Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Cast Take the Ultimate MCU Villains Quiz


  1. Benjy Kyloben

    Benjy Kyloben2 days ago

    Metal man!😂😂😂😂

  2. Mr Jeff Zack

    Mr Jeff Zack2 days ago

    You guys don't know threre names Stan Lee is dead but we will rember him for ever . Excelsior

  3. Francesca Francesca

    Francesca Francesca3 days ago

    #ronan l'abusatore

  4. Arnav Jain

    Arnav Jain4 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston knows a lot about the MCU!!!

  5. Romil Jonsan

    Romil Jonsan6 days ago

    Such a quiz

  6. shadowpandayt

    shadowpandayt8 days ago

    I got one wrong and it was kaecilius

  7. AceLovesDIYs Christopher

    AceLovesDIYs Christopher10 days ago

    You know your a marvel stan when you can name all the marvel movie villains.

  8. Katie, the girl who's life Is nothing but a lie

    Katie, the girl who's life Is nothing but a lie10 days ago

    Omg.....why is mr. hiddleston's voice so.......soothing.....❤️....

  9. kakashi hatake

    kakashi hatake10 days ago


  10. N I K

    N I K10 days ago

    woaah! Tom Hiddleston! 😂💚

  11. Tony Blues

    Tony Blues11 days ago

    It's like you're working at place where you don't know your staff

  12. NoobDoesTheInternet

    NoobDoesTheInternet11 days ago

    i like loki's hairstyle

  13. Dushyant Sharma

    Dushyant Sharma11 days ago

    Loki is very smart

  14. Josh Tulasoi

    Josh Tulasoi12 days ago

    Ronan looks like the Nun

  15. Saeed Ahmed

    Saeed Ahmed13 days ago

    Metal Maan

  16. Flores Angelica

    Flores Angelica16 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston's voice can impregnate women :V

  17. Asttron james

    Asttron james16 days ago

    Tom nailed it

  18. Irudiya Raj

    Irudiya Raj17 days ago

    Are they so dumb

  19. Ajaj Patel

    Ajaj Patel18 days ago

    Why Tom is always alone in interview

  20. Gabriel Östemar

    Gabriel Östemar18 days ago

    i knew all of them

  21. Gabriel Östemar

    Gabriel Östemar18 days ago

    yellow jacket and kaecilius was so easy

  22. Josué Patiño

    Josué Patiño18 days ago

    0:44 When you work in McDonald's but you consume BurgerKing's product

  23. chitraksh pandey

    chitraksh pandey18 days ago

    Can I just say that Tom Hiddleston was the *PERFECT* actor to play Loki? Like seriously, there is no one in the MCU that actually suits their character as much as Tom does his. He truly is an amazing actor!

  24. Chippy Muth

    Chippy Muth19 days ago

    I like tom

  25. Risna Muth

    Risna Muth19 days ago

    I like Tom.he is the u loki😍😍😍😍

  26. Anees Athi

    Anees Athi19 days ago

    Loki Loki

  27. Indominus Raul

    Indominus Raul19 days ago

    Why isnt dora the explora in there

  28. Fred Fisher

    Fred Fisher19 days ago

    2:44 Tom it’s you

  29. Senthil Velan

    Senthil Velan19 days ago

    Thenas Lokaii Mark Ruffalo's the best!!!


    JAGAA JAGAA20 days ago


  31. Amelia Rose

    Amelia Rose20 days ago

    2:42 LMAOOOOOO

  32. Ali Rostami

    Ali Rostami21 day ago

    How they dont know the names whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?😂

  33. Ali Rostami

    Ali Rostami21 day ago


  34. Ali Rostami

    Ali Rostami21 day ago

    I think they didnt wach there own movies to

  35. Extreme Obama

    Extreme Obama21 day ago

    U aint russian and why u rushin 😂😂😂

  36. Dope Dude

    Dope Dude21 day ago

    Tom is the most elegant of them all that's why he's always sitting alone

  37. Creak W#

    Creak W#22 days ago

    This comment section is tom tom and tom Hiddleston

  38. Rajeev Santhosh

    Rajeev Santhosh22 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston did very well 🤙🤙

  39. Eduardo Torelly

    Eduardo Torelly22 days ago

    I think the last guy the male version of hela

  40. Eduardo Torelly

    Eduardo Torelly22 days ago

    Ronus the acuser

  41. Eduardo Torelly

    Eduardo Torelly22 days ago

    I surprised someone remembered whiplash

  42. Kelly Rob

    Kelly Rob23 days ago

    They are in the mcu. Why don’t they know this stuff 😩😭?

  43. - -

    - -23 days ago

    0:14 The Nose Scary.

  44. Pradnesh Gajbhiye

    Pradnesh Gajbhiye23 days ago

    Tom dada is best 👍

  45. Ace 42

    Ace 4223 days ago

    Im suprised that the actor called whiplash "omega red" i didnt know how similary they are

  46. Lucy Gu

    Lucy Gu23 days ago

    lol I hope they'd done it with Tom Holland as well. Judging by his performance on other quizzes he's gonna nail them all like Tom Hiddleston did!

  47. Spiderman Hero

    Spiderman Hero23 days ago

    this is yellow jacket loki

  48. Hiya Choudhury

    Hiya Choudhury24 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston's voice omg. 💖

  49. Michael Whale

    Michael Whale24 days ago


  50. xmen avengers

    xmen avengers24 days ago

    hiddleson know everyone

  51. Jacob Philip

    Jacob Philip24 days ago

    At 1:45 Danai is like these goddamn immature men

  52. Jack Raiden

    Jack Raiden25 days ago

    I mean, thay don't even know the marvel cimatic universe that well. Which just, again, shows that they're just dling their jobs. It's all about money. They're actors, they do their jobs, but aside from sitting through their own movie premieres, they don't care that much about the movies, nor do they watch them.

