Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Cast Take the Ultimate MCU Villains Quiz


  1. Francis Gabriel Dagohoy

    Francis Gabriel DagohoyHour ago

    "you ain't Russian so why u rushin?"

  2. Maxamillian Steele

    Maxamillian Steele10 hours ago


  3. juan Camilo Mera

    juan Camilo Mera13 hours ago

    Falcon: sees Wiplash also Falcon: Doctor Octopus!

  4. Tharun Dev

    Tharun DevDay ago

    Tom is a marvel geek !

  5. Julia De Guzman

    Julia De GuzmanDay ago

    when u know more about the mcu than the actors *screaming at the screen*

  6. Nomer G

    Nomer GDay ago

    I almost did not recognized Loki's face now

  7. Savvy G.

    Savvy G.2 days ago

    The amount of times Mark Ruffalo snapped is 😂👌

  8. Lavablaster360 Gaming

    Lavablaster360 Gaming2 days ago

    This is so easy it really took them this long

  9. Milean Luu

    Milean Luu3 days ago

    Come on

  10. Frost Animations

    Frost Animations3 days ago

    Poor Tom,he has no idea who the last character is.

  11. Angelica G

    Angelica G3 days ago

    We need to protect Tom at all costs

  12. Angelica G

    Angelica G3 days ago

    Tom is literally the biggest fan

  13. Srinivasan Vijayan

    Srinivasan Vijayan3 days ago

    What a voice Loki is the best. You must watch him dancing. Awesome

  14. Liley Clark

    Liley Clark3 days ago

    "LOKAI!" 😂 I'm done...

  15. Sean Deakins

    Sean Deakins4 days ago

    Anthony Mackie cracks me up🤣🤣 He said metal man for whiplash

  16. Blurred

    Blurred4 days ago

    "Its Batman vs Superman"

  17. donkey shrek

    donkey shrek5 days ago

    Mark rufflao: snap snap snap Is he thanks or Dan nose

  18. Hilda Martinez

    Hilda Martinez5 days ago

    Whip lash

  19. Jay Jones Jr

    Jay Jones Jr5 days ago

    I going to make my own movie it going to be cold be boy and my vilin name going to be amatise

  20. Josiah Jones

    Josiah Jones5 days ago

    *R O N O S*

  21. Highlighter Goddess

    Highlighter Goddess6 days ago

    2:23 Mark: *gasps* Jeff Bridges! X Anthony: Jeff Bridges! X I dunno why that made me laugh 😂

  22. Anthony Jones

    Anthony Jones6 days ago

    Blue is ice red is blood purple is the storm orange I'd orange green is poop and yellow is lemon

  23. Angel Tirta

    Angel Tirta7 days ago

    Tom: *Got almost all of them correctly without even trying* *Loki appears* Tom: whO is thaT gUy?? I don'T even KnOw whO that gUy iS

  24. Theawesometomato 43

    Theawesometomato 437 days ago

    Tom is the best

  25. Fire Bros

    Fire Bros7 days ago

    0:10 THANIS

  26. adidastaw- rollerskating

    adidastaw- rollerskating7 days ago

    That trio is killing me😂😂 Seb is so funny and Tom is so quiet and smart lol😂

  27. america’s azz

    america’s azz8 days ago

    im convinced Tom Hiddleston can do anything

  28. Koala Guy

    Koala Guy8 days ago

    Loki:you’ve took everything from me Tom hidddleston:I don’t even know you are

  29. The king 23

    The king 238 days ago

    0:44 “BaTmAn vS sUpERmAn”😂😂😂😂

  30. Da Drama Llamas

    Da Drama Llamas8 days ago

    *if you ain’t Russian why you Russian*

  31. T.I.M Toys

    T.I.M Toys8 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston once again proving he's the only one who knows marvel.

  32. Nada Hassan

    Nada Hassan9 days ago

    Thats yellow jacket

  33. Light Of Eyes

    Light Of Eyes9 days ago

    Ton Hiddlestone : *literally knows about every single villain except the last one* 😂 "Who is that guy ? I don't even know who that guy is."

  34. playmaster #

    playmaster #9 days ago

    Tom is just the best

  35. Nicholas Pidwarko

    Nicholas Pidwarko10 days ago

    2:42 lol

  36. trashy _ boi

    trashy _ boi10 days ago

    2:42 lmao i love tom 😂😂

  37. Mercedes S

    Mercedes S10 days ago

    Nobody: Anthony Mackie: " ELF MAN!"

  38. princess unicorn-roblox sometimes not gaming videos

    princess unicorn-roblox sometimes not gaming videos11 days ago

    Dude loki man ur a villian?

  39. VXmars

    VXmars11 days ago

    Jeez I know the villains more than the actual characters

  40. Ajay Akash

    Ajay Akash11 days ago



    CRAZY cool ASHRIYAN11 days ago

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  42. Selena Rashiq

    Selena Rashiq11 days ago

    Loki's so calm (Tom)

  43. Kiersten Bugaj

    Kiersten Bugaj12 days ago

    2:45 everybody: it’s Loki Mark: *its lokI*

  44. walder martinesveras

    walder martinesveras12 days ago

    wait a second thanos-*anos*

  45. 신비아파트의수화

    신비아파트의수화13 days ago

    LOKI ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  46. GostleGirl787243765th

    GostleGirl787243765th14 days ago

    Me: *knows all villains but forgot their names* *shows Yellow Jacket* Me: oh that's easy it's the Yellow Jacket! Everyone else: UMMM UMMMMMM Me: that's so frickin easy... HOW CAN YOU NOT GET THAT!?!? (I'm not mad... Just disappointed btw Tom aced all the villains except the Yellow Jacket of course)

  47. Zander De Los Reyes

    Zander De Los Reyes14 days ago

    There so stuck on Yello jacket

  48. X xlPolex X

    X xlPolex X14 days ago

    *Batman v super man* Do you mean Doomsday i mean Abombonation

  49. BenChester Playz

    BenChester Playz15 days ago

    2:42 LoL XD Legend says Tom is still guessing who's that guy

  50. WheresMyAccount

    WheresMyAccount15 days ago

    2:43 The actor himself dont know his character name