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Martin Garrix feat. Khalid - Ocean (Official Video)


  1. Martin Garrix

    Martin Garrix9 months ago

    Who watched the whole video? Let me know what you think of my new track Ocean with Khalid! 🌊

  2. Potato Films

    Potato Films18 days ago



    FUCK THE POPULATION2 months ago

    Its perfect i fucken love it🔥

  4. Edgar Antonio Corona Flores

    Edgar Antonio Corona Flores8 months ago

    Martin Garrix qp pinches prros no entiendo ni vrgs alguen q me tradusca sbrs pinches qlos

  5. Brooke Michelle

    Brooke Michelle8 months ago

    Martin Garrix This Video and song makes me want to create choreography.

  6. Kalika Alifia

    Kalika Alifia8 months ago


  7. runessansu chan

    runessansu chan7 hours ago

    saturday nights, no basic gorillas switchers make my throat hurt rolling nazi bees, in the side for me

  8. TheOrange

    TheOrange11 hours ago

    The audio isn't in sync

  9. Miriam Jacqueline

    Miriam Jacqueline11 hours ago

    i love this song smmm 🥺

  10. SirJMDDK

    SirJMDDK22 hours ago

    He's gonna get a restraining order.

  11. Николай Гусев

    Николай ГусевDay ago

    Follow me in Instagram mykola_husyev

  12. Maknae buzz

    Maknae buzzDay ago

    I am literally falling in love with every song of Martin

  13. Eshaan Nair

    Eshaan NairDay ago

    Whenever I am sick I listen to your songs. It makes me feel better like an ocean. Thanks bro. :)

  14. Zorinpuii Maria

    Zorinpuii MariaDay ago

    Music video song good

  15. Daniel Chung

    Daniel ChungDay ago

    Martin Garrix is my #1 fav. dj!!!!!

  16. Ravi Christian

    Ravi ChristianDay ago

    Brilliant music

  17. • v i a •

    • v i a •2 days ago


  18. Miyuru Eranda

    Miyuru Eranda2 days ago

  19. juan erre

    juan erre2 days ago


  20. Nicola Adorni

    Nicola Adorni2 days ago

    Inizio uguale ad Angelo di Francesco Renga

  21. Tim Braam

    Tim Braam2 days ago

    Good job Giorgio Tuinfort and Khalid

  22. Wendy Martinez Wendia

    Wendy Martinez Wendia3 days ago

    Rápido y furioso reto tokio

  23. alejandro1000ist

    alejandro1000ist3 days ago

    who still listens in 2020?

  24. blazer blazer

    blazer blazer3 days ago




    siempre quise ser como tu

  26. david soares

    david soares3 days ago

    Musica foda bagarai

  27. Joel Ochieng

    Joel Ochieng3 days ago

    I sang this song so passionately to my girl, and now our bond is so consolidated... Thanks Khalid, am your number one fan for life💪

  28. Lena xdd

    Lena xdd3 days ago

    Kto z Polski

  29. Lucy Williams

    Lucy Williams3 days ago

    One of my favorite songs around I’m planning on having it as my first dance at my wedding ❤️❤️

  30. kpop fan

    kpop fan3 days ago

    The lyrics is so deep❤😭

  31. Denis Bajrektarevic

    Denis Bajrektarevic4 days ago

    Tbh I still can't get over how smooth Khalid's voice is 😍

  32. Denis Bajrektarevic

    Denis Bajrektarevic4 days ago

    Wow!..This is a f*cking good song...Khalid is conquering the world of music🔥😍✅✅

  33. Mwangi Kinyua

    Mwangi Kinyua4 days ago

    Please do a concert in kenya gat millions of fans here ..............

  34. Kpop Krazed

    Kpop Krazed4 days ago

    I love this too much.

