Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Cast Take the Ultimate MCU Villains Quiz


  1. micky mouse

    micky mouse3 hours ago

    We have to admit the thing that macki try a lot to answer

  2. Taulant Miftari

    Taulant Miftari4 hours ago

    Why do they not know everything they're literally there in Marvel

  3. The Flying Lettuce

    The Flying Lettuce5 hours ago

    I know better than they do!

  4. The Flying Lettuce

    The Flying Lettuce5 hours ago

    The hardest one was Yellowjacket, the villain in Ant-Man

  5. Demy elipctico

    Demy elipctico9 hours ago

    Why is there no venom?

  6. Marvel Rules

    Marvel Rules12 hours ago

    Tom Huddleston doesn’t know the person he plays

  7. chris alvarez

    chris alvarez20 hours ago

    You are deloted captin

  8. Bread Slice

    Bread SliceDay ago

    I knew all... But Dark Elf guy, Iron Monger cuz he wasn’t in his suit and the guy from Doctor Strange 😭

  9. Abueva 7

    Abueva 72 days ago

    Loki has brains i bet thor lets loki do his homework

  10. Moon Moon Sinha

    Moon Moon Sinha5 hours ago

    Hahaha... I agree!!! 😂😂

  11. Megan Ingram

    Megan Ingram2 days ago

    I only came for Tom Holland youguysareallstillgreattho

  12. oh no, Høney

    oh no, Høney3 days ago

    2:01 such a mood.

  13. ANTERz 08

    ANTERz 084 days ago

    Mackie: Omega Red ❌ Octopus❌ METAL MAN!!

  14. muja MR

    muja MR4 days ago

    Lol when Jeff Bridges came up they weren't even trying😂

  15. Miguel Bahena

    Miguel Bahena4 days ago


  16. Sophia Killian

    Sophia Killian5 days ago

    Since when did we call iron monger Jeff bridges

  17. Jennifer Nunez

    Jennifer Nunez6 days ago

    Thenes lol Bruce Hulk



    John cena was also there but you couldn't see him

  19. Zaya Moone

    Zaya Moone7 days ago

    Tom's answer to Loki though XD

  20. Luke randall

    Luke randall7 days ago


  21. Luke randall

    Luke randall7 days ago


  22. Fredbear Entertainment

    Fredbear Entertainment8 days ago

    Even Tom hiddleson can’t recognise his character 😂😂😂

  23. Anna Philip

    Anna Philip8 days ago

    1:43 it is Yellow Jacket


    MASTER DREW9 days ago

    I know everyone

  25. saddam andhika

    saddam andhika9 days ago

    0:44 Batman v Superman, really?😂😂😂

  26. Spaghet Aroni

    Spaghet Aroni9 days ago

    Reality can be whatever I want

  27. Dyon Haw

    Dyon Haw9 days ago

    The villain role know's more about the other Villain😂

  28. Romeo Persico

    Romeo Persico10 days ago


  29. Rohan George

    Rohan George10 days ago

    got everyone

  30. T0xic-

    T0xic-10 days ago

    0:45 Batman V Superman 😂😂😂

  31. Red Lor

    Red Lor11 days ago

    How did Tom hiddleston forgot that he was loki????

  32. i sell n word pass for subs

    i sell n word pass for subs12 days ago

    The nose

  33. Alex Axel

    Alex Axel12 days ago


  34. Play with Ken

    Play with Ken12 days ago

    Loki don't know his self

  35. Mewtwo Gaming

    Mewtwo Gaming12 days ago

    So weird I was born in 2008 and my favorite movie is the first marvel movie “Iron Man”!

  36. Link The Hylian Champ

    Link The Hylian Champ12 days ago

    I only got 3 wrong

  37. Ben 10

    Ben 1013 days ago

    You guys bad

  38. ѕρlαтσσи Tiff소대 티파니

    ѕρlαтσσи Tiff소대 티파니13 days ago

    He ain't russian so why you rushing 😂

  39. Baylor Bishop

    Baylor Bishop13 days ago

    this man said ronos

  40. Radiatun Zidnee

    Radiatun Zidnee14 days ago

    I guess Tom watched every Marvel movies.

  41. Many shipss

    Many shipss14 days ago

    “You ain’t Russian so why you rushing?”

  42. Derrian Turner

    Derrian Turner15 days ago

    I was dead when he called whiplash octopus.

  43. Meow

    Meow18 days ago

    0:57 you can’t escape it 👌

  44. Barsbold B

    Barsbold B18 days ago

    "ohh jeff bridges!" 😂😂

  45. purnima gautam

    purnima gautam18 days ago

    heyyyy!!! loki is NOT a villian!! i love him

  46. Ela Rajappan

    Ela Rajappan18 days ago

    Tom H did so well.

  47. loke arias

    loke arias19 days ago

    literally confirming that the hulk movie was connected to the mcu

  48. WolfGirl 23

    WolfGirl 2320 days ago

    It makes sense that TOM HIDDLESTON doesn't know who Loki is right?

  49. TurboT

    TurboT20 days ago

    How can they not guess the villain of their own movie

  50. Avery Noren

    Avery Noren20 days ago

    Robert Downey Jr. Would have aced all of these questions

  51. BL6NK

    BL6NK20 days ago

    I died at when M Baku said ronus...

