is the true ruler of the universe. However if you are still confused, this may help: Doctor strange, with the time stone (before thanos took it) saw all possible futures, but only saw one where they could win the war with Thanos. If you think doctor strange was a bit delusional to give him the time stone, think again. Let’s get something clear: He is not evil. He is good. He would not turn to the bad side. He knew, by giving Thanos the very thing he needed, Thanos would defeat them; but at the same time, the good side (avengers etc) won. Doctor strange would not let them be defeated. You heard him say earlier on in the film when he met tony stark, he will choose winning the war over saving his teams lives. Which on its own confirms, he is doing this, not to save the avengers, not to save Earth, but to save life. He chose defeating Thanos over saving the avengers. In the end scene, everyone who Thanos respects dies. He respects the wakandon warriors for their bravery, and so on etc. Thank you for reading this lol, this is sooo intreaging, sorry for the spelling mistakes, (I am English tho lol) and if you read until here, please comment on if you agree with this, other theories etc etc. Thanks.

  99. abdirahman zakic

    abdirahman zakic7 months ago


  100. CSGO xrii

    CSGO xrii7 months ago

    Pewdi guy hav more subs

  101. Tanvir Shahriar

    Tanvir Shahriar7 months ago

    Where is Chris Evans? He is out from all promo videos, what happened?

  102. Qonita Bilqiss

    Qonita Bilqiss7 months ago


  103. LuvN LTN

    LuvN LTN7 months ago

    That great. From Vietnam.