  35. Francine Dufour

    Francine Dufour4 days ago


  36. games lui

    games lui4 days ago

    like si lo estas escuchando haciendo la tarea

  37. sergiowaltergonzalez

    sergiowaltergonzalez4 days ago

    So cute song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. Elivangela Nascimento

    Elivangela Nascimento5 days ago


  39. TH3PR0 PLAYS

    TH3PR0 PLAYS5 days ago


  40. KAIinvador

    KAIinvador5 days ago

    My school we can put on music if we are good and I always put song on because I love it

  41. Rene Lopez Percino

    Rene Lopez Percino5 days ago


  42. Hexx gaming

    Hexx gaming5 days ago

    Ehhh sundala :v

  43. Francine Dufour

    Francine Dufour5 days ago

    Lovely als je dit wilt lezen love you baby

  44. Micheal Thompson

    Micheal Thompson6 days ago

    fav moment 3:02 - 3: 05

  45. Unntung jr

    Unntung jr6 days ago

    Wah kalah sama si Ahsiaaapp subcribernya

  46. Antony gamer09

    Antony gamer096 days ago

    I like this song

  47. GokuBlackForever 22

    GokuBlackForever 226 days ago

    When u spend 2 days looking for this song yet u can't find it and a miracle happens Life is Good ❤️

  48. Danyer Jeferson Gonzales Larico

    Danyer Jeferson Gonzales Larico6 days ago

    Coincidence? Xtrullor-Supernova : 00:10 ( search it in youtube) Martin Garrix-Ocean : 00:03 East side Benny blanco : 00:00 (search it in youtube) hear the three songs with attention Mostrar menos RESPONDER

  49. Jannatul Arowa

    Jannatul Arowa6 days ago

    you can put an ocean between our loveeeeeeee

  50. Merissa Wood

    Merissa Wood6 days ago

    Love Love Love Khalid!!!💜💜💜

  51. The Musical Fox

    The Musical Fox6 days ago

    These awkward dance moves can beat Lorde and Taylor Swift combined.

  52. Dalyssia Carter

    Dalyssia Carter5 days ago

    Y'all hating. He really smooth then a bihh.

  53. Karol Angiel Mamani Mendivil

    Karol Angiel Mamani Mendivil6 days ago


  54. Медина Оруджева

    Медина Оруджева7 days ago

    Super singing,super voice Bravo Khalid 🇦🇿😍🥰👍

  55. Who Is You

    Who Is You7 days ago

    Who still listen this song in 2030??

  56. อิ๊บ aib

    อิ๊บ aib7 days ago

    Oh OK well I'm not sure if it's just a little bit more than anything in particular you would like to see me in the morning to you tomorrow morning at the same thing to me and I don't have

  57. อิ๊บ aib

    อิ๊บ aib7 days ago


  58. BATMAN

    BATMAN7 days ago

    This song is so emotional , f.e Khalid voice

  59. Jackson Machibya

    Jackson Machibya7 days ago

    CLASSIC CLASSIC CLASSIC Can't stop listern this

  60. Naimish Dobariya

    Naimish Dobariya7 days ago

    Just Amazing.

  61. Megamaster117 T

    Megamaster117 T7 days ago

    2019 peeps where you at

  62. Mc Selly

    Mc Selly7 days ago

    I’m obsessed with this song

  63. Naureen Farooqi

    Naureen Farooqi7 days ago


  64. iiji 45655

    iiji 456557 days ago

    So good !

  65. ScarlettP

    ScarlettP7 days ago

    I'm so in love with this masterpiece, just pure 🔥

  66. ScarlettP

    ScarlettP7 days ago

    Khalid's falsetto is Everything!

  67. Kenny Kelt

    Kenny Kelt7 days ago

    This song is so beast

  68. Michele Turner

    Michele Turner7 days ago

    @martin garrix - i watched it and watched it.......for days...i love it! beyond words awesome! love love love gets in my soul and i feel it move me...that trance i love it! more! more of this!!! great job sir!

  69. Stephen Budiman

    Stephen Budiman6 days ago

    Meeee toooi

  70. The LONER

    The LONER7 days ago

    1:24 Goose bump level 999

  71. chandrahas poojari

    chandrahas poojari8 days ago

    I love this song

  72. Timothy Chua

    Timothy Chua8 days ago

    This song should be played in orchestra.