  52. Bora Acar

    Bora Acar23 days ago

    Tom. Hidleston couldn’t guess his own character

  53. Yousef The amazing gamer 2018

    Yousef The amazing gamer 201823 days ago

    It’s loki

  54. Yousef The amazing gamer 2018

    Yousef The amazing gamer 201823 days ago

    It’s yellow jacket before

  55. Youngthrift King

    Youngthrift King23 days ago

    I didn't realize that was looking until he acted like he didn't recognize the pic lol

  56. Kanapote Takerngkeat

    Kanapote Takerngkeat24 days ago


  57. bangxtan

    bangxtan24 days ago

    Tom is incredibly smart!

  58. bangxtan

    bangxtan24 days ago


  59. God Clan

    God Clan24 days ago

    How does Tom not know his character

  60. garciare71

    garciare7124 days ago

    1:04 metal man

  61. garciare71

    garciare7124 days ago

    1:00 octopus

  62. Tom Toher

    Tom Toher24 days ago

    I love Tom hidelston and he has the same name as me

  63. Tom Toher

    Tom Toher24 days ago

    2019 anyone

  64. ебать мой рот

    ебать мой рот26 days ago

    Loki Alone

  65. Casey Kearns

    Casey Kearns27 days ago

    Elfperus killed me

  66. dank ass

    dank ass28 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhh tom is such a cute little nerd , I LOVE it!!!

  67. Napkin Games

    Napkin Games29 days ago

    Low key or Loki??XDDD

  68. Only Alan

    Only Alan29 days ago

    Please go subscribe to my channel I don’t really know how else to promote it

  69. A7mew 17

    A7mew 1729 days ago

    It’s batamam It’s superman😂

  70. Edsel Blaza

    Edsel BlazaMonth ago

    he didnt know his own character

  71. Edsel Blaza

    Edsel BlazaMonth ago

    tom hiddleston is genius

  72. Trippy Dalton

    Trippy DaltonMonth ago

    Jesus christ tom hiddelston knows almost everyrhing

  73. Spider Carnage06

    Spider Carnage06Month ago

    1:00 That is whiplash Yes I have seen every single iron man movie 🍿

  74. Raijin

    RaijinMonth ago

    0:07 mark ruffalo still somehow manages to spoil the entire film

  75. WickedGenius24

    WickedGenius24Month ago

    Loki is low key killing this quiz!! Am I right?!. Hehehehe, hehe, he. Ok. Just me huh? Alright



    1:03 MeTaL MaN

  77. George Gamerul

    George GamerulMonth ago

    "METAL MAN!"

  78. Peter Perea

    Peter PereaMonth ago

    Could I get the most dislikes please

  79. Craig Marsh

    Craig MarshMonth ago


  80. FluffyCheeks

    FluffyCheeksMonth ago

    Its really uncomfortable having the name of a super villain

  81. Seba Bejcownik

    Seba BejcownikMonth ago

    Chadwick has cool jacket. Give me link for it!

  82. Shrek & Donkey

    Shrek & DonkeyMonth ago




    0:56 look at Bucky. Neck ur self.

  84. Josh Trujillo

    Josh TrujilloMonth ago

    Why don't any of these actors know this

  85. xXx_n00b_slayer_xXx

    xXx_n00b_slayer_xXxMonth ago

    I now disrespect everyone in the cast

  86. Justin Dai - Darcel Avenue Sr PS (1104)

    Justin Dai - Darcel Avenue Sr PS (1104)Month ago

    I like how winston duke always says it with an “us”

  87. R'mani Leavell

    R'mani LeavellMonth ago

    2:42 why do they look alike?

  88. Dogzooka

    DogzookaMonth ago

    Why are the people in marvel don’t know there villains and why is Benedict or robert or Tom Holland not here

  89. Romeo Sager

    Romeo SagerMonth ago

    How tf they don't know this

  90. barbaro267

    barbaro267Month ago

    To be fair, I always forget Kacilius' name. I will just end up calling him Ma'alefa'ak LOL.

  91. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusMonth ago

    They said yellow jacket nvm he said yellow hornet😂

  92. deepbriefvids D

    deepbriefvids DMonth ago

    I mean... loki isnt a villian he saved milions in Thor ragnarok

  93. Mr.Omar_ Grinch

    Mr.Omar_ GrinchMonth ago

    That’s u man😂🤣

  94. Blitzy Splitzy

    Blitzy SplitzyMonth ago


  95. FuZe Kajiaz

    FuZe KajiazMonth ago

    Bucky Thrown Shots At DCEU

  96. QsM__ redpanda

    QsM__ redpandaMonth ago

    Tom is actually quiet educated in marvel. I suspect he reads the comics on the down low.

  97. ELR 46

    ELR 46Month ago

    Aced it

  98. Ben W

    Ben WMonth ago

    Tom does not look like Loki

  99. metalisandman

    metalisandmanMonth ago

    whiplash = omega red hahaha


    MOHAMMED ADELMonth ago


  101. Thelonetexan2004

    Thelonetexan2004Month ago

    1:03 METAL MAN!!!