  53. Avengers Playz

    Avengers Playz25 days ago

    TBH, this is so easy. 😂😂😂

  54. Josh Kaid

    Josh Kaid26 days ago

    Winston clearly reads comics because he called Whiplash Omega Red because be was Russian.

  55. Cast Dauigoy

    Cast Dauigoy26 days ago

    Yellow jacket

  56. tawonga munyanduri

    tawonga munyanduri26 days ago

    Ronas 😂😂

  57. Will Skilton

    Will Skilton26 days ago

    Lmao most of the marvel villains are so forgettable that even the stars of the films forget who they are 😬😬

  58. Rachel Do

    Rachel Do26 days ago

    Why would they classify Loki as villain tho? He's an avenger now. But it was funny to see Tom being sarcastic about his own character

  59. FidTGS Gaming

    FidTGS Gaming27 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston: I don't know who that guy is Loki: Really?!

  60. Mandar Joshi

    Mandar Joshi27 days ago

    0.45 this is batman v superman

  61. mangle fnaf

    mangle fnaf28 days ago

    0:07 don't give Thanos gauntlet to Mark xdd

  62. Kevin Paul 2006

    Kevin Paul 200629 days ago

    Tom almost answered every question

  63. Julia Cortez

    Julia Cortez29 days ago

    Tom got most of them right, he's knows his knowledge

  64. Joshua Aronsohn

    Joshua Aronsohn29 days ago

    Metal man 😂😂😂 I started cracking up!!

  65. R P

    R P29 days ago

    😂 I thought they’d do better than I would

  66. snickeryss furrey

    snickeryss furrey29 days ago

    2:45 Lokai

  67. snickeryss furrey

    snickeryss furrey29 days ago

    2:42 OMG BEST XD

  68. Azuki Beans

    Azuki BeansMonth ago

    I luV tom H

  69. Ethan Curry

    Ethan CurryMonth ago

    Man these actor's did not do there super villain homework

  70. Henry Hernandez

    Henry HernandezMonth ago

    Tim Hidleston only got 1 wrong

  71. SuperNicko Harris

    SuperNicko HarrisMonth ago

    2:23 they could have said Iron Monger and they would get that right

  72. Ahmad Farrel Raditya

    Ahmad Farrel RadityaMonth ago

    Obviously Tom knows malekith because he is a cast in Thor the dark world

  73. Nancy Baldauff

    Nancy BaldauffMonth ago

    He doesnt even know his own character

  74. Johanna Navarrete

    Johanna NavarreteMonth ago

    Is Tom the only guy who is in the MCU and actually watches the movies?🤔

  75. Texas Rosta

    Texas RostaMonth ago

    Loki know everything

  76. Nafiat OMARINGTON

    Nafiat OMARINGTONMonth ago

    you ain't Russian so why you Russian hahahahahah

  77. Mohammed Ahfaaz

    Mohammed AhfaazMonth ago

    Loki knows everyone but not Loki!

  78. Left 4 Ded

    Left 4 DedMonth ago

    Mark Rufflo: *SNAP* *SNAP* *SNAP* uuhhh THANUS

  79. gilbertovyt

    gilbertovytMonth ago

    They should have put Ultron or Hela smh..

  80. Elena The Hedgewolf

    Elena The HedgewolfMonth ago

    i know everyone in the comment section is disappointed.

  81. Viper gaming 21

    Viper gaming 21Month ago

    You would expect them to know these things

  82. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesMonth ago

    I got all of them right

  83. Juan Farrel

    Juan FarrelMonth ago


  84. Harrison Graney

    Harrison GraneyMonth ago

    METAL MAN!!!

  85. Stealth triangles

    Stealth trianglesMonth ago

    Gang tom

  86. Seyon Senthuran - Sunny View MS (1439)

    Seyon Senthuran - Sunny View MS (1439)Month ago

    Tom Hiddlestone just reking everyone at dis doh

  87. Noah's Mind

    Noah's MindMonth ago

    Ronan the Accuser

  88. Noah's Mind

    Noah's MindMonth ago

    Whip lash

  89. Victory Vids

    Victory VidsMonth ago

    when the infinity war cast doesent know the name of the villain of the movie

  90. jed manlolo

    jed manloloMonth ago

    When your life you see Loki is old 1:59

  91. Queen Alexandra The Great

    Queen Alexandra The GreatMonth ago

    You watched this because of Tom/Loki. Admit it. 😄

  92. steve souljaa

    steve souljaaMonth ago

    Loki is the best Villains ever

  93. Robertin Bombin

    Robertin BombinMonth ago

    Bvs 😂😂

  94. Ipandinon _

    Ipandinon _Month ago

    0:07 what a coincidence

  95. Kaori Chan

    Kaori ChanMonth ago

    Who is that guy...

  96. Z Z

    Z ZMonth ago

    "Hot head" lmaooo @0:31

  97. Kingston Lo

    Kingston LoMonth ago

    Where’s venom?

  98. Safiya Haut

    Safiya HautMonth ago

    Venom is not a villain of the MCU

  99. Blank Nobody

    Blank NobodyMonth ago

    Rumor has it Tom Hiddleston is still wondering who the last one is

  100. Ronan Durand

    Ronan DurandMonth ago

    I'm Ronan

  101. Ronan Durand

    Ronan DurandMonth ago

    It's me