  73. Diovani Hadma Aulia

    Diovani Hadma Aulia8 days ago


  74. Moeksoyo

    Moeksoyo8 days ago

    This song always brings back memories of summer 2018 :(

  75. Tatakaten Moon

    Tatakaten Moon8 days ago

    Khalid can do NO wrong. His voice puts me in an alternate dimension every time

  76. Trixia VM

    Trixia VM8 days ago


  77. Umesh Thapa Magar

    Umesh Thapa Magar8 days ago

    13/03/2019 Who else ??? 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. kpop fan

    kpop fan7 days ago



    DYNASTY8 days ago

    I’m here everyday so today counts I guess

  80. Tatakaten Moon

    Tatakaten Moon8 days ago


  81. lukas 2804

    lukas 28048 days ago

    I must hear it so often😶

  82. Sharon Heemskerk

    Sharon Heemskerk8 days ago

    When this song starts I think its Sweet but Psycho... But than... I’m so happy it’s not! ♥️

  83. Mike Barry

    Mike Barry9 days ago

    i like its very good

  84. Oscar Zielfelt

    Oscar Zielfelt9 days ago

    i have watch the whole video 10000 BILLION times :D

  85. lu pame

    lu pame9 days ago


  86. cuong huynh chi

    cuong huynh chi9 days ago


  87. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus9 days ago

    Maar zijn er ook Nederlanders hier??? Like als je van Martijn zijn muziek houdt

  88. hana slk

    hana slk9 days ago


  89. Alex Vogelsan

    Alex Vogelsan9 days ago

    Вравооо 👏👏👏👏👏👏


    WE SPILLIN DA TEA 2DAY10 days ago

    this song is sad I use for most of my posts on tik tok account @savetheinternet

  91. Steff

    Steff10 days ago

    This song is so good

  92. sara labrune

    sara labrune10 days ago

    Why all his songs are so goooooooooooooood😕❤️

  93. AminFromYoutube

    AminFromYoutube10 days ago


  94. Evani Evanibrito

    Evani Evanibrito10 days ago

    Eu não conhecia essa música,conheci através do meu professor de inglês Danillo,valeu teacher

  95. Poxavida

    Poxavida10 days ago

    Essa música é mto boa

  96. jean francois du tremble

    jean francois du tremble10 days ago

    i hate this song and i dislike it..stop putting it in my playlist all day...;

  97. Mr Cwan

    Mr Cwan10 days ago

    a very peaceful song and im enjoying in my room and imagine im laying down to the sand in thr island ... love it !

  98. Миккей Вард

    Миккей Вард10 days ago

    Тик токеры тут?)

  99. Chris CFC Evans

    Chris CFC Evans10 days ago

    Vocals:9.5/10 Audio:10/10 Video:6/10 Overall score (viewing satisfaction):87% Khalid's voice is again amazing, not the typical MG sound but it works so well. This is my favourite Khalid track, I fell in love with it after the first time I saw it!! Nice work Martin an Khalid. Not the best video out there tho, could have done alot better 👍

  100. Anime Gamer

    Anime Gamer11 days ago

    omg khalid your voice is 😍😍😍😍😍

  101. anna piema

    anna piema11 days ago

    i love khalid i love this song this song is amazing

  102. ARVi ND

    ARVi ND11 days ago

    Does the beat drop seems like the bgm of "who wants to be a millionaire"???or is it hearing fault?😂

  103. Trap X EDM

    Trap X EDM11 days ago

    Dope lighting

  104. Coder

    Coder11 days ago

    golly this is so trash

  105. TRIPL7

    TRIPL711 days ago

    Reminds me of another artist called Musiq Soulchild but Khalid has his own style though.

  106. Merna bts

    Merna bts11 days ago

    WHO MAR 2019 ?🥀🖤

  107. Summer Day

    Summer Day11 days ago

    This song is the ocean🎶

  108. Linetz Ortiz

    Linetz Ortiz11 days ago

    Dedicate this song to a life saver...Will u accept the fact that when i received your last call the ocean waves cut the phone signals. Why you never called back from the titanic boat closed walls? I hope you are doing well,wish you the best...I dont have much time only time will say

  109. Mewling Loo

    Mewling Loo11 days ago

    Nothing left son just study like a pro without a degree about this course but good english is all that matter.

  110. Claudia López Da Costa

    Claudia López Da Costa11 days ago

    That's Just GREAT 🎶

  111. Snegan Annalingam

    Snegan Annalingam11 days ago

    THIS SONG IS SO DEEP :(... Khalid ruling the world of music 🔥😍🔥 Music without Khalid is no music❤